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Andrew’s Stardom 5 Star GP Blue Stars Ratings & Analysis: Day 8

Stardom’s Blue Stars seems a little more cut and dry. Does Konami make a run, or has Jamie locked up the block?



Stardom’s Blue Stars seems a little more cut and dry. Does Konami make a run, or has Jamie locked up the block?

Since Konami is technically on 8 points with two matches remaining (Kyona’s injury gives her an automatic win), she has the easiest chance of passing Jamie if she can just win all her matches.

Lucky for us, both of her remaining matches are on Day 8! So she either gets an easier finals day since she won’t have a tournament match when she wins, or Jamie will continue to show her dominance.

Let’s see how it plays out!

Blue Stars Day 8 Ratings:

  • Bea Priestley vs Natsuko Tora: Bea wins via Regal Suplex @8:15 – **
  • Konami vs Andras Miyagi: Time Limit Draw @15:00 – *** 1/2
  • Natsuko Tora vs Konami: Konami wins via Triangle Lancer @5:40 – ** 1/4
  • STARS (Riho, Mayu Iwatani, Tam Nakano & Arisa Hoshiki) vs Oedo Tai (Jamie Hayter, Andras Miyagi, Kagetsu & Natsu Sumire): Mayu wins via Dragon Suplex Hold @13:55 – ****


Blue Stars Day 8 Analysis:

Bea Priestley vs Natsuko Tora – As is a usual issue with Natsuko’s matches, there’s just a very apparent gap between her level and everyone else’s. She only has two points because Utami got hurt and went down as forfeit loses to her remaining opponents. So Bea being the World of Stardom Champion, doesn’t really give Natsuko much of a chance.

This match mostly goes the way we expect. Natsuko does get in some offense, but it’s all pretty uneventful and a little sloppy. Natsuko hits her Triple Splashes and even that Swinging Side Slam she’s been doing, but again, not very believable. Bea Triggers abound, a Superkick that hit Natsuko’s shoulder, a weird Backpack Jaw Breaker and thankfully Bea finally ended the match with the Regal Suplex.

Hopefully Natsuko gets built up over the next year.

Konami vs Andras Miyagi – We know how I feel about Andras so there’s already a low expectation for me. Konami however is coming out with some new inspiration. Since Kyona is her tag team partner, she wants to win the 5 Star in honor of Kyona since she got hurt. It’s a cute motivation, and for some reason she gets no streamers. Tough crowd.

This match starts out at a deliberate pace, which honestly shows Andras can actually wrestle. We got quite a bit of wrestling in the ring, where Andras kept going back to a Body Scissors submission. More of Konami’s mean streak came out during this match. We saw a Reverse Triangle Choke over the ropes, with some hair pulling, along with a Guillotine on the outside, presumably to try and get a count-out victory.

Konami looked for a few more submissions while back in the ring, and Andras powered through, nearly winning the match with a Flipping Senton off the top turnbuckle. Andras then went for her Tombstone, and it was then when the announcer started counting down the time remaining. Konami gets out of the Tombstone and keeps looking for a German Suplex Hold. It takes her a few times, and by the time she executes the move, the time runs out as soon as she bridges into the hold.

This is easily Andras’ best match, since well…she wrestled and wasn’t so much of a spazz.

Natsuko Tora vs Konami – This was actually a clever match given they both had matches on the afternoon show. Natsuko starts off fast with a Spear and they spill to the outside. Natsuko keeps the advantage most of the time, even borrowing an umbrella to beat Konami with a few times.

Getting back in the ring, Konami gets a few moments of offense, but Natsuko has clever ways to counter them. One being she caught the Penalty Kick, and instead of standing up with Konami’s leg, she just resorts to biting her. Natsuko also uses her Oedo Tai sign, but the referee refuses to count since he saw the weapon usage.

That continued a little later when Natsuko went for her Triple Splashes, and after the second she goes for the sign. The referee tries to stop her, but she tosses him aside, hits Konami, and places the sign on her chest. She attempts the third Splash with the sign assist, but Konami rolls and Natsuko lands on her own sign. Triangle Lancer applied, Triangle Lancer win rate is still 100%.

Since this was Konami’s final match in the tournament, she has the lead for the time being. Only Jamie Hayter can pass her, but Jamie has to beat Bea on the 9/22 show.

STARS (Riho, Mayu Iwatani, Tam Nakano & Arisa Hoshiki) vs Oedo Tai (Jamie Hayter, Andras Miyagi, Kagetsu & Natsu Sumire) – Well since Blue Stars has had so many injuries, I should’ve had more matches today, but sadly ended up a little short. But we’re in luck! The evening show had a big faction fight, where Oedo Tai even brought back Michiko Omukai. Kagetsu referred to her as Oedo Tai’s Final Boss, since when she came out of retirement in 2017, she helped Konami and Yoko Bito beat Oedo Tai. But I guess since Oedo Tai is for kids, she’s had a change of heart and decided to come out with them (as well as what I assume are her children) and get a little involved.

The match starts off quickly with Oedo Tai going after the STARS members, and setting up situations for Michiko to get a few pot shots with a Kendo Stick. Kagetsu and Tam eventually remember it’s a wrestling match and not a Rugby scrum, so wrestling starts to happen. Hot damn, poor little Tam gets singled out for a good bit of this match. Oedo Tai take turns beating her up, Andras hits a few Scoop Slams, Sumire hits her…I’m gonna call it a Bronco Buster, but yeah…it’s very…unique to Sumire. Jamie was the last to get in on beating up Tam, but Tam finally shows some life. Granted, Oedo Tai sees that and wipes out the STARS members so she has no one to tag in.

Eventually Tam does tag in Riho, and the High Speed Champion starts to equalize the match, all 98 pounds of her. Riho runs a few of them over, and STARS gets something going. Arisa comes in for a kick war with Kagetsu, and then the wild aspects continue. After a little more brawling, all eight women get in the ring, STARS gets thrown into the middle, but Oedo Tai eats kicks from each girl. Then each STARS member dives out of the ring onto someone and the crowd loved every second of this.

Mayu throws in Andras, and it’s about time to put an end to this madness. Mayu hits her Moonsault and then Dragon Suplex Hold for the pinfall. Damn good multi-person match.


Overall Score: 6.75/10

Look at Konami! Coming out of her last two matches with 3 points gives her sole ownership of the lead going into the 9/22 Final event. Wanting to win the tournament for Kyona, coupled with the fact she was runner up for the Cinderella Tournament, could be a sign of big things for Konami.

Our little cheat code is in the catbird seat, but, she still has to watch most of the day just hoping for Bea Priestley to beat Jamie. Enviable sure, but really no less stressful.

Should be fun to see if Konami holds on to her one point lead.

Blue Stars Standings:

  • Konami 5-2-1 (11 Points)
  • Jamie Hayter 5-2 ( 10 Points)
  • Kagetsu 4-3 (8 Points) – ELIMINATED
  • Arisa Hoshiki 4-3 (8 Points) – ELIMINATED
  • Bea Priestley 4-3 (8 Points) – ELIMINATED
  • Andras Miyagi 3-3-1 (7 Points) – ELIMINATED
  • Utami Hayashishita (6 Points) – OUT INJURY
  • Jungle Kyona (6 Points) – OUT INJURY
  • Natsuko Tora 1-6 (2 Points) – ELIMINATED

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