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Chairshot Shuffle: CM Punk, Morrison, Adam Cole and More! (9/30/19)

Get caught up to speed with the latest news on CM Punk, Morrison, Adam Cole and More!



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Get caught up to speed with the latest news on CM Punk, Morrison, Adam Cole and More!


The Latest On John Morrison

In Friday’s shuffle, I discussed the news that PWInsider was reporting that John Morrison was returning to WWE. Sicne then, Morrison has Tweeted some interesting comments.

Dave Meltzer would comment in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the discussion of Morrison heading back to WWE had begun even before his contract with Impact expired.

Jason’s Take

Would would Morrison openly admit to heading back to WWE? If there is potential for the company to make an impact (no pun intended) with his debut, he certainly wont ruin it by announcing it on Twitter.

The Latest On CM Punk

Another potential name that has been discussed as returning to WWE is CM Punk. According to PWInsider, numerous sources stated that Punk was at FOX Studios last week for a meeting regarding an on air role for the new FOX show WWE Backstage that will air on November 5th on FOX Sports 1.

Jason’s Take

It is interesting that Punk would have interest in a role like this with WWE. While he wouldn’t be a direct WWE employee as he would be employed by FOX, you would think WWE would have some say as to who would be hired for the WWE Backstage show.

Adam Cole Dealing With Injury?

NXT Champion Adam Cole was pulled from the current NXT tour of the Midwest, leading to speculation that he may be dealing with an injury. Dave Meltzer is reporting that Cole has been wearing a cast on his right wrist backstage the past few weeks. Cole is supposed to defend the NXT championships against Matt Riddle on this weeks episode.

Jason’s Take

Here is hoping Cole will have a speedy recovery.

Luke Harper On Way Out Of WWE?

According to Dave Meltzer and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Luke Harper did not know that he would be returning to WWE TV at the Clash Of Champions pay per view until two days before the show. Harper reportedly has not signed a new contract with the company, and could potentially leave when his contract expires in a few months.Harper also appears to be upset regarding his lack of merchandise produced during his time in the company.

Jason’s Take

Harper is a talented performer, and it appears at times the the company under utilized Harper and Rowan as a tag team, as well as their time in the Wyatt family.



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