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Chairshot Shuffle: WWE2k20, WWE Draft, Chris Jericho, and More! (9/5/19)

Get caught up to speed with the latest news on WWE2k20, WWE Draft, Chris Jericho, and More!

Get caught up to speed with the latest news on WWE2k20, WWE Draft, Chris Jericho, and More!



Another WWE Draft?

According to John Pollock from Post Wrestling, the WWE will be holding yet another draft. This draft is scheduled for next month and it will begin on Friday, October 11th on Friday Night SmackDown in Las Vegas. The draft will continue into Monday Night Raw on October 14th from Denver, Colorado. The idea of this draft is for superstars to stick to their respective brands

Jason’s Take

Superstars will stick to their respective brands until the wild card rule is reinstated two weeks after the draft. In all seriousness though, it would be great to see stars stick to their brands. Also, with NXT being aired live by this rumored draft date, it would be interesting to see NXT get in the mix and have the availability to draft some of the main roster talent as well. This could be the chance to move Cessaro or Apollo Crews back to NXT.

Match Announced For AEW Full Gear

The official Twitter account of AEW has announced a matchup between Moxley and Omega for the company’s next pay per view, Full Gear. This match was supposed to take place at All Out, but the match was changed to Omega vs Pac when Moxley had to pull out of the match due to a staph infection.

Jason’s Take

One of the complaints that many fans had with All Out was the lack of story in many of the matches. With Full Gear airing a month after AEW debuts on TNT, there most likely will be a proper build up for this match.

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Latest On AEW Championship

Speaking of AEW, as many of you know and commented on our Facebook page, Chris Jericho’s AEW went missing this weekend during a visit to Longhorn Steakhouse. Many have speculated if this was a work or a shoot. In a post that has since been deleted, the Tallahassee Police Department shared a photo on Facebook saying they found the AEW title. Moments later it was posted that they can’t confirm the belt was found. The second post was deleted as well. Chris Jericho stated a world wide investigation will be launched to determine the whereabouts of the AEW championship.

Jason’s Take

Work. But what a work it is as it does have fans talking. This potentially is all build up for some sort of angle, which makes sense with the upcoming AEW on TNT debut. Anyone care to speculate who is behind the heist ?

WWE 2K20 Legends Commercial

WWE2k’s social media accounts have posted a new commercial hyping the legends appearing in WWE2K20.

Jason’s Take

Video game fan or not, you need to watch this commercial. I marked for the legends in the video, and thought it was quite entertaining.


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