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Heather’s Review of SLA: Battle of Spaulding 2019

Heather gives us the rundown of Anarchy’s Battle of Spaulding!



St Louis Anarchy

The Battle of Spaulding 2019 has come and gone. It was a night to remember (even though, I watched it from home).

There were a couple of debuts on the card. A few matches that got scrambled around last minute. All in all, it was another solid effort put forth by the roster of Saint Louis Anarchy.

Let’s jump into it:

Anthony “Sharkbait” Gutierrez defeated Gnarls “Beef” Garvin

This was one of the last-minute scrambles. I was super excited for it though because these men couldn’t be more different. It was a fun match up. Garvin is known for his out of control style and here he had to tone that down a bit as Sharkbait seemed to be one step ahead of him. Sharkbait looked great in this as you can tell his confidence is shining through and his mat skills are becoming top notch.

The Riegel Twins (Logan Riegel and Sterling Riegel) defeated Diamond Dogs (Graham Bell and Luke Langley)

The Riegel Twins were back in Anarchy! This match saw them show out against Diamond Dogs who have been becoming regulars with Anarchy and have the faithful mainly cheering them on. This match was quick and to the point with the Riegels showing that they are truly in sync.

Curt Stallion defeated Chip Day (with Rahne Victoria)

Curt Stallion hasn’t been seen in Anarchy since August of 2016 when he was defeated by Aaron Epic. In fact, he was a last minute add on to the show, after basically calling out the promoter but he was given what he wanted and that was Chip Day. Curt and Chip have wrestled before though, in 2017 when Chip defeated Curt in a PWF Heavyweight Title match. This match was great. From the go both men were trying to kill each other. If you’re looking for a match that is just two straight killers, this is it. Curt then took the mic for a promo, I could barely hear but it was succinct that he wants to be a pillar of the STL community.

The Besties in the World (Mat Fitchett and Davey Vega) defeated Jake Dirden and Christian Rose

Personally, I was super excited for this match. It was four of my favorite wrestlers in the ring together. It did not disappoint. After the crushing loss to The Workhorsemen in July, the Besties were looking to show they are in fact, the top tag team in Anarchy while Dirden & Rose seem out to cause havoc more so than anything else (which I’m totally behind).  While this wasn’t total domination as Dirden and Rose seemed toe to toe with the Besties, the Besties still got the win. If you want a fun tag team match to watch, this is a good one.

Gary Jay defeat Chris Dickinson

Our first debut of the night was Chris Dickinson, who if you don’t know who he is you’ve probably been living under a rock. Anarchy is Gary Jay’s home and he welcomed Dickinson in. This was probably what you expect from these men. It was a gritty fight. There was a lot of hype surrounding this one, and I think it lived up to it.

Evan Gelistico defeated Ace Perry, Cole Radrick, and Kody Lane

This was the other match that got switched around and it had our other debut of the night with Cole Radrick. This match was basically a mess which is what you should expect from a four way. Evan was the veteran obviously with over 10 years’ experience and it showed. While Kody, Ace, and Cole attempted to show out and off, Evan mostly waited to strike while the iron was hot and picked up the win.

Everett Connors (with Raoul the bear) defeated Matt Kenway

This was a super fun one and another match I was excited for. Connors and Kenway are STL homegrown. They’ve gone from super new matches to years in experience before our eyes. Kenway has been on an attempted tear of the roster meanwhile Connors has been on a win streak and apparently Raoul is killing the business. There was some fun back and forth in this. Connors picked up the win and Kenway did not like that but where does he go from here?

Gateway Heritage Title: Jeremy Wyatt defeated Thomas Shire

This was everything to me. I’ve been a huge fan of Jeremy Wyatt’s reign as champion. He’s cocky. He’s mean. It’s everything I want in a champion. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Shire’s too. So I’ve been looking forward to this since it was announced. This felt like an even match up. I don’t say that very often in Jeremy Wyatt matches because I think he’s usually three steps in front of his opponents but Shire kept toe to toe with Wyatt in what was my match of the night. There was a few close moments where I thought Shire had it in the bag but Wyatt was able to walk away with his championship. It’s exciting to see what’s next for Wyatt.

Nick Gage defeated Warhorse

Warhorse is a big deal. It’s easy to see. Everyone knows it. Nick Gage is an even bigger deal. I watched this whole show from home and even I could feel the atmosphere change while the crowd waited for Nick Gage to appear. This was a battle (aptly titled). There just no other way to describe it. There were chairs. There was a SKULL ON FIRE. Warhorse actually looked to have Gage’s number a few times too but Gage pulled through and picked up the victory. I really really enjoyed this and I’d like to see Gage run through pillars of Anarchy. He ended up calling out Wyatt. Who basically said, this is on my time.

I think it’s said after every show that this was the best show put forth by Anarchy and that proves to be true again. This show was cohesive and time flew. The commentary team of Ron Lakewood and Greg Jovi was amazing to listen to as Jovi easily cemented himself as the best commentator in the Midwest with the way he added to matches without every distracting from the action.

Watch the VOD on IWTV (its available now)! The next show is Friday, November 8, 2019 titled “No Church In The Wild”.

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