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King: It’s Chad Gable’s Time To Shine

Chris King explains why, after Chad Gable’s comeback story and an impressive showing in the King of the Ring Tournament, he deserves a Cruiserweight Championship shot.



WWE Chad Gable

Chris King explains why, after Chad Gable’s comeback story and an impressive showing in the King of the Ring Tournament, he deserves a Cruiserweight Championship title shot.

I want to start off by saying how terribly wrong I was about the entire King of the Ring Tournament. I believed it was designed to push either Ali, Andrade, or Cesaro but, WWE went all-in on “The Lone Wolf” Baron Corbin. You have to give props to the former GM Corbin had to fight and fight extremely hard last night to become the King of the Ring. Corbin had to utilize every single maneuver in his arsenal to put away the ultimate underdog Gable.

Gable may not have won the tournament but he won the respect of the WWE Universe, and that’s so much more important. The former American Alpha star went through a transformation earlier this year, cutting his hair, wearing new ring attire, and adding a more resilient attitude.

Gable proved himself on 205 Live by beating The Extraordinary Gentleman Jack Gallagher, prior to his involvement in the tournament.  In the first round of the King of the Ring Gable was forced to face-off with his former tag team partner Shelton Benjamin and won the match convincingly.

Next up was the biggest test in his early singles career, where he went toe-to-toe with the cocky and arrogant Andrade to advance to the semifinals. The overconfident Mexican Lucha Libre underestimated Gable and lost. The facial expression on Zelina Vega’s face told the whole story.

On last week’s episode of SmackDown Live, Gable went toe-to-toe with the self-proclaimed Best in the World Shane McMahon to advance to the finals. With only one win remaining before accomplishing his dreams, Gable felt everything was falling into place.

During the 2019 King of the Ring Finals Gable withstood a huge amount of punishment from The Lone Wolf to win the tournament. The former American Alpha star was relentless in his attempt to chop down the monstrous Corbin, by locking in the Ankle Lock and refusing to let go a series of times. Corbin was just too fast and powerful for Gable and when he hit The End of Days it was all over for the ultimate underdog.

Despite losing in the finals Gable has proven himself by taking on some of the biggest and brightest superstars in WWE, and that’s why I believe he should be next in line for a title shot at the Cruiserweight Championship.

The vindictive and cold-hearted Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak outlasted Humberto Carrillo and Lince Dorado at Clash of Champions and he is need of a new challenger.

I don’t feel there is anyone on the 205 Live roster, that can push the cruiserweight champion to his limits as much as Gable can. Gable versus Gulak has the potential to not only bring some much-needed prestige back to the Cruiserweight Championship but, also the WWE Universe could witness some fantastic technical wrestling masterpieces between the two grapplers.

This year has all been about a fresh start for Gable he’s found the confidence that we haven’t seen before, and really who is there left realistically to give Gulak the challenge he so desperately wants? In the past few months, the WWE Universe has witnessed incredible fatal-four-way and fatal-five-way matches to determine a new number-one contender.

Have Gable inserted into the match and outlast all of the other competitors to become the next challenger for Gulak’s Cruiserweight Title. As we’ve seen from any challenge put before Gable he’ll Be Ready, Willing, and Gable!

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