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King: The Bruiserweight’s Next Victims

The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne is simply a badass. It’s astonishing that the beloved UK fan-favorite is only twenty-five-years-old.



The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne is simply a badass. It’s astonishing that the beloved UK fan-favorite is only twenty-five-years-old.

Dunne immediately made a name for himself, in the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament in 2017. He didn’t win the championship, but he did a few months later at NXT TakeOver: Chicago against his long-time British Strong Style-mate and rival Tyler Bate in a phenomenal match. In my opinion, if they never clashed on that night, there may not be an NXT UK as we speak.

Fast forward to NXT TakeOver: New York where The Bruiserweight lost his United Kingdom Championship after an impressive 680-day title reign to the monstrous WALTER.  At last month’s NXT TakeOver: Toronto Dunne unsuccessfully challenged for the North American Championship.

A few days ago there was speculation that spread that, The Bruiserweight was in the process of moving from the UK to the United States and that Dunne would be appearing more regularly on NXT. It’s only fitting that we take a look at some potential opponents for the former United Kingdom Champion.

#3 Adam Cole

The last time Dunne faced Adam Cole one-on-one, was on the March 14, 2018 episode of NXT for his United Kingdom Championship…if you call having The Undisputed Era at ringside a fair fight. Their match ended in a disqualification, after Kyle O’Reilly, and Bobby Fish’s shenanigans. Roderick Strong came to make the save, for The Bruiserweight.

A few months later, they would cross paths again this time in a six-man tag team match alongside Bate and Trent Seven against Cole, O’Reilly, and Dunne’s former one-time tag team partner and current rival Strong. Since Cole silenced Johnny Gargano at TakeOver Toronto, he’s in need of a new opponent and The Bruiserweight could have his eyes on the NXT Championship.

#2  Dominic Dijakovic

The Bruiserweight has never been one to run away from a fight, no matter the size of the opponent. Dominic Dijakovic has been extremely dominant in his short NXT career. He’s freakishly-talented and agile for a man his size. Just recently, Dijakovic waged war with Keith Lee in a hard-hitting Clash of Titans match.

Dunne may start from scratch, and decide to knock off the big man. Dunne vs. Dijakovic would make an incredible feud, with both competitors fighting over who should be next in line for a North American Championship title shot.

#1 Roderick Strong

They say Karma is a bitch, and Strong better be ready for his because it’s coming very soon. Dunne and Strong were at one time a tag team, only for a short period of time. At NXT TakeOver: New Orleans Dunne and Strong were seconds away from winning the 2018 Dusty Rhodes Classic Cup when Strong shocked the world by screwing over his partner and joining Undisputed Era.

Dunne and Strong are very familiar with each other, facing each other one-on-one and within six-man tag team matches. On NXT’s live debut on September 18th Strong is set to challenge The Velveteen Dream for his North American Championship. Perhaps, The Bruiserweight decides that moment, is the perfect time to seek retribution.

I believe that Dunne will wait until Strong wins the North American Championship.  When Strong is celebrating alongside his Undisputed Era buddies after the prophecy is complete, The Bruiserweight will show up out of nowhere and ruin his party and declare he’s coming to take the North American Championship. I can see Dunne vs. Strong over the next few TakeOvers, and nobody will complain after watching these two incredibly-gifted superstars create magic.

If the rumors are indeed true, that The Bruiserweight is in his way to the states and most importantly the black and gold brand then everyone is in danger of losing some fingers. Oh, and The Undisputed Era need to be watching their backs because retribution is coming;

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