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Mathew’s Stardom 5 Star GP Red Stars Results & Review: Day 6 & 7

Red Stars shaping up to photo finish! Will anyone make a little breathing room?



Hello everyone, it looks like we’re reaching the end here as we have a few shows left to do before the final on Sunday.

We’ll be covering three shows on this one as the September 14th show had both afternoon and night shows, so we’ll be doing that to catch-up.

With these three shows, will we have a better idea as to who will be winning the whole or close to it? Let’s find out as we…dive right in.

Star Rating System:

  • 0 Stars: Dave Meltzer
  • 1 Star: Vince Russo
  • 2 Stars: Tony Schiavone
  • 3 Stars: Eric Bischoff
  • 4 Stars: Bruce Prichard
  • 5 Stars: Jim Cornette



5 Star Grand Prix Red Stars Block Match
Saki Kashima vs. Avary

Review: Our first match on this show takes off as we have Saki Kashima taking on Avary. Avary still looks to get a win in this tournament and by how it’s looking, it looks like she’ll be mathematically eliminated from the tournament even if she does win this match. Saki right now is in the middle but she would need to win her next couple of matches if she wants to even attempt to stay in the game here. Will Avary get her first win or will Saki win with her Revival?

Yeah, I gotta say while I have been impressed with Avary in the ring, this was probably her weakest match. To me, the match felt like it was all over the place and it just turned out to be a sloppy mess, even Saki looked like she hurt Avary or herself with how she would deliver that Hurricanrana. I like both of them but again, they didn’t click in here and it was just a mess and a shame too because I was looking forward to this one being a solid bout. Luckily, the match was about four minutes and Avary would show off her finisher, which is a Double Armed DDT and she hits Saki with it to get her first win in the Grand Prix! It’s not a big win but it’s good to see her get some points on the board instead of losing all of them.

Rating: Tony Schiavone and a quarter


5 Star Grand Prix Red Stars Block Match
Hana Kimura vs. AZM

Review: On our next match, we have Hana Kimura taking on AZM. AZM only has three matches left and if she has any chance of even consider advancing into the finals, she would need to win all of them for that to happen. Hana still has a few matches left and is one of the people that are considered in the lead right now, so winning here would put her up in first. Will AZM stay alive or will it be the end of the grandma collector?

Hana would attempt a handshake to AZM before the match begins and AZM responds by attempting to kick her hands out of the way, but Hana moved them and spat in her face as the two are going at it now. We can another solid performance between both of these women as AZM is on her coming out of her shell part with these matches so far as they have all been a joy to watch except for her first one with Sumire since that one was a trainwreck. Hana is still a solid performer and it looks like we’re getting a little bit of the wrestling side of her that we’ve seen from her days in Wrestle-1 but it’s still not quite there yet as it still relies on mostly character than ability there. AZM makes a small comeback with a Suplex and a Double Stomp off the top rope and Hana kicked out at two. Hana was able to hit a Brainbuster on AZM for a two count and Hana looks to make AZM tap with the Hydrengia but AZM would get to the ropes in time to break the hold. Hana went to the top rope and jumped with AZM moving out of the way and does the Japanese Clutch for Hana to kick out and AZM tries to cradle her for another two count, but AZM would grab her arm and rolled her up to get the three count as AZM is still in the game! Very solid bout and good to see AZM still alive in the tournament.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a half


5 Star Grand Prix Red Stars Block Match
Mayu Iwatani vs. Hazuki

Review: It’s time for our final match for this show as we have Mayu Iwatani taking on Hazuki. Mayu is in a great position right now and winning here would put her in the lead. Hazuki is currently in the middle right now, so she would need to start winning her matches here or it’ll be game over for her. Will Mayu reach to the top again or does our Assault Commander stay alive?

Hazuki is another wrestler that deserves more praise and more chances at the upper mid spot of the card as she keeps on delivering and hardly have a bad match with anyone, and she has proven that here against the icon. Mayu doing great with her selling as always and these two were intense against each other in the ring and I mean it, especially when it came to the back and forth with the punches as you can just feel the impact with each blow given to them. I enjoyed this match, I enjoyed the chemistry in the ring, I enjoyed the quickness of Hazuki, the emotion and selling from Mayu, and just a well-balanced match. Our Assault Commander doing what she does best and that is her assaults as she hits Mayu with the Codebreaker from the middle rope and Mayu took it wonderfully. Hazuki would lift Mayu but Mayu fights her off before hitting her with a stiff Superkick and tops it off with a German Suplex Hold from a high angle as Hazuki kicked out at two. Mayu would drag her by the turnbuckle as Mayu hits a Standing Moonsault but Hazuki rolled her up once she took the hit as Mayu kicked out at two and hits Hazuki with a roundhouse kick. Mayu tried one more time with the Standing Moonsault but Hazuki rolled out of the way this time around and applies the Hazukistral to get the victory over Mayu as our Assault Commander is still in the game!

Rating: Eric Bischoff and three quarters


9/14/2019 Afternoon Show

5 Star Grand Prix Red Stars Block Match
Hazuki vs. Avary

Review: Time for our afternoon show of day 7 as we start with Hazuki taking on Avary. Both of these women were able to get a victory at the previous show but it’s not enough for Avary as she is now considered eliminated at this time. Hazuki is currently tied with everyone right now and she would need to win here to get the top spot. Will Avary be able to take Hazuki down with her or will Hazuki be in the lead?

Much better performance from Avary during this bout compared to her last one against Saki. Had a buddy of mine point out his issue with Avary while I did convince him that she was very solid in the ring, but he pointed out how her facial expression can be a bit much. You know what though? He does have a point that they do need to be toned down a little bit since it can be a bit much but hey, least it’s not Kenny Omega over the top with the expressions. Hazuki used more of her quickness in this bout and Avary was able to catch up with her a little bit in here and that could throw her off guard if she’s not too careful. Avary was able to ger more offense here and would even hit her Double Stomp from the ropes after hanging Hazuki onto them but it wasn’t enough to put Hazuki away. Hazuki was about to go for the Hazukistral but Avary was able to roll her up and Hazuki reversed it to apply the Crossface. Avary slipped out of the Crossface to apply the Cattle Mutilation until Hazuki had her foot on the rope to break the hold. It looked like Avary was about to finish her off as Hazuki kicks her face in and starts the attack with a Codebreaker from the turnbuckle and she sold it well here. Hazuki would pick Avary up afterward and hits the Brainbuster to get the victory and is now in the lead.

Rating: Eric Bischoff


5 Star Grand Prix Red Stars Block Match
Momo Watanabe vs. Natsu Sumire

Review: Our second and final match for this show has Momo Watanabe taking on Natsu Sumire. When they fought each other last year, Sumire would defeat Momo in this tournament and while Sumire is eliminated, she has a chance to take Momo down a peg with her. Momo would need to win here to increase her chances of advancing and to be tied with Hazuki. Will the ace be able to win or will Sumire beat her twice in a row?

Before the bell rang, Sumire would do her usual handshake attempt but Momo just kicked her hand away and Sumire starts the assault as the bell rings. I know they’ve had better bouts in the past but this one was a little more underwhelming compared to those previous matches. I get that Sumire wants to do things a little more seriously for this tournament but the majority of the time, it just comes out weak here and almost none of her matches have impressed me in this tournament so far and it’s a shame because I do like her. Sumire would do her little crotch attack with Momo upside down and did it to the usual turnbuckle post before hitting a Reverse DDT for a two count. Momo would attempt to hit the Somato off the top rope as Sumire moved out of the way and took her move to hit the Somato on Momo as she kicked out at two. Momo would hit the Somato twice and as she went for the third one, Sumire caught her for a cradle as she kicked out at two again. Momo would eventually apply the Crossface Chickenwing as Sumire couldn’t hold on as she tapped out, giving Momo two points to stay in the game.

Rating: Tony Schiavone and a half

9/14/2019 Evening Show

5 Star Grand Prix Red Stars Block Match
AZM vs. Saki Kashima

Review: Time for our final show for this article as we start it off with AZM taking on Saki Kashima. AZM was lucky enough to get a win over Hana Kimura but she would need to win these last two if she wants to have a chance to stay in this one. Saki, however, doesn’t have high chances left but she could somehow turn this around but if she loses two more matches, she’s out. Will AZM be able to join the others for the top spot of will Saki cling on while eliminating AZM in the process?

While they were giving out introductions before the match, AZM would Missle Dropkick Saki while her name was being called out and the bell rings. The first thirty-seconds were the two of them trying to roll up the other to try and get the quick pinfall but none of them would budge until their first wave of quick pins came to an end for now. While Saki’s better match compared to her one with Avary, this one wasn’t great either as not much was shown here between the two but the performance from AZM was still solid for the most part. Saki would attempt the Killswitch as AZM pushed her off and would try to roll Saki up again as the remainder of the match was just them trying to see who can pin who fast enough that you’d think Saki will eventually go for the High Speed Championship against Riho soon. Saki would attempt to go for the Revival as AZM slides off her to do her own pinfall as AZM wins and Saki is one step closer to being eliminated.

Rating: Tony Schiavone and three quarters


5 Star Grand Prix Red Stars Block Match
Natsu Sumire vs. Tam Nakano

Review: In our next match-up, we have Natsu Sumire taking on Tam Nakano. Sumire is already eliminated much like Avary but she could now play the spoiler here and ruin Tam’s chances of winning here. If Tam could get a victory here, she will be tied with Hazuki, Momo, and AZM. Will Tam be able to join those three or will Sumire pull off a victory?

Tam would have her panda, P-Chan with her this time around as Sumire would take her off her hands and would hold the panda hostage since Tam doesn’t wanna hurt her best friend. This is the Sumire that I know and love, pulling off little antics like this, holding the panda hostage to get what she wants from Tam, she would even spray the both of them with cold spray, what a heel. She threatened Tam that she would spray P-Chan again and makes her turn around and go on her knees as Sumire would kick the back of her head when she wasn’t looking. Sumire kept using P0Chan as leverage over Tam and even had it involve with some of her moves, like her little face thrusts to the corner. Tam would eventually get a small little comeback but it doesn’t last long as Sumire picked her up from the turnbuckle and hits her DDT for a two count. Sumire would then apply the Dragon Sleeper to try and get Tam to tap out but Tam would turn it around to apply the move herself and hits a Reverse DDT for another two count. Tam went to go for a kick as Sumire would catch her for a cradle as Tam kicked out at two and Sumire tried to kick her a bit. Tam was able to get P-Chan back and tossed it at Sumire to distract her to hit a Running Knee Strike and she covered her, but Tam lifted her head because she wants Sumire to suffer as she hits the German Suplex Hold and gets the pinfall victory. Fun match and Sumire’s best one in this tournament so far.

Rating: Eric Bischoff and a quarter


5 Star Grand Prix Red Stars Block Match
Hana Kimura vs. Mayu Iwatani

Review: Our final match of the show and article as we have Hana Kimura taking on Mayu Iwatani. Both of them are tied with six points but if Mayu loses here, she’ll be eliminated as she has one more match left after this one. Hana can still win this if she can take Mayu out and be tied with the other four for a five-way tie. Will Mayu be eliminated or will Stardom’s Icon be able to save herself?

While Mayu was being introduced, Hana would begin her assault on her and would take her to the outside as the two start fight with Hana getting the upper hand at first. Mayu would eventually hit Hana with a Dropkick into the turnbuckle post and would climb to the top rope to attempt a Crossbody as Hana moved and Mayu landed on her fellow STARS members. This was Hana’s best match in the tournament as she was able to show us what she could do against a top opponent like Mayu to face off against. Mayu made just about every move she took from Hana as if she was getting thrown around like a ragdoll, especially when she would punch her to hitting her boots to the face, so good for Mayu in that regard. Mayu would even try and choke her out with the Guillotine and I thought that was going to be the ending of the match right there but Hana found a way to get to the ropes.

The two start to fight back and forth with the punch and when Hana was hitting her, Mayu would flop on down to the mat but Mayu would eventually hit Hana with a Superkick. Mayu used this time to go for the Dragon Suplex but Hana was fighting out of it as Mayu would then transition it into the Bible, shades of Dragon Kid as Hana kicked out at two. Mayu got up to the ropes but Hana quickly got up to catch her to hit a Brainbuster as Mayu kicked out at two and would then climb to the top rope herself, however, Mayu would then climb up to hit a Hurricanrana to get her down on the mat. Mayu used this time to hit a Moonsault off the second rope and instead of pinning her, she attempts to do it from the top rope but Hana had her knees up this time to avoid taking the damage. Hana would then apply the Hydrengia or at least try her best in getting it fully locked as Mayu had her foot on the rope to break the hold, leaving Hana annoyed. Hana would go for a Big Boot as Mayu moved out of the way and hits a roundhouse kick to make her fall out the ring, then Mayu would go to the top rope to hit the Crossbody this time and connects with it! Mayu gets Hana back in the ring and hits a Frog Splash for a two count and would then go for the Dragon Suplex once again but Hana rolled herself to try and pin her but Mayu kicked out at two. It looked like Hana was gonna go for a Lariat but Mayu quickly got behind her and hits the Dragon Suplex Hold right away as she got the pinfall victory in a great match! Mayu is now still in the game and won’t wrestle until September 22nd against Momo Watanabe.

Rating: Bruce Prichard


Overall: While the last two days were better, this show was still solid enough to keep me interested. We have three more shows left to go through and I currently have a five-way tie in my hands with Momo Watanabe, Tam Nakano, Mayu Iwatani, and AZM. Hana can still catch up if she can win her next match, or else she’ll be eliminated like Natsu Sumire and Avary. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of this will play out.

Favorite Match: Hana Kimura vs. Mayu Iwatani

Least Favorite: Match: Saki Kashima vs. Avary

Score: 7/10

Red Stars Standing:

  • Momo Watanabe (4-2) (8 Points)
  • Tam Nakano (4-2) (8 Points)
  • Mayu Iwatani (4-3) (8 Points)
  • AZM (4-3) (8 Points)
  • Hazuki: (4-2) (8 Points)
  • Hana Kimura (3-3) (6 Points)
  • Saki Kashima: (2-3) (4 Points)
  • Natsu Sumire (1-5) (2 Points) (Eliminated)
  • Avary (1-4) (2 Points) (Eliminated)

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