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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (9/7/19)

An all-star team takes on ALL the ROH champions in one match!



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ROH Wrestling Television, Episode 416

The best of ROH face off in an epic 8 Man Tag main event! Will it be the Champions or the All-Stars that are the best of the best when ROH takes Center Stage?



  • 2019 Top Prospect Tournament Opening Round: Brian Johnson VS Austin Gunn; Gunn wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • 2019 Top Prospect Tournament Opening Round: Ken Dixon VS The Haitian Sensation; wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • 2019 Top Prospect Tournament Opening Round: Dak Draper VS Makita; Draper wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • Champions VS All-Stars, Elimination 8 Man Tag: Matt Taven, Shane Taylor & The Briscoes VS Jay Lethal, Jeff Cobb, Kenny King & Rush; The All-Stars win.


The champions of ROH will unite.

Notorious Shane Taylor, the ROH World Television Champion. #DemBoys, the Briscoes, the ROH World Tag Team Champions. And THE ROH World Champion, Matt Taven! But will they be able to be victorious when facing an all-star team tonight?


ROH throws it to Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay.

Team IQ is excited over such a star-studded main event from Atlanta, “one of the most insane things” ever. However, there was something almost as crazy that happened recently, when a former world champion was interrupted.

ROH throws it to Dalton Castle at Center Stage.

The Peacock wanted everyone to remember that he is THE MOST entertaining person in ROH! And he vowed to once again be ROH World Champion! Anyone in his way will be punished for ROH’s mistakes of overlooking Dalton Castle. But Joe Hendry would be the man to stand in Castle’s way! An epic titantron for an even more surprising appearance, The Prestigious One would come to Atlanta! And Hendry has scoured the globe for the most prestigious championships in the world, and that led him right here to ROH!

Castle looks around the room and sees only one world champion, and it isn’t Hendry. But Hendry says Castle is a former world champion, but Hendry is a future world champion! And the first step to the top is taking on someone of Castle’s caliber! Castle can step up to Hendry and be the first chapter of the Hendry Story! Because as of right now, Castle is the second biggest personality, the second most entertaining person in ROH, because you’re looking at the first! And that’s JOE HENDRY, #SOPRESTIGIOUS~!


Backstage interview with the ROH champions.

Quinn McKay is with Taven, Taylor, Jay & Mark as they all prepare for a major match tonight. All the gold is here! Is the champs not here, Quinn? They is here, Mark. But obviously they’re the champions against the All-Stars, and don’t normally team together, but do they have a plan to beat Jay Lethal and his team? Wow, genius reporting, Quinn. Why don’t you say “champions” again. But the key word is that they ARE champions! How can anyone bet against these four?! Grand Slam Taven, the ELEVEN TIME ROH Tag Team Champions, and Shane T, the Baddest You’ve Ever Seen! They’ll handle this. Please, Quinn, take the Melvin bow tie off and show some respect to the greatest championship team ever. Why!? Because he’s the captain, and HEEEE’S Matt Taven!! Yes, captain. The world champ is captain. Yeah well Jay had that belt twice, he should be captain. Quinn gets clear as the arguing begins. Will these four champions keep their egos in check to defeat the All-Stars?


Team Coast2Coast talk backstage.

Leon St. Giovanni tells Shaheem Ali that he has got this. Ali will take down Rhett Titus. Kenny King comes over and says he likes what he’s hearing. These two young pups finally have some teeth. King ain’t with Rhett no more because Rhett has no heart. It makes King sick thinking back. But C2C has what All Night Express used to have. So take that fire, walk that path. It ain’t a shortcut if you win the race. Will King’s pep talk help Ali defeat The Fittest in their upcoming match?


Team IQ comments on what we just saw.

To think that the K I N G would take Coast2Coast under his wing in a way. It makes sense, they’re young stars that could use some guidance. But then there are eight on the way in ROH in the Top Prospect Tournament! The opening round of eight is over, and the semifinals are coming soon to Honor Club! Two men will soon move on to the finals in Las Vegas, but first, the highlights of the first round!


2019 Top Prospect Tournament Opening Round: Brian Johnson VS Austin Gunn!

The self-proclaimed Number One isn’t actually the number one seed, but he’s still confident that he’ll be the one at the end. However, he’s going against the Son of a Gunn, Billy’s boy! Will having hall of fame genetics end Johnson’s swagger?

The full match is on ROH’s YouTube, but ROH TV jumps to Johnson having Austin on the defense. Johnson takes his time getting back up on the apron and Austin shoves him back. Johnson gets mad now, but he trips up entering! Famouser! Cover, AUSTIN WINS!

Winner: Austin Gunn, by pinfall; advances to the semifinals

And there it is! Johnson’s ego gets the better of him, and that allows Austin to advance! Is the Son of a Gunn going to make his father proud in ROH?


2019 Top Prospect Tournament Opening Round: Ken Dixon VS The Haitian Sensation!

Another match available on ROH’s YouTube, as ROH TV skips to Sensation dodging Dixon. Haitian Vacation calf kick! Cover, the Haitian Sensation wins!

Winner: The Haitian Sensation, by pinfall; advances to the semifinals


2019 Top Prospect Tournament Opening Round: Dak Draper VS Makita!

And the opening round ends with the Mile High Magnum, Double D from Denver, taking on the African warrior from Cameroon! Also watch the full match on ROH’s YouTube as ROH TV skips to Draper looming over Makita. Draper clubs Makita’s back then scoops him up high, for a pop-up to the fireman’s carry. BIG wasteland slam! Cover, Draper wins!

Winner: Dak Draper, by pinfall; advances to the semifinals

The Magnum Drop drops Makita, and now our Top Prospect semifinals are complete! Will Draper do the same to the Haitian Sensation? Will Dante Caballero #GetTheJobDone against the Son of a Gunn?


The war of LifeBlood and Villain Enterprises continues.

Before the two factions fight for the ROH World Six Man Tag Championships, Bandido takes on the Villain himself, Marty Scurll! ROH will bring this and more from Center Stage next week!


ROH throws it back to Team IQ.

Ian and Quinn are ready for Global Wars Espectacular! The stars of ROH and CMLL shine together September 6th, 7th and 8th, but the main event of that will be Matt Taven defending the ROH World Championship against CMLL’s Volador Jr! Taven has been on a ONE-YEAR winning streak, but Volador Jr. was the last man to pin Taven, so can Volador bookend that streak? Plus, Barbaro Cavernario, Triton, Stuka Jr. and Caristico will all be active during Global Wars weekend, among others. Will ROH or CMLL come out the victors of this truly especial three day event?


Champions VS All-Stars, Elimination 8 Man Tag: Matt Taven, Shane Taylor & The Briscoes VS Jay Lethal, Jeff Cobb, Kenny King & Rush!

The action begins as the Hawaiian Juggernaut steps to the ROH World Champion, but the champion wants El Toro Blanco! Taven calls Rush out and fans want to see it, so Rush tags in! Rush stands toe to toe with Taven, and Taven steals his catchphrase: “Nothing happens until I say so!” And then Taven tags out to Jay Briscoe. Rush and Jay circle and fans fire up for this rematch of that epic battle of brothers. Jay and Rush tie up and Rush gets a waistlock. Jay standing switches then shoves, and things speed up. Rush leaps over but Jay runs Rush over with a shoulder! But Rush is right up and runs Jay over in return! Taven brags on Jay’s behalf as Jay and Rush start throwing forearms! Jay kicks low then whips, but Rush reverses to run in. Jay elbows back but gets a headbutt from Rush! Fans rally as Rush looms over Jay.

Taven tells Jay to get up, and Jay slowly stirs. Rush backs away to let Jay up, but Jay Lethal tags in! Rush is a bit surprised, but he leaves Jay Briscoe with a parting gift: a big wad of spit! Briscoe shrugs that off as he tags to brother Mark. Mark and Lethal circle now and they tie up. Mark waistlocks but Lethal hooks a leg to get around and wrench the arm. Mark rolls to trip Lethal up and get a headlock. Fans cheer and duel and Lethal powers out, only for Mark to run him over! Mark runs but Lethal keeps up, Mark O’Connor rolls Lethal, TWO! Lethal keeps things moving, hip toss and cartwheel dropkick! Lethal gets Mark up and Kenny King tags in. There’s still tension between the Franchise and the K I N G over their Best of 3 Series, but Lethal lets King club Mark to a corner.

King CHOPS Mark then whips him to ropes. King hits a hip toss and cartwheel dropkick of his own! Mark bails out while King and Lethal stare down, and now Taylor tags in. Former friends here, but the Rebellion brothers agree to keep things friendly. So King tags out to Cobb! The two biggest men are now in this match together! They’ve fought over the World TV Championship, and now they’ll fight again. Taylor shoves Cobb but Cobb shoves back. Fans rally for Cobb as each man dares the other to run. They decide to both run, and they collide! Neither man falls so they try again. Another collision, and now Taylor runs. Taylor rams Cobb but Cobb rebounds to ram Taylor. Taylor hits again but Cobb comes back again. They keep ramming shoulders and Taylor starts backing Cobb down. Taylor throws forearms but runs and Cobb keeps up! Cobb dropkicks Taylor down! The fans fire up as we go to break.

ROH returns and Taven wants a test of strength with Cobb. Fans chant for “Toro Blanco!” but Taven doesn’t care. Taven grabs Cobb by the hair! Cobb breaks out to CHOP away on Taven in return for War of the Worlds. Cobb whips Taven but runs into a boot. Taven runs but Cobb hurdles, only to run into the dropkick. But Cobb comes back to body check Taven! King laughs at Taven but Taven kicks the “idiot” Cobb back. Taven runs but leaps into Cobb’s arms! Cobb pops Taven up for a suplex, and holds him there for almost 20 before throwing him down! Taven writhes but Cobb tags to Lethal. Lethal also owes Taven something for G1 Supercard. Cobb holds Taven as Lethal climbs up. Lethal sees Lanny Poffo on commentary and gives him a shout out, ooh yeah! Ax handles clobber Taven down!

Lethal CHOPS Taven then tags to Rush. Rush hushes the fans and he CHOPS Taven even harder. Tag to King and King gives his own CHOP to Taven! King tags Cobb and Cobb has Taven for a… CHOP! Taven is almost out on his feet but King tags back in. King scoop slams Taven to springboard leg drop. Cover, TWO! King keeps on Taven and keeps him away from the champions’ corner. Tag to Rush and Rush kicks Taven hard in the ribs. Rush snapmares Taven into a chinlock, then spins Taven around to whip to the open corner. King tags in and Rush whips King in to splash Taven. Rush adds his own splash, then snapmares Taven, Rush and King combine for double basement dropkicks! King and Rush appreciate being on the same page, but Rush won’t give King the Los Ingobernables seal of approval just yet.

King brings Taven around and Lethal tags in. King didn’t want that, but Lethal SLAPS him to shut him up. Lethal then takes Taven to whip. Taven reverses but Lethal sunset flips. Taven rolls through but Lethal avoids Just the Tip and rolls Taven up. Cover, TWO and Taven LARIATS Lethal down! Fans fire up as both men crawl. Jay Briscoe tags in and has Lethal with European Uppercuts. Briscoe stomps Lethal in a corner and brings him around to whip. Lethal dodges, handsprings, but gets caught to underhooks. Lethal spins out but Briscoe still tries. Lethal dodges the underhooks again to slip out the back and run, but into a huricanrana! Lethal rolls right up to his feet, and both Jays go for BOOTS! Lethal’s hits first, and he enziguris Briscoe! But Briscoe comes back with a dropkick! Lethal falls into the champions’ corner, and Taylor tags in while Taven gets furious cheap shots in. The All-Star team protests but that just keeps the ref distracted. Mark Briscoe gets his own shots in while ROH goes to break.

ROH returns again, and Mark CHOPS Lethal! But Lethal CHOPS back! And again! And again! And again! But Mark tackles Lethal, only to end up in the All-Star corner. King tags in, and rakes Mark’s back! King whips Mark corner to corner but Mark goes up and over, only to get the heel kick! Cover, TWO! King keeps on Mark and snap suplexes to ground ‘n’ pound! Cover, TWO! King keeps on Mark with another whip. Mark dodges and Jay tags in. The Briscoes get King with misdirection and a boot! Mark hits Rush and Cobb while Jay brings King up. Jay Briscoe gives King a big EuroUpper, then another, and another. Tag back to Mark, and the Briscoes grind boots in. Taven sneaks in some cheap shots, then Mark drags King up. Mark suplexes and drops King, then smiles with his gap.

Tag to Jay and the Briscoes whip King to run him over together! Fans fire up and Jay spits back at Rush! The ref can’t keep Rush back and Rush has Jay with fists! Taylor helps Jay but Rush whips. Jay reverses and Mark runs Rush over. Cobb and Lethal run in and it’s chaos! Taylor ends up outside but so does Cobb. Taven leaps onto Lethal, then throws big haymakers on King! Jay Briscoe gives Mark a chair! Mark stands the chair up, and uses it to FLY onto Cobb and Taylor! Fans fire up more as Mark goes after King with haymakers. Jay puts King in and stalks him to ropes. Jay whips King corner to corner and hits a clothesline. Feed to Mark for a Canadian rack, REDNECK BOOGIE! Cover, but Cobb saves King! Cobb throws Jay but Jay sends Cobb out. Mark wrecks Cobb with a dropkick!

Amy Rose checks on Kenny King, he still has eye problems. But Jay snatches that water bottle from her to SPLASH it all over Amy! But then King rolls Jay! King ELIMINATES Jay Briscoe!! And no one is more shocked than Jay Briscoe himself! The Diamond Diva pays dividends again for the K I N G, he can say he pinned yet another former world champion. King swaggers but then sees the “collateral damage” that is Amy’s wardrobe. Amy heads to the back while ROH goes to break.

ROH returns again and Lethal CHOPS Taven. “How do you like it, champ?” Lethal CHOPS again, but then Taven CHOPS back. And again! Taven whips but Lethal reverses, only for Taven to kick back. Lethal dodges the heel kick for the Lethal Combination! Cover, TWO! Taven scrambles and tags in Taylor! Taylor and Lethal circle and Taylor talks trash. Lethal and Taylor tie up, and Lethal headlocks. Taven powers out but King tags in with some sting. “Get yo ass out the ring.” Cobb and Rush try and keep the peace between these two, and Lethal lets King have his way again. King and Taylor are putting their friendship aside now, as King flicks sweat on Taylor! Taylor throws hands but King dodges them all to kick and punch back! Taylor gets mad, but gets dumped out of the ring. King runs to FLY! Tornillo takes Taylor down, but then Taven goes at King, only to get a Blue Thunder Bomb!

But on the outside, Taylor has Lethal and rams him into a post! Mark goes after King with Redneck Fu CHOPS! Mark runs into a SPINEBUSTER! But Taylor returns and takes aim, only for King to dodge. King runs in but gets SLAMMED down! King gets up and just manages to stop the One Hitter Quitter to then Eddy Gordo kick! King whips but Taylor reverses, but King goes up, only to get Greetings from the 216! Cover, Taven and Mark keep Cobb and Rush out, Taylor ELIMINATES King! Now things are even again, and Taven takes credit for their strategy. Moving on, Taven throws hands on Lethal and feeds him to Taylor. Taylor drags Lethal up for a big backbreaker! Taylor grins as he gives Lethal another! Cover, TWO! Lethal just manages to escape but Taylor keeps on him with a rear bearhug.

Lethal endures the squeeze while his team regroups on the corner. Lethal powers up as fans rally. Lethal elbows out of the hold, then runs, but Taylor runs him over with a back elbow! Taylor drags Lethal over and Mark tags in to drop a fist. Mark drags Lethal up for big clubbing forearms. Lethal goes to a corner but Mark stomps and kicks Lethal in the back! Mark rams his shoulder in over and over, then gives Lethal a big back suplex! The champions are back in control as we go to break.

ROH returns once again and Mark has Lethal on the very top of the corner! Lethal fights back and CHOPS Mark down! Mark hits the mat and Lethal adjusts for another shout out. Hail to the King but Lethal sees that boot coming and blocks it. But Mark sees the Figure Four coming and cradle counters! TWO, and Lethal dodges to handspring, LETHAL INJECTION! Cover, Lethal ELIMINATES Mark Briscoe! That leaves just Taylor and Taven, but Taven goes at Lethal right away! Taven rains down rights over and over, and over and over! Taven suplexes Lethal up high and hard, then covers, TWO! Taven rams knees into Lethal’s back, then laces the legs. Taven grins as he brings Lethal back for a Bow ‘n’ Arrow! Lethal endures but pops out to a cover, TWO! Taven scoops Lethal for a backbreaker, then a gut wrench into underhooks! Butterfly backbreaker to a cover, TWO!! Lethal still lives and Taven grows frustrated.

Taven keeps Lethal down as he tags Taylor. Taylor stomps the arm and rains down rights of his own. Taylor toys with Lethal as he slaps him around. Taylor then waistlocks and drags Lethal up, but Lethal throws elbows. Fans rally but Taylor clubs Lethal in the back. Taylor suplexes but Lethal slips out and slips under! Taylor grabs Lethal’s legs but Lethal shoves Taylor away. But Taylor knocks the ref over as Lethal tags in Rush! Rush rallies on Taylor with furious fists but Taylor whips. Rush kicks back, then baits Taylor into a Snap German, Shining Wizard! But the ref comes to and doesn’t think Rush is legal. In the confusion, Taven gives Lethal a LOW BLOW! And JUST THE TIP! Taylor gives Lethal a knee of his own, and then covers! But Cobb saves Lethal!

Cobb and Taylor brawl but Taylor gets the edge. Rush runs in to fire off but Taven is also in! Taylor rocks Rush and Cobb rocks Taven. Cobb SUPERKICKS Taylor then whips Taven. Taven holds ropes and baits Cobb in to dump him out! Cobb and Rush regroup but Tavne FLIES! Flight of the Conqueror takes them both out! Taven trash talks but goes back to Lethal, only to get the triangle dropkick! Lethal fires up and builds speed, but Taylor slips in to swing. Lethal dodges to SUPERKICK Taylor, and he calls for it. Handspring, but into an inverted suplex, Greetings from the 216! Cover, Taylor ELIMINATES Lethal!! Lethal got welcomed to The Land, and now he’s out of the match! Things are back to even numbers as the ROH World and Television Champions stand against El Toro Blanco and Hawaiian Juggernaut!

Both teams regroup and stand in the ring. Rush gets in Taven’s face but Cobb and Taylor join in. The brawl ignites! Back and forth, forearms for forearms! Taven SUPERKICKS Rush, but Cobb ROCKS Taylor! Taven goes after Cobb, but no Climax yet! Cobb hits the big leaping elbow! Cobb yanks Taven up into the Athletic Plex! Cover, TWO!! Taven survives but Cobb won’t let up. Cobb whips Taven, Tour of the- No! Russian Leg Sweep and wrench, Moonlight Drive! Cover, TWO!! Cobb survives and Taven is growing frustrated. Taylor and Rush are brawling on the outside as fans rally up. Taven misses Just the Tip and Cobb rolls him up. Taven slips out and fires off, but Cobb pops Taven up for a fireman’s carry, F5! Well, more like F15!!

Both men are down in the ring while Rush and Taylor recover on the outside. But that means no one is able to tag in on either side. Rush gets in to go at Taven directly. Taven wants Rush to take it easy but fans want Rush to beat Taven up. Taven gets up and offers a handshake, but Rush kicks it away. So the two brawl again! They go back and forth with big forearms, Rush knees and CHOPS! Rush whips but Taven goes up and over, only to get tossed into buckles with the overhead suplex! BULL’S fake out, to a BOOT! Tranquilo~! But Taylor is lurking and spins Rush around to CHOP! Rush just shrugs it off. Rush helps Taylor pull the straps down to CHOP back! Taylor just pulls the straps up to ROCK Rush with a right! But Rush wants more! Rush fires forearms of his own and whips, but Taylor reverses! Rush dodges and Taylor gets buckles. Rush comes back with a BIG forearm! Taylor is down and Rush takes aim. But Taven can be seen with a chair! Rush fires up, Taven SMACKS Rush down!! Taven ELIMINATES himself!

Taven doesn’t care that he’s put Taylor in a bad spot, he gives Rush another chair shot! And another! He threatens the referee, then goes back to jam the chair into Rush’s ribs over and over! The ROH World Champion wants to hurt Rush to keep him from having a shot at the title! “This is MY Kingdom! Because IIII’M Matt Taven!” But Rush powers up! Rush pushes Taven off him, gets to his feet, and glares daggers at Taven. Taven knows he’s out of the match so he takes his leave before facing the wrath of Rush. But then Taylor headbutts Rush down! Cobb comes up behind Taylor to scoop him! Cobb rams Taylor into buckles, then hits a powerslam! The Hawaiian Stampede!

Fans fire up as Cobb brings Taylor to his feet. Cobb says he’ll end this, but Taylor holds ropes. Taylor headbutts Cobb then scoops Cobb. Cobb slips out, waistlocks, but Taylor standing switches. Cobb fights the lift and tags Rush in. Standing switch to German Suplex, SUPERMAN FOREARM! Taylor is down, Rush fires up, BULL’S HORNS!! Cover, Rush & Cobb win for the All-Stars!

Winners: The All-Stars, Rush pinning

Taven is still lurking on the stage, but he has to admit defeat. Will Rush and Cobb go on to take those titles from Taven and Taylor? Cobb wants to shake hands with Rush, but Rush kicks his offer away, too. Rush fights for Rush, but who will he be fighting for that ROH World Championship?



My Thoughts:

While I’m still worried about the state of ROH as far as how they’re making these episodes, at least the content we got was pretty good. Well, the Top Prospect Tournament material was all summarized and I’m sure the YouTube versions give a much better impression. Probably could’ve watched those instead myself, actually… But I hope we get the full semifinals here on TV, I feel like those matches still deserve that attention. The ROH debut of Joe Hendry is great for ROH, but I can’t be sure even someone #SOPRESTIGIOUS~ as him can help ROH get hot again. Honestly, that Atlanta crowd didn’t seem that excited for Hendry’s arrival. Hendry VS Castle is going to be great stuff, though, both on the mic and in the ring. And I like the promo of Kenny King encouraging Coast2Coast, those guys could make a good trio just on in-ring ability.

The Champions VS All-Stars match was of course the meat of this episode, and really great at that. Apparently the Honor Club version has even more than what we got, so it must be even better. Despite the “arguing” in their interview promo, I’m actually happy that the Champions, who were all Heels, did not have dysfunction in the actual match. And it worked that King and Lethal still weren’t getting along. A lot of this material was great, and of course Rush is on the winning side. Cobb getting to hang around is great, that means he and Taylor might revisit their ROH World Television feud since Cobb lost it in a Fatal 4 Way and Taylor did not pin Cobb for the win. Taven VS Rush is coming, so Taven is definitely winning against Volador Jr. And then, Rush can finally end this Purple Reign of Terror and we start the Tranquilo Era of ROH!

My Score: 8.4/10

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