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Mitchell’s Women of Wrestling Results & Report! (9/14/19)

Who will be granted a golden opportunity?



WoW Season 2

The WOW world title scene is getting wild!

With chaos closing out last week’s season two premiere, the Born Legend put it upon herself to choose her next challenger! Who will Tessa Blanchard choose to defend her championship against?



  • Amber O’Neal VS Faith the Lioness; Faith wins and joins Lana Star in the WOW Tag Team Championship Series.
  • Abilene Maverick VS Adrenaline; Adrenaline wins.
  • WOW Tag Team Championship Series: The Bully Busters VS Holidead & Siren; Holidead & Siren win and advance in the series.
  • WOW World Championship: Tessa Blanchard VS ???; Blanchard wins and retains the WOW World Championship.


Previous on WOW, Women of Wrestling!

Tessa Blanchard walked in talking big, but she backed it up, and is now the “Baddest Bitch in the Building.” But that only made the biggest and the baddest want to step to her! The Beast wanted to prove Tessa is a paper champion. Jungle Grrrl wanted to prove that neither Beast nor Born Legend was bad enough to take her 1v1. And the Monster of Madness, Jessicka Havok, just wanted to prove she was just plain dangerous. A Triple Threat was struck, but it didn’t end with a winner as Havok’s friend and fellow fiend, Hazard, would attack! Beast and Jungle Grrrl ended up unlikely allies against those two, but Tessa wasn’t having any of it. Now the WOW World Champion will name her next challenger personally! Will it be one of the baddest in last week’s brawl? Or will one lucky Superhero be chosen by the champ?


Sophia Lopez meets with Tessa Blanchard.

Sophia thanks Tessa for taking this meeting, but Tessa just wants to see the money, “perra.” The briefcase is handed over, reluctantly. And Tessa tells Sophia, “Te nada (you’re welcome).” Tessa has her title, and an untold fortune, but will she have either by the end of tonight?


Welcome back to WOW!

David McLane doesn’t linger in the ring, because the action is getting started!


Amber O’Neal & Lana Star head to the ring!

The Beverly Hills Babe is back in WOW, but it’s her fabulous friend that takes to the mic to welcome the crowd. And Lana has a big announcement for everyone: she has entered the Tag Team Series! And she has picked a partner that has the skills to take them to the end and win those titles! One of the greatest talents in the ring, and someone Lana admires because this woman reminds Lana of herself. Introducing… not Amber, but Faith the Lioness?!

Amber is as shocked as anyone to see this young and upcoming Woman of Wrestling is suddenly on Team Star! Amber is not being replaced by anyone, Lana! Amber won’t let Faith take her spotlight. Lana did not check this with her. They were supposed to have gold together! Lana introduced Amber to the Beverly Hills life! What kind of human is Lana?! Lana is the kind that grew up in Hollywood, seeing dreams being broken every day! But Lana loves herself a good bit of drama. If Amber beats Faith, then Amber stays Lana’s protege. But if she loses, she’s OUT! Amber accepts this challenge, and Lana calls for this match to happen right now!

Amber O’Neal VS Faith the Lioness!

The bell rings and the Beverly Hills Babe fires off on Faith! Amber clubs Faith down then stomps her around! Amber bounces Faith off the mat then chokes her on the ropes. The ref counts but Amber backs off, to come back with forearms! Amber whips but Faith dodges to come back with a leaping lariat! And a dropkick! Amber bails out but Faith eggs her on. Amber shouts at Lana on commentary, but Faith goes after her hair! Amber trips Faith up to slam her leg on the apron! Amber refreshes the count to drag Faith over to the post! Amber makes sure Lana sees her sling Faith’s leg into post! Lana complains that Amber should’ve shown this fire before or she wouldn’t have been replaced.

Amber drags Faith into the ring to drop elbows and knees on Faith’s leg. Amber steps through but Faith pushes Amber down. Amber gets up and kicks away on Faith’s leg again. Amber mocks Faith’s pop star dance moves, then boots Faith down again. Amber drags Faith around to wrap on a Figure Four! Faith endures the “Queen City Stretch”, turns it over, and now Amber suffers the hold! Amber gets a ropebreak and the ref untangles the two. Amber has the legs again but Faith shoves her down! Faith flounders to a corner but Amber runs in, only to get an elbow! Amber comes back again to get another elbow. Amber tires a third time but gets buckles! Faith fires off clotheslines, then whips. But Faith’s leg gives out, and Amber mocks her pain. Amber kicks and hits a facebuster! Amber wants Lana to see this, but this is letting Faith recover. Amber covers, but Faith turns it around! Faith has the cover, Faith has the win!!

Winner: Faith the Lioness; joins Lana Star in the WOW Tag Team Championship Series

Amber’s anger got the better of her, and now Lana trash talks her from commentary: “You’ve never been a Beverly Hills Babe, you’ve always been a Beverly Hillbilly!” Will Lana and the Lioness conquer the Tag Team Division together?


Abilene Maverick heads down the halls.

And she encounters Stephy Slays. There’s been trouble brewing between these two since last season, but Stephy’s just glad to see Abilene’s leg is doing better. So when are they finally having a match? Or is Abilene afraid she’ll lose? Oh please. That one win was a fluke. Until Stephy beats a formidable opponent, they’re not even discussing that possibility. Abilene then literally brushes Stephy aside and heads to the ring.


Abilene Maverick VS Adrenaline!

The Governor’s Daughter returns to WOW, and faces the newest Superhero in the locker room. But will we all see that Adrenaline lives up to her name when she gets everyone’s pulse pounding?

The bell rings and Abilene circles with Adrenaline. Adrenaline steps on the gas and chases Abilene around the ring! Abilene uses the ropes for defense, and that just annoys Adrenaline. Abilene tries a sucker punch but Adrenaline ducks to waistlock Abilene. Abilene reaches for ropes but Adrenaline keeps her away. Adrenaline grins and then slams Abilene down! Adrenaline floats all over Abilene and keeps that waistlock. She rolls Abilene around but Abilene still reaches for ropes. Adrenaline drags Abilene up but Abilene gets the standing switch. Adrenaline breaks free to arm-drag Abilene to an armbar! Abilene goes around as Adrenaline grinds her down. Adrenaline brings Abilene up, whips, but Abilene reverses, only fro Adrenaline to huricarana and dropkick Abilene down! Cover, TWO!

Adrenaline keeps her cool as she goes right after Abilene again. Abilene hits low and bounces Adrenaline off the mat, but Adrenaline stands right back up! Abilene wants Adrenaline to calm down, but Adrenaline just throws body shots! Adrenaline lights Abilene up in the corner, but backs off at the ref’s count. Fans fire up for Ms. Fast & Furious, but Abilene begs for mercy. Adrenaline isn’t sure what to make of that, but fans tell her to keep on Abilene. Abilene takes advantage of the hesitation to throw Adrenaline into buckles! Then dropkicks her back in! Abilene kicks Adrenaline to the ropes to drop some knees! Abilene poses before she covers, TWO! Abilene keeps on Adrenaline with a rear choke and body scissors! Adrenaline reaches for ropes and refuses to quit. Fans rally up and Adrenaline gets up to her feet. Adrenaline fights out but Abilene bounces her off the mat!

Abilene circles Adrenaline before kicking her right in the ribs! Adrenaline goes to a corner but Abilene brings her up to whip. Adrenaline tilt-o-whirls to a Russian Leg Sweep! Cover, ONE! Abilene gets up, spins Adrenaline for the snapmare facebuster! Abilene dusts herself off before bringing Adrenaline in. Adrenaline powers her to a corner! And rams her shoulder in! Adrenaline brings Abilene up in a fireman’s carry, and though Abilene protests, SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO!! Abilene survives and Adrenaline is shocked. Adrenaline brings Abilene up but Abilene cradle counters! TWO, and Adrenaline mule kicks, to a DESTROYER! Cover, Adrenaline wins!!

Winner: Adrenaline, by pinfall

And the fans are feeling the Adrenaline Rush! Will this lead to a fast and furious rise in the ranks for this newest and fastest Superhero?


In a dark and undisclosed location, Holidead and Siren are up to something spooky.

The Voodoo Doll and her freaky friend are reading the fortunes of the WOW Tag Team Championships. “The road of darkness. The path of destruction. The cards have unveiled the shiny new tokens.” Those lights shall shine upon the shadows, and these two will have won. The cards have foretold it, “and now, you, KNOW!” Will the Tag Team Championship Series take a twisted turn into darkness once these two take to the ring together?


Keta Rush and Stephy Slays walk by Abilene in the locker room.

How does it feel to be a loser, Abilene? Abilene throws a plastic bottle but misses as Stephy and Keta hurry away. Will Abilene give Stephy the match she wanted now?


WOW Tag Team Championship Series: The Bully Busters VS Holidead & Siren!

A bond of physical and emotional abuse has made Keta Rush and Stephy Slays a strong and inspirational duo. But while they each struck it out on their own, it would seem a reunion was in the cards. Will their powers combine be enough to gain gold and glory? Or is it their fate to fall to the creepiest combination around?

Before teams can sort out, Holidead and Siren attack Keta and Stephy from behind! The freaky friends double whip but the Bully Busters hold ropes. Keta and Stephy boot back then throw big elbows! Fans fire up as Keta and Stephy run, duck and tilt-o-whirl headscissors in stereo! Siren and Holidead bail out and fans are fired up! Stephy officially starts for her team now as Siren gets back in. Siren rushes in but Stephy rolls her up, TWO! Stephy and SIren tag out to Keta and Holidead, and Keta hits a big crossbody! Cover, ONE, but Keta keeps her eyes on Holidead. Holidead runs in and throws body shots. Keta whips but Holidead holds ropes. Keta still tries, and then tilt-o-whirls, but into a sidewalk slam! Holidead looms over Keta and drags her up for a scoop and slam! Holidead runs to drop the leg, brother! Keta gasps for air but Holidead brings her up to feet to Siren’s boot.

Keta fights out of the creepy corner and shouts, “Nobody bullies me!” She leaps and drags Holidead down! Holidead gets away but Keta arm-drags her around! Tag to Stephy and Stephy rallies with clotheslines! Stephy dropkicks Holidead but Siren tags in. Stephy shoves Siren into Holidead and hits a hip attack to sandwich them! Stephy gives Holidead a hip attack directly, but then Holidead puts her up top. Stephy boots back and hops onto Holidead’s shoulders, victory roll! Cover but Siren breaks it up! Keta dropkicks but whiffs! Siren tosses Keta with an exploder! Stephy gives Siren a backstabber! But Holidead kicks low, underhooks Stephy, butterfly driver! Cover, Holidead and Siren win!

Winners: Holidead and Siren, Holidead pinning; advance in the WOW Tag Team Championship Series

There was some controversy and confusion about who was legal, but for now, the Bully Busters busted out of the tournament. Is this already the end of the road for the reunited Slays and Rush?

As for the winners, Shaul Guerrero does her best to ask them what they’re feeling being another step closer to the titles. Siren says that we all saw, now know what they see: VICTORY! Will the dark prophecy be fulfilled as the series continues?


Jessie James stumbles across a sulking Amber O’Neal.

Yeesh, Amber, what happened to you? Did the Bardstown Baroness not see what Lana Star did? Oh please, when does Amber “the Bullet Babe” care about some “Beverly Hills Bimbo” anyway? Jessie just doesn’t get it. Get what? In what lifetime does Amber O’Neal ever care what anyone else thinks? The Amber Jessie knew did whatever it took to get the job done. Get up, Amber, Jessie has something to make you feel better. Also get out of that clown suit, you look ridiculous. Will Jessie James, of all people, help make Amber O’Neal great again?


WOW World Championship: Tessa Blanchard VS ???

The Born Legend said she would sort out the mess of finding a worthy contender, and the moment has come! Of course, we at home know there was some back room dealing between her and “the best attorney in the world,” Sophia Lopez. Was that perhaps a payoff to make sure this is actually Sophia’s choice challenging for the title?

Sophia comes out first, and she is already accompanying the challenger! That’s Kobra Moon, but she’s transformed! Things broke down between WOW and Lucha Underground, so the Queen of Reptiles has shed her skin to become “Serpentine!” Will the snake in the grass get her way here tonight? And we’re talking about the lawyer, not the luchadora. That aside, Tessa makes her entrance now, the belt is raised, and this title match main event begins!

Fans are rabid already as Tessa doesn’t seem to take the slithering Serpentine serious. Tessa rushes Serpentine but Serpentine rolls to dodge. They go around again and finally tie up. Serpentine waistlocks but Tessa standing switches. Serpentine drops down and trips Tessa up to turn her over. Serpentine laces the legs up for a Queen Angelito, but Tessa turns that around to a facelock. Serpentine powers Tessa down and has the legs again. Serpentine turns Tessa but Tessa pushes her away. Tessa gets to ropes and has Serpentine back off. The two get up and circle again, but Serpentine wants a test of strength. Tessa kicks low and throws Serpentine with a headlock takeover. Serpentine headscissors as fans chant “Si se puedes!” Tessa endures the squeeze and works her way around to pops out. Tessa has a facelock again, but Serpentine stands. Tessa wrenches to a hammerlock but Serpentine reverses that onto Tessa to then get a headlock takeover of her own.

Fans cheer but Tessa headscissors Serpentine now. Serpentine endures the squeeze and headstands out of it! She sits on Tessa, cover, TWO! Both women get to corners but the fans are on the Queen of Reptiles’ side. Serpentine and Tessa tie up again, and Tessa pulls hair! She puts Serpentine in the corner and throws a big forearm! Tessa mocks Latino Heat before she whips Serpentine. But Serpentine rolls for a cover, TWO! Serpentine wheelbarrows, victory roll! TWO, but Serpentine is on Tessa fast. Serpentine CHOPS Tessa then again! Tessa is stinging as Serpentine follows her around the way. Serpentine whips Tessa then follows, but Tessa counters with a back elbow! Tessa scowls and covers, ONE! Tessa is frustrated already as she drags Serpentine up. She throws forearms then whips Serpentine hard into ropes. Then she runs to body check Serpentine down! And then dropkicks her down! Cover, TWO! And Tessa is losing her cool.

Tessa goes to Serpentine but Serpentine shoves and throws forearms. Tessa clubs Serpentine down but fans have not given up yet. Tessa puts Serpentine in a corner then snapmares her out hard for a swift kick to the back! Tessa soaks up the heat as she brings Serpentine up to clothesline her back down! Then she wrenches Serpentine to do it again! Tessa wants a third, but Serpentine blocks with a headlock. Tessa powers out, but Serpentine returns with a tilt-o-whirl to a Russian Leg Sweep! And roll through to get the legs for a Boston Crab! But then she adds the arms, for an inverted surfboard! Serpentine swings Tessa around, the Snake Tail bops the buckles! Serpentine drops Tessa as the ref counts, but comes back to club her. Serpentine holds Tessa up to CHOP her again! Tessa is scowling as Serpentine runs in corner to corner. Tessa puts Serpentine on the apron, but Serpentine CHOPS back! Serpentine climbs, acrobatic arm-drag! Tessa bails out and staggers around the way as Serpentine slithers around the ring.

Serpentine kicks from the apron, then hops on for a huricanrana! Tessa goes into barriers! Serpentine stomps Tessa before dragging her up and into the ring. But Tessa builds speed to DIVE! Tessa is furious now, and she scowls as she paces around Serpentine. Tessa puts Serpentine on the apron, lifts, but Serpentine resists the piledriver! Serpentine knees Tessa hard! Then kicks, but Tessa blocks to DECK Serpentine! Serpentine slithers into the ring but Tessa drags her up. Tessa looks to suplex to the outside! Sophia tries to reason with her, but Tessa doesn’t care! Serpentine resists for dear life, and suplexes Tessa back in! Both women are down and the arena continues to be thunderous! Serpentine gets to a corner while Tessa drags herself to ropes. A standing count climbs to 6, but both women are up.

Fans are fired up as Serpentine starts rallying with clotheslines and elbows! Tessa is rocked but Serpentine is ready, she runs for a BIG basement dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Tessa survives but barely! Serpentine shows no mercy as she drags Tessa up. Tessa slips out of the scoop, full nelson swing-out to DDT! Cover, TWO!! Tessa is almost in tears from frustration. She goes for broke as she goes up top! Serpentine stands, but avoids the meteora to SHOTGUN KNEE! Serpentine scoops Tessa up, SHOULDER BREAKER! Cover, TWO!? Tessa lives and Serpentine is shocked! Tessa crawls to a corner but Serpentine hurries over. She whips Tessa corner to corner but Tessa reverses. Serpentine boots but Tessa trips her up! Tessa runs corner to corner, springboard CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!?! Serpentine shocks Tessa right back!

The fans are still chanting “Si se puedes!” for Serpentine as Tessa looks like she’s seen a ghost. But then Tessa scowls again, brings Serpentine up for a hammerlock, but Serpentine fights free. Pick-up SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Serpentine hurries, climbing up top. Serpentine leaps but Tessa avoids the stomps to SUPERKICK! Spin, hammerlock DDT! The Diamond DDT! Cover, Tessa wins!!

Winner: Tessa Blanchard, by pinfall; still WOW World Champion

The Born Legend survives Serpentine in a match worth however much money Sophia paid. But Jungle Grrl, Beast, and even the fiendish friends, Havok and Hazard, emerge from the shadows! Tessa may have survived the snake pit, but there’s still an entire ecosystem of hungry contenders. Who will be next to test the toughness of the Baddest Bitch?



My Thoughts:

Okay, now this was what I was hoping for out of WOW. We got a lot of great action and story, and finally a main event that felt like it should. First, what a twist that Lana Star dumps Amber O’Neal for a “younger” model. For a moment, I thought Amber was going to win and get Lana back on her side so that they could compete in the Tag Team Series. But instead, she loses and might bring Jessie James into this multiple turn?! Perhaps Jessie James is going to ditch her not-so-subtly politically based heat gimmick if it means getting Amber to be a badass Bullet (Club) Babe Face to stick it to Lana and Faith. Bullet Babe and Bardstown Baroness might make a great combo, even if they don’t win the whole series.

Then we get a somewhat sloppy but still story-smart match of Bully Busters and voodoo duo. The controversy of partner confusion might allow the Bully Busters back into things, but there’s still Stephy VS Abilene to fall back on in the singles division. Abilene VS Adrenaline was a great match, but a hard one to type. But it works great in story for Abilene to lose so she can’t be so arrogant around Stephy, and it gives the newest star some great momentum already. Adrenaline has some good potential and with the right character work, could be a pretty popular star.

The main event was incredible, but WOW needs to learn how to not literally spoil the mystery opponent with their visuals. It did make a lot of sense it would be Kobra Moon, now Serpentine, when Sophia Lopez talked with Tessa Blanchard, but there still needs to be some mystery. Don’t have Serpentine doing those transitional videos that WOW does with all their wrestlers. At least not with lights on in the foreground. Back lighting only, if at all. We need to think it could be any of the other lesser utilized stars, like Nikki Krampus who only got her debut last season, or someone brand new entirely. Instead, we knew from the very start that it would be the slightly modified Kobra Moon. But spoilers aside, still an incredible match that finally felt the way a main event should, and Serpentine is SUPER OVER with the LA fans. Best main event from WOW yet, and it was good to still sneak all of Tessa’s other challengers in at the end. Things are only heating up so maybe we get an even better main event next week.

My Score: 8.4/10

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