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Mitchell’s Women of Wrestling Results & Report! (9/28/19)

The Beast, teaming with Jungle Grrrl!?



WoW Season 2

Things have escalated in the unlikeliest ways!

Jungle Grrrl and The Beast were both screwed out of a WOW World Championship match, so they’ll actually TEAM UP to get revenge!



  • Nikki Krampus w/ Sophia Lopez VS Princess Aussie; Krampus wins.
  • Reyna Reyes VS The Temptress w/ Dagger; Reyes wins.
  • WOW Tag Team Series: Abilene Maverick & Robyn Reid w/ Samantha Smart VS Chantilly Chella & Sassy Massy; Chella & Massy win and advance in the series.
  • The Monsters of Madness VS Jungle Grrrl & The Beast; Jungle Grrrl & The Beast win, by disqualification.


Enemies turned allies?

While Jungle Grrrl blames The Beast for her loss to Tessa Blanchard, the hunt for the WOW World Championship is only getting more complicated as Jessicka Havok and her friend, Hazard, are reunited. With neither of them having a shot at Tessa now, they look to settle scores with the Monsters of Madness.


Welcome back to WOW!

And on her way to ringside, the world champion herself, Tessa Blanchard! The Born Legend joins David McLane in the ring and soaks up all the cheers and jeers. “Listen here, McLane, I came out here for one reason and one reason only. And that is to set the record straight.” She knows what everyone’s been saying, from fans to fellow Women of Wrestling, like The Beast. Tessa is sick and tired of it. Everyone needs to know that Tessa won the title all on her own! And she pinned “the unbeatable” Jungle Grrrl! The only reason JG was undefeated for so long was because she never faced Tessa before. But speaking of, Jungle Grrrl is back! She jumps in the ring to stare Tessa down.

“Let me set the record straight, Tessa Blanchard.” Seems JG hit her harder than she thought. Tessa is either concussed or has amnesia. It took two women to beat her. Face her 1v1 right here, right now, to settle this. McLane says no, but so do the Monsters of Madness! Havok and Hazard head to the ring, but Tessa is not having any of this. Jungle Grrrl being so big and bad, she should prove herself worthy against both Monsters. McLane says that match isn’t happening, either, but Tessa heads out. Until The Beast arrives! Tessa gets away going the other way, but The Beast goes to the ring to stare down the Monsters. McLane keeps the peace, and points out that the Triple Threat contender’s match would’ve named Tessa’s next challenger. But then Hazard interfered and ruined it all. But for the first time ever, The Beast and JG might have something in common. And despite what Beast wants, she and JG are going to face the Monsters in a tag team match! What goes down in this monstrous main event?


Sophia Lopez leads a new client to the back.

Nikki Krampus is now part of the Greatest Attorney’s stable! Will the Norwegian Nightmare prosper from having such strong representation?


Nikki Krampus w/ Sophia Lopez VS Princess Aussie!

This match has a 15 minute time limit, but will the Girl from Down Under last that long against such a fearsome opponent?

The bell rings and Princess dodges Krampus and again. They circle and tie up. Krampus powers Princess back then shoves her down. Princess gets up fast and then waistlocks Krampus. Krampus breaks free and gives a shoulder breaker to wrench and wristlock. Krampus yanks on Princess’ arm but Princess uses the ropes to flip through. Princess gets a hammerlock but Krampus powers out and then shoves Princess to a corner. Krampus boots Princess then grinds her foot in. The ref backs her off but Krampus comes back to ram her shoulder in. Krampus taunts Princess before whipping her corner to corner. But Princess goes up and over and Krampus runs right into buckles! Princess school boys Krampus for a kick from the mat! Princess fires up and fans join in as she hits Krampus with a corner splash! She goes corner to corner again but Krampus drop toeholds her into buckles! Krampus yanks Princess up for a headbutt! Cover, TWO!

Krampus keeps her focus as she drags Princess up, only to dribble her off the mat. Krampus drops an elbow but misses! Princess is up, waistlocks, but she can’t get Krampus up. Krampus elbows out but runs into a forearm! Princess fires forearms and a haymaker! Princess whips but Krampus reverses, only for Princess to counter back with a neckbreaker! Fans fire up for Princess as she heads up top. But Sophia interferes! The ref reprimands her but then she grabs those bamboo sticks of Princess’! Princess leaps, Krampus moves, and the frog splash flops! Krampus has the sticks while Sophia distracts the ref! Krampus SMACKS Princess with her own bamboo! Then Krampus brings Princess in for a scoop, and a swinging slam! Cover, Krampus wins!

Winner: Nikki Krampus, by pinfall

Sophia helps her new client wish everyone a “Happy Holidays!” with that powerslam. And Sophia makes the announcement official while fans boo as hard as they can. Will Krampus continue to win now that she’s back under new management?

The lights go out, and then come back on, and there are Holidead and Siren! The Voodoo Dolls still want after Princess Aussie! They take her and her bamboo sticks away, but to where?!


Reyna Reyes VS The Temptress w/ Dagger!

The Pearl of the Philippines will try to make up for her loss in the WOW Tag Team Series, even after what just happened to her tag partner in Princess Aussie. Can Reyes focus with so much going on right now? Or will this win spark the Vengeful Vixens towards the tag titles?

The bell rings and Temptress ties up with Reyes. Reyes wristlocks but Temptress spins through. Temptress pulls hair to bring Reyes down. Reyes prevents a cover and rolls up, only for Temptress to keep her grounded. Oklahoma roll, TWO! Reyes stares daggers at Temptress as they circle. They tie up again, and Reyes waistlocks to a takedown! Fans cheer as Reyes facelocks. Temptress slips out to ram knees into Reyes’ ribs. Temptress has a hammerlock but fans rally. Reyes rolls around to headscissor and she goes after Temptress’ fingers. Temptress pops out of the scissors and goes to the ropes. Fans cheer this stand-off, but Dagger coaches Temptress up. Temptress knees low then puts Reyes in a corner for stomps and forearms. Temptress whips but Reyes goes up and over to then arm-drag Temptress around! Reyes even springboards for an arm-drag! Then spins Temptress for a kick, and an even more acrobatic arm-drag!

Temptress runs back at Reyes but gets caught into a dragon sleeper, leg drop DDT! Cover, TWO! Reyes keeps her cool and soaks up the love from the fans. Reyes climbs up top but backs Dagger off. Temptress catches Reyes with an uppercut, and then a BIG toss! Cover, TWO! Temptress stomps Reyes in frustration then chokes Reyes on the ropes. The ref counts but Temptress backs off. Reyes recovers but the ref keeps Dagger back. Temptress drags Reyes up for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Temptress grows frustrated but she grabs the arms for a half surfboard. Fans rally for Reyes and Reyes powers up. Reyes gets up and knees Temptress. Temptress knees back then whips her to a corner. Temptress runs in for a big forearm smash, then snapmares to a BOOT! Fans boo and Temptress shouts at them. She covers, TWO!

Temptress rains down rights on Reyes, then covers again. TWO, and Temptress grows angrier. Temptress wraps Reyes up in a chinlock, but the fans give Reyes a second wind. Reyes fights out with elbows, but Temptress whips, to a SPINEBUSTER! High stack cover, TWO! The Pearl is proving her toughness, but Temptress looks to end this. Temptress kicks Reyes around, but Reyes blocks a boot. Reyes stares those daggers again, then throws forearms back! And an uppercut! Reyes fires up, big backhand! Cover, TWO! But Reyes won’t stop, she whips, only for Temptress to reverse. Reyes springboards, Beauty Queen cutter! Cover, TWO!? Temptress shocks Reyes, but fans give her the confidence to keep trying. Reyes drags Temptress into the drop zone and climbs up top. She kicks Dagger away, then leaps for the Beauty Queen Twist! Cover, Reyes wins!!

Winner: Reyna Reyes, by pinfall

Finally, a win for the reinvigorated Reyes! Will the Pearl be able to string together more victories? And what of her friend, Princess Aussie?


WOW profiles Mesmeriah.

The newest Psycho Sister was “born and bred in LA’s underbelly of underground tunnels,” and for most of her life, all she knew was darkness. The first time she stepped out to see the light, she saw something truly beautiful: violence. Mesmeriah was surrounded by the gang warfare, and was molded by the hate and bloodshed. She would be found by Razor and Fury, and fought them in a futile effort. But impressed by her guts, they asked her to join them for an even bigger fight: the WOW Tag Team Division.

“The Psycho Sisters work together to hurt people.” Razor gets what she wants, and she wants tag team championships. Mesmeriah was a special kind of crazy, and when she “gets the job done,” they’ll all be WOW Tag Team Champions faster than you can say, “Who were all those other girls?” But will things go as sadistically simple as the Psycho Sisters hope when Mesmeriah has her first match in WOW?


Samantha Smart and Robyn Reid “are the true superheroes of WOW.”

The meanest teachers you’ve ever had pale in comparison to these two. But they’re willing to work together with outside help as Abilene Maverick will join in for the WOW Tag Team Series. This business partnership came about when Abilene insisted she was too hurt to compete last season, and Samantha overheard there was an opening for Stephy Slays’ match. To everyone’s surprise, Stephy got her first win ever off of The Disciplinarian, but that didn’t sit well with Samantha. Now, Stephy’s greatest enemies are united and in the hunt for the WOW Tag Team Championships! Will they find a way to rub this in Stephy’s face?


WOW Tag Team Series: Abilene Maverick & Robyn Reid w/ Samantha Smart VS Chantilly Chella & Sassy Massy!

Sophisticated and stern meets party hardy! Will the Governor’s Daughter help The Disciplinarian put these two party girls in detention?

The teams sort out and Abilene starts against Chella, but Chella wants Reid. Reid tags in and fans fire up as Chella gets in Reid’s face. Reid pushes her away, but then Chella Thesz Presses her down! Chella has fast hands and a dropkick for Reid! And another! Chella drags Reid over to tag in Massy. Team “Coast to Coachella” double whip and Chella drop toeholds for Massy’s back senton! Then they high-five for a double elbow drop! Cover, ONE, but Massy keeps on Reid. Reid forearms then tags Abilene in. Abilene throws body shots then whips Massy, but Massy holds ropes to drop toehold Abilene into them. Crossbody onto the ropes then cover, TWO! Abilene gets out and Reid runs in, but Massy kicks the legs out for a basement Complete Shot! Cover, TWO! Massy grows frustrated but she goes at Reid in the corner for forearms. Massy whips but Reid reverses, only to miss Massy in the corner.

Samantha distracts Massy on the apron, and Abilene SPEARS Massy down onto it! Massy slumps to the floor and fans boo the snobbish stable. Abilene puts Massy in and Reid covers, ONE! Reid drags Massy up by her hair and tags Abilene in. Abilene hops up and Reid lifts Massy, for an ax handle sidewalk slam! Cover, TWO! Massy toughs it out but Abilene toys with her now. Abilene shoves Chella for good measure! Abilene bumps Massy off buckles then rams her shoulder in. Tag to Reid and Reid rams her own shoulder into Massy. Reid snapmares Massy then kicks her in the back. She taunts both Massy and Chella, before giving Chella a sucker punch! Chella is glaring as she gasps for air, but Reid just keeps messing with her. Abilene helps drag Massy to the corner and “The Smart Team” mugs her! The ref reprimands them but Abilene backs off to then run in for a big knee. Massy goes down but Abilene brings her up to choke on the ropes. Smart talks trash while the ref reprimands them more.

Chella barges in but the ref keeps her back, so Abilene gets away with a rope jam on Massy. The Smart Team also gets away with choking in the corner! Smart herself even jabs Massy in the side with her yardstick! The ref finally pulls them all off Massy, but Reid brings Massy up by her hair. Massy fights back with forearms! She whips, Reid reverses, but Massy hits a big clothesline! Both women are down, but crawling for their corners. Hot tag to Abilene, and she clobbers Massy! Abilene taunts Chella with a wave hello, then covers Massy. TWO, and Abilene is annoyed. Abilene stands Massy up for an abdominal stretch. Massy endures but fights out, only for Abilene to ram her into the mat! Tag to Reid and she takes the hand-off to suplex and gourd buster! Cover, TWO! Massy still lives, but Reid grits her teeth as she drags Massy away. Reid whips Massy, Massy dodges and they both take each other out with running facebusters!

Fans rally as Massy and Reid crawl for their corners. Hot tags to Abilene and Chella! And it’s Chella who rallies on Abilene with big kicks! Abilene wobbles, Chella sweeps the legs! Chella runs, Meteora! Cover, TWO! Chella keeps going, corner to corner for the Shining Wizard! Then she rolls Abilene before climbing up, big missile dropkick! Cover, but Reid breaks it. Massy fires off on Reid and the two brawl. Massy throws Reid out hard and Smart hurries to check on her. Abielene has Massy for a suplex onto the top rope, but Chella saves her friend! Chella wrecks Reid with a dropkick! Massy has Abilene and coordinates with Chella, combination Complete Shot and cutter! Cover, the party girls win!!

Winners: Chantilly Chella & Sassy Massy, Chella pinning; advance in the WOW Tag Team Championship Series

Is that combination finisher on top of the music charts? Because it’s a banger! Will the party continue all the way to the finals?


The Smart Team argues backstage.

The Disciplinarian has a temper, but Abilene still blames her for the loss. Smart says their frustrations are sorely misplaced. She’s the fulcrum of their success, but the situation will be expedited. Well whatever all that means, Abilene says what needs work is Reid’s temper. Reid doesn’t have a temper!! Well agree to disagree on that point. But the point is, is there any coming back for this stable after stumbling out the gate?


The Monsters of Madness VS Jungle Grrrl & The Beast!

Hazard and Havok are about to bring horrifying harm to the ring together, but they’re starting off against two of the best WOW has ever seen. Will there be new apex predators in WOW’s ecosystem after this? Or will the Queen of the Splash be able to work together with the biggest and the baddest animal around?

The teams sort out, and Hazard starts against JG. The bell rings and Hazard circles with JG. Hazard cheap shots Beast with an elbow! So JG returns the favor and cheap shots Havok! JG and Hazard tie up, and JG headlocks. Hazard powers out but JG runs her over. JG speeds things up and JG blocks the hip toss to give the hip toss! But Hazard roars and snapmares to kick JG in the back. Crucifix roll-up, ONE! Havok swipes at JG as she draws near, but then JG elbows her again. Hazard and JG circle, but Beast tags in. She tells JG to move aside, but Havok tags in. The two biggest and baddest are face to face. Havok roars so Beast roars back! And now it’s a brawl of big forearms! Back and forth but Beast gets an edge! Beast runs to clothesline, but Havok stays up. Beast kicks the legs and Havok staggers. Beast whips but Havok reverses! Hazard hits Beast from behind and then Havok splashes Beast in the corner!

Havok stomps away on Beast in the corner but the ref counts. Havok backs off but Hazard chokes Beast! Havok sucker punches JG then runs in to splash Beast! Tag to Hazard, and the Monsters mug Beast in their corner. Hazard rams her shoulder in, then hits JG again. But Beast scoops and slams Hazard fast! Beast gets to her corner but JG tags in. Havok tags back in but JG dodges to splash Hazard. JG goes up and over to drive Havok into buckles with a headscissors! Then Meteora to the back to drive her in more! But Hazard waistlocks JG. JG slips out to clothesline Hazard! JG German Suplexes Havok! Hazard hits a cutter! Beast SPEARS Hazard! Havok two-hand SLAMS Beast, then puts on a Boston Crab! But Beast powers up, and JG dropkicks Havok away! JG just helped Beast! Beast sneers but the Monsters are getting weapons! Hazard slips in, and JABS JG with the chair!

Winners: The Beast & Jungle Grrrl, by disqualification

The Monsters of Madness don’t care about wins or losses, only about pain and punishment! The ref keeps Hazard from doing anything more, and the fans rain down boos as Havok and Hazard take their leave. The wild ones won, but JG SMACKS Beast with the chair! JG chokes Beast out! The anger has boiled over, but referees pull JG off Beast! Beast gets back up, her own anger helping her ignore the pain. Will these two rip each other apart the next time they’re in the ring together?



My Thoughts:

Not a bad episode to come back with after the bye week. Though, it seems WOW is right back to the formula of a very short main event that focuses too much on story progression and not enough on action. As epic as they made it sound for Jungle Grrrl and The Beast to team up, and against the Monsters of Madness in Havok’s and Hazard’s first match together on WOW, the less-than-10-minute match we got does not match up. Hazard, aka Nevaeh, really does team with Jessicka Havok outside of WOW and has had titles of her own, but perhaps WOW just wants to take time to build her up before there was a definitive decision in a match like this. Getting disqualified technically keeps her and Havok strong, especially if they suddenly decide to be in the WOW Tag Team Series. And it also keeps JG and Beast strong since neither takes a pin.

However, because of the very small window given, we don’t actually get to see how good Hazard really is. And the development of JG attacking Beast feels rushed just to drive the point home that we’ll be getting a rematch of these two. That match can be a #1 contender’s match for the WOW World Championship, but I would hope they give that match the chunk of time it deserves. There need to be more matches like Tessa Blanchard VS Serpentine last episode to make WOW feel like the second season was worth it.

We got plenty of action from the other matches, though. Just as I wondered where Nikki Krampus’ opportunities were going to be, she shows up this week and under Sophia Lopez’s management. Maybe Krampus and Serpentine can team up under Lopez to go for the tag titles. At the same time, good continuity for Siren and Holidead to go after Princess Aussie like they did last season. Was a little surprised Reyna Reyes didn’t react, they probably could’ve put her match on first to kayfabe it better. But surely next week will address where Princess Aussie is now and what Siren plans to do with her. Maybe then Reyes will react and have an encounter with them.

We also got a pretty solid tag title series match out of two new teams. I was a little surprised The Smart Team lost, but the series is so Heel heavy right now, it’s great to see the high energy Face team win. That team finisher is great, never thought about a combo like that myself. But the best thing about this tag title series so far is that it’s hard to say who wins it all. The Psycho Sisters definitely seem like the number one seed, though, with even Mesmeriah getting some hype. Also I almost expected them to quote Bane from The Dark Knight Rises in that vignette. But Mesmeriah will surely win to get herself some momentum, and then the stable could easily try a Freebird Rule with the tag titles if they get them.

My Score: 8/10

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