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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (9/10/19)

Can contenders keep it together this close to Clash of Champions?



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

Alliances are made for the sake of momentum!

After The Premier Athlete turned to the dark side, Ultimo Ninja and the Golden Lynx join forces once more! Can Humberto Carrillo and Lince Dorado defeat Tony Nese and Drew Gulak?



  • THE Brian Kendrick & Akira Tozawa VS Jack Gallagher & ???; Gallagher & KUSHIDA win.
  • Humberto Carrillo & Lince Dorado VS Drew Gulak & Tony Nese; changed to…
  • Six Man Tag: Humberto Carrillo & Lucha House Party VS Drew Gulak, Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari; Carrillo & Lucha House Party win.


Lucha thrives on 205 Live!

Humberto Carrillo had an incredibly tough match against Oney Lorcan to name a new contender to the Cruiserweight Championship, and he won! But things would not be that easy for Carrillo nor the Cruiserweight Champion, Drew Gulak. Lince Dorado told Carrillo that if they were in each other’s shoes, Lince would be the one getting a shot at Gulak. So Carrillo and the Golden Lynx went 1v1 in another instant classic, and despite everything Carrillo threw at him, Lince would survive and WIN! Now there are TWO contenders for Gulak to face. And as such, Gulak would strike back! But so would Tony Nese! The Premier Athlete and Philly Stretcher would work together again as they dismantled and devastated Dorado and Carrillo. Tonight, these four men face off 2v2! Will lucha libre overcome and give both men major momentum going into Clash of Champions? Or will Nese help Gulak bring the high-flyers down to the ground?


There’s a new face on 205 Live commentary!

Nigel McGuinness is sticking to the UK as NXT UK is gaining momentum, so welcome the former NFL Offensive Tackle, trainee of the one and only Booker T, and NXT superstar, Dio Maddin! Dio cut weight and trained hard these last few years to make it to 205 Live! He didn’t cut weight, but he’s still here! But that aside, he’s excited to call the fastest moving action in the WWE!


THE Brian Kendrick & Akira Tozawa VS Jack Gallagher & ???

Knowing the Extraordinary Gentleman could not compete last week to settle things, the Man with a Plan put forth a challenge: find a partner and meet both Kendrick and the Stamina Monster in the ring! The time has come, who has Gallagher recruited to this unconventional grudge match?

Gallagher has a mic as he addresses “Mr. Kendrick.” ‘Twas all a dream, used to read Word Up Magazine, but that’s not what they’re here for. Gallagher must first apologize for being away due to injury, he was not ducking Kendrick. But he also thanks Kendrick for the time to find a tag partner. This decision will be one Kendrick lives to regret. Because Gallagher got KUSHIDA! The Super Junior joins Gallagher! Will this combination of great grapplers be aces in the Garden?

The teams sort out and fans are fired up for Kushida as he starts against Kendrick. They circle and Kendrick keeps out of Kushida’s reach. Then they tie up, and Kendrick wrenches Kushida to a wristlock. Kushida endures and rolls through to spin and reverse the wristlock onto Kendrick. Kendrick endures and gets to his feet. Kendrick gets Kushida in a facelock and brings him down. But Kushida spins right out to his own facelock. Kendrick rolls but Kushida keeps on him. Kushida floats all over Kendrick and fans cheer as he lets Kendrick up. Kendrick keeps his cool but runs into a drop toehold! He stays up but Kushida has the wrist again. Kendrick reverses the wristlock to power Kushida to a corner. Kendrick whips but Kushida reverses. Kendrick goes up and over and things speed up, Kendrick hurdles only for Kushida to arm-drag him into an armbar!

Kendrick scrambles as Kushida pulls, and gets the ropebreak! Kushida lets up but goes after Kendrick again. Tag to Gallagher, and Gallagher wrenches the wristlock onto Kendrick. Kendrick endures as Gallagher goes after the free arm and pulls! Gallagher makes Kendrick into a recliner for the cover, ONE! Tag to Tozawa, and Tozawa circles with Gallagher now. Fans echo “AH! AH!” as Tozawa and Gallagher tie up. Gallagher headlocks but Tozawa drops down to get a headlock of his own. Gallagher handstands and cartwheels to reverse to a facelock. Tozawa powers out but Gallagher runs him over. Things speed up, Gallagher sunset flips but Tozawa rolls through, only for Gallagher to counter the Penalty Kick to a schoolboy! ONE and Tozawa inside cradles, TWO! Gallagher misses the sweep and Tozawa headlocks. Gallagher rolls Tozawa off and things speed up again, Kendrick tags in!

Tozawa dodges and slides, Gallagher gets caught by Kendrick and sent into a post! Tozawa pats Gallagher on the head as he comes around the corner. Kendrick grins as he goes out to fetch Gallagher. Kendrick puts Gallagher in and covers, TWO! Kendrick keeps on Gallagher and tags in Tozawa. They whip Gallagher and double hip toss for elbow drop to senton! Cover, TWO! Gallagher reaches for Kushida as fans rally up but Tozawa keeps Gallagher away with an armlock. Fans rally more and Galalgher pops out, but Tozawa CHOPS! And CHOPS! Gallagher falls for the feint and Tozawa JABS! Tag to Kendrick, and Kendrick drags Gallagher up. Kendrick snap suplexes and covers, TWO! Kendrick keeps on Gallagher, tags to Tozawa, and they double whip again. Gallagher gets a double Japanese arm-drag to double Penalty Kicks! Cover, TWO!

Tozawa stomps Gallagher and keeps him from Kushida with a hard whip. Tag to Kendrick and Kendrick has Tozawa help with the Sliced Bread! But Gallagher escapes it, hits Tozawa with a European Uppercut, then tags in Kushida! Kushida springboard ax handles Kendrick and rallies with clotheslines. He whips and hip tosses Kendrick for a cartwheel dropkick! Tozawa whips but Kushida handsprings to back elbow! Fans fire up with Kushida as he throws the FAST BALL at Kendrick! Kushida runs but misses kicking the arm. But he somersaults to DDT Kendrick down! ARMBAR! Tozawa breaks the hold, then hits Gallagher down. Kushida wheelbarrows Tozawa and hands him off to Gallagher. Gallagher holds Tozawa for Kushida to kick out the arm! Kendrick rocks Gallagher then backslides Kushida, TWO! CAPTAIN’S HOOK!

Kushida endures Kendrick’s modified chinlock, and fans rally up as he powers his way to the corner. They roll around, to a roll up, TWO! Kushida gets to his feet and dumps Kendrick out! Kushida heads for Gallagher but Kendrick trips Gallagher off the apron! Kendrick then whips Gallagher into barriers! Tozawa CANNONBALLS outta nowhere! Tozawa goes back in as Kendrick forearms Kushida. Tozawa adds his own, then feeds Kushida to Kendrick. Tozawa runs out of the corner but Kushida turns Kendrick into the path of the enziguri! Kushida gives Tozawa a FAST BALL! Then Kushida kicks out Kendrick’s arm, tornado takedown to the Sakuraba Lock! Kendrick taps, Kushida and Gallagher win!

Winners: Kushida & Jack Gallagher, Kushida by submission

A massive debut in Madison Square Garden makes for a major victory! Will the Time Splitter continue to team with the Gentleman? Will he head for the top of the Cruiserweight Division while still being in NXT? Only time will tell.


The Singh Brothers speak.

“Our time inside the Bollywood Actor studio has been short, but it has been so important for our spiritual healing.” The Singh Study Sessions have helped correct the dire straits their careers were in. But the billions and billions of Singh Brother Supporters in India expect more from them. The Bollywood Boys feel they’ve let their fans down. The fans deserve more. Which is why seeing Kendrick and Tozawa get what they deserve makes them ask, “What about us?” They deserve worldwide adoration, a star on the Bollywood Walk of Fame and more Boscars. The sessions have proven it can be done. So when 205 Live returns to Madison Square Garden, it will star the Singh Brothers.


Backstage interview with Mike Kanellis.

Last week, Mike beat former Cruiserweight Champion, Tony Nese. But that seemed to set something off inside the Premier Athlete. But Nese’s issues don’t matter to Mike, but if everyone wants to blame Mike for Nese hurting Oney Lorcan, that’s fine. Nese is in the main event but Mike isn’t. Mike beat former Cruiserweight Champions like Nese and Kendrick, but he’s gotten nothing. Mike is sick of getting nothing for his hard work! Mike will light himself on fire to prove himself to his wife, Maria. But Maria walks in and says she is “impressed” with the father of her children for taking advantage of Nese. It was pathetic. But Mike won! That was not a win. Mike did everything for everyone else but nothing for himself or the Kanellis family. Once Mike realizes his moral victories mean nothing, then maybe Maria doesn’t need to be here to hold his hand. Maria storms off and Mike is beside himself with frustration. What will it take for Mike to be the man his wife wants him to be?


Humberto Carrillo & Lince Dorado VS Drew Gulak & Tony Nese!

With both Ultimo Ninja and the Golden Lynx fighting for the Cruiserweight Championship, will they be able to stick together long enough to defeat the reunited and devious duo?

Well it’ll be hard to tell when Nese and Gulak attack them on the way out! Nese stomps Lince while Gulak mugs Carrillo inside his own cape! But Carrillo and Lince fight back, and the brawl goes around ringside. But Daivari appears?! He goes after Lince for being snubbed as a teammate! Nese and Daivari beat down Dorado while Gulak has Carrillo in the ring. Everyone ends up in the ring and it’s 3v2. But then Lucha House Party’s Gran Metalik appears! The King of the Rope springboards to dropkick Daivari and Nese out! Then he springboard back elbows to hit Gulak! The luchadors stand together, and Carrillo says they want a SIX MAN TAG now! Gulak accepts the challenge! The Persian Lion and Metalik join the fight!

Six Man Tag: Humberto Carrillo & Lucha House Party VS Drew Gulak, Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari!

Lince is ready for his team, but Gulak’s team huddles up. Daivari suddenly rushes the ring, but Lince is ready with haymakers! Lince CHOPS then whips Daivari but Nese bails him out. Gulak talks with Daivari about going rogue, but Lince springboards to splash down on all three! Lince gets the fans fired up with “Lucha! Lucha!” before he gives Nese a kick. Lince puts Daivari in the ring to fire off. Lince CHOPS and whips but Daivari reverses, only to get a tilt-o-whirl headscissors. Lince mule kicks and Eddy Gordo kicks! Then he whips Daivari, only for Daivari to reverse. Lince goes up and out to shoulder back in. Lince climbs up and leaps to crossbody Daivari down! Cover, TWO! Lince keeps on Daivari with a wrench. Tag to Metalik and Metalik climbs to drop ax handles on Daivari’s arm. Metalik wrenches and tags in Carrillo. Carrillo climbs to drop a flying stomp!

Carrillo wrenches Daivari’s arm and tags Lince back in. Lince climbs and drops another ax handle! Daivari knees Lince back to tag in Gulak. Gulak runs but gets an arm-drag! Gulak flounders to a corner but he puts Lince on the top rope. Lince boots Gulak away to then jump over and headscissor Gulak down! Gulak gets to ropes but Lince runs. Daivari gets a cheap shot in! Gulak kicks Lince down then covers, ONE! Gulak drags Lince up to put in the corner hard. Tag to Nese, and Nese drops a leg. Cover, TWO! Nese keeps on Lince with a chinlock but Lince endures. Nese squeezes but Lince has a ropebreak with his foot. Nese lets go long enough to drag Lince back into another chinlock. Lince fights up as fans rally. Lince fights with body shots but Nese reels Lince in for a back suplex. Lince lands on his feet but Nese kicks, knees, and kicks Lince down! Cover, TWO!

Tag to Daivari and Daivari stomps Lince down. Daivari soaks up the heat and even taunts the other luchadors. Daivari whips Lince hard into buckles and Lince falls back. Cover, TWO! Daivari rains down rights, then taunts the fans. Fans boo and jeer as Daivari goes back to stomp Lince. Daivari drags Lince over and tags in Gulak. Gulak taunts Carrillo before jumping to stomp Lince. Gulak springboard stomps Lince then drags him up for a headbutt. Lince staggers back and Gulak tags in Nese. Nese stomps Lince then grinds his knee in. Daivari gets in a cheap shot while the ref is distracted. Nese drags Lince around to tag in Gulak again. Fans do the wave while Gulak headbutts Lince again. Gulak snapmares Lince to a cover, ONE! Gulak traps both arms and holds Lince down. Lince endures the grounded chicken wings as fans rally with “Lucha! Lucha!”

Lince fights his way up but Gulak knees him in the back. Gulak whips Lince corner to corner hard, then drags Lince up for another! Gulak wrenches and whips Lince but Lince hops up to fly for huricanrana! Tag to Nese and Nese goes at Lince. Lince scrambles up and flips through to tag Metalik! Metalik rallies on Nese with CHOPS and a whip! Nese reverses but Metalik goes up and over. Nese also goes up and over then dodges but Metalik handsprings. Nese dodges but Metalik keeps moving to handspring arm-drag Nese down! Metalik runs the ropes to dropkick Nese down and out! Fans fire up with Metalik as he builds speed, but Daivari gets in his way. Metalik hits Daivari then SUPERKICKS Gulak! But Metalik goes out to get FLIPPED by Nese’s elbow! Nese roars but New York jeers. Nese puts Metalik in and covers, TWO!

Nese drags Metalik over to tag Gulak, and Gulak climbs to stomp! Cover, TWO! Gulak looms over Metalik and goes after the mask! The ref reprimands Gulak and Metalik’s mask is safe. But Gulak still goes after it a second time, until the ref pulls Gulak off. Gulak drags Metalik up but Metalik fights back. Gulak bumps Metalik off buckles to tag in Daivari. Daivari swaggers about before he stomps Metalik down. Daivari drags Metalik to a cover, TWO! Daivari keeps on Metalik with a chinlock, but Metalik endures. Daivari puts his weight on Metalik while Gulak taunts the fans. Metalik fights back but Daivari throws Metalik down! Daivari drags Metalik around to stomp Metalik, then tags Gulak back in. Gulak and Daivari stomp Metalik before Gulak brings Metalik up for a scoop. Gulak mocks the fans by cradling Metalik like a baby. Fans actually cheer Gulak having some fun, and then Gulak pops Metalik up for a slam! Cover, TWO!

Gulak goes after the mask again then tags in Nese. Nese kicks Metalik down and mockingly offers him a tag to his team. Nese stomps and then puts Metalik in his favorite body scissor squeeze. Metalik endures and fights, but Nese mocks him and fans by singing Rock-a-bye Baby. Metalik fights out and crawls, but Nese drags him away! Tag to Daivari and Daivari drops a knee on Metalik. Daivari rains down rights then takes a bow. Daivari drags Metalik up to whip him hard into the corner. Daivari then sucker punches Lince! Carrillo is mad but the ref keeps him back. Metalik gets Daivari with the Sling-Dog! Both men are down and crawling, hot tags to Gulak and Carrillo! Carrillo rallies on everyone! Carrillo somersault shotguns Gulak then hits a corner clothesline! Snapmare to basement dropkick! Carrillo fires up into his reverse somersault moonsault! But he has to let up on the cover to dropkick Daivari out!

Gulak hits low then whips, but Carrillo springboards to headbutt Gulak down! Nese runs in but gets a springboard enziguri! All three regroup and Carrillo climbs to MOONSAULT onto them all! Direct hit takes Gulak, Daivari and Nese down! Carrillo puts Gulak in and covers, TWO! Carrillo keeps his focus as he drags Gulak to the drop zone. Carrillo goes up top, headstand, but Gualk throws him off balance. Carrillo still kicks back and leaps for a missile dropkick! Cover, but Nese breaks it! Lince gives Nese a tornado DDT! Daivari hits Lince with the Persian Lion Splash! But Metalik drops a springboard elbow on Daivari! Gulak throws Metalik out but Carrillo spins him around, only for Gulak to get Carrillo with a scoop driver! Cover, TWO!!

Gulak is growing frustrated, but he grabs Carrillo for a neck wrench. Carrillo endures, fights his way up and fights his way out of the hold. Gulak suplexes Carrillo up but Carrillo cradle counters! TWO, and Gulak stomps Carrillo down hard. Tag to Daivari, and then tag to Nese. Daivari and Gulak double suplex Carrillo down for Nese’s 450 splash! Cover, and Lucha House Party is intercepted, TWO!! Carrillo still survives, but now he and the masked luchadors are all put on top ropes. Nese, Gulak and Daivari each climb up behind Carrillo, Metalik and Lince, but they’re each sent back down with elbows! All three men are in drop zones, all three luchadors stand up! TRIPLE MOONSAULTS!! But they all get boots! Only for TRIPLE SUPERKICKS to go out! All six men are down and the fans fire up!

Daivari slumps out of the ring, followed by Lince and Metalik. Gulak and Nese regroup and Carrillo heads for his corner. Lince tags in and Nese tags Gulak. Lince climbs to leap over Gulak. Lince rolls back but into a spinning sit-out powerbomb! Cover but Carrillo saves Lince! Nese runs at Carrillo but gets an enziguri! Nese falls out but Daivari has Carrillo with the hammerlock. Carrillo dodges and Metalik roundhouses Daivari. Carrillo FLIES to take out Nese, Metalik LEAPS to huricanrana Daivari down! Gulak grabs Lince in the torture rack, but Lince slips out! Lince elbows Gulak away, SUPERKICK! Lince hops up, GOLDEN SHOOTING STAR! Cover, Lince and team win!!

Winners: Carrillo & Lucha House Party, Lince Dorado pinning

The Golden Lynx is the one to pin the Cruiserweight Champion! Will it be just like that when it’s just a Triple Threat? Will Carrillo find a way to change things? Or will Gulak remain the Law of 205 Live?



My Thoughts:

A pretty great go-home from 205 Live, even with some random fan showing off their baby and getting more attention than anything else tonight. That type of fan, much like the “beach ball mania” fans are the kind I can’t stand. So what if the main event wasn’t as end-to-end exciting as you wanted it to be? Don’t be an idiot that hijacks the spotlight. But that is a subject for an entirely different article.

What a great move for it to be KUSHIDA as Gallagher’s surprise partner! Well, also a worrying one. It was great for Kushida to have his moment in Madison Square Garden winning alongside Gallagher against an established duo like Tozawa and Kendrick. However, does this mean he doesn’t get to be on NXT and competing for titles? Or is he going to be the Time Splitter in that he’ll be on both shows? The Singh Brothers keep things going with Kendrick and Tozawa through their promo, so there’s no Heel/Face turn for anyone in this situation. And speaking of debuts on 205 Live, I’m surprised we’re getting Dio Maddin, formerly known as Brennan Williams, is going right to commentary. We haven’t even seen him on NXT yet! Is there something WWE hasn’t publicly announced that is keeping Dio from competing in the ring? Or is this a segue into getting him in the ring by at least letting us see his personality and hear his mic skills?

Mike and Maria had a good backstage promo. Clearly Maria isn’t going to give Mike a break until he’s a contender. Then the main event was pretty great, but again an admitted grind in the middle as the Heels are just dominating. The baby getting attention aside, the fans did at least notice the good moments, especially the ending. It would be pretty hard to miss the attempted triple moonsault and then triple superkicks. It makes a lot of sense for the Faces to win after that attack that escalated this into a Six Man Tag, and Lince being the one to get the pin on Gulak, it feels like he’s crossed himself off in the math. With the Cruiserweight title more than likely still part of the kickoff show, Gulak is likely to retain. But it would be a great move if Carrillo won to start us in a new phase towards Hell in a Cell and Survivor Series. Because in a Triple Threat, Lince could end up the one taking the pin so that Carrillo and Gulak stay strong, regardless of who wins.

My Score: 8.5/10

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