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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (9/17/19)

Who will step up to the Law of 205 Live next?



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

Drew Gulak’s grip on the title only tightens!

The Clash of Champions has passed, and the WWE Cruiserweight Champion is STILL the Philly Stretcher! But as things are changing in the WWE landscape, who will step up next to challenge his reign?



  • Lince Dorado VS Ariya Daivari; Dorado wins.
  • Jack Gallagher VS THE Brian Kendrick w/ Akira Tozawa; Gallagher wins, by disqualification.
  • Oney Lorcan VS Tony Nese; Nese wins.


And STILL the Law of 205 Live!

Not even a Triple Threat that was fast and furious with lucha libre action from Lince Dorado and Humberto Carrillo could end the reign of Drew Gulak! Gulak took advantage of Carrillo and Lince going after each other to then capitalize and keep the Cruiserweight Championship, but what is next for both champion and division in this changing WWE landscape?


Lince Dorado VS Ariya Daivari!

The Golden Lynx could not secure his first ever championship, but that doesn’t deter his determination. He also looks to settle things with the Persian Lion for everything Daivari has said and done to the Lucha House Party. Will Lynx leap over Lion to head back towards the title?

The bell rings and Atlanta echoes “Lucha! Lucha!” with Lince. Daivari trash talks Lince, saying that he could have been the guy to make Lince a champ. Daivari shoves Lince so Lince fires off fast hands and chops! Lince whips but Daivari bails out. Lince springboards and splashes down! Fans fire up with Lince as he stalks Daivari on the ramp. But Daivari sends Lince at the ring! Lince hops up and asai moonsaults back! Daivari goes down again and Lince rains down rights! Lince puts Daivari in but Daivari bails back out. So Lince gets on the barriers, and leaps to huricanrana Daivari down! Fans cheer as Lince puts Daivari in the ring. Lince climbs up fast, but Daivari is up and gets under the leap. Lince handsprings to elbow Daivari back, then hits a leap frog headscissors!

Daivari ends up on the ropes, Lince runs in, but Daivari tosses Lince out! Lince lands hard and a ring count begins. Daivari goes out to cheer himself on, then he trash talks more. Daivari puts Lince back in the ring then has him in a corner. Daivari whips corner to corner hard and Lince bounces off buckles. Cover, ONE, but Daivari is on Lince with a chinlock. Lince endures and fights his way up and out of the hold. Lince jumps for a big snapmare, then dodges to springboard and crossbody! Cover, TWO, but Lince Oklahoma Rolls! TWO, and Daivari is on the ropes. Lince whips Daivari but Daivari reverses. Daivari reels Lince in for a DDT! Cover, TWO, but just barely! Daivari still grows frustrated with Lince, and also tells Atlanta to “Shut up!” Fans rally for Lince as Daivari goes after the mask. Daivari wraps on a chinlock and grinds Lince down.

Fans rally and Lince feeds off it to fight his way up. Lince stands but Daivari throws him down by his mask! The referee reprimands Daivari and fans boo. Daivari just laughs at Atlanta before wrapping a chinlock on Lince. Lince fires up again and fans rally behind him. Lince fights back and gets free, but runs into a sleeper hold! Daivari holds on tight as Lince reaches around. Lince drops down, victory rolls Daivari, TWO! Daivari kicks low then whips. Lince handsprings to PELE! Daivari goes down and Lince fires himself back up. Lince and Daivari go to opposite ends, and Daivari runs in. Lince counter punches then kicks Daivari away, then CHOPS! Lince throws CHOP after CHOP then whips, but Daivari reverses, only to get a windmill kick and dropkick! Lince mule kicks then somersaults to Eddie Gordo kick! Daivari ends up in a corner and Atlanta fires up with Lince again.

Lince runs in but is put on the apron. Lince climbs and leaps, big crossbody takes Daivari down! Cover, TWO!! Daivari escapes but Lince won’t give up! The chants of “LUCHA! LUCHA!” echo out as Lince puts Daivari in a drop zone. Lince goes up but Daivari hits the ropes to trip him! Daivari crosses the arms, ICONOCLASM! Cover, TWO!! Lince still lives and Daivari is furious! Daivari grits his teeth and glares down at Lince. Daivari watches Lince crawl to the other corner. Daivari runs in, but misses big! Lince SUPERICKS and Daivari drops, Lince moonsaults! Uno! Dos! TRES but Lince has to roll through as Daivari dodges. Lince goes Eddie Gordo again to then whip. Daivari reverses but Lince kicks him away, only to run into an urenage! Cover, TWO!! Lince shocks Daivari by surviving again!

Daivari drags Lince up and tells him, “You should’ve listened to me!” Hammerlock, but the lariat misses! Crucifix takedown, TWO! Daivari lifts, Lince sunset flips, Daivari sits on it, TWO! Lince pops up but gets a BOMB! Matchbox cover, TWO!? Daivari is starting to lose his cool, but he keeps his focus. Atlanta rallies up as Daivari puts Lince in a corner. Daivari puts Lince up on top and CHOPS. Daivari climbs up to join Lince, but Lince resists! Fans rally with “Lucha! Lucha!” and Lince clubs away on Daivari! Lince punches Daivari but Daivari punches back. Daivari still wants the superplex but Lince fights harder. Daivari drops, Lince adjusts, GOLDEN SHOOTING STAR! Cover, Lince wins!!

Winner: Lince Dorado, by pinfall

The Persian Lion goes bankrupt against the Golden Lynx of Lucha House Party! Can Lince and his amigos climb back up again to bring the fiesta to 205 Live?


Oney Lorcan speaks.

“Tony Nese, you tried to take me out, but I’m still standing.” Nese hurt Oney. But not nearly as badly as Oney will hurt Nese tonight. And Oney promises that once he’s done with Nese, he’s headed for Drew Gulak and the Cruiserweight Championship. Will the Fury of 205 Live take out the Premier Athlete to then go back for more pain and punishment against Gulak?


Jack Gallagher VS THE Brian Kendrick w/ Akira Tozawa!

As amazing a combination Gallagher and Kushida made last week, a true gentleman settles things 1v1. Will Gallagher right the wrong wrought by the Man with a Plan? Or will Kendrick teach “Jacky Boy” that manners don’t matter in a fight?

The bell rings and Kendrick circles with Gallagher. They tie up and Kendrick gets a single leg takedown. Kendrick steps through for a toehold, but Gallagher knuckle locks and reaches up with a foot. Gallagher rolls back and wrenches Kendrick down, to then hammerlock the arm, and pull on the other. Kendrick endures as Gallagher pulls him back, and makes him a recliner! Cover, but Kendrick pops out to his own, ONE! Kendrick headlocks but Gallagher powers out. Things speed up but Kendrick catches Gallagher, only to be thrown with the twisting body scissors! Gallagher dropkicks Kendrick out to the apron, but then suplexes him back in. Kendrick escapes and shoves Gallagher, but misses in the corner. Gallagher goes to the other corner, and has the Extraordinary Headstand!

Kendrick is stopped in his tracks as Gallagher bicycles his legs. Gallagher keeps Kendrick back, then pops up and over. Gallagher back drops Kendrick, then has him in another corner. Gallagher runs in but misses his dropkick. He lands on his feet to deck Kendrick, then runs to slide. Kendrick gets under but gets sent into barriers! Tozawa checks on his pal. Gallagher gets Kendrick in the ring and the ref tells Tozawa to keep back. Kendrick kicks Gallagher back but into Tozawa! Gallagher and Tozawa stare down, trying to reason out what just happened. Gallagher is saying Tozawa should just get out of the way, but Kendrick has a kendo stick!? Kendrick SMACKS Gallagher from behind!!

Winner: Jack Gallagher, by disqualification

Even Tozawa is shocked by this! Kendrick just smiles and shrugs it off, not worried about the loss in the slightest. Kendrick brings the kendo stick with him into the ring, and he SMACKS Gallagher again! Is this the lesson Kendrick wanted to teach Gallagher? Or is he just venting his frustrations? Tozawa wants Kendrick to stop, but Kendrick keeps smacking away! Then he uses the stick in a Captain’s Hook crossface! Tozawa pushes Kendrick off Gallagher and tosses the stick aside. Kendrick says that’s fine, he got what he wanted out of this. Tozawa checks on Gallagher, but then Kendrick has the stick to SMACK Tozawa?! Kendrick turns on his friend!? What is going on with Kendrick that he would do this? Or like the proverbial scorpion, is this all in Kendrick’s nature?


Backstage interview with Humberto Carrillo.

Ultimo Ninja was oh so close to becoming champion in his first attempt. But what is going through his mind after that loss? Carrillo is not deterred, he almost won! But Gulak stole the moment. It was a bit disappointing, but going 1v1, Gulak won’t be so lucky. Carrillo vows to earn another chance, and nothing will stop him from being the next Cruiserweight Champion. Will Carrillo make good on fulfilling his family’s dream?


Oney Lorcan VS Tony Nese!

The Premier Athlete violently rejected the encouragement of the Boston Brawler, and made a big mistake in making him angry. Will the Abs of 205 Live regret treating the Fury of 205 Live the way he did? Or will Nese be the gatekeeper as Oney tries to fight back to title contention?

The bell rings and the two circle. Oney trips Nese to rain down rights, but Nese turns it around to rani down lefts. Oney gets back on top for right hands, but Nese gets away. Nese gets out of the ring but Oney chases after. Nese gets back in the ring, runs, and suckers Oney into an elbow. Nese moonsaults but Oney gets under. Oney swings, Nese goes Matrix, but then Oney clobbers Nese from behind! Oney drags Nese up to scoop and slam! Oney whips Nese to hit him with the Kitchen Sink knee! Fans cheer as Oney shouts at Nese. Oney stands Nese up to CHOP! Nese goes to a corner but Oney climbs up to rain down more right hands! Oney gets all 10 and Atlanta fires up with him. Oney brings Nese up but Nese gets away again. Oney clotheslines Nese out hard!

Oney goes out after Nese again, and points to the announce desk. Fans fire up for that, and Oney brings Nese over. Nese gets away again, and then kicks Oney before shoving him into the post! Nese runs Oney over with a big back elbow! Nese gets in the ring to refresh the count, and brings Oney up to throw into barriers! Oney is reeling but Nese is fired up! Atlanta boos and jeers as Nese drags Oney up to throw into barriers on the other side! Oney writhes as Nese refreshes the count again. Nese drags Oney back up and throws him over teh announce desk! The table blasts apart, still not feeling well after SmackDown’s brutal ending. Nese leaves Oney down and out as he goes back to the ring. Oney slowly stirs as the ring count climbs. The count passes 5, then 7. Oney stumbles up at 9 to get in at 9.9! But Nese is on him with furious stomps!

Nese stomps a premier mudhole in the corner but the ref backs him off. Nese drags Oney up again, for a strong scoop slam! Cover, TWO! Oney refuses to stay down but Nese grinds him down with a chinlock. Nese practically smothers Oney into the mat, but Oney refuses to give up. Fans build up to a rally and Oney fights his way up. Oney fights back with body shots and throws European Uppercuts. Oney runs, sunset flips but Nese slips out to mule kick hard! Cover, TWO!! Oney still lives and Nese grows annoyed. Nese kicks Oney around and bounces him off the mat. Nese drags Oney up and whips him corner to corner hard! Oney staggers and falls, Nese covers, TWO! Nese kicks Oney around more, then drags him up. Nese suplexes and holds Oney up for roughly 10 counts before dropping him down. Cover, TWO!

Nese goes after Oney with body scissors, and even clubs away with forearms. Oney endures the squeeze, but Nese pulls on Oney’s ears. Oney refuses to give up, and fans build back up to a rally. Oney fights against the hold, and throws elbows at Nese. Nese lets go but gets Oney back with a bearhug. Oney keeps fighting and Atlanta keeps rallying. Oney stands to elbow free again, and he CHOPS Nese back. Oney CHOPS but Nese throat chops! Nese runs and hotshots Oney down! Fans boo and jeer Nese but Nese triangle moonsaults, but he FLOPS! Oney and Nese are both down, but it’s Oney who fires up again. Nese drags Oney up but Oney CHOPS him again! And again! And again! Oney whips, Nese reverses, but Oney blasts Nese with a EuroUpper! Nese flounders to a corner and Oney fires up. Oney runs cornern to corner, back elbow! Then again, another back elbow! A third time, but Nese follows, only to get the elbow anyway!

Oney hops up, leaps but Nese gets under. Oney rolls and comes back, there’s the blockbuster! Nese bails out fast but Oney follows. Oney takes aim and throws Nese into barriers! Oney wants more and so does Atlanta! Oney whips Nese to the other side to get more barriers! Nese ends up in the front row! Oney drags Nese up and over then refreshes the count. Oney goes back to Nese for another go, and now Nese gets thrown into the third corner barriers! Atlanta high fives Oney before he puts Nese in the ring. Oney stalks Nese as Nese crawls and flounders. Nese stands, but fights off the Half ‘n’ Half. Oney runs back in but gets a back kick! Then knee lift, but he ducks the roundhouse to LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Oney grits his teeth and keeps his focus. Oney looms over Nese, then CHOPS him again. Nese wobbles, so Oney CHOPS him again! Oney grabs Nese by the face but Nese breaks free and headbutts!

Nese whips, slides under, pump handle but Oney slips out! Half ‘n’ Half, but Nese lands on his feet to double stomp Oney down! Cover, TWO!! Oney survives by the skin of his teeth! Both men are down but stirring as fans rally back up. Nese stands first, and he brings Oney back up. Nese Alabama lifts, but Oney kicks and lifts Nese. Nese slips out but gets another back elbow. Oney hops up, SHORYUKEN from Nese! Oney sits down, Nese brings down the knee pad! Nese goes side to side, but gets a dropkick! Oney hoists Nese up top and climbs up behind Nese. Fans anticipate what’s coming, and so does Nese. Nese resists the half nelson, then elbows Oney away. Nese adjusts, but now Oney SHORYUKENS! Nese falls to the floor, and Oney takes aim. Oney fires up, and Atlanta joins in as Oney builds speed. But Gulak appears out of nowhere to trip Oney up!! Nese rolls Oney and even holds tights, NESE WINS!

Winner: Tony Nese, by pinfall

The devious duo of Gulak and Nese work together again to “do business” and screw Oney over! Will anyone get close to the Cruiserweight Champion when the champion once again has a Premier partner?



My Thoughts:

A really good episode for 205 Live tonight! While the existence of this show is in question with NXT getting bigger and SmackDown moving to Fridays, this episode still had a lot of great stuff to move forward from Clash of Champions. For the story not going the way I expected, Dorado VS Daivari was a pretty good blow-off match (if that’s what this is). The fans were still hot from SmackDown so it was good to open with these two. I was scared when I saw Dorado’s feet hit the ropes on his way down from the Shooting Star, but luckily he still landed mostly flat on Daivari. I’ll say it again, though: without tag titles, there isn’t much for a Cruiserweight trio like Lucha House Party to do. At this point, joining up more closely with NXT will definitely benefit LHP and the Singh Brothers in getting tag team action, which in turn does bolster the NXT Tag Division, even with great teams like Forgotten Sons and the revamped Breezango still on the rise.

What a shock to see Kendrick turn on Tozawa like this, or at least at this time. I suppose the loss that broke the camel’s back was against Gallagher and Kushida, so Kendrick probably doesn’t feel Tozawa is good enough to stick around anymore. This gets some intrigue back into their story, and I’m sure the Singh Brothers will comment on this at some point now that their story has been revised. Maybe they and Kendrick actually work together, and then we get Gallagher, Tozawa and a third partner (Kushida or otherwise) for a good Six Man Tag blow-off. Carrillo’s character stays determined, that’s good. But after a really good Oney VS Nese match, even with Gulak’s interference allowing Nese to win, there could be multiple contenders for the title again. We already had Oney and Carrillo fight to determine a contender once, I’m not sure if it’d happen again so soon. Maybe Nese tries to get in, thinking he’s owed something for being Gulak’s pal again. That could result in a Triple Threat contender’s match, and one of the two Faces to get a second shot.

My Score: 8.4/10

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