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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (9/24/19)

The One Two comes to 205 Live!



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

BritAm Brawlers, reunite!

To counter Drew Gulak having Tony Nese back on his side, Oney Lorcan calls upon his friend, Danny Burch! Will the One Two get the one, two, three?



  • Angel Garza VS Humberto Carrillo; Carrillo wins.
  • Drew Gulak & Tony Nese VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch; Lorcan & Burch win.


Oney Lorcan can’t catch a break.

In a match with the Premier Athlete, he gets screwed up and screwed over by Drew Gulak’s direct interference. Then in a return to NXT, he and Lio Rush have a #1 Contender’s match that was truly fast and furious, only for it to go Lio’s way. The Man of the Hour will have his time with the Cruiserweight Champion later, but tonight is about Oney getting mad AND getting even with Gulak. Will the return of Danny Burch be the thing Oney needs to get one over on Gulak and Nese?


Drew Gulak speaks on the recent developments.

“What a surprise.” Another ghost from the past appears to go after the Cruiserweight title. Lio Rush was a surprise return, but Gulak promises Lio will learn like the rest: “It doesn’t matter how impressive you are,” Gulak is constantly evolving, constantly adapting and there will be nothing Lio can do to surprise him. Moving on to Oney Lorcan, Oney has had opportunities, but he refuses to adapt. And what happened? Gulak’s grip grows tighter. Oney could’ve brought anyone on his side, he could’ve surprised us, but he went the predictable route with his old tag partner, Danny Burch. Lio will learn a lot watching tonight’s tag team main event. He will see what happens when you refuse to adapt, and that with change being the one constant, Lio will learn Gulak is the Law of 205 Live!


The Singh Brothers frame tonight’s action.

Tonight’s 205 Live will be exciting! We will see cousins collide as jealousy tears the Garza Clan apart. The Bollywood Boys would never let titles tear them apart. Especially not this close to their return! And tonight, in the Bollywood Actor Studio, they will enjoy watching two teams fight to see who is second-best compared to them. And then everyone will witness the return of the Lights, Camera and Bollywood Action! Who will come out of tonight’s 205 Live as leading men to share the Singh Brothers’ spotlight?


Angel Garza VS Humberto Carrillo!

The Singh Brothers said it right, pride and ambition have turned these two cousins into rivals, and for the first time in the WWE, they will go 1v1! Who wins when cousins collide in California?

The bell rings and the cousins circle. They tie up and Carrillo puts Garza in a corner. Garza turns it around but backs off cleanly. San Fran is wow’d by the good looks of both men as Garza bails out. Garza offers a high five to a man in the front row, but he leaves the fan hanging! Garza goes back to the ring and ties up with Carrillo. Garza waistlocks but Carrillo standing switches. Garza gets Carrillo around the head and throws him down for the takeover. Carrillo fights his way up but Garza throws him back down. Fans rally up as Carrillo headscissors, but Garza pops out to a headlock. Carrillo pops out to wristlock and wrench Garza. Garza rolls and trips Carrillo up, and traps the leg to go after the knee. Carrillo endures and fans rally, but Garza shifts to wrench and toy with his cousin. Carrillo gets away and the two reset.

San Fran rallies as the two men approach. Carrillo stays away from Garza but Garza grins. They go again, and tie up in a crisscrossed knuckle lock. Garza runs but things speed up, and Carrillo hurdles only for Garza to roll off the back. Things keep going, both men showing off, but Garza springboard huricanranas, only for Carrillo to handspring through! Carrillo wags a finger, but then catches Garza to arm-drag him. Garza arm-drags back, but Carrillo sweeps the legs to cover. ONE and Garza sweeps the legs to cover, ONE! Carrillo handsprings up and Garza offers a handshake. Fans cheer, but Carrillo doesn’t take the shake. Garza offers it again, but Carrillo kicks it away now. Garza punches but Carrillo counters and kicks! Carrillo whips, Garza goes up and scuffs Carrillo going over. Garza asks Carrillo wait, and he tears away the pants! Carrillo dodges Garza, but Garza puts Carrillo on the apron. Garza sweeps then runs side to side to dropkick Carrillo off! Garza climbs up top, MOONSAULTS, and hits Carrillo down!

Garza grins as he brings Carrillo up for a CHOP. Garza rolls into the ring but Carrillo still has the count to worry about. Carrillo gets in at 7 but gets a dropkick from Garza! Garza covers, TWO, but he clubs away on Carrillo’s back. Garza puts Carrillo in a corner and ties him up in the ropes. Garza rams his knee into Carrillo’s ribs, and Carrillo slumps out of the ring! Fans rally and duel while Garza teases the guy he left hanging. Carrillo gets in and throws hands, but Garza uppercuts Carrillo hard! Garza whips but Carrillo reverses. Carrillo runs in but gets put up top. Garza hooks Carrillo’s legs in the ropes to then dropkick them out! Carrillo falls, Garza covers, TWO! Garza grows annoyed but he keeps on Carrillo with a seated abdominal stretch. Carrillo endures as Garza pulls tight.

Fans rally up and Carrillo fights up to fight out. Carrillo runs, handsprings, but into a dropkick! Garza covers, TWO! Garza grows frustrated now as he drags Carrillo around to another seated stretch. Carrillo endures his arms being bent back, and fans rally up again. Carrillo fights up but Garza hops on for a camel clutch. Garza pulls back on Carrillo’s head and neck, but Carrillo keeps fighting. Carrillo stands with Garza on his back, and throws Garza off with a judo takedown! Carrillo is in a corner, and he elbows Garza away. Garza runs back but gets boots, then a somersault shotgun dropkick! Carrillo handsprings to dead-lift arm-drag! Then reverse somersault moonsaults! Cover, TWO! Garza surprises himself with his escape, but then Carrillo runs in and springboard arm-drags Garza out! Carrillo FLIES to wipe Garza out on the outside!

Fans fire up as Carrillo stands back up and gets Garza back in. Carrillo goes to a corner and climbs up, to leap for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Carrillo grows frustrated but Garza gets himself to a corner. Carrillo rains down forearms on Garza, then heads back to a corner. Carrillo climbs but Garza trips him up! Garza has Carrillo in the Tree of Woe, and dropkicks him out of it! Cover, TWO!! Carrillo manages to survive, but Garza hits a Jeff Hardy style leg-splitting leg drop and dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Garza is losing his cool but he keeps on Carrillo. Garza hoists Carrillo up but Carrillo fights back from the apron. Carrillo’s roundhouse rocks Garza, then Carrillo leaps for a flying back elbow! Cover, TWO! Now it is Carrillo’s turn to be frustrated.

Carrillo drags Garza to a drop zone and climbs again. Carrillo leaps but he sees those boots coming! He turns Garza over and hooks the legs, hanging Mexican Surfboard! But Garza rolls through to drive Carrillo into the mat! And he uses the Mexican Surfboard on Carrillo! Carrillo endures until Garza has to drop him. Garza turns Carrillo but Carrillo cradle counters! TWO, and both men are shocked. Both men run, both men crossbody! The cousins literally collide, and fans are loving it! Carrillo and Garza crawl to opposite ends, and then turn towards each other. Carrillo runs but misses, and gets hung up on the ropes! Garza throws Carrillo down, LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! But Garza runs corner to corner, only to get the post! Carrillo puts Garza back in position, and headstands, AZTEC PRESS! Cover, Carrillo wins!!

Winner: Humberto Carrillo, by pinfall

In the end, Carrillo conquers his cousin! Ultimo Ninja rebounds from his Clash of Champions defeat, but will he be flying back towards the Cruiserweight title? Or can Garza get even as 205 Live continues to grow?


Backstage interview with THE Brian Kendrick.

The Man with a Plan brutalized the Gentleman, but why did he do that? And why did he ruin his friendship with Akira Tozawa? Because he felt the need to deal with the “epidemic” spreading through the Cruiserweight Division. And that epidemic is of disrespect. Kendrick is a veteran, a pioneer and a former Cruiserweight Champion, but everyone has forgotten that. They forget Kendrick was the man who opened the door for this roster, and that if there was no Kendrick, there’s no 205 Live. But instead of being thankful, Gallagher spreads lies. But that’s not even what upsets Kendrick. What upsets him is that he hasn’t had a title opportunity in THREE YEARS! The three years since first having that title, and Kendrick’s had to wait behind all the new guys! But Kendrick earned his stripes. But the straw that broke the camel’s back was Tozawa showing he was “infected” like all the rest. Kendrick is going to remind everyone what respect looks like. Who will Kendrick “remind” first as he fights his way back to the top?


Drew Gulak & Tony Nese VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch!

The Law of 205 Live has the Premier Athlete back on his side, and the two have worked together like the good ol’ days. But they’ll be taking on one of the toughest tag teams around, who have always been just one win away from greatness. Will tonight be that win that helps Lorcan and Burch leap into that next level? Or is Gulak right about the predictable will perish under the pain and punishment?

The teams sort out and Burch starts against Gulak. Fans chant for the “One Two!” as Burch and Gulak circle. They tie up and Burch pushes Gulak towards a corner, only for Gulak to turn it around. Gulak backs off at the ref’s count but he and Burch go again. Burch wrenches and reels Gulak in for a headlock, and holds tight as Gulak tries to power out. Gulak rolls but Burch holds on. They go around, and Burch holds on to the headlock and keeps Gulak down. Gulak works his way up but Burch still holds on, and gets another takeover. Gulak headscissors free finally, but Burch works his way up and around to pop out and tackle Gulak back down. Fans cheer this technical exchange as Gulak gets back up. Gulak powers Burch to ropes and Burch has to let Gulak go. Nese lurks but Burch dodges Gulak. Burch headlocks but Gulak powers out this time. They collide shoulders but neither man falls, and Burch headlocks again!

Burch grinds Gulak down but Gulak grabs… Well no, there’s no hair to grab as Burch is shaved bald. Gulak drops to the mat but resists a cover attempt. Gulak gets up and throws body shots, but Burch throws EuroUppers. Burch wrenches and brings Gulak over to tag in Oney. The One Two work together to wrench Gulak and CHOP him down! Cover, ONE, but Oney facelocks Gulak. Burch tags back in and they double Russian Leg Sweep! Burch covers, ONE! Gulak reaches but Burch is on him again. Oney tags back in, and the One Two double suplex Gulak hard! Cover, TWO! Oney keeps Gulak down with another facelock, and he drags Gulak back over. Burch tags in again, and this time the One Two just mug Gulak with headbutts. Burch wrenches, spins and trips Gulak up to then roll him to stomp on the fingers! Gulak gets to ropes but Burch stays on him with another wrench.

Burch wristlocks then goes after the arm, but Nese runs in. Burch runs Nese off, but Gulak sucker punches Burch! Gulak drags Burch over to his corner and tags Nese in. Nese and Gulak mug Burch now, and Nese whips. Nese runs Burch over with an elbow then covers, ONE! Nese keeps on Burch with crossface forearms, then he wrenches Burch’s neck. Burch endures and San Fran rallies back up. Burch fights his way up but Nese chinlocks. Burch keeps going but Nese knees low. Nese whips Burch corner to corner, but Burch goes up and under to tag in Oney! One throws hands on Nese, CHOP and running EuroUpper! The fans fire up as Oney glares at Gulak. Gulak runs in but gets thrown into the same corner as Nese! The Fury of 205 Live runs corner to corner to sandwich Gulak and Nese! And then again! Nese follows the third time but still gets an elbow and EuroUppers. Gulak distracts the ref and Nese rakes Oney’s eyes! Nese hotshot bulldogs Oney down! Then triangle moonsaults! Cover, TWO!

Oney gets to a corner but Nese is still on him. Nese drags Oney over to tag in Gulak. Gulak springboard stomps Oney down, and Gulak mocks Burch. Fans boo and jeer while the ref has to keep Burch back. Gulak puts Oney in the corner to stomp a mudhole. Tag to Nese and Nese mocks Oney. Nese kicks Oney then throws forearms. Oney is literally on the ropes, and Nese chokes him! Nese lets up but taunts Burch now. Oney throws body shots and an uppercut! Oney fights, runs, and sunset flips but Nese slips out to spinning mule kick! Cover, TWO!! Nese grinds Oney down with a camel clutch but the fans and Burch rally for him. Oney fights up and pries at the hold. Nese throws Oney into the corner and tags in Gulak. Nese and Gulak work together to double back suplex Oney down! Cover, TWO! Gulak grabs Oney with a chinbar, but Oney endures. Oney fights up again and San Fran rallies.

Oney throws body shots and is free, but Gulak headbutts Oney back. Gulak throws Oney but Oney hits Nese! Oney dumps Gulak out! Oney crawls for his corner but Gulak returns to intercept. Nese goes after Burch but Burch rocks Nese for it! Oney powers his way to Burch, but Gulak powers him back. Oney back drops Gulak, and tags in Burch! Burch rallies on Gulak with big hands! Corner clothesline and enziguri, and then Burch hops up for a missile dropkick! Burch kips up and fires up! He tags Oney and the One Two get Gulak. They combine but Nese breaks it up. Nese throws hands on Burch and then throws him out. Oney CHOPS Gulak, and CHOPS, and CHOPS! Gulak headbutts, but Oney dodges and runs, BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Into a Half Crab! Gulak endures as Oney sits deep! Burch intercepts Nese to a CROSSFACE!

Dual submissions in the ring, but Gulak turns over to shove Oney into Burch! All four men are down, but Nese slumps out of the ring. Burch returns to his corner to tag back in. San Fran fires up as Burch drags Gulak back over. Oney climbs while Burch electric Chairs Gulak. But Gulak rakes eyes and slips out to shove Burch into Oney! Nese FLIES to take Oney out! Gulak scoop slams Burch and tags Nese, for Nese to climb up and 450 SPLASH! Cover, but ONey drags Nese off it! Gulak leaps out at Oney to get a EuroUpper! Nese drags Burch up, pump handle, but Burch slips out. Burch HEADBUTTS Nese down! The Govenah fires up and tells Oney to “Get in this ring!” Tag to Oney and he climbs up. Burch Electric Chairs Nese, the One Two DOOMSDAY! Cover, TWO!? Nese lives and shocks Oney and Burch! But the Fury of 205 fires up.

Gulak drags Burch out but Oney uppercuts Gulak out. Nese rolls Oney and with tights held! TWO and Oney LARIATS! Tag back to Burch, and they have Nese again! Oney holds Nese up for Burch’s draping DDT! Cover, Oney and Burch win!!

Winners: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, Burch pinning

The reunited BritAm Brawlers are victorious once more! But while they pinned the Premier Athlete, what will it take for Oney to finally get Gulak?



My Thoughts:

What a great night for 205 Live! I think what helped was that, while 205 Live airs 10 PM EST, that means it was only 7 PM PST, so the fans are naturally more awake and able to care about the awesome action they were getting. And they really did get some awesome action, with Garza VS Carrillo opening and practically being a contender’s match in itself. It says a lot for Carrillo to win, in that it means 205 Live is sticking with him as one of the rising stars. Garza is still very new in the WWE so between here and NXT, he’ll definitely pay his dues and be something soon enough in his own right, so this was a great match for both. Kendrick apparently has reverted back to his original Heel motivation as “I’m the veteran, everyone owes me everything.” While that’s a bit disappointing, it does still work, and in the end, we’ll be getting a new round of hard-hitting matches between him and Gallagher and even him against Tozawa. And it would definitely work if Kendrick came out of this the winner, headed for a title match against a Face champion like Carrillo or Lio Rush.

Gulak’s promo to open the show was good, confirming Lio is a Face in his return. The tag team main event was also incredible, both teams of course working really well together given the history both teams have. San Fran got behind the One Two strongly, and what a great surprise to see Oney and Burch win! Now, they pinned Nese so that doesn’t automatically get one of them a way into a title match, but it does help Oney stay strong and even brings Burch up in his 205 Live debut. Lio won his right to a future title match, but that doesn’t mean Oney or even Burch can’t earn themselves something soon. I would hope in next week’s episode, wherever it ends up being in the weekly schedule with SmackDown going to Fridays but also Triple H 205 Live under his wing, we see Lio Rush return to 205 Live to challenge Gulak for Hell in a Cell. Actually, to get some extra hype for the go-home to Hell in a Cell, we should just have the title match on 205 Live so that it gets the room to breathe and really give us the best possible match Gulak and Lio can give us.

My Score: 8.5/10

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