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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (9/3/19)

It’s #LuchaTime!



205 Live = Cruiserweight Division

Who truly lives la vida lucha?

Before facing Drew Gulak for the Cruiserweight Championship, Humberto Carrillo will settle scores with Lince Dorado concerning the heart of lucha libre!



  • Tony Nese VS Mike Kanellis; Kanellis wins.
  • Akira Tozawa & THE Brian Kendrick VS Brandon Scott & Tyler Hastings; Tozawa & Kendrick win.
  • Humberto Carrillo VS Lince Dorado; Dorado wins and is part of the WWE Cruiserweight Championship match at Clash of Champions.


The fallout of SmackDown spills over!

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns have been devastated by Erick Rowan! As referees check on the two, Roman gets up first, and manages to walk on his own. As for Bryan, he perhaps took the worst of Rowan’s wrath. Will either man be able to truly recover from the wreckage caused by The Big Redwood?


Earlier today, Drake Maverick met with Lince Dorado and Humberto Carrillo.

The 205 Live General Manager noticed the interactions between the two last week, and figured they should get unfinished business out of the way. They will face each other in a main event match tonight. Maverick also saw Lince voice his complaints about not being given enough opportunities in the Cruiserweight Division. Lince knew Maverick was under a lot of pressure as the then 24/7 Champion. Don’t worry, no one else was around. But Lince reminded everyone he is a 205 Live original yet was passed up for title opportunities. Not one. That is a good point. And who knows what Lince would’ve done if he’d gotten the same chances as Carrillo.

Carrillo countered by saying he earned his opportunity. Maverick knows that, too. So then let’s raise the stakes. If Lince wins tonight, he is ADDED to the Cruiserweight Championship match. That sounded good to Lince. And he shook hands with Carrillo, saying, “May the best man win.” But who will be the best luchador this close to Clash of Champions?


Tony Nese VS Mike Kanellis!

The Premier Athlete vowed to upgrade and climb back up to the Cruiserweight Championship. Will he do so against the obnoxious Opportunist of Love, who claims Nese is already at the bottom of the division?

The bell rings and Kanellis stares Nese down before they circle. They tie up and go around. Kanellis wristlocks but Nese rolls him to the mat. Kanellis gets the ropebreak and barks for Nese to get away. Nese backs off and the two circle again. Kanellis kicks low then elbows Nese to the ropes. Kanellis CHOPS Nese in the corner but Nese CHOPS back. Kanellis headbutts and Nese falls back into a corner. Kanellis wrenches and whips Nese corner to corner, but Nese stops himself to elbow Kanellis away. Nese hops up and moonsaults, but lands on his feet as Kanellis avoids him. Nese goes matrix to mule kick, knee lift and sweep the legs! Cover, ONE, but Nese keeps his focus. Kanellis gets out of the ring, and avoids the slingshot. Nese cartwheels over the clothesline to ROCK Kanellis with a right! Norfolk fires up for Nese but Kanellis rams Nese into barriers. Kanellis DDT’s Nese to the ramp! It was double-edged, but Kanellis gets to the ring.

The ring count climbs past 5, then up to 7. Nese rolls and scrambles, and gets in at 9.5! Kanellis is on Nese with a fireman’s carry to slam! Cover, TWO! Nese survives but Kanellis drives knees down into him. Maria watches closely as Mike snapmares to a chinlock. Nese endures and fans rally as Mike drives his knee into Nese’s back. Nese fights up and fights out, but Kanellis knees low. Kanellis soaks up the heat as he runs, but Nese trips him up. Fans cheer as Nese gets back to the ring, and moonsaults! Nese lands on his feet again as Kanellis evades, but then runs into Kanellis’ back drop! Nese flies way out of the ring and hits the floor! The ring count returns but Kanellis goes out to throw Nese into barriers! Then Kanellis drapes Nese on the barriers, to go to the apron? Kanellis LEAPS to dropkick Nese off the barriers! Kanellis is fired up as he drags Nese up and into the ring. Cover, TWO!

Kanellis clamps on another chinlock and Nese endures all over again. Nese fights up again and puts Kanellis in a corner. Kanellis clubs back and whips Nese corner to corner hard! Nese falls to the mat, but Kanellis is on him again with a fireman’s carry. But Nese slips out to German Suplex Kanellis into buckles! Maria doesn’t like this. Fans rally up as Nese and Kanellis slowly stand up. Kanellis throws hands but Nese dodges. Nese blocks, facebuster then boots! Windmill heel kick! Nese kips up and fans fire up with him! Nese runs in corner to corner for a back elbow! Kanellis puts Nese on the apron, but Nese roundhouses back! Kanellis flounders, Nese hits the triangle moonsault! Cover, TWO! Kanellis survives but Nese grits his teeth. Nese brings Kanellis up for an Alabama lift but Kanellis clubs back. Kanellis gets space, but Nese blocks the kick to slip around for a waistlock. Kanellis resists the lift but Nese rolls him up, TWO! Nese turns around to cradle Kanellis, TWO! Kanellis hits a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Nese lives and Kanellis is furious!

Nese rolls to a corner but Kanellis heads over. Kanellis throws elbows and hoists Nese up top. Kanellis makes Nese a backpack but Nese fights Kanellis off! Nese leaps over Kanellis, but walks into a boot! Kanellis hops up, but Nese hits the SHORYUKEN! Nese hops up, SUPER STEINER in one go! Cover, TWO!! Nese pump handle scoops Kanellis but Kanellis slips out to LARIAT! Both men are down but Norfolk fires up! Kanellis crawls to Nese and sits Nese up for a CHOP! Then a headbutt, then a kick! Kanellis wants Nese to hit him back, and then slaps Nese! Nese ROCKS Kanellis with that Southpaw slap! Nese runs, but into a BOOT! Kanellis runs, but into a forearm! Nese runs, Kanellis follows, but Nese puts Kanellis on the apron. Kanellis blocks the kick but not the sweep! Nese runs and FLIES! Fosbury Flop takes Kanellis out but nese puts him in fast. Nese is up top, 450 Splash hits! Cover, TWO!? Maria is relieved but Nese is shocked!

Norfolk feels “This is Awesome!” but far from over. Nese pulls down the pads, but Kanellis goes to kick. Nese blocks and forearms, then Alabama lift, but Kanellis sunset flips. Nese slips out to spinning back kick back! Kanellis flounders to the corner, but still gets up to SUPERKICK Nese! Twisted Love!! Cover, Kanellis wins!!

Winner: Mike Kanellis, by pinfall

Mike did it for Maria! He defeated a former Cruiserweight Champion for one of his biggest wins yet! Is this going to be the spark Mike needs to go for gold? Is this Nese’s Premier progress already being halted?


Ariya Daivari finds Lince Dorado backstage.

The Persian Lion wishes the Golden Lynx luck tonight. Lince thanks Daivari for it, not that he needed it. Daivari knows this is an important match, but a thank you would be nice. A thank you? For what? If Daivari didn’t take out Gran Metalik and then beating Kalisto, Lince would still be stuck as one of the Three Amigos. Those guys were right about Daivari! Yeah but Lince would never have confronted Carrillo without Daivari. Daivari is right about one thing: Lince has what it takes to be champion. But Daivari is wrong about his success having to be without his friends. And now after what Daivari’s been doing, Kalisto and Metalik won’t even talk to him. Daivari and Dorado can run this division together!

Lince should’ve seen this coming. Daivari is a leech who latches on to someone else, so long as it helps him. So here’s how it goes: Lince will win tonight, he’ll win the Cruiserweight Championship, then he’ll call his amigos to apologize to let the Persian Leech get between them. And then they throw the biggest Lucha House Party anyone has ever seen! Will the Golden Lynx finally get some gold and rub it in Daivari’s face?


The Singh Brothers speak.

“We’re one week in to our Singh Study Sessions,” and the Bollywood Boys are making major breakthroughs. Their studies have shown that it all went awry when Kendrick and Tozawa stuck their noses into their business. Those two aren’t even award winning. They can’t even dance! As the thespian journey continues, Kendrick and Tozawa continue their physical journey in the ring next. And then, they will be reintroduced to the Lights, Cameras and Bollywood Action. When and where will the next Bollywood blockbuster hit our screens?


Akira Tozawa & THE Brian Kendrick VS Brandon Scott & Tyler Hastings!

Just as Sunil & Samir said, the Stamina Monster and Man with a Plan hit the ring in tag team action! Kendrick was going to face Jack Gallagher this week but the Extraordinary Gentleman was not medically cleared for tonight. Therefore, the dynamic duo goes up against those Steel City Boys who somehow survived their Viking Experience. Will Tozawa & Kendrick give these two another experience they’ll never forget?

Kendrick starts with Brandon at the bell. Fans chant “AH! AH!” for Tozawa as Kendrick ties up with Brandon. Kendrick knees low and headlocks but Brandon fights out. Tozawa tags as Kendrick hits the ropes. Brandon gets the waistlock, but Tozawa BOOTS Brandon off Kendrick! Kendrick and Tozawa double whip and double hip toss Brandon down, then drop an elbow and senton! Tozawa hears the fans “AH! AH!” as he drags Brandon up. Tozawa CHOPS Brandon over and over, then fakes him out for the JAB! Brandon flops to the mat but Tozawa brings him over. Tag to Kendrick and they double whip again. They send Brandon flying with double Japanese arm-drags, and then have him gasping with double KICKS!

Brandon crawls away, and tags in Tyler! Fans fire up for Tyler, right up until he gets that arm-drag. Tyler pulls hair and gets Kendrick on the ropes. Kendrick counter punches Tyler, but Brandon gets a cheap shot in! These two must have studied the Kendrick lessons! Tag to Brandon and they double suplex. Kendrick slips out and tags Tozawa. Tozawa climbs to double dropkick Brandon and Tyler! Tozawa kicks, swings, slides under and hits the spinning roundhouse! Tag to Kendrick, and Tozawa CHOPS Brandon. Brandon goes for a double whip, and gets a BIG forearm smash! Enziguri complete shot combo! Cover, Kendrick & Tozawa win!

Winners: THE Brian Kendrick & Akira Tozawa, Kendrick pinning

This is why you don’t anger someone as savvy and savage as Kendrick. He and Tozawa work together well to get a win, but will they be ready for their close-ups with the Singh Brothers?

Kendrick grabs a mic to say, “Another week, and another Jack Gallagher no show.” He’s disappointed but not surprised. In fact, Kendrick was prepared for this and talked with Drake Maverick. Gallagher gets good news: he’ll redeem himself in Madison Square Garden in a tag team match! It’ll be against Tozawa and Kendrick, with whoever Gallagher can get to be a partner. If he’s up to it, of course. Will Gallagher accept this challenge? Who will Gallagher find as an ally to fight in the Garden?


Backstage interview with Oney Lorcan.

The Boston Brawler vows he’s not through with Drew Gulak but will have to wait until after Clash of Champions. What is his mindset right now? Before Oney could speak, someone is banging on trunks. Cameras pan over to see it’s Tony Nese! Nese is obviously furious over his loss to Kanellis, and Oney tries to calm him down. He’s been there. Oh has he? Nese attacks Oney! The two brawl and Nese sends Oney into a wall! “You’ve been there!? I don’t think so!!” Nese drags Oney up to throw into a trunk! Referees arrive to pull Nese off Oney, but Nese says Oney knows NOTHING of what he’s going through. Will Nese’s rage be the change that leads him back to a win?


Humberto Carrillo VS Lince Dorado!

There is now more than just pride in their lucha libre style on the line! If Ultimo Ninja loses to the Golden Lynx, the Clash of Champions Cruiserweight Championship match becomes a Triple Threat! If Lince loses, he loses out on a golden opportunity. Can Carrillo keep things even between him and Drew Gulak? Or will Lince prove to everyone he is worthy?

The bell rings and Lince offers a handshake. Carrillo accepts it, but then Lince pulls Carrillo in close to let him know this is serious. They circle and tie up now, and Lince waistlocks. Carrillo pries free to a hammerlock, but Lince goes up for a big snapmare! Fans cheer and Carrillo grins as Lince is ready. Fans cheer “Lucha! Lucha!” as the two circle again. Carrillo rolls to get a leg and trip Lince up. Lince spins around but Carrillo gets him in a Bow ‘n’ Arrow! Lince pops out to a cover, ONE! The fans cheer the stand-off. Lince and Carrillo tie up again, and Carrillo waistlocks. Carrillo throws Lince down then flips him over, but Lince kip-ups to arm-drag! Carrillo cartwheels through and things speed up. Carrillo blocks the rolling huricanrana but Lince lands on his feet. Lince arm-drags Carrillo to ropes, and then CHOPS him before he whips.

Carrillo sunset flips but Lince pops out to a jackknife. ONE as Carrillo gets his shoulders up. Another try, another ONE! Another, and Carrillo bridges up to spin around to a backslide, but Lince slips out to run and tilt-o-whirl huricanrana! Carrillo handsprings through and avoids a sweep! Fans cheer this great exchange as the two reset. They grind forehead to forehead, then the CHOPS start flying! There is no hesitation from Lince nor Carrillo as they just CHOP CHOP CHOP! Lince gets the edge and just rocks Carrillo. Lince whips but Carrillo shows off his agility. Things keep moving as Carrillo springboards and arm-drags! Carrillo runs in but is put on the apron. Carrillo counter CHOPS Lince before slingshot arm-dragging Lince away. Carrillo huricanranas and Lince falls.

Lince bails out but Carrillo has him on the apron. Carrillo throws forearms, then runs, to slide out. Lince jumps over then comes back to DIVE and DDT Carrillo down! Fans are fired up for this lucha libre display from “205! 205!” Lince drags Carrillo up and into the ring to plank splash! Cover, TWO! Lince drags Carrillo up to kick away on the back! Standing moonsault, cover, TWO! Lince wraps on a chinlock but Carrillo endures. Fans rally up but Lince traps on arm. Lince jams elbows into Carrillo’s face, but Carrillo refuses to quit. Carrillo fights up as fans continue to rally. Carrillo elbows free then whips Lince. Lince kicks Carrillo back then rebounds for the heel kick! Carrillo is down and Lince hurries up top. Lince leaps for a big splash! Cover, TWO! Carrillo catches his breath but Lince is right on him with a mounted chinlock.

Lince hooks the arms under for a modified camel clutch, but Carrillo endures. Fans rally again and Carrillo fights up. Carrillo arm-drags Lince off him, then runs in at the corner. Lince boots back then puts Carrillo in the corner. Lince puts Carrill up top before he CHOPS! Lince then climbs to join Carrillo, but Carrillo fights back. Lince keeps trying but Carrillo resists the superplex. Carrillo punches Lince but Lince flips through. Lince runs back in but get a boot. Carrillo leaps for a missile dropkick! Both men are down but Norfolk is loving this! Lince drags himself up but Carrillo is up in the opposite corner. Carrillo dodges Lince to elbow and snapmare. Carrillo keeps moving, basement dropkick! Fans fire up as Carrillo somersault moonsaults! Cover, TWO! Lince still lives but Carrillo gets moving. Handspring deadlift arm-drag! Lince bails out the other side, and Carrillo builds speed. Carrillo FLIES to topple Lince over! Norfolk loves “205! 205!” as Carrillo puts Lince back in. Carrillo climbs, MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO!! Lince survives and Carrillo can’t believe it!

Lince drags himself up on the ropes but Carrillo is there on him. Carrillo drags Lince back, hooks the legs, and then grabs at the arms. Lince gets the ropebreak but Carrillo yanks him off. Carrillo suplexes but Lince lands out of it. Lince rolls, mule kicks, rolls and Eddy Gordo kicks! Lince runs, handsprings, but into the underhooks! Lince slips out to arm-drag Carrillo. And then springboard POISON-RANAS! Not the cleanest but Lince covers, TWO!! Carrillo survives but Lince keeps his cool. Lince drags Carrillo into the drop zone and then climbs up. Carrillo anchors Lince’s foot but Lince punches him off. Lince CHOPS again, and again, and again! Again and again and again! Lince whips but Carrillo reverses. Carrillo ducks, pumphandle clutch to a POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!? Lince survives Carrillo’s crazy move and Carrillo can’t believe it!

Fans are loving the “Lucha! Lucha!” as Lince crawls to the ropes. Fans duel as Carrillo crawls over to Lince. Lince fires up off the chanting but Carrillo is on him with forearms. Lince gives them back, and both men wobble. Carrillo hits, but Lince hits back. Lince hits again, and again, and again! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Carrillo CHOPS back! Lince kicks then runs, but into a mule kick to front kick to big forearm! Lince staggers into a boot! Lince still wobbles on his feet, ducks a roundhouse to take the enziguri! Carrillo runs but into a fireman’s carry, gutbuster! Lince hurries up top again, GOLDEN SHOOTING STAR! But he bounces off! Carrillo rolls to the apron to avoid the cover, and then flops onto the floor. Lince goes out to fetch Carrillo and puts him back in. Lince drags Carrillo up, but Carrillo cradle counters! TWO but close! Carrillo kicks but Lince Spike-ranas! Cover, LINCE WINS!!

Winner: Lince Dorado, by pinfall; adds himself to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship match

Ultimo Ninja is shocked! He gets caught off guard and now will have to beat two men for the title! As for Lince, he celebrates his first opportunity at the title on stage, only for Drew Gulak to clobber him from behind! The champion cruelly “congratulates” Lince! Gulak clubs away on Lince and wants Carrillo to see what is in store for them both. But Carrillo comes closer, only to be blindsided by Nese?! Nese nods at Gulak, they’re on the same side again!? But Lince and Carrillo put up a fight! Nese knocks Carrillo down and helps Gulak beat Lince down. Gulak sets Lince up and lets Nese give Lince the PREMIER KNEE! Carrillo returns but he gets beat down 2v1! And Nese feeds Carrillo to Gulak’s CYCLONE CRASH! Does this mean Gulak and Nese are a duo again? Does this mean that nothing will change while Drew Gulak is the Law of 205 Live?



My Thoughts:

What a great episode! And with a great crowd, Norfolk seems to be a good wrestling city. But crowd aside, we got some great stuff going towards Clash of Champions. Nese VS Kanellis was a great opener, and Kanellis winning seems to have helped both guys. Kanellis needed a win to stay afloat given how he’s been losing a lot, and Nese’s loss has spurred a surprising but badly needed turn back to Heel. Nese taking it out on Oney, that definitely sets up a story for after Clash of Champions. I appreciate 205 Live doing some moderate long-term planning. That includes the Singh Brothers keeping their rivalry with Kendrick & Tozawa in mind with their promo. And it’s good that Kendrick VS Gallagher wasn’t just dropped. Kendrick & Tozawa VS Gallagher and a mystery partner, I can’t wait to see what happens with that. With so many Cruiserweights being used for other things, it might be Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, who is already halfway between 205 Live and NXT as it is.

Daivari’s interaction with Lince was good, and it seems Lince won’t turn Heel since he sees through Daivari’s schemes. Lince VS Carrillo was amazing! And it may not seem fair to Carrillo, but adding Lince might actually be what helps Carrillo win since he won’t have to do all the damage to Gulak. But throwing Nese into the mix on Gulak’s side for that beat down makes things really wild. I assume next week, the go-home for Clash of Champions, has a Six Man Tag of Gulak, Nese & Daivari VS Lince, Carrillo & Oney to keep with all the stories. It could give both Lince and Carrillo momentum so that they’re going in as the strong ones, but it could also mean that the math works in Gulak’s favor. The same for the reverse, Gulak could get all the momentum but keeps things muddy between Carrillo and Lince.

My Score: 8.6/10

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