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Mitchell’s WWE Clash of Champions Results & Report! (9/15/19)

Who will be the champions in WWE after tonight?



WWE Clash of Champions 2019

Prepare for the Clash of Champions!

Every single championship on the WWE main roster is on the line in one night! Who will reign atop Raw, SmackDown and 205 Live?



  • Kickoff Show – WWE Cruiserweight Championship Triple Threat: Drew Gulak VS Humberto Carrillo VS Lince Dorado; Gulak wins and retains the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.
  • Kickoff Show – WWE United States Championship: AJ Styles VS Cedric Alexander; Styles wins and retains the WWE United States Championship.
  • Raw Tag Team Championships: Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman VS Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler; Roode & Ziggler win and become the new Raw Tag Team Champions.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley VS Charlotte Flair; Bayley wins and retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship.
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The New Day VS The Revival; The Revival wins and become the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross VS Fire & Desire; Bliss & Cross win and retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Intergender Interruption: R-Truth retains the WWE 24/7 Championship.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn VS The Miz; Nakamura wins and retains the WWE Intercontinental Championship.
  • Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch VS Sasha Banks; Banks wins by disqualification, Lynch retains the Raw Women’s Championship.
  • WWE World Championship: Kofi Kingston VS Randy Orton; Kingston wins and retains the WWE World Championship.
  • No Disqualifications: Roman Reigns VS Erick Rowan; Rowan wins.
  • WWE Universal Championship: Seth Rollins VS Braun Strowman; Rollins wins and retains the WWE Universal Championship.


It’s the Clash of Champions Kickoff Show!

Join Jonathon Coachman, Charly Caruso, Booker T and David Otunga as they recap and predict all the championship caliber action tonight!


The New Day speak to the panel.

But they’re still missing Xavier Woods. All their titles will be on the line, so is New Day going to stay golden? The only revival they respect is one under a tent with fire and brimstone and the good book! Amen! As for Woods, his injury is in fact NOT enough to keep him away! The Revival came to SmackDown to get the attention of ya bois, and went after Woods’ leg. Congratulations, Revival, you have their attention. And now they’ll understand why that’s not good.

Then with the New Day at full capacity, is Kofi Kingston and his deeply personal rivalry with Randy Orton going to be settled? Kofi and Orton go 1v1, no outside interference, no games. Now understand that last week, Orton tried to get in Kofi’s head, but failed! And then Kofi relived one of his favorite moments in his career by putting Orton through a table! And Kofi will stay THE W, W, E, World, Heavy, Weight, CHAMPION~! Woods and Big E promise to stay the W, W, E, Smack, Down, Tag, Team, CHAMPIONS~! But will that all come true? Or will the champions be #ForeverTheRKO


Kickoff Show – WWE Cruiserweight Championship Triple Threat: Drew Gulak VS Humberto Carrillo VS Lince Dorado!

The cruel Cruiserweight Champion claims to be the unchanging Law of 205 Live. However, Ultimo Ninja and the Golden Lynx of lucha libre both want to free the Division from Gulak’s dictatorship. Will either man free that title from Gulak’s iron grip? Or will all feel the pain and punishment Gulak promises?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we begin this Triple Threat with Gulak dropkick’ing Carrillo! Lince is right on Gulak after that, but Gulak rolls him down to a mounting cover. ONE, and Carrillo returns. The luchadors work together on Gulak, then double dropkick him down! And again! Lince tries to kick Carrillo but Carrillo flips him away. Carrillo springboards to arm-drag Lince, but gets Gulak instead! Gulak is out, things speed up, and Lince mule kicks to whip. Gulak drags Carrillo out but Lince wrecks him with a dropkick. Lince then springboards for a planking splash! Two for one especial! Lince goes up the barriers to leap and huricanrana Gulak down! Carrillo walks into a CHOP! Lince puts Carrillo in, climbs up high, but Gulak shoves him down! Lince hits ropes and falls out of the ring while Gulak gets in.

Carrillo kicks and whips but Gulak reverses. Carrillo goes up and over and shows off his agility. Then he dodges to springboard crossbody! Cover, TWO! Carrillo wrenches to show Gulak his grappling lessons did pay off. Carrillo kicks then wrenches again, to run up the ropes. Gulak disrupts that with an arm-drag! Cover, TWO! Gulak keeps on Carrillo’s arm to show him there’s still much to learn. Carrillo endures the grind and fans rally up. Carrillo is up but Gulak elbows and wrenches him around. Gulak adds a chinbar but Carrillo fights his way up. Carrillo fights free of the holds and has Gulak in a corner for a BOOT! Carrillo sees Lince return but still gets the enziguri. Lince climbs, crossbodies! Cover, TWO! Gulak hurries over but Lince is on him with elbows and knees. Lince runs, rolls but into a gutbuster from Gulak! Cover, TWO! Gulak grows frustrated with Lince as he drags him up.

Gulak hooks a leg and an arm for a modified abdominal stretch. Fans rally as Lince endures and fights up. Lince arm-drags free, but Gulak comes back for knees. Gulak whips but Lince handsprings to PELE! Carrillo returns to capitalize, but Gulak reverses the whip. Carrillo boots and somersault shotgun dropkicks! Gulak flounders and Carrillo corner splashes to a snapmare and basement dropkick! Fans fire up with Carrillo, reverse somersault moonsault! Cover, TWO! Carrillo keeps moving, handspring Japanese arm-drag! Then a dropkick! Gulak bails out but Lince lurks. Carrillo sends Lince out but misses his first kick to get the other! Gulak Electric Chairs Lince, Carrillo runs and FLIES! LUCHA DOOMSDAY! And all three men are down! The fans are loving what they’re seeing as Carrillo stands up first.

Fans say “This is Awesome!” as Carrillo puts Lince in and goes to the corner. Carrillo climbs, leaps, missile dropkick! Cover, but Gulak breaks it! Gulak throws Carrillo into buckles, then hoists him up top. Gulak climbs up to join Carrillo but Carrillo fights back. Gulak falls and Carrillo adjusts, MOONSAULT! The boots get caught! Carrillo puts on a Scorpion Deathlock! Gulak endures but Lince gets Carrillo in an Iron Octopus! Gulak is free, but he grabs Lince for a back suplex TOSS into Carrillo! Cover, TWO!! Lince lives and so does this match! Gulak drags Lince back up, scoops him but LInce slips out. Lince rolls up but Carrillo rolls Lince! Gulak breaks the cover then rolls Carrillo, but Lince breaks it just in time! Lince ROUNDHOUSES, Carrillo SLAPS, Gulak LARIATS! And all three men are down! Fans are fired up for “205! 205!”

Carrillo and Lince stir first while Gulak goes to the apron. Lince jawbreakers and CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Carrillo dodges to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP! But Lince CHOPS gain! Lince puts Carrillo up top, CHOPS, but Gulak joins in! Gulka yanks Lince off for a headbutt! Gualk goes after Carrillo but Carrillo fights him off again. Lince runs in, alley-oop dropkick to Carrillo! SUPERKICK to Gulak! Lince climbs, has Carrillo, SUPER STEINER!! But that’s not all, as Lince goes back up top! GOLDEN SHOOTING STAR FLOPS!! Carrillo runs, springboards, enziguri! Now Carrillo climbs, headstand, Aztec Press! But Gulak yanks Carrillo out to throw into a post! He rolls Lince, Gulak wins!

Winner: Drew Gulak, by pinfall; still WWE Cruiserweight Champion

Fast & Furious, eat your heart out! Speed kills, but Gulak took advantage to keep his title! Will he remain the Law of 205 Live to the very end?


Backstage interview with Bayley and Sasha Banks!

The best friends have big title matches tonight, but are very relaxed. Are they supposed to be scared? They have scawy matches~! Pff. If you think this scares them, then you haven’t been paying attention. The Boss is back to collect, and the Hugger will keep this title on the champion that’s fighting for things that matter. They’ll be going home with the gold, #BankOnThat.


Kickoff Show – WWE United States Championship: AJ Styles VS Cedric Alexander!

Carolina’s favorite son returns home to take on the Phenomenal One! Will the Age of Alexander begin its resurrection with this prestigious championship? Or will Styles still be #TooSweet for Alexander to handle now that it’s 1v1?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised (upside down), and we begin!

Styles runs at Alexander but into the Michinoku Driver! Cover, TWO!! Styles escapes but Alexander runs to FLY! Direct hit takes out Styles! Alexander puts Styles in, fans fire up, and Alexander handsprings to Neuralizer enziguri! Cover, TWO!! Alexander keeps his cool as he watches Styles stand. Alexander CHOPS, and CHOPS, and then runs in, but is put on the apron. Alexander enziguris Styles down, then takes aim. Springboard, but Styles trips Alexander up! Alexander hits cross bar, then Styles heads out to suplex and slam Alexander on the apron! Styles keeps on Alexander, STYLES CLASH TO THE FLOOR!

Styles won’t leave Alexander be, he puts him in the ring to cover, but then lets up? Styles wants to make Alexander suffer for stepping up to him. Styles drags Alexander up to a fireman’s carry, Ushigoroshi! Alexander writhes but Styles looms over him. Styles drags Alexander up but Alexander CHOPS! Styles kicks then rolls Alexander for a Calf Crusher! Fans duel as Alexander gets his ropebreak! Styles lets go reluctantly and Alexander gets to a corner. Styles grins as he kicks Alexander around. Fans duel as Alexander crawls. Styles laughs as he keeps kicking Alexander down. Alexander goes to the apron but Styles is on him. Styles kicks, but gets caught for an elbow! Styles flounders back, Alexander step-springboards for the complete shot! Cover, TWO! Styles survives again but Alexander hobbles up. Alexander walks into Styles’ scoop and inverted DDT! Styles goes to the apron and aims, wanting to end this. Styles springboards, PHENOMENAL FOREARM! But that’s not all, another STYLES CLASH! Cover, Styles wins!

Winner: AJ Styles, by pinfall; still WWE United States Champion

But Styles won’t let up! He stomps Alexander, then calls his Good Brothers back in! Gallows & Anderson come out, and feed Alexander to the YAKUZA KICK! The OC beat Alexander down, and the referee can only protest. The OC throw up the Too Sweet, but this sours the homecoming for Alexander. Will anyone get the US title off the Phenomenal One?


A champion has what everyone wants.

“And when they come for it, you must defend what’s yours.” All the titles are on the line, and history will be made one way or another. “The greats don’t need to be goaded into greatness,” but who will prove they’re worthy of being among the legends? Who will survive when grudges are golden? Who will prove they are true champions?


Raw Tag Team Championships: Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman VS Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler!

The first bit of history is being made right now! The Architect and the Monster Among Men are one of the unlikeliest duos, but so are the GLORIOUS One and the Show-Off! Can the champions retain their titles to then fight over Rollins’ Universal Championship later tonight? Or will Rollins and Strowman fall apart, despite everything they said about sticking together?

The introductions are made, the tag titles are raised, and we begin the first test of #Braullins!

Strowman starts against Roode and the fans chant that Roode “Get These Hands!” Roode stares down with Strowman and pumps himself up. But the fans keep chanting, and that gets on Roode’s nerves. Roode and Strowman tie up and Strowman shoves Roode to a corner! Strowman roars but Ziggler says Roode’s still good. Roode gets up and circles with Strowman. He gets a waistlock then a headlock, but Strowman lifts him up and throws him off! Strowman says that’s not enough. Ziggler and Roode have a quick talk and Roode tags Ziggler in. “Now you’re going to get it!” Ziggler and Strowman lock eyes but Roode comes up! Strowman sees that coming but Ziggler hops on for a sleeper! But Strowman throws Ziggler off to BOOT Ziggler down, then uppercuts Roode down! Fans fire up with Strowman as he hits a big corner splash on Ziggler!

Tag to Rollins, and Strowman whips Rollins in for a big forearm smash! Rollins feeds Ziggler to Strowman’s shoulder! Cover, TWO! Rollins drags Ziggler up, suplexes but Ziggler slips out. They go around and Ziggler elbows Rollins. Tag to Roode and they double whip Rollins. Rollins kicks back and throws Ziggler out. Rollins throws hands and CHOPS on Roode, then a hand for Ziggler. But Roode clobbers Rollins from behind! Rollins ends up outside, Ziggler hits him with a satellite DDT! Strowman goes over to threaten Ziggler but the ref tells Strowman to go back to his corner. Roode gets Rollins up and throws him into barriers! Rollins flounders back and is put back in the ring. Roode covers, TWO! Roode rains down rights, then cools off to bring Rollins over. Tag to Ziggler and they mug Rollins.

Ziggler pulls Rollins’ hair and wraps on a chinlock. Ziggler traps an arm but fans rally. Rollins endures and hits a jawbreaker! Ziggler staggers away but comes back for a Famouser! Cover, TWO! Rollins goes to ropes but Ziggler drags Rollins up. Tag to Roode, and they mug Rollins at the ropes. Roode CHOPS Rollins, then suplexes Rollins high and hard! Cover, ONE, and Roode grows frustrated. Ziggler is still confident as Roode chokes Rollins at the ropes. The ref counts and Roode backs off, for Ziggler to get a cheap shot in! Roode goes up top and dares Rollins to stand. Rollins downs as Roode winds it up, but Rollins gets under! Rollins fights back, hops up, and he gives Roode the Blockbuster! Both men are down and fans fire up! Rollins and Roode crawl, hot tag to Ziggler, and he runs at Rollins! Only to get lifted for a bomb! Ziggler sunset flips through, TWO, but Ziggler hops on for a sleeper hold!

Rollins stays up but is fading fast. Rollins powers up and reaches for Strowman, but Ziggler throws Rollins down! Strowman swipes at Ziggler, but Ziggler leaps for a DDT, that gets turned into a Falcon Arrow! Both men are down and crawling, hot tag to Storwman! The Monster rallies on #RoodeDolph! He corner splashes Ziggler, then again! Strowman goes outside to run over Roode! And run over Ziggler! Strowman puts Ziggler in, runs corner to corner again, another big corner splash! Then the scoop, but Ziggler rakes eyes! Roode tags in and Strowman gets post! SUPERKICK! GLORIOUS- No, Strowman powers out! Rollins tags in, springboards, flying knee! SUPERKICK! Roode is down but Rollins fires up! Ziggler grabs Rollins’ feet, and then Roode hits low! Rollins escapes, and hits a Slingblade! Then a DIVE onto Ziggler!

Rollins springboards back in, but Roode gets clear. Rollins turns around into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Roode keeps his focus as he watches Rollins stir. Fans boo as Roode winds it up. GLORIOUS~, but Strowman runs him over! But into Rollins! Ziggler sends Strowman out! GLORIOUS DDT for Rollins! Cover, Roode & Ziggler win!!

Winners: Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler, Roode pinning; NEW Raw Tag Team Champions

Miscommunication costs the champions! And now the GLORIOUS Show-Offs are golden! Will this be reason for Strowman and Rollins to hold a grudge in their singles championship match later tonight?


Backstage interview with Strowman.

How can he regain focus for his match against Rollins after he lost the Raw Tag Team Championships? Well first off, Strowman didn’t lose, Rollins did. Just like Rollins will lose his title tonight. It’s a losing streak for the Architect, and it’ll stay that way when Rollins #GetsTheseHands!


Backstage interview with Becky Lynch!

The Man heard what Strowman said and promises her man, Rollins, will stay champion, as will she. And Becky heard what The Boss had to say, but she has not met her match. Sasha is the one with everything to prove. And Becky doesn’t care about NXT, or Sasha’s run four years ago. Does Sasha have what it takes to be great NOW? Becky has had the greatest year in WWE! She won the title, the Rumble, and at WrestleMania! She’s on the cover of everything, and #VictoryAfterVictory, while Sasha… dyed her hair blue. And yet Sasha complains Becky got her spotlight? No, she EARNED the spotlight, as Sasha earned the beating she’s getting tonight. When Sasha used that chair, she called for The Man. The table’s set, and it doesn’t get any bigger. The Man comes around, but will the title be sticking around?


SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley VS Charlotte Flair!

The once happy-go-lucky lovable huggable Bayley refuses to be overshadowed by anyone. She went after Becky to help Sasha, her best friend. And they both went after The Queen of All Eras together. Will this be the first step to a golden Boss & Hug Connection? Or will “the most selfish person” in the WWE be the astonishing ten-time Women’s Champion?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the fight for the spotlight begins!

Charlotte BOOTS Bayley right away! Cover, TWO!! Bayley bails out fast, and Charlotte grins as she waves hi to Bayley. Bayley gets back up but Charlotte chases her! They go around and into the ring, and Charlotte throws hands and CHOPS! The Flair CHOPS get “WOO~” out of the fans! Charlotte scoops but Bayley slips out to throw Charlotte down! Bayley catches her breath but Charlotte fires off kicks and forearms! Charlotte throws Bayley with an Exploder! Then kips right up! Charlotte rains down rights then covers, TWO! Charlotte keeps on Bayley by going at the leg. Bayley scrambles to the ropes and Charlotte lets go. Bayley bails out again but Charlotte won’t let her be. Charlotte throws Bayley into barriers! Then into more barriers across the way!

Flair Country is fired up for their Queen as she toys with Bayley. Charlotte puts Bayley in to cover, TWO! Charlotte keeps her cool while Bayley still gasps for air. Fans cheer Charlotte on as she rams Bayley into buckles. Charlotte rams her shoulder in again and again, then blocks boots to forearm back! Charlotte drops a knee on Bayley’s knee! Bayley writhes but Charlotte has the leg! Figure Four but cradle counter! TWO, and Charlotte BOOTS Bayley again! Charlotte watches Bayley crawl to a corner, and stomps her into the buckles! The ref counts and backs Charlotte off. Charlotte has wild eyes as she wants at Bayley. She jukes the ref but Bayley throws Charlotte into a buckle! An EXPOSED buckle?! Bayley must’ve done that while the ref was distracted! Cover, Bayley wins!!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall; still SmackDown Women’s Champion

Bayley gets away with a move worthy of the Dirtiest Player in the Game himself! And she runs away with the title, literally! Will Bayley’s bestie, Sasha Banks, join her in having a title?


SmackDown Tag Team Championships: The New Day VS The Revival!

AWWWWW~ Queen City~! Xavier Woods is back and this match happens! Will he and Big E keep the tag titles against the #TopGuys while getting revenge for that attack on Woods’ knee? Or will Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder #SayYeah to checking off the blue belts in their WWE careers?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and teams sort out to start this tag team title grudge match!

Woods starts against Dash to prove he’s more than healthy enough for this fight. He and Dash circle but Dawson goes at the leg! Woods gets away to then dodge Dash. Woods fires off hands but has to hit Dawson away. Dash goes after the knee, then puts the knee on the ropes! Dash runs side to side but gets a CHOP from Woods! Big E aims at Dawson on the outside, to run him over! Woods drags Dash up to CHOP again, and Dash flounders to ropes. Woods CHOPS more, then whips Dash to ropes. Dash reverses but Woods dodges, slides under and mule kicks. Big E tags in and Woods feeds Dash to Big E’s urenage! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer for Big E as he drags Dash to the apron.

Big E clubs away on Dash over and over as the fans clap along. But Dawson trips Woods up! Dash recovers to drive Big E to the floor! The referee checks on Dash and Big E, but Dash is up first to put Big E into the ring. Cover, TWO! Big E crawls but Dash clobbers him down! Tag to Dawson and the Revival double guillotine Big E in the ropes! Cover, TWO, and the Revival grows frustrated. Dawson drops a leg, an elbow and a headbutt, then tags Dash in. Dash is the human weapon, leg drop! Cover, TWO! The Revival keep their cool as they watch Big E closely. Dash wraps on with a chinlock and body scissors. Fans rally as Big E endures the squeeze and grind. Dawson taunts Big E as Dash rakes the face! The ref reprimands but Dash lets up. Big E hits back with big hands, but Dash powers him into the corner. The Revival mug Big E and then soak up the heat.

Dawson tags in and taunts Big E. Dawson brings Big E up, pushes him back then runs him over with an elbow! Woods is still down and out while the Revival continue to soak up heat. Dawson drives in an elbow then covers, TWO! Dawson wraps on his own body scissors and grinds a forearm into Big E’s face. The chinlock returns but fans still rally. Big E fights up as Dawson reaches for Dash. Big E walks to his corner but Dawson slips down to rake eyes! Dawson sends Big E into buckles, then throws European Uppercuts. Dawson stomps Big E, but fans boo and jeer. Dawson whips, Big E reverses and Dawson hits buckles hard! Both men are down, but Woods is still not there to tag. Woods rises as Dash tags in, and Dash runs at Big E, only to get a belly2belly! Big E hurries, Woods rises! Hot tags to Dawson and Woods!

Woods rallies on The Revival! Woods dodges to then forearm Dawson! Kick and whip but Dawson reverses. Woods dodges and ducks to tilt-o-whirl huricanrana! Dash returns but Woods boots him! Woods hits the Honor Roll! Dawson throws Woods to the apron but gets an enziguri! Get Over Here, step-in DDT! Cover, but Dash breaks it by stomping the bad leg! Big E throws Dash out then runs, but Dash slingshots over to DIVE! Big E catches Dash but Dawson saves Dash! The Revival throw Big E at a post, Big E stops himself, but gets a SHATTER MACHINE! But a man that size does damage to the Revival! The ref counts as fans declare “This is Awesome!”

Dash helps Dawson get back in, and Dawson grins as he tags in Dash. Woods is alone but he still fights the #TopGuys! But Dash chop blocks the bad leg! Woods writhes in agony as Dash tags Dawson back in. Fans rally for Woods but he’s alone again. Woods keeps fighting back but no use, SHATTER MACHINE point blank! But Dash wants to finish this, by going after the knee! They take the brace off, and then Dawson rips the tights apart! Dawson puts Woods’ legs in the TRAILER HITCH! Woods endures the torture and crawls for ropes, but Dash is there to keep them out of reach! Woods taps, the Revival win!

Winners: The Revival, Dawson by submission; NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions

The #TopGuys, “the absolute best tag team on this planet,” have now become Triple Crown Tag Champions! NXT, Raw and now SmackDown, will the WWE’s Tag Team Division #ForeverBeRevived?

“Finally!” Dawson shouts on stage. “You are welcome!” No longer are the championships covered in pancake batter. No more stupid trombones and hip swivels! The old school has quieted the new noise. And they vow an even bigger treat in the new WWE World Champion when Randy Orton puts out Kofi Kingston’s flame! And then it will be a new day, yes it will!


Backstage interview with Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross!

The Women’s Tag Team Champions have Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Things have gotten rather personal after what Mandy has been saying, but Nikki would rather not speak on it. She made her point on SmackDown. Tonight is about retaining the titles! Hey, mic guy, what’s going on? It’s R-Truth and Carmella! Sorry, tiny Carmella. Just wanted to make sure everyone can hear your beautiful voice. Well thanks! And Alexa announces the 24/7 Champion’s whereabouts! The main roster comes running! Including Drake Maverick. He thanks Bliss-Cross for the assist. But will Alexa and Nikki keep their golden bond going against the equally unified Fire & Desire?


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross VS Fire & Desire!

The Goddess and her frantic friend defend their titles and their pride against God’s Greatest Gift and the Gladiator Gal. Which pair of best friends will be the best tonight when titles are on the line?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we start with Nikki and Mandy. Nikki goes right at Mandy at the bell and they tie up. Mandy knees low and scoops Nikki, to then slam her down. Mandy toys and taunts Nikki, then runs. Nikki moves but Mandy cartwheels over to show off. Nikki clobbers her down! Nikki shows what she’s got, and Mandy is offended Nikki would copy her moves! Nikki dropkicks Mandy but Sonya tags in. Sonya runs in but NIkki hops on! Sonya throws her off then kicks her low. Sonya taunts Nikki but Nikki rolls her up! TWO but Nikki headbutts then whips Sonya to the corner. Tag to Alexa and Bliss-Cross work together for a corner forearm and a snap suplex! Cover, ONE, but Alexa keeps her head on a swivel as Mandy tags back in. Mandy goes at Alexa but Alexa hits a drop toehold! Mandy is sent reeling but Alexa runs in to club her down!

Mandy kicks but Alexa SLAPS Mandy! Mandy complains Alexa hit her in her beautiful face! So Alexa does it again! Alexa drops knees, Insult2Injury! Cover, TWO! Alexa keeps her cool, but here comes the 24/7 title chase! Truth gets in the ring and taunts the others, but Alexa rolls him up! TWO, and Truth runs away again! Carmella hops on and away they go! That chase aside, Alexa is on Mandy. Mandy waistlocks Alexa but Alexa switches. Sonya tags in and mandy bucks Alexa off. Alexa dodges one kick but not the other! Cover, TWO! Sonya grinds her forearm all over Alexa’s face to mess up the make-up. Fans rally and Alexa fights her way up, but gets thrown down by her hair. Sonya soaks up heat and shoves Alexa into the corner. Tag to Mandy and they mug Alexa with mudhole stomps! Fans boo but Fire & Desire just soak up the heat.

Mandy drags Alexa up to tag in Sonya. Mandy suplexes, then drops Alexa, Sonya adds her Shining Wizard! Cover, TWO! Sonya grows annoyed but she puts on a body scissors to squeeze Alexa. Alexa endures but fans rally for her and Nikki. Alexa fights her way up and out of the hold, but Sonya kicks low and hard! Tag to Mandy, and they mug Alexa in their corner. But Alexa suddenly rolls Mandy up! TWO, and Mandy clobbers Alexa down! “What do you got, Lexi, huh!?” Alexa pops out, both women bob ‘n’ weave, DOUBLE rights take both women out! Fans rally as they crawl, hot tags to Sonya and Nikki! And crazy Cross rallies on Sonya! Sonya flounders but Nikki corner splashes! Then hits a bulldog! Mandy runs in but is sent right back out. Nikki has Sonya for a back suplex! Fans fire up with Nikki as she heads up top! Sonya stands, Nikki leaps, Crossbody! Cover, TWO!

Nikki keeps herself fired up and drags Sonya over. Tag to Alexa, and Alexa climbs, but slowly. SOnya fights free and that trips Alexa up! Mandy yanks Nikki out to ram her into apron edge! Sonya has Alexa by the pig tails for a slam! Tag to Mandy, Fire & Desire powers combine! Cover, but Nikki breaks it in time!! Fans cheer as Nikki saves her best friend! Nikki gets back to her corner and tags back in! She climbs up top, Crossbody but Mandy gets under. Nikki hits Sonya, dodges the knee, THE PURGE! Cover, Bliss-Cross win!!

Winners: Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss, Cross pinning; still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

The power of friendship, and frenzy, wins! Nikki and Alexa stand tall after shutting up the snobs, but what is next for them and those Women’s Tag titles?


WWE joins the V Foundation and Connor’s Cure for September!

Join the fight against cancer and help tomorrow’s superstars today!


WWE Intercontinental Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn VS The Miz!

The King of Strong Style, via his spokesperson, Sami Zayn, claims the Hollywood A-Lister is the King of Soft Style. Where have we heard that before…? But remakes aside, will this one go Miz’s way after weeks of taking Kinshasas? Or will Nakamura deny Miz the history of tying the Intercontinental Championship record?

Sami tells everyone to shut up as he makes his way out. He wants to say he is “disgusted” at the level of disrespect shown. And that goes for the Undertaker last week in Madison Square Garden! Sami sustained a neck injury! But the trooper he is, he is still here to support the man he “liberated”! The Artist will still be our champion, and Sami gives Nakamura his introduction! Will Sami’s words be backed up by Nakamura’s actions?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the doorway to history is opened!

Miz and Nakamura circle, tie up, and Sami does his own commentary as Nakamura waistlocks. Miz wrenches free and arm-drags Nakamura, but Nakamura gets up and fights free. Sami insults the Panthers and Nakamura wrenches Miz’s arm to a hammerlock. Miz slips through to reverse the hammerlock, but Nakamura elbows fights free. Nakamura snapmares but Miz dodges the stomp and buzzsaw to jab! Sami says Miz will pay and Nakamura puts Miz in the corner. Sami’s mic goes off as Nakamura dares Miz to “C’MON!” Miz runs in and CHOPS Nakamura! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Miz whips and hits the kitchen sink knee! Then the basement boot! Cover, ONE, but Miz is on Nakamura with more CHOPS! Miz gives Nakamura grinding forearms, then mocks Nakamura’s “C’MON~!”

Miz puts Nakamura on the apron then trips him up! Sami talks trash, so Miz throws the microphone away! Fans cheer Miz as he puts Nakamura in. Sami lurks close, but that’s a distraction for Nakamura’s kick! Nakamura puts Miz back on the apron to club away. Nakamura hits Miz with a Top Shelf knee! Then drops a guillotine knee! Miz writhes and Sami laughs loud enough for everyone to hear, even without a mic. Nakamura gets in the ring to copy the It Kicks! Miz catches one, but gets the enziguri! Nakamura gives kicks in the corner but Miz catches it to kick out the other leg! Miz throws punches while blocking Nakamura’s. Miz kicks away in the corner, then runs corner to corner, for a big knee! Then another! Then the A-List Lariat! Miz dumps Nakamura down before climbing up to drop ax handles! Cover, TWO!

Nakamura lives but Miz keeps hold of a leg. Miz rams his knee into Nakamura’s knee, then grabs the other leg. Miz steps through but Nakamura trips him out of the Figure Four into an armbar! Miz clasps hands but Nakamura breaks the grip! Miz rolls Nakamura, TWO, basement DDT! Cover, TWO! Nakamura still lives but Miz keeps his focus. Miz gets up as fans rally behind him. Nakamura sits up and Miz gives him true It Kicks! Miz takes aim, but his buzzsaw misses! Nakamura rolls Miz, TWO! Full nelson but Nakamura arm-drags out. Nakamura fakes Miz out again to hit the left heel kick! Nakamura runs in, blocks the boots, roundhouse! SLIDING GERMAN! Sami is so happy for Nakamura as Nakamura stomps a mudhole into Miz. Nakamura drags Miz up, suplex to gourd buster! Nakamura goes to the corner and takes aim. Miz slowly sits up, YAO~, but the Kinshasa is sent into buckles! Knee jacker, then the Figure Four!!

Sami panics for Nakamura as Nakamura endures the legendary hold right in Flair Country! Nakamura turns and gets the ropebreak! Miz lets go and Sami is relieved. Miz drags Nakamura away to try again, cradle counter! TWO, and Miz kicks away! Miz boots Nakamura, but Nakamura distracts the ref. Sami swipes at Miz, KINSHASA to the back! Cover, TWO!? Miz survives and Sami is furious! Nakamura is beside himself, but he takes aim again. Miz slowly rises, YAO~! But Miz dodges, FINALE outta nowhere! Cover, but Sami distracts the ref! The referee reprimands Sami and Miz can’t believe it. Nakamura rolls out to the apron now, and Sami wants Miz to take it easy. Fans want Miz to go after Sami, and he does! Sami runs away around the ring, Nakamura dropkicks sends Miz into the post! Then, KINSHASA! Cover, Nakamura wins!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura, by pinfall; still WWE Intercontinental Champion

The door on history is slammed shut, but with a lot of help from sneaky Sami Zayn! Will Miz fight his way back to the threshold of this prestigious championship? Or will Sami continue to support his kindred spirit?


Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch VS Sasha Banks!

The Man doesn’t care about what The Boss thinks she’s owed, because she’s going to give her a slap upside the head and then some. But will Banks reclaim some of her former glory by reclaiming the Red Brand’s title?

The introductions are made, the title is raised, and it’s time to see who is worthy of both title and monikers.

Becky and Sasha circle, and Sasha talks trash. Becky SLAPS Sasha then bounces her face off the mat over and over! Sasha flounders to ropes but fans fire up with Becky. Becky blocks the kick to a dragon screw. Sasha gets to a corner but Becky hits a Straight Firearm! Then Becky snapmares Sasha, only for Sasha to follow on the run. Sasha tilt-o-whirls but Becky resists the takedown, to roll Sasha back! Sasha escapes the Disarm-Her to get out of the ring. Becky waits for Sasha to return, but Sasha takes her time. Sasha bails out to avoid Becky, but Becky wrecks her with a dropkick! Fans cheer as Becky wonders where Sasha’s toughness went. Sasha crawls around the way, Becky climbs the steel steps to drop ax handles! Becky puts Sasha in, but dodges the shoulder to kick Sasha down! Becky climbs up, but Sasha yanks her down to throw knees and stomps! The ref counts and Sasha lets up at 4. Sasha grins as Becky gasps for air.

Sasha snapmares Becky to kick her swift in the back! Becky crawls to ropes as fans duel, and Sasha chokes Becky on the ropes. Sasha knees Becky back but the dueling gets stronger. Cover, TWO, but Sasha keeps her cool. Sasha goes after the arms and pulls Becky back! Sasha puts a boot in Becky’s back, but Becky gets up to turn. Sasha lets Becky go for a basement meteora! Cover, TWO! Sasha rams knees into Becky’s ribs, and then soaks up the heat. “Who’s the Man now?” Becky throws hands back! Sasha shoves then spins Becky to a knee smash and a roundhouse! Cover, TWO! Sasha keeps her cool and drags Becky up by her hair. Fans duel and Sasha scoops, but Becky slips out to dodge her. Jump kick rocks Sasha, then Becky scoops Sasha. Sasha fights free but gets a kick. Becky runs in but gets a boot!

Sasha hops up, drags Becky up by her hair, and has an elevated arm surfboard. The ref counts so Sasha lets go at 4, to then soak up the heat before she leaps, into Becky’s dropkick! Both women are down and a standing count begins. Sasha and Becky stir at 5 and sit up at 7. Sasha throws hands but Becky gives them back! They brawl, Becky lariats! Becky starts rallying with strikes, then pump handles to a Fall Away Slam! Fans fire up with Becky as she brings Sasha up for big knees. Becky runs, but into the crossface! The Banks Statement is on, but Becky fights up and pops out, to a Becksploder! Becky has Sasha, throws her down, and climbs back up. Becky powers up, leaps, and hits her leg drop! Cover, TWO! Sasha survives and Becky calculates what to try next. Becky gets up and puts Sasha on the top rope. Becky says, “This is my turn now!” But Sasha fights Becky off on the top rope and sends her away. Sasha leaps, METEORA! Cover, TWO!!

Sasha screams in frustration and Becky crawls to a corner. Sasha cools off enough to run in corner to corner. Double knees hit, but Sasha hits them again from the side! Becky flops down while Sasha mocks her. Slingshot body scissors to a crossface, but Becky slips out! Becky has the arm, but Sasha rolls her up! TWO, into the Disarm-Her!! Becky has Sasha, but Sasha shifts to get a ropebreak with her legs! Becky reluctantly lets go, then runs to basement dropkick Sasha! Sasha is down and Becky climbs up. Fans cheer again as Becky takes aim. Sasha stands, Becky hits her with the missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Becky is frustrated again but “This is Awesome!” to the fans. Sasha crawls away while clutching her bad arm, but Becky storms over. Becky stomps a mudhole into Sasha, but the ref pulls her off.

Sasha drags herself up but blocks the jump kick, to hit the backstabber! Then another! And flip over, to the BANK STATEMENT! Becky is stuck, but she crawls for ropes! Sasha kicks to flip to the other side! Becky uses that for a roll up, but they’re in the ropes! Sasha hotshots the bad arm! Sasha looks desperate as she takes a chair from the timekeeper’s area! She tosses that in, but that’s a distraction to the ref for a second chair, that she JABS into Becky! Shining Wizard! Cover, TWO!! Not even copying Latino Heat was enough for Sasha! Sasha grows frustrated, but she goes back for the first chair. The referee takes that from her, but Sasha takes it back. Becky takes it from Sasha, but Sasha dodges! The ref takes the chair shot!! But then Sasha begs for mercy, but Becky jabs and SMACKS her! Becky chases Sasha to the outside, but Sasha kicks the leg! Sasha retreats through the crowd, but Becky follows!

Becky stomps Sasha down on the steps and fights right in front of the fans! They go up higher, but Sasha uses whatever she can grab for a weapon. Becky still punches Sasha down, and they continue even higher up. Becky throws Sasha down on the stairs! Then she puts an arm through the railing for a Disarm-Her! Sasha taps but it doesn’t matter out there! So Sasha chop blocks Becky and runs for it! They’re at the very top now but the brawling still continues. Sasha keeps retreating, and ends up out of the arena and in the pavilion. Becky chases Sasha down and throws her into concession stands! Becky sprays hot mustard on Sasha before throwing her into walls! They end up back among the fans, and Becky takes a moment to soak in the moment.

Now Becky brings Sasha down the steps, but Sasha fights back. Sasha kicks Becky down as fans chant and duel. Becky hits Sasha back, then sends her staggering down the way. Becky feeds Sasha to a trash can! Becky throws Sasha back to ringside, but Sasha rams her into barriers! Sasha throws Becky into the LED apron, then into more barriers! Sasha drags Becky around and into the ring. Word comes in that, with the downed referee being Becky’s doing, she is DISQUALIFIED!

Winner: Sasha Banks, by disqualification; Becky Lynch retains the Raw Women’s Championship

But none of this matters because Sasha wants to hurt Becky now! Sasha has the chair again, and brings it back to the ring. Sasha aims but Becky kicks her back! Becky has the chair again, to SMACK Sasha again! And again! And again! Becky keeps the chair shots coming, then sits the chair down to have a seat. Becky bounces Sasha off the chair! And again! And again! Becky puts Sasha’s arm through the chair for the Disarm-Her! Sasha taps but this doesn’t matter, no referee or match is happening!

Extra referees, and even security, come out to get Becky to stop! Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” but there’s not much fight left in Sasha. Becky wants her belt, and the referees fetch it for her. Fans cheer The Man, even though she technically lost. But Becky is just fine with that, because she’s still the champ! Will The Boss get a second chance? Or did she get what she really deserved, and then some?


WWE World Championship: Kofi Kingston VS Randy Orton!

Ten years later, and this rivalry still hasn’t been settled. The Power of Positivity has been called “stupid” and “bulls*it” by The Viper, but it has been keeping Kofimania going this whole time. Will Kofi finally end his feud with Orton? Or will the three most destructive letters in wrestling be what ends the dream?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and perhaps the biggest championship grudge match of all begins!

Kofi and Orton circle and tie up. They go around and Orton puts Kofi in a corner. The ref counts but has to pull them apart. Orton backs off but he hears the fans cheer for Kofi. Kof grins as he and Orton circle again. They tie up again, and Orton headlocks. Kofi powers out but Orton runs him over. Orton lets Kofi get up and Kofi nods, seeing how it is. They circle and tie up a third time. Orton waistlocks, but Kofi works against the hold. Fans rally and Kofi pries the hold apart to waistlock Orton back. Orton reaches for ropes but elbows Kofi off him. Orton uses hair to reel Kofi into a headlock and takeover. Kofi endures and prevents covers, but Orton torques back on the head. Fans rally again and Kofi fights his way up. Kofi throws hands and powers out, but Orton runs him over again. Orton strikes his pose, then things speed up. Kofi hurdles, hurdles and elbows! Orton staggers to a corner but Kofi is on him for a splash!

Kofi keeps on Orton as they go corner to corner! Orton bails out before Kofi can try again, but Kofi has nothing to lose waiting in the ring. Orton takes a moment to steady himself and check his eyebrow. Kofi mocks the Orton pose and that gets Orton to storm up to the ring. Orton keeps his cool as he gets back in the ring. Kofi watches closely as fans start to duel. Orton ties up with Kofi again, and pulls hair to put Kofi in a corner. Kofi dodges the punch to CHOP Orton’s chest! Orton is stinging as he goes to the other corner, but Kofi keeps on him with another CHOP! Kofi follows Orton around the way, but Orton puts him in a corner. Kofi dodges to CHOP and CHOP and CHOP! Orton gets free and pokes Kofi in the eye! The ref reprimands Orton but Orton CHOPS Kofi back! And again! Kofi gets on the apron but Orton is on him, only to get a kick!

Orton wobbles, but he kicks Kofi back! Hotshot! Then Orton runs to blast Kofi off apron and into barrier! Orton snarls as he goes out to fetch Kofi. Fans cheer Kofi on but Orton bounces Kofi off the announce desk! Orton puts Kofion the barriers with a gourd buster! Then drags him out for another suplex to the floor! Orton slides in then out to refresh the count, and then back suplex Kofi ont the announce desk! Kofi slumps off but Orton won’t let up. Orton drags Kofi up and reels him in for a second back suplex! Orton puts Kofi in the ring and covers, TWO! Orton tries again, TWO! Orton keeps his cool as he puts Kofi in a corner. Orton whips corner to corner but Kofi goes up to dropkick Orton in the arm! Orton backs off to a corner, his bad shoulder is bugging him. But that’s a fake out to sucker Kofi in! Orton kicks Kofi then throws him into the post! Orton hits his pose on the ropes now while Kofi slumps out of the ring.

The ring count begins again but Orton keeps it fresh as he fetches Kofi. Orton thrwos Kofi at steel steps but Kofo stops himself! Kofi fights back with back hands and CHOPS! Kofi haymakers then goes to throw Orton. Orton blocks to then bounce Kofi off steps! The ring count passes 5 again, but Orton puts Kofi in. Orton drags Kofi to a cover, TWO! Orton still keeps his cool as he drags Kofi around. Fans duel but Orton drags Kofi up to whip into a corner. Kofi comes back with a clothesline! Both men are down and the referee starts a standing count. Both men get to corners and drag themselves up. Kofi runs in but Orton puts him on the apron. Kofi hits Orton, then springboards to ax handle Orton down! Fans fire up and Kofi fires himself up. Kofi stands and rallies with CHOPS on Orton! Kofi dropkicks and Orton goes down! But Kofi keeps moving, leaping lariat takes Orton down again! Kofi runs, for the NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop!

Kofi vows to end it now, and he takes aim from the corner. Fans rally and duel as Orton stands. Kofi spins, but Orton blocks to the back2backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Kofi gets to the corner but Orton is still calm as before. Kofi stands on the apron but Orton drags him through the ropes. Fans know what this means, but so does Kofi! Kofi tosses Orton outside! Orton clutches his leg, but Kofi runs to FLY! The Trust Fall takes out Orton! Kofi is fired up all over again while the referee checks on Orton. Kofi puts Orton in the ring and climbs up top. Orton stands, Kofi leaps, crossbody! ROLL THROUGH, TWO! Kofi gets Orton, SOS denied, and Orton dropkicks Kofi down! Cover, TWO! Orton is growing annoyed now, and he drags Kofi up by his hair. Fans keep dueling as Orton throws hands, but Kofi throws counter punches!

Kofi kicks and punches, but Orton smothers Kofi then rakes Kofi’s eyes! Orton runs but into SOS!! Cover, TWO!! Both men are down but the fans don’t stop cheering. Kofi gets up first and goes to the corner. Kofi climbs but slowly. Orton stands again, and trips Kofi up! Orton climbs up to join Kofi now, but Kofi resists! Kofi fights back, clubbing Orton on his back. Kofi headbutts Orton but Orton punches back. Orton keeps throwing hands, then climbs back up. But Kofi slips out to trip Orton up! Kofi runs, but into the powerslam! Cover, TWO! Orton is still only annoyed while Kofi goes to the apron. Orton follows after and he drags Kofi through the ropes. Classic Orton with the draping DDT! Orton soaks up the cheers and the jeers as he hears the voices in his head!

Orton dares Kofi to stand with every pound of his fist on the mat. Kofi does stand, but he rolls Orton up! TWO, and Kofi is in the corner. Kofi slips out to kick Orton back! Orton staggers away as Kofi gets back in. Kofi follows after Orton but RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Kofi survives, but even now Orton isn’t frustrated, just annoyed. Orton drags Kofi to a corner, and thinks of what to do next. Orton tells Kofi to stay put, and he backs up. Is Orton bringing THAT back?! Orton aims, runs, but Kofi dodges the punt! Kofi spins Orton, TROUBLE IN PARADISE!! Cover, Kofi wins!!

Winner: Kofi Kingston, by pinfall; still WWE World Champion

Orton’s sadistic ego gets the better of him! Kofi isn’t stupid! He’s a champion, BABYYY~! Now that the past is truly behind him, what is next for the dream come true?


The Street Profits are loving what they’re seeing!

Kofi Kingston is still the W, W, E, CHAMPION~! Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins are thinking Raw will be looking mighty fine. The King of the Ring ends, Baron Corbin VS Chad Gable! They can see it now: KING Gable, and then… CIRCLE OF LIFE~! Gable celebrates as Rikishi- No, no, Rafiki. Though Dawkins don’t mind a good stink face now and then. PAUSE! Ford keeps the metaphor going, imagining them raising Gable up high for ALL to see! Hakuna Matata, fam.

But wait. King BOOKAH!? “Here ye, here ye.” The Ruler of the WWE Kingdom, on this eve of the KOTR Finals, gives his royal declaration. Wait, King Bookah, Your Highness. Dawkins asks a favor. Can he be a knight? That’d be pretty cool if Dawkins can be all, “The Dark Knight, Sir Angelo Dawkins.” You didn’t say that. Tell Booker you didn’t just say that. Talking about stink faces and getting knighted. Both of you better get your minds right. They just got royally reprimanded! Think before you speak. Now can you dig that, SUCKAAA!?


No Disqualifications: Roman Reigns VS Erick Rowan!

After sniffing out the Big Red Herring that was just some random man with a red beard, The Big Dog forced the Big Redwood’s hand. Rowan revealed it was him, Roman! It was him all along! And not because Daniel Bryan said to, but because Rowan wanted to! Will Rowan continue to do what he wants and completely dismantle Roman? Or will the human Tree of Woe fall in Roman’s Yard?

The introductions are made, but there’s no belt to be raised, so we simply start this brutal match!

Roman rushes right at Rowan on the ramp with big uppercuts! Rowan kicks back and the brawl begins before there’s even an actual bell! They get in the ring and now things are official. Roman rains down right hands on the top rope, and gets 9. Rowan shoves him away, and gives Roman a big elbow! Roman is dazed but Rowan drags him up to throw him out. Rowan goes out to club Roman on the back, then headbutt him against barriers. Rowan whips Roman into the other barriers and kicks him down! Then he bounces Roman off the announce desk. And throws him face first! Roman staggers, Rowan whips and Roman hits more barriers. Rowan clubs Roman in the head then bounces him off steel steps! Rowan rains down more right hands, then backs up. Rowan comes running in, but only gets steel steps!

Rowan pushes the steel steps away, but Roman brings out a kendo stick! Rowan has the steps and rams Roman into the front row! Rowan tosses the steps aside to take the kendo stick. Rowan SMACKS Roman, then throws him into the trash can! Roman and Rowan continue down the way, fans getting up close with the action. Rowan has another trash can, and slams it on Roman’s back! “How’s that feel!?” Rowan wants the fans all to see the REAL Rowan now! He brings Roman around for big haymakers, but Roman gives them back! Roman uppercuts back! Rowan staggers and Roman dumps him back to ringside. Rowan staggers about some more, but Roman takes aim, for a Drive-By Dropkick! It sends Rowan into the post and falls to the floor! Roman takes a moment to catch his breath before he clears off an announce desk! But Rowan comes back to body check WRECK Roman!

Rowan drags Roman into the ring now, and rains down heavy rights. Rowan sits Roman up just to boot him back down! Fans boo but Rowan ignores them. Rowan drags Roman up and whips him to the corner. Rowan grinds his boot into Roman and doesn’t have to stop until he wants to. “How’s it feel!?” Rowan scoops Roman and slams him down hard. Rowan grins as he runs, to drop a big elbow, and then runs again for a big splash! But Rowan won’t cover, because he wants to make Roman suffer. Rowan climbs the corner and dares Roman to stand. Roman does, and Rowan leaps for a big flying shoulder! Cover, TWO! Rowan grows frustrated already, but his evil mind still has more ideas. Rowan taunts Roman before he kicks him in the ribs. “Stay down!” Fans chant, “We Want Tables!” but Rowan kicks Roman in the ribs again.

Rowan drags Roman up but Roman fights back! Roman throws uppercuts, but swings into the urenage! Cover, TWO! Rowan is getting angrier as he drags Roman back up. Rowan throws big hands and Roman ends up in a corner. Rowan clotheslines but misses, and Roman clotheslines Rowan out! Rowan stays on his feet to drag Roman out with him! And throw him into a post! Rowan starts pulling the safety pads off the LED apron, and he brings Roman over. Rowan picks Roman up, to throw fast first into the edge! Then he BOOTS Roman down! Rowan puts Roman in to cover, TWO! Rowan is furious with the referee, and fans boo Rowan. Rowan goes out and tosses the steel steps into the ring. Rowan has plans for Roman and the steps again. Roman slowly stands and Rowan takes aim. Rowan runs at Roman, but Roman gets under to fireman’s carry to a Samoan Drop! Cover, TWO!

Roman and Rowan are both down but stirring. Both men go to corners, but Rowan runs in, only to miss! Roman has the steel steps now, and smashes Rowan with them! SUPERMAN PUNCH! Cover, TWO!! Roman is surprised as Rowan escapes out of the ring. Roman gets himself out on the far side, and picks up speed going around the way. Roman LEAPS, but into Rowan’s hands! Pop-up powerbomb through the announce desk!! Rowan drags Roman up and into the ring, cover, TWO!? Roman survives and Rowan is at a loss for words! Rowan grits his teeth as he looms over Roman. Rowan drags Roman back up, tosses him back outside the ring, then throws him into the timekeeper’s area. Rowan storms his way in, clearing out space, and has the ring bell! Rowan SMASHES Roman with the bell! And that’s still not enough, as Rowan punches Roman around the way. They end up by the production area and Rowan still clubs Roman in the back.

Rowan goes to bounce Roman off equipment, but Roman stops to hit Rowan with a spare mic! Roman throws hands, but Rowan IRON CLAW SLAMS Roman through a table!! But the match can’t end outside the ring, so Rowan drags Roman up and fireman’s carries him back. Rowan goes around to the stage and dumps Roman down before climbing up on his own. Roman crawls as Rowan grabs the camera rig! Just like SmackDown! Roman grabs a pipe and SMASHES Rowan with it! Roman uses the jib on Rowan! And does it again! Rowan flounders around on stage, but Roman grins now. Roman loads up, runs in, SUPERMAN PUNCH! Rowan tumbles down the ramp, but Roman isn’t done yet! Roman fires up and lets out the battle cry, before running down, to get a BOOT! But from LUKE HARPER!? Harper has returned to help his friend!

Harper and Rowan reunite and have Roman in the ring! The fans are going nuts as Harper whips Rowan in for a big splash, Rowan feeds Roman to the DISCUS! Harper then drags Roman up for Rowan’s IRON CLAW SLAM! Cover, Rowan wins!!

Winner: Erick Rowan, by pinfall

The towering trees of darkness just took down The Big Dog! Will this bring about a new phase of destruction and doom in the WWE?


Seth Rollins finishes preparations backstage.

Charly Caruso walks up to ask Rollins how he feels. Strowman pins the loss on him, but Rollins doesn’t care what Strowman thinks. They lost the match because it’s a tag team match. But what Rollins is focused on is the Universal Championship. Rollins respects Strowman, but respectfully, it’s not Strowman’s night. Rollins slayed a beast, now he’ll slay a monster. That match finishes up the night, who will be the last champion of the Clash?


WWE Universal Championship: Seth Rollins VS Braun Strowman!

Both men have said their piece, now it’s time to see who backs it all up with actions! Will the Architect #BurnItDown? Or will the Monster Among Men #GetTheseHands on the Universal Championship?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this historic match of seemingly former tag team partners begins!

Strowman runs Rollins over right away! Then hits him in the corner with a big splash! And another! Then he scoops Rollins, but Rollins escapes to chop block a leg! Rollins kicks away on that leg, and Strowman staggers. But Strowman blocks the third kick, to flip Rollins! Rollins lands on his feet to SUPERKICK! And SUPERKICK! And SUPERKICK! Rollins climbs up, FROG SPLASH! Cover, ZERO! Rollins is shocked, but he keeps moving. No Curb Stomp, and Strowman cradles Rollins for a body slam! Strowman watches Rollins writhe to a corner. Rollins stands but Strowman TOSSES him across the way! Strowman puts Rollins in a corner to TOSS him again! Rollins stands but Strowman headbutts him right back down.

Strowman knows Rollins is tougher than this, so he throws big hands on Rollins’ ribs! And then a big uppercut! Rollins flops down into a corner, and Strowman drags him up for a headbutt. Strowman goes corner to corner, but Rollins dodges and sends Strowman into the post! Rollins springboards to hit the flying knee! Then another springboard for another flying knee! Strowman is still up so Rollins climbs again, missile- No! Strowman catches and CLUBS Rollins down! Rollins ends up outside, but Strowman goes out to come around the way. Strowman runs Rollins right over! Strowman puts Rollins in again, but Rollins rolls all the way out. So Strowman just runs around the corner to run Rollins over again! Strowman throws Rollins at barriers and Rollins ends up upside down! Strowman puts Rollins in, but Rollins again bails out. So Strowman runs in, but gets sent into the German announce desk by Rollins’ toehold!

Strowman is down and Rollins gets back into the ring. Rollins sees Strowman rising, and walking to the ring, so Rollins DIVES and sends Strowman back into the desk! Rollins gets back in, runs again, to DIVE again! Strowman topples the announce desk over! Strowman is dazed with a bloody nose, but he’s still moving. Rollins goes a third time, but is CAUGHT! But he escapes the slam to shove Strowman into steps, then SUPERKICKS Strowman onto the Spanish announce desk. Rollins gets a wild idea and goes up top. Rollins aims, but Strowman is up so fast! Strowman shoves Rollins down, but Rollins comes right back with furious hands. Strowman shoves Rollins again, then climbs, only for Rollins to be right on him! Rollins tries, but Strowman denies the superplex!

Strowman adjusts as Rollins is in the drop zone…! MONSTER SPLASH!! Cover, but Strowman can’t stay on it from his own damaged leg! Strowman crawls back to the cover, TWO!! Fans are still losing their minds over what they saw as both men are down! Strowman and Rollins stand as fans say “This is Awesome!” Strowman scoops but Rollins slips to a sleeper hold! Strowman starts to fade! Rollins squeezes tight, but Strowman finds a second wind! Strowman throws Rollins off, CURB STOMP OUTTA NOWHERE! Cover, ONE?! Rollins is in shock, but he tries a second CURB STOMP! Cover, TWO!? Rollins still can’t understand what’s going on, but he’ll just keep trying! A THIRD STOMP! Cover, TWO!?! Strowman truly is a monster! Rollins tries to figure out what to do, but he just figures one more will do it. But he runs into a scoop! But the leg gives out! Rollins underhooks, PEDIGREE!! Rollins copies The Game then STOMPS AGAIN! Cover, Rollins wins!!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall; still WWE Universal Champion

The Monster Among Men survived so much, but in the end, he was slain! Rollins nods respect to Strowman, but in the end, The Architect is- The lights are going out!! And THE FIEND has Rollins!! SISTER ABIGAIL ON THE STAGE! The Fiend has Rollins at his mercy, and puts on the MANDIBLE CLAW! The Fiend laughs and shouts, then disappears. Bray Wyatt told us what title he wanted, will he see Rollins in Hell… in a Cell?



My Thoughts:

We got a really good Clash of Champions overall tonight, though a lot of status quo was maintained. Perhaps the biggest shame was that the United States Championship was in the kickoff show, but even the kickoff show matches tonight were really good. That Triple Threat for the Cruiserweight Championship was finally a match worthy of PPV Sunday, but it went as expected with Lince taking the pin from Gulak. But it was also a nice touch for Gulak to take advantage of Carrillo’s work to further the point of the two of them needing a proper 1v1 down the line. Styles VS Alexander was a really good match, but I was more surprised that no one helped Alexander against The OC. I was hoping it would be Ricochet, given the connection in story and the synergy of styles. But maybe Styles will be the one to face the King of the Ring, i.e. Chad Gable for WWE’s usual Face VS Heel dynamics. Speaking of, we got a great moment with King BOOKAH and the Street Profits, but I guess we’ll never hear who Booker thinks wins.

The Raw Tag Team title match went as expected, in that #RoodeDolph wins. I didn’t like that it was another of those “one partner knocks other partner down” type situation, but I suppose it was so that Roode & Ziggler aren’t booked that strong as to defeat Strowman and Rollins straight-up. But now we have Heel champions so that a Face team like the Viking Raiders can finally move up. The SmackDown Tag Team Championship match was really good, as expected of the New Day and Revival. And The Revival wins to at least tease #FTRKO going completely golden, and because they really do make some history as being tag champions on all three brands in their WWE careers. They, too, are a Heel team that can allow a Face team to move up, just not sure who from SmackDown. Chances are, New Day fights their way back to a rematch and the New Day are once again in a tag team Hell in a Cell. The Women’s Tag Team match was solid, and naturally Bliss-Cross win. It won’t necessarily be to defend against Bayley & Banks as I hoped, but perhaps Bliss-Cross can help hype the NXT move to television to face some tag teams there.

The 24/7 Championship didn’t get quite what I was hoping for from tonight. They should’ve had way more segments, like during the Kickoff Show, and probably not during the WWE Women’s Tag title match. It already feels like Vince is begrudgingly using the Women’s Tag Division, so sprinkling an albeit entertaining moment was not the thing to do. I should have figured Sami Zayn would be a factor in the Intercontinental Championship match. I don’t know which is worse: Sami making Nakamura seem weaker, or Miz was oddly stronger because of it. I suppose this also wasn’t an excuse to bury Chris Jericho, the current record holding 9-Time WWE Intercontinental Champion. But something could still happen as the Draft draws closer, as perhaps part of SmackDown’s Fox debut. And then with Miz firmly champion again, the Draft puts him back on Raw, aka USA Network, so that he can still plug Miz & Mrs every Monday.

The SmackDown and Raw Women’s Championship matches were both great in their own way. Bayley VS Charlotte had a perfect ending for Heel Bayley, and I definitely did not see it coming. It was also a nice touch for Bayley to just bolt from the arena with her belt. Becky VS Sasha was very intense, and it was quite the twist for that ref to go down and for the two to go all around the arena after. This of course keeps things going for the Raw side of this story. With SmackDown going to Fox and the newest WWE Draft meant to cleanly break the rosters, I have a feeling we won’t get the Two Woman Power Trip if Sasha and Bayley can’t go after the Women’s Tag titles to be a floating team between all brands. At the same time, a rematch of Banks and Becky can happen in the month we have left, and somehow Bayley and Banks work their way to the tag titles before the deadline, but that might end up rather hectic and rushed in the booking.

I was surprised to see the WWE World Championship go third to last, and I feel it could’ve been paced a half beat faster, but it was still a good, storied match for Kofi and Orton. I really liked that Orton teased the return of the deadly punt kick, and Clash probably isn’t big enough to end #Kofimania. There’s still a chance that SmackDown’s Fox premiere involves something with Kofi, that world title, and The Beast, Brock Lesnar. Roman VS Rowan was an okay match. The No Disqualification stipulation ended up more like a No Holds Barred match so WWE seems to not know what any of these words mean anymore. But it all worked out in the end, because LUKE FREAKIN’ HARPER is back! And in a major story! First, I hope they don’t try and reference Bludgeon Brothers more than in their moves. Second, I bet this is finally where someone like Buddy Murphy or even Daniel Bryan can cycle back into the story on Roman’s side for a time.

Then the Universal Championship, that definitely felt like a parallel to Rollins VS Lesnar, or even some Roman VS Lesnar. However, for as amazing as some stuff was, like Strowman hitting a splash and surviving all of Rollins’ Curb Stomps: there was another parallel to those Lesnar matches, in that the disappointing result is what happened. This is confusing in retrospect. If you didn’t want Strowman to look tougher than Lesnar (which in my opinion he did) then why let it go this far? What redeemed the ending was the Fiend attacking to further drive home he will be after the title. Whether fans were okay with Rollins winning or not, I think everyone was excited to see The Fiend do that to him. Obviously there should be a Firefly Fun House to address this move, or at least a furious Rollins calling Bray out. And of course, their match needs to be IN Hell in a Cell, it just makes sense. Then because the Fiend is over like no other right now, he really should win and make the fans explode with excitement.

My Score: 8.6/10

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Mitchell’s WWE WrestleMania 37 Results & Report! (4/10/21)

The two night extravaganza begins!



WrestleMania 37 Coverage

WrestleMania sets sail once again!

The first of two epic nights begins, and Sasha Banks VS Bianca Belair will be its main event! Will Boss Time end as this becomes WrESTleMania?


  • WWE World Championship: Bobby Lashley w/ MVP VS Drew McIntyre; wins and
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Tag Team Turmoil: wins and will challenge Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler for the titles on night two.
  • Seth Rollins VS Cesaro; wins.
  • Steel Cage Match: Braun Strowman VS Shane McMahon; wins.
  • Damian Priest & Bad Bunny VS The Miz & John Morrison; win.
  • Raw Tag Team Championships: The New Day VS AJ Styles & Omos; win(s) and
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks VS Bianca Belair; wins and


It’s the WrestleMania 37 kickoff show!

Join Kayla Braxton, Booker T, JBL, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Peter Rosenberg in discussing, analyzing and predicting, finally back in front of a LIVE CROWD!!


The Night Panther is here!

But R-Truth keeps interrupting his commercials! Truth wants to be Old Spice Guy tho! Good thing he didn’t have his 24/7 Championship on him, Truth might’ve lost his baby tonight.


Sonya Deville joins the panel!

Fans are excited as the new assistant WWE official discusses the Women’s Tag Team Turmoil. She loves having fans back, and she has history with women’s tag team wrestling. She is ready to see what we get out of Billie Kay & Carmella. Finally, Billie has a spot! She has been selling herself, as it were, Mella finally accepted, and Billie’s just so entertaining so Sonya is ready to see that. And what of her former partner, Mandy Rose…? Well, they were a stronger team back in the day, but that was on Sonya. But she still wishes every team luck. JBL is so happy to have Sonya over Peter. Sonya doesn’t mind that.

And of course, today’s main event, Banks VS Belair. Sonya is a boss in her own right, so what does she make of Boss VS EST? Both very talented, but sometimes people get a nickname and it’s just that. The words better back up the names. Being a “boss” is more than just what’s on the surface. Like the suit? Yeah. You walk the walk, talk the talk, wear the suits. But Sonya will definitely be watching closely.


Vince McMahon is here!

He stands on stage with the superstars featured tonight as he speaks! “Throughout this pass year, our superstars performed tirelessly for all of you.” But there was something missing. And that was the fans of the WWE! As we now emerge from the pandemic, and on behalf of the entire WWE Family, Vince would like to say thank you, and welcome you back to WRESTLEMANIA!


Bebe Rexha performs America the Beautiful!


We’ve waited patiently for this moment.

“Finally…!” The biggest event in LIVE entertainment is BACK! Back with the spectacle, the excitement and the pageantry! WrestleMania is #BackInBusiness! And tonight, WWE sets sail on the high seas with epic epicness bigger than the history of history! Wait, what? Did he just say all that? That’s what was written. Okay, mate, let’s get this cold open done right. We pick up where we left off just last year. Our heroes are obnoxiously heroic as they battle for the ultimate prize: immortality. But no more tall tales, let’s get real, as the kids say. Tonight, we witness the global event that spans decades, created unforgettable moments, and has the memories we will remember forever.

But let us tip our caps to you, the fans, who made this possible. You over there, and them up there, and even those at home who “can’t not watch.” We raise the sails as fate still awaits. The course was corrected, the wind cannot be stopped, and the quest continues! Now how’s that? Impressive. But where’s the big finish? That’s cold open 101. Good point. Pyro montage! “Welcome back… to WrestleMania!”


There’s a rain delay!?

It seems Tampa wants to tease us by keeping things stalled a little longer.


Backstage interview with Shane McMahon.

How is he feeling after that moment on stage? Goosebumps, of course! Being back with LIVE fans, Shane is pumped! He’s going for the knockout on Braun. But what is his problem with Braun? Shane’s just poking fun is all. But he’s been more or less bullying him. What? How? What did he say? He said he was stupid. Well, Braun turned out not so stupid because a steel cage is a great choice. Shane is using is noodle to figure out what to do to Braun while he’s in there. Shane does have experience in that match. And the Monster Among Men is big, but shouldn’t Shane pick on someone more Shane’s size? Sure, maybe, but when the opportunity is there, he has to do it.

Bobby Lashley & MVP interrupt but Shane doesn’t mind, He lets them have their time. MVP says the time for talk is over. This is the crowning moment for Lashley and the All Might Era! No words can convey what is going on. The only language Lashley can speak right now and that Drew McIntyre can understand right now is VIOLENCE. MVP has said it before, the WWE World Championship changes you! McIntyre will agree with that because he has had that title and wants it back, but that isn’t happening! MVP told McIntyre that it’s over at Mania, and that McIntyre would lose his dignity, lose consciousness and lose the match. But McIntyre storms over to get in their face!

You want to go now, McIntyre?! MVP keeps the peace because this match will happen soon enough. McIntyre says Mother Nature can’t save Lashley. If they have to fight backstage, they will! McIntyre will not be stopped! MVP tells Lashley to stay calm, referees hurry over to keep this from getting any more heated, but that’s hard to do. McIntyre wants Lashley to keep that energy up. Sarah now asks McIntyre how he’s feeling. McIntyre is at a 10, he is just trying to keep his emotions in check. But last year, in the Performance Center, his first shot at the world title, he won it. McIntyre lost it for a few weeks, go it back.

But now to fight in the first match with live fans, if it’ll happen now, McIntyre is just fired up with MVP’s crap. WrestleMania or not, McIntyre just wants to drop Lashley’s ass! This WILL happen tonight!!


Kevin Patrick interviews the New Day.

They’re ready BABYYY~! People in the building has them excited! This feeling is hard to understand until you feel it! Even before Kevin was here! Kevin is happy to see these two against AJ Styles and Omos. But why? Because they’re fighting champions! Kevin had to be watching! The New Day fights the best. Omos & Styles might still not be registered, this might not happen. Oh they did? Then let’s go! Woods has felt Omos’ force but he is not afraid! Woods and Kofi have always been this size, so there are guys bigger, but they signed up for the titles! It doesn’t how big Omos is, how great Styles is, but the New Day has beaten every single other team! They cannot hang!!

OMG Big E!? Big E is THE Intercontinental Champion and he’s gonna do work on Night 2! Big E says we’ll see what makes these two one of the greatest tag teams ever!! You will see two men at their very best, so consider yourself BLESSED! Woods feels delivered! Kevin gets it, right? Yes, he does.


Backstage interview with Braun Strowman.

He has his steel cage match with Shane, but what’s he feeling? he’s just ready to do this. He isn’t doing this just for himself but for every person who has been bullied and called worthless! Braun is ready! Shane’s made the bed, he’s gonna lay it in, Braun will beat Shane within an inch of his life so let’s GO! Braun is in the best shape of his life, Shane has made a mistake getting into this. You can only poke a bear so much before it bites you. Braun is proving that bullies don’t win! You will see Braun stand over a corpse tonight, and we will be praying Shane can still breathe after tonight!


Backstage interview with Bianca Belair.

The EST’s first title match is at WrestleMania, in the main event! Where is she emotionally? Nervous, but that means she cares, just like she said on SmackDown. Yes, she’s against The Boss, she is all that, but Bianca doesn’t run from competition but runs to it. She is going to put the EST in The BEST, and will put it all on the line. And the best part? The fans are here! Bianca is going to do this not just for her, but for the world! Making #Herstory!


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins!

Mike- Er, Kevin, welcome! Your first Mania! Rollins is fired up as it’s just a wild night already. But given what’s happened since his return, with disrespect from Cesaro and the swing- MIKE. KEVIN. LISTEN. We don’t have to go over all that. You just had to bring up Cesazzlo. But that’s fine, and Rollins has wanted to address it. Since coming back, week after week, Zassoro has disrespected Rollins. Why? Maybe to use Rollins as a springboard into the potential that he’s been wasting. When the storm clears, the moon and stars will all shine on SETH FREAKIN’ ROLLINS, because he IS the NEW Mr. WrestleMania! And he’ll prove it again with the match of a lifetime when he trounces that joke Sazzaro in Raymond James Stadium! Have a great night Mike-Kevin. My Kevin? Hyphen it to Mi-Kevin.


Backstage interview with The Miz & Morrison.

They say they don’t need luck, because they have skill. You can tell a lot about a man from the company you keep. And Bad Bunny hanging out with Damian Priest means they’re scum. The fun and games are over. This isn’t the Super Bowl, the Grammy’s or SNL. This is WRESTLEMANIA! And you are up against the ONLY TWO-TIME Grand Slam Champion, and the Mayor of Slam Town, the Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century! *Stare off into distance* #BeJealous!!


The hosts of WrestleMania are here!

Titus O’Neil and Hulk Hogan walk out on stage! Titus starts by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Raymond James Stadium!” Welcome to Titus’ city of Tampa Bay! Rain, sleet, snow, it doesn’t matter! The WWE Universe has the energy we’ve been wanting for a whole YEAR! For one year, one month and a day, for the first time, we’re #BackInBusiness live! Not just that, Brother Titus! They need to hear ya! Titus says alright. Let’s try this again. For the first time in one year, one month and a day, WE ARE BACK IN BUSINESS, LIIIIIVE!!

Tampa gets loud to join in and Hogan says, “Let me tell you something, Titus!” We’re making history tonight, tomorrow night and even right now, with their very first match in front of the WWE audience, brother! But not just any match! They are kicking off with aggression, violence and the WWE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! And it’s the All Mighty Lashley and his dangerous Hurt Lock! If he gets the neck of a 747, he could break it! But McIntyre’s Claymore could kick the faces off of Rushmore in just one go! Then there’s one question to ask, Titus! Whatcha gonna do when Titus WORLDWIDE~ and ALL the Hulkamaniacs-

Whoa whoa whoa, and what about the two nights!? We’ve got TWO NIGHTS! And then ALL the Hulkamaniacs, run wild on you!?


WWE World Championship: Bobby Lashley w/ MVP VS Drew McIntyre!

The Chief Hurt Officer tried but failed to remove the Scottish Warrior from the equation, and now he will pay for it! Will McIntyre become a three-time world champion in the span of just one year?

The introductions are made, the title is raised, and this All Might WrestleMania Weekend opening contest FINALLY begins!


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Andrew’s Impact Hardcore Justice Results & Match Ratings: 4.10.2021

Tommy Dreamer is the Executive in Charge of Wrestling! E-C-Dub! Hardcore Justice kicks off! Does Deonna Purrazzo end Jazz’s career?



Tommy Dreamer is the Executive in Charge of Wrestling! E-C-Dub! Hardcore Justice kicks off! Does Deonna Purrazzo end Jazz’s career?

We have the major story of Jazz putting her career up, but the rest of the card is a bunch of ECW style throwbacks. Charily Legal is one of my favorite dumb names for a Chairs match. Blind Games had an amusing set up, and the whole X Division mystery tag could be fun.

I’m curious if we’ll get any old school ECW performers on this PPV aside from Dreamer and Jazz. So let’s see where Impact’s WrestleMania week show goes!


  • Mystery Partner Triple Threat Tag Match: Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs TJP & Fallah Bahh vs Josh Alexander & Petey Williams: Alexander wins via Ankle Lock w/Grapevine – *** ¾
  • Chairly Legal: Shera vs Hernandez: Shera wins via Rohit Chairshot – **
  • Doc Gallows w/Karl Anderson vs Black Taurus w/Rosemary & Crazzy Steve: Gallows wins via Double Hand Sitout Chokeslam – ***
  • Crate American Bash: Johnny Swinger vs Matt Cardona: Cardona wins via Radio Silence – ***
  • Open Challenge: Sami Callihan vs Sam Beale: Callihan via Package Piledriver – N/A
  • Blind Games Match: Brian Myers vs Jake Something: Jakes wins via Blackhole Slam – ** ½
  • Number 1 Contender: Knockouts Hardcore Gauntlet: Rosemary vs Tenille Dashwood vs Jordynne Grace vs Alisha Edwards vs Havok vs Su-Yung: Tenille wins – ***
  • Title vs Career: Knockouts Championship: Jazz vs Deonna Purrazzo (c): Purrazzo retains via Cosa Nostra – *** ¼
  • Hardcore Wars: Team Dreamer (Tommy Dreamer, Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann & Willie Mack) vs Team VBD (Eric Young, Rhino, Joe Doering & Deaner): EY wins via Piledriver – *** ½



Mystery Partner Triple Threat Tag Match: Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs TJP & Fallah Bahh vs Josh Alexander & Petey Williams

This was a crazy fun match where TJP and Fallah faced the Canadians for a good bit of the match, which is perfect strategy from the heel team to let the others try to gas themselves out. Fulton gets to put on a little bit of a show, as he does more athletic set ups for charges and corner attacks than we’ve really seen from the big man.

TJP and Petey had some fun interactions, as did most of the X Division sized wrestlers. Fallah and Fulton took turns taking each other out, and allowing the X Division guys to shine against one another. Fulton had some fun displays of power where TJP was on his back and he still Chokeslammed TJP and Alexander at the same time. Just a lot of fun crazy action that rarely stopped moving.

TJP went for the Mamba Splash on Josh Alexander, but Alexander got the knees up. Petey hits a Canadian Destroyer on TJP. Attempts one on Fallah, but that’s not really smart. Petey moves before the big man drops down on him, which allows to Alexander to take advantage and lock in the Ankle Lock for the win over Fallah.

Chairly Legal: Shera vs Hernandez

This was the usual power guys with weapons kind of match. Chairshots, chairs in the corners, suplexes on piles of chairs. Just the usual fun things in a hardcore match, but it wasn’t exactly captivating. The rub came in when Rohit slides into the ring, lays out Hernandez with a chairshot and then tells Shera to pin him.

Shera and Rohit seems to have an understanding now.

Doc Gallows w/Karl Anderson vs Black Taurus w/Rosemary & Crazzy Steve

Taurus is reeling for a lot of this match. Gallows tosses him around, hits a few Big Boots and Anderson makes his presence felt a bit through the match. Black Taurus manages to comeback a little bit using his agility mixed with the fact he’s not a small guy.

A 619 and Crossbody give Taurus an opening, but due to Karl’s general interference, Crazzy Steve not being overly effective; Gallows catches Taurus after a distraction, Double Handed Choke Bomb and Taurus is done!

The Good Brothers try to gain some traction before the FinJuice rematch.

Crate American Bash: Johnny Swinger vs Matt Cardona

A mystery crate match with a fun reference of name! Given that Swinger is involved there’s a solid bit of gimmick. Swinger goes to some of the crates to find toys. A Scott Hall picture gets pulled out, a Rat Trap is in the second crate (which yeah, that’s funny as hell given that he uses older lingo and has talked about rats before), the third one Cardona opens and doesn’t reveal, while Swinger finds knuckles in the last crate. When Swinger tries to use them, Cardona hits Radio Silence and we’re done!

The match was entertaining just a lot of gimmicks and references. After winning the Swinger-ellas look shocked and Cardona walks away with the third crate, just smiling and never revealing what’s in it. IF it’s the damn wad of money again…sheesh they need to end that.

ImpactPlus Flashback Moment: Hardcore Justice 2010: Sabu vs RVD w/Bill Alfonzo

Good use of acknowledgment since nWo and RVD got inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this week. Impact tends to use their old footage fairly well.

Open Challenge: Sami Callihan vs Sam Beale

Let’s be aware, this whole match was to enhance the story between Sami and Trey. Beale was abused, bitten and had joints stretched. He nearly pulled off the upset with a flash Small Package, but we knew where this was all going.

He fought hard, but this match wasn’t about him. Sami eats his lunch and the match is over. Nice to see Sami got a workout in.

Blind Games Match: Brian Myers vs Jake Something

The match was amusing watching them stumble about trying to find each other. Some random stuff and few weapon strikes make things odd. Myers bumps the referee, lifts the blindfold, beats on Jake a bit and then drops the blindfold to make it seem like he didn’t cheat.

Before Myers can finish things, Cardona’s music hits, and he walks out with the crate. Cardona distracts Myers a little, slides the crate to Something, Something cracks the crate over Myers’ head and action figures spill out. Blackhole Slam, and then Jake wins.

While the match was awkward, the finish was great. This should kick off Myers finally accepting Cardona’s challenge.

Number 1 Contender: Knockouts Hardcore: Rosemary vs Tenille Dashwood vs Jordynne Grace vs Alisha Edwards vs Havok vs Su-Yung

Okay so let’s work with the abridged version since this was a cluster. Susan comes out first, and then gets demon attacked and become Su Yung. Tenille NOPES out of the entire ring early as Havok and Rosemary look elated to get Su back.

Alisha tried at multiple different times in this match and wasn’t terrible, she even pulled out her own Kendo Stick, Kendra, Kenny’s wife. As she goes off with stick, Su Yung grabs her and takes her to the back. So maybe Alisha will succumb to darkness or something.

Havok and Jordynne go back and forth in a solid exchange, then as Havok goes to the top rope, Nevaeh appears, throws some pocket sand at Havok and Havok crashes to the mat. Kaleb pulls out Jordynne Grace, hits a Superkick and Tenille pins Havok for the win! Pocket Sand and Superkicks!

Title vs Career: Knockouts Championship: Jazz vs Deonna Purrazzo (c)

Jazz opens up quickly with a Spinning Back Kick, drops Deonna but only for an early 2 count. Deonna retreats to the ropes, manages to grab Jazz’s arm and starts working in the technical heel shortcuts. Arm Wringers, Stun Guns, Launchers into the ropes, and just staying on top of working Jazz over on the mat.

Jazz eventually fights out of the corner, and puts a few moves together. An X Factor gets Jazz a near fall, and Deonna finally starts getting frustrated. Some timely strikes open up Deonna’s defenses, but Deonna stems the tide. Paradise Lock in the ropes gave Deonna an edge guarding advantage. She caught Jazz with a few shots, forcing Jazz to come back in through a flurry of kicks and stomps.

Jazz fights through one last time, hits a few strikes, a Samoan Drop and looks to finish things, but Deonna catches her, floats through and attempts the Fujiwara. Jazz fights out to the ropes and Deonna gets mad and says she’s ending this, Deonna sets up her Gotch Style Piledriver known as Cosa Nostra, lands the move and ends Jazz’s career!

Hardcore Wars: Team Dreamer (Tommy Dreamer, Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann & Willie Mack) vs Team VBD (Eric Young, Rhino, Joe Doering & Deaner)

So with Dreamer getting jumped in the back and the doctor says he’s not cleared, we all get to go into the tank and think of fun replacements. Deaner and Eddie start off, and we continue where the IMPACT! match left off, since Deaner has done a great job reinventing himself.

Rhino is next in typical team fashion where the heels keep the early advantage. Willie Mack evens things up, Doering dominates a few people, Rich makes a big push actually equalizing Doering even though he’s smaller to help get across his ability leading towards the Omega match. Then we get to the end, where EY gets the troops together to take over, and the final for Dream Team is…Trey Miguel…vomits in my mouth, of all the things, it could’ve been Sabu or anything else…ugh.

Trey does some things that looks stupid, then we get to a Tower of Doom variation. I don’t like Tower of Dooms, but the fact we have Willie, Rich and Eddie trying to suplex EY, then Doering Triple Powerbombs them, taking EY over as well. So it makes Doering look great. Doering puts Eddie on a table, looks to drop an Elbow from the apron, but Trey hits a Meteora into Doering, as they crash through Eddie and the table.

VBD triple team Willie, Willie fights the good fight for a moment, but then the numbers catch up EY Piledrivers Willie and VBD win.

So Trey continues to underwhelm, which is nice for the Sami story. Maybe Sami can make him stop sucking. It’s a tall task…but who knows.


Overall Score: 6.75/10

Well we knew the only really big aspect to this was if it was going to be Jazz’s career or the crowning of a new Knockouts Champion, but the rest of the show was definitely entertaining. Though some of the in-ring action was lacking at times, finishes were fun, the way the stories fed into each other worked well and I was generally amused by how the show went off.

Jazz’s career coming to an end is a little bittersweet, but the fact she was going to retire a little unceremoniously a few months ago, lends a little importance to this run since she got a tad bit more exposure than just peacing out in obscurity after dropping the NWA World Women’s title.

So there we go, fun show, people that needed to be protected were, a new number 1 contender for the Knockouts title and VBD got a much needed win.

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Mitchell’s WWE WrestleMania 37 Results & Report! (4/10/21)

The two night extravaganza begins!

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Andrew’s Impact Hardcore Justice Results & Match Ratings: 4.10.2021

Tommy Dreamer is the Executive in Charge of Wrestling! E-C-Dub! Hardcore Justice kicks off! Does Deonna Purrazzo end Jazz's career?

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