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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (9/18/19)

From the WWE Network to the USA Network, and back again!



NEW NXT Coverage

Is NXT’s new era truly Undisputed?

To open a new chapter in NXT’s legacy, The Velveteen Dream defends the North American Championship against Roderick Strong LIVE!



  • NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way: Mia Yim VS Bianca Belair VS Io Shirai VS Candice LeRae; LeRae wins and will challenge Shayna Baszler for the title.
  • Sean Maluta VS Cameron Grimes; Grimes wins.
  • NXT North American Championship: The Velveteen Dream VS Roderick Strong; Strong wins and becomes the new NXT North American Champion.
  • Pete Dunne VS Arturo Ruas; Dunne wins.
  • Aliyah w/ Vanessa Borne VS Xia Li; Li wins.
  • Kushida VS Denzel Dejournette; No Contest.
  • WWE Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Oney Lorcan VS Lio Rush; Rush wins and will challenge Drew Gulak for the title.
  • Street Fight: Killian Dain VS Matt Riddle; No Contest.


“There are moments in life when everything changes in the blink of an eye.”

Tonight, don’t blink. Because tonight, you will see this isn’t just the future, this is now. This is something special. This is passion. This is pride. This is undisputed! This is NXT! “Now let us show you.” Triple H walks out on stage to the roaring Full Sail crowd! Wednesdays are forever changed as NXT is truly and absolutely LIVE!


NXT Women’s Championship #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way: Mia Yim VS Bianca Belair VS Io Shirai VS Candice LeRae!

Four of the best compete for a second chance at the champion, Shayna Baszler! Will the animosity between Head Baddie in Charge and EST reignite? Or will it pale in comparison to what the Evil Genius and Mrs. Wrestling have brewing between them?

Candice wants right at Io but the ref keeps the peace, until the bell rings! Then Candice and Io brawl while Mia and Bianca do the same! Candice backs Io down while Bianca throws Mia out. Candice then runs, but gets run over by Bianca! Bianca scoops Candice up and into a military press! She drops Candice hard, then handsprings to keep Io out, and moonsault on Candice! Cover but Mia break sit fast. Mia jumps on for a guillotine but Bianca powers out to a suplex! Cover, but Io breaks that! Io has Bianca by her hair, and whips, but Bianca reverses, so Io uses that to Tiger Feint Mia off the ropes! Io blocks and counter punches Bianca, then dodges Candice to mule kick her away! Springboard missile dropkick to Bianca! Cover, TWO! Io keeps her cool as she drags Bianca around.

Bianca endures Io’s cravat but Mia comes in to shove Bianca into Io. Then she uses Io for the kickstart into a tornado DDT on Bianca! Cover, but Candice returns to break it! Candice throws hands and CHOPS on Mia while Io and Bianca bail out. Candice fires off on Mia,t hen runs in for a big back elbow! Candice slips out to facebust Io on the apron! But Bianca scoops and TOSSES Candice to the ramp! Bianca drags Candice up but Mia DIVES onto them both! Fans rally for “NXT!” as Io climbs! ASAI onto Mia and Candice! All four women are down on the outside and Full Sail fires up as we go to break!

NXT returns with all four women concentrated on one corner. Bianca is up and resisting Mia’s superplex, but Io climbs on to try and German Suplex Mia! Candice crawls over to get up under Io! TOWER OF DOOM!! German Superplex Powerbomb combination! Full Sail is thunderous as all four women are down again! Fans rally up as the four women slowly rise. Candice goes at Io, tilt-o-whirl Iron Octopus! But Mia BOOTS Candice down! Bianca SPINEBUSTS Mia! Io underhooks, Butterfly Backbreaker for Bianca! And once more, all four women are down on the mat! Full Sail cheers as all four women slowly stir. Io goes at Candice but gets a Snap German! Bianca scoops Candice and pops her up, but Candice wants the Reverse-Rana! Only to get inverted Alabama into buckles! Mia fires off on Bianca, CODE BLUE!! Cover, but Io breaks it up!

Io gets Mia in a waistlock but Mia standing switches. Io switches back, but Mia elbows free. Bianca double SPEARS them! Bianca drags Candice up in a torture rack, KISS OF DEATH! Cover, but Mia breaks it just in time! Mia gives Bianca Protect Ya Neck! Bianca bails out, Io dropkicks Mia out! Now the Evil Genius has Candice all to herself! Io runs in corner to corner, METEORA! Then she steps on Candice before going up again, but Mia shoves her onto Bianca! Mia climbs up now, but Candice trips her up! Candice and Mia fight up top, and Mia slips down. Candice resists the bomb, but Mia turns it into an Electric Chair. POISON-RANA! Springboard, LIONSAULT! Cover, Candice wins!!

Winner: Candice LeRae, by pinfall; NEW #1 Contender to the NXT Women’s Champion

For the first time, Candice gets a chance at that title! And best of all, it’ll be a revenge match that’s been a long time coming! Will Mrs. Wrestling finally be Candice Champion?

But to ruin the celebration, Shayna and the Horsewomen walk out to mockingly applaud and congratulate Candice. Shayna holds up the title, then stares Candice down. Candice doesn’t back away, despite being surrounded. Will Candice be able to dethrone the Queen of Spades despite the stacked deck?


Adam Cole speaks.

“There’s only one man who deserves to hold the gold. And that man…” is Adam Cole BAYBAY! That is undisputed. But will Roderick Strong fulfill Cole’s prophecy here tonight?


NXT reviews the truly titanic match between Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic.

The Limitless and the Colossus clashed in a truly superhuman super heavyweight rematch, but that match isn’t even the end! They will finally have round three next week!


NXT reviews what led to tonight’s Street Fight.

The Northern Ireland Nightmare made his return to NXT targeting the King of Bro Style. But that brawl wasn’t enough for either man. A fight on a TakeOver and a fight all over Full Sail was just the beginning, but who survives when there are no rules holding them back?


Sean Maluta VS Cameron Grimes!

The Unwanted Savage returns from his Evolution to test himself on NXT’s live debut. But he has to test himself against a Breakout Tournament finalist in the technical savage! Will Maluta have his own breakout here tonight? Or will the #CountryCaveman grind him down to the bone?

The bell rings and Maluta runs at Grimes, but gets the double stomps!! Grimes covers, Grimes wins!!

Winner: Cameron Grimes, by pinfall

Record setting and mind blowing! Clearly Maluta is a million years too early to beat this modern day savage. Will Grimes run through the rest of the roster in his hunt for a second chance?


The Experience has received a Strong message.

To get the attention of The Velveteen Dream, the Savior of the Backbreaker set the beloved Velveteen Couch ablaze! Dream says that if Roderick Strong thinks Dream’s North American Championship reign is going to go up in flames, Strong is lying to himself. Strong wants to see if Dream is ready for a 1v1 experience. Dream quotes Hunger Games: If the Dream burns, Strong will burn with him. #DreamOver, but will the Purple Reign make it through the fire and the flames?


Damian Priest will return.

“This is the stage where my name lives forever.” When will we see the Archer of Infamy take aim at glory?


NXT North American Championship: The Velveteen Dream VS Roderick Strong!

The Undisputed Era’s prophecy of gold is one step away from being fulfilled! The Experience could not ignore the Savior of the Backbreaker burning his beloved Velveteen Couch, but he will be damned if his most precious possession is taken so easily. Will this be the night the Purple Reign ends?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the spotlight is on this #UndisputedDream match!

Dream and Strong circle as the fans duel. Dream slaps away Strong’s hands but Strong keeps going. Strong gets Dream in a corner, gets a leg, then a waistlock, but Dream counters with a facelock. They keep going around and Strong gets Dream in a corner. Dream turns it around but backs off to check his hair. Strong follows but Dream is in the corner now. Strong backs away, and starts scrapping with Dream again. Strong gets the takedown but Dream counters to a facelock. Strong gets an arm but Dream turns it around. Dream wrenches and wraps Strong in a chinlock. Strong slips right out to get a hammerlock, but Dream spins and kips up. Dream whips but Strong goes up and over. Things speed up and Strong hurdles Dream to hold ropes. But Dream still clotheslines Strong out! Fans fire up as Strong gets right up, but Dream drops down to dare Strong to bring the fight. Fans fire up again as we go to break.

NXT returns and Strong powers out of a headlock. Dream runs Strong over, covers, ONE! Dream runs Strong over and tries again, ONE! They keep going and Dream plays games with Strong. Strong chases Dream but gets swatted! Dream swivels his hips then dropkicks again! Cover, TWO! Strong whips but Dream elbows him away. Dream hops up to drop an ax handle! Strong bails out but Dream climbs again, for a BIGGER ax handle! Dream drags Strong up and puts him in the ring. Fans cheer as Dream climbs but Strong shoves him down! Dream hits barriers, and Strong goes out to fetch him. Strong gives Dream a back suplex to the barriers! Dream writhes but Strong drags him back up. Strong puts Dream in the ring but Dream bails out the other side. Strong wrecks Dream with a dropkick! Fans fire up and duel as Strong flexes.

Strong taunts Dream as he drags him up, to ram into the apron! Dream writhes but Strong kicks him in the ribs! Strong puts Dream in and powers him to a cover, ONE! Strong goes after the arms but Dream fights him back. Strong turns Dream over for a chinlock, looking to make it a sleeper. Dream rolls around but Strong holds on. Fans rally and duel as Strong squeezes. Dream pops up to a cover, TWO! Dream is free but Strong kicks him back down! Strong kicks Dream in the ribs again, then pulls him up by the hair. Strong puts Dream in the corner to CHOP! Everyone heard that one. Dream is stinging but Strong CHOPS him again! Strong clubs Dream down, then drops a big stomp. Dream writhes but Strong taunts him. Strong puts Dream in a camel clutch but Dream pops out. Strong kicks Dream and rolls him to a cover, ONE, but Strong has an arm again.

Strong has Dream in another chinlock but fans rally up. Dream jawbreakers free! Strong staggers but gets Dream with a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Strong tries with ropes, but the ref says no! Dream gets away but Strong has him with a half nelson. Dream elbows free, but Strong knees low. Strong lifts Dream for another backbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Dream escapes but barely, and Strong grows frustrated. Strong has Dream up and trips Dream to turn him. Dream resists, so Strong catapults. Dream stops himself to go for a Cloverleaf! Strong shoves Dream out hard, and then Strong runs to wreck- No! Dream dodges and shoves Strong into steel steps! Both men are down now, clutching their spines. NXT goes to break as both men writhe.

NXT returns again and Strong fires off forearms and chops in the corner. He hoists Dream up top then climbs up to join him. Dream hits back with haymakers but Strong rocks him. Strong drags Dream up but Dream fights back. Dream and Strong are throwing body shots and haymakers. Dream fires off again and again and sends Strong down! Dream leaps to hit another ax handle! Dream is rallying with heavy hands! He whips but Strong reverses, only to get kicked and SUPERKICK’D! Cover, TWO!! Strong survives and Dream can’t believe it. But Dream fireman’s carry rolls to get Strong up. But Strong slips out to shove. Dream comes back, rolls Strong up, TWO! Dream has Strong for the DREAM-DT! Cover, TWO!! Not even the sidewinder was enough! Full Sail keeps cheering on as Dream gets himself to a corner. But Strong bails out the far side, so Dream has to hop down and change corners.

Strong goes at Dream but Dream fires haymakers back. Strong resists being brought back in, but Dream resists being brought out. They end up on the apron, Dream fireman’s carries but Strong slips out. Dream throws more hands but Strong KNEES hard! Dream is hanging in the ropes now, and fans declare “This is Wrestling!” Strong underhooks and drags Dream in, but Dream powers out to get away. Dream SLAPS Strong, but Strong KNEES back! Strong has Dream on the ropes, and traps him in them! Dream kicks but he can’t reach Strong. “You did this to yourself!” Strong goes side to side for endless elbows! Another backbreaker, to a TIGER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Into Strong Hold! Dream endures being twisted as Strong sits down deep! Dream powers up, reaches, goes around the ring, screams in pain, but gets the ropebreak!!

Everyone is going nuts, and here come the rest of the Undisputed Era! Cole, O’Reilly and Fish are shouting at Strong to end this! Dream and Strong start throwing haymakers, and Dream rocks Strong over and over! Dream whips, back drops Strong, and sees he’s surrounded. Strong uses that distraction to throw Dream into the ref! Strong drags Dream up but Dream gets Strong, DREAM VALLEY DRIVER! Cole and O’Reilly get in, they get a SUPERKICK and a haymaker! Strong KNEES again! To END OF HEARTACHE!! Cover as the ref revives, TWO!?! And no one can believe it! Strong drags Dream up again, but Dream gets him again, DREAM VALLEY! But now Cole aims at Dream SUPERKICK! O’Reilly distracted the ref from seeing that! END OF HEARTACHE AGAIN! Cover, Strong wins!!

Winner: Roderick Strong, by pinfall; NEW NXT North American Champion

And the Undisputed Era has made their prophecy come true! By hook or by crook, they are #DrapedInGold! Cole, Fish, O’Reilly and Strong celebrate, but this was just beginning of NXT’s new era! Will NXT now and forever be Undisputed?


Switch to the WWE Network for the rest of this first-ever TWO HOUR NXT!

This second hour continues right where the first left off: the Undisputed Era celebrates making their prophecy a reality! The Dream’s reign is over, but is THE Undisputed Era truly beginning?


NXT makes a HUGE announcement for the Women’s Championship!

After Candice LeRae’s incredible victory earlier tonight, and the heated stare down between her and Shayna Baszler, we will see these two face off for the title! Will the Queen of Spades keep her throne in this new chapter of NXT? Or does a new chapter bring about a new champion?


Pete Dunne VS Arturo Ruas!

The Bruiserweight continues in his return to NXT in pursuit of making even more history than he already has. But the battle-tested Brazilian is ready to test Dunne, what will we get out of both men on this already incredible night?

The bell rings and Dunne circles with Ruas. They feel out the other as fans rally. Ruas moves with the capoeria stance, then gets a leg! He gets Dunne down but Dunne blocks with his legs. Dunne facelocks and goes around with Ruas to go around for a half nelson. Ruas slips out to get a waistlock but Dunne turns around. They end up on the ropes and Dunne lets off. Ruas leaps for a flying scissors takedown, to an armbar! Dunne slips out for his own armbar! Ruas gets away and the two stand off. Fans cheer and even Ruas seems to enjoy this. But Dunne hits him with a big right! Ruas comes back with his own and now they brawl! Ruas knees low then grabs Dunne around the shoulders. Dunne stomps feet and powers out. Things speed up and Dunne CLOBBERS Ruas with that clothesline!

Ruas goes to a corner but Dunne is on him with a wrench. Dunne tortures the fingers, bends Ruas’ arm on the mat, and stomps it! Ruas writhes but Dunne goes after the arm again. Ruas resists but Dunne bends the arm around again. Dunne goes to stomp again but Ruas gets clear! Ruas bobs ‘n’ weaves and throws body shots. Ruas knees hard, cartwheels to kick! Fans cheer Ruas as he rains down rights on Dunne. Dunne covers up but Ruas covers him, TWO! Ruas watches Dunne and stomps him around. Ruas grabs Dunne’s hand now and bends fingers. He jams the hand into the mat! Dunne gets a taste of his own medicine as Ruas goes after the hand again. Fans rally up as Ruas kicks away on Dunne’s chest. Dunne CHOPS Ruas back! And again and again and again! Ruas kicks a leg out, and then drags Dunne up by his hair. Dunne catches the kick to torture the toes! Dragon screw takes Ruas down!

Fans rally for the Bruiserweight as he and Ruas stand. Dunne throws kicks and hands, then whips. Ruas reverses but Dunne goes up and over to enziguri! Dunne German Suplexes Ruas away, to then stomp both hands! Buzzsaw kick! Cover, TWO! Ruas lives but gets another Buzzsaw! Dunne lifts Ruas, X-Plex! Cover, TWO! Ruas is rocked and Dunne is determined. Fans rally up as Dunne kicks out Ruas’ arm. Dunne grabs both arms for Danielson Stomps! Then a triangle hold! Ruas endures, stands, but Dunne flips him away! Ruas comes back with an Eddie Gordo kick! German Suplex to bridge, TWO! Dunne survives and Ruas grows frustrated. Ruas watches Dunne slowly rise, and he brings him the rest of the way. Dunne kicks from the mat, but Ruas leaps for a knee! Ruas cartwheels and dropkicks but misses! Enziguri from Dunne rocks Ruas, into an X-Plex Triangle! Ruas again gets up, but Dunne has his finger! Dunne SNAPS the fingers, then wrenches away on the wrist! Ruas taps, Dunne wins!

Winner: Pete Dunne, by submission

The Bruiserweight breaks down another opponent, and is rising in the ranks of NXT! And he just shrugs like it’s no big deal. But will Dunne do even more damage on his way towards new titles?


Dakota Kai is coming back!

The captain of Team Kick has recovered from her injuries, and she’s ready to kick things up a notch! Can Kai make up for lost time as she returns to NXT?


Aliyah w/ Vanessa Borne VS Xia Li!

The bougie half of this snobbish alliance battles the spicy martial artist. Both women look to make their own impacts in the NXT Women’s Division, but who will really be the “lower” ones on the ladder?

The bell rings and Xia ties up with Aliyah. Xia headlocks, but Aliyah powers out. Xia headstands then goes to the apron. Aliyah runs in but gets kicks! Xia rolls in and dropkicks Aliyah down! Fans fire up while Vanessa coaches Aliyah up. Aliyah runs in but Xia gets her in a waistlock. Aliyah standing switches and reels Sia out to kick and pie face her! Aliyah grabs hair but Xia jawbreakers free! Xia baits Aliyah into the corner, does the splits and sweeps the legs! Aliyah gets up but gets decked! Fans fire up more with Xia, but Aliyah dodges in the corner. Xia goes up, and up again, but Aliyah disrupts the jump. Xia gets up fast to still kick Aliyah down, but Aliyah comes back again. Xia shoves, boots and eggs Aliyah on. Xia boots again, then back heel kicks! Full Sail is feeling spicy with Xia as she stomps the mat. Xia sweeps Aliyah’s legs, runs, and tornado kicks Aliyah down! Cover, Xia wins!

Winner: Xia Li, by pinfall

Now that was spicy! Will Xia only grow stronger as NXT enters its new era?


Kushida VS Denzel Dejournette!

The Time-Splitter made a big impact on 205 Live, now he’s here to make NXT’s new chapter even better! Will the Super Junior keep rolling and rising in the ranks?

But before Kushida can make his entrance, IMPERIUM is here?! Alexander Wolfe leads the way from the crowd as he, Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner flank the ring! And they go right at Denzel! He’s 3v1 against them, and gets a German Suplex from Wolfe! Fans chant, “We Want Walter!” but Aichner trash talks in Italian while Barthel climbs up. Aichner lifts, Barthel leaps, EuroUpper Bomb! Wolfe and Aichner kick Denzel out as fans asks, “Where is Walter?” Imperium stands together, as WALTER appears! The Ring General joins his soldiers in the ring, and Full Sail is losing their minds! Walter takes to the mic to say, “We are Imperium! And to us, this mat is sacred!” Imperium is here to restore the honor and tradition of this sport. From this day forth, those who disrespect that tradition will answer to him.

But here comes a man to defy Walter already! Kushida has a mic to say, “This is MY time. Now your time belongs to me.” Wolfe rushes Kushida but get a kick! Barthel gets tossed out and Aichner gets a boot! But Walter grabs Kushida for a sleeper hold and toss! Walter drags Kushida up but Kushida pops out of his jacket to calf kick Walter! Kushida slips away from Imperium, and says he wants Walter! William Regal and Johnny Saint will have to discuss this GM to GM, but how could they say no to such an international instant classic?


WWE Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Oney Lorcan VS Lio Rush!

The Boston Brawler got cheated a second chance at the title by Drew Gulak himself, but perhaps the third time is the charm. Meanwhile, the Man of the Hour is back in action after a bit of a time-out, as it were. Which young and hungry Cruiserweight will get a golden opportunity to defy the Law of 205 Live?

The bell rings and fans “Welcome Back!” Rush. But then Lorcan blasts him with an uppercut, and then a back elbow, and then another! Oney keeps moving, BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Lio lives but Lorcan powers up again. Fans rally up as Lorcan grabs Lio. Half ‘n’ Half gets an arm-drag, and Lio handspring kicks Lorcan away. Then he DIVES! Lio keeps moving, and DIVES again! But he won’t stop, he DIVES for the hat trick! Fans fire up with the faster than a hiccup piece of Gold, and he puts Lorcan back in the ring. Lorcan goes to a corner and Lio hits a fast forearm smash. Lio fires more, then whips. Lorcan reverses but Lio goes up and over. Things speed up, which is saying something, and Lio huricanranas Lorcan, to then Matrix, mule kick and enziguri! Cover, TWO! Fans are fired up for this showdown as Lio looms over Lorcan. Lio throws kicks a la the A-Lister, or perhaps the Planet’s Champion.

But then Lorcan catches one to dragons crew Lio! Lorcan CHOPS Lio in the corner, then CHOPS again! Lorcan whips corner to corner and Lio hits so hard, he ends up half outside! Lorcan EuroUppers Lio until he flops back onto the mat. Lorcan drags Lio up and suplexes him to hang him out on the ropes. And then another EuroUpper sends Lio tumbling down! Fans cheer as Lorcan waits for Lio. Lio stirs as the ring count begins, and stands at 4. Lio flounders to the apron and in at 5. Lorcan drags Lio up with a gut wrench and then carries him around, before hitting a sit-out powerbomb! Cover, TWO! Lio lives but Lorcan keeps his focus. Lorcan looms but Lio throws body shots. Lorcan welcomes the punches as Lio continues. Lio chops but Lorcan gets Lio right in a Half Crab!

Fans duel as Lio endures. Lio powers up and turns, but Lorcan holds tight. Lio still slips around and kicks with his free leg. Lorcan lets go and Lio stands, but Lorcan CHOPS him again! Lio flops against ropes but Lorcan brings him up for a fast scoop slam! Cover, TWO! Lorcan grimaces as Lio checks his leg. Fans duel again as Lorcan circles Lio. Lorcan whips Lio and CHOPS him again! Lio falls back but Lorcan won’t let up. Lorcan brings Lio up, Lio fights back, but Lorcan CHOPS him again. Lorcan whips but Lio rebounds to a STUNNER! Cover, TWO!! Lorcan lives and Lio can’t believe it! Fans argue “That was Three!” but Lio just drags Lorcan to a drop zone. Lio hobbles up and climbs to the top rope. Lio aims, leaps, but has to land on his feet as Lorcan dodges. The leg jams, Lorcan lifts, but Lio fights out. Lio’s leg slows him down and Lorcan kicks and boots him! Lorcan lifts, POWERBOMB! Half Crab again!

Lio endures as Lorcan sits deep! Fans duel, Lio turns over and pushes Lorcan away. Lio mule kicks, but his heel kick gets caught into another Half Crab! Lorcan sits deep, fans duel, and Lio drags himself, only for Lorcan to drag him away! STF! Lio is trapped, Lio is fading, but gets a second wind! Lorcan keeps it as a normal crossface, but fans chant “Fight, Lio, Fight!” Lio reaches and gets the ropebreak with a leg! Lorcan lets go but feels a bit frustrated. Lorcan powers up and prepares his hand like a weapon. He glares at Lio as Lio drags himself up. Lorcan grabs Lio by his face, but Lio avoids the slap! Lio lights Lorcan up with fast palm strikes of his own! Forearm, but the back hand misses. Lorcan shoves, blocks the boot, Lio SLAPS Lorcan! Now the Fury of 205 Live is unleashed! He SLAPS and SLAPS and SLAPS Lio! Lio wobbles, but gets Lorcan in a SPANISH FLY!! Fans are loving this as Lio heads up top again! Dragon’s Call splash! Cover, Lio wins!!

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall; NEW #1 Contender to the Cruiserweight Championship

Don’t call it a comeback, Lio’s been doing this for years! But as much as he toughed it out tonight, will Lio have a piece of gold of his own?


Street Fight: Killian Dain VS Matt Riddle!

The Nightmare returned to NXT out of nowhere, to take the fight to the Original Bro. But not even a senton crashing them both through the stage was enough for Beast or Bro. And now, things have escalated to this very match! What happens when there is nothing holding these two back from breaking each other?

The bell rings just moments before Dain hits Riddle with a shotgun dropkick! Dain stomps away on Riddle as they go around the ring, then hauls him up for a fireman’s carry. Riddle slips out and hits a German Suplex! But Dain is right up, so Riddle throws him with an Exploder! Fans rally but the Broton gets knees! Dain slips out and tosses off his vest before going to fetch something from under the ring. He has a kendo stick, but Riddle counters that to a Pele! Riddle fires up now and uses the kendo stick to SMACK Dain! Dain is reeling but Riddle runs over. Dain tosses Riddle into the crowd! The kendo stick is a souvenir, but Dain takes it back to SMACK Riddle again! “You want a senton?!” Dain drops one on Riddle!

Now they end up going behind the curtain, and Dain rains down rights. Riddle chops and punches back, but Dain throws him into a door! Dain opens that door, the Forgotten Sons make a cameo, and Dain swings the door closed at Riddle! But Riddle holds it off with all his might! Riddle kicks Dain then pushes him through. The Forgotten Sons cheer this fight on as the two end up going outside. NXT crew and other superstars are seeing this as Dain TOSSES Riddle into the truck trailer! Riddle founders and Dain clubs him towards the picnic tables. Walter is surprised this fight has come around as Riddle waistlocks Dain. Riddle wristlock ripcords Dain for a Bro Trigger! Dain topples into the table and that sets Walter off! Walter goes after Riddle!! The rest of Imperium help mug Riddle, but the Street Profits save the Bro! The Forgotten Sons get their shots in, but even Sean Maluta, Danny Burch, Raul Mendoza, Angel Garza, Babatunde, and Pete Dunne spill into the fray! It is CHAOS backstage!

Riddle fights off Jaxson Ryker, but then Dain stalks up behind them both. Dain throws Ryker while Riddle gets away. Dain goes after Riddle and they brawl back towards ringside. Full Sail is loving this as Riddle kicks Dain. But that brawl is spilling over into the arena! Fans are loving it all! Riddle and Dain end up back in the ring, and Riddle SPEARS Dain! Security jumps in to stop the actual competitors? They should be going after the chaotic mess outside! But Riddle roundhouses and German Suplexes the guards off of him! Chase Parker and Matt Martel go after Dain, but Dain powers them away. Dain headbutts Mansoor and tosses Ryker again, Imperium goes after Riddle, and everyone else just brawls as they please! Dain does his best to get back at Riddle, but Aichner drags Riddle out of the ring. Dain clears the ring while a cluster has formed at the ramp. So Dain decides to FLY!! Big Damo bowls everyone over! Full Sail loses its mind as everyone around is down for the count! If this is just the start to NXT’s new chapter, what madness is in store for the WWE Universe next?



My Thoughts:

What an incredible night for NXT! Not even being split in half from USA Network on television to the WWE Network online affected the flow of things. Two hours of NXT is quite literally like getting two episodes in a row, and that’s just a good thing no matter how you look at it. Triple H gave us an awesome introduction, and it was clear that the Full Sail from the prerecorded episodes translates directly to being live. Even the filler in these two hours was great! Well, maybe not Grimes VS Maluta, that was the nastiest squash match ever. But the shock factor was still good for Grimes, he’ll surely get more play as NXT as a whole adjusts. Aliyah VS Xia was great, and I was surprised to see Xia win clean when Vanessa was right there. But that’s a great sign for Xia Li, she might be rising up slowly but surely.

Dunne VS Ruas was a great match, Ruas is getting great showings even in defeat. And of course, Dunne is going strong as I assume he’ll be going after Roddy Strong soon. Dream VS Strong was incredible, even with the Undisputed Era interfering. It was classic Undisputed Era to do that, too, and of course it helps bring about their goal of all having gold. Now the major appeal for NXT will be to see how long the Undisputed Era remains golden. Especially with another foursome deciding to crossover as Imperium attacks and meddles with Kushida’s schedule. Kushida VS Walter is a dream match-up only a few probably even thought of, and now it can happen with NXT! At the same time, is it too much to think we could get WarGames III with Undisputed Era VS Imperium for complete dominance between both NXT brands? Not that all titles have to be even in the match at this point, it would just be about seeing who is the undisputed best faction in NXT today.

The Cruiserweight #1 contender’s match being here is both a great move to give us even more great content in the second hour, but also an indicator that perhaps 205 Live as a show might end and the Cruiserweight Division as we know it becomes part of NXT. There has already been great crossover between brands as superstars like Kushida, Angel Garza and Isaiah “Swerve” Scott have appeared on 205 Live, and moving the Cruiserweight title to a TakeOver would actually give those matches the time they deserve. If Lorcan VS Lio was this great, I can’t wait to see Gulak VS Lio in that clash of styles.

And I already sense what WWE is doing making a huge Women’s Championship match for the October 2nd episode <cough> AEW TNT premiere </cough> but Candice winning the Fatal 4 Way was amazing, and we finally get to circle back to her story with Shayna Baszler from almost a year ago. One way to get some buzz while countering AEW is to crown a new Women’s Champion just as AEW is planning to. Plus, who better to finally give Shayna some comeuppance than the legitimately beloved Candice Wrestling? Similarly, that is why Dijakovic VS Lee III is happening on October 2nd, so that fans will feel torn about seeing how that rivalry finishes up compared to things building on AEW’s side. The biggest surprise tonight might’ve been how Riddle VS Dain turned into just the most insane brawling segment NXT has ever given us. Riddle VS Dain before that was great, and then it was incredible to see so many seemingly random superstars get involved with that fight. The fact they haven’t let Riddle and Dain settle things for sure is a sign this might build all the way to WarGames III for an amazing grudge match to open the show to really fire fans up.

My Score: 9/10

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