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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (9/4/19)

Is it Jordan Myles’ time to truly break through?

NXT has a stacked card for a packed night!

Jordan Myles cashes in his Breakthrough Tournament title shot on THE NXT Champion! Will he Shock Adam Cole’s System by ending his reign?



  • Breezango VS Chase Parker & Matt Martel; Breezango wins.
  • The Velveteen Dream VS Kona Reeves; Dream wins.
  • Bianca Belair VS Taynara Conti; Belair wins.
  • NXT Championship: Adam Cole VS Jordan Myles; Cole wins and retains the NXT Championship.


It’s time to break through!

Jordan Myles may be smiling, but he’s not joking. He’ll challenge the self-proclaimed “greatest NXT Champion of all time” for the top title in all of NXT! Will the living anime action hero be able to damage the Undisputed Prophecy? Or will Adam Cole still be #DrapedInGold?


Breezango VS Chase Parker & Matt Martel!

The sirens are blaring, what are you wearing? The Fashion Police are back on patrol but they’re taking it serious because they’re on a roll! But will the good times roll against these boys from up north?

The teams sort out and fans are fired up for Breezango. Fandango starts against Martel. They tie up and go around, and Martel gets Fandango in the corner. Martel lets off but kicks low and wrenches Fandango to the corner. Tag to Parker and Parker throws hands. Parker wrenches and whips but Fandango reverses. Parker sunset flips but Fandango flails and swivels those hips. Fandango punches and drops the leg! Then swivels some more! Tag to Breeze and Breeze snap suplexes Parker down. Cover, TWO, but Breeze whips Parker for a big forearm. Breeze whips Parker to a corner and hits another forearm, then lounges up top. Parker gets mad at Breeze, but misses in the corner. Breeze wrenches but Parker hits hard.

Tag to Martel but he runs into a dropkick and an arm-drag! Breeze wrenches the arm for a keylock, but Martel endures. Martel fights up and tags to Parker. Martel whips Breeze into Parker’s knee! Parker rains down rights then covers, TWO! Parker gets Breeze into a keylock, and fans rally up for Breeze. Breeze powers his way up but Parker whips, Breeze forearms Martel with that momentum! Then Breeze enziguris Parker down! Breeze crawls but Parker falls to anchor the legs. Fans rally up but Martel helps Parker drag Breeze back. Parker grinds Breeze’s arm but Breeze fights up. Breeze reaches, gets free, hot tag to Fandango! The Lord of Dance rallies on Parker with lariats and CHOPS! Fandango whips and powerslams Parker! And one for Martel!

Fans fire up with Fandango as he suplexes Parker to a Falcon Arrow! Tag to Breeze and Breeze grabs Parker by his legs. Fandango tags back in just before Breeze catapults Parker up into Fandango’s forearm! Parker falls back, Fandango slingshots for the elbow drop! Fashion Faux Pas! Cover, Breezango wins!

Winners: Breezango, Fandango pinning

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And just like that, another victory for the dynamic and well-dressed duo! Will they keep rising up the ranks to add some fashionable gold belts to their ensembles?


NXT Media met with Keith Lee and Jordan Myles as they arrived earlier today.

The contract has been signed and tonight is the night. How is Myles feeling about his NXT Championship match? Excited but nervous. He has the opportunity of a lifetime tonight, so when the music hits, the confidence comes in. Lee wants Myles to keep his chin up. He’s already at this point after only a couple months, he deserves to have confidence. Will Myles be feeling it when he has his match with Adam Cole BAYBAY?


Io Shirai attacks Candice LeRae in the parking lot!

The Evil Genius is beating Mrs. Wrestling down with a kendo stick! Security and referees pull Io off Candice but that doesn’t get rid of her rage! What will it take for Candice and Io to finally settle things?


Cameron Grimes vents his frustrations.

The Breakthrough tournament finalist bangs his fists on the wall as he repeats, “I didn’t win! I didn’t win!” Grimes didn’t win the tournament, he didn’t win the title match contract. It’s all he wanted to do, come into NXT and be right at the top. But Grimes is at the bottom. He is better than the bottom. His goal is to claw his way up to the top, to be a champion, to be THE champion. Grimes calms himself down and puts his hat back on before leaving the back lot. Will Grimes keep that #CountryConfidence going and get back to where he wants to be?


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The Velveteen Dream VS Kona Reeves!

The Experience wants a fresh experience for his NXT North American Championship, and is daring the entire roster to try something. Will The Finest be that thing the Dream wants? Or are not even the finest things enough to satisfy Dream?

The bell rings and Kona grins at Dream. Fans are on Dream’s side as he circles and ties up with Kona. Dream headlocks but Kona powers him to a corner. The ref calls for the break and Kona backs off. Dream swipes at Kona, but Kona takes offense. Kona brags that he’s The Finest, but Dream just makes kissy faces. Kona goes at Dream and they go around on the ropes. Kona has Dream in the corner again but backs off. Dream shoves Kona and poses at him. Kona goes to punch but gets a kick. Dream headlocks but Kona powers out. Things speed up and Dream dropkicks Kona to a corner! Dream whips corner to corner but Kona reverses. Dream elbows back and Kona staggers, but Kona stops the kick to give the Finest BOOT back!

Kona throws haymakers and Dream is reeling. Kona gives another Finest BOOT to knock Dream down! Now Kona is upset and dares Dream to get up. Dream holds ropes to deny the whip, and then SLAPS Kona across the face. Kona throws a haymaker and Dream flops to the apron. Kona drags Dream up by his hair and through the ropes. The ref backs Kona off, but Kona just runs to the side to boot Dream down again! “Look at me, Dream! Look at me! They know it: I’m the Finest!” Fans boo in disagreement, but Kona yanks Dream up by his arm for haymakers. Dream gives haymakers back! They have the Finest brawl, but Kona whips. Dream kicks back and clotheslines Kona down. Dream starts rallying, and whips Kona corner to corner. Kona reverses again but Dream goes up and leaps for ax handles! And then shoves Kona hard into buckles!

Dream runs in but Kona puts Dream on the apron. Dream hits back and slingshots to sunset but Kona sits on it! Kona has the ropes but gets caught! The ref reprimands Kona and Kona argues with her. SUPERKICK from Dream! Another SUPERKICK! Dream beckons Kona over, and gives him a Dream Valley Driver! Cover, Dream wins!

Winner: The Velveteen Dream, by pinfall

The Finest falls to the Experience! Will Dream find the fresh and intriguing opponent he longs to have?

But wait. Strong calls Dream from the Titantron. The spotlight was on Strong, that Strong needed to do something to get Dream’s attention. That he needed to prove he was ready for a 1v1 Experience. Well he’s ready, but the question is: is Dream ready for having a 1v1 match with Strong? Dream loves attention, and he has Strong’s attention. Does Strong have Dream’s attention yet? Because Strong has set the Velveteen Couch ON FIRE! Will Dream avenge his favorite piece of furniture while proving Strong is not worthy of fulfilling the Undisputed Prophecy?


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Is Shayna Baszler ready for the brutality?!

Because just as she was about to claim true dominance of the NXT Women’s Division, the inaugural NXT UK Women’s Champion came calling. Rhea Ripley wants to make history by becoming the first woman to have held both UK and USA titles in their career. And to test the waters, Rhea and Shayna have a match next week! Will the Queen of Spades survive the Riptide?


Bianca Belair VS Taynara Conti!

The Mosh Pit Kid may be coming for the top spot on NXT, but the EST and Realest Black Belt aren’t going to be left in her wake. Will Bianca or Taynara come out on top with the title scene still in question?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up and Bianca powers Taynara right to a corner. The ref counts and Bianca lets up to blow a kiss. Taynara comes back to tie up but they go into another corner. Bianca backs off but Taynara shoves her! So Bianca shoves back. Taynara puts Bianca in the corner to forearm and monkey flip to a cover, ONE! Taynara rams knees into Bianca then hops on for an armbar takedown, but Bianca stops it halfway! Taynara sunset flips, TWO, and Bianca runs her over! Bianca runs but Taynara dodges, only to get run over again. Cover, TWO! Bianca whips Taynara to a corner but Taynara reverses. Bianca goes up and over and handsprings across the way to then go up and over Taynara again! Then Bianca dropkicks Taynara down!

Fans fire up as Bianca kips up. Tayanra dodges to monkey flip! But Bianca lands on her feet! Only to run into a drop toehold into buckles. Taynara grinds Bianca’s face in the ropes, but fans rally for the “EST! EST!” Bianca holds ropes but Taynara KICKS Bianca in the back. Cover, ONE, and Taynara puts a chinlock on. Fans rally again and Bianca fights her way up. Taynara clubs and judo throws Bianca down. Then Taynara rolls through, but her boot misses! Bianca rolls Taynara up, TWO! Bicycle BOOT from Taynara rocks Bianca! Cover, TWO! Taynara rains down angry rights but Bianca pushes her away. Taynara is furious as she runs in for double knees! Then a knee trigger! Taynara brings Bianca around for a hanging armbar! The ref counts and Taynara lets go by throwing Bianca out! Taynara aims from the apron and LEAPS, to be CAUGHT! And then thrown in a Fall Away Slam!

Both women take damage from that one as Bianca clutches her elbow. A ring count begins and climbs up to 5. Both women stir at 6 and stand slowly. They both get in at 9! And then run at each other! Bianca throws Taynara down with a facebuster! And then clubs away on Taynara’s back! Bianca stomps, handsprings and moonsaults onto Taynara, then kips up again. Fans are fired up as Bianca brings Taynara back up. Bianca suplexes, but Taynara slips out to shove. Bianca goes up and over, handsprings and runs in to forearm smash! Then torture rack, to the KISS OF DEATH! Cover, Bianca wins!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by pinfall

The KoD helps the EST get one more win in NXT! But will she be back at title contention as things are heating up again?

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Johnny Gargano will return!

Questions have been swarming around Johnny Wrestling and his future in NXT. The Triple Crown Champion will return NEXT WEEK to address what his future in NXT and WWE will be!


NXT General Manager, William Regal, has an announcement.

“Ladies and gentlemen, in two weeks on this show, we will have a #1 Contenders Triple Threat” to name Shayna Baszler’s next challenger. It will be Mia Yim, Bianca Belair and Io Shirai that fight for a golden opportunity. Who gets one more shot at Shayna and the NXT Women’s Championship?


NXT Championship: Adam Cole VS Jordan Myles!

The Breakthrough tournament winner was warned not to waste his golden opportunity on a match with the Panama City Playboy. But when you have a golden ticket to the top, you use it! Will Cole keep his promise to ruin Myles’ career? Or will tonight be the night that immortalizes Myles’ career?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and fans are already dueling with the bell!

Myles and Cole approach and circle. They tie up and Cole puts Myles in a corner. Cole backs off and Myles keeps his smile. Myles and Cole tie up again, and Cole waistlocks to a headlock to a takeover. Myles works against the hold and bridges to avoid a cover. Cole just grins as he grinds Myles, but Myles gets up to his feet. Myles powers out but Coles runs him over. Things speed up and Cole sees Myles’ jump coming to get the headlock takeover again. Myles endures and gets back up, but Cole puts him in a corner. Cole lets up to whip Myles corner to corner, and sees Myles planning to go up and over. Cole gets Myles in yet another headlock takeover! Myles endures the grind all over again, but fans rally up. Myles stands up one more time, powers out, and things speed up. Myles leaps and drops under to hip toss Cole to an armlock!

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Now Cole endures but gets up fast. Cole arm-drags but Myles keeps that arm for a hammerlock. Myles splashes the arm, then grabs it again. Cole puts Myles in a corner, backs off, but kicks low! Cole wrenches and whips but this time Myles does go up and over to roll under and dropkick Cole down! Cole bails out and the ref keeps Myles back. But Myles just goes up and over but misses his apron kick. Cole yanks Myles of the apron! Myles crashes to the floor, and Cole brings him back up to throw into a post! Myles bounces off face first, and Cole soaks up all the cheers and jeers. Cole refreshes the count to put Myles in the ring. Cole bumps Myles off buckles to throw forearms and stomps in the corner. Cole drags Myles up to whip corner to corner and hard! Myles flops to the mat and Cole smirks. Cole drags Myles up but Myles hits back. Myles throws forearms then whips but Cole reverses to send Myles face first into the ropes!

Cole stomps Myles over and over but the ref backs him off. Cole comes back to drag Myles up and yank him around. Cole drops knees then rains down rights. He wraps Myles up in a headscissor, but fans rally and duel. Myles kicks and reaches for ropes, but Cole won’t let up. They roll and Myles gets the ropebreak. Cole holds on until 4 before he lets go. Cole trash talks Myles and kicks Myles around. “You think you deserve an NXT Championship?” Myles swipes at Cole but Cole pie faces Myles down. “Give me your best.” Myles throws body shtos but Cole slaps him down. Cole eggs Myles on and Myles hits back. Cole forearms Myles but Myles gives it back. They trade forearms back and forth, and then Myles dodges to jab away. Myles dodges again to rock Cole with a rally of rights! Myles handsprings then sweeps the legs! Basement dropkick sends Cole out! Myles slingshots and the “Thunder Dolphin” splashes down!

Myles puts Cole back in, then climbs up high. Myles leaps for a big crossbody! Cover, TWO! Myles keeps his cool as he waistlocks Cole. Myles deadlifts but Cole elbows out and goes to enziguri. Myles ducks that and deadlifts again to the German Bridge! TWO, and Cole hurries out of the ring. Myles builds speed but Cole slips in to BOOT Myles down! Cover, TWO!! Myles survives getting caught off guard and fans duel again. Cole drags Myles up and into a fireman’s carry. Myles fights out but Cole PELES! Then backstabber! Cover, TWO!! Myles survives again and Cole grows frustrated. Cole goes up top and dares Myles to get up. Myles does and avoids the Sunrise, to then kick and elbow. Myles hops up but Cole SUPERKICKS the legs out! Cole has Myles in a Figure Four! Full Sail echoes with “WOO~” as Myles endures the legendary leg lock.

Myles reaches for ropes but can’t quite get there. So Myles works to roll things around, and they go around to other ropes, Myles gets the ropebreak! Cole lets go but the damage has been done. Cole drags Myles up and to a corner. Cole puts Myles up top and throws forearms before climbing. Myles resists so Cole throws body shots. Myles still resists and throws more body shots. Myles sends Cole down with a forearm, then LEAPS, into a BOOT! Cole brings Myles, Last Shot 1.0! Cover, TWO!? Myles survives and Cole is furious! Cole gets to his feet as fans rally up again. Myles crawls and Cole takes aim. Cole runs in but Myles sends him out, triangle dropkick sends Cole down! Myles hurries out but Cole puts him in. But Myles just goes back to the apron for the Penalty Kick!

Myles gets Cole in quick but Cole bails out the other side. Myles just DIVES, Naruto ninja style! Myles puts Cole in, leaps, FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!! Cole survives and Myles can’t believe how close he was! Fans are fired up as Myles puts Cole back in the drop zone. “This is Awesome!” as Myles climbs again. Myles smiles and 450’s but rolls through. He blocks the kick to sweep the leg, SUPERKICK for Cole! Myles hops up again, 450 splash gets knees! The Midnight Star was denied! Cole crawls and fans rally up again. The knee pad comes down, but Myles dodges the last Shot 2.0! Roll-up, TWO and Myles ends up on the apron. Myles spring-steps in, SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK to the back! LAST SHOT 2.0!! Cover, Cole wins!!

Winner: Adam Cole, by pinfall; still NXT Champion

The Breakthrough was broken and the Undisputed Era’s charismatic leader keeps his title! Is the #DrapedInGold Prophecy still inevitable?

As for Myles, he may have lost the match, but he still has the fans behind him. Will he find a new path back to a golden opportunity?

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My Thoughts:

A really great episode tonight. Again, very little time wasted for the action, as Breezango has a really fun match against Martel & Parker. The new entrance and music with the new gear all work with the new attitude, and depending on what the Street Profits do towards those NXT Tag Team Championships, I could see Fandango & Breeze getting to the titles in time for WarGames. The Triple Threat to give each of Shayna’s previous challengers a second chance is obviously to hold over until Rhea Ripley is a more dedicated part of NXT USA, which might be by the time NXT is on USA Network. Bianca gets a great win over Taynara tonight, and Io beats the crap out of Candice, but I feel like Mia finds a way to win so that she gets her second chance, since the other two have had multiple matches already. At the same time, Rhea VS Shayna is coming, and so if Rhea wins, she also ends up a contender, and this could pit Rhea against Mia for a moment.

Grimes’ promo was definitely interesting. It makes sense that he’s frustrated, and that he’s ambitious, but it will take a bit more than this for us to properly understand his character. Dream VS Kona was a pretty good match, but naturally Dream wins because it was Kona. But what a move for Strong to set Dream’s couch on fire! This has to set up for a match within the next month, maybe even on that USA Network premiere. For all I know, the USA Network premiere ends up the night the Undisputed Prophecy comes true just to make the hype worth it. Gargano showing up to address his future will be an interesting moment. I swear if Shane Thorne shows up to start a thing with him like I dreaded… But that aside, what a great match for the NXT Championship! Myles did great even though he lost, but that was the natural outcome for having it happen on just a normal episode of NXT. Myles will certainly be a champion but perhaps not while the Undisputed Era is around.

My Score: 8.3/10


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