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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (9/11/19)

TakeOver: Cardiff is revisited in the main event!



NXT UK Coverage

TakeOver: Cardiff is revisited in the main event!

The Grizzled Young Veterans managed to politely ask for a “fair” 2v2 rematch for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships, and Johnny Saint granted their request. Will Zack Gibson and James Drake end the Welsh rockstars’ reign already?



  • Imperium VS Danny Jones & Harry Green; Imperium wins.
  • Jordan Devlin VS Ashton Smith; Devlin wins.
  • Tegan Nox VS Shax; Nox wins.
  • NXT UK Tag Team Championships: Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster VS The Grizzled Young Veterans; Andrews & Webster win and retain the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.


Imperium is still in Cardiff!

NXT UK still takes over Wales as the Ring General leads his soldiers to the ring, still holding the WWE United Kingdom Championship. The fearsome four stand together on the sacred mat as fans boo and jeer, “You Still Suck!” Marcel Barthel takes the mic as fans sing for Tyler Bate. “Our arrival in NXT UK was necessary.” Their champions, just like this nation, “is a symbol of weakness.” The UK may not see why they need Imperium, but they will learn, accept and respect Imperium’s rules, Imperium’s teachings, and Imperium’s way of life. Alexander Wolfe says Imperium is here to protect the honor of the mat and of this sport! Fans chant for British Strong Style as Wolfe continues. If the fans reject Imperium, they will endure pain and suffering. The fans troll Wolfe with “Who are ya?! Who are ya?!” and “SAnitY! SAnitY!”

Walter speaks now, saying at TakeOver: Cardiff, he disposed of Tyler Bate! Imperium disposed of British Strong Style! There is no one left to stand up to Imperium’s “supreme athletes.” The fans must accept that this is the future. Walter is THE WWE United Kingdom Champion, and this is the Era of Imperium! But wait, who is this coming out? Cardiff’s own Danny Jones and Harry Green! They’re here for their match against Imperium’s Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner!


Imperium VS Danny Jones & Harry Green!

The moment Jones and Green hit the ring, Barthel and Aichner hit them! Aichner tosses Green out while Barthel stomps away on Jones! The referee pulls Imperium off and checks on Jones. Jones wants to continue, despite having noodles for legs. The bell rings and Barthel fires off on Jones in the corner! Barthel lets up at the count of 4 but comes back for more! Barthel lets up at 4 again, then brings Jones up for a big right hand! Jones staggers but Barthel whips him corner to corner hard. Barthel runs in to hit a big uppercut, then a half hatch suplex! Barthel runs to hit a Penalty Kick, and then loom over Jones. Fans boo as Barthel drags Jones up by his hair. Tag to Aichner, and Imperium mugs Jones in their corner. Aichner toys with Jones, but fans rally up, only for Aichner to clothesline Jones back down.

Aichner still toys with Jones as he kicks him around. Aichner scoops Jones up for a standing backbreaker, then another! Jones writhes while Aichner dusts off his hands. Aichner taunts Green then brings Jones up for a scoop and TOSS! Green tags in and Aichner dares him to bring the fight. Aichner just knees Green low and puts him in the Imperium corner for a CHOP! Tag to Barthel, and Imperium mugs Green now. But Green fights back! Fans fire up as Green boots, only to miss his enziguri, into a wheelbarrow flying DDT and a toss! Barthel sees Jones trying to come back, and he grabs Jones by the hair. Fans rally up as Barthel throws Jones out. Jones gets stuck in the ropes, Imperium meets at the corner with dropkicks! Barthel then drags Green up and slaps him around, but Green is little more than a rag doll. Aichner tags in and Barthel climbs as fans boo. Imperium combines for the European Uppercut Powerbomb! Cover, Imperium wins!

Winner: Imperium, Aichner pinning

The absolute power of Imperium continues to roll through NXT UK. Is it only a matter of time before all submit to their rule?

But wait. Walter spots Jones getting back up, so he CHOPS him back down! Wolfe puts Jones in a headlock to stand him back up. Walter runs for the Wäscheleine aus der Hölle, the clothesline from Hell! Imperium proves their point about suffering and pain. Will there ever be a team that dares defy them?


NXT UK Media catches up with Sid Scala.

The Assistant GM stepped back into the ring against Kassius Ohno, but he feels Ohno was “somewhat underhanded.” However, after talking with Johnny Saint, a rematch has been set! Sid tells Ohno that Ohno talking about being the greatest British style wrestler will be tested. For the first time ever, this match will be a British Rounds Match! Sid promises that this time, he’ll be ready. Will Sid prove the Wrestling Genius that he’s been wrong all along?


Jordan Devlin VS Ashton Smith!

The Irish Ace didn’t get to be part of TakeOver: Cardiff, but he was victorious all the same against the Lucky-Yin. Will he continue to be successful? Or will he get WOOP’d by the Prestige of Manchester?

The bell rings and Devlin circles with Smith. They tie up and Devlin wrenches Smith to a wristlock. Smith spins through to reverse the wristlock, but Devlin rolls and handsprings to break free and SLAP Smith! Smith glares at Devlin and punches back! And gives EuroUppers! Smith rallies with shoulders and clotheslines, then whips Devlin to ropes. Devlin sunset flips but Smith stays standing to bring Devlin up! Smith dropkicks Devlin down! Smith whips again and tosses Devlin with a back drop! Devlin bails out and fans fire up for Smith. Smith brings Devlin up but Devlin hotshots him away! Devlin stomps Smith around then rains down rights. “Who’s the man!?” Cardiff doesn’t think Devlin is yet. Devlin CHOPS Smith then shoves him to ropes. Smith rebounds and Devlin forearms him in the back! Devlin clamps on with a seated abdominal stretch as fans rally and duel.

Smith fights his way up but Devlin throws body shots. Smith hits back but gets thrown with a urenage! Standing moonsault gets knees! Smith throws big forearms and EuroUppers! Smith whips Devlin corner to corner, then runs in for a big knee! He keeps moving to shotgun dropkick Devlin down! Fans fire up again as Smith gets Devlin up. He pops Devlin up to a Death Valley Driver! Cover, TWO! Devlin survives but Smith keeps his focus. Devlin goes to a corner and Smith runs in, but Devlin elbows back. Devlin hops up, but leaps into Smith’s arms! Smith has strength to pop Devlin up for a big suplex! Cover, TWO! Smith grows frustrated but he doesn’t let up. He brings Devlin up and turns him around, but Devlin fights out of the dragon sleeper. Devlin gets to a corner and Smith stands up. Fans rally as Smith runs in, only for Devlin to dodge and slingshot to a cutter! Cover, TWO!! Smith survives and Devlin grows frustrated.

Devlin gets back to the corner to climb up. Smith comes up behind to anchor Devlin. Devlin clubs away and Smith backs off, Devlin MOONSAULTS, into a SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!! Smith won’t let up now, he drags Devlin up and runs, into a SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!! Devlin is shocked but Cardiff is loving this! Devlin grits his teeth as he drags Smith back up for fast kicks to the face! Smith resits but the DEVLINSIDE still gets him! Cover, Devlin wins!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by pinfall

The Irish Ace is still aces, but when and where will he get what he wants? When will Devlin be a contender?


Backstage interview with…?

Well, it was supposed to be Toni Storm but Radzy and the rest of the NXT UK locker room hasn’t seen her since her loss at TakeOver. But Nina Samuels walks in to take the available spotlight. She is a little offended that Radzy and the NXT UK fans are still distracted with the “spectacle” that was TakeOver. That was already two weeks ago, and therefore the past. Therefore, we need to move to the future. And the future is Nina Samuels. Will Samuels take the spotlight in the absence of Toni Storm? And what will new NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray have to say about this?


NXT UK takes a closer look at the coming British Rounds Match.

Kassius Ohno says it is mind-boggling that it takes an American to give us the best British style wrestling. We heard Sid Scala take offense to this and we of course know their rematch will be under this special stipulation. Nigel McGuinness says British Rounds matches are staples of British wrestling. William Regal, Robbie Brookside, Johnny Saint, they all attest to the legacy of this style of match. It is a chess game. There is a pedigree. For those who have never seen it will surely have a hard time keeping up.

But what are the rules of a British Rounds match? There will be no less than SIX three-minute rounds, with only 30 seconds to recover between each round. To win, you must gain either: two pinfalls; two submissions; a knockout; or be ahead on a combination of falls at the end of the final round. You may get the advantage at one point, but then the break will just take it away. This will surely be something modern fans will learn to enjoy. But the question is: will the Wrestling Genius survive a test of this difficulty? Or will he learn what it truly means to wrestle the authentic British style?


Tegan Nox VS Shax!

Wales welcomes back their hometown hero! The girl with the Shiniest Wizard is back in action, but will he return be rained on by the dapper daughter of darkness?

The bell rings as fans cheer “Welcome Home!” for Tegan. Tegan offers a handshake to Shax, but Shax SLAPS Tegan! So Tegan ROUNDHOUSES Shax back! Tegan scoops Shax to throw her overhead! Shax scrambles up, but she gets the Shiniest Wizard! Cover, Tegan wins!

Winner: Tegan Nox, by pinfall

Fast as a flash, Nox knocks Shax out! Will Tegan make this comeback even more triumphant?

But to rain on the parade, it’s Kay Lee Ray! “That’s it, everybody put your hands together for the returning hometown hero.” Fans cheer for Tegan but KLR reminds us that she is the NEW NXT UK Women’s Champion. But then she noticed something a little odd. No one wanted to talk about it. They just wanted to talk about the little girl with the shiniest wizard coming back. Cardiff agrees as they cheer for Tegan again. But KLR tells Tegan that she and everyone else need to know not to stand in her spotlight. Tegan responds by shouting at KLR. “Oi! If you want a fight, let’s fight!” Anytime and anywhere! Even here and now! But KLR shrugs that off. Will Tegan find her way to a fight with the new champion?


Noam Dar holds an NXT UK Press Conference.

“Thank you everyone for coming for this major, major announcement regarding the future of Supernova 11.” Two weeks ago, Dar put on a great match at Cardiff. But these last two weeks have been awful. A lot came to light, and Dar needs to mature and look at the bigger picture. That is why today, Dar officially announces… that he is simply the BEST! Supernova 11 is the star of the WWE Universe. Now, any questions?

Was this the only reason for the press conference? Yep! Well fans are talking about the best match in NXT UK history, the Triple Threat Tag for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships! What? Dar tells that person to get out. Leave your snacks and coffee and get out. But then Trent Seven is talking on his phone. Dar calls him out, and Seven can’t believe this is his personal press conference. Dar wants to get Seven some merchandise as a big fan. Thanks for coming, Trent. Seven gets another call and talks with Drake Maverick. Yeah no one wants Dar anymore, but please just take Dar back. Dar ends the press conference there and leaves. Seven can’t believe this even happened. But does this mean the Man from Moustache Mountain will be the one to deflate Dar’s ego in the ring?


NXT UK Tag Team Championships: Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster VS The Grizzled Young Veterans!

As epic as the Triple Threat Tag was, Zack Gibson and James Drake felt it was not fair that tag team specialists like them had to defend their titles in such a match. Now in a fair 2v2, will Mr. Mayhem and Liverpool’s Number One end the after party already? Or will the rockstar and the Modfather make it 2 for 2 in their hometown?

The introductions are made as fans sing for FMW, the belts are raised, and we begin this championship rematch!

Andrews starts against Gibson, and the two stare down as fans rally up. Gibson fires up and ties up with Andrews. Gibson chinbars to a wristlock, but Andrews rolls and handsprings to a wring out! Andrews has the armlock but Gibson gets up. Andrews wrenches but Gibson spins through and reverses the hold. Gibson wrenches, tags Drake, and the GYV mug Andrews. Drake throws forearms but fans troll him with chants of “Ass Face!” Andrews slips out of the scoop to arm-drag, but then Drake blocks the second. Andrews comes around the other side to arm-drag Drake after all! Andrews wheelbarrows and arm-drags Drake again, and Drake grows frustrated. Andrews wrenches and whips Drake to the Welsh corner. Tag to FMW and FMW hits a big forearm smash. Snapmare to basement dropkick! Cover, TWO but FMW keeps on Drake.

Tag back to #Mandrews and they whip to double hip toss. Moonsault senton combo! Cover, TWO! Gibson protests but Drake gets a headlock. Gibson tags in and the GYV trick Andrews, forearm for Andrews, Mayhem in Motion for the Modfather! Gibson drags Andrews up for big haymakers and forearms! Fans troll Gibson by taking off their shoes, but Gibson tags to Drake. GYV give Andrews the enziguri to SUPERKICK Neckbreaker! Cover, but FMW breaks it! The ref reprimands FMW but Drake swings on him. The Modfather gets clear, and fans troll “Ass Face!” as Andrews recovers. Drake goes back to Andrews to throw him out. Tag to Gibson and Gibson scoops Andrews. Drake slingshots for a combination shoulder breaker! Andrews writhes as GYV looms over him. FMW protests but the ref restores order.

Gibson puts Andrews in and stays between him and the corner. Andrews crawls but Gibson is on him. Fans rally as Gibson tortures Andrews’ arm. Gibson brings Andrews around for an overhead suplex! Tag to Drake and Gibson hits a corner clothesline to feed Andrews to Drake’s spinning heel kick! Cover, TWO! Drake argues with the ref but goes after the bad arm, too. Andrews endures the seated cobra stretch. Fans rally and Andrews fights up against the hold. Andrews throws body shots and gets free, only for Drake to reel him back in for a suplex. Stun-Dog Millionaire hits! Tag to FMW! The Modfather rallies on Drake with fast hands! Drake reverses the whip but gets a leaping lariat! FMW dropkicks Gibson but Drake knees low. Drake runs into the corner but FMW goes up and over to DIVE onto Gibson!

FMW dodges Drake and suckers him in for a kick! Underhooks and lift, facebuster! Cover, TWO!! Drake survives and Gibson returns to distract. Drake clobbers FMW and tags to Gibson. Gibson drags FMW up for a fireman’s carry but FMW fights back. Gibson throws EuroUppers then fireman’s carries again. FMW still fights back and tags to Andrews. Knee trigger! Assisted 450 splash! Cover, TWO!! Gibson survives but Andrews and Webster keep their cool. Andrews brings Gibson up to club him down, then drags him over to tag FMW. But Drake returns to clobber Andrews! FMW goes after Drake and throws him out at the corner. Drake stays on the apron and Gibson throat chops FMW! Tag and Drake climbs. Gibson Electric Chair lifts, Grizzled Young Doomsday! Cover, but Andrews breaks it! Fans are fired up and cheer for “WALES~! WALES~!”

Gibson throws Andrews out but Andrews comes back with an apron asai! FMW hits Drake but Drake hits back. Drake has FMW on the top rope and climbs to join him. FMW fights back and headbutts Drake! Andrews tags in and climbs to join Drake, for a SUPER POISON-RANA!! Cover, TWO!? Drake survives and the Welshmen are shocked! But Cardiff is loving this continuation of that epic from TakeOver! Gibson goes after FMW on the corner, and Drake wrings Andrews out! Tag to Gibson, and he has the arm for a standing hammerlock, to then throw it into the buckles! Gibson drags Andrews up again, standing suplex, but Stun-Dog! Only to get Shankly Gates!! Andrews endures but FMW climbs up top. FMW FLIES to swanton the Gates apart! Cardiff is fired up again as both Andrews and Gibson crawl for their corners. Hot tag to FMW!

The Modfather fires off on Gibson, but Gibson reverses the whip. FMW moonsaults to take Gibson down! Then he wrenches and tilt-o-whirls, but Gibson blocks the DDT to tag in Drake! Gibson hands FMW off to Drake, but Andrews drags Gibson out! Victory roll, TWO!! Gibson forearms Andrews away but Drake misses. Uppercut but Gibson tags in. FMW gets Drake but Gibson rolls, armlocks and rolls FMW again, but FMW slips out! FMW gives the roll-up in return, TWO!! Gibson escapes and SLAPS FMW! Gibson brings FMW up but FMW fights back. But Drake tags in, only to get haymakers, too! FMW springboards but misses his dropkick! Gibson drags FMW up, Drake climbs high, but FMW denies Helter Skelter. FMW runs into Drake’s arms, and then Drake feeds him to Gibson. Enziguri, but FMW spins Gibson around into Drake’s SUPERKICK! Tag to Andrews and FMW gives Drake the tilt-o-whirl, Eton Rifle! Andrews is up top, FALL TO PIECES SHOOTING STAR! Cover, Andrews & Webster win!!

Winners: Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster, Andrews pinning; still NXT UK Tag Team Champions

Cardiff can party all over again now that Andrews and Webster keep those titles! What is next for these historic underdogs in NXT UK?



My Thoughts:

NXT UK continues in Cardiff and to great effect! Just a little bit of new story was given to us while other stories were continued and built upon. Imperium has a solid promo and tag match to open the show, and I am feeling the very next phase for them and NXT UK as a whole is the other members getting titles. Barthel & Aichner destroy a team from Wales, and it seems they might be going after THE team from Wales, who had yet another amazing match against the Grizzled Young Veterans. It was like they copy and pasted some of the TakeOver match, and then built upon that to great results. Naturally, the historic first-ever Welsh champions in WWE would not be short-lived champions, but who knows if they survive Imperium’s attempts at the titles. Andrews & Webster might last as long as it takes to get to the next NXT UK TakeOver, but who knows.

Tegan Nox is clearly the automatic next contender for KLR, but it was a good detail for Toni Storm to not be present, still stinging physically and emotionally from the defeat. Nox put away Shax a lot faster than I expected but perhaps for her return, they want to take it easy on that recovered knee. Nina Samuels has a solid promo backstage, and she either gets another and longer program with Toni, or is the roadblock to KLR for Nox. Hopefully NXT UK doesn’t forget the story building with Jinny, Jazzy Gabert, Xia Brookside and whoever else is willing to team with Xia against them. If Nox does win, she could work as a good Face for Jazzy and Jinny as the Heels to pick on next while going for the title. At the same time, when are NXT and NXT UK getting involved in that WWE Women’s Tag title scene? Jinny & Jazzy would make a good opposing team for Bliss-Cross.

I’m really looking forward to the first ever British Rounds match in WWE, and Ohno VS Sid again. I feel like Sid really does make a good substitute for Jack Gallagher in terms of body type, because I really could see Gallagher having this very match with Ohno had he been okay to compete during these Cardiff tapings. I have a feeling that since it is Sid and not Gallagher, Ohno finds a way to win with all those complicated rules and conditions. I wonder if NXT UK would make a British Rounds Championship, where you only compete in these kinds of matches. While Noam Dar had a great segment with Trent Seven, I weirdly hoped Dar was going to announce an NXT UK midcard title named for him. Dar VS Seven would be a great program to lead to an NXT UK Supernova Championship, only for Seven to win it and rename it the Moustache Mountain Championship or something similar.

Devlin VS Smith was a really good match, especially for Smith. But of course, Devlin wins, and if somehow possible, he should turn face to go after Walter and the WWE UK Championship. It might be too much like recreating what Devlin and Walter did in OTT (Over The Top) Wrestling, but if they could make the newest match between them somehow better than the match-of-the-year candidate that was Walter VS Bate, then who wouldn’t cheer for Devlin winning? But at the same time, Devlin himself could lead the charge for an NXT UK midcard title, call it the Irish Ace Championship. Basically, it feels like the midcard title should be named something relating to the inaugural holder.

My Score: 8.3/10

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AEW Fight for the Fallen 2021

AEW is in North Carolina for a good cause!

Hangman Page and The Dark Order go after The #SuperElite to get themselves AEW World and World Tag Team title opportunities in an epic 5v5 elimination!


  • Five Labours of Jericho, Chapter 2 – No Rules Match: Chris Jericho VS Nick Gage; wins and
  • Thunder Rosa VS Julia Hart w/ The Varsity Blonds; wins.
  • Santana & Ortiz w/ Konnan VS FTR w/ Tully Blanchard; win(s).
  • Six Man Tag: Christian Cage & Jurassic Express VS The Hardy Family Office w/ Matt Hardy; win(s).
  • IWGP United States Championship: Lance Archer w/ Jake the Snake Roberts VS Hikuleo; wins and
  • 10 Man Elimination Tag Title Eliminator: The Super Elite VS Hangman Page & The Dark Order; win(s) and


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of AEW Dynamite will begin later tonight]

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