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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (9/25/19)

Tyler Bate will address the WWE Universe!




R.I.P British Strong Style?

The Scottish Supernova seems to think he’s NXT UK’s brightest star, but Trent Seven looks to show him up! Does British Strong Style still live?



  • Oliver Carter VS Ligero; Ligero wins.
  • Nina Samuels VS Dani Luna; Samuels wins.
  • Trent Seven VS Noam Dar; Dar wins, by disqualification.


Moustache Mountain arrives in Cardiff!

Trent Seven prepares for his first match back against Noam Dar while Tyler Bate prepares to address the fans on his future. What effects are still lingering from TakeOver?


Oliver Carter VS Ligero!

The newest star in NXT UK wants to shine bright, but will he be overshadowed by the veteran Luchador of Leeds?

The bell rings and Carter shakes hands with Ligero. The two circle and tie up, and fans rally as Carter headlocks. Ligero works against the hold, but Carter wrenches to a wristlock. Ligero uses the ropes to flip through, and then he spins to arm-drag Carter away. Things speed up and Ligero leaps but Carter rolls off the back. Ligero headlocks but Carter shoves him down, then steps through to La Magistrol! But Ligero tips it over to his favor, TWO! Ligero keeps his eyes on Carter but lets him up, and fans cheer. Carter runs at Ligero and they tie up again. Fans duel as the two shift to knuckle locks. Ligero kicks and wrenches to whip, but Carter reverses. Ligero goes up and over and huricanranas, but Carter handsprings through! Carter wags his finger, “no no no,” and they speed up again.

Ligero hip tosses but Carter cartwheels to victory roll. TWO and Carter huricanranas Ligero down! Ligero is dizzy, but Carter is on him with a kick. Carter runs, but gets under the dropkick counter attack. Ligero still comes back with a knee! Ligero paces as Carter shakes out the cobwebs. Fans duel as Ligero drags Carter up and ties him up for an Octopus stretch! Carter endures and works his way out, but Ligero whips him to a corner. Carter elbows Ligero away, then boots. Carter ends up on the apron so he enziguris LIgero away! Carter climbs but Ligero runs back to SUPER ARM-DRAG him down! Cover, TWO!! Carter survives but fans are cheering. Ligero grabs both arms to pull back in the half surfboard. Fans rally as Carter endures. Carter turns the surfboard and throws Ligero. He throws big hands on Ligero, then dodges Ligero’s lariat! And the sweep, to Eddie Gordo kick! Carter keeps on Ligero with an overhead belly2belly suplex!

Ligero sits up, but ducks the shining wizard from behind! Only for Carter to heel kick back! Cover, TWO!! Ligero still lives but Carter fires himself up. Carter drags Ligero up, suplex, but Ligero slips out to waistlock. Carter bucks Ligero off and uppercuts! Ligero rebounds into a sweep, and then Carter LIONSAULTS! Cover, TWO!! Carter is losing his cool as Ligero survives again. But fans rally up as he aims and runs in corner to corner, but Ligero monkey flips him into buckles! Ligero goes out to step-board in for a STUNNER! Ligero fires himself up now, but Carter grabs at him, so Ligero SUPERKICKS! Carter wobbles, Ligero springboards, C4L! Cover, Ligero wins!

Winner: Ligero, by pinfall

The tornado DDT wins big for Ligero in his return to the ring! Ligero might have his second wind, will it take him to the top?


NXT UK Media shows Walter visiting the WWE UK Performance Center.

The champion talks to the camera in German, and then wants the cameraman to follow him. There is something upsetting that Walter wants to show everyone. Walter then shouts at the young trainees hanging about, and has them line up. “What is this to you, huh?” Is this just for sitting around like it’s mom’s couch? Walter kicks their bottles of water away and then tells them to get in the ring. He has the cameraman stay on the corner while he has the trainees go through drills.

A classic wristlock and wrenching drill, and a takedown. The other kips up to wrench the first, and then the two shake hands. Walter likes the aggression, and wants the trainees to try him now. Walter CHOPS one and shoves the other! Then he scares off the rest. “Where’s that stupid laugh now, huh!?” This is what Walter means. No one is taking this serious enough, so Walter will be champion forever. “This place has no future,” and none of these trainees belong here! Go to a playground if you’re not going to take it serious. Will Walter reign over NXT UK forever? Or will he find someone who does take this as serious as him?


BREAKING NEWS: NXT UK is moving to Thursdays!

It may be a different day, but that doesn’t change the action! October 3rd and beyond will belong to NXT UK!


Tyler Bate returns!

The Big Strong Boy was so close to becoming the first-ever two-time United Kingdom Champion, but Cardiff still loves him. They still sing for him as he enters the ring and picks up a mic. Bate thanks the fans for that, and brings up TakeOver: Cardiff. It proved to be “one of the hardest, toughest nights” of his entire career. It wasn’t just that Walter won or that Bate lost. It was that Bate felt like he let fans down. Fans say, “NO! NO!” But as far as NXT UK goes, Bate is far from finished here! Fans like that! There is a lot of fight left in the Big Strong Boy!

But here to ruin the moment is Jordan Devlin. Devlin “applauds” but has a mic of his own. “Tyler Bate, what an incredible performance at TakeOver: Cardiff. The performance of a lifetime!” The whole world is still raving about it, really. But Devlin wasn’t impressed. Johnny Saint in his “infinite wisdom” sidelined the Ace and put Bate in against Walter, and Bate failed miserably. And now, people are saying Bate pushed Walter further than anyone? That’s a lie and we all know it. Devlin is the only man that has what it takes to beat Walter! And if Devlin was in that match, Devlin would be standing here the champion. So while Bate is a Big Strong Boy, Devlin is a man. Fans are still on the side of Bate, though. Bate tells Devlin, “Imagine how funny it’ll be when this boy puts you are your arse!” Bate jumps out of the ring and Devlin says he should calm down, but he is backing away. When and where will Devlin put his money where his mouth is?


Tegan Nox speaks on her TakeOver experience.

TakeOver: Cardiff blew her mind! She didn’t expect the fans to remember her as other than the girl who blew her knees out. She was primed to be a big star out of the Mae Young Classic, but one bad landing and that was it. She doubted herself during rehab, and even doing basic things after surgery was the worst pain she’d ever felt. But it put a fire in her for her comeback. Tegan worked the hardest she ever has, but it’s made her even better than before. Tegan vows to shine once more! And she gets to show Kay Lee Ray just how shiny her Shiniest Wizard really is, when they go 1v1 next week!


Nina Samuels VS Dani Luna!

The Rose Pink Devil still wants to be the leading lady of NXT UK, but Cardiff’s own looks to upstage her. Will the Nina Samuels Show go off script in the wake of TakeOver?

The bell rings and fans cheer for Dani as she circles with Nina. Nina doesn’t take her seriously, but they tie up and Dani wrenches to a wristlock. Nina spins through to reverse the wristlock onto Dani. Dani rolls and handsprings to wrench Nina back! Fans cheer but Nina cartwheels to kick, but Dani catches it to hip toss Nina! Dani dares Nina to bring it, and they go again. Dani kicks, knees and whips, to catch Nina’s crossbody! Dani shows strength but Nina slips out and shoves. Nina follows, only to get a back elbow! Cover, TWO! Nina wants a timeout, but she yanks Dani into ropes! Nina rains down rights over and over but lets up to toy with Dani. Fans rally up for Dani but Nina throws her into buckles. Nina elbows then snapmares for a neck snap! Cover, TWO!

Nina toys with Dani more, and chokes her on the ropes. The ref counts and Nina lets up, but comes back to stretch Dani against the ropes! The ref counts again and Nina lets go at 4, to dropkick Dani out! Cover, TWO! Nina clubs Dani down but fans rally up. Nina drags Dani into a straitjacket but Dani endures. Nina thrashes Dani around but fans rally and Dani fights her way up. Nina hops on but Dani stays standing. Dani fires up and rams Nina into buckles! Then arm-drags her off! Nina flounders, Dani comes back with big clotheslines and elbows! Dani’s bicycle BOOT rocks Nina, but Dani doesn’t let up. Dani suplexes to a brain buster! Cover, TWO!! Nina survives and scrambles to ropes, but Dani drags her up. The ref backs Dani off but Nina hotshots Dani!

Nina scowls as she roundhouse kicks Dani down! Slingshot splash! Cover, TWO! Dani survives but Nina toys with her again. Nina mocks the hometown hero, and fans boo. Nina throws a punch then whips but Dani reverses! Dani runs into a back elbow, Nina hops up, but Dani catches her again! Fall Away Slam! Cover, TWO! Dani is growing frustrated, but she drags Nina to a drop zone. Dani climbs and fans rally again. Nina gets up so Dani leaps over her. Dani turns around into a BOOT! Nina has Dani now, hook the head and neck for the Final Act! Cover, Nina wins!

Winner: Nina Samuels, by pinfall

The spotlight still shines on Nina Samuels, and she’s so “humbled” by her victory. Will Nina graciously accept being moved up the ranks as well?


Trent Seven VS Noam Dar!

British Strong Style has been beat up, beat down and just plain beat, but that doesn’t mean they’re done. We know Pete Dunne is seeing what he can do in NXT USA, and Tyler Bate hasn’t given up the fight in NXT UK. Will the Man from Moustache Mountain be able to climb back up at the expense of the Scottish Supernova?

Fans sing for “Trent Seven Army~!” as he and Dar stare down. The bell rings and the two circle. Trent approaches but Dar backs off to the corner. Dar mocks the mustache check before coming back. Seven keeps away, but then they approach. Dar gets the arm and wrenches the wrist, but Seven pulls hair. The ref reprimands Seven but Dar bites Seven’s hand! Seven powers Dar to a corner but the ref separates the two at 4. Dar is upset but Seven says Dar was the one who was biting. They tie up again and Dar gets a headlock takeover. Dar pulls on Seven’s mustache but Seven grinds his forearm in Dar’s face. Both men stand as fans rally. Seven powers out but Dar holds the ropes. Dar baits Seven into the table top! Dar runs but Seven turns him around to whip, only for Dar to come back and whip Seven. Seven crossbodies Dar down, but bounces off the cover. Seven hip tosses Dar down then scoop slams him hard! Seven drops the leg, brother, and covers! TWO, and Dar is gasping despite surviving.

Seven kicks Dar from the mat but Dar gets to the ropes. Fans sing again but Dar pulls Seven’s mustache! The ref reprimands Dar, but Dar ducks the haymaker! Dar lifts Seven, to atomic drop him on the ropes! Dar mocks Tyler Bate’s favorite pose before kicking at the ropes to make it worse on Seven! Dar hops up on a corner, pinkies out, flying lariat topples Seven! Fans boo but Dar mocks the mustache check again. Dar drags Seven up but Seven kicks and punches from the mat. Dar stomps Seven back for it, and then stalks him to ropes. Fans taunt Dar but he tunes out. Dar drags Seven up to snapmare him right into ropes! Seven flops out of the ring while Dar taunts the fans now. Dar goes out to fetch Seven and bumps him off the apron. Dar then throws Seven into the barrier, and chokes him! Dar puts Seven in the ring and covers, TWO! Seven is wincing but fans rally up.

Seven kicks Dar from the corner, but Dar rocks him back with an uppercut! Dar drags Seven out, wrapping around head and shoulders to throw in knees. Cover, TWO, and Dar is losing his cool. Fans rally for Seven and Seven fights Dar off with big hands. Dar gives an uppercut and kicks, and he floors Seven! Dar winds it up to further mock the mustache check. Dar mocks the fans cheering for Seven as he underhooks Seven. Seven resists and spins out to CHOP Dar! And CHOP! And then he fakes Dar out into the DDT! Fans fire up as Seven fires up, too! Dar crawls to a corner but Seven runs in for a big corner CHOP! And then a Snap Dragon Suplex! But Seven doesn’t stop, scoop to a sidewalk slam! Cover, TWO! Dar survives but Seven won’t let up. Dar bails out only for Seven to DIVE! They both hit barriers and fans fire up!

Seven drags Dar up and into the ring, to then climb up top. Seven corkscrew FLOPS! Dar aims from the corner, Seven stands, but Dar boots the punch away, only for Seven to BACKHAND! Seven wristlocks and reels Dar out but Dar kicks the legs out! Dar brings Seven up, chicken wing spin cycle, then Dar fisherman hooks the leg, but Seven spins out to wristlock, SEVEN STAR LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Dar survives Seven’s best and everyone is shocked! But Cardiff knows “This is Awesome!” Seven gets up and drags Dar up, and wants the torture rack. But Dar pulls on the mustache again! Seven CHOPS Dar, then runs in at the corner. Dar dodges to BOOT! Then a clothesline to the back! Cover, TWO!! Seven survives the Northern Lariat and Dar is losing his cool. Fans still sing for Seven as he and Dar slowly get up.

But as Dar goes to the corner, he sees Seven’s Moustache Mountain towel. Dar takes the towel, and blows his nose in it! Dar also wipes his pits, and sticks it down his pants… Dar runs out, into a LARIAT! No Nova Rolla for Dar, and Seven sees the towel peeking out the front. Seven is furious and he rains down fists from all sides! Dar is under the ropes, but Seven won’t let up! The ref counts to 5, Seven loses!!

Winner: Noam Dar, by disqualification

Seven’s rage is not over as he shoves the ref and stares daggers at Dar. Dar runs away, towel tucked between his legs. Will Seven get a second chance to make Dar pay?



My Thoughts:

A pretty good NXT UK, and apparently the last one on Wednesdays. Things are changing for the WWE, and that includes scheduling their one remaining prerecorded show. I always felt WWE was going to find a way to have something every day of the week, and this is the next step towards that. But while a lot of fun, the matches were mostly filler as things are still sorting out after TakeOver: Cardiff. Oliver Carter VS Ligero was pretty good, but I’m surprised Carter has gone 0-2. It’s good for Ligero to win, he needs to stay afloat in the midcard, but this does make me wonder where Carter is going to go if he loses again. Maybe a Heel turn out of frustration? Then Cardiff got to cheer another hometown superstar as Dani Luna does well even in losing. She needs to be more careful with that deadlift suplex, though, I don’t think it was supposed to be a brain buster. But luckily, Nina Samuels was okay and finished the match.

Tegan Nox’s video package was a great look at her real-life work to get back in the ring, it helps get fans who weren’t as aware of what she went through to understand her. Her match with Kay Lee Ray should be good, but could go either way to me. Walter’s Performance Center segment was consistent with how he ran his own training center in Germany, and is good to keep him going in NXT UK while he’s also doing some things in NXT USA, including tonight’s episode scheduled to have him and Imperium take on Kushida and a team Kushida can put together.

Tyler Bate has a good enough promo, but he didn’t get to say as much before Devlin interrupted. Devlin did a touch better in his promo, and it was another well-done subtle reference to Devlin beating Walter in OTT (Over The Top) Wrestling for a title. But it’s great that we’ll be getting Bate VS Devlin now. This could go either way, but I feel Devlin has to win to make his case for another shot at the UK Championship. Seven VS Dar was great stuff, on part with Dar’s TakeOver match. The ending was alright, and definitely fitting of the story. Seven’s anger gets the better of him, but this surely means a rematch down the line, and maybe with stakes. A big thing NXT UK could do as all of WWE moves through the fall is a tournament to either name a contender, or a midcard champion. Tournaments are always pretty fun, so why not use one to get a lot of these other stories settled at the same time?

My Score: 8.1/10

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