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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (9/4/19)

The action continues in Cardiff!



NXT UK Coverage

A grudge will be settled in Cardiff!

TakeOver: Cardiff is in the history books, but that doesn’t end the action! Will Rhea Ripley or Piper Niven come out on top in their highly-anticipated rematch?



  • Piper Niven VS Rhea Ripley; Ripley wins.
  • Jack Gallagher VS Kassius Ohno; cancelled.
  • Kassius Ohno VS ???; Ohno wins.


NXT UK once again took over.

A Nova Rolla beats a Buzzsaw! The Swiss Cyborg took the Moscow Madman for the longest swing in history! Hometown boys were truly heroes! The Iron King and Bomber broke the ring and almost each other. Toni Time came to a sudden end. And in the biggest match for the WWE United Kingdom Championship yet, the Big Strong Boy was oh so close to reclaiming the title. But in the end, the Ring General found a way to put down the last of British Strong Style. What is next for NXT UK?


Piper Niven VS Rhea Ripley!

The Scottish Viper and the Aussie with an Attitude have been wanting to have another go for weeks now. Push came to shove and then to punch, so now they’ll have it out in the wake of TakeOver. Rhea is also going after Shayna Baszler in NXT USA, is this going to be a victorious send-off? Or will she be stumbling back to Full Sail after Piper gets through with her?

Rhea gets in the ring and throws her jacket at Piper! The ref keeps the peace and rings the bell. Fans duel as Rhea and Piper tie up. They go around the ring and Rhea headlocks. Piper powers out and bumps shoulders with Rhea. Neither backs off, so they tie up again. Piper headlocks now but Rhea powers out. They collide again as fans rally and duel. Rhea dares Piper to try again, so Piper does. Piper dodges the sucker punch to redirect and run Rhea over! Rhea backs away to a corner as Piper nods and grins. Rhea gets annoyed now and runs at Piper, but gets hammer fists. Piper blocks the boot and throws Rhea down. Piper runs but misses the senton! Rhea rams Piper into the corner, then keeps on her with more shoulders. The ref counts and Rhea lets up at 4. Fans are fired up as Rhea stomps and clubs away on Piper’s back.

Piper flounders to a corner but Rhea puts her up against buckles for forearms. Rhea backs off again, but Piper comes back with forearms. Rhea stomps Piper then throws her down for even bigger stomps. Rhea drags Piper around by her hair and kicks her in the back. Fans rally up but Rhea keeps stomping Piper around. Rhea drags Piper into a camel clutch, perhaps a Steiner Recliner. Piper endures this special standing clutch, and Rhea talks trash. Piper powers up but Rhea throws her down. Rhea stomps Piper more then grabs the legs. Rhea laces the legs, and lifts for the Inverted Cloverleaf! Piper endures as Rhea pulls on those ankles, but then she spins through to a takedown! Piper heel hooks Rhea’s leg! Rhea screams and endures, and tries to fight out of the hold. She uses her free leg to stomp Piper off her. Rhea stomps Piper around more, going right after the lower back.

Fans duel as Piper endures the torture. Rhea drags Piper up just to bounce her head off the mat. Fans rally again but Rhea mocks the applauds. Rhea goes for her Aussie clutch again, then adds a neck wrench. Piper endures and fights up, even with Rhea as a backpack! Backpack senton! Both women are down as Rhea sputters and Piper clutches her head. Fans rally and duel again as the two women slowly stir. Rhea hits from the mat but so does Piper. They brawl onto their knees, then up to their feet. Piper throws a CHOP, Rhea returns the CHOP! They have a chop fight, but Rhea swings into Piper’s back suplex! Piper runs in corner to corner, CANNONBALL! Piper climbs up with Rhea into the drop zone, VADER BOMB! Cover, TWO! Rhea survives but Piper grits her teeth through her pain.

Piper brings Rhea up as fans duel again. Piper suplexes but the back gives out. Rhea BOOTS Piper down! Rhea shouts at Piper before she drags her back up. Pump handle, but Piper fights out! Piper headbutts Rhea! Then runs to crossbody splash! Cover, TWO! Rhea survives but Piper fires herself back up. Piper drags Rhea up and goes for the scoop. Rhea slips out, rakes the eyes and shoves for a big forearm to the back! Pump handle, RIPTIDE!! Cover, Rhea wins!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall

The Mosh Pit Kid is rolling, but will she rock NXT USA by dethroning the Queen of Spades?


Backstage interview with Sid Scala.

Radzy talks with the Assistant NXT UK GM. There is some bad news about the main event tonight: Jack Gallagher is not medically cleared to compete. And Kassius Ohno comes by to discuss this. There’s no opponent for the Wrestling Genius now? Talk about dropping the ball. But Ohno says he’ll just go to the ring right now and hopefully Sid finds an opponent for him. It’d be a shame to forfeit the main event, after all. But head GM Johnny Saint comes by to whisper something to Sid. Sid asks if Saint is sure, and he says he is. Sid hurries off and Saint promises Radzy and the NXT UK Universe that there will be an opponent for Ohno tonight. But just who will it be?


Exclusive footage form after TakeOver: Cardiff, with the Grizzled Young Veterans.

James Drake and Zack Gibson are furious! Four opponents in one match! And NXT UK goes and rolls out the red carpet for the hometown boys, NOT the champions of SIX MONTHS! What thanks do they get from this company? NOTHING! It’s a joke! Gibson and Drake go to Saint’s office, and they calm down before knocking. Saint answers, and Gibson politely asks that while he wanted the big Triple Threat tonight, a real spectacle, the tag team specialists are a throwback to a generation much like Saint’s. They want a fair 2v2 rematch for the titles. Saint says he will consider it. Well better than a, “No,” but GYV still aren’t satisfied.

However, the decision has been made tonight! There WILL be a rematch for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships NEXT WEEK! Will the kids from Cardiff only have another week with the titles they fought so hard to get? Or will the Grizzled Young Veterans SOON be recognized as the already two-time tag team champions?


Exclusive footage from after TakeOver: Cardiff, with Gallus.

Wolfgang and Mark Coffey didn’t win but didn’t lose the Triple Threat, while Joe Coffey snatched victory from the jaws of defeat in his Last Man Standing with Dave Mastiff. Gallus is regrouping and discussing what their next step would be. “Gallus boys on top!” Wolfgang called for a medic to check on Joe, and also vowed to make Mastiff never forget what went down tonight.

Exclusive footage after TakeOver: Cardiff with Dave Mastiff and The Hunt.

Primate and Wild Boar, dressed surprisingly dapper, checked on Bomber backstage. It was a close match, and they all know Mastiff will get Joe next time. Mastiff’s bigger, stronger and better than this. The big man of NXT UK is encouraged by his wild brethren, but when and where will we see another colossal clash like that Last Man Standing match?


Exclusive footage after TakeOver: Cardiff, with British Strong Style.

Trent Seven helps Tyler Bate sit down and have some water. The Big Strong Boy was so close, and Seven wants him not to beat himself up about it. When and where will Bate, Seven and Dunne return to the top of NXT UK?


Tegan Nox is on her way back!

The young hopeful from Wales had a heartbreaking injury during a match in the Mae Young Classic last year and it halted her meteoric rise. But now she’s back and hoping to show NXT UK the power of the Shiniest Wizard! Her NXT UK in-ring debut is next week!


Kassius Ohno VS ???

The Wrestling Genius was disappointed that the Extraordinary Gentleman was not healthy enough to compete this week, but put it on management to figure it out. Johnny Saint was ready with a replacement, and Sid Scala comes out to introduce… himself!? Sid Scala throws off the suit jacket and rolls up the sleeves, but is he ready to take on the Knockout Artist?

Sid is ready and fans are loving this, but Ohno is not taking Sid serious in his shirt and slacks. They circle and tie up, and Ohno spins around to wring Sid out. Sid gets up fast, and Cardiff still cheers him on. They tie up again and Sid gets a headlock, to a cravat! Ohno just lifts Sid with one arm! Ohno breaks free, wrenches and has Sid’s wrist. Sid rolls and rolls and rolls free! Ohno is getting annoyed but Cardiff is still cheering Sid. Sid gets Ohno’s arm in a Cording hold, but Ohno just powers to a facelock. Sid keeps on the arm and fans sing, “Sid’s gonna kill~ you!” Ohno hip tosses but Sid rolls through and slips out at the corner. Sid slides in and gets running, but runs into Ohno’s shove. Sid bounces off buckles to get under Ohno! Sid fakes Ohno out on the corner, to sunset flip! Cover, TWO!! Ohno almost didn’t get away, and now he’s flabbergasted.

Fans are rabid for Sid but Ohno trips Sid up. Ohno has Sid’s leg on the ropes and stomps it! Sid scrambles away and Ohno stalks up behind. Ohno puts Sid in a corner to CHOP him down! Sid flounders back with big hands, but Ohno clubs him back down. Ohno drags Sid up and rips the shirt open. Ohno toys with Sid, then uses the shirt to grab the leg and throw Sid around! The ref gets the shirt out of the ring but Ohno CLUBS and stomps Sid back down. Fans tell Ohno what they think of him as he drags Sid up and clubs him again. Sid scrambles to ropes and throws hands, but Ohno just grows annoyed again. Ohno has the leg and powers Sid down to place the foot. Ohno stands on it and Sid writhes from the bend! Ohno drags Sid up by that leg, but Sid rolls through to roll Ohno up! TWO, and Ohno BOOTS Sid down!

The ref checks on Sid but Sid’s somehow okay. Sid crawls and Ohno is on him again. Ohno laces the leg in the ropes, then stands Sid up to club him hard on the back. Sid fights back with big haymakers! Fans fire up as Sid fires off! Sid has Ohno by his hair for a neckbreaker on the corner! Fans fire up as Sid gets up top and slingshots, into Ohno’s upward Spear! Ohno still retreats into the ring as Sid rises again. Ohno pleads with Sid not to be so angry, but Sid sees the trick coming! Sid throws big forearms from all sides! Ohno shoves Sid away but Sid comes back with more forearms! Sid uses the ropes for a tornado, but Ohno just blocks with height and strength. Shinbreaker on Sid’s bad leg! Then BIG standing Dragon Screw! Sid clutches that leg as he stands, to get the DREAM CRUSHER elbow! Cover, Ohno wins!

Winner: Kassius Ohno, by pinfall

The Wrestling Genius didn’t calculate the possibility of Sid being his opponent, nor did he expect Sid to come at him so strongly. But in the end, it wasn’t enough and Ohno wins again. Will Gallagher make a recovery and settle things with Ohno soon enough? Or is Ohno on to bigger and better?



My Thoughts:

What a fun “post” TakeOver episode for NXT UK! A lot of the time the episode after a TakeOver is a lot of recap, with some matches that are maybe good. This is only the second one of these for NXT UK and they did it in a much better way than NXT USA. The recaps weren’t too long, they didn’t worry about treating them like interviews but more like cameras just trying to capture moments. I really like that The Hunt is sticking with Mastiff as an honorary member, and this surely won’t be the end of the feud. I really like that the Grizzled Young Veterans segment sets up what will surely be an amazing rematch for those NXT UK Tag Team titles, I really hope Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews retain. It wouldn’t feel right to make their victory just for Cardiff, even if that’s the reason it happened. You need to create the illusion that the Welshmen won because they were worthy.

Piper VS Rhea was great tonight, and I was really surprised Rhea won when she’s going to be away for some time. But I suppose if Rhea is going to be Shayna’s new challenger, she can’t be looking weak on the move over. Piper losing tonight shouldn’t hurt too much in the long run, and KLR can use that against her when it comes time to figure out contenders. Piper can prove herself by dominating in Rhea’s absence, having matches with superstars like Jinny, Jazzy and whoever else NXT UK can throw at her. And actually, I was surprised there was no segment for KLR or Toni after that match to get their reactions. Admittedly, Toni VS KLR wasn’t the best it could’ve been, so maybe they’ll also try and give these two a rematch to redeem themselves. At the same time, Tegan is coming back and there’s a chance she could skyrocket right to the title to give KLR three major contenders going towards the next phase.

I can’t be sure if Gallagher’s injury is a work to keep consistent between 205 Live and NXT UK or it’s something serious. Hopefully he’ll be back for both his match with THE Brian Kendrick and the eventual rematch with Ohno. But Ohno VS Sid was a great substitute! Sid had the best match of his career right here! But of course, Ohno was going to win. Ohno stays strong towards said hopeful rematch with Gallagher, and just in general. Again I say, NXT UK needs to invent a midcard title quickly for great talents like Ohno, Dragunov, etc.

My Score: 8.3/10

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