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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (9/16/19)

Long live the King of the Ring!



WWE Raw Cover image

All Hail King…?

Here ye! Here ye! Tonight, Baron Corbin and Chad Gable shall do battle for the throne! There can only be ONE King of the Ring!



  • Six Man Tag: The OC VS Cedric Alexander & The Viking Raiders; The OC win.
  • 2019 King of the Ring Finals: Baron Corbin VS Chad Gable; Corbin wins and is named King of the Ring.
  • Mike Kanellis VS Ricochet; Ricochet wins.
  • Rusev VS Mike Kanellis; Rusev wins.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Mayoral Mayhem: R-Truth VS Mayor Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane; Kane wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • Rey Mysterio VS Cesaro; Mysterio wins.
  • Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross VS Sasha Banks & Bayley; Banks & Bayley win.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Mayoral Mayhem II: Mayor Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane VS R-Truth; Truth wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • Lacey Evans VS Dana Brooke; Evans wins.
  • Seth Rollins VS Robert Roode w/ Dolph Ziggler; Rollins wins, by disqualification.


Seth Rollins is here!

And though he’s still WWE Universal Champion, the #Monsterslayer isn’t Raw Tag Team Champion after he and Braun Strowman lost to Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler. Rollins picks up the mic and loves Knoxville, Tennessee for being loud! Clash of Champions was a great night, though not really for #Braullins. It no longer matters who is to blame, they lost the tag titles. Then facing each other for the Universal Championship, there’s something everyone needs to know about Strowman. “He is very large. He is very strong, and last night,” Strowman took Rollins to his limits. But in the end, Rollins put Strowman down with the Curb Stomp. But he had to keep stomping a second, a third and then even resort to the Pedigree and a fourth stomp! Rollins admits he doesn’t have to worry about a rematch. Because he couldn’t even celebrate before being attacked! Fans chant “Yowie Wowie!” as Rollins can only describe his assailant as The Fiend.

The Fiend hit Rollins with both the Sister Abigail and the Mandible Claw. Rollins eventually came to when the lights were on and Bray Wyatt was gone. But that’s fine, because now he and Bray will go 1v1 at Hell in a Cell! Yowie wowie indeed. But Bray’s here in his Firefly Fun House! And oh my lucky stars, the Universal Champion and Bray’s “future best friend,” Seth Rollins! Good to see him here. And good to see he’s okay. Really? Bray’s sick and needs some help, but- Ramblin’ Rabbit interrupts. RUN, SETH, RUN! Bray shuts Ramblin’ up before saying there’s no need for name calling. But mistakes happen. Rollins should know, after all. He’s made a lot of mistakes. And yet he’s been forgiven! But just as Bray said last week, friends forgive, but The Fiend never forgets. That’s why The Fiend “said hello” last night. And who knows. He might even have more to say tonight. Rollins glares at Bray on screen, but Bray just smiles and laughs. “See you in Hell!”

Rollins watches the shadows as the Firefly Fun House theme still plays. When and where will Bray send his next message?


Braun Strowman is storming backstage.

The Monster Among Men is in an even worse mood as Charly Caruso asks him a question. What is Strowman planning to do tonight? To make sure whoever is in that ring #GetsTheseHands! Who will be the victim of Strowman’s rage?!


The NEW Tag Team Champions head to the ring!

The GLORIOUS Show-Offs, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode, are feeling on top of the world after getting the better of Strowman & Rollins at Clash of Champions. But they’re not alone, because the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions join them! The Revival managed to beat the New Day’s Big E and Xavier Woods, making Woods suffer a submission right to his still recovering knee. And now, the four champions meet in the ring to have a #TagTeamSummit. Roode says that when he and Ziggler decided to become a team, no one believed it. Not the fans, not the locker room, not even Michael Cole. And Cole thinks he knows everything. “But take a good hard look at greatness!” The NEW– BRAUN!! The Monster Among Men did say he’d go after whoever was around, and that’s four tag team champions!

The Revival try but fail to take Strwoman down, Strowman JABS Dawson then throws Dash. Ziggler runs at Strowman but Roode retreats! Strowman runs Ziggler over and sees all the tag champs outside. Strowman goes out to run Dawson over! Then Dash! Then Ziggler! Roode runs away again because he has to worry about Rollins! But is this just the beginning of a new chapter for #RoodeDolph VS #Braullins?


The Women’s Tag Team Champions sipping some coffee.

Alexa Bliss doesn’t like going “I told you so,” but she did say they’d beat Fire & Desire. And they did. “Out like yesterday’s trash.” And speaking of trash, Sasha Banks trashes what she can’t have. She said the tag titles meant nothing to her, but Bayley forgives her? Typical. But “Sasha Smurf” and Bayley will see what real friends are like. Cheers to that. But will the current champs be able to survive a match with the original champs?


Six Man Tag: The OC VS Cedric Alexander & The Viking Raiders!

The Phenomenal United States Champion faced and beat the former Cruiserweight Champion, but then proceeded to beat him down with help from his Good Brothers. But now Styles, Gallows & Anderson will once again take on Alexander, Erik & Ivar! Will the OC still be feeling #TooSweet? Or will a new age be born of the raid?

The teams sort out, and Styles starts against Alexander in another go from the last few weeks. Alexander fires off furious strikes on Styles! Styles goes to a corner and the ref keeps Alexander back. Alexander dodges Styles’ retaliation to retaliate more! That enziguri takes Styles down! Alexander whips but Styles reverses, only for Alexander to throw a big knee back! And a Penalty Kick! Styles is rocked but the #EbonyLion is fired up! Alexander has Styles in the corner and fires off, before he tags to Erik. Alexander feeds Styles to Erik’s big knee! Erik roars in Styles’ face, bu Styles flounders to tag in Anderson. Anderson runs in but gets run over! Erik whips, Anderson dodges, but Anderson gets caught. Ivar tags in, Erik slams Anderson, then Erik slams Ivar on Anderson! Cover, TWO!

Ivar drags Anderson up and grinds Anderson’s arm down. Anderson endures, but Ivar clubs away. Tag to Erik, but Anderson gets away. Tag to Gallows, and he stands up to Erik. Erik dares him to bring the fight, so Gallows kicks and clubs away. Erik forearms back! Erik knees Gallows back then whips him corner to corner. Gallows reverses but Erik goes up and over and shows his agility! But his knees miss in the corner, and Gallows throws him out of the ring. Gallows is kept in, so Styles throws Erik into the barriers, and Anderson hits a shotgun boot! The OC takes control as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Anderson has Erik in a chinlock on the mat. Erik endures and fights his way up, but Anderson knees low. Anderson hits Alexander just because, but then gets Ace Ten Mao! Both men are down, but heading for their corners. Hot tag to Ivar! The Warbeard rallies on the Good Brothers, and flattens Gallows with a splash! Styles baits Ivar in but Ivar still hits the seated senton! Cartwheel clotheslines takes down Anderson! Tag to Alexander and his springboard clothesline hits Anderson! Gallows breaks the cover, then throws Ivar down with the Gallows Choke Slam! But Erik throws Gallows with an exploder! Anderson hits a neckbreaker on Erik, but Alexander mule kicks. Alexander whips, Anderson reverses, but Alexander handsprings to Neuralizer! Anderson wobbles but Styles tags in. Alexander whips Anderson, Anderson reverses but gets a back elbow! Styles springboards, PHENOMENAL FOREARM! Cover, The OC win!

Winners: The OC, AJ Styles pinning

And now it’s time to #BeatDownCedric! But the Raiders run in, only for the Good Brothers to attack! These four throw fists, but Gallows and Erik are left. Erik dumps Gallows on his head but the brawl continues outside! Ivar climbs, and LEAPS! The cannonball wipes all of them out, including Ivar! But Styles watches Alexander get back up. Alexander stands as Styles climbs, but Alexander trips Styles up! Alexander throws big hands and has Styles wobbling. Alexander hops up, throws more fists, and goes way past 10! Fans fire up with Alexander as he sits Styles up, for a SUPER STEIN- NO! SUPER STYLES CLASH!! Styles gets the better of Alexander again! The OC may not be standing tall, but they did win the brawl. Will they continue to run roughshod over Raw?


The FABULOUS Truth got a tour of Tennessee, and the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

Truth’s seen some great Halls of Fame, but this one is outstanding! But, he needs something cleared up. The giant ball up top could crush them! How do they dribble it? They don’t… But Carmella recaps the accolades of the University of Tennessee, from 8 national championships, alumni like Candice Parker, and don’t forget the coach, Pat Summit. It’s KAAANE~! Or rather, Mayor Glenn Jacobs. But just between them, how tall were those girls to play with that giant basketball? Nevermind, some mysteries are best left unsolved. Also, Truth only now recognizes who this is. Larry Byrd! No, Truth, it’s Glenn Jacobs. But this is an honor to have the WWE 24/7 Champion in their presence. If Truth has some time, Mr. Jacobs has a limousine waiting for them. Wow, a presidential ride. Any secret service? No… That’s fine. Let’s go!


2019 King of the Ring Finals: Baron Corbin VS Chad Gable!

It is finally time! The Lone Wolf has already claimed to be our once and future King of the Ring, but will he be surprised by the biggest underdog in this entire tournament?

Raw returns as Gable makes his entrance, now wearing royal purple in preparation. The introductions are made, the bell rings and fans are fired up for Gable!

Gable and Corbin circle, and they tie up. Gable waistlocks but Corbin standing switches. Gable switches back but Corbin breaks free with force. Corbin and Gable tie up but Gable gets the leg right away! Corbin gets to ropes and Gable lets up. They circle again and tie up. Gable fakes Corbin out to then get the facelock! Corbin gets up and pulls hair, then throws a big right to rock Gable! Fans boo but Corbin just grins and chuckles. Corbin drags Gable up but Gable gets the waistlock. Corbin is too tall to suplex and he elbows Gable off him. Corbin tells the fans to hush as he drags Gable up for a BIG clubbing forearm. Fans still jeer but Corbin bumps Gable off buckles. Corbin stomps and punches but “Corbin Sucks!” Corbin brings Gable up to knee hard, then tells the fans to hush. Fans just boo.

Gable gets the ankle and trips Corbin but Corbin shoves Gable away. Gable dumps Corbin out, but Corbin gets back in, only for Gable to dropkick him out! Fans fire up for Gable as he goes out. Gable goes around the way, but is BACK DROPPED into the timekeeper’s area! Gable crashes and burns while we go to break.

Raw returns and Gable is stranded on the outside. The ring count climbs but Gable flounders in at 9.5! Corbin is frustrated with the little wrestler that could, and looms over Gable as he slowly stands. Corbin tells fans to hush again, before he DECKS Gable! Cover, TWO! Corbin is annoyed with the ref now, but he keeps focus on Gable. He rains down rights on Gable, then elbows, before wrapping on a chinlock half nelson. Gable endures as Corbin leans on him. Fans rally up and Gable fights his way up to throw hands. Gable whips but Corbin reverses. Corbin runs in, Gable dodges, Corbin slides out then in to LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Gable still lives and Corbin is getting frustrated. Corbin drags Gable up, shoves him to ropes, and clobbers him on the rebound! Fans boo but Corbin just shrugs it off. Corbin laughs at Gable as he slowly gets up, but Gable fires back! Gable runs, and hits a big forearm! Corbin rebounds to BOOT!

Corbin shouts Gable has “No chance!” He watches Gable get up slowly, but fans rally behind Gable as Corbin whips him corner to corner hard! Gable hits buckles then falls to the mat. Corbin says the crown will be on his head soon enough. He drags Gable up again and puts him back in a corner. Corbin throws hands and elbows, then hoists Gable up top. Gable catches the arm for a hanging armbar! Gable holds on but Corbin deadlifts and POWERBOMBS! Cover, TWO!! Corbin is starting to lose his cool because he hasn’t won yet. Corbin wraps Gable back in the chinlock half nelson, but fans rally up again. Gable endures and fights his way up. Gable throws more body shots, but Corbin shoves to clobber him again! Fans boo harder now as Corbin says this is HIS kingdom! Corbin drags Gable up again, grinning as he shoves Gable again. But Gable ducks and rolls to get the ANKLE LOCK!!

Cobin shoves once, but Gable holds on! Twice, but Gable holds on! Corbin pulls hair and punches Gable off! Gable gets to a corner and Corbin runs in, but he gets only a post! Gable climbs as fans fire up again! Corbin stands, Gable leaps for a big missile dropkick! Corbin ends up in a corner, and Gable runs in, for a big rolling kick! Corbin staggers, Gable comes back for another! Gable keeps going, a third rolling kick! But then the fourth gets a pop-up SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Gable still lives and Corbin cannot believe it! Knoxville is still on Gable’s side as he and Corbin slowly rise. Corbin rolls out of the ring and grabs Gable from the outside. He drags Gable out and throws him hard into barriers! Fans boo Corbin as Corbin whips Gable into more barriers! Corbin doesn’t let up, he brings Gable up again to throw him a third time!

Corbin points to the throne, because he still feels that’s his. Corbin refreshes the count and comes around the way, but Gable dodges and Corbin only gets steps! A ring count climbs and Corbin flounders at 4. Corbin is in at 7, but Gable goes after his leg! Gable swings it into the post! And again! Corbin gets a taste of his own medicine! Gable dropkicks the legs out, then says Corbin’s on his level now. Gable fires off furious forearm! “This is MY tournament!” Gable runs, INTO DEEP SIX!! Cover, TWO!! Both men are down but not out yet! Both men go to corners, and Corbin runs in, but Gable dodges. Corbin slides out, in, but gets CHAOS THEORY!! Cover, TWO!! Corbin survives by the skin of his teeth! But Gable won’t stop, he goes back up top. Gable MOONSAULTS, but lands on his feet as Corbin dodges. END OF- NO, rolling takedown! Ankle Lock! Corbin endures and flails, Gable drops the GRAPEVINE! Corbin crawls, and gets the ROPEBREAK!

Gable lets go, feeling that win evade him. Gable wants it again, though, and fires off on Corbin in the corner. Corbin shoves him off, scoops, spins, END OF DAYS!! Cover, Corbin wins!!

Winner: Baron Corbin, by pinfall; becomes 2019 King of the Ring

The Lone Wolf pulls victory from the jaws of defeat! And he goes to the throne, just as he predicted. What will King Corbin do first in his newest reign of terror?


The Street Profits are hype!

King Corbin won’t ruin the mood, because today is Maria Kanellis’ baby gender reveal party! Everyone is so excited to hear the news about the newest Baby Kanellis! Another girl? Mike’s first baby boy? We find out later tonight!


Raw returns to the Baby Gender Reveal party!

Montez Ford gathers everyone around to prepare for the big news. Such a beautiful day to celebrate life! And here is the mother of honor! Maria thanks everyone for being here, and it’s time to reveal the gender of her baby. It’s… A BOY! The bet pool is complete, and Mike has himself a boy! But Maria says we all know who the father is. It’s Ricochet. WHAT?! The One and Only says this is a lie to fire Mike up! Ricochet would never! Well, not ever, just- Mike SLAPS Ricochet! And everyone is upset with Ricochet. Mike and Ricochet will settle things in the ring, but will that clear up the truth? Also Angel Dawkins almost thought Maria would point him out. WHAT?! No no no no, no way he’d do that. But maybe they can have a baby on a pole match? How about Maria on a pole? Isn’t that how they got in this mess in the first place? OOOOH~!


Mike Kanellis VS Ricochet!

Maria’s husband didn’t even bother dressing to have this match, he wants to fight! Ricochet keeps trying to explain Maria was lying, but Mike isn’t listening. Will Ricochet make Mike listen in this match?

The bell rings, and Ricochet dodges Mike’s angry punches. Mike dares Ricochet to fight him, but Ricochet keeps dodging. Mike SLAPS Ricochet again, but Ricochet keeps his cool. So Mike DECKS Ricochet and stomps him out! The ref pulls Mike off Ricochet and Ricochet SUPERKICKS Mike! Ricochet throws forearms and shoulders Mike in the corner. Ricochet bumps Mike and kicks him away. Ricochet springboards and clotheslines Mike down! RECOIL! Cover, Ricochet wins!

Winner: Ricochet, by pinfall

Mike didn’t listen to reason, but he needs to stop listening to Maria. Who else will Maria implicate in the mystery of the Kanellis Baby Daddy?


Raw checks in with Firefly Fun House!

Bray looks at his collection of pictures. Bonjour, Fireflies! Bray is busy as a beaver adding to the Wall of Friends! But… Something is missing. Don’t you agree? Bray will go find some more friends. Who will Bray, or more likely The Fiend, go “say hi” to next?


Maria is ashamed of Mike.

What will it take to motivate him? Of course Ricochet wasn’t the father! But maybe if Mike felt humiliated, he’d man up to defend their child’s honor. But no. So since Ricochet isn’t the father, maybe Maria should reveal the real father. That man is… The real father of her second child is… RUSEV!? The Bulgarian Brute returns, but also without Lana. And Rusev goes to the ring, but Mike wants Rusev to stop. Mike is having an awful day, and now this. Mike doesn’t want to fight. If this is all true, then… At this point, Mike is defeated. Congratulations. Mike goes to run for it, but Rusev cuts him off! Rusev chases Mike, and Mike falls over the steel steps! Rusev runs him over with a lariat! He drags Mike up to throw hard into the barriers! Then into the LED apron! Then into more barriers!

Mike slumps down but Rusev drags Mike up. Rusev throws Mike into the timekeeper’s area! That spot is getting busy tonight… Rusev drags Mike up and into the ring, and stomps about. Mike flounders to his feet, the bell rings to make this a match!

Rusev VS Mike Kanellis!

MACHKA KICK! But Rusev isn’t done asserting dominance as an alpha male. He drags Mike, “RUSEV, CRUSH!!” ACCOLADE!! Mike taps, Rusev wins!

Winner: Rusev, by submission

Maria walks away, leaving her husband for dead. This baby mama drama aside, is Rusev going to dominate like he did in the past?


Raw checks back in with Truth’s tour of Tennessee!

There’s still so much to see as they arrive at the University of Tennessee’s football stadium! The Home of the Volunteers is amazing! Who do they volunteer for, though? Salvation Army? No, Truth, the football team is nicknamed, “The Volunteers.” So no Santa Clauses ringing bells? Mayor Jacob says the football team is great, but what makes Knoxville great is the teachers and firefighters and police officers. In fact, here’s someone Truth should meet. Officer Burns is here and Truth shakes his hand. Wait is he a regular officer or Robocop? A regular officer as sworn in by Major Jacobs. Oh sweet. Carmella, the President sworn in someone as a police officer. And not just that, Burn is also a referee. Wow, working two jobs. Truth has another obligation. Thanks, Mr. President but uh, gotta go! Truth turns and runs into the goal post!

Jacobs and the referee hurry over, Jacobs covers Truth, Jacobs wins!

Winner: Mayor Glenn Jacobs/Kane, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

“I still got it!” Jacobs/Kane says as he runs off with the gold. Will Truth be able to get that title back from a politician? Or will he run into a lot of red tape before getting back at the Big Red Machine?


Rey Mysterio VS ???

The King of Lucha Libre is still going, encouraged by the hopes and dreams of his son, Dominic! But he’s going up against the Swiss Cyborg, Cesaro! And Cesaro has a mic to speak to Rey. “You shouldn’t have listened to your son, Rey.” Cesaro swears to beat the hell out of Dominic the day he finally enters the ring. Mysterio takes offense, and he dropkicks Cesaro off the apron! Then fires off at the ramp! Mysterio throws Cesaro in and the match finally begins, and Cesaro UPPERCUTS Mysterio down! Cover, TWO!

Cesaro takes his jacket off and snap suplexes Mysterio up and over. He drops elbows on Mysterio then covers, ONE! Cesaro throws more uppercuts then chokes Mysterio on the ropes. Mysterio grits his teeth as he catches his breath and fans are on his side. But Cesaro whips Mysterio corner to corner hard! Cesaro drags Mysterio up for more European Uppercuts then stomps him in the corner. Cesaro gut wrenches Mysterio to bring him up, but Mysterio huricanranas Cesaro into a post! Cesaro falls out of the ring and Mysterio runs to DIVE, into another uppercut! Cesaro shakes out the bad arm before he drags Mysterio up. Cesaro looks to end Mysterio rather then the match, and he suplexes Mysterio up. Mysterio fights free and shoulders back! Mysterio kicks Cesaro then runs, to 619 Cesaro in the back!

Cesaro hops down but Mysterio just keeps moving, and he DIVES to DDT Cesaro down! Fans fire up for Mysterio while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Cesaro clobbers Mysterio down! Cover, TWO! Cesaro drops elbows and covers, TWO! Cesaro wraps Mysterio up in a chinlock, but fans rally as Mysterio endures. Mysterio fights back but Cesaro kicks and whips. Mysterio reverses but is put up top. Mysterio comes back to headscissor but he’s put on the apron. He shoulders back then springboards, but Cesaro uppercuts him down! Mysterio hits the floor and Cesaro goes out to fetch him. Cesaro slingshots to senton! Cover, TWO! Cesaro grows frustrated but Mysterio isn’t a living legend for nothing. Cesaro knocks Mysterio down and wraps on a chinlock. Mysterio endures being bent back in the partial camel clutch, but he does fight back. Cesaro just readjusts to have a partial cobra clutch. Mysterio fights up more but Cesaro shoves. Mysterio ducks, springboards and crossbodies, but Cesaro rolls through to swing Mysterio around, only to get a Crucifix DRIVER!

Both men are down but fans rally for Rey. Mysterio feeds off the energy and goes at Cesaro, but Cesaro shoves. Mysterio kicks back then waistlocks but Cesaro standing switches. Mysterio bucks Cesaro off, springboard moonsault to a tornado DDT! Cover, TWO! Mysterio keeps his cool, he’s been through tough matches before. He tilt-o-whirls but Cesaro slips out to BOOT Mysterio down! Cover, TWO! But right into a crossface! Mysterio endures but rolls it back to a cover, ONE! Cesaro catches the kick but gets the enziguri! He wobbles, and Mysterio dials it up! But the 619 is caught! Fireman’s carry, pop-up, trophy lift to gutbuster drop! Cover, TWO!! Mysterio still lives and Cesaro is growing angry. Cesaro drags Mysterio up by his mask, then suplexes. Uno amigo, then another for dos amigos. Latino Heat must be upset, but Rey denies tres! Huricanrana, dial it up! 6 1 9!! Cesaro flounders and Mysterio climbs, leaps into a powerbomb, to hit a DESTROYER! Cover, Mysterio wins!!

Winner: Rey Mysterio, by pinfall

And the lucha libre legacy continues! Mysterio stops the Swiss Superman from stopping him, but can he keep up the pace?


Bray puts the last nail in the wall.

And his newest addition to the Wall of Friends: Seth Rollins. Bray smiles, but the Fiend is lurking. Will Rollins have to be careful when in the ring with the GLORIOUS Robert Roode?


The Authors of Pain are ready to write a new chapter.

Rezar and Akam reintroduce themselves. “No one has seen us in a match since before WrestleMania.” “There’s a very good reason for that: we haven’t had a match since before WrestleMania.” They’re fighters. They’ve fought their whole lives. So they are here to fight, but no one wants to get hurt. Neither man could make a living in MMA because everyone else was too afraid to fight them. And now the WWE is full of men too afraid to fight them. The tag team division is soft. None of them are men. None of them are man enough to fight. None of them have the manhood to fight. SO this is a warning. The AOP will be the future of the WWE Tag Team Division. And that future will be written in pain. With the WWE Draft coming soon, will both brands be too afraid to recruit these hungry warriors?


Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross VS Sasha Banks & Bayley!

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions knew all along the Boss & Hug Connection weren’t what they claimed to be. But will being right be enough to beat them in a match? Or will Sasha and Bayley take a step closer to taking back what was theirs?

The teams sort out and We start with Alexa and Bayley. They tie up and Alexa gets the arm. Bayley rolls and throws Alexa down by her hair. Bayley brings Bliss over to tag in Banks. Banks stomps away on Bliss then backs off to tag Bayley. The best friends mug Alexa but Alexa grabs Bayley. Bayley spins but gets a SLAP and a right! Then Insult2Injury! Cover, ONE! Alexa keeps on Bayley but Bayley powers her to a corner. Bayley rams her shoulder in, then rolls back for wacky waving- BOOT! Alexa hops up, grabs Bayley, sunset flip bomb! Cover, TWO! Sasha scrambles over to bail Bayley out. But Alexa leaps from the apron to cannonball them both! Alexa shakes out a sore feeling in her knee, but covers Bayley, TWO! Alexa brings Bayley over and rags Nikki. Alexa whips Nikki in for a big splash, then runs in to SLAP Bayley! Nikki snapmares and dropkicks Bayley down, cover, TWO!

Nikki keeps on Bayley but Bayley hits back. Bayley puts Nikki on the apron but the hotshot is denied. Tag to Sasha and she drags Nikki out for Bayley to knee. Bayley holds Nikki for Sasha’s Stock Drop! Cover, TWO! Sasha keeps on Nikki and mocks the fans cheering for her. Sasha suplexes then covers, ONE! Alexa reaches for Nikki but Sasha stays between them. Nikki shoves but Sasha hits Alexa into the post! Alexa is mad now, but the ref keeps her out. Sasha whips Nikki then taunts Alexa, only to run into boots. She hits Nikki anyway, but Nikki knees the Stock Drop away! Bayley runs over but Nikki sends her out! So Bayley trips Alexa up! Sasha runs Nikki over, and Bayley tosses Alexa into steel steps! The Boss & Hug Connection is dominating and devastating, as Bayley throws Alexa’s leg into steel steps! The referee checks on Alexa while Sasha stomps away on Nikki in the corner!

The referee backs Sasha off while medics check on Alexa. Things aren’t looking good for Bliss-Cross while we go to break.

Raw returns again as Bayley has Nikki in a chinlock. Fans rally for Nikki as she fights up, and Nikki hits a jawbreaker! Alexa is out with her bad knee, so Nikki is all alone! Nikki knees but Bayley clotheslines! Tag to Sasha, and she stomps Nikki around. She grinds a boot into Nikki in the corner, but lets up at 4. She whips Nikki to the Boss-Hug corner, tag to Bayley. Bayley is a step stool for Boss in Motion! Bayley keeps on Nikki then tags in Sasha. Sasha is the step stool no,w but Nikki uses it for CHAOS IN MOTION! She clobbers Bayley and fires off but Sasha throws her out. Sasha tags Bayley and Bayley goes at Nikki, only to get forearms! Sasha runs to slide, but she gets caught in the skirt! Nikki fires off furious forearms on Sasha, but Bayley goes for the daredevil dropkick, only to get sent into barriers!

Tennessee is fired up for Nikki as she puts Bayley back in. Nikki climbs, Bayley stands, Nikki leaps for a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Sasha is still trapped as Bayley and Nikki get back up. Nikki rallies with forearms and short clotheslines. Nikki runs into the corner, splash to bulldog! Nikki keeps herself going, and wrecks Sasha with a dropkick! She goes back to Bayley but get a forearm. But she rolls Bayley, TWO! Nikki whips but Bayley reverses, only to get an elbow. Nikki hops up, reels Bayley in, tornado DDT! Nikki brings Bayley up, THE PURGE! Cover, but Sasha breaks it in time! Sasha tags in and goes at Nikki, cradle counter! TWO, but Nikki kicks Sasha. Sasha spins through to hit the backstabber! And put on the Bank Statement! Nikki endures, but can’t, she taps! Sasha & Bayley win!!

Winners: The Boss & Hug Connection, Sasha by submission

They’ve beaten the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions! But Sasha isn’t done with beating, she wants to beat up Nikki! Alexa can’t run to the rescue but here comes THE MAN! Becky has her own chair and wants to settle things with Sasha! They go chair to chair! Becky jabs low but Sasha dodges. Sasha dodges again, and now Bayley has a chair! Becky sees she’s outgunned, but no longer outnumbered! Charlotte Flair is here! Charlotte still wants Bayley, and she BOOTS the chair away! In heels, no less! And she SMACKS Bayley now! Sasha is in shock seeing she is outgunned and outnumbered now. She swings, but Becky gets her first! That chair shot sends Sasha retreating, and fans are fired up for The Man! Will Becky and Charlotte end up teaming up again to show Bayley and Banks who the stronger Horsewomen are? And what of the Women’s Tag titles?


Sasha Banks speaks backstage.

“Listen here, Becky. I don’t give a DAMN how many chairs you throw my way.” Sasha is the star, Sasha is the winner, and Sasha is the one challenging for a rematch at Hell in a Cell. Unless the Man isn’t man enough to accept. “Your move, b*tch!” Will the Raw Women’s Championship change hands inside a sadistic steel structure?


Raw catches up with Major Kane.

Truth is hiding on top of the limo! The driver doesn’t say anything as Jacobs hops out with title in hand. “It sure is great to be back on Monday Night Raw.” “Sure is!” Truth rolls him up!! Truth wins!!

Winner: R-Truth, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

But Kane grabs Truth by the throat! Truth says he shouldn’t want to do that. This belt is like his job: 24/7! Truth begs the President Mayor Superintendent of Administration to spare him. Kane lets Truth go, and decides to enjoy the show. After all, it is Raw. This is home! But Truth admits, he’s still got it.


Becky Lynch responds to Sasha already!

“The Man and the Boss went to war, and I loved it.” Becky told Sasha this was a cat ‘n’ mouse game. But good ol’ Sasha, brought in a chair, then cried all day long that she got beat with it. Becky even got a $10 THOUSAND fine, but Becky won’t worry about that. She’s after Sasha, and like a cornered rat in a cage, they’ll have their Hell in a Cell match. Becky will break Sasha down. They’re not just at Hell in a Cell, they’ll be IN the Cell!


Lacey Evans VS Dana Brooke!

The Sassy Southern Belle looks to keep on a roll in the ring, having gotten past her quarrels with the Queen of Harts. But will Dana take advantage of this opportunity to be back on Raw?

The bell rings and Lacey throws her skirt at Dana to then go after her with boots and stomps! The ref counts and Lacey lets up, to then whip. Dana reverses to forearm, then she blocks a kick to throw Lacey down. Dana stomps and kicks Lacey in the butt now! Then she tackles her to the corner to throw forearms! The ref backs Dana down, but Dana whips Lacey corner to corner. Dana hits the handspring back elbow and snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Lacey bails out but Dana keeps on her at the apron with a CHOP! And another CHOP! Dana drags Lacey up but Lacey sweeps the legs! Lacey drags Dana onto the apron to slam her on the edge. Lacey climbs back in, slingshot wrecking ball dropkick! Cover, TWO! Lacey keeps on Dana with a chinlock and armlock combo.

Dana endures but fans rally. Lacey bends Dana back but Dana fights out with knees. Dana gets to a corner, Lacey runs in but misses. Dana rolls Lacey and lariats her down! Dana is rallying, then she scoop slams Lacey down to drop a handspring splash, onto knees! Lacey grabs Dana by her hair, for the WOMAN’S RIGHT! Lacey takes the time to compose herself before taking Dana’s legs, for a SHARPSHOOTER! “This is for you, Natty!” Lacey makes Dana tap to the Hart’s hold! Lacey wins!

Winner: Lacey Evans, by submission

The Sassy Southern Belle makes Dana submit, but will this message to Natty be received well? Or will Natty come back with her claws sharpened?


Seth Rollins VS Robert Roode w/ Dolph Ziggler!

The Architect became a Monster Slayer, but he is also the Fiend’s “friend.” Will Rollins be able to focus on the GLORIOUS half of the new Raw Tag Team Champions? Or will Roode benefit from Bray Wyatt holding Rollins’ attention?

The bell rings and Rollins circles with Roode. They go around, Roode wristlocks but Rollins wrenches to a hammerlock. Roode reaches back to headlock but Rollins cranks on the arm. Roode elbows out to get the headlock, but Rollins powers out. Roode runs Rollins over but then things speed up. Rollins hip tosses then arm-drags Roode, and Rollins has the armlock. Roode gets up and pulls hair to put Rollins in the corner. The ref counts but Roode knees low and CHOPS hard. Roode whips Rollins but Rollins reverses to scoop for a slam. Rollins drops a knee on the run, then Penalty Kicks Roode in the back! Rollins brings Roode up to whip but Roode reverses to hit a GLORIOUS Kitchen Sink knee. Rollins is reeling, and Roode is on him in the corner for shoulders. The ref counts and Roode lets up to throw body shots instead.

Rollins staggers out of the corner but Roode CHOPS him again. Roode whips but Rollins kicks him away. Rollins clotheslines Roode out hard, then builds speed. But Ziggler is in his way! Rollins chases Ziggler around the ring, but Roode swings on Rollins, only to get sent into the apron! Rollins hops up to leap for a flying knee! Down goes Roode, and Rollins brings him back into the ring. Ziggler is lurking and taunting, but Rollins ignores him, only for Roode to blast him off the apron! Rollins his barriers, and then Ziggler gets a cheap shot! Ziggler laughs while Rollins is reeling. Roode suplexes and hangs Rollins out to dry on the barriers! Rollins is in trouble as Raw goes to one more break.

Raw returns once more, and Roode squeezes Rollins with a rear bearhug. Rollins gets up and elbows out, then CHOPS! Rollins runs but into a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Another try, TWO! Roode keeps his cool as he drags Rollins up and throws him out. Rollins gets serious now,but he gets a SUPERKICK from Rollins! Roode hurries out but Rollins fights back with haymakers and CHOPS! Rollisn throws Roode into the barriers! Then into the ring, to dodge Roode and hit a Slingblade! Rollins suplexes but Roode slips out to throw Rollins out. Rollins stays on the apron and shoulders in. Rollins springboards, but Roode dodges the knee, for a spinebuster, only for Rollins to slip out! Falcon Arrow! Cover, TWO! Both men are down but stirring. Rollins sits up first as fans rally with “Burn It Down!” Rollins goes to a corner and climbs up top, but Roode stops him with a haymaker.

Roode throws more hands before climbing up. Roode stands Rollins up but Rollins resists, and then slips under! Rollins goes corner to corner for a BUCKLE BOMB! Mule kick, CURB STOMP! Cover, Ziggler interferes!!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by disqualification

Ziggler rains down rights on Rollins! Then rakes his eyes! Before throwing more rights! But Rollins fights back! Rollins and Ziggler scrap all over the ring, but here comes The OC?! They want to assert dominance but Rollins fights them all! SUPERKICK from Ziggler! Roode & Dolph have helped The OC, so the OC will help them. MAGIC KILLER for Rollins! Styles drags Rollins up, and he wants the Clash! Styles HITS Styles Clash! But that’s still not enough, all five men stomp away on Rollins. They mug Rollins with big hands and kicks, each getting a turn. Ziggler SUPERKICKS Rollins down again! But wait, is that… KANE!? The Big Red Machine is here, and he decimates #RoodeDolph! Then he hits Anderson, Styles and grabs Gallows for a CHOKE SLAM! Anderson staggers up and so does Styles. They both get grabbed, for a DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM!

Knoxville cheers on their monstrous mayor as he stands tall! But wait! Just before Kane can summon his hellfire, the lights start going out! And it is… THE FIEND IS HERE! Kane tries to fight but The Fiend has him in the Mandible Claw!! The Fiend smothers the monster!And then, he eyes Seth Rollins! Rollins crawls to a corner as The Fiend creeps closer…! The Firefly Fun House theme gets warped a dozen different ways. Will Hell in a Cell the beginning of Rollins’ end?



My Thoughts:

Well that was quite the Raw to follow Clash of Champions with. It wasn’t perfect, had some parts that dragged, like the Lacey VS Dana match. It just seems rather odd that they’re trying to make Lacey VS Natty the Raw Women’s B Story. Lacey should’ve moved on from Natty to take on Sarah Logan. Now that would be something, since Sarah can come in as a Face to match the Viking Raiders, and it’s a perfect culture clash since Sarah being a country girl and modern day viking, she is definitely not what Lacey would consider a “lady.” Then there was just classic Vince cringe in how supposedly, Rusev is the new baby daddy and Mike is just a broken man. And not even in a way that can be compelling. Corey straight up called him a “beta cuck” on commentary. Rusev looks incredible, at least, but this just kinda sucks for Mike, and it’s going to be really hard to sell Mike climbing back up to beat him to somehow win Maria back.

Cutting those things out, everything else was pretty good. It was great to see Kane back on TV, and it’s great that he can lay claim to being one of the many 24/7 Champions, but naturally Truth gets it back, mostly because he’s the best 24/7 Champion ever already. He really does still have it, especially in the comedy department. Then he gets in on the story of Rollins as he goes against Roode, Ziggler and the OC. The OC are rolling, but I wonder if they get moved around in the Draft. Perhaps the Draft can put them on SmackDown so that they can bring Finn back into the fold, and also just so they can perhaps have programs with The New Day on a regular basis. But while Kane decimates them and #RoodeDolph, it was actually a perfect move for The Fiend to go after him. I thought for a moment, the Fiend would weirdly save Rollins since Rollins is a “friend,” but this was just as good. Fiend creeping on Rollins and the Fun House theme getting demented was perfect to end the show on, and I personally do hope The Fiend takes the title at Hell in a Cell as WWE moves deeper into the Fall.

There was slight disappointment in the King of the Ring results, but that finals match was great! Fans are really getting behind Gable, but in the end, we have King Corbin. I suppose it’d be almost too cliche by now for Corbin’s ego to cost him, so at least now he has something no one can take away from him. Though, I can’t see how this is going to help, either. The midcard titles are both held by Heels, and the Universal Championship is called for. Will the Draft move King Corbin to SmackDown for him to not win the world title? If Gable had won, he would’ve gone to SmackDown to be crowned and then challenge Nakamura for the Intercontinental Championship. But maybe someone steps up to Corbin during that coronation ceremony and we have Corbin’s first meaningless feud as king. Mysterio did good against Cesaro tonight, but I feel like his age is starting to catch up to him, because that wasn’t as fast of a match as I expected. I’m thinking with NXT coming to TV, his story with Dominic can get going so that we see Dominic’s WWE debut alongside Mysterio soon.

The story of the NXT Horsewomen is going great, though slightly off target of what I expected. Bliss-Cross VS Bayley & Banks was a really good match, though I hope Alexa’s bad leg is more kayfabe than shoot. Bayley and Banks win to stay strong going towards the next phase with Charlotte and Becky, respectively, but I was really hoping there would be a Women’s Tag title curve ball thrown in. For now, Becky VS Banks II at Hell in a Cell IN the Cell is going to be great, and I expect Charlotte and Bayley will have their own great rematch probably outside of the Cell. I suppose the Women’s Tag titles can circle back to the IIconics since they’re the only other Heel tag team on the main roster, but clearly Vince’s lack of concern for the Women’s Tag Division is showing.

My Score: 8.3/10

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Leading into March we learn of two fun produce shows and the lead in for Keiji Mutoh’s first GHC Heavyweight title defense! Read along with Hisame’s Emerald education!




Leading into March we learn of two fun produce shows and the lead in for Keiji Mutoh’s first GHC Heavyweight title defense! Read along with Hisame’s Emerald education!


“CyberFight Festival 2021”

On the 26th February CyberFight held a surprise press conference, which was broadcast on both the NOAH and the DDT YouTube channels. The purpose oft the conference was to announce that on the 6th June 2021, they would be holding an event they hope will become an annual one each year, at the Saitama Super Arena, which is one of the largest in Japan. The event will feature all the promotions that CyberFight manage (NOAH, DDT, Tokyo Joshi Pro & Ganbare ☆ Pro Wrestling), and will have the major titles defended, plus inter-promotional matches. CyberFight president, Sanshiro Takagi, said that it would be up to individual promotions as to whether they wanted to bring in anyone from outside from another promotion.

The one person who wasn’t excited, or even remotely happy by this news, was naturally and unsurprisingly, Kenoh. Rather than start angrily growling on social media, Kenoh’s reaction to the news when announced on NOAH’s official Twitter was, “….”. Naomichi Marufuji tried to explain to Kenoh that all this was was a festival of wrestling, not a merger or anything else. Kenoh made no response, and has only resurfaced on social media to say grumpily he was at a RISE SHOW.

Katsuhiko Nakajima, however, has taken a different approach by saying, “What is this?”. It should be noted that this was said in the manner of a shark finding wounded prey.


Simulacrum Mask

Kendo Kashin was up to his usual tricks, by first of all attacking Kenoh after his match in Sendai on the 21st, by storming the ring dressed as a pirate wearing a Jason hockey mask over a Lion mask, and claiming he was Takashi Sugiura, and then intruding into the ring in Gunma after Kenoh’s match, dressed all in white and with a Lucha style mask. He was beaten down by Kongoh (not Katsuhiko Nakajima, who had walked off and didn’t look back), before Masa Kitamiya threw him out of the ring. Backstage, the mysterious masked man, claimed he was Kazushi Sakuraba and had been sent to do this by Takashi Sugiura. No one was fooled, least of all Kenoh, and Takashi Sugiura said he was weary.

Although Kenoh entered looking around him at Korakuen Hall, he need not have worried, the only strange masked man in the match was Kendo Kashin, who nonetheless tried to blindside him. Kashin was up to usual tricks in the match, kicking Kenoh in the groin, and winding him so badly that they ended up fighting in the lift. Kenoh kept the doors open just long enough for the assembled journalists to take pictures.

 Junta Miyawaki’s return, challenges for GHC Junior Tag Titles

Following the six man tag (STINGER vs Momo No Seishun and Kinya Okada) on the 24th February at Korakuen Hall, and after the usual fight between the assembled Juniors, it took Junta Miyawaki to get in the ring and separate his warring seniors, after which when another fight broke out, he took out all of STINGER by repeated dropkicks. There was a quick consultation in the ring between all three of Momo No Seishun, which ended with Daisuke Harada challenging STINGER for the tag belts on behalf of himself and Junta Miyawaki. Title match has been set for 21st March at Korakuen Hall, but Miyawaki will make his return to the ring on Saturday March 6th at the FULL THROTTLE produce.

Backstage, naturally STINGER made no comment, Miyawaki had plenty to say, and in a loud voice, yelling he would be the “center of the NOAH juniors” and that “I WANT TO GET A BELT”

 Kaito Kiyomiya vs Keiji Mutoh, the first pre match

The first pre-match between Kaito Kiyomiya and Keiji Mutoh ended in frustration for them both, with Mutoh getting the win over Daiki Inaba. Mutoh after the match compared Kiyomiya again to a “low risk” Mahjong move, and said he wanted him to grow faster. Kaito Kiyomiya has made no comment, but he has been seen undertaking MMA training with Kazushi Sakuraba.


Post Match Interviews: “STEP FORWARD 2021” ~ Sendai PIT (February 21st)

Event recap: “STEP FORWARD 2021” ~ Maebashi Sub Event Arena, Gunma (February 23rd)

Post Match Interviews: “STEP FORWARD 2021” ~ Maebashi Sub Event Arena, Gunma (February 23rd)

Event recap: “STEP FORWARD 2021” ~ Korakuen Hall (February 24th)

Post Match Interviews: “STEP FORWARD 2021” ~ Korakuen Hall (February 24th)


~ NOSAWA Rongai and Tadasuke had a stand off over sunglasses, after which NOSAWA started stalking Tadasuke to ringside, as he thought that with blonde hair and shades, Tadasuke has been stealing his look.

~ Naomichi Marufuji has finally bought the Ghost Busters themed Reebok that he wanted.

~ Following Kazushi Sakuraba’s ankle kick and submission, the “Calf Slicer”, Takashi Sugiura said he asked Sakuraba to explain it, which he did, in detail, when they were both in the shower. Sakuraba asked why he asked then, Sugiura said he was the one who chose to tell him.

~ 5’4 Haoh was almost sent flying over the ropes by the GEKITOZ from Yoshiki Inamura

~ Katsuhiko Nakajima thought that Go Shiozaki losing the GHC Heavyweight was very funny.

~ YO-HEY has compared the NOAH Juniors to the “Warring States Period

~ “Kongoh” are enjoyable company, except for Kenoh.” NOSAWA Rongai

~ Atsushi Kotoge was thrown a major shade by Go Shiozaki, who in Gunma shook hands with Daisuke Harada as he said he thought he was the champion, then when Harada pointed out it was Kotoge who was challenging for the singles, Shiozaki looked as if to say, “Really? Him?” and then joking refused to shake hands with him.

~ Mohammed Yone says he has made a new a costume for Shuhei Taniguchi, which will make him “Dazzle”.

~ In usual style, Takashi Sugiura wished Masato Tanaka happy birthday, and then asked when The Bullet Yankees are getting back together.

~ NOAH’s official photographer has been taking pictures of the roster set against a spring woodland background or else in a springtime Tokyo. It looks like some new pictures may be coming out.


  • GHC Heavyweight Champion: Keiji Mutoh
    Challenger: Kaito Kiyomiya (14th March, “Great Voyage in Fukuoka 2021”)
  • GHC Junior Champion: Seiki Yoshioka
    Challenger: Atsushi Kotoge (14th March, “Great Voyage in Fukuoka 2021”)
  • GHC Heavyweight Tag Champions: The Sugiura Army (Takashi Sugiura and Kazushi Sakuraba)
    Challengers: The Aggression (7th March 2021, “Great Voyage in Yokohama”)
  • GHC Junior Tag Champions: STINGER (Yoshinari Ogawa & HAYATA)
    Challengers: Momo No Seishun (Daisuke Harada & Junta Miyawaki) (21st March, “NOAH THE INFINITY 2021”)
  •  GHC National Champion: Kenoh
    Challenger: Kendo Kashin (7th March 2021, “Great Voyage in Yokohama”)


Tuesday, 2nd March: Kenoh debut anniversary (2nd March)

Friday, 3rd March: Naomichi Marufuji, as tourist ambassador of Saitama, will be making another appearance on the “Love Saitama” YouTube channel.

Saturday, 6th March: Masao Inoue (51)

Saturday, 6th March: FULL THROTTLE Produce (Starts 17:30 JST)

Sunday, 7th March: “Great Voyage 2021 in Yokohama” (16:00 JST)


*Please note, unless stated it is a free stream, you must be a subscriber to WRESTLEUNIVERSE to view events. Subscription is free for first month, then 900 yen per calendar month. You can sign up from anywhere in the world.

Both events will be broadcast via WRESTLEUNIVERSE.

  • NOAH have not yet announced whether the FULL THROTTLE  it will be live or whether it will be broadcast at a later date, only that it will be VOD.
  • Great Voyage 2021 in Yokohama” will be broadcast live, and with English commentary. If you are not a subscriber to WRESTLEUNIVERSE, you can purchase the event through FITE TV for $19.00. This will also have English commentary, but you cannot purchase this if you live in Japan.


Affiliated promotions to have all-star matches on the 6.6. at the Saitama Super Arena

Kazushi Sakuraba continues to evolve, victory following submission from calf kick



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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament Coverage! (2/28/21)

The finals are so close, we can almost taste it!



AEW Women's Title Tournament

AEW is closing in on a Women’s Championship Contender!

AEW Revolution is only one week away and Hikaru Shida still awaits a challenger! Who takes that pivotal step closer to her championship?


  • Six Woman Tag: Hikaru Shida, Rin Kadokura & Mei Suruga VS Emi Sakura, Maki Itoh & Veny; Shida, Kadokura & Suruga win.
  • Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament, Japanese Finals: Yuka Sakazaki VS Ryo Mizunami; Mizunami wins and advances.
  • Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament, US Bracket Semifinal: Thunder Rosa VS Riho; Rosa wins and advances.


Six Woman Tag: Hikaru Shida, Rin Kadokura & Mei Suruga VS Emi Sakura, Maki Itoh & Veny!

The Full Metal Warrior jumps into the action alongside #Marvelous and the Biggest Smile in the World to take on the Queen of Wrestling, the Fallen Idol and the Genderless Artist! But will Mei be able to fight properly when Emi-sensei is on the other side of the ring?

Shida and her team offer handshakes, but no one from the other side accepts. And then Maki, Emi and Veny ambush Shida’s team! They knock Mei and Rin out and then mug Shida 3v1! Emi underhooks and Veny helps out, ASSISTED FACEBUSTER! Maki fires up that iron head but Shida avoids the Kokeshi! Shida clubs Maki, bumps her off buckles, and whips her corner to corner. Maki reverses, runs in, and back body blocks! Maki fires up and then runs back in, to climb up. Maki asks, “Who is the cutest in the world? Itoh-chan, desu~!” Maki rains down fists and fires up, but Shida carries her off the corner! Maki fights free and fires off forearms, but Shida pie faces her!

Maki and Shida glare, and Maki fires off more forearms! Shida DECKS Maki with one! Maki gets mad now! She bumps her iron head off buckles, and HEADBUTTS Shida! Maki roars, tells Shida BLEH~, then runs, into a GAMANGIRI! Maki’s head is iron but her face is fragile! Maki tags in Emi, and Rin tags in to clobber her! Rin rallies, pushes Emi down, then hits a DOUBLE STOMP! Emi staggers up into Rin’s shotgun dropkick! Rin goes corner to corner CANNONBALL! Rin drags Emi up, wrenches and wristlocks to then crucifix, but Emi fights free to give Rin BACKBREAKER! And then the BUTTERFLY BACKBREAKER!

Tag to Veny, and Veny kicks Rin around. Veny toys with Rin, gives more kicks, and drags Rin up. Rin throws a forearm but Veny brushes that off. Rin forearms over an dover and over, but Veny just SLAPS Rin down! Veny runs, but Mei trips Veny up! Mei is learning much from Emi-sensei! Rin basement dropkicks Veny against ropes! Rin climbs, Veny stands, missile dropkick knocks Veny down! But Veny rolls through and comes back with a SHOTGUN BOOT! Veny hoists Rin up, blocks the rana counter, but Rin slips out to NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Veny narrowly escapes but Rin SUPERKICKS! Rin runs, SATELLITE DDT!

Rin and Veny crawl, Mei pushes Shida away to take the hot tag! Mei springboard STOMPS Veny down! Mei full nelsons to the CATTLE MUTILATION! Mei has a high bridge, but Veny gets the ropebreak with a foot! Mei lets Veny go to bring Veny up and whip. Veny reverses, runs in, but Mei boots Veny away! Mei goes up, leaps, but Veny catches Mei and pops her around, only for Mei to wheelbarrow! Veny blocks the victory roll, drags Mei back up, FACEBUSTER! Veny LIONSAULTS, covers, TWO! Mei survives but Veny tags Emi in. Sensei now stomps student around! Emi sucker punches Shida and Rin then brings Mei around for a TOSS!

Mei flounders to a corner, Emi elbows Shida down, and then Emi goes back to Mei. Emi gets the legs, sings and the team echoes it. Emi reels Mei back as Maki sings it loud and proud for her! ROLLING ROMERO as Maki holds out the note! Maki runs and KOKESHIS the surfboard apart! Did she forget Emi was underneath Mei? Emi gets mad at Maki for it, but Maki gets mad at Emi for getting mat at her! Veny tags in to stop all that and then BLASTS Shida’s corner! Veny stands on Mei’s head, digs the heel in, and then drags Mei back up. Mei throws forearms but Veny blocks the suplex! Mei stomps Veny’s foot! And then scoops, only for Veny to scoop back and SLAM Mei down!

Veny drags Mei up, scoops her again and SLAMS her again! Splash down for the cover, TWO! Veny tags Maki, Maki stomps away on Mei. Maki puts Mei through ropes and pulls her back in a rope camel clutch! The ref reprimands, Maki holds on until 4, and then mockingly keeps counting to 8. And then Maki goes after Mei for more stretching! Maki CLUBS Mei on the back, Emi gets a cheap shot in, Maki throws Mei down to cover, TWO! Maki is on the camel clutch again, Rin attacks Maki! Maki ROCKS Rin, stomps Mei, and tags out to Emi. Emi DECKS Rin, hits Shida, and goes back to Mei to throw her down! Emi pulls WAY back on the camel clutch!

Mei endures, Emi pushes Mei away, and then drags her up. Mei breaks free to fake the chops and leg scissor roll Emi! TWO, Mei runs and hops onto Emi’s shoulders for a spinning sunset flip! Emi punches but Mei goes Matrix! Mei runs, Emi spins her to underhook, but Mei fights off the driver to ROCK Emi with a right! Mei reels Emi in, scoop and SLAM! Mei shows her sensei that she has power! Shida pushes Rin aside to tag in from Mei! Shida runs to KNEE Emi in the corner! Maki runs in but Shida scoops her and wedges her above Emi! Veny runs in, Shida kicks Veny and snap suplexes Veny into both Emi and Maki!

Shida sets Emi up on the apron and gets some space. Shida runs back in to KNEE Emi back in! Shida’s fired up and she gets in the ring. Emi stands, Shida runs and reverse wheelbarrows to sunset flip! KNEE DROPS! Cover, TWO! Shida goes to suplex but Emi claws her back! Emi runs, but Shida tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKERS back! Shida runs but into Emi’s tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Emi and Shida are forehead to forehead as former teacher and student are evenly matched! But then Mei and Veny get in to boot their respective opponents! Mei and Veny run, and they BOTH get tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKERS!

Shida and Emi go after each other again with forearms and CHOPS! Shida ROCKS Emi, Emi CHOPS back! They keep going back and forth, Shida gets the edge, and she hammers away on Emi! Shida fires up, reels Emi in, but Emi fights to the dragon sleeper, TWISTING REVERSE DDT! Emi sings, “We Will~, We Will~ Rock You!” Maki sings along as Emi runs in and BODY CHECKS Shida! Emi CHOPS and runs, but into Shida’s KNEE! Maki runs in and gives Shida a TORNADO DDT! But Rin SUPERKICKS Maki! Veny SUPERKICKS Rin! Mei fakes Veny out, springboards and SUPER PUNCHES!

Mei shouts to Shida-senpai! They work together on Emi-sensei, SUPER FOREHEAD POKE! Full nelson and… SUPER FOREHEAD POKE! Shida gives Mei a boost, and Mei hits a SPLASH! Shida brings Emi up to whip but Emi holds the ropes! Mei kicks Emi’s arm from the rope, and whips Emi, only for Emi to crisscross them up! Emi uses Mei to sunset flip Shida, and then she traps them both in some kind of double Bow ‘n’ Arrow stretch! Mei tries to get free, Shida gets the ropebreak! Emi lets go, runs, and BODY CHECKS both of them!

Veny tags in and climbs up top! Veny ARIHARA MOONSAULTS Shida down! And then kips up! Veny swaggers about, slaps Shida and drags her up. Veny puts Shida in, drags her up, but Shida breaks free! Shida dodges a heel kick, Veny deflects the knee, Shida ducks another kick but Veny ducks the enziguri! Veny ripcord lariats but Shida dodges, only to run into the WINDMILL! Emi sets Shida up in a drop zone, VADER ELBOW! Veny goes up, MOONSAULT! Cover, Mei breaks it! Emi kicks Mei and Rin back out and Veny drags Shida up. Veny reels Shida in, fisherman but Shida fights out to roll up. Veny rolls through but Shida ROCKS Veny with that right!!

Shida suplexes, Veny slips out and Veny GERMAN SUPLEXES! Maki HEADBUTTS Shida into Veny’s lift, for a SIT-OUT BOMB! Cover, TWO!?! Shida survives and shocks Veny! Veny climbs up again, Rin intercepts with haymakers! Rin climbs up now, and hits a SUPER STEINER on Veny! Shida gets in as Veny goes to the apron. Shida drags Veny up to bump her off buckles! Shida dead lift SUPERPLEXES! And rolls through, to dead lift suplex! Cover, TWO!! TAMASHI!! Cover, but Maki and Emi break it! Maki and Emi intercept Rin and Mei, but Rin and Mei turn that around! Shida, Rin and Mei throw Emi, Maki and Veny into each other! Mei and Rin crisscross to dropkick Veny and Emi!

Shida drags Veny back up, suplexes, and hits a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!?! Shida is shocked by Veny’s toughness! Shida sits Veny up again, runs and hits the TAMASHI!! Cover, Team Shida wins!

Winners: Hikaru Shida, Rin Kadokura & Mei Suruga, by pinfall

The AEW Women’s World Champion finishes it off! Mei is so happy for her senpai, and the three stand tall. But Emi-sensei attacks! Mei and Rin go after Emi, shove her out, but Maki goes after them! Shida grabs Maki by her pigtails and bumps her off buckles! Shida throws Maki out hard, Emi stomps Maki?! Emi is upset that Maki failed, it seems. But again, Shida stands tall with her team! Will she be standing tall against whoever it is that faces her at Revolution?


Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament, Japanese Finals: Yuka Sakazaki VS Ryo Mizunami!

This is it for the Magical Girl and Aneki! It’s win or go home, so who is heading to the overall tournament finals?!

Ryo again gets impatient with the ref and smacks him on the back again. The two shake hands to show there is sportsmanship. But Ryo’s handshake is so strong, Yuka falls to a knee! Ryo lets go, Yuka shakes her hand out, the bell rings, and the two circle. They tie up, Ryo powers Yuka right to ropes, but lets off as the ref calls for a break. Yuka composes herself again and circles with Ryo. They tie up, Yuka waistlocks, but Ryo pries free and wrenches to a wristlock. Yuka rolls, handsprings, wrenches again and has another wristlock. Ryo pretends to be worried but she body shots then wrenches through to a wristlock.

Ryo clubs away on Yuka’s arm, wrenches it more, and Yuka drops to her knees again. Yuka gets up but Ryo wrenches the wrist again. Yuka endures, Ryo lifts her up by that arm to then drop her down! Ryo keeps on the hand, Yuka fights back up, and Yuka runs to flip and wrangle Ryo down with a keylock! Ryo fights up, Yuka shifts to a facelock then chinlock. Ryo powers up, powers out, but Yuka dropkicks! But Ryo just fires up! Yuka is a bit put off by that, and tries another dropkick! Ryo still stays up! Yuka gets frustrated now and she runs, but Ryo dodges the dropkick to stomp Yuka down! Ryo clubs Yuka, whips her to a corner, but Yuka goes up and over!

Yuka gets around to waistlock, but Ryo elbows. Yuka avoids the elbows and pokes Ryo in the eye! Yuka giggles but Ryo reels her in! Ryo waistlocks but Yuka slips under to roll Ryo up, TWO! Yuka cradles, TWO! Another roll up, TWO! Yuka is frustrated but so is Ryo, and Ryo bails out. Ryo catches her breath but Yuka builds speed to WRECK Ryo with a dropkick! Yuka fires up, Ryo cools off, and Ryo takes her time returning. Yuka waits as Ryo gets in, and Yuka dropkicks the legs out! Yuka clubs away on Ryo, brings Ryo around, but can’t scoop Ryo up! Ryo scoop slams Yuka down! Ryo drags Yuka up, whips her to ropes, and runs her over with a shoulder!

Ryo drags Yuka back up, ROCKS her with a forearm, then scoop slams her again! LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Ryo keeps cool as she drags Yuka back up. Ryo whips Yuka to a corner, Yuka dodges, and then Yuka runs back in to back elbow! Ryo catches Yuka to RAM her into the corner! Yuka falls but Ryo drags her up into a DEEP camel clutch! Yuka gets one arm free, reaches and gets the ropebreak! Ryo lets go fast, stomps Yuka, then drags her up again. Ryo CHOPS Yuka to a corner, CHOPS again, and then CHOPS and CHOPS and unleashes the machine gun CHOPS! Satoshi Kojima would be proud! Ryo fires up, does a dance, but Yuka ducks and the chop hits buckles!

Yuka kicks from below, but Ryo boots back! Ryo scoops, Yuka slips out and RANAS Ryo to a corner! Yuka runs to SHINING WIZARD! Yuka hops up, leaps, flying elbow! Ryo is down and Yuka brings her back up! Ryo resists the suplex, Yuka clubs her and rolls her to a CALF KILLER!! Ryo endures, reaches around, Yuka twists the foot, but Ryo gets a ropebreak with a hand! Yuka lets go, runs and hits a SLIDING LARIAT at the ropes! Yuka goes to the corner, goes up top, but cartwheels to avoid Ryo! Yuka runs, but into a POWERSLAM! Both women are down because of the bad leg, but Ryo fires up!

Ryo picks Yuka up, but Yuka wheelbarrows, only for Ryo to block the victory roll! WHEELBARROW GERMAN SUPLEX! Ryo runs and CLOBBERS Yuka at ropes! Then hits a ROUGH RYDER! Cover, TWO, but into the katagatami!! Yuka endures the head-and-arm, but Ryo squeezes tight! Yuka fights up, rolls back, and slips free to get Ryo for a TRIANGLE HOLD! Ryo endures and fights up, but she starts to fade! Yuka pulls even tighter, the ref checks on Ryo, but Ryo gets a second wind! Ryo powers up, dead lifts and POWERBOMBS Yuka down! Yuka flounders to a corner while Ryo catches her breath and fires herself up with slaps to her face!

Ryo runs and CLOBBERS Yuka! Yuka ROCKS Ryo, dodges, and ENZIGURIS! Ryo LARIATS right back!! Ryo fires up, Yuka sits up in a daze, and Ryo brings Yuka in for forearms from all sides! Ryo powers up but Yuka ROCKS her back! Yuka fires forearms from all sides, and ROCKS Ryo again! Yuka cravat rolls Ryo to KICK her down! SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Ryo survives but Yuka puts her in a drop zone. Yuka goes to the apron, climbs the ropes, MAGICAL GIRL SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Ryo survives but Yuka keeps her focus. Yuka goes to the apron again, goes up the ropes again, and hits the MAGICAL GIRL 450, but has to bail out! Ryo catches Yuka for an URENAGE!!

Both women are down, the ref checks on them, but they’re stirring. Ryo fires herself up, she grabs Yuka’s hair, but Yuka grabs Ryo’s ears! Ryo HEADBUTTS Yuka in the chest! Torture rack and- VICTORY ROLL FROM YUKA! TWO, and Yuka RANAS to a cover, TWO!! Yuka runs, into a LARIAT! Cover, but Yuka rolls it over, TWO!! Ryo gets to a corner, runs and SPEARS Yuka! Then drags Yuka up to SHORT ARM LARIAT!! Cover, TWO?!?!?! How did Yuka survive!?! Ryo won’t stop to worry about it, she drags Yuka up to fisherman and DRIVER!! Cover, Ryo wins!!

Winner: Ryo Mizunami, by pinfall (advances to the tournament finals)

And Aneki is heading to Dynamite this Wednesday! But will she be able to go from the Crossroads and to Revolution?


Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament, US Bracket Semifinal: Thunder Rosa VS Riho!

Nyla Rose awaits an opponent for the US Bracket Finals! Will the former NWA Women’s World Champion take one step closer to one of her goals? Or will the inaugural AEW Women’s World Champion end up facing an old foe in the finals?

The bell rings, these two shake hands and then circle. They tie up as fans fire up, and they go around the ring with the collar ‘n’ elbow. Riho wrenches, Rosa wrenches back and then headlocks tight. Riho pries free, headlocks back and hits a takeover. Rosa headscissors, Riho kips out and fans cheer this opening exchange. The two circle, tie up, and Rosa trips Riho to get a facelock. Riho slips out of the facelock but so does Rosa. Rosa drags Riho up to then use a leg to hook Riho and bring her down. Riho fights out of the headscissor, rolls Rosa and runs. Rosa dodges, drops and hurdles, to arm-drag Riho! Riho arm-drags back! Rosa sweeps, covers, Riho goes Matrix to run and basement dropkick!

Fans fire up as Riho drags Rosa back up. Rosa kicks low, reels Riho in and snap suplexes! Una amiga, another snap suplex! Dos amiga, and then she hangs Riho out to dry on ropes! Rosa goes side to side to BOOT Riho down! Cover, TWO! Rosa sits Riho up to throw clubbing elbows, then bumps Riho off buckles. Rosa digs her boot in, lets off as the ref counts, and then CHOPS Riho down! Rosa digs her knee into Riho now, then drags Riho out to a cover, TWO! Rosa keeps cool and brings Riho up for a hanging neckbreaker! And another! Rosa reels Riho into a rack as she hooks a leg! Riho endures but Rosa THROWS Riho over her shoulder! Cover, TWO!

Rosa drags Riho up, bumps her off buckles, then goes corner to corner, only for Riho to dodge! Riho KNEES Rosa, runs and tilt-o-whirls to headscissor Rosa to ropes! Fans fire up, Riho dial sit up, 619 hits! Cover, TWO! Riho runs again, but Rosa catches the crossbody, only for Riho to SATELLITE DDT! Cover, TWO! Riho keeps close, drags Rosa up but Rosa hits back! Rosa EuroUppers, and hits another neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Rosa grows annoyed but she drags Riho around and stomps her. Rosa kicks but Riho just gets mad! Riho gets up and throws heavy forearms! Fans fire up as Rosa throws a heavy body shot and then a boot! Cover, TWO!

Rosa drags Riho around, hooks up a leg, and then goes after arms! It’s a full nelson STF! Riho endures, but Rosa SLAMS her down! Cover, TWO! Riho also gets a foot on the ropes for good measure, but Rosa pulls that away to cover again. TWO, and Rosa grows frustrated. Rosa snapmares Riho, clamps on a dragon sleeper, but Riho fights up! Fans rally, Riho gets up and throws shots to spin around, NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO!! Rosa escapes and goes to a corner, but Riho goes to the opposite. Rosa runs in but Riho boots her away! Riho leaps for a FLYING RANA! Riho keeps moving, wheelbarrow, STOMP 182! Fans rally and duel as both women are down!

Riho goes to a corner, climbs up top, and leaps for a BIG crossbody! Cover, TWO!! Riho can’t believe how close that was! Riho drags Rosa up, reels her in, but Rosa blocks the Northern Lights! Rosa clubs away, RAMS Riho into the corner, RAMS her more, then runs corner to corner for an A-LIST LARIAT! And SWINGING METEORA! Rosa isn’t done, she hobbles and then comes back in, to BASEMENT DROPKICK! Cover, TWO!!! Riho survives and Rosa can’t believe it! Rosa vows to end this, and she drags Riho up again. Rosa scoops, Riho fights out and full nelsons! Rosa elbows free of that, fireman’s carries Riho and spins, but Riho fights that, too! SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX!!

Fans fire up as Riho gets back up. Riho staggers but makes her way to a corner. Riho climbs but Rosa SHORYUKENS! Rosa climbs up, clubs Riho, but Riho throws body shots and a headbutt! Rosa is in a Tree of Woe, Riho adjusts, WOE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Rosa is still in this but Riho drags her up by her hair. Rosa throws body shots but Riho returns fire! They brawl with slapping palm strikes and heavy forearms! Rosa CHOPS, runs, but Riho CLOBBERS her at ropes! Riho runs but Rosa LARIATS! Cover, TWO!!! Rosa is losing her cool but Riho gets her with a victory roll! TWO, and Riho wheelbarrows again, but Rosa throws her off! Leg hook roll, cradle, ROSA WINS!!

Winner: Thunder Rosa, by pinfall (advances to the US Bracket Finals)

In a blink of an eye, this battle of former champions is over! But Thunder Rosa doesn’t have much time to rest, she’s up against the Native Beast on Monday’s last-minute special! Who makes it through to face Ryo Mizunami on Dynamite?

My Thoughts:

A very good, very fast hour and change for what ended up not being a B/R Live special. B/R Live went down, this ended up on YouTube where it should’ve been anyway, and here we are. The 3v3 was a pretty fun match, a lot of energy and chaos. I’m a little surprised they didn’t play up Mei being Emi’s current protégé, but I did appreciate that they played to the history between Shida and Emi, and likewise Mei being Shida’s “kouhai,” or “junior.” Everyone got to shine, Maki is again a very great character, but naturally Shida wins for her team. Shida needs momentum going into Revolution or else it’ll all be with her challenger.

The Japanese Bracket Final was a great match, though I’m a touch surprised that Ryo won. I suppose it makes some sense, she is a very strong opponent both physically and overall. She’s got a great character, and is a strong contender, but something tells me it’ll be the American finalist that goes to Revolution. Rosa VS Riho was great stuff, fast paced and Riho was not as clunky as last week. But in the end, Rosa wins, a little surprising to me as I thought we’d get a rematch of Riho VS Nyla Rose from over a year ago. Rosa’s story of the goals she’s after is still in play, but Rosa VS Nyla could go either way. Rosa or Nyla facing Shida at Revolution seem the more likely to me, and Nyla VS Shida in a rematch from Double or Nothing 2020 seems even likelier.

My Score: 8.4/10

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