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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (9/2/19)

The King of the Ring Quarterfinals begin!



WWE Raw Cover image

Who takes one more step towards the throne?

King of the Ring 2019 enters the quarterfinals! Cedric Alexander or Baron Corbin, Ricochet or Samoa Joe, who makes it to the next round?!



  • Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman VS The OC w/ AJ Styles; Rollins & Strowman win.
  • Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler VS Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder; Roode & Ziggler win.
  • Natalya VS Lacey Evans; Evans wins.
  • King of the Ring Quarterfinals: Baron Corbin VS Cedric Alexander; Corbin wins and advances to the semifinals.
  • The Viking Raiders VS Bryan & Tyler; The Viking Raiders wins.
  • King of the Ring Quarterfinals: Samoa Joe VS Ricochet; Undecided.
  • The Miz VS Cesaro; Miz wins.
  • Championship Showcase: Bayley & Becky Lynch VS Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross; Bayley & Lynch win, by disqualification.


Raw opens with BRAUN!

The Monster Among Men and one half of the Raw Tag Team Champions marches out to the ring, where Michael Cole waits at the table. This is the contract signing for the WWE Universal Championship match Strowman and Seth Rollins will have for Clash of Champions! And speaking of, Rollins appears next! Baltimore is fired up for #Braullins being in the ring and at the table together. Michael Cole speaks to making their match official. But he reminds them that they will also have to defend their tag team titles against Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. How on Earth are these two going to work as a team?

Rollins tells Michael he is no stranger to defending multiple titles in one night. As for their team, he and Strowman can definitely beat Ziggler and Roode. Rollins intends to walk in a double champ, #BurnItDown, and walk out still double champ. That’s just him, he won’t speak for Braun. Braun chuckles and says Rollins is right, no one speaks for the Monster. Clash of Champions will have them beat Roode & Ziggler, but Strowman knows it will be awkward when Rollins gets beat by his own partner to become the new Universal Champion. Yes, that would be awkward. But here’s a little secret: Strowman is great as a tag team partner, but Rollins Slayed the Beast. That’s something not even Strowman could do. So at Clash, Rollins will keep this title by Slaying the Monster.

But wait! Here comes The OC! United States Champion, AJ Styles, and the Good Brothers are told they have no business out here when this is for the Universal Championship. But Styles just ignores that and says Clash will make history. Oooh~! Fans cheer for Styles, but Styles continues that this is the first time we’ll see tag team partners defend titles and then face each other. How kawaii~! Are you kidding?! Why did Strowman get this opportunity? Because he’s Rollins’ partner? Because he looked at the title, then picked it up all, “Strowman would like to have this pretty thing.” By proxy, the United States Champion should get his shot. Who is Styles’ opponent, anyway?! Here’s an idea! Styles will just get people to look at his title, and the first one to gets the shot. Gallows, Anderson, don’t look, because that’s all it takes in the WWE now.

The OC head down the ramp as Styles says it’s more ridiculous it’s getting. Bobby- er, “Robert” and Dolph? C’mon! Why do they get their shot? They weren’t even a real team! But the OC, that is a team. The reality of this whole thing: if the Good Brothers don’t get what they want, and Styles doesn’t get what he wants, then no one here gets what they want. Michael tries to keep the peace but Styles shouts that he’ll slap Michael’s teeth down his throat. The OC climb into the ring but #Braullins is ready. Styles takes the contract, and tears it up! And makes it rain! And the fight is on! The table goes flying into Styles and then the OC #GetTheseHands, a SUPERKICK, and clotheslines! The OC is down and Baltimore is fired up, are we getting something going? Find out after the break!


Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman VS The OC w/ AJ Styles!

Holla holla, the Architect and Monster take on Gallows and Anderson! Raw returns to Anderson having Rollins in a headlock. Rollins powers out but Anderson runs him over. Things speed up and Rollins hurdles to arm-drag Anderson around. Rollins gets Anderson in an armlock and fans fire up. Styles coaches Anderson and Anderson gets up. Rollins wrenches to shoulder break and wring Anderson out for a Penalty Kick! Cover, ONE, but Rollins keeps on Anderson. Rollins CHOPS, then CHOPS again. Anderson ends up in the champs’ corner but Rollins whips him to ropes. Anderson kicks Rollins back then tags in Gallows. Big Doc Luke stares down with Rollins and they tie up. Gallows shoves Rollins away, but Strowman tags in! Strowman says he’s got this.

Gallows and Strowman stare down now, but Gallows pokes Stromwan in the chest. Strowman swats the finger away and they tie up. Gallows gets Strowman in a corner for body shots, but Strowman choke grips! Gallows breaks free and runs, but gets Strowman’s BOOT! Strowman hauls Gallows up and tags in Rollins. Rollins climbs and leaps to ax handle the arm! Rollins wrenches and gives shoulder breakers, but Gallows kicks and uppercuts! Tag to Anderson, but Anderson runs into an arm-drag! Rollins has Anderson again, but Anderson knees back. Anderson bumps Rollins off buckles, then brings him corner to corner. Rollins blocks that bump to give it to Anderson. Then Rollins goes corner to corner to bump him again! Rollins puts Anderson up top in a Tree of Woe and stomps away! Styles protests and Rollins backs off at the ref’s count, only to run and basement dropkick! Cover on Anderson, TWO!

Rollins keeps on Anderson but Anderson jawbreakers back. Tag to Gallows, and Gallows throws hands! Gallows uppercuts away, then bumps Rollins in the OC corner. Rollins CHOPS back and backs Gallows down. Gallows whips but Rollins boots. Rollins  hops up but into an uppercut! Styles is pumped as Gallows drags Rollins over and tags Anderson. Anderson stomps away then puts on a mounted armlock. Fans rally up and Rollins endures. Rollins heads up but Anderson knees low. Anderson suplexes but Rollins resists. Rollins reverses but Anderson slips out. Anderson keeps Rollins by the tights! Tag to Gallows, YAKUZA KICK! The OC throw Rollins out and then Styles gets a cheap shot in! Strowman chases Styles off but the ref works to restore order. The OC has control while we go to break.

Raw returns as Rollins fights back against Gallows, only to get a big uppercut. Rollins comes back with a forearm, ducks a roundhouse, and hits a PELE! Anderson tags in and back suplexes, but Rollins escapes! Anderson whips but Rollins kicks back. Rollins dodges to tag in Strowman! Baltimore is thunderous as Strowman rallies and runs Anderson over. Strowman tosses Anderson to the corner for a splash, but Gallows saves Anderson from the slam. Strowman just runs them both over! Strowman splashes Gallows but misses Anderson! Rollins tags to springboard knee and SUPERKICK Anderson! Fans fire up and chant “Burn It Down!” Styles distracts and gets a forearm, but Anderson rolls Rollins! TWO, Rollins rolls Anderson, Rollins and Strowman win!

Winners: Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman, Rollins pinning

But Styles attacks Rollins! Styles punches and chops but Rollins throws him out. Rollins clotheslines Anderson out then DIVES onto Styles! Strowman gets moving to run Anderson over! Then Gallows and Rollins!! Rollins was a casualty, and here come Ziggler and Roode! They all gang up on Strowman! The OC stomp as Roode and Ziggler get the steel steps! They feed Strowman to steel step battering ram! But that’s not all as they put Strowman back in. Rollins returns but he gets a SUPERKICK and GLORIOUS DDT!

Strowman revives but he’s just back in the 5v1! The OC work with Roode and Ziggler, for a MASSIVE Magic Killer! Fans boo but Styles prepares that forearm. The Good Brothers, Roode and Ziggler haul Strowman up, PHENOMENAL FOREARM! Roode tells Rollins they are losing those tag titles! The OC put up the Too Sweet, are they and the GLORIOUS Show-Offs going to reign supreme after Clash of Champions?


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Backstage interview with Cedric Alexander!

The quarterfinals are coming for the King of the Ring, how is he preparing? Alexander saw Baron Corbin boasting that he is the future king, but Alexander- Gets attacked by the OC!? Why?! Styles rams Alexander into a storage trunk! Too Sweet destruction continues on Raw, where will it end?!


Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler VS Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder!

To keep sharp for their coming Raw Tag Team Championship match, the GLORIOUS One and the Show-Off will take on the Major Brothers! Though, as if beating up Rollins and Strowman wasn’t enough… Will Ziggler & Roode keep going strong after already beating down the champs?

The bell rings and Ryder ties up with Ziggler. Ziggler kicks low and rakes eyes to then headlock. Ryder powers out but Ziggler runs him over! Ziggler brags then speeds up and kicks Ryder again. But Ryder still gets a flapjack! Tag to Hawkins and the Bros hit the STO Russian Leg Sweep! Cover, TWO! Hawkins keeps on Ziggler but Ziggler kicks the leg. Ziggler whips Hawkins corner to corner but Hawkins goes up and over. Hawkins spins Ziggler around for a neckbreaker! Ziggler bails out but Hawkins follows. Hawkins puts Ziggler in, dodges, but Roode tags in, Hawkins doesn’t see that, and doesn’t see the kick coming! Roode drags Hawkins out to throw Hawkins into barriers! Roode throws Hawkins back in then hits Ryder for good measure. Roode rams into Hawkins then suplexes him to hang him out to dry. Roode and Ziggler boast they’ll be the champs before Roode grinds his foot into Hawkins’ chest.

The ref backs Roode off Hawkins so Roode tags in Ziggler. They mug Hawkins then Ziggler pushes Hawkins down. Ziggler drags Hawkins up to rake the eyes! The ref reprimands Ziggler but Ziggler puts Hawkins in a chinlock. Fans rally up as Ziggler taunts Hawkins. Hawkins fights his way up and pops out to throw hands! And a PELE! But Roode tags in, but so does Ryder! Ryder rallies, forearm and clotheslines for all! Roode reverses the whip but gets knees. Ryder hops up, missile dropkick! Fans fire up with Ryder as he waits for Roode. Ryder runs out, but the Rough Ryder is denied. Roode gets an elbow and Hawkins tags in. Ryder hops up, Hawkins lifts Roode, Samoan Drop Blockbuster! Cover, but Ziggler breaks it! Ryder goes after Ziggler, forcing him out. Ziggler shovels Ryder out, then SUPERKICKS Hawkins! GLORIOUS DDT! Cover, Roode & Ziggler win!

Winners: Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler, Roode pinning

This is quite the short streak this new team is on! Will they actually take those titles from #Braullins at Clash of Champions?


Natalya VS Lacey Evans!

The Queen of Harts doesn’t care about her bad arm, she’s going to fight through the pain! But will she regret that choice when going against the Sassy Southern Belle?

Natty doesn’t even wait, she runs Lacey over on the ramp! Lacey is upset now, but she does take some time to get in the ring. The bell rings and this match actually begins.

The two tie up and Natty gets a headlock takedown. Lacey headscissors but Natty pops out. Natty dares Lacey to bring it, and then gets her into a takedown. Natty has the headlock but Lacey pops out to a hammerlock on the bad arm. Natty spins around to fireman’s carry and throw Lacey down. Natty has an armlock now but Lacey powers her way up. Natty wrenches but Lacey reverses. Natty rolls through and handsprings to then hammerlock to a waistlock. Lacey elbows out hard then pie faces Natty around. Lacey whips but Natty dodges in the corner for the rebound sit-down! Natty walks over Lacey to hit the basement dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Lacey bails out but Natty throws her into barriers! The fans cheer for the Queen of Harts as she drags Lacey back up. Natty puts Lacey in, but they both bail out again. Natty runs in but Lacey throws her down by her hair! Lacey stomps the “nasty” then puts Natty in for a cover. TWO, and Lacey grows frustrated. Lacey drops knees on the bad arm! Lacey mocks “nasty” Natty’s pain, and then scuffs her in the face. Lacey puts the bad arm in a Classy Cobra Clutch, but Lacey also smothers Natty’s face with her hand. Fans fire up as Natty endures. Natty gets up but Lacey whips her to a corner. Natty hits bucklse hard and Lacey stomps a mudhole. Lacey hits the swinging bronco buster! Then she goes after the bad arm in the ropes! The ref counts but Lacey lets up, only to come back from the other side of the ropes! The ref counts and Lacey lets up at 4.

Natty falls and Lacey goes tot he ropes, Sassiest Moonsault Ever FLOPS! Natty gets up, elbows Lacey away, then kicks her low. Natty SLAPS Lacey, then clotheslines her down! And again! DISCUS! Cover, TWO! Natty snap suplexes Lacey into ropes, and calls Lacey the nasty one! Natty has the legs and Lacey scrambles to a ropebreak. No Sharpshooter yet, but Natty runs in, only to get buckles! Lacey flounders up but gets run into ropes! Natty fires off in anger, but the ref pulls her off. Lacey fakes being hurt, then throws her handkerchief in Natty’s face. Natty is upset by that, but she gets a WOMAN’S RIGHT! Cover, Lacey wins!

Winner: Lacey Evans, by pinfall

Sassy for sure as she dabs away the sweat, but Lacey still took a shortcut to win. Is the Lady of Raw going to fight her way back to the Raw Women’s Championship by any means necessary? Is Natty finally going to take time to rest that bad arm?


Becky Lynch heads to the ring!

The Man has a special match later on, but right now she wants to respond to The Boss! Baltimore cheers for Becky as she takes to the mic. “It’s good to be back in Baltimore.” And The Man has something to say. Sasha, where are ya? Becky heard about those horrible excuses, and just wanted to say to Sasha’s face, “it’s such a load of crap.” What happened to Sasha? Of all people, Sasha has no reason to whine. She was the centerpiece of NXT while Becky was her sidekick. Sasha got called up to be in main events while Becky struggled to get on TV. Sasha got bouquets of flowers after matches. The Horsewomen started at the same time, but it was Sasha and Charlotte being paraded “like the frauds that you are.” But Becky’s shown Flair why Becky is The Man, so now she’ll teach Sasha the same thing.

When Sasha left after Wrestlemania, she left with nothing. But Bayley was just fine without her. That probably stings the most, huh? It hurts that Becky is the face of the WWE. But just remember, that with all of Sasha’s talent, she should’ve been the historic game changer in Becky’s place. That’s why Becky kept calling Sasha out, so that Sasha would remember just how bad she treated Becky. They will settle this woman to woman, “ya blue haired, freak!” Becky isn’t even mad yet because the anticipation is building. But here comes Sasha! Becky wants her to come to the ring but Sasha stays on stage. Sasha was supposed to be Becky? Yeah, she was! She was supposed to main event Manias, be on magazine covers, have the fame and glory, but lucky little Becky. The only reason Becky got that stuff was because Nia Jax broke Becky’s face. If only Nia broke Sasha’s face so fans would care.

But let’s not make this personal, this is business. Just like it was when Sasha beat Becky with the chair and everyone had to scrape Becky off the floor. Now did that feel personal? Because Sasha can make it personal. If Sasha wants to fight, Becky’s fine with that. Sasha says Becky doesn’t understand. Sasha won’t do anything for the fans for free. She does it when she wants, and for a paycheck. So when they fight, it will be for the Raw Women’s Championship at Clash of Champions. She wants a match? All she had to do was ask. And nothing is bigger right now than Man VS Boss. Sasha’s on. Then after Clash, The Man will be the Boss’s B*tch! Becky isn’t impressed by the tag line, but she is fired up for their fight. Who wins when two of the baddest finally do battle?


The Street Profits are in awe.

What are they supposed to say to that? Montez Ford says just go to commercial in three, two, one. We out!


It is official!

Clash of Champions WILL featured The Man VS The Boss! Is Sasha going to have that title back in her return to Pay-Per-View?


King of the Ring Quarterfinals: Baron Corbin VS Cedric Alexander!

The Lone Wolf is pushing his luck touching the crown again. But he might benefit from unforeseen circumstances after The OC attacked Alexander for no reason. Will Corbin step closer to reigning over Raw? Or will the Age of Alexander still rise up despite being at such a disadvantage?

The bell rings and Corbin circles with Cedric. Fans are on Cedric’s side but mostly against Corbin. The two tie up and Corbin puts Cedric in a corner. Cedric slips out and gets some space. They circle more and tie up. Corbin wrenches the bad arm but Cedric clubs him away. Cedric dodges a boot then throws big haymakers and chops! Cedric whips but Corbin reverses. Cedric manages to go up and over while Corbin slides out then in, but Corbin hits his LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Corbin is already upset with the ref, but he goes back to Cedric in a corner. Corbin throws big hands then shoves him to ropes. Corbin clobbers Cedric from behind! Cedric writhes in pain while Corbin mockingly applauds. Corbin drags Cedric up but Cedric throws forearms and chops again. Corbin shoves but Cedric rolls off the back. Dropkick, handspring, Neuralizer!

Corbin bails out and fans fire up. Cedric builds speed and DIVES to tackle Corbin to barriers! Cedric takes a moment to check his arm, then he CHOPS Corbin. He puts Corbin in the ring and aims from a corner. Cedric springboards and clotheslines Corbin down! Cover, TWO! Cedric grits his teeth and shakes out the bad arm. Fans still rally behind Cedric as he brings Corbin up. Corbin uppercuts! Then runs in, but gets a boot. Cedric hops up but is shoved down into the Tree of Woe! Corbin swings Cedric into the post! And again! Cedric falls out of the Tree and to the floor! Corbin has control while we go to break.

Raw returns and Corbin knees and clubs Cedric down hard. Corbin drives elbows into the bad arm over and over! He wrenches the arm to a half nelson, and adds a chinbar. Fans rally up for Cedric as he endures. Cedric fights up but Corbin knees him again. Corbin shoves and clobbers Cedric just as hard. Fans says “Corbin Sucks!” but he has control as he knees Cedric to a corner. Corbin throws Cedric’s bad shoulder right into buckles! Cedric shouts and scraems in pain but Corbin is on him with a grinding boot. The ref backs Corbin off but Corbin gets annoyed with him. Corbin then goes back to Cedric while he’s gloating. Corbin clubs Cedric down then brings him up to whip. Cedric dodges to enziguri back! Fans rally as Cedric gets to a corner. Corbin runs in but Cedric dropkicks his legs out! Corbin hits buckles, then Cedric hits a basement dropkick!

Fans cheer as Cedric gets up again. Cedric runs, and on one good arm, handsprings into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Corbin is furious but he goes back to Cedric with a rain of rights. Corbin drags Cedric up just to knock him back down. Corbin hammerlocks to throw Cedric into buckles again. And then he throws Cedric to the apron. But Cedric stays on the apron and boots Corbin away. Cedric springboards in, into DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO!! Cedric survives again, showing the heart he had as the Soul of 205 Live! Fans are strongly behind Cedric, and Corbin is starting to lose is cool. Cedric hobbles up, Corbin runs in, Cedric goes up and over. Corbin slides out, in, but gets a post! Cedric returns the favor, and now fires himself up. He rams Corbin back in! And again! Fans fire up more as Cedric rams Corbin into another post!

Cedric fires off on Corbin’s arm now, but the ref backs him off. Cedric sees Corbin on the outside, so he builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit takes Corbin down! Baltimore is loving this as Cedric grits his teeth. Both men slowly rise and “This is Awesome!” Cedric puts Corbin in then climbs up. Cedric leaps, big missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Corbin still lives and Cedric is starting to grow frustrated now. But Baltimore gives Cedric power to bring Corbin back up. Corbin resists the lift and punches back. He reels Cedric in but Cedric roll shim up, TWO! Scoop to a Michinoku Driver! Cover, TWO!! Corbin survives again and Cedric is shocked. Cedric aims at Corbin, runs corner to corner as Baltimore cheers, but is put on the apron. But he enziguris back! Springboard, but Corbin disrupts that by pushing the ropes! END OF DAYS!! Cover, Corbin wins!

Winner: Baron Corbin, by pinfall; advances to the semifinals

The Lone Wolf takes advantage of a damaged Soul and keeps his own dreams alive. But who meets Corbin in the next round?


Daniel Bryan releases a statement on the incident on SmackDown.

“Roman Reigns speared me last week and I understand his frustration. I know how it looks. I know a lot of people don’t like me and I know I seem guilty by association, but that doesn’t make me a liar. Erick Rowan is the one to blame, and I have had nothing to do with this. Therefore, I still deserve an apology from Roman Reigns.” Is this just more lies to keep himself from suspicion? Or a set-up for an even bigger reveal?


Stone Cold Steve Austin Tweets at Raw!

The Rattlesnake was watching, and says that Universal Championship contract signing needs to be complete, but with good ol’ Stone Cold moderating! Austin returns to Raw in Madison Square Garden! And that’s the bottom line, cuz Stone Cold said so!


Backstage interview with SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley.

Former friend Sasha Banks is now the talk of the town, but Bayley hasn’t said a word. What are her feelings about this shocking return? Doesn’t seem so. But what about how Sasha said the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships meant nothing to her? Well Bayley’s talked with Sasha, but she’s not going to share with us because it’s personal. We know what happened at Mania: Banks took her ball and went home. That was her choice. But not Bayley. Bayley moved forward to go after every opportunity on SmackDown, and now she’s champion! And teaming with Becky should be the real story, going against the Tag Team Champions, #BlissCross. The spotlight will be on Becky as the face of the division. Bayley will not let anyone think she’s being overshadowed. The SmackDown Women’s title is just as important as Raw’s. Bayley does what she has to in order to win. Bayley beat Nikki Cross, so she’ll try to get Bliss this time. And we’ll see who is in whose shadow.


The Viking Raiders VS Bryan & Tyler!

The war comes to Baltimore as Bryan and Tyler are daring enough to take on Erik and Ivar. This is an opportunity for these two boys from Pittsburgh to show the “Baltimorons” how it’s done. But will the Steel City Boys simply be cannon fodder?

The bell rings and Ivar RUNS Tyler over! Then rocks Bryan! Ivar puts Tyler in the corner and tags Erik. Erik catches Tyler for a waistlock, Ivar clotheslines into the German Suplex! Tyler is folded up but the Raiders aren’t done. They go after Bryan! Bryan runs away, only to get run over by Erik! Ivar splashes Bryan into barriers! Tyler crawls but Erik deadlifts him into a backbreaker. Then gutbuster! Then a gut wrench for a bomb AT Bryan! Tag to Ivar, and Tyler gets THOR’S HAMMER! An almighty one at that! Cover, the Viking Raiders win!

Winners: The Viking Raiders, Ivar pinning

That was the highest anyone has ever gotten in the #VikingExperience! Will Erik & Ivar continue to escalate until they have gold?


Backstage interview with Sasha Banks.

Sasha is still friends with Bayley but she is not friends with Becky. Is she rooting for the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champions tonight? Sasha sees what’s going on here. So get the HELL out of her face!


King of the Ring Quarterfinals: Samoa Joe VS Ricochet!

The Lone Wolf awaits in the semifinals, but will he be happy with this match’s results? Will it be the Samoan Submission Specialist or the One and Only that advances?

Raw returns as Joe addresses the WWE Universe. Joe sees “a great affliction” within the kingdom, because this kingdom is full of liars! “Every man who received a seed in this tournament has told you they will be the new reigning King of the Ring.” But those lies won’t cover up the universal truth: that King Samoa Joe sounds just right. But now the King of Flight enters the ring! The bell rings and this second quarterfinal begins!

Ricochet and Joe circle and tie up. Joe powers Ricochet to a corner then wrenches to a wristlock. Joe gets Ricochet down and jams the wrist. Ricochet rolls and handsprings to reverse the hold. Ricochet hammerlocks but Joe slips around to reverse it back. Joe leans on Ricochet and has him down again. Ricochet endures as Joe grinds the arm, then fights his way up. Joe wrenches but Ricochet rolls and handsprings again. Ricochet reverses the wristlock again and yanks on the arm. Ricochet has Joe on his knees now, but Joe gets a ropebreak. Ricochet lets up and Joe catches his breath in a corner. Fans rally up as the two circle again. They tie up and Joe kicks Ricochet’s leg. Ricochet ends up in a corner but gets another kick! Joe keeps Ricochet cornered, Ricochet catches the kick but Joe brings him down to a kneebar! Ricochet ropebreaks and Joe lets go.

Joe stomps Ricochet around and dares Ricochet to get up. Ricochet is on the ropes but Joe puts him in a corner. Joe goes after the leg with jabs then CHOPS Ricochet off his feet! Ricochet crawls but Joe has the leg. Ricochet kicks Joe away, then throws body shots. Joe rams a knee in then throws Ricochet into a corner. Ricochet goes out and Joe hits buckles. Ricochet shoulder sin then slingshots for a sunset flip. Joe breaks free but misses his stomp. Ricochet dumps Joe out hard! Joe gets up but Ricochet is on the apron. Ricochet leaps over Joe with a front flip to then mule kick. Ricochet is on the barriers, ASAI takes Joe down! Ricochet drags Joe back up and puts him in the ring. Joe rolls away but Ricochet is on him with forearms and chops. Ricochet whips, but Joe holds the ropes. Joe flapjack hotshots Ricochet! Then Alabama lift, cross the legs for the knee breaker!

Ricochet writhes while Joe smiles sadistically. Joe looms over Ricochet and grabs the leg. Joe pulls it and turns Ricochet for a Half Crab! Ricochet gets the ropebreak easily, but Joe holds on until 4. Joe drags Ricochet up to CHOP him back down! Ricochet crawls to a corner, but Joe headbutts him. Joe whips but Ricochet rolls off his back to tilt-o-whirl headscissor! Ricochet gets up to LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Joe gets to a corner but Ricochet runs in to CHOP again! Ricochet throws forearms and whips, but Joe reverses. Ricochet goes up and over but that bad leg slows him down. Ricochet runs into the URENAGE! Joe drags Ricochet out to throw Ricochet into the barrier with an Exploder suplex! Ricochet is wrecked while Joe catches his breath.

Joe stands and brings Ricochet up at the count of 4. He puts Ricochet in at 5 then follows after. Joe drags Ricochet to a cover, TWO! Ricochet still lives but Joe keeps his cool. Fans duel as Joe wrenches Ricochet’s neck. Ricochet endures and fights back! Ricochet throws haymakers and chops, then runs, but into Joe’s back drop! Ricochet crashes and burns and we go to break.

Raw returns and Joe grinds Ricochet’s head into the mat with both hands. Ricochet fights his way back up from the neck wrench as fans duel. Ricochet elbows free of the hold but Joe headbutts him back down. Ricochet goes to the corner and Joe runs in, but Ricochet rocks him with a forearm! Ricochet puts up a boot but gets the enziguri! Somersault shotgun dropkick! Both men are down and fans rally up. Joe and Ricochet rise, and Joe swings only for Ricochet to counter punch. Ricochet runs and forearms but Joe stays up. The huricanrana throws Joe to a corner and Ricochet runs in to ram his shoulder. Ricochet springboards to clothesline Joe down! Standing shooting star! Cover, TWO! Joe still lives but Corbin is watching backstage. Ricochet goes to a corner and climbs up, but has to bail out of the Phoenix splash. He runs into a powerslam! Cover, TWO!!

Joe drags Ricochet up but Ricochet fights off the urenage. Ricochet wheelbarrows to a cover, TWO! Ricochet runs into an atomic drop! Joe runs but into the dropkick-flip and SUPERKICK! Joe goes down and out of the ring. Ricochet runs and SASUKE SPECIALS! Ricochet takes Joe out but he hurries to get him back in. Joe is in and Ricochet climbs to a corner. Ricochet aims at the drop zone, but Joe springs up to trip Ricochet up! And CHOPS! Ricochet ends up turned around and Joe climbs up behind him. Ricochet fights back but is in a Coquina Clutch! But it won’t count up there! Ricochet revives to shove them both off!! It’s a cover on someone, and the ref counts! But who wins!?

The referee goes to the timekeeper and talks with officials in the back. Fans duel over who should win, but with both men down in that situation, the discussion is… The match is over, but with no immediate ruling? Both men argue with the ref as he leaves, but Joe sucker punches Ricochet! And puts Ricochet in the ring! Joe, bleeding from his nose, gets a PELE! And a RECOIL! Ricochet dares Joe to come back, but Joe doesn’t. So what happens in the tournament?!


Strowman talks with Rollins backstage.

They both know about Stone Cold coming to settle the contract signing. That’s the best thing for them. No, Strowman senses what’s happening. He knows Austin is behind Rollins, and now Austin will be here for the signing, that doesn’t seem right. Is that what Strowman sees? A conspiracy of Rollins and Austin after what The OC and Roode-Ziggler did? Rollins knows Strowman senses the tag team title match is the opportunity for one of them to be betrayed. Rollins has been on both sides of that, so he promises not to do that. As for Austin, Rollins is okay with that. Strowman wants everyone know that not even Stone Cold is going to stop him. And if he tries, Austin will #GetTheseHands!


Connor’s Cure introduces the newest crop of cancer fighting superstars!

Julius Lopez is the Sarcoma Warrior! He was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor, and it was removed. He thought he wasn’t going to live through that experience. But he won the fight and will use his heart of gold and titanium knee to defeat any challenge! OOOAH~! Was that good, Big Dog? Roman couldn’t have said it better himself.


Raw presents Firefly Fun House!

Bray Wyatt returns! But before the fun starts, Bray apologizes to Finn Balor for The Fiend being “super duper rude.” So on behalf of everyone at the Fun House, “I’m sorry.” But on to bigger news! OH NO! Him… “How dare you challenge Seth Rollins and/or Braun Strowman to a match at Hell in a Cell!” Does Bray know how valuable they are? You’re….. Wait! Look what Bray has. MONEY~! Bray feeds the money to the boss, nom nom nom. That satisfies the boss. That was close. Besides! Clearly Strowman and Rollins aren’t a good team. They’re both selfish, greedy, and in another life, they took something very dear to Bray. But unlike those “bozos,” Brya embraces teamwork! He, Abby, Mercy and all the puppets–Shut up, Ramblin’ Rabbit, no one cares about your cries for help–are a great team. They all help Bray cope with the pain. And the Fiend helps Bray inflict pain. See you in Hell, in a Cell! “Let me in.” BYE~~!


Backstage interview with referee John Cone.

The referee of record is interrupted by Baron Corbin. Double elimination, bye-bye, and Corbin gets a bye to the finals. Actually, management decided that both Ricochet and Joe advance! What!? Next week, the semifinals will be a TRIPLE THREAT! And that means two threats to Corbin taking the throne! Who comes out of this unconventional King of the Ring match to represent Raw in the finals?


Backstage interview with Rey Mysterio!

The King of Lucha almost retired last week, but Dominic kept him from pulling the trigger and pulling off the mask. Mysterio and his son talked, shared stories, and Dominic shared how much it meant to grow up in the WWE Family. Mysterio is blessed to have seen his son growing up into a fine man. And he thanks his son for supporting him to keep going. And thinking about it, it is crazy. As parents, you are to push your children to follow their dreams. Here, Dominic pushed Mysterio to follow his. Mysterio says he isn’t done here in the WWE. “Not just yet.” He has much more to accomplish. He does this for his son, Dominic. Will the support of his son help Mysterio reach new heights in his already historic career?


The Miz VS Cesaro!

The Hollywood A-Lister prepares to prove he’s not soft to the King of Strong Style and his “spokesman,” Sami Zayn. Meanwhile, the Swiss Cyborg returns from Wales after an excellent match as part of NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff! Can Miz keep going strong towards his Intercontinental Championship match with Shinsuke Nakamura? Or will Cesaro continue his roll from this weekend?

The bell rings and Cesaro bolts right at Miz with a European Uppercut! Cover, TWO! Miz gets out but Cesaro doesn’t let up. Cesaro runs in to EuroUpper Miz against barriers! Cesaro drags Miz up to trophy lift and drop him on the barriers! Then Cesaro throws Miz in the ring to run and clothesline him down! Cover, TWO! Cesaro keeps his cool as he looms over Miz. Fans rally for Miz as he drags himself up. Cesaro throws haymakers to rock Miz again and again. Cesaro runs but into Miz’s A-List Combination! Both men are down but Miz gets up to give It Kicks! Miz kicks and kicks and kicks, but Cesaro ducks the buzzsaw to blast another EuroUpper! Cover, TWO! Cesaro drags Miz up fast to whip him to a corner, but Miz reverses. Miz gets put on the apron and haymakers back. Miz climbs but gets another EuroUpper!

Cesaro climbs up and drags Miz up. Cesaro DEADLIFTS Miz for the SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO! Miz survives but Cesaro keeps his cool. Cesaro grabs Miz’s arm for a keylock, and he pulls it in tight. Miz endures and fans rally up. Miz fights up but Cesaro whips. Miz kicks and punches back but Cesaro shoves. Cesaro runs into a boot, but he ducks Miz for a back suplex. Miz lands on his feet, kicks low and hits the low DDT! Cover, TWO! Both men slowly get up again, and Miz counter punches Cesaro with haymakers. Miz gives It Kicks in the corner! Miz stops at the count of 4 to run corner to corner, and he hits double knees! And again! But then he runs into the pop-up uppercut! Cover, TWO!! But Cesaro has Miz up and Gotch lifts, but Miz back drops. Cesaro rolls Miz up, TWO, but Cesaro gets the legs! Miz fights off the swing to get the legs. Cesaro fights the Figure Four off, but Miz slides in to sunset. But Cesaro sits on it, holding ropes! The ref calls that off, Miz rolls Cesaro! TWO!

Miz throws more haymakers on Cesaro, but the ref pulls him off. Cesaro gets a strong right! then another EuroUpper! And another! Miz counters one for a backslide, spin around to THE FINALE! Cover, Miz wins!

Winner: The Miz, by pinfall

And it’s over just like that! The A-Lister gets the momentum he needs, but will he be ready for a fight from Shinsuke?


Championship Showcase: Bayley & Becky Lynch VS Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross!

For the first time ever in WWE History, mostly because there are finally this many women’s titles in the WWE, we will have a Women’s Champions VS Champions tag match! Will the Hugger and The Man still work together as NXT Horsewomen? Or will the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions prove they’re worthy of more than just these belts?

The teams sort out, and Bayley starts against Nikki. These two tie up and Bayley wrenches Nikki to a wristlock. Bayley yanks on the arm then pushes Nikki down to the mat. Nikki gets up, rolls and hops on for a sleeper hold! But Bayley throws her off and avoids getting the table top to snap suplex Nikki down. Cover, ONE, but Bayley keeps on Nikki. Nikki headbutts out but is thrown out. Bayley goes out to daredevil dropkick through the corner! Bayley brings Nikki  up but Alexa hurries after. Becky LEAPS to take Alexa out! Bayley puts Nikki in but Nikki gets right out. And here comes Sasha! Is Sasha here to support Bayley or fight Becky? We’ll see what The Boss does after the break.

Raw returns once more, and Alexa keeps Bayley back from Becky with a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Alexa keeps on Bayley with a chinbar, but Bayley endures. Sasha is stoic while Becky gets fans rallying up for Bayley. Bayley fights up but Alexa powers her to the corner! Tag to Nikki, and Bayley gets fed to a boot. Nikki drags Bayley up and puts her in an open corner. She hoists Bayley into the Tree of Woe and starts stomping. She headbutts Bayley out of the Tree, but then Bayley shoves Nikki back. Bayley flapjacks Nikki onto buckles! Nikki body checks Bayley out of the ring! Nikki goes out to fetch Bayley and says “Bye bye!” to Becky. Nikki puts Bayley in and tags Alexa. Bliss-Cross whips Bayley into buckles, then hits a splash to SLAP! Alexa waves at Becky before covering Bayley. TWO, and Bliss is angry with the ref.

Bayley is still in the Bliss-Cross corner and Nikki tags in. Nikki snapmares but Bayley scrambles for her corner! Nikki claws Bayley backwards, but Bayley keeps reaching. Nikki knees low and hits Becky down! The ref keeps Becky out but that just allows Bliss-Cross to mug Bayley! Tag and Alexa is in legally. She whips Nikki in but Bayley elbows back! Bayley scrambles but Nikki anchors her. Bayley shoves Nikki away then throws Alexa out. Nikki gets the second rope hotshot! But Alexa clobbers Bayley before the tag! Alexa kicks at Becky’s hand, but Bayley rolls Alexa up! TWO, and hot tag to Becky! The Man rallies with Straight Fire! And knees for Alexa! And a SLAP to then forearms and uppercuts and a mule kick. Becky runs to body check Bliss down! Fans fire up as Becky makes sure Sasha is watching. But Alexa dodges, only to get an elbow and boot! Becky hops up, leg drop! Cover, but Nikki breaks it!

Nikki has Becky and tosses her to the apron. Becky kicks back, then kicks high. Becky has Nikki to Becksploder Nikki into the corner! Becky Firearms and rocket kicks each of the tag champs. Becky fires off but here comes Sasha with the BACKSTABBER!

Winners: Becky Lynch & Bayley, by disqualification

Apropos that Sasha used that move to betray Becky and Bayley in one go! Sasha throws Becky into the post! Sasha smiles as she goes under the ring to fetch a new chair! She brings it into the ring with her, and Becky crawls, to get a SMACK to the back! And another! But Bayley stops Sasha! The best friends are suddenly divided. Or are they…? Because Bayley has the chair, and smiles at Sasha. SHE SMACKS BECKY!! Bayley fires off chair shot after chair shot on Becky’s back! Bayley said she’d do whatever she had to in order to get out of Becky’s shadow, and this might be that! What does this mean for Clash of Champions?!



My Thoughts:

A solid episode for Raw this week, with just a few weeks to go before the PPV. That contract signing to open was actually great because it was new. I don’t recall when a contract signing turned into a brawl because of someone not part of the title match. And I’m a little surprised Roode & Ziggler helped give the beat down, but at the same time, what else but 5v2 would’ve worked considering Braun Strowman is involved? Heels still work as “enemy of my enemy is my friend” in WWE, and it at least pushes that the solidarity between Roode & Ziggler is real. They also got a good warm-up out of Hawkins & Ryder, so there’s that. I don’t think Strowman needs to be paranoid about Austin showing up for Rollins’ sake. But it was good to hear Rollins understand the meta of their situation, that a betrayal could help give someone an advantage in their singles match, and promise it won’t happen. Probably doesn’t change anything that he said it, but it was good that he said it.

And I also like that Bray Wyatt is wanting The Fiend to get a Universal Championship match. Hell in a Cell is perfect, and both Rollins or Strowman would make for a great opponent. Rollins VS Fiend would probably be the better match, but I feel like the story would be stronger with Strowman given the Wyatt Family history. At this point, I can’t say Rollins loses at Clash of Champions, so I expect that to be our story after Clash. However, I will say that the story only works if The Fiend wins, because everyone is loving The Fiend. Meanwhile, I feel like the love is starting to leave for the Viking Raiders as far as the live audiences go. The squash match is not working anymore, post-Clash the Raiders need to go after the tag titles, which I assume will be on Roode & Ziggler somehow someway. Raiders VS Roode & Ziggler will put on a great match and that will help fix some of what Vince has done to “Erik” and “Ivar.”

There was some sloppy stuff in the Natty VS Lacey stuff. Mostly that ramp attack spot. None of it worked even in wrestling context. The music gave away Natty interrupting Lacey. Natty waiting for Lacey to turn around because of the parasol in the way was dumb. And then there was nothing for Lacey to sell because it was just a shoulder bump. The match was a bit better, and Lacey wins to stay afloat, but Natty needs to actually take care of that kayfabe arm injury now. Miz VS Cesaro was pretty good, and obviously Raw doesn’t care how great Cesaro was at TakeOver: Cardiff. Miz did need the win for his story, or else he will be falling behind Shinsuke and Sami. SmackDown probably has more on this involving Sami and Shinsuke. For that matter, SmackDown clearly sets things up for Roman and Bryan given the text statement from Bryan tonight. I really hope SmackDown finds a way to salvage that crammed segment last week.

Both King of the Ring matches were great. Cedric got some real shine and apparently won Baltimore over, but Corbin winning made sense, as much as everyone dislikes his character. He’s been bragging, he gets to brag some more, but then what a stroke of genius for Ricochet VS Joe to be a Dusty Finish and they both move on. Triple Threat for the semifinals is incredible, because this gets rid of any Face VS Heel predictability up to this point. I feel like this could go any which way out of this, but honestly it would be better if Corbin loses so he can throw a fit. Plus it just feels like the way of the world for Corbin: he talks trash but gets bit by karma every time. Then the best material of tonight was the Women’s Championship story/stories. Banks and Becky make their match official via their promos, and then we get a pretty good match of all the champs.

I was pretty sure Becky and Bayley were going to win even without Sasha, but her getting involved was also natural. The amazing surprise was Bayley going HEEL! Fans of Bayley were wondering if this would ever happen, and it did, and what a great way to do it! Granted, this completely undoes my Banks VS Bayley idea at Survivor Series, them being enemies wanting to figure things out between them, but now it might make for even better things. Becky will want to get back at them both, and go after Sasha first. Then assuming Bayley gets through whoever at Clash with her new “any means necessary” philosophy (aka Champion’s Advantage), she’ll eventually move on to face Becky for a match that WWE planted seeds for not too long ago. I hope this is a sign WWE is finally doing some long(er) term booking again.

My Score: 8.3/10

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