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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (9/9/19)

All Four WWE Horsewomen in ONE MATCH!



WWE Raw Cover image

Raw heads for Clash of Champions at high speed!

Not only will WWE’s Four Horsewomen be in one match, not only will Raw’s King of the Ring bracket wrap, but Stone Cold Steve Austin returns to keep order!



  • Cedric Alexander VS AJ Styles; Alexander wins, by disqualification.
  • Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair VS Sasha Banks & Bayley; Lynch & Flair win.
  • Rey Mysterio VS Gran Metalik; wins.
  • King of the Ring Semifinal Triple Threat: Baron Corbin VS Samoa Joe VS Ricochet; Corbin wins and advances to the finals.
  • Lacey Evans VS Natalya; Natalya wins.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Replay: R-Truth VS Enes Kanter; Kanter wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Replay 2: Enes Kanter VS R-Truth; Truth wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • 10 Man Tag: Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Cedric Alexander & The Viking Raiders VS Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler & The OC; Rollins, Strowman, Alexander & The Viking Raiders win.


Madison Square Garden explodes for STEVE AUSTIN!

Stone Cold is back but not to raise hell. He’s here to preside over a second try at the WWE Universal Championship contract signing. But he does crack open some Broken Skull IPA and takes a big drink! “Aw hell yeah!” It’s great to be back in MSG. And somebody told him it had been over 20 years since Stone Cold was in the Garden. And he’s here now tonight. But before the contract signing happens, Austin goes down memory lane. He’ll never forget standing here in the corner, Survivor Series, against Bret “The Hitman” Hart. He leaned on a turnbuckle, the theme song for Bret put goosebumps on Austin’s arm. Austin couldn’t believe he was going to have a chance to beat Bret Hart. WWE was worried about Austin’s neck, Vince was trying to talk him down, and Austin said, “Uh-uh!” and gave the first ever Stone Cold Stunner to the boss!

Austin remembers 1998 or some odd, Austin and Undertaker, SummerSlam, Highway to Hell! Taker went to back drop but Austin kicked Taker in the butt. Taker raised up and hit Austin in the chin, knocked him out! Earl Hebner says, “Gat dang it, boy, you okay?” Austin asked where he was, Earl said, “In the Garden!” Austin knows there were good times before, and looks forward to more good times in the future. But he is here to help to stars get done what needs to get done. You need a badass sombitch to get this contract signed. If you’re ready for that, give Austin a hell yeah. “HELL YEAH!” Austin gives an introduction for Braun Strowman! And out comes the Monster Among Men! Strowman stares down with Stone Cold, a reminder of his warning from last week. But Strowman also offers a handshake. Austin just moves on to introducing the champion, Seth Freakin’ Rollins!

The Architect comes out, joins Austin and Strowman in the ring, and it’s time to take care of business. Austin shakes hands with Rollins and notes the contract signing interruption last week. It’s time to get this done so fans can see them get it on. Rollins gives a shout out to the Garden and New York! This is what Rollins is taking about when he says #BurnItDown! And now Austin may not know this, but the big “goon” thinks Austin has it in for him. That Rollins has a conspiracy going on Sunday. Not to step on Austin’s toes with the “WHAT?” but for once, Rollins loves it. Austin also loves it, but says the names need to be written on the contract. Rollins will oblige, but he tells his tag partner not to worry. No one is stabbing anyone in the back. Rollins is the best on the planet, and will still be that and Universal Champion after Sunday.

Rollins signs his part and Austin flips the contract around for Strowman. Strowman says first and foremost, he grew up watching and respecting Austin. But to be real, a rattlesnake is still a rattlesnake. And Rollins has nothing to worry about, either. Strowman likes being a tag team champion. But he’ll love being Universal Champion even more. “So to quote one of the greatest of all time, I’m about to open a can of whoop ass,” and Rollins will #GetTheseHands! Austin appreciates the shout out, and things are now official. But wait! The OC shows up again! What a moment! Stone Cold is back in MSG! This might be funny coming from Styles, but the OC doesn’t want none. They don’t want to rile up the Rattlesnake. Styles does his Austin impersonation, and says, “Does anybody really care about that anymore though?” MSG does!

Then what about this: “WHAT? SHUT UP!” Stone Cold, turn your attention to Styles and know that you should sit this one out or risk getting hurt. Fans still “WHAT?” and it annoys Styles. But the point is, Austin has no business here, it has to do with Strowman and Rollins. Fans just chant “WHAT? WHAT?” more! This is why no one likes New York. Then maybe put some bass in your voice. Well why don’t you shut up, “Steve.” This still has nothing to do with him. The Raw Tag Team Champions didn’t even have the gall to defend against the OC in a fair rematch. And Styles will say it again- Except that fans are calling him names. Austin wants to make sure Styles knows that about 18,000 are calling him an “A**hole.” The OC gets on the apron now, and Styles says Austin’s the A-hole. Strowman just glances at a title and has a match. Since Austin has been around for so long, the “old fart” must know how it feels.

Fans taunt Styles with “Soccer Mom!” while Austin moves the table aside. Austin tells the OC that he doesn’t know where they’re coming from, but he knows where they’re going. And #Braullins take the OC out! Strowman tosses Gallows and Anderson out, then goes out to run around the ring! Strowman steamrolls Gallows! Then chases Anderson down to club him down! Rollins stomps #BurnItDown! But Styles dodges and sends Rollins out! Only to turn around into a STONE COLD STUNNER! The Stunner returns to the Garden, and the Garden is fired up! Will the OC learn their place around a living legend like Austin? Will they also leave the Universal Championship scene alone now that the contract is finalized?


Raw returns to AJ Styles still stunned by the Stunner.

And now Cedric Alexander comes out! The Phenomenal One may be recovering, but he’ll have to face up to what he did to Alexander last week!

Cedric Alexander VS AJ Styles!

No rest for the weary or the wicked, even as Styles protests. Can Styles still win while his head’s still spinning?

The bell rings and Alexander goes right at Styles with furious fists! Then he whips Styles corner to corner hard! Styles writhes out of the ring but Alexander follows to clobber Styles down! And then Alexander CHOPS Styles against barriers, before throwing him into other barriers! Fans cheer as Alexander drags Styles up for more CHOPS! Alexander puts Styles in then stalks Styles to a corner. Alexander rams his shoulders in but backs off at the ref’s count. Alexander whips Styles corner to corner but Styles reverses. Alexander goes up and over and handsprings to headscissor Styles down! Then dropkicks the legs out to dropkick Styles in the head! Cover, ONE! Alexander tries again, ONE again. Styles scrambles to a corner but gets an uppercut!

Alexander brings Styles out to suplex, but Styles slips out and throat chops! Styles leans on ropes while Alexander catches his breath. Styles comes back to kick Alexander hard in the ribs. Alexander gets to ropes but now Styles CHOPS. Styles throws heavy forearms but Alexander gives one back. Styles gets mad as he whips, but Alexander handsprings and hits the Neuralizer enziguri! Styles flops out of the ring but Alexander builds speed. Fans fire up as Alexander FLIES! Direct hit takes out Styles! Alexander gets up and walks off the sore landing before he puts Styles back in. Styles rolls out the other end but Alexander has him on the apron. Styles hotshots the bad arm! Styles hurries in and headbutts to then an armbar DDT! Alexander writhes as we go to break.

Raw returns as Alexander fights up out of a hammerlock. Alexander forearms away on Styles with his good arm, but Styles kicks the bad arm! Alexander goes to a corner, but he knees Styles away! Fans fire up as Alexander CHOPS and punches away on Styles! Styles roundhouses but runs into a BIG Michinoku Driver! Cover, TWO! Alexander is beside himself, but his wild eyes keep focus on Styles. Styles flounders around but Alexander brings him up. Alexander blocks a kick but misses his elbow. Alexander escapes the back suplex to hit that elbow! Styles flounders but puts Alexander on the apron. Alexander kicks back from the apron! But Anderson attacks! And Gallows!

Winner: Cedric Alexander, by disqualification

The Good Brothers save Styles as they beat down the former Soul of 205 Live! But here come the VIKING RAIDERS! Erik and Ivar have a score to settle on their own end, and they run through the OC! They get Styles with knee to KNEE! Then Gallows gets Ivar’s cartwheel clothesline! Anderson gets Ace Ten Mao! Ivar and Erik each hit Gallows, then combine for spinebuster human weapon! Alexander dropkicks Styles out, before Anderson gets THOR’S HAMMER! Alexander owes the Raiders for the save! But will Alexander get Styles back at Clash of Champions? Or will someone else be chosen to fight for the United States title?


Bayley & Banks speak.

“Aww… I heard Char and Becky were waling around all mad because of what we did to them last week.” Well those two should be mad! Just like Bayley and Banks are happy about being back together. They’ll take the Boss & Hug Connection, and take that to the bank. Meanwhile, Flair and The Man simply stare daggers at each other as they prepare for their match. Which two of the Four Horsewomen comes out on top in this epic match worthy of the Garden?


Bray Wyatt says hi!

Hopefully everyone’s excited for tonight’s new episode of Firefly Fun House! Yowie Wowie! What does Bray have in store for everyone later tonight?


WWE, the V Foundation and Connor’s Cure fight against cancer.

Join the brave young boys and girls as they fight against the worst enemy out there. #BelieveintheFight.


Roman Reigns is here!

And The Big Dog is wearing Connor’s Cure merchandise to lead the charge! “Almost a year ago, I made my announcement that my leukemia had returned.” Roman had to leave, and all of the love and support the fans gave Roman gave him the strength to fight. And when Roman returned, it was that love and support that gave Roman a change of perspective. It was always about the ring, but there is more to the WWE platform. Roman wants to use this platform to raise awareness and pay it forward. He has had an incredible opportunity to visit pediatric hospitals, and that includes here in New York. Knowing it’s two nights in a row in the Garden, Roman knew he’d have a chance to visit them twice. But why go to them when they can be brought here? Roman wants everyone to know that New York’s own need their cheers.

WWE welcomes: Julius the Sarcoma Warrior! Antonio the Arrival! Miguel the Mighty M! Liam the Red Ninja! And Liana “Lilly Terror”! Roman knows these little warriors have been through the toughest fights of their lives but are standing strong. The work doesn’t end here. There are others beginning their own fight, and it is on everyone to support them. Please join the WWE and support tomorrow’s superstars today.


Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair VS Sasha Banks & Bayley!

Reunited and it feels so good, for the Boss & Hug Connection. The inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions have been on the same page this entire time, and look to both be Women’s Champions coming out of Clash of Champions. Will The Man and The Queen be able to stick together long enough to at least deny them momentum tonight?

The teams make the entrances, Bayley and Banks being the only team walking down the ramp together. But then Charlotte and Becky attack Bayley and Banks together! Becky gets thrown aside and Charlotte gets thrown into barriers! But Becky comes back with European uppercuts, and a Becksploder for the Boss! Becky puts Banks in the ring and rains down rights! Bayley saves Banks and clubs away on Becky! Becky fights back but that’s 2v1! Until Charlotte gets a chair! Charlotte starts swinging but Bayley and Banks bail out! The chaos cools off as we go to break.

Raw returns, and Becky starts with Banks. The bell rings but Banks uses the open corner as a defense against an angry Becky. Charlotte runs over but Banks gets clear of her, too. Banks backs off to tag out to Bayley right away, and now champion meets champion. Bayley and Becky tie up and Becky gets Bayley into a corner! Becky firse off with forearms and stomps, then taunts Banks to tag in. Becky puts Bayley in the Boss-Hug corner, but Banks gets back. So Becky throws Bayley out to then throw her into barriers! Becky taunts Banks about her “best friend” getting thrown around, as she does it again! The ref counts but Becky keeps throwing Bayley around. They finally go in the ring at 7, and Becky covers. TWO, but Becky brings Bayley over to Charlotte. Charlotte tags in, and the Queen slaps Bayley around. Charlotte stomps away now, then drags Bayley to bump her on buckles.

Charlotte pulls Bayley against the ropes, holding onto the ponytail. The ref counts but Charlotte lets up. Bayley shoves but Charlotte CHOPS! Charlotte scoops but Bayley slips out to throw Charlotte down by her hair! Tag to Banks and the best friends stomp away on Charlotte. Sasha grinds her boot in until the ref counts. She lets up, then tags Bayley back. They crisscross and throw Charlotte into buckles. Then they double CHOP and throw Charlotte back down. Cover, ONE! Bayley keeps on Charlotte but Charlotte hits back! Charlotte stomps a mudhole into Bayley, then Becky tags in. Charlotte keeps Bayley in for Becky to get her stomps in. Becky whips but Bayley reverses, only to miss in the corner. Becky hits the jump kick! Bayley fights off the Becksploder to then throw Becky to the apron. But Becky denies the hotshot! Becky boots Sasha but Bayley comes back to hit that hotshot after all!

Bayley distracts and taunts Charlotte while Banks gets cheap shots in on Becky! Bayley styles and profiles to tag Sasha back in. Sasha bumps Becky off the apron then puts her in the ring. Cover, ONE, but Sasha keeps her cool. Sasha drags Becky up to snap suplex her down. Cover, ONE again! Fans still sing and duel as Sasha stalks Becky to ropes. Sasha chokes Bekcy on the ropes but lets up at 4. Another buckle bump and a tag to Bayley. Becky fights back and escapes a scoop to hit an inverted DDT! Both Bayley and Becky are down and writhing. Fans rally up as they crawl, hot tags to the Boss and the Queen! This familiar rivalry sparks again as Charlotte rallies and CHOPS! Sasha is reeling as she gets more CHOPS! Charlotte whips, scoops, and THROWS Sasha overhead! Then kip-up! She BOOTS Bayley out before going back to Sasha. Sasha dodges, but gets the backbreaker to buckle shot!

Charlotte drags Sasha up to suplex, but Sasha lands on her feet. Charlotte counters the counter to a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Charlotte grows frustrated, but fans are fired up. Charlotte drags Sasha up, shoves and scoops, but Sasha tilt-o-whirls to a takedown! The Bank Statement crossface is on! But Charlotte rolls around to make it a cover. Sasha rolls, but into the Figure Four! And the Figure Eight! But Bayley runs in, only to get caught! But Bayley spins around to School Boy Becky onto Charlotte! All four Four Horsewomen are down! “This is Awesome!” in the Garden! Sasha hits Charlotte with an apron METEORA! But again all four are down while we go to break.

Raw returns again, and Sasha has Charlotte bent back in a straitjacket stretch. Charlotte fights up and rams Sasha into buckles. Sasha doesn’t let go, and then turns it around to throw CHarlotte into buckles. Then she hits a running meteora, snapmare to cover! TWO, but Sasha keeps her cool. Fans rally up for “Becky! Becky!” Sasha hears all that, but bumps Charlotte to then tag Bayley. Boss & Hug mug Charlotte with CHOPS! But Charlotte hits back with forearms! Byaley barely keeps Charlotte form Becky, but fans rally up again. Charlotte powers up but Bayley puts her in a corner for stomps and shoulders. Bayley backs off to run back in, but gets a knee! Charlotte heads for Becky, but has to toss Bayley into ropes first! Hot tag to The Man!

Becky rallies on Bayley and hits Banks for good measure! Flying Firearm! Fans fire up as Becky fires off strikes. Becky runs to shoulder Bayley over! Sasha runs in but gets caught in a Becksploder! Becky runs to wreck Sasha with a dropkick! Becky then leaps for an apron forearm! Bayley runs in but gets a knee! And a roundhouse! Becky hurries up but Bayley yanks her down for a big knee of her own! Bayley runs back in, reels Becky in, but Becky turns the hug around to a takedown, only to get the backstabber! Charlotte BOOTS Sasha! Bayley body checks Charlotte! Bayley checks on Sasha and the two go after Charlotte. The double suplex Charlotte but she slips out. Charlotte dodges then baits them in for Becky’s double missile dropkick! Two frenemies for the price of one! Becky climbs up, Charlotte tags in, and Bayely gets the leg drop, brother! Charlotte climbs next, and MOONSAULTS! Cover, but Sasha just breaks it!

Becky drags Sasha out and Sasha begs for mercy. She gets EuroUppers instead! And steel steps! Becky drags Sasha into the Disarm-Her! Sasha taps, not that it matters, but Bayley saves Sasha,. Charlotte slides out as Bayley gives Becky a suplex into the barriers! Bayley gives Charlotte a GERMAN Suplex! All four Four Horsewomen are down again on the outside! And again “This is Awesome!” as Bayely puts Charlotte in. Bayley climbs high, Macho Elbow gets knees! The ref checks on Bayley, but Charlotte is hungry to attack. Sasha grabs Charlotte by the hair but gets a forearm. Bayley rolls Charlotte up, TWO!! NATURAL SELECTION! Cover, Charlotte & Becky win!!

Winners: Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch, Charlotte pinning

The Queen wins big for herself and The Man! Will this be the duo that have the top titles after Clash of Champions? Or will the best friends find a way to turn things back to their favor?


Backstage interview with The OC.

Given what went down as they tried to again interrupt the contract signing, and then the match with Alexander, what- What what? That they’ll pack their bags and go home? Who do you think runs Raw? Not Alexander. Whether you like it or not… Wait, Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler come by. They are having a laugh over what happened. The OC could be running Raw, if they recruited these two. The question is: where do the OC stand? Ziggler offers a handshake, and Styles takes it. Does the OC have a pair of new and GLORIOUS Good Brothers on the team? Will this new alliance lead all five men to bigger and better things in the WWE?


Rey Mysterio VS Gran Metalik!

The King of Lucha Libre was talked out of giving up by his son, Dominic, and looks to get back on track in the ring. Will he be able to return to his former glory? Or will the King of the Ropes capitalize on this huge opportunity to get a win on a lucha legend?

Raw returns as Metalik makes his entrance. The bell rings and Metalik circles with Mysterio. They tie up and Mysterio wrenches to a wristlock. Metalik wrenches it back on Mysterio then sweeps the legs. Mysterio gets up and wristlocks but Metalik gets up to handspring free. The luchadors stand off as fans build to a rally. Metalik and Mysterio tie up again, and Metalik headlocks. Mysterio fights out and sweeps, but Metalik holds Mysterio up. Metalik then monkey flips, rolls up but Mysterio turns things around into a wheelbarrow. Metalik pushes Mysterio up and over but Mysterio lands on his feet. Things speed up and both men have equal agility. Mysterio dodges the handspring to headscissor, but Metalik handsprings through. Metalik wags his finger, “No no no,” while fans cheer.

Mysterio rushes Metalik and waistlocks, then shoves Metalik to hop up. But Metalik stops Mysterio, to spin him, only to get thrown onto ropes! Mysterio runs but Metalik dodges to roll Mysterio up! TWO, and Metalik again says “no no no!” Mysterio keeps his cool as he resets with Metalik. They circle again and fans are rallying behind Rey. Mysterio kicks low then whips but Metalik counters to a powerbomb lift. Mysterio counters that to headscissor Metalik out hard! Mysterio runs, slides, but rolls through as Metalik dodges. Metalik SUPERKICKS Mysterio down! Metalik goes into the ring as Mysterio shakes out the cob webs. Metalik comes back to FLY onto Mysterio! Metalik wipes Mysterio out but both men need a moment. Metalik gets Mysterio up and into the ring, then takes aim. Slingshot, springboard, swanton! Cover, TWO! Mysterio still lives!

Metalik keeps on Mysterio with a chinlock. Mysterio endures and fans rally up behind him. Mysterio fights up and fights out, only for Metalik to knee low. Metalik CHOPS then whips Mysterio, but Mysterio reverses. Mysterio sees Metalik going up and over, and gets him with a tilt-o-whirl that sends him into buckles! Metalik flounders as Mysterio goes to the corner. Mysterio climbs up and then leaps for the seated senton! Then he keeps moving, springboard crossbody! Metalik gets to a corner but BOOTS Mysterio back! Metalik runs the ropes to dropkick Mysterio down! Metailk drags Mysterio up to suplex him to the top rope. Metalik then climbs up to join Mysterio, but Mysterio fights back. The luchadors brawl up top, and Mysterio headbutts back. Metalik body shots, then adjusts, to SUPER STEINER Mysterio off the ropes! Cover, TWO!! Mysterio survives again!

Metalik keeps his cool as he brings Mysterio up for another whip. Mysterio rolls up, SUNSET BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Now Metalik survives by seconds! Mysterio keeps himself moving, and is in the corner. Metalik runs into boots, then gets another headscissor! Metalik is on the ropes, Mysterio hits 619! Mysterio climbs, drops the dime in the frog splash! Cover, Mysterio wins!

Winner: Rey Mysterio, by pinfall

The King of Lucha still has it in him! He shows respect to the rising star by helping him up. Does Metalik have Mysterio’s seal of approval? Will Mysterio still keep going up as he continues to climb back?


The Street Profits are hyped!

Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins are ready for MSG! We’re going to need a bigger marquee for a 10 Man Tag match bigger than the NYC! There’s also King of the Ring in the first-ever Triple Threat Semifinals for the King of the Ring! And then LIVE this Sunday is the Clash of Champions! Raw, MSG, Charlotte pinned Bayley! The Queen wants to run it back to get her tenth reign! But then the other women’s championship match, THE MAN VS THE BOSS! No lie, Dawkins has the Boss in his predictions. And Sasha, you were right. Blue IS your color. BUt best of all, Stone Cold got #Braullins to sign the contract. Clash of Champions, Strowman and Rollins fight for the WWE Universal Championship, after defending the Raw Tag Team Championships! But all this talk of Clash of Champions, there’s an even bigger story brewing without a title.

The Profits cue up a video package to recap what happened on SmackDown in the ongoing investigation into why Erick Rowan attacked Roman Reigns. Daniel Bryan demanded an apology from the Big Dog for both the Spear and the wrong accusations, but he wouldn’t get it. Only because the Big Redwood Behemoth would attack! Rowan is no one’s puppet, and he not only beat down Roman, he put Bryan through a table! Will Rowan continue to wreak havoc on Sunday?


King of the Ring Semifinal Triple Threat: Baron Corbin VS Samoa Joe VS Ricochet!

The Lone Wolf thought he’d have a bye into the tournament finals when the Samoan Shark and the King of Flight both pinned each other. But it would be a decision by the WWE referees that instead of a double elimination, both Joe and Ricochet would join Corbin in this match tonight! With the odds not in anyone’s favor, who will move on to represent Raw in the King of the Ring tournament finals?

Raw returns as Corbin makes his entrance, followed by Ricochet. The bell rings and Ricochet throws hands. Corbin bails out but Joe clobbers Ricochet from behind! Joe jabs away on Ricochet in the corner, then whips him corner to corner. Ricochet goes up and over and then speeds up to tilt-o-whirl headscissor and dropkick Joe down! Joe bails out but Corbin slides in to run Ricochet over. Fans boo Corbin but he just grins as he rams knees into Ricochet. Corbin clubs Ricochet down, then mockingly applauds. Corbin bumps ricochet off buckles then whips him corner to corner. Ricochet goes up and out to shoulder in and kick Corbin back. Ricochet springboards to clothesline COrbin down, for a standing shooting star! Cover, ONE, and Corbin gets out. Joe returns but Ricochet dropkicks him back out!

Ricochet sees two targets, and slides at Corbin. Corbin dodges but gets a dropkick-flip and enziguri! Fans duel as ricochet goes back int o DIVE onto Joe! Joe goes down but Ricochet keeps moving to FLY and take Corbin out! The One and Only is also down, but not for long, and Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Corbin is up on the outside while Joe and Ricochet are inside. Ricochet dropkicks Corbin away then goes to the apron. Ricochet hops on but Corbin blocks the headsicsosrs, to then swing Ricochet into the post! Corbin chuckles as he looms over Ricochet, then heads for Joe. But Joe DIVES out to ram Corbin into barriers! Joe glares at Ricochet as he throws Ricochet into the post now. Joe puts Corbin in the ring but Corbin throws forearms. Joe gives them back and now they brawl. Fans duel as Corbin throws body shots over and over. Joe ducks to SLAP away on Corbin! Joe spins but misses and Corbin uppercuts! Corbin whips but Joe reverses into an atomic drop, then runs to BOOT Corbin down! And drops the senton! Cover, Ricochet breaks it in time!

Ricochet and Joe stay in the ring while Corbin rolls to the apron. Ricochet throws hands on Joe, and CHOPS, too. Joe CHOPS back and Ricochet falls. Joe runs but Ricochet leaps to elbow back! Ricochet runs but into Joe’s powerslam! Cover, TWO! Joe keeps his cool while he looms over Ricochet. Corbin slowly stirs on the outside as Joe puts Ricochet up top. Joe climbs up but Ricochet fights back. Joe headbutts Ricochet then brings Ricochet up. Ricochet resists the superplex, and Corbin adds on! Joe fights Corbin off but Ricochet sends Joe down! Ricochet leaps over Corbin, rolls, dropkick-flip but into a LARIAT! Joe hits Corbin with the elbow and PELE! Ricochet SUPERKICKS Joe down! All three men are down but MSG is loving it!

Corbin sits up first and gets to a corner. Ricochet sits up but is in the opposite corner. Joe bails out as fans continue to duel. Ricochet runs at Corbin to throw big forearms. Corbin swings but misses and Ricochet CHOPS away! Corbin shoves but Ricochet rolls off his back to dropkick him down! Corbin rebounds to BOOT Ricochet down! Corbin smirks as he stands tall. He circles Ricochet before bringing him up for the choke grip. Corbin lifts but Ricochet sunset flips through! TWO, and he rolls up into Corbin’s BOMB! But then Coribn pops Ricochet up for a DEEP SIX! Cover, and Joe drags Corbin out, into the Coquina Clutch! A tap-out won’t matter outside but Joe could leave Corbin for dead! Corbin pushes Joe around and they ram into everything, but Joe still holds on. Corbin starts to fade, and Joe drops down to put on the bodyscissors! But then Ricochet APRON SHOOTING STARS onto them both! Ricochet wrecks both opponents at once!

“This is Awesome!” but it isn’t done yet. The decision has to happen in the ring. Ricochet gets up first while both Joe and Corbin crawl. Ricochet chooses Joe and puts him in the ring. Fans still duel as Ricochet climbs up. Joe is in the drop zone, Ricochet 450 but has to roll through. Joe gets him in the clutch! But Ricochet uses the corner to climb out, RECOIL! Joe is back in a drop zone, and Ricochet climbs up again! Ricochet 630!! But Corbin yanks Ricochet out to throw into barriers! Cover, Corbin wins!!

Winner: Baron Corbin, by pinfall; advances to the King of the Ring Finals

The Lone Wolf takes advantage of the situation and is now one match away from being KING Corbin! Who from SmackDown will Corbin meet in the final battle for the throne?


Lacey Evans VS Natalya!

The Sassy Southern Belle already beat the Queen of Harts once, but she’ll happily do it again. Will Lacey make it a quick 2-0 against the Daughter of the Anvil?

The bell rings, and the two tie up fast and furious. They go around and end up in a corner. Lacey lets up, to flick Natty’s hair. Natty SLAPS then powers Lacey to a corner! Natty fires off but the referee pulls her away. Natty kicks then clubs then snap suplexes Lacey down! Lacey is reeling but Natty goes after a leg. Natty wrenches the leg on the mat, then drags Lacey around to a spinning toehold, into a Trailerhitch! Lacey grabs the ropes and Natty lets go at 4. Natty swats at Lacey then throws hands on the ropes. Natty will not let off Lacey until the ref pulls her away. Lacey rolls Natty but Natty pops out for the DISCUS! Cover, TWO! Natty has the legs, and then the Sharpshooter, but Lacey gets ropes already. Lacey hurries out of the ring but Natty will not let off. Lacey gets Natty with a kick and then a neckbreaker to the floor!

Lacey drags Natty up to throw onto the apron. Lacey slams Natty on the apron, then kicks away at her head! The referee reprimands Lacey, but she uses the apron skirt to smother Natty! Lacey lets up at 4 and smiles as she fans herself off. Lacey goes up to slingshot for the elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Lacey keeps on Natty by putting her in a corner for classy stomps. Then she hits a swinging bronco buster! Cover, TWO! Lacey does not let up, she puts Natty in a classy cobra clutch. But Natty fights her way up and arm-drags out. Only for Lacey to clothesline Natty down! Lacey saunters her way to a corner and climbs up. Lacey jumps, Sassiest Moonsault Ever flops!

Natty fires up, but her discus meets a roundhouse! Lacey bounces Natty’s head off the mat over and over, and is growing frustrated. Lacey throws Natty into buckles over and over, but backs off to wipe the sweat from her brow. She throws the handkerchief on Natty, then swings again. Natty BOOTS Lacey back! Natty has the legs again, for the SHARPSHOOTER! Lacey claws, but taps! Natty wins!

Winner: Natalya, by submission

Natty lets go eventually, and “returns” Lacey’s handkerchief. Will this even things between Queen and Lady? Or will the tiebreaker be even fiercer than this?


Raw shares preshow footage of R-Truth meeting Enes Kanter!

Truth is a big fan of the Knicks, and of Kanter, so Truth wanted New York to join him in reminiscing to classic moments with Kanter on the Knicks. But then Kanter would palm Truth’s head and dribble him on the mat! To cover?! And WIN!?

Winner: Enes Kanter, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

Not only that, but Kanter revealed that he is wearing a uniform to match to title: the GREEN Boston Celtics jersey! MSG booed, but not for long as Truth rolled Kanter back up!

Winner: R-Truth, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

15 times! Truth is continuing to pile on reigns as perhaps the greatest WWE 24/7 Champion now and forever!


Raw presents an all-new Firefly Fun House!

Bray says hola, amigos! And today is a very special lesson planned. STRANGER DANGER! No, Ramblin’ Rabbit. But what’s got your tail all in a twirl? There’s someone strange outside! Was it Stone Cold Steve Austin? Yes, but what is Bray going to do about it. Abby and Mercy all know strangers are bad. Huskis says Bray stopped Kurt Angle, Mick Foley and Finn Balor. No, The Fiend hurt them! The clocks are stuck at 3:16 all because of Stone Cold! STRANGER DANGER! Okay, okay, okay. Everyone just please calm down. BE QUIET!! Bray keeps the darkness away with a yowie wowie! Take turns talking, everyone. Bray will fix the clock, with a HAMMER! See? Now it’s just right. Yay~!

And Huskis, “in another life,” those people you named took something from Bray. They practically created The Fiend. And Steve is just an old rattlesnake. And you can’t blame a rattlesnake for being a rattlesnake. Remember: strangers are just friends you haven’t made yet. Look at what Rollins and Strowman did! They brought Cedric and the Viking Raiders together. Unfortunately, friends won’t help where they’re going. Because friends forgive, but The Fiend never forgets. See you in Hell, in a Cell! Bye~! See you soon~!

Is this Bray’s roundabout way of saying he will go after the Universal Champion at Hell in a Cell, no matter if it’s the Architect or the Monster?


10 Man Tag: Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Cedric Alexander & The Viking Raiders VS Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler & The OC!

Unlikely alliances are all over this match! The Architect and the Monster Among Men lead Erik, Ivar and the Soul of 205 Live against the GLORIOUS Show-Offs and their new friends. Will Rollins and Strowman be rolling into Clash of Champions thanks to Alexander and the Raiders? Or will Styles, Gallows and Anderson help Ziggler and Roode gain some advantages over the Raw Tag Team Champions?

The teams are ready to fight the moment Styles leads Gallows, Anderson, Ziggler and Roode out. Team sort out, and Rollins has everyone stand down so he can start. Ziggler starts for his side and these familiar foes tie up. They go around and Ziggler gets the wristlock. Rollins rolls and handsprings to reverse the wristlock back. Fans duel as Ziggler kicks back. Ziggler headlocks but Rollins powers out. Things speed up and Rollins hip tosses Ziggler down! Rollins keeps on Ziggler with an armlock, then he brings Ziggler over. Tag to Ivar and Ivar rams his knee into Ziggler. Tag to Erik and the Raiders scoop slam Ziggler, for the scoop slam senton! Cover but Styles breaks that up fast. Alexander goes right at Styles, and then things break down into brawling! Everyone fights all over the ring and ringside area. Ziggler aims at Strowman but is caught for a CHOKE SLAM! Ziggler bails out but Strowman’s team regroups and fires up as we go to break.

Raw returns again, and Alexander has Anderson in the corner. But Anderson hits back hard with a forearm, and brings him to the OC corner. Anderson throws hands then tags Styles in. Styles goes right at Alexander with stomps! The ref pulls Styles off but Ziggler and Gallows get cheap shots in. Strowman threatens them and they back off. Styles keeps on Alexander in a corner, but Alexander hits the step-in springboard complete shot! Both men are down and crawling for their corners as fans do the wave. Styles wrings Alexander’s bad arm out and Alexander is writhing. Gallows tags in, and the OC mugs Alexander. Gallows throws big hands but lets up at 4. Ziggler and Roode get cheap shots in again! Gallows drags Alexander up to give him an armbar DDT! Then he drags Alexander away to throw into buckles. Tag to Roode and Roode drags Alexander around for stomps! The ref has to back Roode off, too, but Roode comes back with a cobra clutch.

Alexander endures and fans rally up. Alexander fights his way up and out of the hold, but Roode knees low. Roode wrenches and wrings Alexander’s bad arm out again! Cover, TWO, but Roode drags Alexander away to drop knees. Cover, TWO! Roode tries again, TWO! Roode keeps on the bad arm with a Fujiwara Armbar! Alexander endures but fans rally up with Rollins and the team. Roode grinds down on the bad arm but Alexander refuses to give up. Alexander powers his way up and fights back with body shots. Roode forearms but Alexander blocks the boot to give a HARD elbow! Both men are down and fans rally up again. Roode and Alexander crawl, hot tags to Anderson and Rollins!

Rollisn blows up the OC corner to then hit a slingblade on Anderson! Gallows runs in but gets an enziguri! Anderson puts Rollins on the apron but Rollins springboards in for a flying knee! Falcon Arrow! Cover, but Roode breaks it! Roode gets Alexander’s springboard clothesline! Ziggler SUPERKICKS ALexander, Erik ROCKS Ziggler! Gallows hits Erik with the Yakuza Kick, but Ivar cartwheels and clotheslines again! Styles Phenomenal Forearm for Ivar! SUPERKICK from Rollins to Styles! Fans fire up as Rollins tags in Strowman, and then DIVES onto Gallows! Strowman has Anderson, then rams Gallows! Then Rollins DIVES onto Anderson but Strowman runs Anderson over! Rollins puts Anderson in for Strowman, to scoop and MONSTER SLAM! Cover, but Roode and Ziggler push Rollins onto Strowman! Strowman misunderstands what happened, and Rollins tries to explain. Things cool off again as we go to one last break.

Raw returns one more time, and Ziggler drags Rollins from his team. Tag to Anderson and they stomp away on Rollins. The referee backs Anderson off, but Anderson brings Rollins up for EuroUppers. Cover, ONE, but Anderson wraps Rollins in a chinlock. Rollins endures and fights his way up to a jawbreaker! He and Anderson wobble, but Anderson gets Rollins with a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Anderson grows frustrated but he drags Rollins to the open corner. He throws forearm then puts Rollisn up top. ANderson throws hands as he climbs, and grinds his forearm into Rollins’ face. Fans boo but Rollins fights back! Rollins sends Anderson down with a headbutt, but Anderson tags in Roode. Roode intercepts Rollins but gets a boot, to a Blockbuster! Both men are down and crawling, hot tag to Ziggler! Ziggler runs into a BUCKLE BOMB!

Rollins and Ziggler are down now, and crawling for corners. Ziggler intercepts Rollins even while on the mat, so he can tag Styles first! Styles back suplexes but Rollins slips out to dodge and tag in Strowman! Strowman runs over Styles, and then again! And then a BOOT! Gallows gets in but gets hands! Strowman splashes in the corner on Styles! Styles escapes the slam then baits Strowman into the post! Erik tags in, deals with Anderson and then throws Ziggler! Roode gets Ace Ten Mao! Erik has Styles but Styles PELES! Ivar tags in, and gives Styles the seated senton! Fans fire up behind the Warbeard! Ivar climbs, Alexander tags in, and Ivar LEAPS onto the group! Alexander has Styles, but he gets boots! Styles is on the apron and hits Alexander away. Styles springboards, but into a LUMBAR CHECK!! Cover, Alexander wins!!

Winner: Cedric Alexander and team, by pinfall

And Stone Cold returns!? Austin hustles down to the ring to celebrate with the boys! Broken Skull beers for everybody! And together, they share a six man toast! Madison Square Garden cheers for Stone Cold and the victorious five! But will Rollins and Strowman hold it together to stay Raw Tag Team Champions even as they’ll battle for the Universal Championship? Is the Age of Alexander primed to rise again with the United States Championship as its foundation? If you’re ready for that and more this Sunday, give Stone Cold a #HellYeah!



My Thoughts:

As go-homes go, this was a pretty great one. I’ll say right now, we did not need a recap package for the SmackDown story of Roman, Rowan and Bryan, even if it was queued up by the Street Profits. And we really did not need Lacey VS Natty again so soon. Isn’t Natty’s arm supposed to be in bad shape? And do we really need 50-50 booking between two superstars not involved with Clash of Champions? Is this the weird side to them thinking ahead for Natty VS Lacey as a story headed for the next Raw Women’s Championship challenge? But speaking of, I am really surprised we did not get the Four Horsewomen match as the main event tonight. It was a great match, no doubt about it, but I was thinking this should’ve closed. It works out for Becky and Charlotte to win tonight, because my thinking is still that Banks & Bayley come away with those titles, to go after the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships next.

We got a pretty good match of Mysterio VS Metalik to really have both men shine in their true lucha style. It was another quick star-making match for a Cruiserweight wrestler, which is surely a good sign for the entire Cruiserweight Division to be taken seriously one day. At least, I hope it is. Mysterio wins to keep his story going, but I’m sure he’ll run into another speed bump down the line, like yet another rematch with Almas or Samoa Joe, before this story is over. The King of the Ring’s first ever Triple Threat semifinal was definitely a great match, but I’m a little disappointed they went with Corbin. I suppose going with Joe would’ve been some kind of obvious after Joe trash talking Gable, but now that it’s Corbin, this has to mean Chad Gable wins tomorrow night’s SmackDown match against Elias. Now whether or not Gable beats Corbin is still up in the air, but oddly enough, New York had people cheering on the idea of King Corbin. Maybe there are more Corbin fans than we knew.

Firefly Fun House was really good this week. Bray Wyatt is clearly still set for a match with the Universal Champion come Hell in a Cell, but there seem to be other things hidden inside what he was saying. The detail of the clock changing to 11:19 is surely significant. Survivor Series this year isn’t until November 24th, but the Undertaker did debut at Survivor Series back in 1990. It would be very fitting that almost 30 years later, Taker takes on The Fiend in what will truly and honestly be Taker’s last match ever, no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. This should’ve been how it went when it was original form Bray VS Taker at Mania, how it should’ve been when it was Brothers of Destruction VS Wyatt Family a few years back, so as much as I’ve always loved Taker, I hope that the torch is truly passed when The Fiend defeats him in the PPV where it all started.

The rest of the night was definitely dominated by the story involving The OC and #Braullins and all that. Austin, Rollins and Strowman had a great segment with the OC to open the show and get the contract signing out of the way. Alexander VS Styles was a good match right up to the OC attacking, but it made a lot of sense for the Viking Raiders to want after Gallows and Anderson after the tag gauntlet ended with both teams being eliminated. Now, I expected a Six Man Tag to wedge in somewhere, but then it escalated to ten and it wasn’t half-bad. Luckily they stifled some of that usual “misunderstanding” cliche with Strowman and Rollins colliding. And I am very happy to see that Alexander gets the pin on Styles to surely give us a United States Championship match on Sunday. Now whether Alexander wins that or not is also up in the air, but at least he, the other Faces, and Austin got to close out the show together with a big beer bath.

My Score: 8.5/10

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