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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Live Results & Report! (9/17/19)

There’s so much fallout affecting tonight’s SmackDown!



SmackDown cover image

Tonight’s SmackDown is stacked!

In one night, we will address a termination, question a reunion, defend a defense, and even crown a King of the Ring!



  • Six Man Tag: The New Day VS Randy Orton & The Revival; The New Day wins.
  • Mustafa Ali VS Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn; No Contest.
  • Charlotte Flair VS Sasha Banks w/ Bayley; Flair wins, by disqualification.
  • Heavy Machinery VS The B-Team; Heavy Machinery wins.



Don’t you dare be sour! Clap for the New Day, and feel~, the POWER~! Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston are all still in a great mood despite losing the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, because #Kofimania is alive and well! But speaking of those tag titles, it’s time to settle things with #ForeverTheRKO!

Six Man Tag: The New Day VS Randy Orton & The Revival!

The Viper joins the first-ever WWE Triple Crown Tag Team Champions, Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder, to have one more go with the Power of Positivity. Will Orton get a semblance of revenge for the loss at Clash of Champions? Or will the New Day finally leave the past in the past?

The trios sort out and Dash starts with Big E. Dawson gives some last minute tips, but it doesn’t matter when Big E throws Dash overhead! Then Big E drags Dash to the apron to club away on the chest! Woods makes sure Orton and Dawson stay on their side of the ring, as Big E drops the apron splash! Big E puts Dash in the ring to cover, TWO! Big E tags Woods and they go after Dash together as Woods becomes the human weapon, wheelbarrow splash! Cover, TWO! Woods CHOPS Dash but Dash kicks the back leg! Tag to Dawson and the Revival mug Woods. Dawson bumps Woods off buckles and CHOPS! Woods hits back and now it’s a CHOP fight! Woods gets the edge and whips, Dawson reverses, but Woods dodges. Woods slides under and spins for the rolling elbow! Fans fire up with their hometown hero as he covers, ONE!

Dawson flounders up but Woods keeps on him. Dawson ends up in the New Day corner, tag to Kofi! Kofi climbs and drops ax handles on Dawson’s arm! Kofi wrenches but Dawson forearms. Tag to Orton and now the Viper gets to throw a CHOP on Kofi’s chest! Orton whips, but Kofi goes up and over to dropkick Orton down! Tag to Woods, speed combo of kick, sliding lariat and backwards splash! Woods drops the elbow! Big E is in, BIG SPLASH! But the Revival rushes in, only to get rocked and tossed! Kofi tags back in and he watches Orton rise. Atlanta gets hot as Orton stands, but he bails out before Trouble in Paradise hits. The New Day is rolling as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns to Dawson going after Woods. Tag to Dash and the Revival goes after the leg again. Dash has a modified deathlock as he drops back. Then Dash grinds his knee into Woods’ knee while twisting the foot. Fans rally and Woods fights back with his free leg. Dash lets go but tags in Dawson. Dash drags Woods by his leg for Dawson to stand on and put on the ropes. Dawson jumps and drops on the bad leg! Dawson also uses the modified deathlock to tweak the leg. Fans jeer as Dawson drags Woods over. Orton tags in and stomps the hamstring. Woods clutches his leg and grits his teeth while Orton soaks up the heat. Orton drags Woods up as fans rally for the New Day. Woods fights back with big haymakers and fast CHOPS! Chop chop chop chop but Orton thumbs Woods in the eye!

Orton brings Woods up and around to put in the corner. Orton CHOPS Woods back, and again. Woods sits down but Orton drags him out to stomp away on the bad leg! The referee reprimands Orton give in the ropebreak, but he just tags out to Dawson. Dawson drags Woods around and sits down in the toehold. Dawson puts on a deathlock to crank the knees. Woods CHOPS even from the mat and then throws haymakers! Dawson lets him go, but still wants the legs. Woods shoves Dawson out hard! Woods crawls to his corner, but Dash gets Dawson in to tag! Dash stomps Woods down, then lifts, but Woods sunset flips! TWO, tag to Orton! Orton has Woods on the apron but Woods fights back. Woods kicks Dash, too, step-in for the GET OVER- No! No DDT as Woods is tossed out! Then Orton back suplexes Woods on the announce desk! SmackDown goes picture in picture while #FTRKO enjoys their handiwork.

Orton and the Revival see the New Day come around. The referee keeps the peace, and Orton keeps the ring count fresh before fetching Woods. Orton brings Woods up, to give another back suplex on the desk! Woods falls to the floor while Orton leaves him behind. Orton taunts the New Day and the Revival soak up the heat. Kofi and Big E coach Woods up but Orton refreshes the count to fetch Woods again. Woods is put back in the ring, Orton covers, TWO! Orton tags Dash and Dash keeps between Woods and the New Day. Dash stomps Woods down and then drags him away for a standing toehold, and another deathlock crank! Woods endures it all, even as Dash leans on the toehold. Woods fights with his free leg again, and kicks Dash off him! But Dash tags Dawson and Dawson intercepts Woods, and sucker punches Big E!

Dawson hoists Woods up top fast, CHOPS, then climbs up to CHOP more! Woods CHOPS back and sends Dawson down. Dawson comes back but gets a headbutt! Woods adjusts, and on one good leg, flying missile dropkick! Both men are down as SmackDown returns to single picture. Hot tags to Orton and Kofi! Kofi flies in and rallies on #FTRKO! Dropkick and leaping lariat for Orton! Kofi dodges Dash to dropkick him out hard! Orton back suplexes but Kofi slips out, SOS! Cover, Dawson breaks it! Dawson is relieved he got there in time, but Kofi throws him out. Big E runs Dawson over but Dash gives Big E a tornado DDT! Woods kicks but is tripped up! Dash hops up, Kofi dropkicks him back out! Kofi builds speed, but Orton is there to spin Kofi around! He gets Kofi on the ropes, DRAPING DDT!

Fans boo and jeer but Orton only hears the voices in his head. The Revival want to help out so Orton tags Dash in. Dash tags Dawson in, and they get Kofi up. But Big E drags Orton out! And sends him into a post! Kofi double DDT’s the Revival! Woods is up top, and springboards, LIMIT BREAKER! The elbow hits, and Kofi has Dawson in his sights. TROUBLE IN PARADISE! Cover, The New Day wins!!

Winners: The New Day, Kofi Kingston pinning

The WWE World Champion and his brothers put away the Viper and the #TopGuys! But wait, is that… BROCK LESNAR?! The Beast and his Advocate, Paul Heyman, are back on SmackDown, and it is rather clear why.

But the New Day isn’t afraid of Suplex City, and Kofi even has Woods and Big E stand down. Lesnar and Heyman see this, but aren’t sure if this is courage or foolishness. They go to the ring, but still Kofi doesn’t back down. Heyman introduces himself to “Mr. Kingston,” and again reminds us he represents Brock Lesnar. Lesnar will be the Beast that stands in front of Kofi tonight, and in the way of the “longevity “of Kofi’s reign. Lesnar has authorized Heyman to inform Kofi face-to-face, “it’s a bad day for the New Day, yes it is!” In other words, that means the following: Kofi Kingston has been challenged by Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Friday night, October 4th, for the SmackDown Fox premiere! Heyman hands the mic to Kofi for him to respond.

“When I won this WWE title at WrestleMania, I made a promise to the entire WWE Universe that I would be a fighting champion.” That means the challenge… is ACCEPTED! Lesnar goes to shake Kofi’s hand but then just scoops him up for an F5!! The Beast grins as he holds up the world title. Is it only a matter of time before Kofimania is conquered by the Conqueror?


Backstage interview with Sasha Banks & Bayley.

The Boss & Hug Connection tangled with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. Sasha gets a second chance at Hell in a Cell in Hell in a Cell. Sasha repeats herself by saying she’s the real star of the Women’s Division. She’s been in a Cell, but has The Man? GO ask her that. But first is The Queen. Bayley says Sasha is done talking about this, because the questions will be answered by her actions in the ring. The Boss flips her hair at Kayla before she and Bayley head out. Will Sasha settle things with her longest rival before going another round with her fiercest?


Michael Cole sits down for an exclusive interview with Erick Rowan.

The Big Redwood won against Roman Reigns, thanks to help from Luke Harper. But Rowan is rather surprised Cole even remembers their names. Cole just wants to know why Luke Harper is back. Rowan says Cole can ask Harper those questions. Ask something of Rowan. Then why did Rowan do all the things he’s done to Roman? It was attempt at manslaughter! Those attacks were just about scaring Roman. But he tried to kill Roman! Rowan won’t let anyone speak to him in such a tone. Rowan did those things to Roman to change his perspective. His dominance is merely an illusion. Rowan has been overlooked and under appreciated for far to long, as well as disrespected. Everyone else, from Roman to Daniel Bryan to the fans, think of Rowan as just a grunt, a goon, a henchman. But Rowan is not a puppet! Rowan is not a follower, he is a leader.

Speaking of Bryan, why did Rowan betray Bryan like that? Bryan’s biggest mistake was thinking he and Rowan were equals. Rowan is far superior in both mental and physical ability. So everyone is going to learn to never disrespect Rowan again. What will Rowan do in the name of gaining the respect, and fear, of the WWE Universe?


Mustafa Ali VS Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Sami Zayn!

The Beacon of Light continues to shine in the night, but he is ready to step out of the shadows and be a champion we can believe in. But with the King of Strong Style still going strong after dealing with The Miz, will he simply overshadow Ali?

SmackDown returns as Sami makes his entrance, the neck brace still not affecting his charisma. But Sami addresses the fact that the fans should respect someone powering through pain like him. And the fans should show respect the man he “liberated” and the man who beat Miz “fair and square.” He is YOUR WWE Intercontinental Champion, SHINSUKE~~! NAKAMURAAA~! Nakamura makes his entrance now, and Sami keeps telling the fans to cheer. Sami talks to Ali, bringing up the one time Ali actually beat Nakamura a month ago. Sami won’t take anything away from that, aside from it being luck. And that was before the partnership of Shin and Zayn. So this is not the same Nakamura from even that recently. But Ali should also understand that Sami likes Ali, and respects him. Ali is wary of the two as they approach and enter the ring.

Sami continues to compliment Ali and speak to how inspiring he is. But Ali will never be a champion. Ali doesn’t care to hear the talk and hits Nakamura! But Sami grabs Ali’s leg and Nakamura kicks Ali down! Then sends Ali into a buckle! “Big mistake, Ali!!” Sami tells Nakamura to give Ali what he deserves! KINSHASA!! There won’t be a match now, but surely there will be more to come from this obnoxious alliance. Will anyone be able to end the reign of the King of Strong Style with his “kindred spirit” by his side?

Wait, wait, wait! Kevin Owens is here?! He was fired last week, but now he sits down in the crowd! Is Kevin here as a fan? Meanwhile, someone is paying Shane McMahon a visit backstage. And Kevin is here. Oh really? Shane goes to meet that other person, and it is an officer of the court. Shane has been served… a LAWSUIT! Shane heads out, but how is he going to handle this development?


SmackDown returns to Kevin Owens chilling.

Fans are happy to see him, and he’s happy to be here. But here comes Shane McMahon! He still has the folder in hand, and then ushers out security. Shane directs them to Kevin, and Kevin groans. Shane goes to the ring while the security keeps their eyes on Kevin. Shane makes sure Kevin knows they’re keeping an eye on him while Greg Hamilton gives Shane his BEST in the WOOOOOOOOOOOOORLD introduction. Kevin gags a little. Shane takes up the mic for himself now, and asks, “Really, Kevin?” Shane sees this is no coincidence, so he just wants to cut to the chase and asks Kevin to actually join him in the ring now so they can talk face to face. Kevin gets up from his seat and heads to the ring. Fans cheer as Kevin hops the barriers and heads up the steps. Security stays between him and Shane while they get Kevin a mic.

Shane assures the security they can step aside for the moment. Shane explains to the fans that there is “the largest wrongful termination lawsuit in history.” If Kevin wins, he would be awarded $25 MILLION. A very big number. But Kevin is swimming in waters where he shouldn’t be. Kevin says if Shane wants him to talk, then shut your “dumbass” mouth! Well Shane read only the first page, and says the case is weak. That’s where Shane is wrong. Ever since Kevin came out to say what we all thought about Shane ruining SmackDown, Shane has targeted and tormented Kevin. After SummerSlam, Shane fined Kevin for beating the “crooked referee” Elias. Yes, okay, don’t hit an official. Yet when Kevin was an official, and when Shane failed to win a rigged match, he attacked Kevin! Shane hit an official, the same thing Kevin got in trouble for! Fans remind Shane he tapped out, too.

Kevin says Shane didn’t get fined at all. He just FIRED Kevin! Claiming “insubordination.” But that is where the case lies. In fact, Kevin did his best to stomach being a referee while having that huge fine hanging over his head. Kevin did what Shane what he wanted by helping Shane, and yet Shane still lost. Why? Because Shane tapped out! “You TAPPED OUT!” Fans echo the chant again, and Shane grows annoyed. But then Shane took away Kevin’s livelihood, and that doesn’t work for Kevin. Kevin tried to reason with Shane, tried to fight Shane, and tried to help Shane, but now Kevin wants to hurt Shane. And he has to hit Shane where it hurts the most: his wallet, and his pride. So Shane better be careful. This is about more than money. Kevin has a case and Shane knows it. Shane should read the fine print. This isn’t about taking millions of dollars, which will be great.

But there’s another clause: when Kevin wins, he comes back to the WWE, stand in the ring, and look Shane in the eyes in front of the world, and say… “Shane McMahon, YOU’RE FIRED!!” Kevin storms out, and Shane double checks that lawsuit. Will the final battle between these two take place not in the ring, but in a court of law?


The Authors of Pain are ready to write a new chapter.

Rezar and Akam reintroduce themselves. “No one has seen us in a match since before WrestleMania.” “There’s a very good reason for that: we haven’t had a match since before WrestleMania.” They’re fighters. They’ve fought their whole lives. So they are here to fight, but no one wants to get hurt. Neither man could make a living in MMA because everyone else was too afraid to fight them. And now the WWE is full of men too afraid to fight them. The tag team division is soft. None of them are men. None of them are man enough to fight. None of them have the manhood to fight. So this is a warning. The AOP will be the future of the WWE Tag Team Division. And that future will be written in pain. With the WWE Draft coming soon, will both brands be too afraid to recruit these hungry warriors?


Charlotte Flair VS Sasha Banks w/ Bayley!

Atlanta’s own Offset is here for the Queen of WOO~! Charlotte makes her entrance and says hi to style and profile robe to robe. But will Charlotte get some semblance of redemption after Bayley stole a win at Clash of Champions? Or will Bayley’s best friend beat Charlotte for her on the way to Hell in a Cell?

The bell rings and Sasha circles with Charlotte. They stare down, but then Charlotte kicks Sasha! Charlotte bumps Sasha off buckles then other buckles! Sasha flounders about but Charlotte is on her again. Sasha blocks the third bump so Charlotte clubs the bad shoulder. Charlotte stomps away on Sasha in the corner, but lets up as the ref counts. Charlotte scoops Sasha for an exploder, then kips up! Fans “WOO~” but Bayley is going after a buckle pad. She’s trying to recreate Clash, but Charlotte throws Sasha out. The best friends regroup, but Charlotte goes to the apron. Bayley backs off but Charlotte still sees the sucker punch coming. Charlotte backs Bayley off more but Sasha shoves Charlotte into a post! SmackDown goes picture in picture as the best friends smirk.

Sasha puts Charlotte in to cover, ONE! Bayley still fiddles with a buckle pad while Sasha brings Charlotte around. Sasha throws Charlotte out hard, but Bayley gives her space. Until Sasha distracts! Bayley rams Charlotte into barriers, then scampers off to get away with it. Charlotte gets in the ring but Sasha stomps away on her! Sasha goes to bump but Charlotte throws Sasha into buckles first. Sasha fires back haymakers then bumps Charlotte after all. Ssaha mocks the “WOO~” as she grinds her foot into Charlotte’s face. The ref backs Sasha off, and Charlotte throws an elbow! Sasha hits back and snapmares to a chinlock. Charlotte endures and fights her way up as fans rally. Charlotte fights out but Sasha throws her down by her hair! Cover, ONE, and Sasha grows frustrated.

Sasha soaks up the heat while Charlotte goes to a corner. SmackDown returns to single picture as Charlotte and Sasha kick at each other. Sasha whips corner to corner but Charlotte tumbles out then dodges to kick Sasha away. Charlotte also boots Sasha back, then gets in to side step and clothesline Sasha down! Sasha flounders up into a CHOP! The Flair CHOPS fly, and Charlotte knocks Sasha off her feet. Charlotte drags and whips Sasha again, to catch the crossbody! Fall Away Slam, and another kip up! Fans fire up with Flair as she runs in at Sasha. Sasha boots but gets blocked, then Charlotte forearms! Charlotte drops a knee on Sasha’s knee! Charlotte drags Sasha up to suplex, but Sasha lands on her feet, only to get a neckbreaker from Charlotte! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer Charlotte while Sasha crawls towards Bayley. Charlotte drags Sasha up but Sasha elbows her away. Sasha runs, but her huricanrana is countered! Sasha fights, but still can’t throw Charlotte! Charlotte has a Boston Crab!

The Boss from Boston endures the hold but Bayley reaches for her. Sasha reaches for Bayley but the ref tells Bayley to get back. Sasha still crawls but Charlotte drags her away! Sasha flips up to roll Charlotte up, TWO! Sasha blocks the boot to give a knee! Charlotte shakes it off and throws Sasha out. She BOOTS Sasha to the floor! Charlotte grins while Bayley checks on Sasha. Charlotte climbs up the corner, and MOONSAULTS onto them both! Fans are fired up with Charlotte as she stands back up. Charlotte puts Sasha back in, but Bayley anchors a foot! Charlotte kicks her away but Sasha rolls Charlotte up! TWO, jackknife on the rebound! Charlotte rolls through, Figure Four! Bridge, but Bayley attacks!

Winner: Charlotte Flair, by disqualification

Bayley would not let Sasha be beat, and now she beats Charlotte down! Sasha joins in, but here comes… Carmella?! The Princess of Staten Island defends the Queen as she FABULOUS KICKS Sasha! Carmella shoves Bayley and tries to talk some sense into her. FABULOUS KICK again fro Sasha! BOOT for Bayley! Charlotte kicks Bayley out, and she has another unlikely ally against the Boss & Hug Connection. Will Queen and Princess be united on SmackDown in order to bring down #BadBadBayley?


The ring is prepared for the coronation of Baron Corbin!

And out comes the 2019 King of the Ring himself! The Lone Wolf survived everything underdog Chad Gable threw at him, and managed to bring about the End of Days. Corbin goes to the ring and Hamilton gives him a proper introduction. Corbin smiles and takes off his suit jacket to be formally adorned with the King of the Ring’s cape. And then, he is handed his crown, and Corbin revels in the moment as he puts it upon his head. Corbin then takes a mic to address the WWE Universe. “I know we’re all very excited,” and we must all admit that King Corbin is a breath of fresh air. Fans wanted anyone but him, but now they must be realizing he is the king they wanted, and the king they needed. Corbin is someone you can believe in, and is a ruler that exemplifies what it takes to be king. He is dominant, but fair. He won with honor, and should be shown the respect and adoration he deserves. And if he’s not, then he will show how he can rule with an iron fist!

So as Corbin’s first decree, he will recognize someone: Chad Gable! The runner-up walks out to the ring, not sure what Corbin is up to with this. Corbin says it is rather big of him to come out though he’s a little upset. But as difficult as it is, please hold your head up high. It is sad, though. Gable has always been overlooked, but Corbin wants to tell Gable he is a perfect example to all the fans. Gable is just like them! He showed them that no matter how big you dream, you will always come up short. Corbin laughs at his own jokes, and Gable tackles him into the throne!! The throne breaks and Gable rains hands on Corbin! Gable rips the robe off, then SMACKS Corbin with the royal scepter! The scepter breaks, and then Gable knocks down the cape hanger, and RIPS the robe apart!

Corbin is furious but Gable will not stop! Gable takes up the crown, and with Corbin protesting, Gable sets it down… TO STOMP IT! Atlanta is thunderous for the rebellious Gable! The crown is crushed and twisted. Is it a foreshadowing of what will happen to Corbin’s “reign”?


Heavy Machinery VS The B-Team!

SmackDown returns to two teams hoping to climb the ranks towards tag team championships! Will Tucker Knight & Otis Dozovic make the B in B-Team stand for “bulldozed”? Or will Curt Axel and Bo Dallas be victorious once more?

Teams sort out and Tucker starts against Axel. They circle and Tucker gets a waistlock and slam. Axel gets free but Dozer likes Tucky’s style. Tucker gets Axel again but Axel elbows out. Axel waistlocks but can’t live the bigger man, and Tucker switches to slam Axel again! Tucker keeps throwing Axel around and is feeling good. He trips Axel then chases Bo off. Axel hits Tucker from behind and the B-Team fire off! They give their “GO GO GO!” stomps, tag to Bo, “B-Team! B-Team! GO GO GO!” Tag back to Axel and they fire off, Tucker is fed to Axel’s DDT! Cover, TWO!

Axel keeps on Tucker with a chinlock, but Tucker fires up. Axel knees and clubs Tucker, then whips, but Tucker leaps over to come back with a LARIAT! Tucker and Axel crawl, hot tags to Bo and Otis! Otis rallies with those new trunks! Spinning scoop slam tosses Bo down! Otis bumps Axel out with his belly! “I GOTCHA~!” Bo kicks Otis but Otis just powers up from it. Otis truffle shuffles then headbutts Bo back. Otis powers up like the Warrior, to then scoop and toss Bo with a Fall Away Slam! Bo gets to a corner but gets squashed, too! Bo flops down, and Atlanta knows what’s next! Otis pumps up, and hits the CATERPILLAR! Thrust thrust ELBOW! Tag to Tucky, and Tucker boots Axel out before Bo gets the COMPACTOR! Cover, Heavy Machinery wins!

Winners: Heavy Machinery, Tucker Knight pinning

Another win for the big men on SmackDown, but when and where will they be COMIIIIN’~ for tag titles?


Daniel Bryan is here!

Fans are happy to see the Planet’s Champion and cheer “YES! YES!” as he goes to the ring. But Bryan does not to be in a good mood after being betrayed than beat down by a man he thought was a friend. Bryan takes a moment before he takes to the mic. “A lot of the people chanting my name right now were the very same people that accused me of being behind the attacks on Roman Reigns.” And now Bryan understands why. Bryan will be very clear with us: “Good or bad, I have never lied to you.” Bryan says that tonight, he stands before us “exonerated of all the heinous attacks on Roman Reigns.”

But that’s not what he’s out here to talk about. He is here to talk about Erick Rowan! Rowan says he was disrespected, that no one “saw” him. You know who saw Rowan!? BRYAN saw Erick Rowan! Bryan saw the potential, the talent and the intelligence, Bryan saw how special Rowan was. When they won the SmackDown tag titles together, Bryan saw Rowan as an equal, and treated him as such. In fact, he treated Rowan as a friend, because he is Bryan’s friend. But Rowan appears now, with a mic of his own. “Dan, Dan, Dan. Stop!” Rowan is sick of Bryan speaking. Bryan thought they were equals? Yet who was always standing behind him? Who would never let Rowan talk? Bryan keeps trying to make Rowan into a puppet. Did Dan ever stop to ask Rowan how he felt about things? “I will not be disrespected.”

Disrespected?! If that’s how he feels, then why doesn’t Rowan do something about it!? There is nothing worse than betraying Bryan and lying to him! Bryan dares Rowan to do something, and fans want to see it! But it’s LUKE HARPER who does something! He attacks from behind, then whips Rowan into Bryan! Rowan then feeds Bryan to Harper’s clothesline! But before they can do anything more, Harper & Rowan are confronted by Roman! Rowan gives Bryan an IRON CLAW, but Roman dodges Harper to SUPERMAN PUNCH Rowan! Uppercut for Harper! Drive-By Dropkick for Rowan! BOOT from Harper to Roman! Harper drags Roman around to throw into steel steps! Then he and Rowan combine, to BOMB Roman into a post! They rip apart apron edge and ring mats, then chase off referees that reprimand what they’re doing.

Security runs in but gets CLOBBERED by these titans! Rowan scoop slams a security guard onto the exposed floor! Then Harper scoops and slams another guard onto the first! The reunited Rowan and Harper continue to wreak havoc as they bring Roman around the way. Harper holds Roman for Rowan, as he has a piece of the barrier!! Roman is fed to the barrier battering ram!! They rip the cover off the announce desk and throw Tom Phillips aside! Corey Graves and Byron Saxton get clear for their own safety, and no one can stop Harper and Rowan! They drag Bryan over to the desk, and after giving headbutts and raking at Bryan’s eyes, Harper and Rowan DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM Bryan through the desk!! The warning has been issued and the message has been sent: “We will not be disrespected!” Is anyone safe from their path of destruction?



My Thoughts:

A wild SmackDown to follow Clash of Champions! I was really surprised to see the Six Man Tag of New Day and #FTRKO to open the show, but it was a really great match since it got to breathe, and worked to be a good wrap-up for their feud. And as everyone predicted, up next for Kofi Kingston is Brock Lesnar! But I suppose since they wanted to make a match for the Fox premiere, Lesnar had to come here tonight to set things in motion. It’ll definitely get people wanting to see that episode now, but I can’t be sure how that goes. Lesnar winning might deflate the Fox debut, but we’d need a Mania level match for Kofi to come away with this win. Or at least Champion’s Advantage, which could bring in some twists for the story. As for Orton and The Revival, I would think the Draft at least makes The Revival official parts of SmackDown since they’re the champs, and Orton can go anywhere and still be Orton.

Ali VS Nakamura is definitely happening for real towards Hell in a Cell. The pattern for Sami and Shinsuke seems to be beating the crap out of a future opponent, and then we eventually get an Intercontinental Championship. I wonder if Miz will circle back into this to help cancel out Sami cheating for Shinsuke so that Ali can get a real win and his first title. In fact, I could see WWE trying to parallel Ali and Cedric Alexander between the two brands, so that the Heart and Soul of the Cruiserweight Division both rise up to midcard titles just in time for Survivor Series and what could still be a night of Brand VS Brand, Champion VS Champion. While 205 Live and the Cruiserweight Division itself hasn’t had the best treatment, it is great to see that the best superstars out of it are getting opportunities to shine.

We got some good stuff out of the Women’s Division tonight. Charlotte VS Sasha was a really good match, especially with Bayley being involved. It makes a lot of sense for Bayley to keep Sasha from losing, it’s all feeding towards Hell in a Cell one way or another. I was surprised to see it was Carmella to make the save rather than Becky, but it works out since Carmella was another superstar who was friends with Bayley. Carmella can have a program of former friends with Bayley amidst all the Horsewomen stuff, but I’m sure it’ll just be to help Bayley gain some momentum. That, and after the Draft again splits the brands, Becky won’t be able to back Charlotte up so perhaps Carmella steps up as the next best thing.

That coronation was an AWESOME! I had half a mind to think Gable was going to face Corbin more, and him just wrecking everything in the ring was the best next step! Corbin gets bit by his ego and karma after all, and now Corbin might have to defend his honor as King of the Ring. Maybe this can be a big claim to fame for Gable, being the man to defeat a King of the Ring in a rematch from the tournament. This new turn in the Kevin and Shane story is actually great. I have actually changed my mind on Shane jumping off a Cell. What we need is for this to be settled “in court” with kayfabe lawyers and such that at least come off sounding realistic. If anything, get David Otunga involved since they always remind us he’s got a law degree.

Replaying the AOP promo in full is fine, because they’ll likely debut after the Draft puts them somewhere. They could fit just about anywhere between Raw and SmackDown, so long as they just dominate and destroy like they did in NXT. We got a real fun albeit filler tag match out of Heavy Machinery and The B-Team. I’m thinking anywhere Heavy Machinery goes, AOP goes to the other show, just because that’s already a lot of big men on the roster. And speaking of big men, Rowan and Harper are definitely a force to be reckoned with and for real this time. Rowan has a fairly good interview promo with Michael Cole, and then Bryan has his own good promo to set up the brutality that ensued. Roman and Bryan are definitely going to team up after being beat down and thrown around by Harper and Rowan, and it could go either way for some pretty good results as SmackDown and WWE moves into the Fall.

My Score: 8.6/10

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