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The Doc Says…Two Diehard Fans Working Through Their Issues with WWE

How do you remain a positive WWE fan in the very negative online wrestling community?



How do you remain a positive WWE fan in the very negative online wrestling community?

This week, The Doc is joined by a fellow 30 year WWE fan to basically spitball about how their fandoms have changed and how they have had to adapt their viewership habits to regain the power of positivity.

For the first half of this decade, there was a nickname Doc was given by several of his column readers that he always found amusing. They called him “The Voice of the Voiceless” both in homage to CM Punk and as a reflection of Doc’s tendency to focus on the good things in WWE. While so many around him harpooned WWE’s weekly efforts, Doc would keep it upbeat, not ignoring the shortcomings but keeping them on the periphery of the positive happenings. Ask him about that nickname today and he would call it “ironic.”

WWE’s creative shortcomings eventually added up and Doc found himself unable to hide his discontent. Rather than remain stuck in the vortex of negativity, though, he removed himself from it and hit the reset button on is WWE fandom.

Neil “Maverick” Pollock, long-time columnist at and long-time cohost of LOP Radio’s Right Side of the Pond, can relate, having gone through a similar journey. He and Doc discuss the virtues of being a pay-per-view only WWE fan, little changes that made big differences in how they view the WWE product, and if the big picture stuff that caused them to alter their relationships with WWE are beginning to shift.

That and much more on this, your audio prescription for all things professional wrestling!

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