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WWE 205 Live Lince Dorado Humberto Carrillo


Tiffany’s 205 Live Takes: Can The Baby-Face Face Beat the Man?

Tiffany’s Takes for WWE 205 Live: With Clash of Champions approaching, will Humberto Carrillo prove he’s ready for Drew Gulak?

Tiffany’s Takes for WWE 205 Live: With Clash of Champions approaching, will Humberto Carrillo prove he’s ready for Drew Gulak?

Tiffany has Takes on WWE 205 Live, airing on 9/3/19!

Mike Kanellis

He’s BACK!! Mike and Maria Kanellis are back on 205 after a too long absence. Okay, it was only a week or so, but that was WAY too long to not see one of the best parts of 205. It looks like the Power Couple have patched things up after that godawful storyline. Kanellis took on Tony Nese in a fabulous match that really let both guys shine, which is something Kanellis really hasn’t gotten a chance to do lately. Even better is that Kanellis won clean! I hope this is the start of a real push for him because he could be the star 205 is looking for.

The Singh Brothers

I love that the Singhs, who actually tried to win the 24/7 title off Drake Maverick on SmackDown, are really working to find out what the problem is. I also love that it’s keeping their feud with Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick going, even though Kendrick seems more interested in feuding with Jack Gallagher. However, I am excited about Tozawa and Kendrick vs Gallagher and mystery partner. I have a feeling the partner is going to be a surprise call-up, which will be fun to see happen.

Cruiserweight Championship

I’m a little confused by the change in the Cruiserweight Championship match. It feels like WWE isn’t confident enough in Humberto Carrillo’s ability to hang with Drew Gulak and if that’s the case, why not just add Oney Lorcan instead of basically making last week’s match meaningless. I am glad that Lince Dorado is getting a shot at the title, but it feels really odd.

The other thing I’m confused by is Nese and Gulak reuniting against Carrillo, Lorcan, and possibly Dorado. I mean, I’m glad that it looks like 205 is gaining some momentum after several episodes that felt directionless, but it just seems very random and sudden. If Carrillo isn’t ready for the push he’s getting, why didn’t someone think of it to start with?

That’s it for Tiffany’s 205 Live takes! Tune in tomorrow for NXT coverage.


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