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Tiffany’s AEW Takes: The Road So Far

Follow the AEW YouTube series? If not, you’re in luck, because Tiffany is all caught up and has your back in this all new AEW Takes!

Follow the AEW YouTube series? If not, you’re in luck, because Tiffany is all caught up and has your back in this all new AEW Takes!

So, this is a new thing. I will be doing takes for AEW and it seems best to start at the very beginning, or as close to it as I can get. No, AEW isn’t on TV yet, but they do release their ‘Road to’ videos and we also have the ‘Being the Elite’ videos that are released that aren’t quite AEW, but feature several AEW people, so let’s get started.

Being the Elite #168 – All Out

Okay, I’m going to be the first to admit that I don’t know a whole lot about the Elite, but I do enjoy their self-awareness. They know a lot of the stuff they do is goofy, but they go with it. I know a lot of old school guys hate it, but it works for me.

My impressions of the Young Bucks has been that they’re a bunch of goofs, and they are, but I was very impressed to see how much they truly love this business and the fans at their autograph signings. Also the fan who made the custom sneakers for them was super cool. I also loved them pumping the next Sears Center show in November, which I BELIEVE is Full Gear.

Hangman Page’s ‘I did some cowboy shit and got me a horse’. That made me laugh. I’ve actually always wondered how much prep goes into a big entrance, so that was fun to watch. Plus the horse was beautiful.

Tommy Dreamer playing checkers with someone ‘Great Muta, I guess) with a ref present and getting misted was hilarious.

Hunter Horse Helmsley. I know, the WWE shots are annoying, but that shit was good. Also, Page with the dad jokes.

Luchasaurus, being the voice of reason with Jungle Boy was weird. Amusing, but weird.

Dark Order. Ugh.

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I still don’t get the Orange Cassidy thing. His tope suicida with hands in pockets was dumb. Sorry.

SCU is so good, but it’s still weird to see a cheerful Christopher Daniels.

Again, I love the self-awareness of AEW.

I still need to watch that ladder match all the way through. They scared the locker room.

Chris Jericho with the insults. And the bubbly. And the red hot promo after an amazing match.

I like the family atmosphere here, but something is up with Page. Can’t wait for next week.

Road to AEW on TNT Episode 1 

I loved the ‘I only want two things:Blood and Guts!’ fan. I did.

This started with a pretty straight forward recap video of All Out, but it gave us all the great highlights. The fan reaction to Omega losing by ref stoppage was really good.

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The Casino Royale Battle Royal was amazing! Really good showcase for the Women’s Division.

That Escalera de Muerte was insane from what I saw of it. I can’t say it was the greatest tag team match EVER, but it’s up there with the first TLC in terms of sheer craziness. Also, LAX brings so much to the tag team division. I just wish Konnan was with them.

Cody vs Shawn Spears was pretty good, but Arn Anderson turning on Tully Blanchard and helping Cody win was still the wildest thing ever. A HORSEMAN helped a RHODES. Just insane. Also, Anderson still has it. No better spinebuster.

Jericho vs Page was really good. However, I will admit that Jericho’s age is catching up with him, he wasn’t as quick as he was a few years ago, but he’s not post-WCW Ric Flair bad. Also, Aubrey Edwards making history is still the best. We still don’t know who Jericho’s partners will be for October 2, but that sounds fun.

Chris Jericho Promo

Well, that escalated quickly. I guess a shiny new belt and a little champagne will do that to you. Seriously, Jericho’s in ring skills might be slowing down, but he’s still a master on the mic. My only complaint is that he needs to be careful when he switches to a different language. He’s calling himself ‘Le Champion’ the champion, but the way he says it sounds like he’s calling himself ‘Le Champignon’ which is ‘The Mushroom’, not the vibe I’d be going for, but that’s me.

Road to AEW On TNT Episode 2

Like the 9/11 tribute.

I’m not sure what it says about Cody where his first two feuds in AEW are with guys he’s dismissive of. The whole thing with Shawn Spears started because Cody called him a ‘good hand’, not Cody’s dismissed Sammy Guevara as someone ‘with a lot of potential’.  That said, Guevara has the ambition and drive to really be someone in the business. He’s hungry and WANTS to be the best, which means Cody’s going to have his hands full at the premiere. I’m not sure about the panda/wolf headgear though.

Bea Priestly vs Britt Baker is going to be AMAZING! I love that AEW is not only building a title feud, but a top non-title feud, something WWE struggles with.

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Cody Rhodes and Tony Schiavone doing an interview. Chills.

Cody needs to re-do the bleach job, his roots are showing.

Cody’s openness to the fan input is interesting. I’m not sure if they want to stick with that long-term, but it’s interesting.

Cody feeling the pressure and not wanting to be embarrassed, but also being aware of Guevara’s feelings is very nice.

Whoa. Cody just said that he will not be in the title match if Sammy Guevara wins on October 2. I know a lot of people have been questioning if AEW will stick with their ‘wins and losses matter’ shtick, but Cody is for right now.

If Jericho loses in Philadelphia, whoever got the win will be in the title match at Full Gear apparently. I don’t remember if the match in Philly is a title match or not.

Cody’s perspective on the change in tune of people now that he’s EVP is spot on. It happened to Triple H too. No one had a problem with him being on top, until he started dating Stephanie McMahon.

I’m a little curious as to how Schiavone and Jim Ross calling the action will work. Last I heard, they had legit heat with each other.

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It must be weird AF for Tony Schiavone to have Cody, someone he’s known since birth, as a boss. Again, the self-awareness is fun. Cody still needs to get his roots done.

Being the Elite Episode 169 – WTF is Up with Kenny Omega?

Okay, I’m not sure who is behind the camera for this opener, I assume Omega, but he sounds drunk AF.

If I’m Randy Cutler, whoever the hell that is, I’d have beat Omega and MJF’s asses by now.

MJF is the topish heel, but it’s going to be squirrely because people will literally hate him.

I love the Bucks owning up to how rough the match at All Out was. You don’t hear a lot of wrestlers being so honest about how rough the business is on them and their families. The fact that JERRY LYNN told them to never do that match again is saying something, and it’s making me want to watch the match from the beginning.

Best Friends, Library Guy, and Orange Cassidy eating and the ref bitching about flatware placement is something straight out of ‘Candid Camera’ or ‘Swerve’.

Always love a good training video. The Bucks’ drive to be on top of tag team wrestling is nice. I’m still having a little trouble taking them seriously because they seem to be just spot guys, but they’re winning me over with their love of the business.

Private Party reminds me of Street Profits. I also love that the Bucks are wanting to beat the Party and prove that they’re the best team.

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JR and his grill. He’s making the announcement about AEW coming to Nashville. I love JR stating the history of him calling matches in Nashville in WCW. Also, talking about the food in Nashville.

Kenny Omega looks drunk or high. I do love that they’re building a story around Omega having a nervous breakdown over his losses. Or he’s spent the last week at the bottom of a bottle. Not sure. He also looks like he’s at someone’s wedding.

I love the Bucks talking about Kenny’s bizarre footage and whether or not to put it on the show. Keep poking the fourth wall, guys. Also, the discussion about everyone acting weird after their loss is interesting.

Luchasaurus answering questions while drinking wine, with the mask on, is hilarious! He also hates Barney the Purple Dinosaur because Barney wasn’t real but the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park were. Uhm…okay. At least he’s leaning into the gimmick…I guess.

That’s it for Tiffany’s AEW Takes! Tune in Sunday for Clash of Champions. Yes, I will still be covering WWE as well as AEW.


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