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Tiffany’s SmackDown Takes: A King is Crowned

Smackdown brought us tons of fallout from WWE Clash Of Champions, along with plenty of action. Thus, Tiffany brings you Tiffany’s Takes!

Smackdown brought us tons of fallout from WWE Clash Of Champions, along with plenty of action. Thus, Tiffany brings you Tiffany’s Takes!

With Clash of Champions and King of the Ring over with, how will SmackDown deal with the fallout?

Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon

Just because he’s fired, doesn’t mean Kevin Owens is done fucking with Shane as shown by him buying a ticket for SmackDown.

I will say that a big difference between Owens vs McMahon and Austin vs McMahon is that Owens and Shane actually act like rational human beings for the most part. I mean, the stuff is still over the top and not how REAL employers and employees act, but it’s a lot more realistic than stuff like Austin ruining Vince’s Corvette with cement or Vince staging his family being attacked by Satanists to justify screwing Austin over.

I’m guessing that included in the lawsuit is a match for Hell in a Cell. If Shane wins, Kevin is gone. If Kevin wins, Shane is gone. I do love the lawsuit angle. In a normal court case, Owens would have a great case since he did nothing wrong except do the job he was asked to do under duress. Of course, a civil court judge would have a hell of a time sorting out the storyline, but it’s still a great angle and keeps this vs McMahon feud grounded in reality.

Women’s Division

I love the heel Boss-Hug Connection. I also love the return of the Boss of NXT, not just the watered down main roster version. However, I think there will be a reckoning with Sasha and Bayley sooner than later.

I find it strange that Ric Flair is on WWE TV considering that he’s suing them/bitching at them over Becky Lynch’s ‘The Man’ gimmick. Charlotte definitely didn’t seem thrilled to see him, that body language was awkward.

Charlotte vs Sasha was good, if a little awkward in spots. I was a little surprised to see Carmella run in to Charlotte’s aid. I guess Becky wasn’t available. It was just odd. I’m glad Carmella’s back in the limelight, but she has no business in the Four Horsewomen’s feud and needs to find one of her own.

Roman Reigns Mystery

So, what did Erick Rowan have to say for himself after Clash of Champions? Does it really matter? Didn’t think so. As far as confessions go, that was one of the weakest I’ve ever heard and I’m a reasonably avid Investigation Discovery fan. Seriously, if that was Rowan’s motives, he’s a moron. Attempted Manslaughter isn’t a respect winner, dude. Try again.

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So, Daniel Bryan went and made an ass of himself again, this time by getting upset that Rowan forgot all the ‘good’ Bryan did for him during their partnership. Fortunately for Bryan, his vegan bacon was saved by Reigns, who then got his ass kicked for his noble efforts. I’m not convinced that this whole thing means Bryan wasn’t behind the whole thing all along, but if he is, he’s certainly playing the long game with it.

That’s it for Tiffany’s SmackDown Takes! Stay tuned for 205 Live coverage.


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