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WWE 24/7 Championship Results & Report! (9/21/19)

Shanghai Knights 3: The Truth and the Top One Percent!



WWE 24/7 Championship

It’s a showdown in Shanghai!

The Top One Percent wasn’t through with R-Truth on WWE’s tour of Asia, and came back for more! Who gets out of China the WWE 24/7 Champion?



  • Chad Gable VS EC3; Gable wins.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship: R-Truth VS EC3; EC3 wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship: EC3 VS R-Truth, Special Guest Referee Chad Gable; Truth wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.


Footage has emerged! R-Truth is in Shanghai!

And the WWE 24/7 Champion gets the fans to “Make some noise!” He gets Shanghai to echo “What’s up?!” on all sides of the ring, and finds out he’s being a ring announcer again. Truth says this next match is scheduled for… “ONE FALL!” What? “ONE FALL!” Truth then introduces EC3 and Chad Gable in turn, and the rematch from Manila begins!

Chad Gable VS EC3!

The bell rings and these two circle. They tie up and Gable waistlocks. Gable wrenches to a wristlock, then a hammerlock, but EC3 reaches back to slip around to his own hammerlock. Gable reverses to headlock then a new wristlock. Gable shifts back to the hammerlock but EC3 elbows out hard. EC3 wristlocks Gable back, but Gable rolls, bridges, handsprings then spins through to headlock, spin some more, and drop toehold EC3 to the mat, for an armlock! A flashback to Manila! Fans cheer for Gable while EC3 endures. EC3 fights his way up as Gable grips tighter. EC3 powers Gable to a corner but lets up at 4, to sucker punch Gable! EC3 bumps Gable off another buckle, then another. EC3 dusts off his hands before he whips Gable corner to corner. Gable goes up and over to sunset flip EC3 to a cover, TWO! They keep moving, and Gable arm-drags EC3 around!

Fans cheer Gable as he goes corner to corner, but EC3 catches the monkey flip to hotshot and LARIAT Gable down! Fans cheer Gable but EC3 rains down rights. EC3 lets up at the ref’s count, and walks about as he catches his breath. EC3 runs to ropes to drop an elbow down, then cover, TWO! But EC3 keeps on Gable with a chinlock half nelson. Fans rally as Gable endures, and Gable fights his way up. Gable throws body shots but EC3 knocks Gable down! EC3 drags Gable over to ropes to choke, but stops at the ref’s count of 4. Fans boo EC3 as he stalks Gable to a corner. EC3 stomps a mudhole into Gable, but the ref backs him off. EC3 returns to bring Gable out for a big suplex! EC3 looms over Gable and runs again, but Gable dodges the elbow this time! Gable gets to the apron, EC3 hurries over, but Gable shoulders in then slides under. Gable runs and dodges but into a big elbow from EC3!

EC3 rests on the ropes and fans troll, “619!” The Top One Percent wants fans to say his name, but fans troll again, “E! C! W!” EC3 drags Gable up and throws him out. Gable skins the cat and headscissors EC3 out! Fans cheer while Gable rests in the ring. EC3 gets up as the count passes 3 and gets in the ring. The moment EC3 is in, Gable fires off uppercuts and knees! Gable dodges a lariat to mule kick then whips EC3 into a corner. Gable runs in, rolling kick! Northern Lights suplex! Bridging cover, TWO! Fans keep fired up for Gable as he goes up top! Truth is cheering hard, too, as Gable MOONSAULTS! EC3 dodges but Gable lands on his feet! EC3 waistlocks, Gable rolls through to the ANKLE LOCK! EC3 reaches, endures, but Gable grapevines! EC3 taps, Gable wins!

Winner: Chad Gable, by submission

R-Truth once again celebrates with Gable, but EC3 comes back for revenge! EC3 rolls Truth up, EC3 wins!

Winner: EC3, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

And that is how EC3 becomes a three-time 24/7 Champion! But just like in Manila, Truth gives chase up the ramp! The two scuffle just backstage while Gable celebrates his win. But the chase leads Truth and EC3 back to the ring! Gable gives EC3 a German Suplex! Gable gets a spare referee shirt, and puts it on! He counts as the official for the cover, and counts! Truth wins again!

Winner: R-Truth, by pinfall; NEW WWE 24/7 Champion

Another great assist from the most #ReadyWillingAndGable superstar in Shanghai, and Truth is now an EIGHTEEN time 24/7 Champion! And that’s what’s up.



My Thoughts:

Well one thing was clear between Manila and Shanghai, and that was the match card was just copy and paste with some minor modifications. At the same time, in the days of very little technology, it wouldn’t really matter if the cards were exactly the same, because only the locals would know what happened. But in the days of internet, you can easily check with someone from a completely different country as you to see if you got different shows or not. But either way, a lot of fun for the Shanghai crowd getting to see a title change, even with it being the mostly comedic championship that is the 24/7 title. The thing about this title changing hands is it at least gives EC3 and Truth a little more to boast about, with the official counts going up in the “history books” of the WWE.

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