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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Ratings & Analysis: 10/4/2019

Only a few more Twitch IMPACT! shows before the move to AXS! Let’s see how the Bound for Glory build continues!



Only a few more Twitch IMPACT! shows before the move to AXS! Let’s see how the Bound for Glory build continues!

Melissa getting cold cocked has lit a fire in The Machine. Does Sami even make it to Bound for Glory?

How does Su Yung’s resurrection play into the overall plans of James Mitchell and HIM?

SO – let’s not get repetitive and see how this show plays out. We all know who’s responsible…


  • Kiera Hogan vs Madison Rayne vs Tenille Dashwood: Tenille wins via The Spotlight – ** 1/4
  • Owen Travers vs Johnny Swinger: Swingers wins via Swing Time – *
  • Eddie Edwards & Kenny (the Kendo Stick) vs Reno Scum: Kenny wins via Boston Knee Party – **
  • Daga vs Chris Bey: Daga wins via Double Underhook Gut Buster – *** 1/4 
  • Michael Elgin vs TJP w/Fallah Bahh: Elgin wins via Elgin Bomb – ***



Kiera Hogan vs Madison Rayne vs Tenille Dashwood – We can’t be too surprised that the frenemy duo of Kiera and Madison would work this match primarily as a handicap match. There was actually decent heel work from both, mocking Tenille and being generally playful. Eventually the heels did start the miscommunication and it all fell apart when Kiera went for the pin, but Madison wasn’t a fan of that. Kiera got bumped out of the ring, Madison ate The Spotlight and Tenille overcame the odds. The match was alright, but started to fall apart a little towards the end.

Owen Travers vs Johnny Swinger – Swinger finally debuts, against local enhancement talent. He’s a great throwback wrestler, Callis and Mathews play into the retro mood well and it was generally good fun. Not a great match, but a good debut for his persona and it seems like fun.

Flashback Moment: Bobby Roode vs Kurt Angle, Bound for Glory, October 20,2013

Eddie Edwards & Kenny (the Kendo Stick) vs Reno Scum – You know, it was some time ago that I made a joke. Where I said, if the foreign object is your tag partner, then you can’t be disqualified for using it. And Eddie apparently thought that was a good idea. This was a decent match and amusing because of a Kendo Stick being a legitimate teammate. Yes, we all know it was technically a handicap match before Kenny got the hot tag and Kendo shots abound evened up the fight. It was damn amusing.

-Sami comes out since he was forced to issue a very generic apology for his actions last week, but Brian Cage interrupts. He takes out most of oVe, goes to chase Sami, but a “fan” pats Brian on the back during the turmoil and Cage slams him from the crowd onto the floor. He stops, realizing he put his hands on a “fan” and then “police” show up to arrest Brian Cage. 

Daga vs Chris Bey – This was actually a really good match. Chris Bey looked fantastic and showed out nicely for people unfamiliar with his work, and Daga has been one of the luchadors increasing their footprint the last year or so. Great strikes, a Tope con Hilo with flourish from Bey. Bey also powered out of some bigger moves, so he showed some heart, especially kicking out of a Spanish Fly. Daga wins the match with a Double Underhook Gut Buster, and this was just a fun X Division style match. Expected to be good, and it lived up to expectations.

-Crists tried to beat down Daga after the match, but Tessa made the save for her man. So this elevated Daga in Impact and adds more fuel to Tessa’s oVe feud 

Michael Elgin vs TJP w/Fallah Bahh – A Victory Road rematch, with no real acknowledgment of Victory Road’s existence. This match wasn’t as good as the Victory Road match, but it was a good way to highlight strategies that Marufuji can use at Bound for Glory. TJP used his speed, focused most of his strikes and submission attempts on the braced legs of Elgin, but Elgin’s power was too much. Avalanche Falcon Arrow, Buckle Bomb and Elgin Bomb put the match on ice, but it was definitely interesting to see TJP be more of a Scout Team Marufuji instead of doing 100% his own thing.

Overall Score: 6.5/10

We got another decent show with a mixture of decent wrestling and entertaining television angles. Sami’s whole situation with the Cage family is entertaining, while Tessa essentially works her way up through oVe to get another shot at Sami. The North beating the hell out of Konnan because he got Rhino and RVD added to the title match adds more viciousness to The North, instead of just being smarmy but good wrestlers.

Biggest takeaway really was Daga and Chris Bey. Bey looked great, kept up with Daga nicely and both could easily be the future of the X Division.

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