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Andrew’s Top 5 Matches: Week Ending 10/27/2019

No high profile event stole all the focus this week. So, what makes the Top 5 matches?



No high profile event stole all the focus this week. So, what makes the Top 5 matches?

Yes, I’m aware the Super Junior Tag League is going on at the moment, but I haven’t had time to get to that. As fun as tournaments are, sometimes there is such a thing as too much.


Last week’s match vote, was, well…unexpected. It seems the nostalgia was strong. NJPW King of Pro Wrestling, Minoru Suzuki vs Jyushin Thunder Liger, won the vote. Of course, I’m not complaining, just surprised it won.

So let’s see what we got this week!


5. WWE Raw: Drew McIntyre vs Ricochet

Snippet from Mitchell’s Coverage:
Ricochet hurries up top while McIntyre is down! Cleveland is on its feet for the SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO!? Ricochet is beside himself, but Flair is jumping up out of his seat! “This is Awesome!” but far from over as Ricochet climbs again. Flair is tense as Ricochet reaches the top. Ricochet 630’s but has to roll through! McIntyre blocks Recoil and TOSSES Ricochet out of the ring! Then McIntyre goes out to toss Ricochet into a post! Ricochet is in bad shape as he stirs under the bottom rope. But McIntyre takes aim from across the way, and Ricochet stands, to get the CLAYMORE!! Cover, McIntyre wins!!

Winner: McIntyre via Claymore

Rating: *** 3/4


4. NXT UK: Noam Dar vs Trent Seven

Snippet from Mitchell’s Coverage:
Seven flails inside the Champagne Super Kneebar, but Dar stomps and kicks away! Seven shouts “NO!” and hammers Dar’s legs! Seven flails, reaches, grits his teeth and gets the ropebreak! Dar lets go at 4 but is frustrated that he hasn’t finished Seven yet. Fans are at a fever pitch as Dar goes back for the towel. Dar puts the towel around his shoulders to drag Seven up. Fans rally up for Seven as he rolls Dar up! TWO, but Dar BUZZSAWS! Cover, TWO!! Seven survives and shocks the Supernova! Fans have not stopped cheering and singing, but Dar drags Seven around. “All your crones have left you, old man!” Seven grabs Dar’s pinkie! Bop up, BANG! Finger SNAP! Torture rack, BURNING HAMMER!! Cover, Seven wins!!

Winner: Trent Seven via Burning Hammer

Rating: *** 3/4


3. AEW Dynamite: Private Party vs Lucha Bros

Snippet from Mitchell’s Coverage:
Private Party double whip Fenix but Fenix tiger feints to heel kick Quen! Fenix blocks Kassidy’s kick, hands it to Quen, then runs, but into a STUNNER! Quen adds a heel kick of his own, then helps Kassidy hit SLICED BREAD! Kassidy TORNILLOS onto Pentagon! Quen takes off the jacket and goes up top, and fans fire up as he takes aim. SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO!! Private Party almost got another shocker! Quen grows frustrated as we hit the 10 minute mark. Fenix slips out of a fireman’s carry to roundhouse! Kassidy returns but gets a CHOP! Fenix fireman’s carry to a wasteland slam and a rain of rights! Quen shields his friend but gets a clubbing forearm. Fenix underhooks, crucifix lifts Quen, Gory Bomb Leg Drop COMBO! Fenix crawls to his corner and tags in Pentagon!

Pentagon and Quen speed things up, SLINGBLADE! Kassidy rolls into a powerbomb backbreaker! Cero Miedo echoes out again, and Lucha Brothers coordinate. Pentagon has Quen, Fenix is up top, but Quen huricanranas Pentagon into Fenix! PELE for Pentagon, GIN ‘N’ JUICE for Fenix!! Fans are loving this, but who is legal?! Pentagon is and he SUPERKICKS Quen! Pentagon hits Kassidy, but Quen Super Steiners! GIN ‘N’- DESTROYER!! Pentagon destroys the combo, and fans are reaching a fever pitch over ‘CERO! MIEDO!” Quen runs in, misses, Fenix runs the tightrope to Penalty Kick! Oh no! Dark… ARMBAR!! Fenix is up top again, Pentagon has Quen up, dumdum stomp DRIVER! Fenix DIVES onto Kassidy! Pentagon covers, Lucha Brothers win!!

Winner: Lucha Bros via Spiked Fear Factor

Rating: *** 3/4


Honorable Mentions:

AJPW Raising an Army: World Tag Team Championship: Zeus & Ryoji Sai (c) vs Joel Redman & Yoshitatsu
Winner: Zeus via Jackhammer
Rating: *** 1/2
AEW Dynamite: SCU vs Dark Order
Winner: SCU via Tandem Spin Out Go Flat to Sleep
Rating: *** 1/4
NXT: Bianca Belair vs Rhea Ripley
Winner: Ripley via Riptide
Rating: *** 1/4
AEW Dynamite: Joey Janela vs Kenny Omega
Winner: Omega via One Winged Angel
Rating: *** 1/4
IMPACT!: The Rascalz vs Dr. Wagner Jr, Taurus & Aerostar
Winner: Rascalz via Hot Fire Flame
Rating: ***
NWA Powerr: The Dawsons vs Eli Drake & Tim Storm
Winner: Dawsons via Squisher
Rating:  ***
WWE SmackDown: Ali, Shorty G & Roman Reigns vs Cesaro, King Corbin & Shinsuke Nakamura
Winner: Ali via 450 Splash
Rating: ***
NXT UK: Liger vs Travis Banks
Winner: Double Pin
Rating: ***
NXT: Matt Riddle vs Cameron Grimes
Winner: Riddle via Bro Derek
Rating: ***
AEW Dynamite: Jon Moxley vs PAC
Winner: TV Time Limit Draw
Rating: ***
WWE Raw: Humberto Carrillo vs Seth Rollins
Winner: Rollins via Stomp
Rating: ***


2. NXT: North American Championship: Keith Lee vs Dominik Dijakovic vs Roderick Strong (c)

Snippet from Mitchell’s Coverage:
“This is Awesome!” but still not over. Strong clobbers Dijakovic, but turns around into the GRIZZLY MAGNUM! Lee runs in but is sent out! Strong runs, but his wrecking ball is caught by both men. He fights free, throws kicks, but Lee pops him up onto Dijakovic’s shoulders!! FEAST YOUR EYES!! And a POUNCE!! Strong is down, and fans lose their minds as the towering titans finally get to settle the score! They circle in the ring, Full Sail is thunderous with the flying fists! Lee knees and headbutts! Dijakovic flounders but Lee hops up top. Lee drags Dijakovic over, but Dijakovic almost falls! Dijakovic steadies himself and throws elbows, to then flip away and SUPERKICK! Lee is down, DISCUS BOOT! Dijakovic use the ropes to help get Lee up, and then climbs up to clamp on. Dijakovic has Lee for a SUPER CHOKE BOMB!! Cover, TWO!?! Lee lives and no one can believe it!

Full Sail will not stop chanting for “NXT! NXT!” Lee and Dijakovic slowly stir as fans build up to a new rally. Lee goes out but Dijakovic FLIES! Lee gets out of the way, STRONG takes the Fosbury Flop! Fans chant “Mamma Mia!” for that one. Dijakovic catches his breath, gets back to the ring, but Lee is on his feet. Fans chant “Keith Lee! WOOP WOOP” as Keith Lee FLIES!?! Tope conjilo hits and fans are losing their minds! Lee hops up, brings Dijakovic up, and has him in powerbomb position, SUPER SPIRIT BOMB!! STRONG KNEE OUTTA NOWHERE! Cover, Strong wins!?!

Winner: Strong via Strong Knee

Rating: ****


1. AJPW Raising an Army Day 6: Triple Crown Championship: Kento Miyahara (c) vs Jake Lee

Jake Lee boasts something that not many can say this year; he holds a pinfall victory over Kento Miyahara. Also, he’s the only person to deprive Kento of something this year. Jake beat Kento to win the Royal Road Tournament and earn this championship shot. So with that established, Kento wants some revenge. Kento beat Jake for the Champion Carnival earlier this year, but Jake taking the Royal Road accolade is the first time, in a long time, that Kento failed.

With that backstory, the match had an interesting pacing. Lately, Kento’s matches tend to feel like an older brother messing around until he feels like winning the match. But Jake takes the sarcasm and arrogance to Kento, and Kento doesn’t seem to like it. Jake smacks him around and takes an early advantage, and you can tell that any time Kento does try to pose, it’s merely to save face, cause he’s got the concern written all over his face.

This was such a great match where you saw the story unfold in old school King’s Road style. Jake has wanted to prove he was Kento’s equal since returning to All Japan, and the Royal Road Tournament was the first time anyone from NEXTREAM beat Kento for something. Kento however, had to prove it was a fluke, especially if he wants to beat Kawada’s defense record.

Jake battered Kento with kicks and knee strikes, where Kento fought from underneath and had to look for openings. In a shocking moment, Jake kicked out of the first Shutdown Suplex Hold, which I can’t remember the last person to do that. Returning the favor, Kento kicked out of Jake’s High Angle Backdrop Driver.

So both men building the tension, the aggression and kicking out of each other’s finishers just added to epicness of the match. Find this, watch it. It’s one of the best matches of the entire year.

Winner: Miyahara via Shutdown Suplex Hold

Rating: ***** 1/4



With how I went on about the All Japan match, what do you think I’m picking? That was great story telling. Also, funnily enough, the Raising an Army series has had the two best Triple Crown matches of the last few years.

The other stuff on the list is still very solid, but the Triple Crown title match is on another level.

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