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Andrew’s WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 Ratings & Analysis

Does The Fiend come away with gold, or at least a compelling reason to keep caring about his character?



Does The Fiend come away with gold, or at least a compelling reason to keep caring about his character?

Since the day started with only four matches known, there’s only really two matches that we care about.

Does new blue Sasha Banks finally get a PPV win? Does The Fiend start a reign of terror or at least a protected enough finish to keep us interested?

With most of the IWC loving The Fiend, this seems like the perfect time to keep the momentum going. The Fiend doesn’t need to win, but I’m very interested to see what they do with him.


  • Natalya vs Lacey Evans: Natalya wins via Sharpshooter @9:25 – **
  • Hell in a Cell Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs Sasha Banks: Becky retains via Disarm-Her @21:50 – **** 1/4
  • Tornado Tag Match: Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan vs Eric Rowan & Luke Harper: Reigns & Bryan wins via Superman Busaiku Spear @16:45 – *** 1/2
  • Randy Orton vs Ali: Orton wins via RKO @12:10 – **
  • Women’s Tag Team Championship: BlissCross (c) vs Kabuki Warriors: Asuka wins via Green Mist + Roundhouse Kick @10:25 – *** – TITLE CHANGE!!
  • AJ Styles, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows vs Viking Raiders & Braun Strowman: Raiders & Braun wins via DQ @8:15 – *
  • King Corbin vs Chad Gable: Gable wins via Roll-Up @12:40 – *** 1/4
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair vs Bayley (c): Flair wins via Figure Eight @10:15 – ** – TITLE CHANGE!!
  • Hell in a Cell Universal Championship: Seth Rollins (c) vs Bray Wyatt: Referee Stoppage, No Contest, what? @17:30 – -** (yes that’s negative)



Natalya vs Lacey Evans – This is the definition of a pre-show match. A loose story rivalry, that I forgot was still going on, and I feel like most of the crowd did as well. I suppose they tried, the Sharpshooter was part of the story in this match since Lacey was using it to taunt Natalya leading up to this. The action in the match was mediocre at best, Lacey misses her Moonsault and Nattie slaps on the Sharpshooter, Lacey taps nearly immediately. Afterwards Nattie clocks Lacey with what I guess is her version on the Women’s Right, and hopefully we never see any more of this any time soon.

Hell in a Cell Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch (c) vs Sasha Banks – Sasha takes the offense to Becky as the cage is lowering, which is a little different. The cage finishes lowering and Sasha goes into Hell in Cell to gloat a bit. There’s a good bit of use of the cage and weapons. Sasha sets up a chair into the side of the cage for later, which comes into play during a reversed Irish Whip. The cool spot was using three Kendo sticks to stabilize a chair in the corner of the cell, Becky puts Sasha on the chair, and hits a running Dropkick from the apron right into the seated Sasha. Lots of nice call backs with the attempts Disarm-Her through the chair, and Sasha introducing the chair into the match via strikes to the back. Sasha throws in about dozen chairs, and that ends up being her undoing. Becky hits the Avalanche BecksPloder into the pile of chairs and then applies the Disarm-Her for the submission victory. Surprising that Becky retained, but it was a damn good match.

Tornado Tag Match: Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan vs Eric Rowan & Luke Harper – We saw some early back and forth, but team with more tag team experience eventually started to take over the match. Luke was selling his knee early in the match, and that did play a part towards the end. There was some nice destruction in the match, Roman ran across two announce tables to spear Rowan into the other. Daniel Bryan was looking to hit a Avalanche Frankensteiner, but Luke blocked it and hits an Avalanche Liger Bomb. It looked like Harper was going to put away Daniel, but Roman manages to slide in for the save with a Superman Punch, Bryan hits the Busaiku Knee and Spear off the ropes equals pinfall victory for the babyface team! Solid match, some of the slower parts were just to set up for the next sequence, but it was still quite enjoyable.

Randy Orton vs Ali – So this was set up on the Pre-Show since Ali was looking to prove himself and Randy was more than happy to see what the kid’s got. This was set up much like a Proving Ground style match. We saw a lot of heart out of Ali, and Randy was never completely on the back foot. A fun visual was that at some point during the initial outside scuffle Ali had a huge bruise from his ribs down his midsection a bit. Ali misses the 450 Splash, but does a Handstand to counter the initial RKO. Nearly picking up the win with a Crucifix Pin, Ali tried to go for his Rolling Facebuster, but Randy catches him with the RKO. Randy showed some respect to Ali as he was leaving the ring, but it was a very slow match that most people probably got food during.

Women’s Tag Team Championship: BlissCross (c) vs Kabuki Warriors – Now I’ve been annoyed at the Kabuki Warriors name cause even if the girls came up with it themselves, it didn’t fit their personas before. But now we get heel work, Kairi takes early cheap shots and even messes with Alexa when Asuka had her in the Abdominal Stretch in the ropes. Watching the Japanese sweethearts dive deeper into heel tendencies during this match was fantastic. Asuka with her version of Kawada Kicks to mess with Nikki and Kairi being generally animated, was great. When Kairi ran interference on Alexa, Nikki got a little distracted, so when she turned back to Asuka, Asuka hit her with the Green Mist and then a well placed kick to the head. So finally the Kabuki name makes more sense. Great Kabuki was the first to use the mist and now we see the Kabuki Warriors start accepting heel personas. Character work and finish were tremendous, though the work in the match was average.

AJ Styles, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows vs Viking Raiders & Braun Strowman – Braun was the surprise teammate, hooray, this had OC loss written all over it. I couldn’t care less if the Viking Raiders and Gallows & Anderson have had issues over the last few weeks, this was pointless. The match didn’t matter, picking and choosing when to enforce tag team 5 counts is always stupid, and got a chorus of boos from the crowd once the DQ came in. Then I guess we’re supposed to think Braun can knock out Tyson Fury cause he caught AJ during the Phenomenal Forearm and knocked him out. Sure AJ selling it like he didn’t know where he was, was entertaining, but this was a waste of time. Braun is Big Show, just with less wrestling talent. Great.

King Corbin vs Chad Gable – S0 even though the promo that Corbin cut before the match was dumb, the Shorty Gable tidbit was alright. Granted Corey beating it into the ground did definitely make it stupid, but I enjoyed Hamilton saying in the end. As for the match, this wasn’t a ton different than what we’ve seen in the previous two meetings, this was just allowed to come to a real finish. Corbin’s height jokes played into a lot of Gable “chopping him down” and keeping everything manageable. Gable’s sheer willpower and wrestling prowess carried the low points of the match and kept most of the action interesting. Corbin is still not very engaging in the ring, but this was one of his better matches. Funny aspect was of course, the fact that Gable won because he was shorter, so he could get the leverage on the Roll-Up.

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair vs Bayley (c) – Bayley started off aggressive missing a few kicks and generally getting a good laugh out of Charlotte before connecting on some offense. Full disclosure, I did have to go to the bathroom during this and somehow in 30 seconds when I get back, apparently Bayley is working of Charlotte’s “bad” leg, but that doesn’t really play a big role into the match. Charlotte’s leg gets hung up on the rope and Bayley goes for a very slow and sloppy Roll-Up, but when she gets her feet on the ropes, the referee sees it. So as Bayley is pleading her angle, Charlotte takes advantage, gets Bayley to the ground and slaps on the Figure Eight. This match was just boring. Nothing more, nothing less, it happened, now Charlotte is a 10 time champion.

Hell in a Cell Universal Championship: Seth Rollins (c) vs Bray Wyatt – So immediately we get to deal with a red cell bathed in red light, so that just makes watching the match awkward. But at least we get some decent action. Bray goads Seth into hitting him with strikes and weapons, and shows his invulnerability. Seth hits two Stomps, and Bray pops up, Seth hits his crappy Flying Knees, but The Fiend doesn’t go down. So we got to see a lot of The Fiend taking more punishment than we’ve really seen anyone take. Fiend hits a Sister Abigail, Neck Snap and then brings Seth to the outside of the ring and goes to get his mallet. Even though it looks like a Gateway computers box on a stick, we could see something interesting here. But of course, after taking a signature, neck snap and getting the mallet rammed into his stomach, Seth still of course fights back like nothing happened. Now the match gets awful. Seth redoes the sequence against Braun where he hits about five Stomps and a Pedigree, but Bray kicks out at 1. So Seth then adds a chair to the equation, but Bray kicks out. This continues with Seth getting a ladder, throwing in kendo sticks, a toolbox and a sledgehammer. We get subjected to Bray laying in the middle of the ring for what felt like 5 minutes straight while Seth decided to have an existential crisis and just keep getting more weapons. When he gets to the Sledgehammer, the referee tells him not to do it, but he eventually does hit Bray, who’s face is covered with a chair sandwiched between a ladder, the referee calls for the bell. So it’s not said in the show, is it a referee stoppage or disqualification? Either way it was garbage.

Overall Score: 5/10

So let me be clear, I get the fact the story of the main event was The Fiend pushing Seth Rollins passed his personal comfort level or having the emotional distress of overcoming fear or a living nightmare. But the match told the story beyond poorly. And The Fiend shooting up when the EMTs came in to demolish Rollins after the fact, was even worse since that show ended with a bullshit finish. The Fiend did not need saving from the referee and if the angle is that the referee stopped it as a way to protect Seth from “going too far”, that’s nothing to care about either.

In the same show where we got an in-ring story of Kabuki Warriors going heel and solidifying BlissCross as faces (for now), we get an over dramatized pile of nonsense that was the main event Hell in a Cell. The same match where Mick Foley was nearly legit killed, the referee jumps in for a worked DQ or whatever finish.

This show was pretty good before the main event. I would’ve probably given the show about a 7.5, until a bullshit gimmicked finish that was unsatisfying. The worst part is that it’s not unsatisfying in the way to motivate you to watch, it’s more watching someone ruin your new favorite thing and not trusting their process anymore. Hell Bray could’ve lost, if it made sense and felt like a complete ending…not the botched abortion of a stoppage or disqualification in HELL IN A CELL!


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WWE 24/7 Championship Results & Report! (12/31/20)

Happy New Year, AND new champion!



NEW 24/7 Championship

This title really CAN be defended anytime, anywhere!

WWE was on TikTok for a New Year’s Eve stream, and while the ball dropped, a title changed hands! Who took Truth’s baby in the last moments of 2020?


  • WWE 24/7 Championship TikTok Attack: R-Truth VS Angel Garza; Garza wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.


Angel Garza is flirting with Lana.

The Lethal Lothario offers the Ravishing Russian a red rose for New Year’s Eve, but the New Day comes in hoping he has enough for everyone. But hey, 2020 has been nothing but garbage fire. Get it out of here, it’s gone! Now it’s a NEW~ DAY~, and a NEW~ YEAR~! Why? Becaaaaause NEW! Day Rocks! New! Day Rocks! R-Truth rushes in, hoping he’s not too late! Truth is on time to bring in the new year! 2019 was amazing, but 2020 is where it’s at~! No, Truth, we just went through 2020, we’re on to 2021. Look at the glasses and decorations. Oh right, duh. That was a test! Truth just got back from Australia- Truth, no, there’s no international travel… Truth says he swam and ran it.

But then referee Jon Cone comes in, ready to party! A New Year party popper spooks Truth, and Garza rolls him up!! Garza wins!! And Francesca is a casualty!!

Winner: Angel Garza, by pinfall (NEW WWE 24/7 Champion)

No! Not like this! Not while it’s still 2020!! Xavier mourns Francesca but Garza shouts “Happy New Year!” before he runs off, ready to truly celebrate 2021! Truth still thinks it’s 2020 and thinks this is a bad start to the year. Can it only get better from here?

My Thoughts:

Holy crap, did I not just say Garza should join the 24/7 Championship scene?! Yes, I did! Okay I didn’t “just” say it, it was back on Monday. BUT I said it, AND it’s happened! If I can predict things WWE will do, then I predict Triple H finally takes WWE from Vince. But in seriousness, I’m going to enjoy how Garza will spice up the 24/7 Championship scene and perhaps get a chance to do something in 2021.

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Mitchell’s WWE TLC Results & Report! (12/20/20)

TLC: Trop Loves Championships!



WWE TLC 2020

WWE brings out the Tables, Ladders, Chairs, and CHAMPIONSHIPS!

2020 is almost over, but it’s about to get more painful! Will Roman Reigns still be WWE Universal Champion after tonight? Or can Kevin Owens #StunTheWorld and dethrone the Tribal Chief?


  • Kickoff – 8 Man Tag: Daniel Bryan, Big E, Otis Dozovic & Chad Gable VS Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro & King Corbin; Bryan, Big E, Otis & Gable win.
  • WWE World Championship TLC Match: Drew McIntyre VS AJ Styles w/ Jordan Omogbehin; changed to…
  • WWE World Championship TLC Triple Threat: Drew McIntyre VS AJ Styles w/ Omogbehin VS The Miz w/ John Morrison; McIntyre wins and retains the title.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks VS Carmella; Sasha wins and retains the title.
  • Raw Tag Team Championships: The New Day VS The Hurt Business; The Hurt Business wins and become the new Raw Tag Team Champions.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler VS Asuka & ???; Asuka & Charlotte Flair win and become the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.
  • WWE Universal Championship TLC Match: Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman VS Kevin Owens; Reigns wins and retains the title.
  • Firefly Inferno Match: The Fiend VS Randy Orton; Orton wins.


It’s the WWE TLC Kickoff Show!

The last kickoff show for the last WWE PPV for 2020! Join Charly Caruso, Booker T, Jeff Jarrett and Peter Rosenberg in discussing, analyzing and predicting all of tonight’s action!


MVP joins the kickoff show by video.

“Bring ’em out, bring ’em out!” Charly asks MVP what it would mean for The Hurt Business to add the Raw Tag Team Championships. It would be destiny fulfilled. Shelton Benjamin is one of the most decorated superstars, Cedric Alexander is a former Cruiserweight Champion, and MVP just reminded them of their past glory and got them back to their winning ways. So as the de facto leader, what advice does MVP give to his guys? Well Benjamin was a former tag team champion, so he knows what he’s doing. MVP just directs traffic. The New Day are clowns, it’s hard for MVP to respect them, but you have to acknowledge they are one of the greatest tag teams in this industry. But every day must end in night. And the only “new” we’ll be talking about is the new tag team champions.

Booker knows he and MVP both come “from the neighborhood,” and Alexander was the guy who needed that “dirt” on him. Has MVP had that talk with Alexander? Oh they’ve talked a lot lately, and in this re-emergence, Alexander now has that attack dog in him. We’ve seen a new Alexander. “They dropped, if you will.” Charly thanks MVP for his time and wishes his team luck in that title match up. Will the Hurt Business acquire new assets tonight at the expense of the 10-time tag team champions?


The Miz and John Morrison join the panel!

Hey, hey! Ho ho! They’re on the kickoff show, and Miz is feeling great as Mr. Money in the Bank. Is he cashing in? Well he doesn’t know. If the opportunity presents itself, then that opportunity will be taken. But if not, then no. What does that look like then> Morrison says this is about chaos and carnage, and a lot of people have a lot to lose. Morrison says even Roman and Kevin could be a target. So these two are working together? Why wouldn’t they? But who takes the case home? Miz is Mr. MITB so it is his. Morrison gets the first shot after, though. To cash in for a championship, they both understand how valuable the MITB is.

Then what about Omos, Jordan Omogbehin? Well we haven’t seen or heard much from him, but his presence alone, “you can’t teach tall.” Miz considers Omos as a factor. But McIntyre has been unstoppable! People keep asking why Miz hasn’t cashed in, but that’s because McIntyre is hard to pin! AJ Styles is also to be reckoned with. Miz felt the wrath of AJ Styles when Styles first came to WWE. Miz knows the talent on display is TLC, pain and torment!

But to cash in, the window has to be cracked, the back door has to be opened, but Miz doesn’t seem that confident. Morrison defends Miz’s confidence but Booker says he’s calling it like he sees it. Miz IS confidence! The most confidence in the WWE! And he is going to cash in, at the right time. Could it be tonight? Yes! Could it be tomorrow on Raw? Yes! Could it be months from now? Yes! But it isn’t if, it is when, and Miz will be champion! The Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century head off, will the opportunity present itself tonight?


R-Truth joins the kickoff show!

Asuka needs a tag partner, right? Truth had a #WWJCD moment. What Would John Cena Do? Truth officially declares, or rather offers, to be Asuka’s tag team partner! They can win and become champions! There are many reasons she should choose him! He knows Japanese, and has held more titles, title reigns combined, in WWE history! Well 45 of them are as 24/7 Champion. Please don’t say “45-time” 45 times… Truth hurries of, but will someone please remind him it’s the Women’s Tag Team Championships, not a mixed tag title match?


8 Man Tag: Daniel Bryan, Big E, Otis Dozovic & Chad Gable VS Sami Zayn, Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro & King Corbin!

Quite a star-studded 4v4 match courtesy of SmackDown! Will the YES Movement, Mr. Five Count, the Blue Collar Brawler and the Alpha Academy Coach be able to best the group formerly known as the Artist Collective?

Naturally, the Wolf King has the Knights of the Lone Wolf, Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake, with him. Perhaps they’ll be factors in this match. The teams sort out, and Sami starts with Gable. But Sami wants Big E, so Gable obliges! Big E tags in, rushes Sami, but Sami tags out! So much for wanting after him. Corbin is in and he circles with Big E. They tie up, go around, and Corbin pushes Big E to a corner. Big E turns it around, but lets off at the ref’s count. Big E comes back for more but Corbin stays in the corner. Sami taunts Big E, Corbin knees Big E low! Corbin runs, Big E drops to then hurdle and elbow Corbin, but Corbin comes back to CLOBBER Big E!

Sami talks trash but Big E dodges Corbin. Corbin slides out, slides in but into the belly2belly! Tag to Gable but Cesaro tags in. The Swiss Cyborg headlocks, Gable powers out but Cesaro runs him over! Cover, ONE, Gable has the waistlock! Cesaro elbows out, headlocks but Gable powers out. Things speed up, Gable leaps but into Cesaro’s arms! Gable slips out and runs to arm-drag! And then he goes up to headscissor Cesaro! Gable wrenches, tags in Bryan, and Bryan hops up to drop ax handles on Cesaro’s arm! Bryan wrenches an arm to an elbow breaker, then he throws EuroUppers and KICKS in the corner! Bryan wrenches, whips Cesaro but Cesaro reverses.

Bryan goes up and over and keeps moving, ducks a clothesline to leap and lariat! Cesaro sits up, blocks the Yes Kick and trips Bryan, but Bryan denies the swing with a victory roll! TOW, and Bryan kicks, but Cesaro powers him to ropes! The ref counts, Cesaro lets off and Nakamura gets a cheap shot roundhouse! Tag to Nakamura, they combine for a KNEE and SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Nakamura drags Bryan around, cravats and grinds, but Bryan endures. Sami tags in, they mug Bryan and Sami fires off haymakers! Nakamura gets a cheap shot as the ref pulls Sami back. Sami taunts Big E, drags Bryan up to throw more hands, then he drags Bryan to the corner.

Corbin tags in, the mugging continues, then Corbin puts Bryan on ropes to throw forearms into his back! Corbin taunts Otis, throws more clubbing forearms to Bryan’s back, then argues with the ref. Corbin laces Bryan in the ropes to stomps him! Tag to Sami and he gets in Big E’s face! The ref has to keep Big E back before Sami goes over to bump Bryan off the boots of Cesaro and Nakamura! Tag back to Corbin, Corbin throws haymakers then hoists Bryan up top. Corbin climbs, brings Bryan up, but Bryan resists the superplex! Bryan throws body shots, then headbutts Corbin! Corbin holds on but Bryan headbutts until Corbin falls! Bryan leaps and missile dropkicks!

Both men are down, the teams fire up, but Sami grabs at Big E! Big E chases Sami but Sami goes to the barriers! Cesaro EUROUPPERS Big E, Gable CANNONBALLS onto Cesaro! Bryan hot tags Otis! Nakamura is in, Otis rallies with big elbows! Otis whips Nakamura and FLAPJACKS him! Gable coaches Otis on and Otis hits a corner splash! Nakamura is down, but it’s time for the test! What will Otis do? He chooses CATERPILLAR ELBOW! Tag to Gable, they coordinate, but Nakamura ROUNDHOUSES Otis first! Gable ducks one kick but not the windmill! Tag to Cesaro, they combine for FLYING KNEE GUT WRENCH BOMB!! Cover, but Otis breaks it!

Otis throws Nakamura out, but Corbin SPINEBUSTERS Otis! Bryan dodges Corbin to hit the FLYING KNEE! Cesaro pop-up UPPERCUTS Bryan! Gable waistlocks Cesaro for CHAOS THEORY! Both men are down but Sami is lurking! Sami returns to the corner and tags in! Sami drags Gable up, but Gable slips out of Blue Thunder to tag in Big E! And Sami is alone!! Big scoop, but Sami slips out to BOOT! Sami runs corner to corner, into a Urenag-E! Big E scoops for the BIG ENDING! Cover, Big E and team win!

Winners: Big E, Daniel Bryan, Chad Gable & Otis Dozovic, by pinfall

Sami is a clever strategist but he didn’t #ThinkBig E-nough! Will this lead Big E back to the Intercontinental Championship that Sami clings to?


A storm is coming.

It isn’t raining cats ‘n’ dogs, but wood and steel! And with gold sprinkled in between! Will the Boss still be in charge against the #UNTOUCHABLE? Will the Empress of Tomorrow have a surprise for the sadistic Queen of Spades and Irresistible Force? Will a Viper be burned to ash by a Fiend? Will the tables, ladders and chairs raining down change the landscape of the WWE forever?


WWE World Championship TLC Match: Drew McIntyre VS AJ Styles w/ Jordan Omogbehin!

The Scottish Warrior and the Phenomenal One have their first-ever 1v1 encounter and it’s with the highest stakes possible! But between tables, ladders, chairs, Omos ringside and Mr. MITB lurking in the shadows, what will take the title away from McIntyre? CAN anything take the title away from him?

The introductions are made, the belt is already high above the ring, and the first high stakes battle of the night begins!

McIntyre takes time to take off the kilt and gauntlets but Styles fires off on him! Styles CHOPS away in a corner, gets a leg but McIntyre kicks him away. McIntyre runs in but Styles dodges to fire off haymakers and kicks and a CHOP! Styles brings McIntyre out but McIntyre suplexes and TOSSES Styles away! McIntyre glares as he stands Styles up to CHOP him! And then McIntyre TOSSES Styles again! Styles gets to a corner, McIntyre throws hands! McIntyre dares Styles to get up but McIntyre CHOPS Styles back down! Styles crawls, McIntyre stalks him, whips him corner to corner HARD and Styles bounces off buckles chest first!

McIntyre drags Styles up, whips him back the other way and Styles bounces off into haymakers! McIntyre stomps Styles’ leg then glare at Omos. Omos stays put but McIntyre drags Styles up to kick low. Styles throat chops! Styles runs, but McIntyre back drops him high and hard! McIntyre watches Styles flounder to a corner. McIntyre runs in but into Styles’ boot! Styles hops up, McIntyre CHOPS him off and to the floor! McIntyre goes out after Styles, and he brings Styles up to bump him off the announce desk! Styles slumps down and McIntyre clears off a table with ease. McIntyre brings the table closer and then drags Styles up.

McIntyre bounces Styles’ head off the table, climbs up and over, then brings Styles up to suplex. Styles fights free but McIntyre ROCKS him with a right! Styles flounders into furniture but McIntyre scoops him to SNAKE EYES those ribs off the barriers! McIntyre wants Omos to move out of the way, and he obliges, and McIntyre uses Styles to bowl chairs off another table! Strike! Styles reaches around but McIntyre brings him up again, to again SNAKE EYES off barriers! That was head first this time. McIntyre gets a ladder and puts it in the ring! McIntyre stands the ladder up right under the belt and begins his climb! Styles hurries back in and he SMACKS McIntyre’s leg with a chair!

McIntyre falls off the ladder and Styles takes it for his own! Styles climbs, but McIntyre hobbles up. Styles gets the chair again and sees McIntyre clutching that leg. Styles SMACKS McIntyre on the back! Styles slows down because of his own hurting body but he wedges the chair in a corner. McIntyre hobbles, uses ropes for support, but Styles stops him from climbing the ladder. Styles goes to bump McIntyre off the chair but McIntyre blocks, trips Styles up, and catapults him! But Styles uses that to get UP the ladder! McIntyre stops Styles with clubbing forearms, pries him off and then aims at the ladder, but Styles sunset flips! McIntyre rolls through to catapult Styles into the CHAIR! Styles’ plan backfires on him!

McIntyre clutches his leg but goes to the ladder. McIntyre climbs but Omos fetches more chairs for Styles! Styles THROWS the ladder into McIntyre’s back! McIntyre stops his climb and even comes down a rung, for Styles to chop block! McIntyre writhes, clutching his leg, and Styles steadies himself. Styles drags McIntyre up and RAMS his head into rungs! McIntyre is down, the ladder tips over, but Styles brings it around to push down onto McIntyre! McIntyre is even more dazed and Styles walks over to bring him up. Basement enziguri! Styles looms over McIntyre as McIntyre crawls to the ladder.

Styles drags McIntyre up, reels him in and wants the Clash, but McIntyre resists the lift! McIntyre spins out, FUTURE SHOCK! Styles flounders, McIntyre gets up and has the ladder back. McIntyre sees Styles in a corner, and decides to wield the ladder LIKE A SWORD! Styles manages to avoid a direct hit, and he CHOP BLOCKS McIntyre again! Styles yanks on the leg, slams it on the ladder, then puts it inside the ladder for a FULL METAL CALF CRUSHER! McIntyre can only endure as there is no tapping out in this kind of match! Styles lets go when he tires out, and he frees McIntyre’s leg of the ladder. Or rather he frees the ladder of McIntyre’s leg, so that he can stand the ladder up.

McIntyre anchors Styles’ foot but Styles stomps him down. Styles tells McIntyre if he doesn’t stay down, he’ll be put down! CHAIR SHOT to the back! And another! And then to the leg! McIntyre flails and writhes but now Styles puts the leg through the chair! Another FULL METAL CALF CRUSHER! McIntyre endures, moves around, but Styles just pulls on the leg more! McIntyre crawls onto the ladder, to SLAM Styles’ head off it! Styles lets go of McIntyre to clutch his own head! McIntyre frees his leg but both men are both still down. Styles crawls back to the ladder, works to stand it up, but McIntyre grabs the other end of the ladder! McIntyre RAMS the ladder into the corner, Styles trips McIntyre to drag him to a corner. Styles KICKS the leg, then SLAMS the leg against the post!

Styles drags McIntyre out to throw a haymaker, then to RAM him down with another ladder! McIntyre is down and dazed, but Styles clears off a table and clears some space. McIntyre flounders over but Styles kicks him again. Styles takes a seat while McIntyre crawls, and then Styles throws more haymakers. Styles puts McIntyre on the table, rains down fists, and then goes back in the ring. Styles walks up the ladder wedged in the corner, but McIntyre gets up and THROWS a chair back at him! Direct hit and down goes Styles! McIntyre gets the table while Styles sputters and staggers about. McIntyre tosses the table in without even folding it up!

McIntyre gets his bad leg moving, stands the table back up, but Styles is after him. McIntyre elbows Styles, but runs into a drop toehold, into the corner ladder! McIntyre is down and dazed all over again! Styles drags McIntyre back up, whips him but McIntyre reverses. Styles slides under the table, then shoves it into McIntyre’s legs! Styles uses the table to leap, but McIntyre catches him! McIntyre OVERHEAD SUPLEXES Styles onto the ladder! Styles slides down the rungs while McIntyre gets to a corner. McIntyre works to get his bad leg moving again, and he heads over. Styles forearms McIntyre away, springboards, and hits a PHENOMENAL FOREARM!

Both men are down but they both roll to corners. Styles has Omos fetch him a new ladder, and he sets this one up under the belt. Styles climbs up, but McIntyre returns to grab at him! Styles kicks McIntyre but McIntyre still comes back! McIntyre gets Styles in a trophy lift, to TOSS out of the ring and through a table!! Referees check on Styles in the wreckage but McIntyre hurries to the ladder! McIntyre begins his climb, but here comes THE MIZ!! The Miz attacks McIntyre and Morrison has the briefcase! Miz POWERBOMBS McIntyre THROUGH THE TABLE!! Morrison gives the ref the briefcase because Miz is cashing in! THIS CHANGES THE MATCH TYPE!!

WWE World Championship TLC Triple Threat: Drew McIntyre VS AJ Styles w/ Omogbehin VS The Miz w/ John Morrison!

And as such, Miz is now climbing the ladder! Miz is grinning because he sees the title right above him! But OMOS gets involved! Omos yanks Miz off the ladder, cradles him like a child, and DROPS him through a TABLE! The cash-in is in jeopardy! Morrison SMACKS Omos with a chair, but the CHAIR breaks?! Omos barely felt that! Morrison sees he’s in trouble, and ditches the chair to bail out! Omos glares at Morrison, Morrison gets another chair as protection, but he falls over spare ladders! Morrison is up the ramp, Omos storms up that way, but the match is still going on! Miz, McIntyre and Styles are all in wreckage of tables, but McIntyre is the one in the ring!

McIntyre drags himself up, but Styles is back in now. Styles positions the ladder, McIntyre staggers but that leg is not cooperating. McIntyre hobbles over to get on the ladder, and the two are climbing! McIntyre has the lead based on his own natural height, but Styles manages to hit him in his leg! McIntyre keeps going and he hits back! McIntyre reaches at the belt but Styles punches him in the gut! Styles bounces McIntyre off the ladder but so does McIntyre! Miz is setting up another ladder next to theirs! McIntyre and Styles brawl but Miz climbs clear to the top! Mcintyre punches Miz, punches Styles, Styles falls down! GLASGOW KISS!

But Miz stays up and throws more hands! They go back and forth, they bounce each other off their ladders! McIntyre shoves Miz away! Styles springboards up to the top! Styles throws forearms, McIntyre throws hands, they brawl again! Styles sends McIntyre down into the ropes! But Miz is back! Miz hits Styles with haymakers! Miz reaches, Styles hits him! McIntyre uses Miz’s ladder to tip the other, and both men hit ropes! Styles tumbles out hard and Miz flounders, into a CLAYMORE!! McIntyre stands a ladder back up, climbs as fast as he can with his bad leg, he’s all alone up top! McIntyre WINS!

Winner: Drew McIntyre (still WWE World Champion)

The Scottish Warrior slays all of his adversaries! The Phenomenal One could not get it done, Mr. Money in the Bank went bankrupt, and the gold stays with McIntyre! If even these odds were not enough to knock McIntyre off the top, what in the world can?


Backstage interview with Paul Heyman.

The Tribal Chief’s Special Counsel is here, and Kayla brings up Kevin Owens’ ultimatum of winning the title, or die trying. “Aesthetics over competency again, I see.” But Heyman will give everyone the real question, “Is Heyman a sports fan?” Yes. And outside of the WWE, he likes NASCAR. Not for who wins, but for the crashes. Heyman is a sick individual, yes, but he likes that part of him.

Pro-wrestling is dangerous enough as it is, but tonight is carnage. People fall of ladders and through tables because they were hit by a chair. “Someone is going to get hurt bad tonight, and that someone’s name is Kevin Owens.” And Kevin will be hurt on purpose by your Tribal Chief, the undisputed Universal Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns. And that is not just a prediction. That is a spoiler! Will Heyman again be proven right? Or will Kevin prove him oh so wrong?


SmackDown Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks VS Carmella!

The Boss, the blueprint, the standard of the Women’s Division has been the target of the #UNTOUCHABLE Princess of Staten Island ever since Carmella made her return. But while Mella has been successfully ambushing Sasha, and thought she had Sasha right where she wanted her, Sasha turned the tables on her! A disqualification ended the match these two had on television, but will things end very differently here on PPV?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the battle to see who is truly the baddest bitch on the blue brand begins again!

Sasha rushes Mella but Mella bails out right way! Mella claims she needs to make sure her ring gear is fitting just right, and she’s using the ring count. Mella returns at 5 but Sasha is right on her with fast hands! Mella knocks Sasha down and talks trash as she knocks her down. Mella drags Sasha up, whips, but Sasha reverses and trips her up to drag her out! Sasha bumps Mella off the apron, then uses the apron for an arm-drag! Sasha CLUBS Mella, puts her back in the ring, and covers, TWO! Sasha looms over Mella, drags her up but Mella SLAPS her! Mella drags Sasha back up, whips but Sasha reverses to throw Mella out! Luckily, Mella’s sommelier, Reginald, is there to catch her!

Sasha goes to the apron and leaps, but Reginald gets under the Meteora! Reginald then helps Mella give Sasha a huricanrana! Sasha gets up but Mella shoves Sasha into the steel steps! Mella puts Sasha in the ring, covers, TWO! Mella takes her time to adjust her gear and then she drags Sasha back up. Mella puts Sasha in a corner and stomps her down! The ref counts, Mella lets off at 3, but then runs in to BRONCO BUSTER! Cover, TWO! Mella drags Sasha back into a chinlock and talks trash while grinding her down. Sasha endures even as Mella bends her back, and Sasha fights up to hip bump. Mella ends up a backpack as Sasha rams her into a corner!

Sasha snapmares out, runs and BASEMENT METEORA! Cover, TWO! Mella goes to a corner, Sasha runs in but is put on the apron. Sasha KNEES Mella back, drags her out, and turns her around, but Mella switches out of the Backstabber to hit an apron EDGE O’MATIC! Or maybe a Mella Matic? Mella puts Sasha in, covers, TWO! Mella keeps on Sasha with a motorcycle stretch and she digs a knee into Sasha’s back. Mella shouts, “You’re not the Boss!” Sasha fights up as fans clap on their ThunderDome screens. Sasha elbows out then scoops Mella for a BACKBREAKER! Mella hobbles over but Sasha blocks the kick to KNEE Mella back!

Sasha runs at Mella in the corner, METEORA! Sasha snap suplexes, una amiga! Dos amigas! And then THREE AMIGAS! Sasha smiles as she gives her tribute to Latino Heat, and then she drags Mella to a drop zone. The tribute isn’t over as Sasha climbs up, for a FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Mella survives and shocks Sasha! Sasha works to keep her cool, but she says Mella messed up. Sasha reels her in but Mlela backs Sasha into buckles! Mella throws elbow after elbow but the ref counts, so she stops at 3. Mella runs back in but into a BOOT! Sasha hosp up and leaps, but Mella gets under! Mella runs, into a tilt-o-whirl, into a MELLA BUSTER! Cover, TWO!?!

Mella tries again, TWO!! Mella is furious, she high stacks, TWO!! Sasha is still in this and Mella is in disbelief! Mella drags Sasha back up, then feeds Sasha to Mella’s boot! Mella goes up, for the HANGING NECKLOCK! The ref counts, Mella lets go at 4, and then adjusts her gear again. Mella drags Sasha by her hair to pull against the ropes! Sasha SLAPS Mella and that angers Mella! Mella clubs away with furious fists on Sasha’s back! The ring count begins but Mella says to be patient. FABULOUS KICK to Sasha! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Mella is furious! Sasha flounders away but Mella stalks over. Sasha throws Mella into buckles! Sunset flip, TWO!

Sasha gets Mella for Deadly Nightshade! Sasha drags Mella up to the top now, but Mella throws body shots back! Mella clubs Sasha, adjusts position, and FABULOUS STEINERS! But Sasha sunset flips through, TWO!! Sasha runs into a roll up, TWO! Sasha spins Mella for a backslide, TWO! They roll over, fight up, and Mella reels Sasha back in. Sasha trips to the jackknife, TWO! Mella has the CODE OF SILENCE!! Sasha endures the necklock, rolls to pop out but Mella fights off the crossface! RINGS OF SATURN, WITH A NECKLOCK!! Mella stomps away on Sasha’s head!! Sasha manages a cover, TWO!! Mella let Sasha go and Sasha is gasping in a corner.

Mella runs in but her Bronco Buster misses! Sasha rolls Mella to a takedown and a BANK STATEMENT CROSSFACE!! Mella crawls around, reaches with her legs and arms, Reginald gets her out of the hold! The ref reprimands Reginald but Sasha LEAPS to METEORA Reginald down! But another FABULOUS KICK! And another FABULOUS KICK! Mella puts Sasha in, covers, TWO!?!? Mella is beside herself as Sasha survives again! Mella refuses to believe this, and she shouts, “You are NOT better than me, Sasha!” Mella slaps Sasha over and over and keeps shouting at her! Mella drags Sasha up, but Sasha pops out of the facebuster to get the CROSSFACE!! Mella flails, but she taps! Sasha wins!

Winner: Sasha Banks, by submission (still SmackDown Women’s Champion)

And it is STILL #BossTime for SmackDown! Mella had her assistant helping her and she still couldn’t put Sasha away! Will Sasha be popping bottles to celebrate this victory tonight?


Billie Kay talks with Asuka backstage.

Billie asks Asuka if she just saw that match. Billie just knew Sasha would retain. Maybe Billie’s clairvoyant? She’ll add that to her resume real quick. And speaking of, Billie presents her headshot and resume to Asuka. We all know Asuka needs a tag team partner, Billie is a former tag team champion, so she’d be a great partner against Nia and Shayna. And in the skills section, Billie is proficient in Japanese! Really? Asuka fires off Japanese and Billie says “Right back at you.” Billie even made her own mask to match Asuka’s! Asuka says enough! Clearly Billie did not understand. But thank you, but no thank you. The position has been filled. Billie is NOT ready for Asuka! Thanks, bye. But then if Asuka has a tag partner all set up, who is it?!


Raw Tag Team Championships: The New Day VS The Hurt Business!

The title matches do not stop! The 10-time W, W, E, World, Tag, Team, CHAMPIONS~ are hoping to hold onto the gold against the very hungry Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander! But will Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods have to kiss their assets good-bye tonight?

Backstage, Charly Caruso asks if the New Day is ready. How is this match going to be different from the last time? Well Kofi puts it like this: it won’t be. But the longer answer: it definitely won’t be. The Hurt Business have gone against the New Day before, but this is #BigMatch New Day! The Butt Hurt Business will be even more butt hurt because 2020 ends as it began: with the New Day as tag team champions. Why? BECAAAUSE- It’s still not quite right without Big E. But the point is, NEW! DAY ROCKS!

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and the teams sort out, with Kofi starting against Alexander!

Alexander rushes Kofi but gets a SUPERKICK for it!! Cover, TWO! Kofi drags Alexander up, hits a Russian Leg Sweep, then tags Woods. Kofi twerks on Alexander as Woods drops the SUPER LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Woods drags Alexander up as MVP shouts for him to tag out! Kofi tags in, rams into Alexander, Woods rolls Alexander for Kofi’s crossbody! Cover, TWO! Kofi keeps Alexander away from Benjamin with a snapmare. Tag to Woods, penalty kick to sliding lariat, and Kofi’s rebound splash! Woods dragon sleepers for a SAVING GRACE! Cover, Benjamin breaks it up!

Benjamin and MVP coach Alexander and Alexander kicks Woods away. Benjamin tags in to clobber Woods! Benjamin snap suplexes Woods, covers, TWO! MVP helps Alexander hydrate while Benjamin whips Woods for a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Benjamin drags Woods back up and whips, but Woods ducks and dodges to slide and ROLLING ELBOW! Woods whips, wrenches and puts Benjamin on ropes! Kofi tags in as Woods builds speed, sliding attack onto Benjamin and he wrecks Alexander with a dropkick! The Hurt Business is reeling from that 2-for-1 special, Kofi springboards and STOMPS Benjamin down! Cover, TWO!

Woods keeps on Alexander with elbows and Kofi kicks Benjamin. Kofi mule kicks, tags Woods, PLANCHA for Alexander and GET OVER HERE for Benjamin! Cover, TWO! The New Day is fired up and Woods brings Benjamin up. Woods CHOPS Benjamin, and CHOPS and CHOPS, then whips. Benjamin puts Woods on the apron but Woods hits him away, Benjamin KNEES Woods back! Benjamin throws Woods hard into the buckles! Tag to Alexander, and Alexander aims at Woods, to PENALTY KICK him in the back! MVP says the kick was good! Alexander puts Woods in, covers, TWO!

Alexander rains down elbows, digs knuckles into ribs, and then pulls Woods back in a chinlock. Alexander drags Woods over, tags Benjamin in, and Benjamin stomps Woods down. Benjamin drags Woods up and wrenches to an elbow breaker! Benjamin keeps on the arm but MVP wants to hear it snap. Benjamin stomps Woods, tags Alexander back in, and Alexander throws elbows. Alexander clamps on claws into Woods’ shoulder and he taunts, “How’s that nerve feeling!?” Woods endures, fights up and fights back but Alexander DECKS him with a right! Alexander runs, handsprings, but into Woods’ enziguri! He neutralizes the Neuralizer!

Woods and Alexander crawl, hot tags to Kofi and Benjamin! Kofi springboard ax handles Benjamin first! And he hits Alexander, then rallies with CHOPS on Benjamin! Dropkick! Benjamin gets up, Kofi LEAPING LARIATS! MVP shouts at Benjamin but Kofi BOOTS Alexander down! Kofi runs for the Boom Drop, but gets caught! Alexander tags in, climbs up, Benjamin moves Kofi around, but no Doomsday! Kofi victory rolls and STOMPS Benjamin! Kofi catches Alexander for SOS! Cover, TWO!! MVP is panicking as Kofi watches Alexander. Kofi claps it up, spins, but Alexander ducks Trouble to back suplex! Kofi lands out, whips Alexander but Alexander reveres! Kofi goes up, up and over, but Alexander gets under to come back with a KNEE! BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, but Woods breaks it!

Benjamin brawls with Woods, KNEE, to Alexander’s NEURALIZER! Benjamin hits PAYDIRT on Woods! Kofi is down, Alexander tags back to Benjamin, and Benjamin drags Woods up. OLYMIPC- NO! Kofi slips out to dropkick Benjamin down! Alexander is there, Kofi KICKS him, too! Kofi slips out to swing kick Benjamin! Kofi goes up, but Benjamin ROCKS him first! Benjamin climbs, drags Kofi up but Kofi fights back! Kofi headbutts Benjamin away, adjusts, but Benjamin ROCKS him again! Benjamin goes up, brings Kofi right up, for a HALF HATCH SUPERPLEX! Benjamin fires up and wants to hit Kofi with something more, but Alexander tags in!? Alexander drags Kofi up, LUMBAR CHECK!! Cover, The Hurt Business wins!!

Winners: The Hurt Business, by pinfall (NEW Raw Tag Team Champions)

MVP doesn’t mind Alexander improvising, because they just took the titles! The Hurt Business’ treasury is growing larger, and Bobby Lashley is there to celebrate with them! Will they soon take over all of Raw together?


Sami Zayn confronts Kayla Braxton.

“Oh, there she is! Little Ms. Journalist!” She must be proud of leaking that audio that breached his privacy! Does she have no shame? But Sami stops himself and apologizes. He just wants to know who gave her the audio. Was it Big E? Sami will deal with it himself. Kayla apologizes, but a journalist doesn’t reveal their sources. Oh is she lecturing him on ethics?! He is the ONLY ONE who knows about ethics in the WWE! Will Sami rant and rave until this mystery is solved?


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler VS Asuka & ???

Nia and Shayna have bullied the Ravishing Russian for months, but while her spirit did not break, they finally broke her physically. Lana is not able to compete tonight for the opportunity she and the Empress of Tomorrow won together, but WWE is allowing for a substitution! Who is it that Asuka has chosen for her new teammate? It’s… THE QUEEN, CHARLOTTE FLAIR!! She finally returns and wants her own revenge on Nia! They’ve been rivals before, but will Charlotte and Asuka now reign together?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and Asuka starts against Shayna to start this wrestling royal showdown!

Asuka and Shayna circle, feel the grapple out, and Asuka gets a leg. Shayna waistlocks, Asuka switches, but Shayna rolls to get free and KICK Asuka back! Asuka shakes her head but Shayna KICKS her again! Asuka ducks the next kick to give KICKS! Shayna blocks a kick but Asuka gets an arm! They roll, Asuka wants the armbar but Shayna moves around to trap an arm! Hair down, but Asuka dodges the stomp! Asuka and Shayna stand off, but Charlotte wants in! Asuka gives her the tag! The Queen of Spades and Queen of Flair stare down, but then Charlotte blasts past Shayna to hit Nia! Charlotte elbows Shayna down and gets the leg but Shayna kicks her away!

Shayna and Charlotte circle, but Shayna grins as she tags to Nia. That’s what Charlotte wanted anyway! Charlotte and Nia tie up, Charlotte waistlocks but Nia rams her into the corner! Nia keeps hitting, then runs in, but Charlotte dodges! Charlotte headlocks, Nia powers out and the two collide. Neither falls, Nia dares Charlotte to bring it, so Charlotte kicks and headlocks. Asuka tags in, fire off kicks, then fast hands! Asuka back kicks then whips, but Nia reverses. Asuka holds ropes and she elbows back then ROUNDHOUSES and CODE BREAKERS! Nia stays up so Asuka kicks her in the corner! Asuka goes up but Nia ROCKS her!

Nia fireman’s carries, Asuka flails to a sunset but Nia drags her up to headbutt! Nia POSTS Asuka in the corner, tags Shayna, and they throw Asuka down. Nia sets the arm up for Shayna’s STOMP! Shayna keeps stomping the arm, then covers, TWO! Charlotte coaches Asuka but Shayna has the cording hold. Shayna tortures the elbow then the wrist and fingers! Asuka endures, Shayna twists it around to a double wristlock, but Asuka fights up to roll her! ONE, Shayna CLOBBERS Asuka! Shayna drags Asuka up, throws her into buckles, then tags in Nia. Nia drags Asuka down then YANKS her into the post! Nia drags Asuka up to whip her hard into barriers!

The ring count climbs but Nia takes her time. Nia puts Asuka in at 6, tags Shayna, and they wrap the arm around ropes to throw body shots! The ref reprimands, Shayna brings Asuka out to twist the arm around into another double wristlock. Asuka endures as Shayna goes after the elbow more, then Shayna shifts. Asuka goes after Shayna’s arm now! Shayna pulls hair, whips, but Asuka wrenches back to kick away! Shayna blocks a kick, trips Asuka up, and covers, TWO! Charlotte was ready just in case but Asuka survives. Shayna throws Asuka out, tags to Nia, and Nia goes around to go after Asuka. Nia scoops Asuka but Asuka slips off to shove Nia! Nia avoids post but not BACK HAND!

Asuka hurries back in, Nia gives chase, and Shayna lurks around the way, Asuka kicks Nia away, ROUNDHOUSE! But Shayna yanks Charlotte down! Charlotte DECKS Shayna for it, and tags in! Charlotte CHOPS away on Nia! Charlotte’s father, Ric Flair, is watching backstage! Charlotte whips, Nia reverses but Charlotte kicks back! Charlotte runs to BOOT Nia down! Shayna returns but gets a kick! And an EXPLDOER! Shayna flops out while Charlotte kips up! Charlotte runs, blocks a boot to give a forearm! Charlotte puts the leg on a rope to drop a knee! Nia staggers, Charlotte BOOTS her down! Cover, TWO!

Charlotte keeps her cool but Shayna gets Nia out. Asuka SLIDING KICKS Shayna! Charlotte goes up and aims, MOONSAULT takes the champions down! Charlotte fires up as she gets back up and she puts Nia back in at 6 of 10! Charlotte is in at 7, gets Nia’s legs, and ties them up, but Nia kicks her away! Nia reels Charlotte in but Charlotte fights the fireman’s carry! Asuka tags in, Nia gets Charlotte for the SAMOAN DROP! Asuka is up top and leaps to missile dropkick Nia all the way to her corner! Shayna tags in, Asuka dodges, but Shayna ducks a kick to wrench the arm! Kirafuda, but Asuka slips out! Asuka wants her lock but Shayna wrenches the arm! KIRAFUDA KLUTCH!

But Charlotte tags in! Asuka gets away and Charlotte gives Shayna a backbreaker to buckle shot! BOOT for Nia! Charlotte smirks but Shayna creeps up behind! Charlotte fights the Kirafuda off but Shayna cradles, TWO! Charlotte has the legs, FIGURE FOUR! Bridge, FIGURE EIGHT!! Nia drags Charlotte off her own hold! FLYING HIP ATTCK from Asuka to Nia! Charlotte holds ropes to avoid the Kirafuda, but Shayna brings her away! Charlotte rolls to a cover, TOW! NATURAL SELECTION! Cover, Charlotte and Asuka win!!

Winners: Charlotte Flair & Asuka, by pinfall (NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions)

Asuka is a double champion, and the Queen is a GRAND SLAM CHAMPION! Will this combination of Empress and Queen be even more unstoppable than Nia and Shayna?


Big E and R-Truth are laughing about something backstage.

Sami confronts them! It WAS Big E who gave Kayla the audio! No, Sami, don’t worry about that leak. But go on somewhere else with that conspiracy theory. Truth has a conspiracy thesis. “Your lips don’t touch when you say the word ‘touch,’ but they do when you say the word, ‘separate.'” Sami says Big E is not as clever as Sami, because Sami is still Intercontinental Champion while Big E has been a joke ever since going water! Alright, Sami, keep playing these games. Big E will see him soon. Big E’s scary seriousness gets both Truth and Sami to leave, but will Sami find himself being chased by a powerful contender?


WWE Universal Championship TLC Match: Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman VS Kevin Owens!

The Tribal Chief, the Head of the Table, this Samoan sociopath, has been instilling fear and pain into not only those who oppose him, but his own flesh and blood. Jey Uso has fallen in line, and others shy away. But not the Prizefighter! Kevin has defiantly fought back and claims that he will be champion, or die trying. Will Roman make it so that Kevin never fights again? Or will Kevin #StunTheWorld and take away the title?

Roman Reigns enters first for the title to be hoisted high above the ring. But Kevin shows up out of nowhere and attacks! He fires off fists on Roman, the bell rings to start the match, and Kevin stomps a mudhole into Roman! Roman shoves Kevin but Kevin fires off on Roman! Kevin runs corner to corner to CANNONBALL! Roman is down, Heyman is stressed out, and Kevin goes out after Roman! Kevin whips Roman into barriers, then CANNONBALLS again! Kevin drags Roman back up, and whips him into steel steps! Roman is down and writhing, so Kevin goes up to the apron, for an APRON FROG SPLASH! Direct hit and now Roman is gasping!

Kevin finally leaves Roman behind for a moment, and he’s fetching a ladder! Kevin puts the ladder in, but here comes Jey Uso! Kevin SUPERKICKS Jey down! Kevin goes back out, gets a chair and he JAMS it into Jey’s ribs! And SMACKS Jey on the back! Kevin SMACKS Roman on the back with the chair, too! Kevin storms after Jey but Jey ROCKS Kevin with the uppercut! Jey kicks but into the CHAIR! Kevin SMACKS away on Jey’s leg! Kevin puts the chair around the leg, then STOMPS the chair! Jey writhes and clutches his foot and Kevin says him he should’ve stayed in the back!

Kevin clears off the announce desk and he drags Jey over! The refs and medics want Kevin to spare Jey, so Kevin does. And Roman returns with a DRIVE-BY DROPKICK! Kevin falls off the apron and Roman grits his teeth. Roman throws the desk hood down on Kevin, then finds something more while Jey is helped to the back. Roman has the steel steps and he RAMS Kevin down! And RAMS him again! And then hammers away with the steps! Then Roman tosses the steps aside in anger! Roman sees the ladder in the ring, but he wants something to end Kevin first. Roman drags Kevin up and into the ring, and then fetches another ladder.

Roman puts this shorter ladder in while Kevin gets up, and Roman SMASHES Kevin with that ladder! And then swings and SMACKS Kevin, and again! And then Roman hammers Kevin with this ladder! Roman digs the ladder into Kevin’s ribs! Kevin keeps trying to fight but Roman stomps him down. Roman puts the ladder on ropes, stomps Kevin more, then fetches chairs. Roman mumbles to himself as he puts the chairs in, then he stomps Kevin’s hand! And SMACKS Kevin on the back! Kevin gets the other chair and tries to swing back, but Roman hits chair with chair into Kevin! Roman just hammers away with the chair on Kevin’s ribs! And another chair shot to the back!

Roman smiles a bit as he sets up the chairs together, side by side. Kevin gets up, hits back with haymakers and body shots, but Roman ROCKS him with a right! Roman fireman’s carries but Kevin slips out! Kevin wants to bomb but Roman back drops him onto the chairs! Roman takes a moment to talk to himself again, “I’m gonna torture this fool,” then he brings Kevin up. Roman throws Kevin out, moves things around in the ring, and stands the tall ladder up. The ladder is under the belt, Roman climbs up, but Kevin SMACKS Roman with a chair! And again! Roman is down and Kevin SMACKS him again! Heyman is feeling that one!

Kevin sits a chair up, brings Roman over, and fisherman BUSTERS Roman onto the chair!! Roman writhes, Heyman is shocked, and Kevin tells Roman, “You’re making me do this!” Kevin goes to the ladder, climbs up now, and grabs the belt! But Jey is back!? Jey is on one good leg as he drags Kevin down, and the two of them brawl! Kevin kicks and punches and kicks! Kevin rains down rights on Jey, but a SUPERMAN PUNCH takes Kevin down! Roman and Jey move the ladder aside for now, and Jey fetches a table for the Head of the Table! And not just one, but another table! Roman makes sure the ladder is out of the way enough for these tables to be set up.

Roman stomps Kevin to keep him down, and the tables are set up. Roman has one propped up in a corner, Jey stands his up on its own. Again, Roman talks to himself. Roman stands on Kevin’s head and grinds him into the mat! “This is because you pissed me off!” Roman drags Kevin up but Kevin keeps fighting him. Roman feeds Kevin to Jey but Kevin kicks back! SUPERKICK even! STUNNER for Roman!! Kevin clears the ring of the Bloodline and hurries to get the ladder back up! Kevin heads up, but Jey anchors a foot and drags him down! Jey and Kevin brawl again, Kevin kicks Jey’s bad leg! Kevin has Jey by the announce desk, and uses a POP-UP POWERBOMB to put Jey through it!

Kevin hobbles over to flip pieces of the desk onto Jey! The Bloodline tried to bury him, he’s burying one of them! With armchairs, too! Kevin goes back to the ring, climbs up the ladder, is at the top, but Roman returns! Roman keeps Kevin from touching the belt, throws hands, but Kevin throws hands back! Kevin punches Roman but Roman rakes eyes! Kevin falters, Roman goes around to his side, and drags him down to throw haymakers. Kevin stays standing against ropes, and he hits back! Kevin SUPER- No, Roman blocks the kick to POWERBOMB Kevin onto the short ladder!

Kevin is down, Roman brings the short ladder around, and then brings Kevin over. The ladder is on its edge, Roman back suplexes Kevin onto the ladder! Roman follows Kevin out of the ring, moves things aside, and drags Kevin back up. Roman CHOKE SLAMS Kevin through a table! Roman checks on Jey under all the wreckage then throws the armchair onto Kevin! Roman drags Kevin up by his shirt, throws more haymakers but Kevin falls right over. Roman drags Kevin up again, and SAMOAN DROPS him through a table! Kevin coughs and sputters as Roman goes back to the ring. Roman is all alone with the ladder, and he takes his time climbing up.

Roman is at the top, but Kevin is back?! Roman chuckles in disbelief. Roman goes back down the ladder, kicks at Kevin, but Kevin keeps clawing at him. Roman can’t believe Kevin is doing this. “You’re embarrassing your family now.” Roman toys with Kevin, but Kevin SLAPS him! Roman SPEARS Kevin through a table! The table in the corner! But that was risky, as Roman is clutching his own neck and shoulder. Kevin flops out of the ring, and is still moving?! Kevin is crawling to another ladder, and says, “You’re gonna have to kill me!” Roman goes out as Kevin leans against the ladder to stand. Roman runs in and SPEARS, but Kevin moves! Roman blasts though barriers!!

Kevin drags himself back into the ring, climbs the ladder, and gets to the top! Kevin reaches at the belt but Roman is back in! Roman drags Kevin down, grabs him by the head and digs him into the ladder, to then throw him into it! The ladder tips over and Kevin falls again, and Roman is seething as he moves things aside. Roman walks into a SUPERKICK! And ANOTHER SUPERKICK! Kevin whips Roman for a POP-UP- SUPERMAN PUNCH! Roman hits back, runs, but into a POP-UP BOMB THROUGH A TABLE!! Roman flops out of the ring and Kevin gets the ladder! Roman stands the ladder up, climbs up, and grabs at the belt!

But JEY is back!! Jey climbs up, keeps Kevin from bringing the belt down, but Kevin headbutts Jey over and over! Kevin gives Jey a STUNNER! Kevin goes back up, reaches the top again, and grabs for the belt! Roman is back?! Roman LOW BLOWS Kevin through the rungs! Roman chokes Kevin out with the GUILLOTINE! Kevin fades, falls off the ladder, and Roman stands up to grab the belt off the holder!

Winner: Roman Reigns (still WWE Universal Champion)

The Tribal Chief still reigns! But it took so much out of Roman, Kevin, and even Jey, the Head of the Table’s insurance policy! Will anyone ever overthrow the Bloodline?


BREAKING NEWS for SmackDown!

Big E’s pin on Sami Zayn tonight has earned him a title match for Christmas! Will Big E give us the best present of all when he dethrones the Great Liberator?


Firefly Inferno Match: The Fiend VS Randy Orton!

Bray Wyatt and The Viper seem to be fated to battle again and again. But a rivalry has never been more heated than this! One will burn for the sins of the past, will this be a completely different kind of nightmare before Christmas?

Orton is wary as he gets in the ring with The Fiend, because The Fiend keeps watching him. The bell rings, the two slowly, slowly circle, and then Orton throws a haymaker! But The Fiend just laughs it off! Orton is put off by that as he still circles around. Orton kicks low but again The Fiend just laughs, and even sticks out his tongue. Orton throws another hand, then tries an RKO but is denied! The Fiend fires off haymakers, uppercuts, and a flurry of headbutts! Then The Fiend stomps Orton down, paces, and brings Orton up to uppercut him back down! Orton flounders, Fiend whips him and headbutts him down! Orton flounders even more and gets to a corner.

The Fiend storms over to drag Orton back up, reels him in, but Orton gets out of Sister Abigail to dropkick! The Fiend stays up and throat chops back! The Fiend rams into Orton in the corner, digs Orton’s face into ropes, then whips Orton to swing. Orton dodges but Fiend BODY CHECKS him! Orton fights off Sister Abigail to hit the back2backbreaker! The Fiend is finally down, but he’s up fast! Fiend denies an RKO to hit SISTER ABIGAIL! And NOW there’s fire! The Fiend summons it all around ringside, but Orton gets back in the ring. The Fiend fires off uppercuts, throws Orton back out, and they’re closer to the fire.

Orton hurries back in but Fiend drags him back out to ROCK him with an uppercut! Fiend bumps Orton off steel steps, and digs his thumbs into Orton’s eyes! Orton screams in pain but Fiend laughs! Fiend drags Orton over but Orton pushes away to avoid flames! Orton punches back, but runs into a clothesline! The fire spouts stronger with that impact, as if responding to The Fiend’s mood. The Fiend finds a leather strap and he LASHES Orton with it! And LASHLES him again! Fiend laughs as he LASHES Orton even more! Fiend has an even bigger, heavier strap of leather, and he LIGHTS IT ON FIRE! Fiend swings the burning leather but Orton moves! Strap meets flames and they erupt again!

Fiend reels back to keep himself from catching on fire. Orton throws hands and pushes Fiend close to flames but Fiend hits back. Fiend POSTS Orton, then brings out a PICKAXE!? Orton avoids getting chopped down! The Fiend finds the pickaxe is stuck, but Orton attacks! Wait is that a rocking chair? Fiend POSTS Orton again, and again, then rams him into barriers! The fires are getting hungrier but The Fiend sees the rocking chair. The Fiend brings the chair, and a gas can, and sets it up, to soak the chair in the gasoline! The Fiend draws a line with the gasoline, goes after Orton, but Orton avoids the flames! The Fiend whips Orton into steel steps!

The Fiend drags Orton over, makes him take a seat in the gas soaked chair, and then has a LIGHTER! Fiend lights the line of gas and it goes right for the chair! Orton moves before the chair is burned to ash! The Fiend laughs as he stalks after Orton, and has part of the steel steps! But Orton uses an AX HANDLE! Orton SMACKS and CLUBS Fiend with it, then RAMS Fiend with the steps! And RAMS him again! The flames are only getting hotter but Orton fetches a chain from under the ring! FULL METAL KNUCKLE! Orton keeps hitting The Fiend with the chain fist, and then uses the chains to choke the Fiend! The Fiend is inches from fire but he fights free!

Orton hurries back up, wraps his fist back up, and stalks Fiend into the ring. The Fiend catches Orton for an URENAGE! NECK SNAP! Fiend drags Orton up, brings him around and throws him back out. Fiend looms over Orton, and STOMPS his hand before he could grab the ax handle! Fiend takes the handle for his own, and ignites it! Orton kicks Fiend first! Orton drags Fiend onto the apron for a DRAPING DDT! And the fires are erupting again! Orton hears the voices in his head as he lurks close to The Fiend. The Fiend slowly stirs and stands, but he catches Orton into the MANDIBLE CLAW! Fiend is pushing Orton towards the fire! But Orton turns it around! Now Fiend is pushing Orton, but Fiend IGNITES!! Orton wins!!

Winner: Randy Orton

But The Fiend is still after Orton! Orton hits an RKO!! Orton looks at The Fiend as he is out cold but on fire! Is the Viper feeling remorse for what he’s done? Orton checks on Bray, kicks at him, but Bray isn’t moving… Orton leaves the ring, because he wants to be sure he’s gotten rid of The Fiend. He has the gas can, and there’s plenty still inside! Orton told the world before that he’s “the most evil son of a bitch” ever, and he is pouring the gasoline all over The Fiend’s body! Is he really going to…!? Orton fetches matches!

Orton stands over the gas soaked Fiend, lights a match, watches it burn… and throws it down on The Fiend!! THE FIEND ERUPTS IN FLAMES, and the flames around the ring react in kind! Is Orton going to have a circle of hell all to himself?!

My Thoughts:

This was a great TLC PPV, but obviously with some glaring flaws. First, I don’t like that they didn’t include a separate Tables match and separate Chairs match for the matches that it could’ve worked for. If they had kept Lana in the match with Asuka, it could’ve been a Tables Tag match. That is a match that Lana and Asuka honestly still could’ve won because it’s just about getting someone through a table. Plus, that’s just using the story telling Vince was giving us in a logical way: Lana puts Nia through a table somehow, and wins the titles off her as the cherry on top. But I suppose two TLC matches and an Inferno Match makes up for that in WWE’s mind.

We got a good 8 Man Tag of what is basically the WWE Intercontinental Championship field, and Corbin. Big E gets a big win and a title match for Christmas SmackDown! I feel like that’s as good as having a match here tonight on the PPV, and I really think if Big E’s winning the title, he’s winning it then. And R-Truth was present tonight, yet no WWE 24/7 Championship moments so that was a tiny letdown. They could’ve gotten some SmackDown stars involved since PPV’s seem to be the best opportunity for that, but nope. It sounds like Truth is doing stuff on WWE Main Event, which is more of a reason I wish it was on the Network, not on Hulu.

Opening the main card with the WWE World Championship TLC was a clear sign there would be an MITB cash-in, and then we got it! Even before Miz and Morrison got involved, it was a great match of McIntyre VS Styles. And then with Miz and Morrison getting involved, OMOS got involved, and I love that they made a completely gimmicked chair that falls apart, just to sell that Omos is a tank in his own right. Sucks that Miz’s cash-in failed but this was the best opening for him. But McIntyre’s power is off the charts retaining in this situation, so whatever plans they have for him at Royal Rumble must be huge!

Sasha VS Mella was also very good, but of course “Reginald the sommelier” gets involved somehow. But it didn’t cost Sasha so I’m not really sure it helped anything. Honestly, I thought Mella’s new submission hold was going to win, but that thing got buried out the gate. Y’know, maybe Sasha VS Mella could’ve been a Champagne match to “redefine the C” for one night. It was being set up by Mella smashing bottles on Sasha this whole time, but much like Lana being removed from the Women’s Tag title match, WWE misses another opportunity they themselves set up.

And then, in said Women’s Tag title match, they could’ve given us Asuka & Mandy or Asuka & Dana, but they went with the answer that oddly enough, quite a few people predicted. It was great for Charlotte to return now, and the tag match was great because it was Charlotte, and now Charlotte is a Grand Slam Champion, but I feel like there was an opportunity missed again. I suppose they can still circle around for Dana and Mandy to get involved with the story, but Charlotte getting a tag title reign with Asuka must be because WWE is very concerned about Raw’s ratings.

New Day VS Hurt Business was a great tag title match, even without extra stipulations added on. Alexander and Benjamin worked well together, and just as I thought Alexander tagging in without warning would backfire, he instead takes the win for his own. The Hurt Business has three champions, and I really hope there’s a way for MVP to be 24/7 Champion with the others defending him so he can have a long reign. Of course, now the problem is, WWE has downsized the tag team divisions on Raw and SmackDown, so who is there on Raw to challenge Hurt Business other than the New Day? I suppose because of what’s been building, it’ll be Jeff Hardy & Matt Riddle, but then is Riddle also going to challenge Lashley for the US Championship to tease being a double champion? Vince has really written himself into a corner with how he’s booked things.

Roman VS Kevin was a great TLC match. Better than McIntyre VS Styles VS Miz, and perhaps the best one in a long time because of the story going into it. Kevin had a great sneak attack and just wouldn’t stop moving despite what happened to him. Of course Jey gets in, and he gets thrown around quite a bit himself. They did a great job teasing us into thinking Kevin was going to win, because he was so close to getting the belt with both hands at one point. But in the end, Roman finds a way to win, mostly because he remembers he can just low blow his opponent, then choke them out. Much like with McIntyre, I have no solid idea what is happening next, but I am so ready for it.

The Firefly Inferno Match wasn’t all that “Firefly,” I was expecting the puppets to get involved and for Ramblin’ Rabbit to perhaps get set on fire as part of his immortality gag where he just keeps coming back from the dead. But it was a decent Inferno Match, with Orton and Bray brawling, and the reference to original Bray using the rocking chair. This match was clearly partially edited because Orton would not have had time to get out of the chair before the fire got to him if it were live. But the editing just made things work out better, because obviously that was a dummy Fiend “unconscious” in the ring for Orton to set on fire. Been a long time since Orton’s tried burning someone alive *cough* Taker */cough* but this really escalates things between him and Bray. Bray could take this any which way, and he and Orton could still have a proper Firefly match come Rumble or Mania.

My Score: 8.6/10

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