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Chairshot Shuffle: Bayley, Liv, The Draft And More! (10/14/19)

Get caught up to speed with the latest news on Bayley, Liv, The Draft And More!

Get caught up to speed with the latest news on Bayley, Liv, The Draft And More!

New Entrance For Bayley

Last Friday’s episode of SmackDown saw Bayley debut a new look including entrance gear and a haircut. At a live event Saturday evening, Bayley debuted a new entrance as well.

Jason’s Take

I’ve long been a supporter of Bayley turning heal, and it’s great to see WWE finally go with the change. Here is hoping she gets a lengthy run with the SmackDown women’s title.

Liv Morgan Returning?

Speaking of character changes, Liv Morgan has been tweeting some very cryptic Tweets lately that are leading fans to speculate she will be returning soon, and with an edge to her character. Some fans have also speculated that she could potentially return as Sister Abigail.

Jason’s Take

A darker edge to the Liv Morgan character could lead to a lengthy push for a very talented wrestler in the female division. I am all for it.

Vince McMahon On HIAC Fan Reaction

It doesn’t need reporting that many fans and the wrestling media were rather perplexed with the ending of last Sunday’s Hell In A Cell main event between Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins. So what did Vince McMahon think of the fans reaction? According to the Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon was seen by many backstage officials laughing at the fans reaction to the match.

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Jason’s Take

No real surprises here. McMahon hasn’t got to where he is by considering fans opinions.

Huge Match Announced For RAW

WWE has announced the opening match for RAW tonight, and it will have huge implication on the draft. Sasha Banks will take on Becky Lynch in a non title match. The winner will win the first draft pick of the night for their respective brand. We already know that Lynch will be on the RAW brand, and Banks on SmackDown.

Jason’s Take

This should be a great matchup, and can see it leading to Seth Rollins being drafted to the RAW brand.


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