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Chairshot Shuffle: TLC, The Rock, Jericho’s Partners and More! (10/2/19)

Get caught up to speed with the latest news on TLC, The Rock, Jericho’s Partners and More!




Get caught up to speed with the latest news on TLC, The Rock, Jericho’s Partners and More!

TLC Pay Per View Location Revealed

On Tuesday, WWE announced that the 2019 Tables, Ladders, Chairs pay per view will be held Sunday, December 15, 2019 from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The 2017 TLC event was also held at the Target Center.

Jason’s Take

I was at the 2017 TLC pay per view, and the Target Center is a great venue for it. If you have never been to a pay per view, the experience is great.

The Rock At SmackDown

SmackDown is named after one of the Rock’s catchphrases, so how could the debut of the show on FOX not feature the Rock ? According to the Twitter account of the Rock, “The Great One” will be appearing on the show Friday.

Jason’s Take

WWE and FOX are going all out for the SmackDown debut. It is looking like it will be a hell of a show!

Jericho’s Mystery Partners Revealed

During tonight’s AEW special on TNT, it was revealed that Chris Jericho’s mystery partners for the six man tag team match against the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega will be Santana & Ortiz.

Jason’s Take

No surprises here.

Cain Velasquez To WWE?

On Monday, Dave Meltzer reported that Cain Velasquez had been in talks with WWE, with the possibility of a Cain Velasquez/Brock Lesnar match. On Tuesday, Meltzer reported that the idea behind Lesnar’s attack on Mysterio was that he beat up a Mexican legend and Velasquez would come in to get revenge on Lesnar. The report also stated that Velasquez has yet to sign with WWE and is possibly negotiating with other wrestling companies.

Jason’s Take

I’ve been starting at my screen for 10 minutes trying to decide what to post for my take on this. But, I can’t come up with any reason as to why this is a good move.





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