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King: NXT: Still #1 In My Book

Chris King is back at work sharing all the incredible action and highly-intense matches on the black and gold brand.



Chris King is back at work sharing all the incredible action and highly-intense matches on the black and gold brand.

It’s Rhea Ripley’s Time To Shine 

On paper this match would appear as a quick dominant victory for Rhea Ripley but when the bell rang “The EST of NXT” proved to be ready for the fight. Belair and Ripley fought tooth and nail for a hard-fought victory. Ripley looked to defeat The EST after a thunderous Cannonball off the apron but Io Shirai would come down to interfere attempting to change the fate of the match. Moments later her rival Candace LaRae came down to even the odds which gave Ripley the opening to execute the Riptide for the win.

In my opinion, the right woman one here with Ripley making such a dominant impact on NXT over the past month. Belair has had her shot against the NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler and fell short. The ending also left plenty of room for these powerhouses to tear each other apart down the road.

Cameron Grimes Continues To Impress

Cameron Grimes faced his toughest challenge to date in “The King of Bros” Matt Riddle. Both superstars came out of the gate firing on all cylinders Grimes went for his standing Double-Stomp while Riddle went for a Final Flash both were unsuccessful. Thank God they were because what we witnessed was one of the hardest-hitting matches I’ve seen in quite some time. Riddle delivered a Jackhammer adding more fuel to the fire for his ongoing issues with WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg.

Grimes answered back with a beautiful backflip onto Riddle into a dead lift German suplex. “The King of Bros” responded with a ripcord knee, Bro To Sleep, and German Suplex for nearly a three-count. Grimes answered with a jaw-dropping spinning side slam but Riddle countered it into a superplex from the top-rope. The finish saw Grimes hit a stunning Spanish Fly for a near-fall and Riddle delivered a thunderous powerbomb, Final Flash, and Bro Derek for the victory.

Moments later, Grimes refused a fist bump from Riddle and Tyler Bate who was in the NXT Universe accepted it. The inaugural United Kingdom Champion was disappointed in Grimes’ behavior and was slapped but Bate knocked him out with his one-punch fakeout.

New Life For The Fashion Police

At NXT TakeOver: XXV “Prince Pretty” Tyler Breeze unsuccessfully challenged for the North American Championship but was unable to dethrone The Velveteen Dream. A month later, Breeze defeated the leader of “The Forgotten Sons” Jaxson Ryker in singles competition. The dominant trio of Ryker, Wesley Blake, and Steve Cutler delivered a post-match three-on-one beatdown until Breeze’s former tag team partner in crime Fandango made the save.

Since then, Breezango has appeared more energized and right at home with their extremely creative and fun entrances cosplaying different professions. If you don’t remember the beloved backstage crime story vignettes I strongly urge you to go to YouTube and grab some popcorn and enjoy they are hilarious.

Aside from their amazing personalities, Breezango has been building up momentum on the black and gold brand this week they picked up a big win in a six-man tag team match with Isaiah “Swerve” Scott as their partner against The Forgotten Sons. Swerve does incredible things that are unbelievable he’s definitely one of the fastest rising stars in NXT.

Roderick Strong Survives A Battle

The post-match confrontation between Tomasso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, and Finn Balor vs. The Undisputed Era is what the NXT Universe will be buzzing over for a long time but, I feel like it completely overshadowed the amazing triple-threat-match for the North American Championship.

The cowardly “Messiah Of The Backbreaker” defended his title against two giants who are so freakishly talent it suspends belief. The match started off as expected with Keith Lee and Dominic Dijakovic taking out Strong for his attack last week that left no decisive winner. Once the champion was out of the picture both powerhouses proceeded to pick up right where all their previous insane encounters left off.

Seriously go watch this match and afterward go watch Lee and Dijakovic’s previous matches while you’re at it and then go watch 205 Live and your mind will be absolutely blown away.

Strong the wily and sneaky champion waited for his opportunity to strike after Lee executed a thunderous Avalanche Powerbomb and secured the victory.

This ending accomplished three things: it gave a new level of alertness and confidence to Strong who’s typically considered the “weak link” of The Undisputed Era, it also provided Lee and Dijakovic a fresh platform to continue their incredible rivalry with the stakes raised even higher with championship gold on the line, and “The Messiah Of The Backbreaker, ” also walks away as a more confident champion than he did walking into Wednesday night.

In my opinion, All Elite Wrestling may have much more fan support and after watching several episodes there is some great content but NXT consistently brings dramatic, exciting, never-before-seen action that continues to blow my FREAKIN mind week after week. That boys and girls is UNDISPUTED!

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