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King: Takeaways From 2019 Hell In A Cell (Fiend/Rollins Free!)

Chris King covers WWE Hell In A Cell and gives proper coverage to the greatest things NOT related to The Fiend vs. Seth Rollins.



Chris King shares his two biggest takeaways from WWE 2019 Hell In A Cell, featuring Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and no coverage of Fiend-Rollins!

Chris King covers WWE Hell In A Cell and gives proper coverage to the greatest things NOT related to The Fiend vs. Seth Rollins.

The Man and The Boss Raise The Bar

At Hell in a Cell, The Man Becky Lynch and The Boss Sasha Banks beat the holy hell out of each other inside hell in a cell. Damn did both women deliver in the second-ever women’s hell in a cell match in WWE history.

I’ve seen some good and bad cell matches in WWE history, this one has changed the game. Three years ago, Banks and Charlotte Flair competed in the first-ever women’s hell in a cell match. I thought at that time that they raised the bar even for the men, Lynch and Banks have broken the glass ceiling.

There are times when the WWE Universe chants “This is Awesome” and I 100% agree with them this was one of those times. Lynch and Banks used kendo sticks, ladders, steel chairs, and yes even a table. The maneuvers performed off of the cell or into the cell were brutal, sadistic, and FREAKIN fantastic. The Man delivered a Bexploder to Banks through the cell. Banks executed a jaw-dropping Meteora from the ring apron to Lynch into a ladder.

I loved every single part of this match, Lynch had no experience in the cell but she felt right at home. Both competitors kept choosing and organizing the furniture to torture their rivals even more. After consecutive near-falls and no end in sight, Banks threw chair after chair to make a bed with and looked to deliver one more painful move to Lynch.

The Man kept fighting and countered into a Massive Bexploder onto the bed of chairs. Then Lynch locked in the Dis-Arm-Her and Banks was forced to tap-out to successfully retain her Raw Women’s Championship.

Erick Rowan and Luke Harper Obliterate Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan–The Yes Man Is Back

The biggest question going into this tornado tag match was if Bryan was always in cohorts with Rowan and Harper with the vicious attacks on Roman Reigns. Was he the man who orchestrated Rowan to take out The Big Dog behind the scenes, and would he turn on Roman and turn the match into a three-on-one brutal onslaught?

The answer was no Bryan wasn’t involved in the attacks but, what the WWE Universe did receive was a fantastic high-octane action and car-crash chaotic match. Bryan and Roman started off the match wiping out Rowan and Harper on the outside. Quickly the former Bludgeon Brothers took out Reigns to begin a two-on-one beatdown to the helpless Bryan.

Roman recovered and dropped Harper off the top rope with a massive uppercut which gave Bryan the opening to lock in the LeBell Lock but Harper broke it up. Rowan and Harper continued overpowering Bryan and keeping him grounded. The Big Dog finally went on the attack decking Harper with his signature clotheslines in the corner. Roman was preparing to deliver a thunderous Spear until Rowan pulled him to the floor.

Outside the monstrous Rowan took apart the barricade and blasted Roman that sent him flying into the stands. Both Rowan and Harper took apart the commentary table and attempted to deliver another massive Chokeslam but Bryan hit a beautiful Hurricanrana and Roman hit a THUNDEROUS SPEAR through the table!

Bryan brought Harper back in the ring and delivered his trifecta of corner dropkicks and delivered a middle-rope Powerbomb for a near-fall. Roman came back in to deliver the finishing touches with a Superman Punch and a MASSIVE SPEAR for the victory. Following the match, both competitors hugged it out in a huge show of respect.

With the 2019 Draft coming up on Friday Night Smackdown, there’s no telling where Roman or Bryan will be.

There was a lot of uncertainty going into the pay-per-view since WWE had only announced four of the matches on the card which made the show feel special and different from past years. These are my takeaways from the pay-per-view what are yours? I would love to hear from you! @King42087 and remember #alwaysuseyourhead

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