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Mitchell’s AEW DARK Results & Report! (10/22/19)

Philly gets Dark!



AEW Dark Coverage

Brothers unite with brothers to get Dark!

The Rhodes and the Jacksons combine forces to take on Private Party and some of OWE’s best! Will Cody, Dustin, Matt and Nick work together and win?



  • Joey Janela VS Brandon Cutler; Janela wins.
  • Leva Bates w/ Peter Avalon VS Nyla Rose; Rose wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Young Bucks & The Rhodes Brothers VS CIMA, T-Hawk & Private Party; The Young Bucks & The Rhodes Brothers win.


Tony Schiavone welcomes us back to Dark!

Three weeks into the AEW Era and the fans have made this all an amazing streak. AEW thanks the fans for supporting them every Wednesday so far. Now, to business! The Bad Boy is back from his back battering unsanctioned match against Kenny Omega, and things get extreme thanks to guess commentator, TAZ!


Joey Janela VS Brandon Cutler!

Somehow, someway, The Bad Boy survived that “lights out” match from last week and is back for more already! Will Janela need any saving throws against the D&D expert?

The bell rings and Philly fires up already. Janela and Cutler circle and Janela encourages the fans to cheer. Fans do cheer, and then Janela ties up with Cutler. They end up in a corner but go around the ropes. Cutler has Janela in the ropes but the ref counts. Cutler lets off and he circles with Janela again. They tie up and Janela wrenches to a wristlock. Cutler rolls through and handsprings to wrench back. Fans cheer as Cutler has the wristlock. Janela uses ropes to flip through, and wags his finger, “No no no!” But then Cutler wrenches him again! Janela flips through again, and then headlocks Cutler. Fans cheer but Cutler works to power out. Janela holds on and uses ropes for a tornado takedown! Cutler headscissors back, but Janela works around to headstand and hold it! Then he rolls Cutler over and has the legs! Fans cheer as Janela wristlocks, but Cutler cartwheels and trips Janela.

Cutler speeds things up but Janela runs him over! Philly loves the Bad Boy and he soaks it up. Cutler runs at Janela but gets a back drop! Janela revels in the cheering as Cutler goes to the apron. Janela heads over but Cutler slingshots in for an enziguri! Cutler stomps Janela and then throws big haymakers. Cutler whips but Janela reverses, only to get forearms from Cutler! Cover, TWO! Cutler keeps his cool while Janela loses his headband. Cutler drags Janela up and scoops to slam Janela down. Then Cutler bottom rope springboards for an elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Cutler keeps on Janela with a chinlock and pulls him back against the knee. Janela fights his way up and back. Janela CHOPS but Cutler kicks back. Janela sneers as he CHOPS again! Cutler kicks harder, but Janela builds off it, for another CHOP! And another! And another! Janela fires off furious chops! Cutler ROUNDHOUSES Janela down! Cover, TWO!

Cutler keeps his cool, runs, and LEAPS, but his leg drop flops! Cutler hobbles up, runs in, but misses in the corner! He elbows Janela away, dodges, and spins Janela out of a half nelson into an inverted DDT! Cover, TWO! Janela sits up and is snarling, but Cutler has him first. Cutler whips corner to corner and hard, and Janela sits down. Fans rally up as Cutler whips Janela corner to corner again, and Janela eats buckle! Cutler runs in, but Janela goes up and over to run, but he sees Cutler coming so he sends him into ropes! Cutler hobbles up, Janela runs in for a LARIAT! Fans fire up with Janela as he watches Cutler bail out. Janela runs and DIVES! Direct hit at the ramp! Janela runs a lap around the ring, to hop up the steps and LEAP onto Cutler again! Another direct hit to the ramp and Philly is fired up! Janela goes back to Cutler and puts him in the ring. Janela covers, TWO! Cutler is showing toughness but Janela keeps his focus.

Janela SLAPS Cutler down, then drags him back up to whip into a corner. Cutler goes up and moonsaults over, but lands on his feet. Janela ducks one roundhouse, but not the second! Janela is down, Cutler hurries to the apron, and springboards, but Janela trips him up! Janela brings Cutler to the top rope, for a SUPERPLEX BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, Janela wins!!

Winner: Joey Janela, by pinfall

The Bad Boy gets his first AEW victory, and officially goes 1-1! Who and what will Janela break in order to break into a win streak?


From Undesirable to Undeniable 2: The QT Marshall Story.

The American Nightmare feels this is an extra special one of these, for only the second one ever. This man has been known by many names, but Cody first met him as QT Marshall. Michael Cuellari was in Ring of Honor at the same time as Cody, and is a very friendly and approachable guy, which Cody likes. At All In, QT stepped up to help them with their production, then invited Cody to an independent movie premiere. Cody wanted to blow it off, but then he saw “The Wrestler,” QT’s story at trying to get into the WWE. It was a wonderfully written sympathetic story, but when WWE didn’t bite, Cody jumped on the chance to grab QT up. QT is now a crucial part of the AEW team.

Cody asks QT about a moment in his life when he felt undesirable. QT says it was at a tryout with ROH where they actually said he was undeniable. And yet, the ROH locker room saw him as undesirable. He was just a physique guy, and was pushed to cut promos on the world champion in a reverse push. At just 26, QT felt lost. But then, just his third ROH match, QT pops two disks in his neck, but just kept it to himself. That was a year that almost ruined pro-wrestling for QT. QT got his neck fixed and retired from in-ring competition. But QT didn’t put all his eggs in one basket. He had his regular job, he and his wife moved to Georgia, and then started a wrestling school, the Power Factory. That brought QT and Cody closer together, and then All In came around and that was that. QT has a planned return to the ring for Pittsburgh, and when he got the call, he was so excited, he forgot to mute speaker so he could tell his wife in private, and everyone got to hear how happy he was for this chance.

Cody says QT didn’t need to fight for this opportunity, he earned it through everything else he’s been through. QT is ready to work harder than ever on both sides of the camera, and prove to his friend, Cody, that this isn’t going to go to waste.


Leva Bates w/ Peter Avalon VS Nyla Rose!

The Librarians switch roles this week, with Leva taking the ring. However, Peter still has the mic to hush the crowd. “Amazing. For a city that calls itself the City of Brotherly Love, you’re very rude right now!” Fans tell Peter to shut up instead! Peter says the US signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776, in the then-capital of America, Philadelphia. But then the capital was moved in the 1800’s to Washington, DC. This country went on to flourish because of it. The same can be said for Bryce Harper when he moved from Philly to the Nationals, and that is why the Phillies lost. Leva keeps trying to apologize for Peter’s rudeness, but Peter goes on to insult Philly for celebrating a fictional boxer. Fans chant, “Rocky! Rocky!”

Peter doesn’t want the fans to be so defensive. But he isn’t really worried about their defense. Just like the Vikings! Peter hushes the booing fans but then Leva takes the mic from him. Leva wants the fans to know she is shushing Peter on their behalf. The fans thank her, and then the Native Beast makes her entrance so that this match can begin!

The bell rings and Nyla circles with Leva. Peter starts tossing books into the ring? Nyla throws them back at Peter! But Leva attacks from behind! Nyla shoves her away, but Leva comes back with a shotgun dropkick! Leva runs corner to corner to clothesline, then again! She goes a third time, but Nyla catches her, and slams her! Nyla leaps but her leg drop flops, and Leva mule kicks! Leva hits a basement DDT! Cover, ONE, and Nyla gets up, shaking out the cobwebs. Nyla blocks a whip but Leva tries again. Nyla reverses the whip to scoop and SLAM Leva again! Nyla whips Leva but Leva crucifix to sunset flip, but Nyla dribbles Leva off the mat! Leva fights back and wrenches, to a hook kick!

Nyla wobbles, but Leva runs in to boot! Nyla just gets mad! Leva runs in again, but Nyla blocks to haul Leva up! But Peter distracts as Nyla hits the Death Valley Driver! The ref is too busy with Peter, Nyla would have won by now! Nyla sees what Peter is up to, and chases him off the apron. They fight over the book but Leva rolls Nyla up! TWO, and Nyla LARIATS Leva down! Nyla roars at Peter before dragging Leva up. Nyla trophy lifts Leva, and then tosses her at Peter! The Librarians crash down and Philly fires up! Nyla goes out to fetch Leva, dragging her to the steel steps. Nyla swings Leva into the side of the steel!

Fans cheer as Nyla refreshes the ring count. Nyla drags Leva up and throws her back into the ring. She even steps on Peter as she gets into the ring. Nyla stomps Leva and stands on her as she pulls on a leg! Leva endures but Nyla lets go to drag her up. Nyla rams Leva into a corner, then brings her out. Nyla slashes the forehead, before lifting Leva into the BEAST BOMB! Cover, Nyla wins!

Winner: Nyla Rose, by pinfall

The Native Beast is finally in the win column! She just missed out on being AEW Women’s World Champion, but will she make good on a second chance?


Tony Schiavone is in the Control Center!

He previews the episode of Dynamite this week, October 23rd. First off, Pittsburgh will become #Brittsburgh when Dr. Britt Baker DMD returns home! Will the doctor get a win to make up for missing out in her own women’s championship match? Plus, the AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament has the Final Four! The Dark Order had their first round bye, but can they get by SoCal Uncensored? And while the Private Party shocked the world beating the Young Bucks, will they be able to do it again against the Lucha Brothers?

AEW profiles The Dark Order. From the moment Evil Uno and Stu Grayson came in, it was like Mortal Kombat on easy mode for them. Will they score another victory off Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky? AEW also looks back as to why it’s Kaz and Scorpio and not The Addiction with Christopher Daniels. Pentagon and Fenix ambushed The Addiction and decimated Daniels with a package piledriver to the steel ramp! Daniels was out but Scorpio was in, and they managed to make it a win against the Jurassic Express.

Exclusive interview footage from after Dynamite on October 16th.

SCU won and moved on the the semifinals, but were not in the mood to celebrate after what Pentagon and Fenix did to Daniels. Scorpio had so much going on in his mind, but as to Daniels’ status, who knows! They only just won a match they weren’t really compared for. Daniels is a locker room leader and a man many look up to, and yet he was stretchered away. Pentagon and Fenix, that is on you. SCU would like to be ready for The Dark Order, but they can’t say that, because they had to watch a best friend, a father and a husband. But the SCU will do everything they can to win and spite the Lucha Brothers as they become the inaugural AEW World Tag Team Champions! And when that happens, the target will actually be on the backs of the Lucha Brothers. Will we see a vengeful finals for the titles?

Exclusive interview footage of PAC after Dynamite on October 16th.

The Bastard was bloody and bruised, and was in no mood to answer questions. He spoke directly to the camera, and to Jon Moxley. “Look at me!” This is all because of the maniac, Moxley! Pac has done nothing but help Moxley since his coming to AEW! When Moxley couldn’t compete at All Out, Pac stepped up and beat Kenny Omega. And when Omega was about to attack with a barbed wire wrapped broom, Pac attacked first with a chair shot to serve Omega to Moxley on a silver platter. And yet this is how Moxley thanks him?! Well Pac promises to make Moxley regret the day he betrayed the Bastard! How bloody will this grudge match get just weeks before Full Gear?

Speaking of Full Gear…

The AEW World Championship match will still be Chris Jericho VS Cody Rhodes, because Darby Allin could not dethrone Le Champeon in their Philly Street Fight. But it wasn’t an easy fight for Jericho, either, as Darby would cling to ropes again and again, frustrating Y2J to the point of binding Darby’s hands with tape! And even then, Darby still found ways to fight and frustrate Jericho! It was only when Jake Hager interfered, throwing Darby off of his Coffin Drop, that allowed Jericho to win. The Inner Circle celebrated with “a little bit of the bubbly,” but will they be having another round after Jericho takes on a focused and determined American Nightmare?


8 Man Tag: The Young Bucks & The Rhodes Brothers VS CIMA, T-Hawk & Private Party!

Philly is ready for a 4v4 fight featuring major players in the AEW Tag Team Division! Matt & Nick Jackson would love to give back to Marq Quen and Isiah Kassidy for eliminating them from the tag title tournament, but will it be so easy when OWE joins the party?

The teams sort out, and we begin with Cody and Cima. Fans are strongly behind Cody at the bell as he and Cima circle. They tie up, go around, and Cody puts Cima in a corner, but breaks quick. Philly still rallies for Cody as he and Cima go again. Cody wristlocks but Cima rolls him and floats over to a headlock to a crucifix! ONE, and Cody takes a breather. MJF is there to be his corner man, and Brandi gives Cody a kiss for good luck. Cody wants a kiss from MJF but he “politely” declines. Cody gets back into the ring and circles with Cima again. They tie up and go around as fans actually cheer for MJF. Cody headlocks but Cima powers out. Cody slides under, kicks low and hits the Rhodes uppercut! But Cima comes back with CHOPS!

Dustin takes offense and gets in with his brother. But T-Hawk and Private Party back Cima up, but that promotes the Bucks to step up, too. All eight men stand face to face, and tensions run high. The ref calls for the teams to back down, and they obey. Cima tags out to T-Hawk, and Cody wonders if fans want to see Dustin. The fans fire up, and Cody “hot tags” to The Natural! Fans rally behind Dustin as he circles and ties up with T-Hawk. Dustin wristlocks but T-Hawk breaks free to CHOP! T-Hawk wants Dustin to come back, and Dustin takes a moment to focus. Dustin and T-Hawk circle and tie up, and Dustin headlocks. T-Hawk powers out but Dustin runs him over and then keeps moving. Dustin runs T-Hawk over again, then things speed up. Dustin knows what’s coming and he LARIATS T-Hawk down! T-Hawk sputters as Dustin brings him to the Elite’s corner, and tag to Nick Jackson!

Nick tags Matt while Dustin whips T-Hawk, and Nick hurdles T-Hawk so Dustin can get him with a lift. Matt helps Nick get air for a boosted Hart Attack dropkick! The fans fire up and the Bucks soak it up. The Bucks whip T-Hawk corner to corner, then Nick runs in, but T-Hawk dodges to dropkick Matt down. T-Hawk is ready for Nick and gets him with a CHOP! T-Hawk whips, Nick reverses, but the Thesz Press is turned into a SPINEBUSTER! Matt rakes T-Hawk’s eyes, but T-Hawk still reverses the whip to put Matt in the corner. Matt goes to boot but T-Hawk blocks to CHOP! Cody goes after T-Hawk but T-Hawk CHOPS him! Cody bails out as T-Hawk tags in Kassidy! Kassidy clubs Matt, then tags in Quen. Private Party give Matt an atomic drop, enziguri and leg sweep, to a camel clutch leap frog stomp! Fans cheer as Private Party dusts themselves off.

Private Party bring Matt over, and tag to Cima. Snapmare to slingshot senton, and fans rally up. Cima has Matt with a cravat, then a snapmare into a grounded cobra twist. Cima makes sure to also get a leg, for a cobra twist and extra stretch. Matt endures so Cima lets go, to then bring Matt over to tag Quen back in. Quen climbs up to drop ax handles on Matt’ sarm. Quen wrenches, tag to Kassidy, and Kassidy climbs to mock the Bucks’ flex! Kassidy double stomps the arm, then flexes right in front of the Elite! MJF is riled up for them, but Cody calms his friend down and off the apron. Kassidy brings Matt over and tags Quen. Kassidy attacks Nick and Cody while Stronghearts get cheap shots on Matt. Private Party double whip but Matt reverses to send Kassidy corner to corner. Matt hits Quen then runs at Kassidy for a clothesline!

Matt runs into Quen’s boot, but gets him back with a Northern Lights! The locomotion begins as Matt hits another! And a third! But he keeps going, four a fourth, onto Kassidy in the corner! Fans rally up and Quen is stuck in that position, even as Kassidy falls out. Hot tag to Nick! Nick hits OWE, dodges Quen and then bobs ‘n’ weaves to forearm and back kick! Nick keeps his classic combo going by giving that shining wizard to Cima in the corner! Nick goes to the apron to enziguri Quen, then springboard dumdum stomp! Nick keeps moving, he apron Penalty Kicks Kassidy! Then Cima! Then around the corner for dumdum stomps to T-Hawk! Fans are fired up with Nick, but Nick has to shoulder Quen. Slingshot facebuster, then handspring asai takes out Stronghearts!

Fans rally as Nick gets back to the ring and to the top rope. Quen hurries over but Nick clubs him back down. Quen hurries up again, to SUPER STEINER, Nick flies into a CUTTER! Gin ‘n’ Juice! Cima is up top, SUPER METEORA! Quen is up, SHOOTING STAR! Cover but Cody barrels in to slap Quen off. Matt runs in but is sent back out, and Cima sends Cody out. Quen tags T-Hawk, and Stronghearts has Nick. Nick boots T-Hawk away, then standing switches with Cima to deny a kick. But Cima switches back, so T-Hawk aims, but Nick switches again. Another switch, another switch, T-Hawk keeps stopping and starting! Cima gets Nick once more and T-Hawk runs in, but Nick switches one last time, T-Hawk’s CHOP hits Cima! SUPERKICK for T-Hawk! Everyone is down except for Dustin! Hot tag to The Natural!

Dustin rallies on T-Hawk, but T-Hawk reverses a whip, only to get the Rhodes uppercut! Dustin atomic drops and boots T-Hawk, then hits Cima for good measure! Dustin whips T-Hawk corner to corner but T-Hawk reverses again, only to run into the spinning powerslam! Cima gets one, too! And Quen! Kassidy runs in but Dustin asks he wait a moment. The living legend still needs to catch his breath once in a while. Fans cheer as Kassidy politely waits. Okay, now we can continue. Dustin dodges and still gets the fourth powerslam! Fans drum as Dustin climbs, and crossbodies Private Party down! Cody joins his brother as fans assure Dustin, “You Still Got It!” Dustin whips Cody for speed to get up and LEAP onto Cima! Quen clobbers Dustin, and coordinates with Kassidy, to FLY! Double tope conjilo~!

But now, the Bucks work together. Nick whips Matt and Matt wrecks Private Party with a drop kick. Matt holds the ropes to help Nick FLY! Nick’s tornillo topples Private Party! But they’re not done there, as they gather Private Party and Stronghearts while BRANDI climbs. The ref shouts for her to get down, she’s not in the match! She obliges, but then MJF distracts the ref so that Brandi can CANNONBALL! Mrs. American Nightmare bowls everyone over, and gets up just fine! Everyone regroups and MJF is in the ring? The Elite keep the ref distracted while MJF takes off his scarf and jacket. MJF builds speed, and builds speed, to say NOPE! Classic MJF. But Cima makes it rain Young Buck bucks, to hit MJF with a backstabber! Cody gets in and catches Cima with CROSS RHODES! Then he kicks T-Hawk, only to get the pop-up knee!

DOUBLE SUPERKICKS for Cima! Private Party and the Bucks are in the ring together again, and start brawling! They continue the fight from the tag team tournament! Matt rakes Kassidy’s eyes but Quen throws hands on both Bucks! Quen busts a move, but his double Pele misses, and he gets DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Kassidy double huricanranas the Bucks, but they come back with DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Fans are thunderous as the Bucks bring Kassidy up to throw him at Quen. Quen helps Kassidy stay up, but Nick SUPERKICKS the Silly String slingshot apart! Matt SUPERKICKS Quen! T-Hawk rises, as does Cima. The Rhodes Brothers set Stronghearts up in the corners, but Private Party ruins Shattered Dreams in stereo. Private Party mock the double Dust poses, then run, to get QUADRUPLE SUPERKICKS! Nick and Matt join in setting up Quen and Kassidy in the remaining corners! MJF distracts the ref again, QUADRUPLE SHATTERED DREAMS!! Then T-Hawk gets the Final Cut! Cover, The Elite wins!!

Winners: The Rhodes Brothers & The Young Bucks, Dustin Rhodes pinning

The first win for the Natural, and a major win for both pairs of brothers! While neither duo is in the tournament, will the Bucks and the Rhodes Brothers find their way to those AEW World Tag Team titles in the near future?



My Thoughts:

Another great episode for AEW Dark, the unofficial third hour of Dynamite. Good to see Janela is okay after that “unsanctioned” match that would’ve demolished a lesser man. Badboy VS Mr. D&D was a pretty good match to open the hour, but naturally Janela wins to keep afloat. Again, records matter in AEW, so Janela can’t drop too low if he’s to be seen as what he’s worth. For the most part, Janela is doing a great job being his crazy self to help prop up those he faces. We also got a great second Undesirable to Undeniable, for a guy I never really got to know in ROH, but for understandable reasons. QT Marshall probably did have great potential in ROH, if not for being thrown into the deep end out of what was apparently jealousy. Now that he’s in AEW, both in the back and in the ring, I’m sure we’ll finally get to see what QT was always meant to be, and I for one look forward to that.

Naturally Nyla Rose wins, she has been going so strong despite losing, she needed something to keep from looking like a monster only on paper. Nyla came off more Face here, but on Dynamite she’s been heading towards Heel. A monster type can definitely work as a Tweener, so I look forward to seeing how Nyla can play up both aspects. She might even be Heel by ruining “Brittsburgh” on Dynamite this week. That would be a great feud to lead to a contender, as both have lost to Riho and are looking for a second chance. And speaking of second chances, it works for The Bucks to get a win back on Private Party in an 8 Man. It was a lot of fun, though that ref really gets distracted easily by Brandi and MJF. But at the same time, how else would we get the quadruple kick to the balls without a disqualification? AEW may suspend disbelief but at least they do it with the fans’ enjoyment in mind.

My Score: 8.6/10

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