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Mitchell’s AEW DARK Results & Report! (10/29/19)

It’s been a Dark month!



AEW Dark Coverage

Never fight in the Dark alone!

A tag team match, a Triple Threat and a Fatal 4 Way, the wrestlers of AEW will have to have eyes on the back of their heads! Who overcomes odds to get a win on the road to Full Gear?



  • Dustin Rhodes & Sonny Kiss VS QT Marshall & Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates; Rhodes & Kiss win.
  • Fatal 4 Way: Emi Sakura VS Penelope Ford VS Allie VS Sadie Gibbs; Sakura wins.
  • Triple Threat Falls Count Anywhere: Darby Allin VS Jimmy Havoc VS Jack Evans; Allin wins.


Tony Schiavone welcomes us to another episode!

With the AEW World Tag Team Championship tournament finals and Full Gear all on the horizon, things are heating up! But without further delay, QT Marshall makes his in-ring debut to make Cody proud!


Dustin Rhodes & Sonny Kiss VS QT Marshall & Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates!

God’s Gift to Professional Wrestling returns to action! But will The Librarians help him make a big impact? Or will the Natural and the Concrete Rose refuse to be silenced?

Fans boo as Avalon hushes them on his way out. Leva tries to be more civil about it as Avalon says it is great to see Marshall. But biting into an apple, that’s a little too loud, much like Sonny Kiss’ outfits. But today, the Librarians were doing some research in the University of Pittsburgh library, and they found out that “the very first World Series was between Boston and the Pittsburgh Pirates.” But the Pirates lost. That just solidifies that Steel City is full of losers. Avalon doesn’t understand why fans are upset, he doesn’t want to hurt their feelings after seeing the Steelers’ starting line-up. Shh, it’s okay. Leva tells Avalon to hush, and says she does it on behalf of the fans. There is still tension between the Librarians, but will it affect the match?

Dustin is surprised to see he and Sonny match color schemes. The teams sort out and Sonny starts against Avalon. Fans are fired up for Dustin and Sonny as Leva gives Avalon some last tips. Sonny snatches their book and mocks the Librarians. Avalon runs in, but into a split-leg arm-drag! Sonny drop toeholds, then uses Avalon as a seat to have a read. Avalon pushes Sonny off but Sonny pushes back! Sonny throws the book down and Leva picks it up while Sonny rolls Avalon! TWO, and Avalon gets up to get a dropkick! Fans fire up for Sonny while Avalon gets to the corner. QT tags in and calls out Dustin! Sonny wrenches QT’s arm to throw a forearm! And then tags in Dustin! QT scrambles away, suddenly not wanting the veteran. But fans rally up and QT circles with Dustin. They tie up, Dustin headlocks but QT powers out, only for Dustin to run him over.

Dustin keeps moving, stumbles but still runs QT over the second time! QT gets to a corner but Dustin gives him a chop! And another! Dustin whips QT but QT reverses. Dustin goes up but QT stays back, to mock The Bizarre One! Dustin gives QT an uppercut! And then arm-drags QT down to an armlock. Dustin jams the arm then drags QT up to wrench. QT knees low then whips, but Sonny tags in. Dustin kicks QT into Sonny’s springboard lariat! Sonny shows that twerk power, standing moonsault and elbow drop combo with Dustin! Sonny covers, TWO! Sonny CHOPS QT, then whips corner to corner. QT reverses then runs in, but into a boot! Sonny hops up and headscissors QT, but QT refuses to kiss up to Sonny and puts him on the apron. Sonny has to fight off Avalon first, then he roundhouses QT! But Leva anchors Sonny for Avalon’s BOOT!

QT drags Sonny up to the top rope but fans rally up. DEAD LIFT SUPERPLEX! QT tags in Avalon and Avalon drags Sonny over for stomps. Avalon drags Sonny up to throw haymakers, then bumps him off buckles. Avalon CHOPS Sonny then wrenches to tag QT back in. QT and Avalon double suplex Sonny down, QT covers, TWO! Sonny survives and fans fire up, but QT drags Sonny away. Sonny enziguris QT down! Avalon tags in to grab a leg, but Sonny does the splits, only for Avalon to be on him with a chinlock! Sonny reaches as he endures the hold, and fans rally up. Avalon lets go to mule kick Sonny down! Avalon hushes Dustin to his face! Avalon brings Sonny up to bump off buckles, but fans rally up. Avalon rains down rights but lets up to sucker punch Dustin!

Avalon runs in but only gets buckles! Sonny LARIATS Avalon down and rains down angry hands! QT drags Sonny off, gets an elbow and a forearm! Sonny runs but into a pop-up RIGHT! Avalon covers, but Dustin breaks it in time! Avalon drags Sonny up and scoop slams him in a drop zone. Tag to QT, but the moonsault misses! QT hurries in to handspring, but he misses his own moonsault! The attempt was impressive, at least. Both Sonny and QT crawl, hot tags to Dustin and Avalon! The Natural rallies on Avalon but Avalon reverses the whip, only to get the Rhodes uppercut! Avalon runs into the atomic drop, and Dustin adds the boot! Dustin sees QT coming and sends him out. Avalon runs into the spinning powerslam! QT runs into one, too!  Fans fire up as Dustin climbs, to DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Cover, but QT breaks it!

Sonny is up and LEAPS onto QT, flying huricanrana! Sonny hurries after QT, METEORA! The two crash and burn on the outside, but Leva is climbing up! The ref tells her to stop, but she leaps, into Dustin’s arms! He sets her down so she shows him those same tips from before. He doesn’t care, he hoists her up top and tells her to hush! Avalon runs in, but Dustin dodges, and Avalon knocks Leva off the top!! This isn’t going to help that tension. Avalon turns around into FINAL RECKONING! Cover, Dustin & Sonny win!

Winners: Dustin Rhodes & Sonny Kiss, Rhodes pinning

QT’s return to the ring wasn’t successful, but it wasn’t necessarily his fault. As for Dustin and Sonny, is this a natural connection that will become tag team contenders?


Fatal 4 Way: Emi Sakura VS Penelope Ford VS Allie VS Sadie Gibbs!

The AEW Women’s Division is only growing stronger as “Emi Mercury”, the Bad Girl, the human cherry bomb and The Undefinable battle all at once! Will one of these women rise to challenge the AEW Women’s World Champion, Riho?

The bell rings and all four women watch the others as they circle. Fans are behind Allie as all four women tie up! The quadruple elbow ‘n’ collar breaks, and tensions start to rise between Allie and Emi. They, Sadie and Penelope approach again, for a quadruple test of strength! Sadie uses the four-person knuckle lock to bring all three opponents to their knees! But Allie lets go and rolls back, while Emi and Penelope get Sadie in a double armlock! Allie runs to hop on, shout out to Kai En Tai! They let Sadie go and fans cheer, but Penelope and Emi both kick Allie. They double whip but Allie crossbodies them both! Now Sadie and Allie go 1v1, and things speed up. Allie arm-drags Sadie, but Sadie arm-drags back! Sadie trips Allie to a matchbook cover, TWO!

Allie counters Sadie’s lariat to a backslide! TWO, but Allie rolls Sadie up! Penelope yanks Allie off to throw her out! Penelope mocks Allie, but she turns around into Sadie’s European Uppercut! Sadie runs but Penelope follows to spinning sobat! Penelope knee lifts then roundhouses! Sadie stays on her feet, but swings into a crucifix driver! Cover, but Emi breaks it! Emi drags Penelope up and into a corner to CHOP! And then hair biel! Emi drags Penelope up to a waistlock but Penelope standing switches. Emi pulls hair but lets up at 4, to do it again! Emi lets go at 4 again, then takes the ref’s arm to do-si-do! Penelope runs in but Emi uses the ref to back elbow Penelope down! Emi gets fans singing along as she hooks the legs and grabs the arms. Emi takes Penelope up into the surfboard! But Allie slips in to cover Emi! TWO as Emi lets Penelope go and kicks out!

Sadie returns to handspring headscissor Allie to a corner! Sadie runs in but only gets buckles, and Allie rallies with back elbows! Allie fires up, runs in, but Sadie kips up to forearm Allie down! Sadie whips but Allie sunset flips, Emi breaks it, to get both women in a Bow ‘n’ Arrow! Penelope gets up and has Emi in a Cobra Twist! What a predicament! Emi lets go of Sadie and Allie to get free of Penelope, but fans cheer the innovation. Penelope whips Allie to a corner while Emi and Sadie brawl. Penelope handsprings in to tackle Allie! Emi whips but Sadie reverses to clothesline Emi into the corner. Sadie runs corner to corner, as does Penelope, and they both handspring back elbow Allie and Emi! Sadie rolls Allie out but Penelope covers, so Sadie has to break it. Sadie covers but Penelope breaks it. They keep fighting with each other over the cover, so they fight each other flat out!

Allie gets away as Penelope fires off on Sadie! But Penelope runs into Emi’s kick from behind! Allie gets Sadie with forearms now, then fires up as she runs at Penelope. Allie gives Penelope the Sliding D while she baseball slide dropkicks Emi! Steel City loves that while Sadie drags up Penelope. Allie is busy clubbing Emi but Penelope escapes Sadie’s fireman’s carry. Sadie whips, side steps Penelope, and Penelope DIVES onto Emi and Allie! Sadie goes out to fetch Penelope and haul her up into a fireman’s carry. Samoan Driver! Cover, Allie breaks it in time!! Sadie is furious but so is Allie. They brawl back and forth, but Allie gets the edge. Allie kicks low but Sadie blocks the suplex. Penelope adds on to help Allie, but Sadie still resists! Emi helps Sadie, but Penelope knees her away. Allie and Penelope suplex Sadie up and over! Only for Emi to hit them with a double splash! Emi drags Sadie up to CHOP in a corner.

Fans “boom boom clap” with Emi but Allie kicks low. Allie whips but Emi reverses, sending Allie into Sadie. Emi keeps the beat going but Penelope goes after her now. Penelope whips, but Emi reverses, and now Penelope is added to the pile. Emi aims at all three, but all three come running out to attack her! Fans boo the bullying, but Emi fires up to fight them off! She whips Sadie, then Penelope, then Allie, and they’re all stacked again. The beat continues, Emi runs in, TRIPLE CROSSBODY! Emi climbs up while all three opponents are in the drop zone! Three-for-One VADER BOMB! TRIPLE Cover, TWO!! Emi didn’t get any of them, so she focuses on Sadie. Emi dragon sleepers, to the spin-out DDT! Cover, but Allie breaks it!

Allie SUPERKICKS Emi, but Penelope mule kicks to a DDT on Allie! Sadie and Penelope double BOOT each other down! Fans are loving this as all four women are down. A standing count begins, and climbs to 5. Emi is up at 6, and she goes after Allie with a forearm. Allie forearms Sadie, Sadie forearms Penelope, and Penelope forearms Emi. Emi gives it back to Penelope, so the forearm shot travels back the other way. The four stand up and Emi forearms Allie again. Allie hits Sadie, Sadie hits Penelope, and Penelope hits Emi. Allie CHOPS Emi and Penelope forearms her. Emi fights back against them both with double CHOPS! Emi underhooks Sadie but Sadie resists. Sadie back drops Emi, and double clotheslines at Allie and Penelope. They dodge, Allie gives Sadie a backstabber, and Penelope hits a neckbreaker! Allie runs at Penelope, but Penelope goes Matrix, for a CUTTER!

Emi is back and aims at Penelope, low kick and underhooks, TIGER BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!? Emi hurries up with the two minute warning, tries the underhooks again, Tiger DRIVER! High stack cover, Emi wins!!

Winner: Emi Sakura, by pinfall

The first win for the Joshi veteran, and a big one! Will Emi find herself taking on her former student, Riho, for the title?


Undesirable to Undeniable 3: Maxwell Jacob Freeman.

MJF is Cody Rhodes’ “best friend,” having a good time in Boston, “babyyyy~!” A E Dub! But to get serious, Cody wants to know about the Salt of the Earth’s journey to this point. At what point did MJF feel undesirable in his career? As far as MJF is concerned, never. But in life, that’s a different story. As a little MJF, he played football. And as it would turn out, he was the only Jewish boy on the team. Footage of young MJF shows he had promise on defense. But the other kids on the team didn’t like being shown up by him. He’d beat out a lot of the other kids, even the older kids, on the team for the middle linebacker position. And then the very next week, he-who-shall-not-be-named and his “little band of douchebags” came up and bullied him as “Jew Boy” and threw rolls of quarters at him. “I remember just going home and bawling my eyes out.”

That was the day MJF realized you have to “kill” the person you were born to be to become the person you want to be. He would not let himself be bullied, and molded himself to be in the physically best shape possible. Now that punk bully is a drug addict college drop-out while MJF is rich, famous and best friends with the best person in the world, all while being handsome.

So then, what is MJF’s definition of being undeniable? “Being better than everyone, and knowing it.” Cody says they should stop right here. This is already probably the best interview ever. Will MJF continue to be undeniable as AEW only gains momentum?


Tony Schiavone is in the AEW Control Center!

And as has become the standard, it’s time to preview Dynamite! Hangman Page is ready for The Bastard in Baltimore, but he first has to go through the Inner Circle’s Sammy Guevara. The Elite reunite to keep hot towards Full Gear, as well, as they go against Kip Sabian and The Hybrid 2! Jon Moxley will also be in action, and we will see the AEW World Championship match contract signing. And last but not least, the Mountain State better be ready for some gold, the AEW World Tag Team Championship match is coming!

SoCal Uncensored and the Lucha Brothers practically kicked off the tournament with a brawl on the premiere of Dynamite, and now they will meet in the finals. The “best tag team in the universe” showed Cero Miedo and little mercy to the Jurassic Express and Private Party, and even found time to take out The Fallen Angel in the first round. However, Scorpio Sky was not going to let that go, and jumped in to join Frankie Kazarian against the Best Friends, Chuckie T and Trent. SCU would win against them and then the Dark Order, and are now ready for a two-in-one match. Will Kaz and Scorpio get even with Pentagon and Fenix while also becoming the inaugural AEW World Tag Team Champions? Or will the Lucha Brothers make history by becoming dual champions out the gate as the AAA AND AEW World Tag Team Championship?


Backstage interview with Kip Sabian.

Superbad speaks on teaming with Angelico and Jack Evans to take on Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. But to turn the tables, Kip has three questions to ask us. “Number one: What was the first ever AEW match?” Sabian VS Guevara. Correct! “Who won that match?” Sabian did. Correct! “Who has the best record in AEW that hasn’t been seen on AEW Dynamite?” Sabian. 100% correct! So why was this challenge issued? It’s because Sabian and #TH2 feel the same: “It’s all about The Elite.” It’s All Elite Wrestling, obviously. So to make the biggest impact, to make a statement, you go after The Elite. Any other questions? Well, what is the endgame here? Well whatever-your-name-is, they plan to beat the Elite, and become the elite. Will this Superbad plan be enough to beat the trio that started it all?


Triple Threat Falls Count Anywhere: Darby Allin VS Jimmy Havoc VS Jack Evans!

The undead underdog almost had Le Champeon beat, if not for Jake Hager getting involved. But Darby says never say die. But in a match that can go anywhere, where will he, Havoc and half of The Hybrid 2 find themselves by the end of the night?

Steel City rallies behind Darby even before the bell. And when the bell rings, Darby goes right at Havoc. The two start shoving, still remembering the history from their previous encounters, but Evans jumps in to jump kick them both! Evans then springboards and backflip back elbows them both down! Evans waits for Darby and Havoc to stand, and he rolls off Havoc’s back to roundhouse Darby down! Havoc is up again but he gets a jumping back kick. Evans whips Havoc corner to corner then runs in to handspring back elbow! “Did you guys see that?!” Evans hypes himself up but Havoc reverses the whip. Havoc runs in but gets an ax kick, and Evans hops up. Havoc SHORYUKENS! And then hits a Death Valley Driver to a basement dropkick! Evans bails out and Havoc runs at Darby. Darby goes up and over, waistlocks and O’Conner rolls, TWO!

Darby hops up and over the corner and baits Havoc in. Darby slingshots, slaps away and headbutts, then runs to sunset flip powerbomb! Cover, but Evans basement slingblades to a crucifix! TWO, and Evans is furious already. Evans runs in but misses, Darby hits him back with a back elbow! Havoc runs in to discus haymaker Darby! Havoc back suplexes but Darby lands on his feet, only for Evans to get Darby with a waistlock. Evans German Suplexes but Darby again lands on his feet! Darby boots Evans from the corner and then leaps over to roll and get around Havoc. Darby hops up and flips over, throwback stunner! Darby DIVES to take out Evans! Fans are fired up for the young and reckless Darby as he gets back in the ring. Darby runs at Havoc, but DIVES into a chair shot! Havoc drags Darby out for a suplex to the floor and covers, TWO!

Havoc goes around the way to start searching under the ring. He has another chair and he CHUCKS it into Evans head! Havoc gets more chairs and then tosses Evans into the crowd. Darby attacks Havoc from behind and has Havoc take a seat. Darby then gets space and runs in, only to be back dropped into Evans! Havoc hops up onto the railing and CANNONBALLS onto them both! All three men are bowled over and the fans are loving “A E Dub!” Havoc brings Darby around the way to throw into railing and knock it over! Then he goes to Evans but Evans fires off fists! Evans kicks Havoc over in a chair, then soaks up the heat. But Darby SMASHES Evans with that display! Darby drags Havoc up and throws forearms, but Havoc gives them back. They stagger their way towards the stage, with Evans in pursuit.

Havoc sends Darby into railing then covers, TWO! Evans clubs Havoc from behind then puts him on the ramp. Evans drags Havoc up to snap suplex to the steel! Evans shows off by Matrix slipping up to his feet, and asks Pittsburgh, “Who’s the best?!” Cover, TWO!! Havoc survives and Evans is furious with the referee! But the referee, Aubrey Edwards, keeps her cool as she defends her count. Evans brings Havoc further up the stage, and whips him at Cody’s special platform. Havoc reverses but Evans hops up to moonsault! Havoc catches him but Evans slips back to dragon sleeper! Evans inverted suplexes, but Havoc lands on his feet to give it back! Inverted suplex slams Evans on the ramp! Cover, TWO!! Both men stir and Havoc stands up first. Havoc sees Darby coming and boots him down! To then MACHO ELBOW off the ramp to the floor! Cover, TWO!!

But wait, what is Evans doing by the entry way? Evans FLIES onto them both! The cannonball wipes them all out into the pile of Young Buck bucks. Evans covers Havoc, TWO! Evans jackknife covers Darby, TWO! Evans is losing his cool as he goes after Havoc. He throws Havoc into the lights on the ramp and then brings him back to the ring. Evans catches his breath while tossing chairs into the ring! Fans boo and chant, “We Want Tables!” Evans ignores them to gather more chairs from wherever he can find them. Evans says the fans aren’t getting tables, because he doesn’t like Pittsburgh. Evans turns his attention back to Havoc, springboards and spins, into a RIGHT! Havoc sits a chair in a corner while Evans is down, but Darby returns! Darby shoulders into Havoc, then brings him over. Darby wants to suplex Havoc out to the floor, and almost falls trying! Havoc gets Darby up instead, dead lift suplex!

Fans cheer but Evans runs in at Havoc. Havoc hip tosses Evans onto the top buckle, and then sits him upside-down on the chair. Darby is up, he runs in, but Havoc fireman’s carries to Death Valley DRIVE Darby into Evans! Havoc covers Darby while Evans sits up in pain, TWO!! Darby still lives, so Havoc goes after Evans. Evans elbows Havoc off and Darby catches Havoc into a torture rack. Evans hops up, DUMDUM STOMP BURNING HAMMER!! British Bulldogs would love that one! Cover, but Evans breaks it up! Evans drags Darby up and throws big knees. Darby fires body shots and haymakers, then wrings Evans out to a Fujiwara Armbar! Evans endures, reaches, crawls, but Darby traps the other arm! Inverted Rings of Saturn! But Havoc JAMS the chair into Darby’s chest! Havoc puts the chair down, underhooks Darby, butterfly PILEDRIVER, and on the chair! Cover, but Evans breaks it!!

Havoc throws the chair at Evans’ head again, then sits the chair sideways. Havoc has another chair and sets it up with the other. Havoc brings Evans up, fireman’s carry, but Evans fights out, to shove Havoc. And on the rebound, Evans scoops Havoc for a sidewalk slam, onto the chairs! Havoc’s own creation comes back to haunt him! Evans won’t stop there, he climbs up top. 450 splash onto Havoc and those chairs! Cover as Pittsburgh loses its mind, TWO!?! Havoc still lives and Evans is in shock! But to Pittsburgh’s delight, Darby has a table! He puts the table in but Evans dropkicks Darby out! Evans takes the table and sets it on the second rope in a corner. Evans makes sure it sits just right before bringing Havoc over.

Evans puts Havoc across the table then heads up top. But Havoc reaches up to rake Evans’ eyes! Then climbs up to grab Evans, PILEDRIVER THROUGH THE TABLE!! But wait, Darby is up top with a chair! FULL METAL COFFIN DROP!! Darby crushes Havoc and covers Evans, Darby wins!!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall

Steel City just got extreme, and it was Darby that snatched victory away from Havoc! Havoc does have to show respect to Darby, though, and the two fist bump. Will Darby take things even further as he fights his way back up towards the title?



My Thoughts:

Just as AEW Dynamite keeps rolling strong, so does AEW Dark as the unofficial third hour. I was hoping we would get more out of QT Marshall here, but it is just his first match back. Surely QT will get more time, at the very least here on Dark. However, his match with Avalon, Dustin and Sonny was a fun opener. Dustin and Sonny worked well together, and I could definitely see if Dustin was still Goldust, a team of him and Sonny would’ve been too tempting for Vince McMahon to push. But at least for the most part, AEW is behind both men so it’d probably work well for them. We also got a great Fatal 4 Way for the women, all four got to shine, and it’s great for Emi Sakura to get her first win. A match of her and Riho, or even a program, would make for some good TV. Teacher and student would work really well, and it would really solidify Riho’s reign if she defeated her mentor in just her second defense.

MJF being on the third Undesirable to Undeniable is big for his current Face run. We finally learn a bit about who he is, and there is now some sympathy towards him, even with his own Heel run being about mocking others. He is definitely still keeping that ego while riding the line as a Tweener. And then the Triple Threat Falls Count Anywhere, that was a great match. Putting Havoc and Darby into the same match will pretty much guarantee it going into hardcore territory, and Evans has the agility and striking style to add on in a great way. There continues to be innovation with chairs, I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone make a chair yin-yang so that they become a solid block like that. But Darby winning is great for him in kayfabe, and it makes sense given just how popular he’s become. Havoc showing respect before cutting away was great, too, he’s apparently giving Darby his seal of approval. If AEW ever considers a midcard title, how is Darby not a shoe-in for the first ever champion?

My Score: 8.5/10

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