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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW DARK Results & Report! (10/8/19)

AEW sheds some light on the Dark!



AEW Dark Coverage

There’s more than just Dynamite now!

There’s more to being All Elite than Dynamite! Watch all the action that couldn’t fit even into two hours, so that you aren’t left in the dark!



  • Darby Allin VS CIMA; Allin wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Hybrid 2 & Lucha Brothers VS Private Party & Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy; The Hybrid 2 & Lucha Brothers win.
  • Britt Baker & Allie VS Bea Priestly & Penelope Ford; Baker & Allie win.
  • Six Man Tag: SoCal Uncensored VS Jurassic Express; SCU wins.


Tony Schiavone hosts this special bonus programming!

AEW DARK is for the action that couldn’t fit into the epic two hours AEW Dynamite already gives the fans! All Elite gives you more of what you want thanks to modern technology! Dynamite was a huge success, so AEW thanks all the fans a truly incredible night. Before recapping Dynamite, the dark matches begin with the young, talented and fearless Darby Allin!


Darby Allin VS CIMA!

There is nothing Allin won’t do to his body if it means coming out the winner! What will he resort to this week against the oWe Wrestling veteran to gain momentum in AEW?

The bell rings and fans are excited for this match as any. Darby soaks it all in but Cima corner meteoras! Cima won’t play around with the wild young star as he whips. Darby slides to a stop, dodges then redirects and handsprings. Darby forearms, Cima whips but Darby springboard arm-drags! Cima bails out and fans fire up. Darby dropkicks Cima back out, slingshots out but in to then DIVE! Direct hit wipes Cima out into barriers! Darby gets back in and keeps moving, to DIVE again! That’s two, but Darby keeps going, to DIVE again! The hat trick is complete! Fans are wanting a fourth but Darby drags Cima up to put into the ring. Darby climbs up top and turns around, to Coffin Drop! Cima adds on to make it a SLAM!

Cima rolls and whips Darby into buckles then dropkicks him in harder! Roll up and cover, TWO! Immediately to a Stretch Muffler Headscissor! Fans rally as Darby fights his way out of the hold. Darby slaps himself to fire up and crawl for ropes! Ropebreak, and Cima has to let go. Cima backs off to cool off. He drags Darby up to snapmare fast, then climbs up top. Darby trips Cima into the Tree of Woe! Darby fires off on Cima’s legs, with headbutts! Darby goes corner to corner to elbow the legs! And again! Cima falls out of the tree, clutching his knee. Darby drags Cima around, to DDT the leg! Now Cima clutches an ankle, but Darby won’t let up. Darby puts Cima in the corner and goes ocrner to corner again. Cima knees Darby away but that proves double edged. Cima CHOPS Darby on the back! Then gives him a tornado DDT! Cover, TWO!! Darby lives but Cima keeps on him.

Cima has Darby on the ropes and throws a CHOP! The “WOO~” echoes out while Darby gets back up. Darby CHOPS Cima, but Cima wants more. Cima CHOPS Darby off his feet! Darby gets to his feet and Cima eggs him on! Fans cheer and Darby hobbles over, to JAB! Darby fires off, shoves, then gets around, flip over to a stunner! Cover, TWO!! Cima lives but Darby keeps moving. Darby crawls to a corner and goes up top. Fans rally as Darby Coffin Drops ONTO KNEES! Cima suffers from his own counter, but still gives Darby a big backstabber! Then crisscross for Aoi Shoudo Driver! Cover, TWO!! Cima sits Darby up, determined to end him. Cima goes to the apron from behind Darby, springboard Meteora from the back!! Cover, TWO!? Darby survives, but now Cima is climbing again. Cima aims, but Darby dodges the Meteora! Darby jumps over, comes back for a DESTROYER! Cover, TWO!? Cima shocks the fans but Darby hits the COFFIN DROP!! Cover, Darby wins!!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall

That truly reckless trust fall finally hits someone! And Darby gets himself on the winning track in AEW, is this just the first of many?


Back to Tony in the studio!

With that big win for Darby, he is now poised for even bigger this Wednesday on Dynamite! He and Cracker Barrel Clash winner Jimmy Havoc will go 1v1 in a match of true madmen for a chance at Chris Jericho and the AEW World Championship on 101/16/19! Will the American Nightmare be meeting someone else in Baltimore?


8 Man Tag: The Hybrid 2 & Lucha Brothers VS Private Party & Best Friends!

For those unfamiliar, “The Hybrid 2” are Jack Evans and Angelico. And with the AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament set to begin, teams from that tournament are just warming up. Will Jack, Angelico, Pentagon and Fenix spark their runs towards those titles here? Or will Marq Quen, Isiah Kassidy, Trent & Chuckie T be the ones going into the opening round all fired up?

And surprise! The Freshly Squeezed is alongside his new friends for moral support. There is a lot of trash talk between the teams, and fans already chant “Cero Miedo!” The ref gets the teams to sort out, and Pentagon steps up to Trent with a “CERO! MIED-” BUt Jack says no! The Lucha Bros are the B-Team, he and Angelico are the A-Team! The Hybrid 2 copy Cero Miedo, but get double dropkicks from Private Party! So the Lucha Brothers double SUPERKICK Best Friends! Pentagon waistlocks Quen while Isaiah waistlocks Fenix, but both Fenix and Quen elbow free. Pentagon shoves Quen, Fenix comes running through, Private Party gets clear but Fenix DIVES onto Best Friends! Pentagon runs but Private Party dodges him. Quen runs over but gets tossed out onto the Hybrid 2! Pentagon dodges Isaiah to Slingblade him down!

Fans fire up as Isaiah flounders, and Pentagon enziguris! Fenix adds a forearm, then “Uno, Dos, Tres!” DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Cover, but Chuckie T breaks it. The Hybrids dropkick Chuckie out and then Jack complains. Pentagon tags Angelico for Angelico to punch away on Isaiah. Isaiah forearms back and gets the advantage! Isaiah fires up but Angelico drop toeholds him down! Jack runs in to Last Chancery, Angelico Penalty Kicks! The kick is good and Angelico covers, but Trent breaks it! Pentagon tags in and drags Isaiah up. Fenix is in while Pentagon CHOPS Isaiah! Isaiah squeals in pain, but the Lucha Bros whip him. Isaiah rolls Fenix at Pentagon into a wheelbarrow, then Isaiah steps up on Fenix to enziguri Pentagon! Fenix kicks Isaiah back then says “Not today!” Isaiah reverses the whip to enziguri Fenix down! Jack blasts Quen then clubs away on Isaiah. Angelico helps out, but the ref reprimands the Hybrids but Jack ignores him.

The Hybrids double whip Isaiah, but Isaiah dodges Jack to huricanrana Angelico into him! Fans fire up for Isaiah but Angelico clubs him down before a tag can be made. Angelico brings Isaiah up but Isaiah slips out of the suplex to hot tag Chuckie T! The Kentucky Gentleman rallies, and hits a standing Sliced Bread! Chuckie T runs corner to corner but Angelico boots. Trent comes in to elbow Angelico, and Chuckie helps with the tornado DDT! Jack runs in to stop the hug, springboard back-flip back elbows! Jack whips Chuckie but Chcukie reverses. Chuckie catches Jack’s springboard, and sets Jack up for Trent’s Sliding German! Chuckie clotheslines Jack out, but the Best Friends don’t hug yet. They look around for targets, build up speed, but the Lucha Brothers intercept! They clobber the Best Friends, but then Quen springboards in to crossbody them both down!

Best Friends regroup, baseball slide but they miss. The Hybrids mule kick them back, but here comes Orange Cassidy! The Sloth puts his hands in his pockets so you know he’s serious! But Angelico CLOBBERS him! So the Best Friends attack the Hybrids! They go into the ring and Chuckie runs at Angelico. Angelico back drops Chuckie out! Then knees Trent down! Jack comes in, assisted 450! Private Party goes after the Hybrids now, and Isaiah whips Jack. Jack holds ropes, he boots Isaiah away. But Private Party in Motion dropkicks Jack out! Angelico knees Quen then whips him at Isaiah. Isaiah helps Quen get back in, tornado DDT! Isaiah ASAIS onto Jack! Quen fights off the Lucha Bros, but Fenix Tiger Feint hook kicks! CERO MIEDO but double dropkick from Chuckie!

Chuckie is fired up, and borrows Quen’s shades. Trent runs in, and they hug!! And double FLY! The Best Friends bowl everyone else over! Chuckie gives Quen his shades back before putting Pentagon in the ring. The referee and Trent argue, but Orange Cassidy TRUST FALLS onto the rest! Trent runs into a SUPERKICK! Pentagon into Chuckie’s knee trigger! Sole Food to Half ‘n’ Half! Trent brings Pentagon up, Chuckie climbs. Fenix saves Pentagon by giving Trent an assisted DESTROYER! Chuckie boots but Pentagon waistlocks him against the ropes. Fenix hops up, tight rope Penalty Kick! Pentagon brings Chuckie back up, Fenix climbs up, Package Piledriver double stomps!! Fenix FLIES to bowl everyone else over! Pentagon covers Chuckie, his team wins!

Winners: The Lucha Brothers and The Hybrid 2, Pentagon pinning

The first major win for Jack and Angelico, but the momentum is going to Pentagon and Fenix as they enter the Tag Team title tournament’s opening round! Will they be the inaugural tag team champions? Will they meet Private Party or the Best Friends along the way?


Britt Baker & Allie VS Bea Priestly & Penelope Ford!

Dr. Baker, DMD wants payback on the woman who cheated her during the All Out Casino Battle Royale, and Priestly just likes beating Baker up. They team with other women looking to impress in the AEW Women’s Division, who makes the most of this match?

The teams sort out and Allie starts against Bea. The two circle, and Bea shoves Britt! Britt is angry already but the ref keeps her back. But Allie arm-drags Bea around, then spins her to a neckbreaker! Allie drops a senton then cover, TWO! Bea scrambles away to the ropes and the ref keeps Allie back. Bea wags her finger, “No, no, no!” and then dares Allie to tag Britt. Allie obliges, but Bea tags right out to Penelope. Britt realizes she should’ve seen that coming. But she ties up, full nelsons, snapmares and crucifix pins Penelope, TWO! Rolling cradle, TWO! Britt arm-drags Penelope then covers, TWO! Fans cheer and rally as Britt drags Penelope up. Britt forearms then whips but Penelope reverses and Bea trips Britt up! The ref keeps Allie from doing anything, and Penelope gets away with pulling Britt’s hair.

Penelope bumps Britt on buckles, then handsprings in for a back elbow! Penelope throws Britt down then drags her up with a waistlock. Britt fights out but into a Northern Lights! Bridging cover, TWO! Penelope is annoyed but she keeps Britt from Allie. Britt fights back and spins Penelope for a rolling elbow! Britt keeps on Penelope and tags in Allie. Allie runs in side to side for a back elbow! Britt adds a knee and then Allie runs in for a sliding forearm! Allie grits her teeth as she covers, TWO! Penelope is tough but Allie keeps on her with a CHOP! And then a forearm, and another CHOP! Allie whips but Penelope holds ropes. Allie sweeps Penelope’s legs, then runs for a sliding forearm at the ropes! Fans fire up and some even get high-fives, but Bea Penalty Kicks Allie from the apron! Bea puts Allie in for Penelope to stomp on! Penelope drags Allie up and bumps her on buckles. Penelope runs in and handsprings to shoulder tackle!

Bea tags in and Penelope holds Allie for Bea to stomp the arm! Bea taunts Britt before going after Allie’s arm. Hammerlock STOMP! Allie screams in pain but Bea shows no mercy as she wrenches. She puts Allie in the corner and laces the arm on the ropes. Penelope tags in to club Allie, and the two bad girls work together to choke Allie. Allie fights out with elbows and forearms! Allie elbows Bea down then BOOTS Penelope! Bea trips Britt to deny the tag! Penelope handsprings but Allie dodges! Allie blocks the kick to throw Penelope down, then huricanranas, but Penelope makes it part powerbomb! Both women are down and a standing count begins. The count passes 5 before either woman stirs. They crawl, hot tags to Britt and Bea! And the Doctor is in! She fires off on Bea with fists, then dodges to fire forearms! Bea wobbles but comes back with a forearm of her own! Bea runs but Britt forearms her back. Britt runs, dodges, redirects and Slingblades!

Fans fire up as Britt gets to a corner. Britt rolls Bea around, to a fisherman neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Bea lives but scrambles to a corner. Fans fire up for Britt, and Britt goes after Bea with more forearms. Britt whips corner to corner but Bea goes up, over, and keeps moving to waistlock Britt. Britt resists and elbows, but into a SAIDO SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Britt lives and Allie is relieved. Fans rally again as Bea drags Britt up. Bea whips Britt, but Allie tags in! Britt and Allie each kick Bea, butterfly suplex to jackknife cover, but Penelope breaks it! The ref reprimands Penelope but Allie runs at her. Penelope goes Matrix, to come back with a cutter! Britt wrenches and pump handles Penelope for a facebuster! Bea ROUNDHOUSES Britt! Allie kicks and fireman’s carries Bea, to Death Valley Driver! Cover, TWO!!

Allie is furious, but fans rally up again. Allie drags Bea up but Bea pulls hair! Jawbreaker! Hot tags to Penelope and Britt! Penelope runs in but Britt dodges for a running neckbreaker! Penelope gets up to back kick and run, but Britt spins her around for a DMDDT! Cover, but Bea breaks it! Allie SPEARS Bea! Britt drags Penelope up, Page Turner! Then Rings of Saturn!! Penelope endures, but Britt makes it part MANDIBLE CLAW! Penelope verbally quits, Britt & Allie win!!

Winners: Britt Baker & Allie, Baker by submission

The Doctor didn’t get Bea to pay for All Out, but this is good enough for her! Will Britt get her hands on Bea on her way towards the AEW Women’s Championship?


Tony and AEW Dark review the shocking events from Dynamite.

With new footage and angles, we again watch as Sammy Guevara set Cody up for Chris Jericho’s ambush! The merciless beating Y2J gave the American Nightmare has put Cody on the sidelines, and now their Full Gear championship match is off! Will Cody be able to return and get revenge on Jericho? Or will someone have beaten him to it?

Additionally, there was the Six Man Tag of The Elite VS Jericho and the Boricua Badasses, Ortiz & Santana. However, that match never quite went the way Kenny Omega or the Young Bucks wanted. Jon Moxley returned from injury to get revenge on the Best Bout Machine, brawling with him all the way to the Washington Wizards’ VIP area, and using Death Rider/Paradigm Shift to put Omega through a glass table! And in the end, Jericho’s team would win, to also reveal the rise of a new faction! The yet-to-be-officially-named Faction of Jericho made sure we all soaked it in, maaan…! Will we get word from the AEW World Champion this Wednesday on just how this quintet came to be?


Tony is in the AEW Control Center!

Tony uses this space to review the brackets for the AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament! The opening round matches are: Private Party VS The Young Bucks, a true testing ground for Isaiah and Quen should Matt & Nick Jackson be in good shape after what happened on Dynamite’s premiere; Lucha Brothers VS Jurassic Express, with Pentagon and Fenix looking red hot while Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus are looking for a win; Best Friends VS SCU, or more specifically The Addiction, and the winners moving on to face the #1 seeds, The Dark Order! Who will Evil Uno and Stu Grayson get to torture in the second round?


Six Man Tag: SoCal Uncensored VS Jurassic Express!

DC may be the #WorstTownTheyHaveEverBeenTo, but they’re still more than ready for an All Out rematch! Will Marko Stunt help Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus gain momentum for the tournament? Or will history repeat itself as SCU gets the 1-2-3 again?

The trios sort out and fans are already dueling as little Marko starts against Christopher Daniels. The Fallen Angel shakes hands and pats Marko’s head. Marko shoves Daniels, so Daniels swings on Marko. Marko headlocks, but Daniels just stands up to lift him! Daniels powers out and runs Marko over without really trying. Daniels yanks Marko up, but Marko tries to arm-drag! Still nothing. Daniels yanks Marko up again to kick then whip. Marko dodges, tilt-o-whirls and rolls into a cover! TWO, and Daniels tilt-o-whirls Marko but Marko arm-drags! Marko speeds things up, Daniels drops down, and Marko stomps all over his back! Marko flosses and dares Daniels to bring it. Daniels stands up in a huff, then swings into Marko’s waistlock. Daniels bucks him off, speeds up, and Marko drops down, only for Daniels to step on him. Daniels flosses and he’s improved! He also pelvic thrusts for good measure.

Marko and Daniels tag out to Jungle Boy and Frankie Kazarian! Kaz gets JB in a cover, TWO! JB comes back with a roll but Kaz slips out to Oklahoma roll. TWO, and JB acrobatically goes around to a cover, TWO! Kaz crucifixes, TWO, but Kaz shoves JB. JB hops up, sunset flips, Kaz rolls through but JB ducks the Penalty Kick! JB rolls Kaz up, TWO! JB runs, Kaz scoop slams him! Kaz runs, springboard leg drop! Cover, TWO! Kaz drags JB around to tag in Scorpio Sky. The two double leg lock to roll and fling JB! Cover, TWO! Scorpio drags JB up and over to bump him off Daniels’ boot. Daniels tags in and they double whip JB. JB dodges the clotheslines to shove Daniels into Scorpio! Tag to Luchasaurus! Fans fire up for the man-dinosaur as he CHOPS Daniels down! Luchasaurus waits for Daniels to stand and swings another hand, but Daniels ducks to uppercut back! But Luchasaurus stays up! Tail Whip heel kick!

Fans rally for “Luchasaurus!” as he looms over Daniels. Luchasaurus drags Daniels up, tag to JB. Jungle Boy suplexes Daniels down, covers, TWO! JB tags to Marko and he becomes a human weapon, pump handle ripcord splash! Cover, TWO! Marko dropkicks Daniels down then kips up. Marko runs in to dropkick Daniels in the corner! Tag to JB, and JB runs in, but blocks a boot. He turns Daniels around, Luchasaurus roundhouse kickstarts the backstabber! JB holds Daniels there for Marko to slingshot atomico! Cover, TWO! Daniels survives but JB keeps him down with a headlock. Daniels endures as fans rally up. Daniels gets up and fights out with elbows. JB clubs Daniels back then runs, but into a tilt-o-whirl side slam! Both men are down, crawling for their corners as fans rally again. Hot tags to Scorpio and Marko!

Scorpio rallies on the boys, but Marko gets running! Marko crossbodies, but literally bounces off of Scorpio. JB is up and runs, dodges, but Scorpio kicks then dropkicks JB out! Luchasaurus gets in but Scorpio kicks away on the leg. Luchasaurus choke grips but Scorpio escapes to keep kicking! Scorpio runs, Kaz tags in, Scorpio dumdum stomps Luchasaurus on the back! Kaz runs and gets the boost for the tornado DDT! Cover, TWO!! Luchasaurus lives but SCU keeps focused. Luchasaurus sits up!? Then kips up to mule kick, front kick, and roundhouse! He BOOTS Daniels, then grabs Scorpio to drag him in. Kaz runs over but avoids a roundhouse, and the heel kick, only to get hit by the second roundhouse! Scorpio breaks free to throw forearms, then he runs, into the flapjack! Luchasaurus has Kaz while the boys crisscross DIVE onto Scorpio and Daniels! CHOKE SLAM and STANDING MOONSAULT from Luchasaurus! Cover, TWO!! Kaz survives but Jurassic Express fires up.

Tag to Marko, and JB comes in with him. JB helps Marko speed up to Tiger Feint Kaz! German Suplex from JB, somersault SPIKE-RANA from Luchasaurus! Marko runs to standing Shooting Star! Cover, TWO! Daniels returns to clobber Marko! Luchasaurus headbutts Daniels! Scorpio baits Luchasaurus and dumps him out. JB dodges Kaz to rally on him and Scorpio with strikes! JB fires up, but runs into a kick! Chicken wing lift, pop into the knee smash! The Addiction gives JB Celebrity Rehab!! Marko returns, he dodges Kaz to huricanrana Scorpio! Daniels suplexes Marko and hands him over to Kaz for the gut wrench position. Fans anticipate this one, but Luchasaurus drags Daneils out! Marko knees out of the tombstone to victory roll, TWO!! Daniels gives Luchasaurus a Complete Shot! Marko runs to huricanrana but Kaz blocks! Scorpio returns, BACKSTABBER BOMB!! Cover, SCU wins again!

Winners: SoCal Uncensored, Frankie Kazarian pinning

That’s 2-0 against Jurassic Express, and SCU rolls into the tag team tournament! Will they make it through Best Friends to take on The Dark Order? Will the Jurassic Express ever get some traction under them?



My Thoughts:

That’s a pretty great move for AEW to give an entire extra hour to the fans, both live and at home. Since records matter in AEW, knowing where everyone stands matters, so what would be “dark matches” never to see importance in kayfabe are actually just as pivotal to story. In a sense, AEW Dark is to get rid of that perception that dark matches are filler. For one, Britt Baker and Bea Priestly get to add to their rivalry with tonight’s match, which was pretty solid. Bea wasn’t part of the decision to keep her strong, and her feud with Britt will certainly get time on TV since Dynamite’s only just begun. Darby VS Cima was a great match, and it makes a lot of sense for Darby to finally win. It might seem a little soon for him to be in a contender’s match, but he and Jimmy Havoc have been wild and reckless so another match together is great for everyone. Either would make for a great opponent against Chris Jericho since it seems Cody has been kayfabe’d out of Full Gear. This week’s Dynamite will surely confirm that situation while perhaps naming Jericho’s faction.

That 8 Man Tag was great because it just became an unofficial tornado tag. All four teams looked great, and this was big for the three teams in the AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament. Naturally the team with Pentagon and Fenix, the AAA World Tag Team Champions and a team that’s beaten the Young Bucks on and off, was able to win. The Hybrid 2 not being in the tag team tournament still saves them for a future match, and given their history with the Lucha Brothers in AAA (and Lucha Underground, technically), they might bring that rivalry to AEW. Then we got an awesome Six Man Tag rematch from All Out. The Jurassic Express looked even better this time, though there were some small details Jungle Boy could work on. The chinlock may be a rest hold, but JB needed to stay tight on it to keep the illusion. I really thought Jurassic Express might’ve won to get even with SCU and go into their own first round match with momentum, but it seems SCU goes into their match with Best Friends with that momentum instead.

My Score: 8.5/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (8/16/22)

Powerhouse gets Dark!



AEW Dark 2

It’s a baker’s dozen for Universal Studios!

AEW Dark continues in Universal Studios, and “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs looks to send a message to Ricky Starks through his opponent tonight!


  • Ari Daivari VS Fuego Del Sol; Daivari wins.
  • Willow Nightingale VS Robyn Renegade w/ Charlette Renegade; Willow wins.
  • Serpentico w/ Luther VS Brock Anderson w/ Arn Anderson; Brock wins.
  • Abadon VS Mafiosa; Abadon wins.
  • Angelico VS Baliyan Akki; Angelico wins.
  • Emi Sakura VS Renee Michelle; Sakura wins.
  • Josh Woods VS Cobra; Cobra wins.
  • Skye Blue VS Charlette Renegade w/ Robyn Renegade; Skye wins.
  • Bear Country VS Axel Rico & Victor Iniestra; Bear Country wins.
  • Kayla Rossi w/ Diamond Sheik VS Avery Breaux; Rossi wins.
  • Cezar Bononi w/ The Wingmen VS Marcus Kross; Bononi wins.
  • Rohit Raju VS Invictus Khash; Raju wins.
  • “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs VS Blake Christian; Hobbs wins.


Great to see Abadon back in action, though I’m pretty sure she’s gotten even scarier since she’s been away… A lot of singles match-ups, a lot of easily called match-ups, but that’s par for the course on Dark. A bit surprised they didn’t just team up the Renegade Sisters against Willow & Skye, but maybe those matches are still connected. And while All Heart will lose to Powerhouse, you can beat Blake Christian will get to shine against the bigger Will Hobbs.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (8/15/22)

Minneapolis gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

It’s a Superbad return!

Penelope Ford returns to action in AEW as Dark: Elevation serves the leftovers from Dynamite’s Quake by the Lake!


  • Tony Nese & Josh Woods w/ Mark Sterling VS Travis Titan & Arik Cannon; Nese & Woods win.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Dark Order VS T.U.G Cooper, Drew System, Rylie Jackson & Adam Grace; The Dark Order wins.
  • Serena Deeb VS Sierra; Deeb wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Cezar Bononi; Konosuke wins.
  • Julia Hart VS Free-Range Kara; Julia wins.
  • Private Party VS JAH-C & JDX; Private Party wins.
  • Penelope Ford VS Heather Reckless; Ford wins.
  • The Acclaimed VS Justin Fowler & JT Energy; The Acclaimed win.
  • Six Woman Tag: Hikaru Shida & ThunderStorm VS Emi Sakura, Marina Shafir & Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero; Shida & ThunderStorm win.


Great to see Penelope Ford is back in action. I wonder if Kip Sabian will make his in-ring return soon. Unless he wants to keep stalking Pac a little longer as the box man… Private Party is going to get a win as the warm-up for their AEW World Tag Team Championship match this Wednesday, and pretty much the entirety of The Dark Order is in action in that 8 Man Tag. Konosuke VS Bononi is going to be really good. Bononi is certainly the biggest opponent physically speaking for Konosuke to take on, so we’ll get to see how Konosuke handles that situation.

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