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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Extended! (10/25/19)

See what you didn’t see on Wednesday!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

All Elite would never leave us hanging!

While television time ran out on Moxley VS PAC, AEW and TNT wouldn’t just leave us all in the dark! Watch what happened when Dynamite went off the air!


It was after PAC and Moxley ran out of time…

The Death Rider was just as upset as the fans in Pittsburgh over the amazing main event not finishing due to time constraints. But just because the feed to TNT was cut doesn’t mean this had to stop! Moxley was pacing while fans wants more. Pac also wants more as he attacks Moxley from behind! Pac stomps away on Moxley then shouts at the booing fans for booing. The Bastard then went outside to search under the ring. He brings out a chair! He wants to finish what he started before the match, and puts the chair on Moxley’s neck! Pac hops up as Moxley is in the drop zone, but KENNY OMEGA makes the save! Omega may not like Moxley, but he doesn’t want the man crippled. Omega smirks at Moxley as he removes the chair from around the neck.

Moxley sits up, a bit wary of Omega. Omega tosses the chair and the two stand face to face. They still need to have that Full Gear grudge match, after all. But Pac returns, only to get kicks from both men! And then a double clothesline that sends him out! Pac runs away while Moxley and Omega talk trash. Fans cheer as the tension mounts, but Pac isn’t getting away without a fight! Hangman Page has appeared! Page chases Pac back to the ring, and fans chant “Hangman! Hangman!” Pac runs away through the crowd and fans boo again. Moxley takes his leave while Omega and Hangman stick together in the ring.

Hangman asks via the mic if Pac is getting him a beer. Pac is sure a big man with a chair or when someone isn’t looking. But he doesn’t look too big right now. Or in DC when he had to kick Hangman in the balls to beat him. Or when Hangman pinned him in the tag match. So there needs to be a rematch to settle things. Hangman ain’t asking, he’s telling: FULL GEAR, Bastard VS Hangman II! And Hangman vows to “Buckshot your damn head off.” And with that, AEW Dynamite truly cuts the cameras off! Will Pac have to face the consequences of his actions?



My Thoughts:

Wow, I give kudos to AEW and TNT for not leaving fans hanging and acting like kayfabe ends when “TV time” runs out. It is great to see Omega still has the respect for Moxley enough to save him, and it is great to see we’re getting Hangman VS PAC again at Full Gear. I wonder if AEW will do this more often, in the case of say a brawl that closes the show. If anything, this was a way better option than waiting almost a week for AEW Dark to have it.

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