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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (10/30/19)

Only ONE team can be the first AEW World Tag Team Champions!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

History will be made in the Mountain State!

The brawl that sparked it all is now going to be the tournament finals! Lucha Brothers or SoCal Uncensored, who will be the first ever AEW World Tag Team Champions?! Plus, a contract signing for the AEW World Championship match at Full Gear!



  • Sammy Guevara VS Hangman Adam Page; Page wins.
  • Shanna VS Hikaru Shida; Shida wins.
  • Six Man Tag: QT Marshal, Alex Reynolds & John Silver VS Best Friends & Orange Cassidy; Best Friends & Cassidy win.
  • Six Man Tag: The Elite VS Kip Sabian & The Hybrid2; The Elite wins.
  • Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates VS ???; No Contest.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals: SoCal Uncensored VS The Lucha Brothers; SCU wins and become the inaugural AEW World Tag Team Champions.


Tony Schiavone waits by a private airplane.

Dynamite is kicking off, but the Nightmare Family arrives in Charleston. Cody is ready to sign that AEW World Championship contract, and gets an encouraging hug from Dustin. Cody and Tony head to the car. Cody figures “it’s just another match, right?” Well a little bit more than that. Tony gets to ride with the American Nightmare, but will the Inner Circle make the entire night a nightmare?


AEW recaps what happened after TNT had to cut away.

Jon Moxley and PAC were not satisfied with their time limit draw, but it was The Bastard who almost ended the Death Rider! However, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page came out to make the save. Omega still wants Moxley at Full Gear, and Hangman dares Pac to man up for another round!

But there was more to what happened after the show was over. Tony Khan asked to see Moxley, and Moxley stormed his way to the boss’ office. Khan says they could no longer sanction Omega VS Moxley!? Moxley doesn’t get it. So this match won’t count on the win-loss record? Exactly. Khan knows it’ll be great, but he doesn’t want AEW to be held responsible for what happens between them. “You gotta be f***ing kidding me, man!” But Khan doesn’t get why Moxley is upset, this should be good since unsanctioned matches are no disqualification. Moxley tells Khan to shut up, because he wants his win over Omega to be on the record! He’s been working too hard these last couple of months for this! Moxley had the balls to go after the “top boy” and now he’s just some “freak show” to Khan? That’s just like how everywhere else treats Moxley!

Khan keeps trying to reason with Moxley, but Moxley doesn’t care. What happens next, what happens to Omega, is on Khan’s hands now! Moxley storms out, will he make Khan and AEW management regret this?


Sammy Guevara VS Hangman Adam Page!

The Inner Circle and the Elite do battle through the #BestEver and the Problem Solver! Will Hangman keep momentum on the way to a rematch with Pac at the expense of the “young Spanish god”?

The bell rings and fans are more on Hangman’s side than Sammy’s. Sammy pretends not to care as he takes his time taking off his jacket. They circle and tie up, and they end up on the ropes. Hangman has control but lets up at the ref’s count. Sammy insults Hangman and his horse, but Hangman CHOPS him back! And CHOPS again! Hangman whips but Sammy dodges, only to run into a BOOT! Fans cheer as Hangman wrenches Sammy to a shoulder breaker, then a suplex! Cover, TWO! Hangman drags Sammy up but Sammy headlocks to block. Hangman still back suplexes but Sammy slips out and shoves. Sammy follows, hurdles, back flips and dropkicks! Then shows of as he stands up and takes a bow. Fans boo as Sammy snap suplexes Hangman to a cover, TWO!

Charleston chants “Sammy Sucks!” but Sammy pretends not to hear it. Sammy brings Hangman up to CHOP and forearm, then ram him into a corner. Sammy CHOPS again, then whips, but Hangman reverses to run in and throat chop to SLAP! Fans cheer as Sammy flounders up. Sammy BOOTS back, then hops up, to leap! But Hangman catches him, to a Fall Away Slam! Hangman kips up and runs in to clotheslines Sammy out! Fans are loving Hangman as he goes out to fetch Sammy. Hangman drags Sammy up and into the ring, but Sammy slips around to trip Hangman up! Hangman hits his back on the apron, then Sammy throws Hangman into barriers! Hangman is writhing but Sammy puts him in the ring. Sammy walks into a CHOP but gives a forearm! Sammy brings Hangman up, fireman’s carry, and does some squats to show off, before hitting the Samoan Drop! Cover, TWO!

Sammy stomps Hangman down before going to the corner. Fans boo as Sammy climbs up top. Sammy takes his time as he takes aim, to just hop down and SLAP Hangman! But Hangman just gets angry and CHOPS Sammy back! And again! Hangman throws haymakers then whips, but Sammy reverses, only for Hangman to swing him around. Sammy blocks the clothesline to spin Hangman around, but Hangman comes with the southpaw clothesline, only for Sammy to flip through! And SUPERKICK! Hangman still LARIATS! Fans are loving this “A E Dub!” opener! A standing count begins and climbs to 5, but Hangman is up at 7. Sammy follows as Charleston reaches a fever pitch. Hangman hits a corner to corner clothesline, whips Sammy and BOOTS him again! Then snap saido suplex! Sammy rolls out to the apron but Hangman is seething.

Hangman goes out to the apron to join Sammy, and brings him up for the Alabama lift. Sammy fights out to enziguri back! Then he hops back out, to run into a SCRAPBUSTER on the apron! Fans cheer while Sammy writhes, but Hangman puts him in for a POP-UP BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Sammy survives but Hangman drags Sammy up. He throws Sammy out hard, then heads to a corner. Hangman SUPER ASAIS! Direct hit!! Hangman puts Sammy in, tosses a wristband away, but Sammy gets far out of the Buckshot’s range. Hangman gets in and brings Sammy up, but sees the back hand coming. Hangman boots but Sammy knee strikes back! Rolling elbow from Hangman, but then Sammy puts him on the apron. Sammy forgets about the BUCKSHOT! Cover, Hangman wins!

Winner: Hangman Adam Page, by pinfall

The problem has been solved, and Hangman is rolling on towards Full Gear! Hangman grabs a mic and says, “It ain’t no secret that things haven’t been going so well for me. But tonight felt good!” And at Full Gear, Hangman says he’ll do some real “cowboy sh*t” and take Pac’s head off! Fans echo “Cowboy Sh*t!” as Hangman drops the mic. Will the Bastard get some Buckshot like Sammy just did?


Private Party has some legendary guests!

It’s the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express! Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen are excited to see tag team icons, and give them VIP passes. Now they can all party together!


Shanna VS Hikaru Shida!

“Portugal’s Perfect Athlete” has her Dynamite debut, but she’s up against the sensational samurai of Stardom! Will Shida redeem herself from falling short at All Out here tonight?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Shanna waistlocks but Shida pries free to a standing switch. Shanna works to do the same, and wrenches to a shoulder breaker! She wristlocks Shida but Shida rolls to wrench back. Shanna rolls, handsprings and arm-drags! Shida is up but gets another arm-drag! Shanna back kicks then runs, for a rolling neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Shanna keeps on Shida but Shida kicks back. Shida whips but Shanna reverses to send Shida out! Shanna builds speed, but Shida gets up to intercept with a knee! Shanna tumbles out and Shida starts looking for things under the ring. Shida has a chair! She stands it up, then runs to use it for a springboard to hit a FLYING KNEE! Fans fire up as Shida wipes Shanna out!

Shida gets back to Shanna and puts her in the ring. Shanna staggers but Shida gives her big knees. Shida drags Shanna up for more, and Shanna staggers about. Fans are strongly behind Shida as she scoops and gives Shanna a backbreaker! Cover, ONE, but Shida keeps on Shanna with stomps. Shida also clubs away on the back, and Shanna retreats to ropes. Shida backs off as Shanna stands, and runs in to hit another flying knee! Cover, TWO! Shanna survives but Shida seems to like the fighting spirit. Shanna CHOPS from below, then again! She throws palm strikes but gets big knees from Shida! Shida goes to run but Shanna anchors a foot. Shida drags Shanna up in a facelock, but Shanna cradle counters! TWO, and Shida throws furious forearms!  Shida is losing her cool as she brings Shanna back up.

Fans rally as Shida goes to suplex. Shanna fights out and spins, but Shida breaks free to ROCK Shanna with a right! Shanna is just as mad now, and fires off as AEW goes picture in picture! She throws forearms and CHOPS again and again then whips. Shida huricanrana counters Shanna to a corner! Shida whips Shanna to ropes, but Shanna huricanranas in return! Shanna and Shida fire up and give each other forearms! Shanna rebounds to SUPER FOREARM! Cover, TWO!! Shida survives and Shanna is losing her cool. Shanna drags Shida up into underhooks, butterfly facebuster! Cover, TWO!! Shida survives again! But Shanna is winning fans over, and she hurries to a corner. Shanna climbs while Shida rises. Shanna takes too long, Shida uppercuts her back! Shida climbs but the two brawl up top. Shanna forearms but Shida gives them back!

AEW returns to single picture as Shida has Shanna. Shanna resists and clubs away, then headbutts Shida into the Tree of Woe! Shanna smiles, and leaps, WOE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!?! Shida shocks Shanna and Charleston! “That was three, ref!” Shanna kicks Shida in the ribs, then drags her back up. Shida is all but dead weight, but Shanna just slaps away on the back of her head. Shanna underhooks but Shida kicks and flails to resist the lift. Shida Alabama lifts Shanna, DUDE BUSTER! Shanna writhes but rolls to safety under a rope. Shida staggers up and shouts that she’ll end this! Shida hurries over to Shanna at the corner, drags her up, and DEAD LIFT SUPERPLEXES!! Cover, TWO!! Shida can’t believe Shanna’s this tough! But she won’t be denied, as she runs and boots, into a roll-up! TWO, and Shida runs, into a full nelson! But she wheelbarrows to a victory roll, only for Shanna to rock it back! TWO!!

Five minutes remain as Shanna hits Shida with a back kick. Shanna runs, but Shida follows, to dodge and KNEE STRIKE! Shida drags Shanna up fast, FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Shanna will not die! But Shida won’t let up, she runs to SHINING WIZARD! Cover, Shida wins!!

Winner: Hikaru Shida, by pinfall

What a shocking debut from Portugal’s Perfect Athlete, but being perfect was still not enough to stop Shida! Will this Stardom star shine on the road to the AEW Women’s World Championship?


Brandi Rhodes is going to a dark place.

She attacked Jamie Hayter without provocation, and without explanation. And now, she has pictures of top AEW Women’s Division contenders on her vanity mirror. She and Awesome Kong look to be preparing something truly wicked. What will become of the Women’s Division with these two growing stronger by the moment?


Chris Van Vliet is on stage to introduce the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express!

Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton present the AEW World Tag Team Championship belts to the world! It feels great to be back in Charleston, West Virginia! R’N’R beat the Oli and Arn Anderson in this very building. But now, Ortiz and Santana attack?! The Inner Circle’s Proud ‘n’ Powerful have no shame in attacking these living legends! Fans boo but the Boricuan Bad Boys won’t leave Ricky alone! They beat him with that weighted sock! P’N’P hold up the tag titles, but then let them go to go after Ricky more! DOUBLE POWERBOMB THROUGH THE STAGE!! The Young Bucks hurry out and run P’N’P off! The Bucks check on their heroes, the R’N’R Express, but it might be too little too late. Medics hurry to help Ricky while AEW goes to break.


AEW checks in with Cody and Schiavone.

They’re still some time away from the arena. The contract signing is coming, this reminds of Tuscon, Arizona, Schiavone had an interview with Willie Nelson at the pool. Schiavone went to Dusty’s room and found him “buck naked.” Dusty asked if Willie was already at the pool, and yes he ways. Dusty said, “Good,” and got dressed. The American Dream told Schiavone, “The star always comes out last.” So that’s the master plan for Cody tonight? Make Chris Jericho wait? Yep.

Cody thinks back to his dad, and he’s so excited to sign this contract. Mama Rhodes will be at Full Gear, and Cody thinks about all the shows she saw of Dusty. Cody can’t help but want to impress her. It seems so strange, with Jericho surely flanked by the Inner Circle. Cody knows how great Jericho is, but this is his time now. Schiavone knows the Rhodes/Rennels family will all be watching. That emotion is good, it will drive Cody to be even better. That’s just Schiavone’s advice, even though he’s not a wrestling coach. The history of everything, Schiavone is honored. Cody is glad to have Schiavone with him.


Six Man Tag: QT Marshal, Alex Reynolds & John Silver VS Best Friends & Orange Cassidy!

God’s Gift to Wrestling is back on TV, alongside the Beaver Boys, but Charleston doesn’t seem to care. But fans do love that Rick & Morty are hanging with the Best Friends and Orange Cassidy! The three even cosplay Rick and Morty, and another Rick!

The teams sort out and Silver starts against Chuckie T. They tie up and Chuckie headlocks but Silver powers out. Chuckie runs Silver over then tags in Trent. They double whip and double shoulder Silver down. Trent loses his wig but quickly puts it back on. Trent brings Silver up to CHOP down, then facelock. Silver slips out and snatches the hair to then BOOT Trent down! Reynolds and QT bum rush Chuckie and Cassidy while Silver holds up his trophy. The ref reprimands the trio while Silver whips Trent in for a corner clothesline. Reynolds and QT add their own, then Silver runs in, only to miss! Trent hits a tornado DDT! Tag to Chuckie, and Chuckie rallies on QT and Reynolds! Chuckie clotheslines Reynolds out then gives QT a standing Sliced Bread! Fans fire up as Chuckie runs in at Silver, but Silver dodges.

Trent tags back in, Silver runs into a rising knee! Trent hits Silver with the shotgun knee! Chuckie gives Trent back his wig, but Reynolds runs in, only to get Sole Food Half ‘n’ Half! The wigs are back on, but QT ruins the hug! Orange Cassidy returns! And he has his hands in his pocket, so you know he means business! QT talks trash but gets a “devastating” series of Sloth kicks. QT dodges the superkick, but not the no-hands dropkick! QT tumbles out while Cassidy kips up! And the ref helps him with his glasses, before everyone hugs! Cassidy then NO HAND TOPES! Silver gets the STRONG ZERO! Cover, Best Friends win!

Winners: Best Friends, Trent pinning

Rick & Morty is back on Adult Swim on November 10th, but Freshly Squeezed and his new friends are winning right here! Will Cassidy, Trent and Chuckie T rise to the top of AEW together?


It is time for the AEW World Championship contract signing!

The table is on stage as LE CHAMPEON appears first! Chris Jericho is in the Halloween spirit with that jack o’lantern suit jacket. Jericho sets the title on the table and takes a seat, but as Dusty Rhodes told Schiavone, the star comes out last. And arriving just now is The American Nightmare! Schiavone and Cody head inside, knowing full well they’re making Jericho wait. Jericho shrugs it off as Cody makes his entrance, Schiavone by his side. Cody takes his seat across the table and Schiavone welcomes Charleston to this contract signing.

Saturday, November 9th, Baltimore, Maryland, Full Gear, Chris Jericho VS Cody Rhodes for the AEW World Championship. Jericho revels in the heat the fans heap on him while Cody soaks up all the cheers. This match will have a 60 minute time limit, with a panel of three judges, should time run out. The contract is ready, and Cody takes it first as the challenger. Cody reads it over while fans cheer, and he signs his name. The contract is then passed to Jericho as fans boo. Jericho reads it over, then stands up fast. Cody reacts, and Jericho laughs at him. “Sit down, sit down.” This match is too important. Fans tell Jericho, “You Suck!” but Jericho doesn’t care, they can chant away. Jericho says he doesn’t suck, “Skeeavone” sucks.

But this match is too important to powerbomb Cody through the table. This is the biggest match in AEW history, in all of pro-wrestling in 2019, and of Cody’s career. If Cody wins, he’ll finally be a world champion. But if Cody loses, it might prove to him and the “entitled Millennial jackasses” that that he’s not as good as he thinks he is. Jericho promises to sign the contract and then teach Cody a lesson “of what it’s like to be a loser.” Jericho takes his time clicking the pen, and then signs. Jericho then stands up again, but Cody is ready. Cody even takes off his jacket just in case. Jericho tells the “hillbillies” to calm down, then looks Cody up and down. Two gentlemen keeping things civil, not making a mockery out of the title. They’re true professionals, after all. And Le Champeon has the poise and grace to ask for a handshake. Fans are wary, but Cody accepts. The two shake hands, but then Cody pulls Jericho in close. Tension rises, and fans want to see a scuffle, but Jericho says Cody “might be needed elsewhere.”

Sammy has a camera feed going, back at the limousine. Because Jake Hager is attacking Dustin Rhodes! He slams Dustin onto the limo, then knees him against it! And very, very low! He uses Dustin’s head to dent the trunk! Cody hurries to the back but Hager SLAMS the door shut on Dustin’s arm!! Cody finally arrives, along with MJF and security, but clearly the damage is done! The Inner Circle is ordered to leave, and Jericho smokes a cigar as he watches on. Jericho mocks Dustin’s pain and Cody’s anger before riding away with his Inner Circle. Schiavone said to use emotion in this coming match. Is Cody only going to have that much more to use against Jericho? Or will this be too much to handle?


Six Man Tag: The Elite VS Kip Sabian & The Hybrid2!

The challenged was issued by Superbad, Angelico and Jack Evans, and it was accepted! Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks may have a lot on their plate, but can they handle a little more? Or will Sabian and #TH2 be able to capitalize this close to Full Gear?

But wait. What is this ominous message for Omega? “You remember us, don’t you…? We’re still inseparable after all this time, aren’t we…? CLEANER. Remember your friends?” An image of Hangman, the Young Bucks, even Riho and Michael Nakazawa appears. “Remember your BEST friend?” Is that the Golden Star? “He was never on your side. And now it’s only a matter of time until everyone else goes away, too. Doesn’t it hurt being alone? Don’t worry. We can help you. Join us… And your pain will end FOREVER!!!” Wait, something is breaking through the illusions! “Yeah… Stick a sock in it, pal. Mind if I tag in this time, Kenny?” The Elite goes Deltarune! The AAA Omega Champion is Sans! And Matt and Nick Jackson are once again Street Fight’s Ryu and Ken! Will they make it game over in Charleston?

But before the bell, Sabian and TH2 attack! The ref has no choice but to ring the bell while the three beat down The Elite! The Bucks get kicked out and Sabian springboard sentons onto them both! TH2 beat up Omega, then shout at the ref. They double whip but Omega dodges and redirects to dropkick their legs out! Then Omega gives them both the Kotaru Krusher! Sabian returns to kick low and throw hands. But the Bucks return to get Sabian with the alley-oop dropkick! Fans fire up with The Elite as they run at Sabian. Sabian puts Nick on the corner, but that just sets himself up for Nick and Omega kick-elbow combo! Omega feeds Sabian to Matt’s takedown, catapult double enziguri! Sabian falls against Matt’s knees, Nick double stomps in! Fans are all fired up as the Elite has the ring!

The Terminator drums begin but TH2 yank the Bucks out! Evans springboard roundhouses Omega down! Then Evans handsprings, Sasuke Special with a little extra! Sabian stomps Matt down and covers, TWO! Sabian drags Matt up and snap suplexes to another cover, TWO! Fans rally for the Bucks as Matt grits his teeth. Sabian bumps Matt off buckles then stomps away. He hoists Matt up top and throws forearms. Sabian climbs up while fans boo TH2. Matt rights back with body shots, but Sabian springboards for a SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO! Tag to Evans and he brings Matt over. Tag to Angelico, and TH2 double whip Matt backwards! Evans handspring back elbows then Angelico lifts Matt. Evans springboards, dumdum stomp back suplex, into a modified triangle hold! Matt endures but Omega stomps him free! The ref reprimands the Elite while Sabian protests. Matt is in danger while AEW goes to break.

AEW returns as Matt SPEARS Sabian down! Nick Penalty Kicks Angelico and fans fire up! The Bucks combine, springboard splash and moonsault combo! Cover, TWO!! The Bucks are surprised but not deterred. Matt circles Sabian and brings him up to scoop. Fans declare “This is Awesome!” as Sabian slips out and torture racks Matt. Matt escapes the Deathly Hallows but Sabian gets a POISON-RANA! Both men are down but fans rally up. Matt and Sabian crawl, hot tags to Evans and Omega! Evans swings but misses, SNAP DRAGON! Angelico flies in, but also gets a SNAP DRAGON! Sabian kicks, but gets a CHOP! And a- No, Sabian denies the hat trick with an elbow, but swings into the SNAP DRAGON anyway! Fans fire up and Omega snaps his fingers. Sabian and TH2 finally fall over.

Omega takes aim at Evans, BANG, but Evans dodges. Evans waistlocks, Omega standing switches and German Suplexes, but Evans lands on his feet! Evans handspring ax kicks! But he rolls into the Bucks’ buckle bomb and boot combo! Sabian bumps Matt, springboard tornado DDT! SUPERKICK from Nick to Sabian! Eddy Gordo kick from Angelico and he fireman’s carries Nick. Matt anchors a foot, but Evans climbs up and over to dumdum stomp to MOONSAULT! Angelico has Nick up, but Omega V-TRIGGERS Angelico down! Omega has the fans at a fever pitch, and then the Terminator drums begins. Omega rises, takes aim, but Sabian intercepts to throw him out. Sabian mocks the Terminator mode, then runs, to FLY, and get caught, for a TRIPLE APRON BOMB!!

Omega goes into the ring, but Evans boots him back. Evans takes too long bragging, he springboards into a TRIPLE SUPERKICK! Omega takes aim, BANG, V-TRIGGER! And then, Electric Chair, ONE WINGED ANGEL! Cover, The Elite wins!!

Winners: The Elite, Omega pinning

There’s a reason why they call themselves “The Elite!” Sabian and The Hybrid2 learned that first hand, but will Omega and the Bucks continue to prove that?

The Bucks high-five fans, but two Rick & Morty fans won’t let go. Oh no, how did Ortiz and Santana get back in the building?! They drag Matt and Nick over the railing to beat them down! Omega hurries over and runs them off, but Proud ‘n’ Powerful get away without a scratch. What must AEW do to keep the Inner Circle under control?


Peter Avalon w/ Leva Bates VS ???

Once again, The Librarians come out to hush the crowd. And once again, the fans boo back. “It’s Halloween time, which means it is right now appropriate for all you hideous monsters to look the way you do.” Avalon and Bates were at the university library today, and they discovered some evidence as to why wrestling hasn’t come here in almost 20 years. “This place is rotten!” But wait, here comes Jon Moxley! He is coming in through the crowd and to the ring! And he gets in the ring, to give Avalon a Paradigm Shift!! Fans cheer for Moxley in thanks, and then Moxley takes up the mic.

“The grudge match everybody wants to see at Full Gear, Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley, is now an unsanctioned match.” That means no time limits, no count outs, no rules! That’s all fun, but that also means it officially doesn’t count on the record. It officially won’t be on the records, as if it isn’t taking place. Which means when Moxley beats the “so called greatest wrestler int he world,” AEW will pretend like it never happened! This is AEW treating Moxley like an outsider, a freak, in his own little box. Moxley has dealt with this his whole life! This suits, these puppets, all saying he’s a “different type of cat,” as if he doesn’t understand they’re insulting him! He isn’t stupid, but if this is how it is going to be, AEW can take the win-loss records and shove them up their ass! Moxley is the baddest SOB in the game! The sickest SOB in the game! And there ain’t no one can prove him wrong!

If AEW wants unsanctioned, they’ve got it! If they think he’s out of control now, “you ain’t seen nothing yet!” Moxley promises to beat Omega within an inch of his life when he brings “beautiful, glorious wrestling violence the likes of which we haven’t seen in this country in decades.” Omega’s blood will be on AEW’s hands! Moxley tells AEW and TNT the same thing he told the puppets, and the same thing he’ll tell anyone that doesn’t like him: “Kiss my ass and stay the hell out of my way!” Just what won’t the Death Rider do to the Best Bout Machine in Baltimore?


AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals: SoCal Uncensored VS The Lucha Brothers!

“This is your main event of the evening!” The titles are presented, the introductions are made, and history is also being made in Charleston! Who will be forever known as the first-ever AEW World Tag Team Champions?!

Private Party watches ringside while The Dark Order have seats backstage, made using their creepy underlings. The teams are all riled up and the fans are already thunderous but referee Aubrey Edwards works to maintain order. The teams calm down and Frankie Kazarian is ready to start with Pentagon. Pentagon says Cero Miedo and the bell rings. And the brawl is on! They pick up speed, and now Fenix and Scorpio jump in to brawl with each other! The ref shouts at them but SCU gets the edge! Fans are divided as Kaz runs, but the Lucha Brothers get past Scorpio to double SUPERKICK Kaz! Scorpio fights back, throwing Fenix out of the way. But Pentagon kicks Scorpio into Fenix’s tiger feint, and then Scorpio gets a backstabber!

Kaz is up but he walks into the pump handle DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Kaz survives so Fenix takes out Scorpio on the outside! Scorpio retaliates by whipping Fenix into steel steps! Pentagon has Kaz but Scorpio stops the package driver. He and Pentagon brawl, trading swift kicks. Scorpio runs, Pentagon follows, dodges and SLINGBLADES! Kaz gets Pentagon but Pentagon elbows out of the waistlock. Fenix walks the ropes to KICK Kaz! Pentagon wheelbarrows to a victory roll, TWO! Fenix tags in and the brothers work together to mug Scorpio in their corner with kicks and CHOPS! They double whip Scorpio at Kaz, but Scorpio monkey flips Kaz for double clotheslines! SCU has the Lucha Brothers down, and fans are fired up! Kaz drags Fenix up to throw hands while fans duel. He scoop slams Fenix to then springboard and leg drop! But Pentagon runs in as Kaz covers, so Kaz uses Fenix to block the Penalty Kick!

Kaz dumps Pentagon to the apron, and gets him with a guillotine leg drop. Scorpio leaps to huricanrana Pentagon down! Fenix runs in, but a drop toehold puts him on the ropes and Scorpio mule kicks him into Kaz’s German Suplex! Cover, TWO! Fans rally both ways as Kaz brings Fenix up. Kaz suplexes but Fenix fights free. Fenix rakes eyes! And sucker punches Scorpio! Fenix CHOPS Kaz then goes acrobatic, somehow dodging Scorpio to arm-drag Kaz away! Pentagon has Scorpio on his shoulders but Scorpio hops off, only to get a SUPERKICK! Cero Miedo echoes out as Fenix aims at Kaz. Kaz runs in but gets sent out, SUPERKICK and a kick to the leg stagger him. Fenix aims as Pentagon has Kaz across the knees, SLINGSHOT LEG DROP! The Lucha Brothers just tried to break Kaz for good! AEW goes picture in picture as the referee checks on Kaz’s back.

Pentagon drags Kaz up, puts him in the ring, and Fenix brings Kaz around for another leg drop. Cover, TWO! Fenix brings Kaz over, tags Pentagon, and they mug Kaz in their corner. Kaz tries to fight back but just gets a CHOP for it. Pentagon swaggers about, but he turns around into a CHOP from Kaz! Pentagon KICKS Kaz’s leg out while Fenix and Scorpio brawl in the background. Pentagon eggs Kaz on while Fenix rams Scorpio into barriers! Pentagon toys with Kaz then KICKS his leg out again. Kaz can’t get away, Pentagon tags Fenix back in. Fenix fires off furious hands, then backs off at the ref’s count. Fans fire up as Fenix taunts Scorpio more. The ref has to keep Scorpio back while Fenix and Pentagon get in cheap shots. Fenix dropkicks Kaz down hard and covers, TWO! Fenix keeps on Kaz by hooking an arm and rolling Kaz around. Kaz reaches for ropes but gets up to throw haymakers! Kaz fights out of the Lucha Brothers’ corner, swings Fenix around, ANGEL’S WINGS! That one’s for Daniels!

Fans rally up, hot tag to Scorpio! Scorpio rallies on the Lucha Brothers, big leaping elbow and a big dropkick take them down! Scorpio runs in at Pentagon but is put on the apron. He hits back and slingshots, headscissors throws Pentagon out! Fenix returns, waistlocks but Scorpio elbows free. Scorpio runs, dodges Fenix and FLIES out onto Pentagon! Scorpio hurries back but Fenix wrecks him with a dropkick! Kaz climbs up to LEAP! His huricanrana crashes against the apron as he throws Fenix onto Pentagon! All four men are down and the referee checks on Kaz again. Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” but Kaz almost did himself in. Teams regroup and Scorpio has Pentagon. Kaz runs in and gets the assist for the tornado DDT! Fenix runs in, Scorpio tilt-o-whirls for his own DDT! Cover, TWO!! SCU almost had it but Scorpio calls Kaz in.

Scorpio chicken wings Fenix up but Pentagon runs in to kick SCU away. Pentagon lines up the shot, springboard DESTROYER! Scorpio boots Fenix and runs, into a somersault CUTTER! Cover, TWO!! Fenix is shocked but “This is Awesome!” Scorpio fights out of a waistlock again, but Fenix reels him out. They both run, they both crossbody! Pentagon aims at Kaz and runs over, but Kaz hops over to then kick. Pentagon blocks and says Cero Miedo, before he POWERBOMBS Kaz through the timekeeper’s table!! Fans lose their minds, Kaz has to be broken here. Pentagon and Fenix regroup but Scorpio fights them both! He runs, into a SUPERKICK! Fenix gets the boost from Pentagon for a BIG splash! Cover, TWO!! But the Lucha Brothers coordinate, Fenix climbs but Scorpio cradle counters! Somehow Kaz is back and he intercepts Fenix, SCU WINS?!

Winners: SoCal Uncensored, Scorpio Sky pinning; INAUGURAL AEW World Tag Team Champions

An incredible and truly stunning victory! The Lucha Brothers still need a moment to register it happened, but we all just witnessed history! Will Charleston forever be the BEST town SCU’s ever been in?



My Thoughts:

An incredible episode right here! So much amazing stuff, even the “filler” was a lot of fun. First, it was quite obvious tonight was sponsored by Rick & Morty, fans got to have Halloween masks and Best Friends plus Cassidy cosplaying, it was hilarious. Naturally Best Friends and Cassidy win, but it was still a good spot for QT Marshall to make his television in-ring return, since he already had his AEW Dark debut. I would love to see if QT Marshall makes a feud with Cassidy and talks about apples and oranges. While we learned about Moxley VS Omega being Unsanctioned from the TV spot to open, it was great for Moxley to attack Peter Avalon and then make it known to the crowd. His promo was amazing, though I am surprised with his line about the win-loss record. We’re basically a month into AEW using those, seems almost too soon to be saying anything about it. But if this means we’re getting an even more intense match than what both Moxley and Omega have had against Joey Janela, this is going to be insane.

The one great thing about AEW right now is that what you would think is a squash match is anything but. Shanna comes out of nowhere to debut, and she puts on a hell of a match with Hikaru Shida. In the end, Shida wins as she technically needs it more to stay afloat in the Women’s Division. I’m also really curious as to what Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong are plotting for the division, with Brandi going spooky Heel in that vignette. Hangman VS Sammy was a great opener, but boy the Inner Circle was busy tonight. I feel like Ortiz and Santana were used a little too much. Either attack Rock ‘n’ Roll Express and still go after the Bucks right after, or be in disguise as Rick & Morty fans to attack the Bucks after their match. Doing both seems redundant, but at the same time, things seemed to align where they could do both with it being Rick & Morty night. The attack on R’N’R was definitely more impactful, so I would’ve stuck to just that.

The Elite VS Sabian & TH2 was still a great Six Man, though. Everything was so much fun, from the Undertale style intro for Kenny to Sabian & TH2 taking the fight to The Elite. In the end, The Elite wins, because it keeps them all strong towards Full Gear, and again sets up that Inner Circle ambush. The contract signing was done brilliantly. This is where playing off of what WWE does actually works, because Jericho of course references how almost ever contract signing in WWE ends in a fight between the signing parties. But here, it was about attacking Cody through his family, as Hager just wrecks Dustin. Hager has yet to have a match in AEW, and I’m pretty sure this kayfabe keeps Dustin away, but I don’t know if Cody would risk falling for an Inner Circle trap having a match so soon before Full Gear. Maybe we wait a bit, and Dustin can fight Hager on the road to the next AEW PPV as his revenge.

And of course, what could top it off better than the historic tag title match? Things got a bit dicey, though, with Kaz doing his huricanrana to Fenix on the apron. I think Kaz is getting too old for that spot in particular, but thankfully he didn’t injure himself right there. I suppose as the Faces, and unofficially dedicating this match to Christopher Daniels with the Angel’s Wings randomly, SCU were the right choices to win. This was historic enough, and we can worry about crowning dual champions some other time, depending on when and where The Lucha Brothers come back for another try. Obviously there are plenty of teams who will want those belts, and we might as well consider Young Bucks VS Ortiz & Santana the #1 Contender’s match right now. Either match up would be an instant classic, I just hope AEW can break the mold of always having Face(s) VS Heel(s), as far as title match stories go.

My Score: 9.2/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (3/28/23)

QTV gets Dark!



QTV is in Universal Studios!

After helping Will Hobbs hold onto the AEW TNT Championship, QT Marshall & Aaron Solo get back in action! Will this be one for the headlines?


  • AR Fox VS Nick Comoroto; Fox wins.
  • Queen Aminata VS Skye Blue; Skye wins.
  • Evil Uno VS Alexander Moss; Uno wins.
  • Marina Shafir VS Steph De Lander; Shafir wins.
  • Zack Clayton VS Schaff; Clayton wins.
  • Top Flight VS Liam Gray & Adrian Alanis; Top Flight wins.
  • QT Marshall & Aaron Solo w/ Harley Cameron VS Austin Green & Vary Morales; QT & Solo win.
  • Brady Booker VS Serpentico; Brady wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Cole Karter; Konosuke wins.


A good line-up here. Just as I was wondering where Nick Comoroto was, he’s here on Dark to put AR Fox over. For those unfamiliar, Steph De Lander is formerly Persia Pirotta of NXT, though she has a very different look now, I almost didn’t recognize her. Brady Booker, formerly Bodhi Hayward, is back in action, good to see him. And while most of these matches seem pretty straight forward, I feel like Queen Aminata VS Skye Blue is the one that could go either way. Skye’s been building herself up in AEW and ROH but Aminata is impressive in her own right.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (3/27/23)

Independence gets Elevated!



The Firm is still in business!

Despite Stokely Hathaway losing on AEW Dynamite, Ethan Page and the team are in action on Elevation! Will business be good for The Firm?


  • Ari Daivari & Tony Nese w/ Mark Sterling VS Lane Summers & Campbell Myers; Daivari & Nese win.
  • Marina Shafir & Nyla Rose VS The Hale Sisters, Briar & Sage; Shafir & Nyla win.
  • Willow Nightingale VS Maggie Lee; Willow wins.
  • “Big Bill” Morrissey & Lee Moriarty VS Zack Clayton & Anaya; Morrissey & Moriarty win.
  • ROH Women’s World Championship Proving Grounds Match: Athena VS Tootie Lynn; Athena wins and denies Tootie a title opportunity.
  • Six Man Tag: Matt Hardy, Isiah Kassidy & Ethan Page VS Spanish Announce Project; Hardy, Kassidy & Ethan win.
  • Riho VS Diamante; Riho wins.


A good line-up, and I like that all members of The Firm are active after Stokely got beat down by Hook and the Gunns retained their titles. Though, are the Gunns even still affiliated with The Firm? It seems like they just broke off as soon as they got the tag titles. Anyway, good to see Athena in another match ahead of Supercard of Honor this Friday. And good to see Spanish Announce Project (Angelico, Serpentico & Luther) in action as a full trio, but I’m pretty sure they’ll put The Firm over to build Ethan’s momentum into taking on Hook.

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