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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (10/9/19)

The Elite look for payback!



AEW Dynamite Coverage

Cody will be avenged!

After what Chris Jericho and his new band of rogues did to The American Nightmare, both Dustin Rhodes and Hangman Adam Page look to get even! Will Cody’s brother and friend be able to beat Y2J and his new protege?



  • AEW World Tag Team Title Tournament Quarterfinals Match: The Young Bucks VS Private Party; Private Party wins and advance to the semifinals.
  • AEW World Championship Opportunity Match: Darby Allin VS Jimmy Havoc; Allin wins and will challenge Chris Jericho for the title on 10/16/19.
  • Riho & Britt Baker VS Bea Priestly & Emi Sakura; Riho & Baker win.
  • Shawn Spears VS Jon Moxley; Moxley wins.
  • Hangman Page & Dustin Rhodes VS Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara; The Inner Circle wins.


AEW World Tag Team Title Tournament Quarterfinals Match: The Young Bucks VS Private Party!

Matt and Nick Jackson vowed on behalf of the company to bring the world the very best tag team wrestling today. And as such, to prove they’re still the best, they’ll take on one of the best up-and-coming teams today. Who will prove they’re the best tonight in Boston and move on to the next round?

The teams sort out and fans are fired up already. Isaiah Kassidy starts against Nick and the two circle with the bell. They tie up and Nick wrenches to a wristlock. Isaiah rolls, handsprings and counters with a shoulder breaker. Isaiah wristlocks but Nick cartwheels to headlock and takeover. Isaiah headscissors, Nick pops out, and Isaiah dodges a superkick. Things speed up, Isaiah avoids another superkick. Nick dodges Isaiah but Isaiah avoids another superkick. Isaiah says “that close,” but Nick SPITS on him!? The ref gets the gum out of the ring but Isaiah runs at Nick. Nick spins him around, back suplex but Isaiah slips out. Isaiah boots but Nick blocks and spins him around, draping neckbreaker! Matt tags in to slingshot senton onto Isaiah! Matt hits Marq Quen then wrecks him with a dropkick! Nick gut busters Isaiah and Matt comes over, rolling neckbreaker backbreaker combo!

Fans are fired up for the Bucks as Matt takes his time with Isaiah. Matt wrenches Isaiah and tags Nick in. Nick drops ax handles on Isaiah, then tags Matt in for Matt to drop ax handles. Matt wrenches Isaiah, tags Nick, and Nick drops stomps! Nick hits Quen and Matt brings Isaiah over. The Bucks double suplex but Isaiah escapes! Isaiah sends Matt out, Nick whips but Isaiah slides out. Matt puts Isaiah on the apron but Isaiah shoulder Nick. Isaiah mule kicks Matt then roundhouses Nick! Isaiah ASAIS onto Matt! Nick slingshots Isaiah in but Isaiah lands on his feet. Isaiah slides, ducks and tags in Quen! Quen springboard crossbodies Nick down! Then he DIVES onto Matt! And FLIES onto Nick! Then FLIES onto Matt! And Sasuke Specials onto Nick! Boston is roaring for Isaiah as he puts Nick in. Quen climbs up top, 450 splash! Cover, TWO!!

Nick survives and Quen can’t believe how close he was. Quen gets fired up with the fans as he runs at Nick corner to corner. Nick dodges, tags Matt, but Quen goes at Nick. Quen whips, Nick goes up and over, SUPERKICK from Matt! Isaiah springboards into SUPERKICKS! The Superkick Party finally begins! The fans chant, “Young Bucks! WOOP WOOP!” as Matt tags in. Isaiah gets back on the apron, but Matt sunset flips to the outside and carries him to the ramp, for a powerbomb! Isaiah is writhing while Matt returns to ringside. Nick has Quen in the corner for a shining wizard! Then he hoists Quen up top and Matt goes up to join him. Nick is in position, SLICED BREAD BOMB! High stack, TWO! Sharpshooter!! Nick and fans shout, “TAP! TAP!” but Quen crawls to a ropebreak! Fans cheer Quen’s heart, and declare, “This is Awesome!”

Nick drags Quen over, tag to Matt. Matt mugs Quen with haymakers at the ropes, and taunts Quen. Matt toys with Quen as fans rally up. Matt snapmares then stomps Quen down, then covers, TWO! Matt keeps his cool as he tags Nick in. The Bucks whip Quen, then double hip toss to double cartwheel dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Quen is toughing it out while Isaiah is still out of the picture. Nick brings Quen over and tags in Matt. Quen fights back but Matt trips him to tag Nick. Catapult into the enziguri! Quen falls back onto Matt’s knees, Nick adds springboard stomps! Nick gets back up and drags Quen up. Quen fights Nick off but Nick stomps him down. Nick stomps Quen at the ropes then tags Matt. Fans chant for “SUPERKICK PARTY~!” but Quen sends the first kick into Matt! Then he jumps over Nick, but Matt returns to tackle him down! Matt whips, but Quen boots! Quen hops up and over Matt but Nick trips Isaiah! Fans boo but Matt SPEARS Quen! Cover, TWO!!

The Bucks are playing mean but fans are dueling. Matt taunts Quen, but Quen throws forearms. Matt clubs Quen down, then Nick comes in. The Bucks double suplex but Quen fights out! Quen DOUBLE PELES! Hot tag to Isaiah! Isaiah climbs up and leaps, double missile dropkick! And a kip-up! That back is hurting but Isaiah uses his arms to rally. He gets a double huricanrana! Fans fire up but time is running out. Isaiah throws forearms on Matt, then squeals, but Matt forearms him in the back! Matt sends Isaiah at Quen. Quen helps Isaiah stay in, but the “Silly String” DDT gets countered into a Northern Lights! And then another! Nick keeps Quen anchored as Matt keeps moving through Northern Lights! Quen gets in, Matt gets Private Party for a Double Northern Lights! Double cover, TWO!!

Fans are loving this as Matt drags Isaiah up. Matt puts one out, powerbomb lift, buckle enziguri bomb in the corner! Matt wants the Sharpshooter but Quen runs in. Nick sends Quen out to Penalty Kick! Isaiah suffers the Sharpshooter, but crawls all the way to the other side! Only for Nick to Facebuster him down! Nick moonsaults onto Quen, Matt sits DEEP! Isaiah powers out to the ropebreak!! Fans hope these teams “Fight Forever!” Quen tags in and Isaiah shoves Matt into Nick! Then POISON-RANA for Matt! Quen runs at Nick, FLYING STEINER INTO CUTTER! The Gin ‘n’ Juice!! Fans are thunderous as Quen goes back up top to aim at Matt. SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO!?! Matt survives but Quen is not deterred. Quen clubs away on Matt, throws knees, but Matt slides under to pump handle and pop into a gut wrench! Nick is in position but Isaiah trips him up! Quen victory rolls, PRIVATE PARTY WINS!?!

Winners: Private Party, Marq Quen pinning; advances to the tournament semifinals

What a shock! What a win! And what a great moment for the young team in this tournament! Will Private Party party all the way to those AEW World Tag Team Championships?


Boston is Jericho!

The Painmaker is back, with his new cohorts in tow! Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Ortiz, Santana and Jake Hager head to the ring, all seemingly very proud of themselves for their brutal and chaotic group debut on Dynamite’s premiere. The AEW World Champion takes a mic to introduce himself. “My name is Chris Jericho, and I am Le Champeon of AEW.” Dynamite took the world by storm, with the highest rated premiere in TNT history, all because of Jericho. Fans won’t argue with that. “Thank You, Jericho!” News flash: shut up and sit down. The end of the show had the five in the ring beating the crap out of The Elite. These five are next, they are now. Jericho’s four are confidants. Are they allied? Do they have a name? Yes, and yes. Jericho explains who they are and what they’re about.

First, Sammy Guevara. Just look at him. He’s like a Spanish god, he’s so sexy. A teenage heartthrob and a prodigy, athletic, acrobatic and amazing, and he’s on The List. Then the psychos, Santana and Ortiz. Fans know them from all over, but they’re nastier than ever, and were personally invited to AEW. They’re back alley, street fight brutes and Jericho likes it. They’re also on The List, #VivaLaRaza. Fans chant for “Eddie! Eddie!” Last but not least, the giant savage behind him. You may think you know him, but the real him is Jake Hager, a former world champion, and the “toughest, most terrifying, most crazy MMA fighter in the world today.” Fans chant “We The People!” for Hager, but Jericho wants them to know that chant sucks and it’s “dead and buried.” Fans actually seem to appreciate that. “It was a stupid idea from bad creative and that’s gone.” Fans really like that! But Jake Hager is undefeated, and that’s shoot. That makes Hager the toughest man in AEW, and all of pro-wrestling! He will challenge any fighter, wrestler, boxer, MMA guy, former MMA guy, street bum, you name it, Hager is ready.

These four confidants, these four close friends of Jericho, this is the inner circle. They are THE Inner Circle! And they’ll take control of AEW, no matter who thinks they’re in charge. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Bucks, Omega, or that “stupid son of a b*tch, Cody.” Speaking of Cody, Full Gear’s AEW World Championship match. Cody was entitled, Jericho doesn’t like him or Cody’s family. Jericho thought Dusty was a jerk. Fans don’t like that. Jericho doesn’t like Dustin, he’s a moron and he’ll lose tonight. Most importantly, at Full Gear, when Cody takes on La Champeon, you know what happens? “I’m going to beat the ever-loving SH*T out of you!” And then the Inner Circle will party in Baltimore with A Little Bit of the Bubbly! “You’re welcome.” This new fab five has begun their coup, will they rule all of All Elite?


AEW World Championship Opportunity Match: Darby Allin VS Jimmy Havoc!

Y2J is very confident he’ll make it to Full Gear as “La Champeon,” but he’ll have to get through one of these two mostly mental men first. These two are practically a past and future of each other, but who survives the present to put the title in their future?

The bell rings and fans cheer for both men. Darby offers a handshake, and Havoc figures why not. But then Havoc tries to cheap shot Darby, but Darby ducks to wrench, wring out and roll Havoc to La Magistrol! TWO, and Havoc likes it. But then he trips Darby to jackknife, TWO! Havoc spits at Darby but Darby ducks the kick to shove. Havoc blocks a hip toss, Darby blocks back, and then Darby springboards for a flying arm-drag! Havoc is reeling, but Darby runs in to back elbow. Darby fires up as he runs in again, but Havoc dodges. Darby boots and then leaps over to come back with a shotgun dropkick! Fans cheer as Havoc gets to the apron. Darby drags Havoc up, suplexes but Havoc resists. Havoc wrenches and BITES the fingers! The ref reprimands Havoc but Havoc shoulders in. Havoc then goes to suplex Darby out!  Falcon Arrow to the floor! That was a little double-edged but Havoc shrugs it off.

Havoc fetches Darby to the ring and covers, TWO! Fans rally and duel as Havoc stalks Darby. Darby SLAPS Havoc but Havoc slaps himself! Darby punches but Havoc catches that arm, hammerlock to a stomp! Havoc drags Darby up to torture that arm, but Darby gets a ropebreak. Havoc lets go but kicks Darby to a corner. Havoc wrenches and whips corner to corner hard, and Darby staggers out. Havoc smothers Darby and bites the fingers again! The ref counts and Havoc lets up at 4. Fans boo but Havoc “apologizes” before bringing Darby up. Havoc goes after the arm in the ropes but lets up at 4. Darby elbows back, then goes up and over to roll and come back with another elbow! Darby runs in again, but into the hanging sleeper! Havoc lets go at 4 and then picks Darby up again! Sleeper Suplex sends Darby flying! Darby slumps out of the ring while Havoc revels in the heat. AEW goes to break while the ring count climbs on Darby.

AEW returns as Darby fights back with body shots and elbows. But Darby’s bad hand bothers him, Havoc hits a rolling elbow! Cover, TWO! Havoc grows frustrated but he drags Darby up to a fireman’s carry. Death Valley Driver into buckles! Cover, TWO! Havoc drags Darby up but Darby’s dead weight. Havoc underhooks and lifts, Tiger Driver!! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Darby survives and Havoc can’t believe it! Boston rallies, Darby crucifix covers outta nowhere! TWO and Havoc stomps Darby over and over! Havoc drags Darby up again, waistlock to wristlock, ring out, but Darby bites back! Darby then waistlocks, hops up, throwback stunner! Darby climbs, COFFIN DROP!! Just gets Havoc, Darby covers, Darby wins!!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall; will face Chris Jericho for the AEW World Championship

The undead underdog has a golden opportunity next week! Will Darby get the greatest win in his career against one of the greatest of all time?


Riho & Britt Baker VS Bea Priestly & Emi Sakura!

This women’s tag match could mean so much for the AEW Women’s Championship! The wrestling idol teams with The Doctor, but the grudge might take priority for Britt. Will Britt and Bea be able to focus on the win or just each other?

The teams sort out and Riho starts against Emi, the student and the teacher. The two circle with the bell and then tie up. Emi powers Riho back, but Riho turns it around. Fans rally as Riho lets up, but Riho whips. Emi reverses, Riho handsprings over, then runs to crossbody! Emi catches Riho to throw her down! Cover, but Riho Matrix slips out, runs and dropkicks Emi down! Fans fire up with Riho as she tries to scoop. Emi is too much and she clubs Riho. Emi laughs at Britt before she throws Riho across the ring! Emi taunts Britt and Bea chokes Riho! Emi brings Riho around to scoop and slam hard and fast! Emi turns Riho over to hook the legs and pull on the arms, singing as she gets the surfboard! Emi even tosses Riho out of the Romero Special to then bring her to the corner. Tag to Bea, and she hits Britt! There’s that grudge. Bea and Britt brawl, still more focused on each other! Bea whips Britt into the timekeeper’s area!

Emi keeps Riho down with a boot while Britt gets up to tackle Bea! Britt rains down rights as the ref reprimands them. Britt rocks Bea then headlocks to bring her around. Britt knees Bea then goes to suplex. Emi ditches Riho to help Bea, and they double suplex Britt down! But Riho has reached the top rope, TO LEAP! She crossbodies them both over! Fans fire up for the gutsy champion as she brings Bea up. AEW goes picture in picture as Britt also goes after Emi.

Riho and Britt have Bea and Emi in the ring. Riho whips Emi into Bea at the corner, and then Britt sandwiches them with a shining wizard! Riho runs in to add her own knee attack! Emi flops out but Bea elbows Britt back. Bea dodges Riho to kick and whip, but Riho dodges to tilt-o-whirl and headscissor! Bea is on the ropes, Riho runs, Tiger Feint! Cover, TWO! Riho tags in Britt, and Britt drags Bea up. Bea kicks back then whips Britt to a corner, but Britt reverses. But Bea goes up to dumdum stomp Britt on the back! Emi runs in to SPEAR Britt in the corner! Emi slides Britt to the middle of the ring, she and Bea double buzzsaw! Cover, TWO! Britt survives the teamwork but Emi keeps Riho out. Bea drags Britt up, side fisherman, but Britt elbows free. Britt waistlocks, spins Bea, but Bea slips through to fisherman and SAIDO! Bridging cover but Riho breaks in to break it up!

Emi goes after Riho but Riho V-Triggers! There’s that training from Omega! Bea swings but Riho fires off forearms! Riho runs, but into a ROUNDHOUSE! All four women are down but Boston is firing up. Britt and Bea see each other, and the brawl is back on! They do not stop, even as the ref reprimands them. Bea whips but Britt reverses and puts Bea on the apron. Bea hits back, but Britt knees the shoulder! Riho dumdum stomps Bea down! Britt drags Bea up while Riho keeps Emi out, draping DDT! Cover as we return to single picture, but Emi breaks it to break that cover up! Emi realizes she did as much damage to Bea as she did to Britt and apologizes. Emi drags Bea to the corner and fans rally up. Emi tags in and she goes at Britt, CHOP! Then underhooks, butterfly backbreaker! Emi gets the beat going, “We Will, We Will, ROCK YOU!” Emi runs in, corner body check! Emi then hits a Vader SENTON! Cover, TWO!!

Emi drags Britt up and underhooks again. Britt blocks and breaks out to hit a CUTTER! Britt drags Emi back up but Emi fires off strikes and a CHOP! Emi runs but Riho wheelbarrows to STOMP! Riho boots Bea, Britt hits the swinging fisherman’s neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Britt keeps on Emi while Riho keeps on Bea. Britt tries to shin breaker but Emi knees back. Emi swings into a wristlock ring out, rolling elbow! Britt hooks that leg again, Overdrive Neckbreaker! Rings of Saturn! Emi fights, MANDIBLE CLAW! Emi taps, Britt and Riho win!

Winners: Britt Baker & Riho, Baker by submission

Britt is 2-0 with that combination of submissions, and in tag team action. Bea gets in Britt’s face, though, and they are scrapping again! Riho tries to help separate them, but she has to know Britt’s wins could make her a contender. Bea and Britt want to rip each other apart, but will one of them come out to challenge the champ?


Ringside interview with Best Friends.

Chuckie T and Trent Baretta watch themselves hug on the titantron before they’re asked about the tag team tournament. The Young Bucks lost in a huge upset, so how are they feeling against SoCal Uncensored? Don’t ask them, ask Orange Cassidy! Fans go wild for the Sloth, who simply gives a thumbs up. But wait! The lights go out! Oh wait, on the stage. It’s… the Chair Man!

Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard VS Jon Moxley!

The once Perfect 10 has a Horseman by his side, and prepares to ride into battle with the Death Rider. Will Spears achieve #PERFECT10N tonight? Or will he simply feel the Paradigm Shift in person?

AEW returns and Pac has joined commentary, though he seems more focused on what’s going on in the ring. Mox makes his entrance and Boston is ready for the #UnscriptedViolence! Spears and Mox meet in the ring, and they immediately start brawling! The ref rings the bell as fast as he can and Spears puts Mox in the corner. Spears stomps then CHOPS Moxley while Pac vents about refusing to be denied his opportunities. Spears CHOPS Mox more, going around the ring. But Mox gets in Spears’ face and CHOPS back! Pac vents that Darby Allin of all people is getting a contender’s match before him, and that doesn’t sit well with him. Moxely CHOPS Spears more, then throws big forearms. Moxley climbs up to rain down elbows! He gets well over 10 but the ref reprimands him.

Spears flounders and Tully protests but Mox snapmares to kick and Penalty Kick Spears! Fasn are strongly behind the Lunatic as he drops a running elbow. Cover, TWO but Moxley swings. Spears ducks to CHOP back, then CHOPS and forearms. Moxley turns it around to stomp away, then whips. Moxley runs Spears over with an elbow, and Tully coaches Spears. Spears bails out and Tully sticks close but fans fire up for Moxley. Moxley goes out to chase Spears down, and kicks him down from behind! Moxley whips Spears into barriers! Fans are fired up to see Moxley up close as he grinds a boot into Spears. The ref reprimands Moxley but Moxley refreshes the count. Tully goes after Moxley, but Moxley runs him off! Spears hurries up to get Moxley but Moxley rams him into barriers! Moxley gets on the apron to leap for a flying forearm!

Fans cheer as Moxley drags Spears into the ring, but Spears hotshots Moxley back! Tully shoves Moxley into steel steps! The ref was too busy reprimanding Spears and Tully gets away with it. Spears goes out to get Moxley, and Tully distracts now so that Spears can whip Moxley into barriers. Spears bounces Moxley off steel steps, then refreshes the count. Pac is upset that no one is respecting his win-loss record, and not just in AEW but in all of wrestling. Spears rains down lefts on Spears, but stops before 10. Spears bumps Moxley off the apron and refreshes the count again. Spears CHOPS Moxley, then fireman’s carries, to Death Valley Drive Moxley into the corner of the barriers! Both men are down as the fans fire up. The referee checks on both men, but both men are somehow okay to continue. Spears drags himself away while AEW goes picture in picture.

Moxley drags himself up while Spears gets in the ring. The count begins but Moxley gets up and in at 9! Spears is on Moxley with another rain of fists! Moxley fights back as best he can but Spears stomps him down. Spears drags Moxley up just to kick him in the ribs, then on the knees. Spears drops knee after knee, then an elbow. Cover, TWO! Spears grows frustrated but he keeps on Moxley at the ropes with a CHOP! Moxley flounders but Spears brings him up for another CHOP! Moxley CHOPS back! And again! And again! Spears dropkicks Moxley down! Cover, TWO! Spears keeps on Moxley by stomping him right in the stomach. Moxley rolls out of the ring but Spears comes around. Moxley sits in a corner and Spears takes a drink of water, to SPIT it in Moxley’s face! That angers Moxley! Moxley throws hands and chases Spears back into the ring.

Spears gets Moxley at the ropes but Moxley fights back. Moxley forearms  as we return to singe picture. Spears reverses the whip to a pop-up SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Spears has the leg, Half Crab! Moxley endures as Spears sits down and fans rally. Moxley powers up and rolls to kick Spears off. Spears staggers, Moxley stands, but Spears knees Moxley out of the ring. Moxley collides with barriers, and Spears builds speed, to DIVE! Direct hit takes Moxley down and Spears puts Moxley in. But Moxley gets moving to DIVE and take Spears out in return! Fans rally up as Moxley puts Spears in. Spears gets to a corner but Moxley runs in, big clothesline and forearms to CHOPS! Moxley whips but Spears reverses, but Spears runs into a boot! Moxley runs to knee Spears in the head! Cover, TWO!! Tully coaches Spears up while Pac scowls on commentary.

Moxley gets Spears up and underhooks, but Spears fireman carries out. Moxley slips off but Spears mule kicks. Spears throws haymakers but Moxley gives them back. Same for the CHOPS! Spears throws more forearms and gets the edge. Moxley SLAPS Spears back! But runs into a rolling elbow! Spears boots Moxley down but Moxley is up to LARIAT back! Tully is on the apron but the ref reprimands him. Moxley scares Tully off, gets Spears but Spears fireman’s carry, USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! Moxley barely escapes and Spears grows frustrated. Fans rally as Spears brings Moxley up. Perfect 10, but Moxley headbutts! Moxley runs but into a fireman’s carry. He still slips out, PARADIGM SHIFT! Cover, Moxley wins!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall

Tully is upset but Moxley won that fair and square! Will the Death Rider continue on from this first win in AEW towards a title?

Wait, what is this? Kenny Omega walks out, with barbed wire bat and barbed wire broom! The Best Bout Machine wants to enter Moxley’s world, and tosses the bat to Moxley! Boston is ready to make AEW into ECW for a night! But wait, Pac attacks with a chair! The Bastard fits his name as he serves Omega up on a platter. Moxley says he doesn’t need anyone’s help, and he spares Omega, for now. Will things only get more brutal from here on?


Hangman Page & Dustin Rhodes VS Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara w/ Jake Hager!

The Problem Solver teaming with The Natural was only natural after what “The Inner Circle” did to The American Nightmare and the rest of The Elite. Will Hangman and Dustin make sure Y2J and the Best Ever don’t get away scot-free? Or will tonight end much like last week did?

The teams sort out, and Dustin starts against Sammy. The bell rings and Dustin gets in Sammy’s face about wanting Jericho. Jericho obliges and tags in for two icons to match up. But then Jericho tags right back out. Dustin still goes after Jericho on the outside! Jericho tries to get away but Dustin gives him some hockey style mugging! The ref reprimands but Dustin throws Jericho into a post! The ref stops Dustin from going after Jericho but Jericho eggs Dustin on. So Dustin throws Jericho into the front row! Sammy flies in, but gets the uppercut! Dustin gets Sammy in the ring for another uppercut! Sammy reverses the whip but Dustin clotheslines him down! Tag to Hangman, and Dustin whips Sammy to a corner. Dustin whips Hangman in to hit a big clothesline! Dustin adds his own then feeds Sammy to Hangman’s LARIAT!

Fans fire up as Hangman whips Sammy. Sammy dodges and leaps, into Hangman’s arm for a Fall Away Slam! Jericho returns, Hangman slingshots out onto him! Fans fire up as Hangman wipes Jericho out. Hangman returns, dodges Sammy’s roundhouse, then pump handle deadlifts for a Fall Away Northern Lights! Bridging cover, TWO! Hangman CHOPS Sammy! Tag to Dustin, and Dustin gives Sammy the Rhodes uppercut! Dustin whips Sammy corner to corner hard and Sammy bounces off buckles to hit mat! Dustin stomps Sammy around then jams the arm. Dustin swats Sammy to the corner, tag to Hangman. The Elite double wrench and body shot Sammy to whip him to ropes. Dustin kicks, Hangman knee lifts, and Dustin atomic tosses! Hangman hits the running Shooting Star! Cover, but Jericho breaks it! Hangman is pissed and the ref reprimands but Jericho backs off.

Hangman scoop slams Sammy and heads up top as fans rally. Jericho runs over but Hangman kicks him down, for Sammy to come in and knee Hangman. Sammy fireman’s carry to flapjack him on the top buckle! Cover, TWO! Sammy keeps on Hangman while AEW goes to break.

AEW returns as Jericho chokes Hangman on the ropes. Dustin goes after Jericho but the ref backs him off. Sammy cheap shots Hangman with a boot, then Jericho hits the straddle attack! Jericho soaks up the cheers and jeers from Boston, then drags Hangman up to choke him more. The ref reprimands Jericho but he lets up at 4. Jericho runs again, but the straddle misses! The ropes sling Jericho back and both men are down! Fans rally up as Jericho and Hangman crawl. Tag to Sammy and he hits Dustin away! Sammy stomps Hangman down then drags him to a cover, TWO! Sammy chinlocks but Hangman endures. Hangman fights his way up as fans rally. Hangman back suplexes to drop Sammy down! Sammy hurries away to tag Jericho out. Jericho stalks Hangman to slap him around. Jericho pulls hair but lets up as the ref reprimands him again.

Jericho taunts Hangman while bringing him up. Jericho slaps Hangman around more, but fans are rallying. Hangman gets mad and throws forearms on Jericho! Hangman runs, but Jericho elbows him down! LIONSAULT gets knees! Jericho and Hangman crawl, hot tag to Sammy and Sammy hoists Hangman up. Hangman elbows out and runs, but Sammy leaps over. Hangman follows Sammy to DISCUS LARIAT! Fans fire up as Sammy is practically dead on the mat. The standing count begins, but Hangman hot tags Dustin! Dustin has Sammy with big haymakers! Dustin whips and clobbers Sammy with a clothesline! Then another Rhodes uppercut, to an atomic drop! Dustin BOOTS Sammy, then gives Jericho the atomic drop! Dustin climbs, to CROSSBODY both Jericho and Sammy! Fans are fired up because The Natural’s still got it!

Dustin brings Sammy up to whip but Sammy kicks back. Sammy runs in but Dustin dumps him out. Hangman MOONSAULTS onto Sammy! Hangman feeds Sammy to Dustin but Hager CLOBBERS Hangman! Fans boo The Savage while Sammy crawls to tag Jericho! Jericho runs at Dustin but gets a kick, and DESTROYER! Cover, TWO!! Dustin keeps fired up and he goes at Jericho. Dustin sets up one leg, and then the other! Fans are ready for a classic to return, but Sammy runs in, only to get the spinning powerslam! The ref and Sammy argue, but Hager runs in to clobber Dustin now! Fans boo again, and Jericho is free of the corner. Jericho waits for Dustin to get up, to give him JUDAS EFFECT! Cover, The Inner Circle wins!

Winners: The Inner Circle, Jericho pinning

Their team debut goes their way, and the Inner Circle might very well be the new force in AEW! But Jericho isn’t satisfied with a win, he and his henchmen go after Dustin more! They beat Dustin down but Hangman returns! Hangman punches them all down, but Hager clotheslines Hangman out! Hager goes out but gets a chair shot to the head! Hangman throws hands and backs Hager down! But Sammy and Jericho have Dustin down in a corner! They stomp a mudhole into Dustin, even as referees reprimand them. Fans want Cody to appear, and the lights go out! The lights come back up and… There’s Cody! He gives Sammy a Cross Rhodes!! Jericho has seen a ghost! Cody is ready to fight, even in a suit! But Ortiz & Santana appear! The rest of the Inner Circle is here to save their leader! Jericho holds his belt up before choking Cody with his own tie!

But here comes MJF!! Maxwell Jacob Freeman is Cody’s best friend, and he has a chair. But wait. He isn’t striking the Inner Circle? Jericho sets Cody up, but MJF comes to his senses! He hits the Inner Circle with chair shots all around!! The Salt of the Earth finally shows his worth by saving Cody! Fans actually cheer MJF for once. But then he turns around into a CODE BREAKER! Jericho takes that chair MJF brought in, and gives Dustin a chair shot! But here come the Young Bucks! SUPERKICKS for Ortiz and Santana! SUPERKICKS for Sammy! Double DIVES for all three! The Bucks fire off while the Rhodes boys regroup. Jericho retreats with the title, even though his team is being beat down. Jericho goes after the ref, but Darby skates down the ramp to LEAP onto Jericho! Skateboard SMASH! Darby wants to take that title from Jericho, will he do it in one week?

The Inner Circle regroups and Jericho grabs a mic. “You stupid idiots don’t know who you’re dealing with here!” The Inner Circle is going to take control! Jericho promises to see Cody at Full Gear, because next week is Darby’s funeral, “b*tch”!



My Thoughts:

A great second episode for Dynamite with a lot of great stuff, great surprises and no filler! Imagine that. I did not expect Private Party to win cleanly, and the match was amazing. This is a big moment for Marq Quen and Isaiah Kassidy, and it will be even bigger next round. I don’t think we’re getting two upsets, so Jurassic Express loses and Private Party tries to shock the world again. However, something still tells me Lucha Brothers move on to possibly face SoCal Uncensored. SCU might win, but Best Friends have been pretty solid. The ringside interview stuff needs some work, it was weird having the titantron package and I think even live fans got confused. The women had a great tag match, too, with lots of great story. Britt is on a roll, and she’ll face Riho next week in non-title action. There’s a strong chance Bea attacks just so Britt doesn’t get a win against Riho to move into title contention. That in turn should make for a #1 contender’s match between Bea and Britt, the winner likely moving on to Full Gear.

Darby VS Havoc was pretty great, and Darby is on his own great roll. Darby probably won’t beat Jericho, clean or otherwise, but he’s got the fans on his side. Moxley VS Spears was good fun, and apparently Pac wants after Omega as much as he does. Pac also has a gripe with Darby and others getting opportunities before him, so maybe Pac starts trouble with Omega, Darby and whoever else he can go after. The tag team match was really great, too. Hangman and Dustin worked really well together, but of course Hager was ringside to help out. The Inner Circle is doing great as the Heel Faction to counter The Elite being Face. MJF did amazing in swerving us on his turn. Though, is it really a turn if he’s been Heel and he goes Heel against Cody? If anything, he turned Face when he helped The Elite. MJF might become an amazing Tweener with this stuff, so that he can be great no matter who he’s against. Also, starting to hope for a crazy 5v5 match as go-home to Full Gear, Inner Circle VS The Elite, Hangman, Bucks and Rhodes Brothers.

My Score: 9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (12/6/22)

Atlantic City gets Dark!



Anyone feeling luck in the Dark?

With AEW Dynamite tomorrow and ROH Final Battle this weekend, Dark brings out Dalton Castle & The Boys! Will the ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions find worthy opponents in time for December 10th?


  • Brian Cage VS Leon Ruffin; wins.
  • Athena VS B3CCA; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Dalton Castle & The Boys VS Justin Corino, Jaden Valo & Defarge; win.
  • Jay Lethal & Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt VS The Brick City Boyz; win.
  • Leva Bates VS Abadon; wins.
  • Trent Beretta w/ Chuck Taylor VS Anthony Henry w/ JD Drake; wins.


A shorter card here, and from way back a month ago when AEW was in Atlantic City ahead of Full Gear. Dalton Castle & The Boys are in action on this episode because per last night’s Elevation, they more or less called out The Embassy. Castle & The Boys VS Cage & The Gates of Agony probably ends up a Final Battle preshow match, and I feel like that would/should be the time The Embassy takes those titles. Castle & The Boys have been great ROH Six Man Tag Team Champions, but The Embassy is going to look like a joke if they can’t get a pin off one of the Boys.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (12/5/22)

Indianapolis gets Elevated!



Elevation turns it up to nine!

AEW is racing towards Winter is Coming in Indianapolis as The Embassy is in action! Who betta than Brian Cage & The Gates of Agony?


  • Nick Comoroto w/ Aaron Solo VS Hagane Shinno; Shinno wins.
  • Nyla Rose & Marina Shafir w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Kitty LaFleur & Alice Crowley; Nyla & Shafir win.
  • Kiera Hogan VS Nikki Victory; Kiera wins.
  • Top Flight VS Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd; Top Flight wins.
  • Madison Rayne VS Emi Sakura; Sakura wins.
  • Lee Moriarty w/ W. Morrissey VS Serpentico w/ Luther; Moriarty wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Embassy w/ Prince Nana VS Dan Adams, Star Rider & Façade; The Embassy wins.
  • Alex Reynolds w/ John Silver VS Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford; Kip wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Aaron Solo w/ Nick Comoroto; Konosuke wins.


A decent line-up. Good to see Top Flight in action after hearing Dante Martin was really hurting after that match with FTR. Good to see Konosuke in action. Reynolds VS Sabian could be a really good one, too. And good to see Kiera Hogan in action now that she’s on her own again. Wouldn’t surprise me if she and Diamante team up to go after The Baddies.

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