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Mitchell’s ROH Results & Report! (9/28/19)

It’s time to Defy or Deny!



NEW ROH Coverage

ROH Wrestling Television, Episode 419

With the list of contenders dwindling, Matt Taven has another Defy or Deny match against Kenny King, Jeff Cobb, and Jay Lethal!



  • From Saturday Night at Center Stage – Six Man Tag: Shinobi Shadow Squad VS Silas Young, Felino & Okumura; Young, Felino & Okumura win.
  • Soldiers of Savagery VS ???; Soldiers of Savagery win.
  • Master & Machine VS The Tate Twins; The Tate Twins win.
  • From August 2018 – International Cup Finals: Mark Haskins VS Hangman Adam Page; Haskins wins.
  • From Honor For All – Defy or Deny: Matt Taven VS Kenny King VS Jeff Cobb VS Jay Lethal; Cobb wins and earns a future ROH World Championship match.


ROH reviews the end of Champions VS All-Stars at Center Stage.

It was Jeff Cobb and Rush together against Shane Taylor, and they finished the ROH World Television Champion off to win the whole match. However, Rush would not show the respect Cobb was showing him. Rush wants to be the best with no room for the rest. But will there come a time when Cobb will make him show respect?


It’s Death Before Dishonor Weekend!

Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay are excited for ROH’s return to Las Vegas, and the entire event being up on Honor Club already. But tonight, ROH TV will show Honor For All’s huge Defy or Deny match, and we will see if Matt Taven made history of crossing off even more challengers from the list before facing Rushfor the ROH World Championship. Before all that, thought, ROH travels back in time to Center Stage for a Six Man Tag match, Shinobi Shadow Squad against the Last Real Man and some CMLL legends.


Six Man Tag: Shinobi Shadow Squad VS Silas Young, Felino & Okumura!

Cheeseburger, Eli Isom and Ryan Nova continue to fight their way up the Six Man Tag Division, but can they get through such a formidable veteran team? Honor For All is available in full on Honor Club, but ROH TV jumps into the meat of the action.

Nova has Silas alone in the ring, but Silas CHOPS! Nova forearms but Silas eggs him on. Nova CHOPS but Silas knees low. Silas whips but Nova reverses, only to be put on the apron. Nova bumps Silas off the buckles then kicks him away. Nova climbs but Silas uppercuts him down! Silas climbs up to join Nova but Nova resists. Okumura helps Silas but Burger and Isom go after the veterans! TOWER OF DOOM! Double Powerbomb Superplex! Nova does end up taking the worst of it, and then Felino splashes in outta nowhere! TRIPLE cover, TWO!! Somehow, everyone is clean, so Felino goes after Nova with clubbing forearms. He officially tags in while Josh Woods takes some notes ringside. Felino clobbers away, but Nova goes up to victory roll! Okumura breaks it just in time. Isom and Burger run in, but Silas and Okumura throw them out. Felino CHOPS Nova in the corner, then whips him corner to corner for forearms. Another whip but Nova reverses. Felino goes up, but Nova hurries up to hit back! Nova climbs up, but his steiner is made into a SUPER BOMB! Cover, Silas and team win!

Winners: Young, Felino & Okumura, Felino pinning

The old boys get it done and Woods joins them in the ring to celebrate. Silas tells Woods that while he’s “one of the biggest pains in the ass,” he has a lot of potential. Silas sees Woods is smart enough to listen to a veteran like Silas, which is why Woods was here to watch the bona fide legends of CMLL. Has Woods been learning his lessons? Woods low blows Okumura, then exploders Felino! That’s a yes.


Woods was on the phone later that night.

“You should’ve seen it!” He was throwing dudes all over the place and Silas was so proud. Hard work pays off. Silas finds him later and is happy to see Woods is in a good mood. Woods’ notebook is nice, too. What notes has he been taking, though? Silas opens it up and sees… Doodles. These are notes? No, no, these are the notes. Ignore the other stuff. Silas burns his cigarette out on the “notes” and says Woods needs a new notebook. Will Woods make Silas proud with both brains and brawn?


Soldiers of Savagery VS ???

Moses Maddox and Jasper Kaun are back, and they show no mercy as they go right at their opponents! Kaun throws Stevens, the man in the singlet, right into a post while Moses whips and pops Sobrenaros, the man in pant,s up for a flapjack! Then Moses brings Sobrenaros up for Kaun to run over with an elbow! SOS goes after Stevens now, for the Promised Land double choke slam! Then they drag Sobrenaros up, Promised Land ONTO Stevens! Double stack cover, SOS wins!

Winners: Soldiers of Savagery, Kaun pinning

A dominant and fast victory, SOS rolls on. Will they rise up in the ranks to one day be dominant champions?


ROH throws it back to Quinn and Ian.

Team IQ knows ROH was built on tag team wrestling, and the Tag Team Division is building stronger again. Glory By Honor is on the way on October 12th, and the Final Battle Contender’s Tournament rolls through it. Who will achieve glory by victory and head for the ROH World Championship?


Quinn McKay interviews Jeff Cobb.

The Hawaiian Juggernaut prepares for Honor For All’s Defy or Deny. What is his plan going in against three big names like Taven, King and Lethal? To win. Cobb wants to be the last man standing, because then he gets a second shot at Matt Taven. Taven beat Cobb at Best in the World, so Cobb wants, Cobb needs that second chance to redeem himself. Three up, three down, but will Cobb be the one left at the end?


Master & Machine VS The Tate Twins!

Griff Garrison & Marcus Kross once again combine forces once again, but are against a dynamic duo that has been together forever. Now that they are not Dalton Castle’s Boys, will Brandon and Brent fly higher than ever before? Or will they be brought down to earth the moment they’ve flown out of the nest?

The teams keep the Code of Honor to show this match-up is respectful. Kross starts against Brent, who wears a glove on his left hand. They tie up and Brent headlocks to a takeover. Kross headscissors but Brent pops out. Kross headlocks but Brent rolls him off. Brent CHOPS Kross, then puts him in a corner. Brent wrenches, whips, but Griff stops Kross from hitting buckles. Kross comes back but Brent dodges. Kross dodges, but the two stand off between the Turtle Destruction Wave and Fist of Justice! They back off, but Kross attacks as the Tate Twins try to unite their twin powers. Brent dodges and waistlocks, to then headlock. Kross back suplexes but Brent lands on his feet, only for Kross to mule kick, front kick and whip. Brent dodges the clothesline and Brandon tags in. Brent stops Kross in his tracks with the Fist of Justice, then spins him around for Brandon’s springboard crossbody! Cover, ONE, but Brandon keeps on Kross with a wrench. Tag to Brent, and the twins double whip Kross. They double hip toss and then roll Kross to a double Japanese arm-drag! Brent covers, TWO! The Tate Twins are rolling as ROH goes to break.

ROH returns as Brandon runs in at Kross in the corner, but Kross puts him on the apron. Brandon blocks a kick to CHOP Kross, then enziguri! Brandon slingshots in for a BIG monkey flip! Kross staggers up, swings, but Brandon rolls under to roll back and headscissor Kross to double stomps! Cover, TWO! Kross survives but Brent joins his brother in the ring. The Tate Twins drag Kross up and back suplex, but Kross lands on his feet! Kross boots Brandon then boots Brent, then hops up to double dropkick them both down! Fans rally up, hot tag to Griff! The Machine is in and he rallies with big forearms! He SPINEBUSTERS Brandon, then gives Brent a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker to a second tilt-o-whirl backbreaker!

Fans fire up as Griff runs in at Brandon for a BIG splash! Then he whips brother onto brother, and runs in to hit an even bigger splash! Griff scoops Brandon to long dart him at Brent! Then Griff runs at Brandon for a SPEAR! Cover, but Brent saves his brother! Brent and Brandon go after Griff, but Kross comes in. All four men brawl with big hands, but Griff hits a rolling elbow on Brent! Brandon enziguris Griff! Kross spinning roundhouses Brandon! Kross stands up and powers up, Turtle Destruction- CHOKE GRIP! Brandon builds up power, lifts, but Kross slips through the slam! Destruction Wave palm strike!! All four men are down but slowly regrouping. Kross returns to his corner, tags in and goes after Brandon. No wait that’s Brent! Cradle counter, TWO!!

Brent runs but into Griff’s lift! Kross springboards, enziguri powerbomb combo! Cover, but Brandon breaks it in time! Brandon dares Griff to fight and sends him out. Slingshot splash takes Griff down! Kross falls for the bait now and gets a shoulder. Brandon shouts to Brent, slingshot sunset to double wheelbarrow facebuster! Cover, Griff is too late, the Tate Twins win!

Winners: The Tate Twins, Brent pinning

The forces of justice collided, and it was the young birds of the night that prevailed! Will Brandon and Brent be able to defeat true forces of evil and become champions?


ROH throws it back to Team IQ.

Ian and Quinn are still excited to relive Honor For All’s Defy or Deny. However, Quinn is also excited about the Top Prospect Tournament. Fans surely have followed along via ROH’s YouTube channel. The winner of this tournament gets a shot at the ROH World Television Championship, and if they win, they might be headed to the UK. Honor United returns October 25th, 26th and 27th! Tickets are moving fast, get them while you can! ROH now relives the closing moments of the International Cup 2018!


International Cup Finals: Mark Haskins VS Hangman Adam Page!

Overkill and the Problem Solver both boosted their legacies with this tournament, and you can find Honor Re-United on Honor Club’s archive for the whole match. ROH TV jumps into the meat of the match as Hangman has Haskins on the ropes.

Fans duel as Hangman toys with Haskins. Hangman dares Haskins to get up, then brings him up for a BIG forearm! Haskins leans on the ropes but gets himself back up to ROCK Hangman back! Hangman hits another BIG forearm, but Haskins comes back with another! Hangman and Haskins start speeding up with those forearms back and forth. Haskins gets the edge, fakes Hangman out to JAB with that left! Hangman checks his chin, but still gives Haskins a SPINEBUSTER! Jackknife roll through, Alabama position, but Haskins slips out to pump handle. Hangman fights out to rock Haskins with another right. Hangman goes to lift Haskins in the Alabama, but Haskins makes it a DESTROYER! Then pump handle, DRIVER! Cover, Haskins wins!!

Winner: Mark Haskins, by pinfall; wins the 2018 International Cup

The inaugural winner of this international tournament would go on to join up with LifeBlood and now leads the charge in restoring the honor to ROH. Will another tournament of this kind start again? Who will rise up to take hold of such a huge honor?


Jay Lethal prepares for tonight’s Defy or Deny.

“Tonight, what a dangerous situation.” King, Cobb and Taven all at once. The ultimate goal is that Lethal needs to get that guaranteed shot at the world title. But there’s a chance he will never have it again while Taven reigns. The real question then is, “Why would anyone agree to such a match?” Because the ROH World Championship is just that important. Is tonight Lethal’s night?


Defy or Deny: Matt Taven VS Kenny King VS Jeff Cobb VS Jay Lethal!

For the first time in ROH history, the ROH World Champion will go through such an Elimination Fatal 4 Way for a second time! Taven is cocky enough to think he’ll get through this easily before facing Rush in Vegas, but will he be shocked to find making history isn’t so easy? We all find out, after the break.

ROH returns again as the bell rings. Taven says he doesn’t even need to be in this match, he beat King, he beat Cobb, and he definitely beat Lethal. They don’t deserve to be in the ring, and not one man has gotten the job done! So all three go after him together! King, Lethal and Cobb take turns throwing hands on Taven, but then King gets too greedy. Lethal turns King around for a haymaker! Those two still have their feud, so Cobb CHOPS Taven for himself. Lethal throws hands in a corner while Taven dumps Cobb out. King rakes eyes and tosses Lethal out, but then Taven rakes King’s eyes. Taven headlocks and gets the takeover. Fans boo but King works his way up. King powers out of the headlock but Taven runs him over. Because “IIII’M Matt Taven!”

Things speed up, King keeps Lethal out with a forearm while Taven does the same to Cobb. King kicks Taven and he throws Taven to the apron. Taven shoulders back in, but King ducks the clothesline to slip out to the apron. King knocks Taven down with an Eddie Gordo kick, but Lethal triangle dropkicks King! Cobb gets in and fans fire up for him staring down with Lethal. Lethal and Cobb have fans dueling as they circle. They tie up and Lethal headlocks. Cobb powers out and they collide. Cobb barely moves, so Lethal tries again. Lethal runs, bumps but he’s the one who bounces off. So Lethal gets fans going as he goes again, but Cobb drops down, leaps over but Lethal dropkicks him back. Cobb stays up and then runs Lethal over! Cobb brings Lethal up for headbutts and forearms then whips. Lethal reverses and arm-drags, then manages a snap suplex! But Cobb’s right up! Lethal is stunned, but things speed up again.

Lethal dodges Cobb to knock Taven out of the ring. Cobb dodges Lethal to knock King out of the ring. Lethal dodges and goes to hip toss, but Cobb blocks to hip toss and cartwheel! Gochimuchi standing moonsault, but Lethal gets out of the way! Lethal hip tosses to cartwheel dropkick! Fans fire up with Lethal as covers, ONE! Cobb crawls but Lethal brings him up. Lethal whips, Cobb reverses and King drags Lethal out. Taven runs in but is scooped to a stalling suplex! Cobb holds Taven up for a count of 5 before King kicks him low. But Cobb double clutches to have Taven up for another 5 while King runs. Lethal drags King out now and Cobb keeps holding up Taven. Cobb drops Taven down at 7 while Lethal throws haymakers on King. Lethal has King in a corner of the barriers and has him take a seat. Lethal rains down fists, all the way to 10! Fans are fired up as ROH goes to break.

ROH returns again as Cobb CHOPS Taven in a corner. Cobb throws some forearms then another big CHOP! Cobb gets space to run in for another forearm, then another CHOP! He adds headbutts and then TOSSES Taven across the way! Taven is sore but standing, and he dodges Cobb. King knees Cobb in the corner, Taven adds an enziguri, and together they double back suplex Cobb down! Lethal leaps up to leap over King and rock Taven. King waistlocks but Lethal elbows out. Lethal forearms Taven then runs, but King and Taven go to double clotheslines. Lethal slips through to send King into Taven. They do-si-do and Lethal SUPERKICK, but King blocks it! King hands it off to Taven, King roundhouses and Taven heel kicks Lethal down! Fans cheer the teamwork as King drags Lethal up for Taven. Taven makes sure the Melvins are watching as he CHOPS Lethal! King covers, TWO!

King is upset with the ref but Taven keeps on Lethal. Taven suplexes Lethal then covers, TWO! King kicks Cobb out of the ring, then he and Taven go after Lethal with grinding boots onto the rope. The ref counts and both men let up at 4, to then drag Lethal up again. Taven tosses Lethal out and coordinates with King to go out and continue. They go after Cobb together but Lethal goes after Taven. They all brawl and Taven puts Lethal in while King rakes Cobb’s face. Taven whips Lethal corner to corner hard! King returns to taunt Lethal as he drags him up. King scoops Lethal for a backbreaker! Taven taunts Lethal now, but fans rally for Lethal. Cobb returns but gets a SUPERKICK from King! Taven drags Lethal up, King CHOPS Lethal down. Taven coordinates with King again, and they double facelock, but King rolls Taven up! TWO and Taven is mad! King says all is fair and square in this match, but Lethal CLOBBERS King from behind!

Taven and Lethal brawl now, but Taven trips Lethal. Taven steps through to get the Figure Four! King climbs up top as Lethal endures, but Cobb clubs King down. Cobb hauls King off in a Canadian rack, to SLAM onto Taven! Lethal is saved and all four men are down. Fans cheer and rally as Cobb and Lethal get up. Cobb runs in to hit the big elbow! Cobb rallies with clotheslines and dropkicks, and then ROCKS King with that right! Cobb scoops Lethal for a big slam, then hits that standing moonsault! Fans fire up with Cobb but Taven’s back, only to run into a fireman’s carry! Helicopter toss! Cover, TWO!! Taven stays in this as ROH goes to another break!

ROH returns once more, and Cobb has King on the top rope. Cobb wants but King resists the superplex. King clubs and shoves Cobb away, then leaps for a BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! The K I N G Kiiing is ready to end Cobb as he drags him up. He gets Cobb up for the fireman’s carry, but Taven’s vengeful ego has him go after King. Taven CHOPS then whips King, King sunset flips, Taven rolls through to hit King with Just the Tip of the knee! Cover, TWO!? King survives and Taven is furious. Lethal is back and Taven clubs away. Taven whips but Lethal dodges, handspring to LETHAL- NO, Taven catches Lethal with a headlock. But no Climax, Lethal slips out to hit the cutter! King SUPERKICKS Lethal, Cobb SUPERKICKS King! Taven SUPERKICKS Cobb but Cobb rebounds, Taven dodges and Cobb LARIATS Lethal! Taven kicks, jabs and DDT’s Cobb! All four men are down but the fans are fired up!

A standing count begins, so this could get many men at once! The count climbs to 9/20 but Taven and King start brawling from the mat. They rise to their feet and Knig kicks and forearms. King CHOPS then jabs, repeat! King runs, Taven rocks him with a back elbow! Taven facelocks but King slips out. King blocks the kick to spinning roundhouse Taven! Lethal rises and dodges King, LETHAL- Roll up! TWO, but Lethal gives King the Lethal Combination! Fans fire up and Lethal heads up top. But Amy Rose makes a move and Lethal will not let her cheat for King again. Rose runs off but that allows Taven to grab the world title belt and smack King with it! King dodges and Taven SMASHES Cobb! The ref saw that! Taven ELIMINATES himself!

Taven argues with the ref, and that allows King to SMASH Lethal with the belt! King drags Lethal to the fireman’s carry, ROYAL FLUSH! Cover, King ELIMINATES Lethal! The chaos benefits King in the end, and now he has Cobb all to himself. King taunts Cobb to get up, someone is definitely earning a title shot. Fans boo King but he soaks it all up. Cobb slowly rises in a corner as fans rally behind him. King shakes his head, he won’t be denied. King rakes Cobb’s back then fireman’s carries, but Cobb slips out. King dodges and shoves Cobb to a corner, roll up, but with feet on the ropes! TWO but King kicks and sweeps the legs! King kicks Cobb while he’s down, then says “Bend the knee!” before he buzzsaw kicks! Fans still rally for Cobb and Cobb sits up. King slaps Cobb, but Cobb reels King in. King elbows out fast, but Cobb reels him back in for a Snap German! Fastest snap possible, at that! King flounders up, into Cobb’s arms, TOUR OF THE ISLANDS!! Cover, COBB WINS!!

Winner: Jeff Cobb, by pinfall; earns a future ROH World Championship match

Cobb says aloha (bye) to King and aloha (hello) to another shot at the world title! After Death Before Dishonor, who will meet Cobb for a truly massive match?



My Thoughts:

Well, still an episode where ROH needed to feature past event highlights, but still some good original content, too. Soldiers of Savagery weren’t necessarily that good original content, a squash match is only so good when it’s so fast like that. Maybe these guys will finally face some real teams once ROH figures itself out. Master & Machine VS Tate Twins in their new form was a fun match, and it is great for Brandon and Brent to win. I always felt something was there when they were The Boys, they’re going to be a lot of fun as they get even better. ROH threw in International Cup’s final segments for whatever reason, I’m surprised they would show anything with an Elite member. It was a plug for Honor United, yes, but unless we’re getting something big for Haskins, Honor United or both, no real point to it in the moment.

What we got of the Center Stage Six Man was fun, and I knew Woods would attack the CMLL stars to go further Heel. I wonder if now there comes a point where push comes to shove and Woods becomes a worse Heel than Silas, and that’s saying something. The Defy or Deny was a great match, but it almost feels like they knew this would end up on ROH TV because of how they paced the eliminations. It all came down to the very end of the match, where once again, Amy Rose works out as an ace in the hole for King. Lethal is the only one pointing it out, so maybe we get more King VS Lethal where Amy messes up and costs King to break their working relationship. It was great for Cobb to win this. As I said around Best in the World time, Cobb should be ROH World Champion. The only reason he wasn’t was of the timing with the G1 Climax. Now that G1 is over, I would love for Cobb to get that title off whoever, but chances are Rush gets the title and keeps it for awhile. Cobb VS Rush would still be amazing, though.

My Score: 8.2/10

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