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Mitchell’s Women of Wrestling Results & Report! (10/12/19)

What is Tessa Blanchard plotting?



WoW Season 2

Will the biggest and the baddest “thank” the Born Legend?

The WOW World Champion made sure Jungle Grrrl WOULDN’T be her next challenger, but will she regret “repaying” The Beast?



  • Jungle Grrrl VS Sassy Massy; No Contest.
  • Stephy Slays VS Abilene Maverick; changed to…
  • Stephy Slays VS The Disciplinarian w/ Samantha Smart & Abilene Maverick; The Disciplinarian wins.
  • WOW Tag Team Championship Series: The Monsters of Madness VS The Dixie Darlings; win and advance in the series.
  • WOW World Championship: Tessa Blanchard VS Reyna Reyes; Blanchard wins.


Previously on WOW…

Tessa Blanchard burst into Women of Wrestling and became world champion when she got help beating Jungle Grrrl from the biggest and the baddest, THE BEAST! Jungle Grrrl demanded a rematch, and began her rivalry with The Beast. Things eventually led to last week’s #1 Contender’s match. A referee bump left the window wide open for Tessa to attack JG with her million dollar briefcase! Tessa sent two messages to the Beast at once: that they were even from the previous season, and that she was handing Beast a win. Because after WOW went off the air last episode, Tessa helped the referee back into the ring, to count the cover. Beast officially won, but only thanks to Blanchard, and that didn’t sit well with her.

Beast has since confronted Tessa backstage, and made her sign their title match contract. Tessa accepted, since this seemed to be what she wanted anyway. But Tessa would also smile to herself. What is she scheming now?


Tessa meets with David McLane in his office.

She wants to discuss her scheduled match for this week. So she signed the contract already? No, she did not sign that contract! Beast doesn’t deserve this chance, because of how Tessa handed it to her. Then Tessa needs to stop handpicking her opponents. She isn’t doing anything! No, he knows what she and Sophia Lopez orchestrated. Tessa denies those accusations, but as a fighting champion, she’ll gladly face the next Woman of Wrestling to walk into his office. He has no time for games. But then, Reyna Reyes walks in! Tessa accepts her own premise, but McLane wants to know why Reyna even showed up. She was told he wanted to see her. Well who told her that? Sophia Lopez. And there’s the fix…


Welcoooome~ BACK, to WOW!

And without needing an announcement, Jungle Grrrl appears! The Queen of the Splash looks to sharpen her claws tonight. “Let’s be clear: last week, it took two opponents to get me down. Not one, but two.” Sound familiar? And that says there is no one who can beat her. So JG wants Beast to listen up. If Beast wants Tessa to be ringside,t hen just bring her along. And it will go the other way for Tessa. If Tessa needs Beast’s help, then just start with that. Fans chant for Beast but JG says she’s the Queen of the Ring! Bring her some competition! Who will she feast on this week? We find out after the break.


Jungle Grrrl VS Sassy Massy!

WOW returns and the bold Bostonian steps up to test JG’s theory. But will someone as new to WOW as Sassy Massy be able to beat a WOW living legend?

The bell rings and JG circles with Massy. Fans rally up for Massy as she dodges JG. Massy keeps it sassy as she circles with JG again. And dodges again! JG grows annoyed but she baits Massy in for another, and gets her with a drop toehold! Now JG mocks the Massy chants, then throws Massy by her hair! JG drags Massy up to throw her again! Massy crawls while the ref reprimands JG, but Massy blocks the kick to throw JG down! Senton drop on JG’s back! JG gets to the corner and Massy back elbows! Then basement crossbodies! Cover, ONE! JG won’t be beat so easy, so Massy throws forearms. Massy runs, wheelbarrows, but JG makes it a German Suplex! JG roars at Massy and then drags her up to choke her on the ropes! The ref counts but JG lets up at 4.

JG stalks Massy to a corner, stomps a mudhole into her, then whips her corner to corner. JG takes her time going over, and chokes Massy against buckles! The ref reprimands her and she lets go, but JG doesn’t care about Massy’s feelings. JG whips Massy corner to corner and stomps away again! Massy slowly gets up, and catches JG off guard with that sunset flip! TWO, but Massy crucifix, but JG makes it a Samoan Drop! “You like that?!” JG drags Massy up to throw her down by her hair! JG wonders why the fans are upset, then she CHOPS Massy! JG knees Massy but fans still rally up. JG whips Massy corner to corner, then grins, until Massy boots her! Massy boots again! Massy elbows JG and again, then puts her on the ropes! Crossbody against the ropes! Cover, TWO! Massy throws big forearms then runs, and hits that wheelbarrow bulldog this time! Cover, TWO! Massy is firing up with the fans, and she brings JG up. JG fights back, knees low, then scoops for the JUNGLE DRIVER!

JG climbs up and takes her time soaking it all in. JUNGLE SPLASH! But JG doesn’t want to end it here, she wants to make Massy an example! JG goes up top again, for a second Jungle Splash! But still JG wants to make Massy suffer for what Tessa has done. JG climbs again, and the referee reprimands her for this. But here comes Massy’s friend, Chantilly Chella! The party girl won’t let JG do this. So JG goes after Chella, JUNGLE DRIVER! JG puts the two together, then climbs up again. Fans are booing as hard as they can, and referees rush in to stop JG. JG shouts for them to get out of the way, but her prey has been rushed out of the ring. The referees throw this match out, but will this stop the wrath of the Ultimate Predator?


A new tag team is moving in.

And they’re putting their name tag over Jessie Jones’? Oh, and Amber O’Neal’s, by association. The Dixie Darlings? The twins from Virginia have only just arrived, but it seems they’re pawns in the plans of one sore loser, Lana Star. Jolynn and Jolene are unaware as they walk in on Jessie and Amber getting ready. Jessie thinks they’re fans wanting autographs, but J & J don’t get why Jessie and Amber don’t know who they are. Dixie Darlings? Wherever y’all think y’all are, this ain’t your dressing room, so git! Jessie and Amber go back to their moonshine, but then someone throws in that sign from the door. Wait, their names really are Jolynn and Jolene? Like the songs? Lana’s plan is working to turn Southern hospitality into hostility. Will either side ever learn the truth?


Stephy Slays VS Abilene Maverick!

After a contentious and at times petty rivalry, finally we get a rematch! Abilene beat Stephy in the ring, then bullied her out of it. But Stephy finally got her singles career going near the end of last season. Will the Governor’s Daughter learn sweet Stephy Slays isn’t the same girl she used to know?

Wait, Abilene claims she has a neck injury? McLane knows Abilene is cleared to compete, or else why schedule this match? Stephy is pumped for this match, but Abilene is clearly not going to compete with that neck brace and formal wear on. Abilene takes the mic from Shaul Guerrero to explain amid the booing from fans. “I’m injured~! Listen to me~! I’m hurting, okay~?” Fans don’t care, they know this is an excuse. Abilene claims this is a skiing injury. So unfortunately, they can’t have this match. But Abilene has someone to teach Stephy a little lesson. Stephy can learn some things about wrestling from the substitute. This is one of Abilene’s new friends. You know, the Smart ones. And with that, Robyn Reid the Disciplinarian attacks from behind! Samantha Smart is in tow as this new match begins!

Stephy Slays VS The Disciplinarian w/ Samantha Smart & Abilene Maverick!

Reid clubs and chokes Stephy at the ropes, then Smart SLAPS Stephy while the ref is busy reprimanding! Fans boo hard as ever while Reid waits for Stephy to get up. Reid throws Stephy into buckles, then throws big forearms to keep her in the corner. Reid chokes Stephy on ropes more, but lets up at 4. Reid chokes Stephy more but lets up at 4. Abilene defends she was enjoying her family’s lake house. Why does no one believe her? Because of her previous bad attitude towards Stephy, that’s why.

Speaking of Stephy, Reid throws her into buckles again! Reid stands on Stephy but steps off at 4. Reid clubs Stephy back down, and takes a moment to discuss with the ref. But that allows Smart to SMACK Stephy’s shins with her yard stick! The fans chant “You Suck! You Suck!” but Reid encourages it. Stephy hits back with body shots and fans fire up! Stephy dodges, dodges and swings around to roll Reid up! TWO, but Stephy keeps moving. Crossbody, but she’s caught! Reid swings and slams Stephy down! Abilene defends she is not avoiding Stephy, she just has bad luck. Reid drags Stephy up, two handed choke! The ref reprimands, but Reid throws Stephy down! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer Stephy’s toughness but Reid drags her up again for a suplex. Gourd Buster! Cover, TWO! Stephy survives and Reid is furious!

Reid drags Stephy around in a facelock and grinds her into the mat. Fans rally up for Stephy while Smart coaches Reid. The two roll and Stephy gets a ropebreak! Reid lets up at 4, but Smart mocks Stephy’s pain. Reid gets up, but Stephy runs at her with forearms! Stephy rallies and dropkicks! Reid gets to a corner, Stephy monkey flips Reid down! Stephy drags Reid up to whip corner to corner, but Reid reverses. Stephy goes up and over to sunset flip, TWO! Almost had her! Stephy stands, hops up to the ropes, but Reid CHOPS Stephy! Stephy boots back and SLAPS Reid, to then hop on! Victory Roll, cover, TWO!! Abilene laughs at the “loser,” but Stephy says she’ll show Abilene. Stephy drags Reid up, Reid slips out to fireman’s carry. Spin out, EXPULSION! The TKO neckbreaker hits! Cover, Reid wins!!

Winner: The Disciplinarian, by pinfall

Abilene orchestrated the rematch and Reid has evened the score with Stephy Slays! Smart takes to the mic to say, “Look at that. All of you blubbering imbeciles cheering, and booing, and cheering, and booing.” Do you think the IQ Superior is just here to entertain the inferiors? But Smart’s protege just crushed “your little doe-eyed cliche of an underdog, Stephy Slays! Are you not entertained?” Abilene is the only one laughing.


Siren and Holidead have another message from the beyond.

“Princess Aussie. What will it be? The wicked path of destiny.” Princess has been a puppet upon this earth, but now will face her own rebirth. Her strength, that power she held so tight. She will come to see the light. Her hopes, her dreams, the cards will tell that the darkness waits for her to unveil. Which path she takes will soon be known, for darkness awaits her on its throne! Siren laughs into the night, but will Princess Aussie lose her light?


WOW Tag Team Championship Series: The Monsters of Madness VS The Dixie Darlings!

Havok and Hazard look to have their way with the entire WOW Tag Team Division, but Jolynn and Jolene ain’t just whistling Dixie. But does even twin magic compare to pure power?

The bell doesn’t even ring before Havok and Hazard clobber J & J! One twin falls out of the ring while Hazard has the other. The bell rings to finally start this match, and Hazard rams her shoulder into the trapped twin. Havok helps out but the ref reprimands them. Havok tags in and she thrashes the twin about, to then toss her to her sister! The tag is made, and now it is Jolene (according to McLane) that comes in. Jolene runs at Havok but gets bounced off! Havok roars as she drags Jolene up to then double hand choke and toss into the buckle! Havok kicks away on Jolene then tags in Hazard. Hazard drags Jolene up to snap suplex back to the corner. Cover, TWO, but Hazard doesn’t care. Hazard stomps away on Jolene, then bumps her off buckles. Tag to Havok and she rams her shoulder into Jolene’s back. Havok throws Jolene down, to then taunt Jolynn.

Havok thrashes Jolene around more, then puts her in an open corner. Havok stomps a mudhole in then grinds her foot into Jolene’s throat! The ref reprimands again, but Havok just throws Jolene into the post! Tag to Hazard and the Monsters mug Jolene! Hazard CHOPS Jolene and again! Havok chokes with the tag rope! The ref reprimands but that doesn’t stop Hazard from bumping Jolene off buckles. Hazard runs in, but Jolene dodges! Jolene hurries to her corner, but Havok intercepts to clobber Jolynn! The Monsters have Jolene, spin around slam! Cover, the Monsters win!!

Winners: The Monsters of Madness, Hazard pinning; advances in the series

But they’re not done, AIR RAID CRASH to Jolynn! The fans boo the brutality, but Havok takes the mic to officially remind everyone who they are! And they vow to keep advancing in this tag team series, vowing to “pave a path of annihilation the entire way!” Hazard says this team is all WOW needs! Will the Monsters of Madness make WOW their world?


WOW World Championship: Tessa Blanchard VS Reyna Reyes!

The Diamond got Sophia Lopez to make a pawn out of the Pearl of the Philippines. Reyna still looks to prove this path she took in life was not a mistake. Will she be able to show her parents this wasn’t just a pipe dream? Or will she be crushed under the pressure?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this golden opportunity begins!

Fans duel while The Beast and other Women of Wrestling watch backstage. Tessa and Reyna tie up, Reyna waistlocks but Tessa wrenches out to a wristlock. Reyna spins and reverses, but Tessa rolls and breaks free. Tessa brushes Reyna off, but Reyna dares her to bring it. They tie up again and Reyna goes after the arm again. Tessa rolls, handsprings, wrenches and whips. Reyna dodges, whips Tessa back, then follows through to huricanrana! Tessa is sent for a loop, so Reyna springboards for another huricanrana! Tessa flounders about, into Reyna’s kick! Reyna goes to the corner, goes up, but Tessa kicks the ropes out from under her! Reyna crashes and burns to the floor! Tessa goes out to fetch Reyna and throw down haymakers!

Tessa brings Reyna up to put her in the ring. Tessa covers, ONE! Reyna checks her face but Tessa brings her up. Tessa whips Reyna into the second rope, to then body check her in the back! And then dropkick, too! Reyna falls, writhing in pain, but Tessa puts her on the ropes to choke her. Tessa then goes out to the apron to SUPERKICK Reyna back into the ring! Cover, TWO! Tessa is annoyed with Reyna’s resilience. Fans duel and rally as Reyna gets to ropes. Tessa whips but Reyna reverses and dodges to hit a rolling roundhouse! Both women are down and fans are firing  up. A standing count begins but Tessa drags herself to ropes. Reyna stands at 7, but Tessa is on her with haymakers! Reyna throws them back! Then counter punches before Tessa can swing! Fans fire up with the Pearl as she rocks the Diamond! And sweeps the legs, to then run and hit a throwback cutter! Tessa flounders around the ring, into a kick! Reyna wants it, she goes up top again, for an acrobatic huricanrana!

Tessa bails out of the ring, but Reyna goes to the top rope! Fans are thunderous as Reyna LEAPS! SUPER TORNILLO! Reyna gets up and stands over the champ! Reyna puts Tessa in the ring hard, then powers herself up, for a slingshot splash! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Tessa saves herself and Reyna can’t believe it. Tessa gets to a corner but Reyna is on her with a CHOP! Reyna whips Tessa corner to corner but Tessa reverses, only to run into a boot! Reyna hops up, but Tessa kicks her feet out! Reyna is stuck as Tessa runs in, DRAPING CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO?!? Tessa can’t believe Reyna still lives! Tessa grits her teeth as she goes up top. Fans are thunderous again, as Reyna knees Tessa back! Tessa and Reyna brawl as Reyna climbs. But Reyna gets Tessa, for  SUPER SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO?!? Tessa is showing her own toughness! Reyna is in shock that she didn’t finish this!

The fans reach a fever pitch, “That was three! That was three!” Reyna settles down and goes at Tessa at the ropes. Reyna stomps then drags Tessa to a drop zone. Reyna goes up top again and fans are fired up. SKY TWISTER FLOPS!! Tessa reels her in, spins her around, but Reyna rolls her! TWO, and Tessa gets her again, hammerlock, DIAMOND DDT!! Cover, Tessa wins!!

Winner: Tessa Blanchard, by pinfall; still WOW World Champion

But Jungle Grrrl attacks! JUNGLE DRIVER! Fans are losing their minds as JG climbs up top, for a JUNGLE SPLASH! The Ultimate Predator snatches the title belt and sets it on Tessa to say, “Hold onto that for me.” Tessa stands up and shoves referees away. Will Tessa have no choice but to face the living legend?


Jungle Grrrl returns to the locker room.

Everyone just saw what happened, but now JG is live and in The Beast’s face! “You think that should be you out there? I don’t think so.” Well JG had her chance, so get out of The Beast’s face. Beast pie-faces JG, but JG shoves back! They brawl into the bathroom! WOW has to call it a night, but who comes out the winner of this fight?



My Thoughts:

Alright, I’m starting to see a trend here. The nights Tessa wrestles, and against surprise opponents, are the nights a main event match is treated as one. But first, we got a good little cinematic bit to show Beast has a title match in her back pocket, if Tessa would just sign it. Perhaps things will force Tessa to take Beast up on this match, just to avoid Jungle Grrrl. JG is doing great as a Heel, beating down both Massy and Chantilly. I’m surprised she didn’t leap over the refs to splash them both but oh well. I suppose Abilene weaseling out of her match with Stephy should’ve been obvious. But I suppose this sets up Abilene & Disciplinarian VS Bully Busters as a side tag match separate from the title series. And while it makes sense for the Monsters of Madness to squash whoever they faced, especially a new team like the Dixie Darlings, what was the point of the Darlings being tricked by Lana Star to go into the “Grits ‘n’ Glam” locker room? That should’ve happened a week ago, and then this squash happens tonight. Maybe the squash fuels some mockery and that brings us G’n’G VS DD.

It seems that while Sophia Lopez brought Kobra Moon/Serpentine to WOW (in kayfabe) she’s not a very loyal manager. She’s setting up midcarder after midcarder against Tessa to feed her title legacy. Granted, the two so far have given us great matches with Tessa, but Tessa wins to still build her reign. JG’s attack tonight was a great addition, but I’m a bit confused by the locker room “brawl” that ends the show. The other wrestlers were apparently directed to act as if something was still on TV. Are we to believe Tessa was still in the ring throwing a tantrum to the degree they weren’t suddenly afraid of JG? Or was JG’s attack on Tessa put in after this was filmed? Continuity and plot holes aside, I suppose it does boost JG’s Heel power if she’s still raring to fight after everything she’s done tonight. I would hope this builds to a Triple Threat of the three that is as awesome as that is meant to sound. The previous one got ruined so maybe this can see a real finish, after a good 20 minutes of action.

My Score: 8.2/10

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Andrew’s NJPW Castle Attack Results & Match Ratings: 2.27.21

Castle Attack is a two day event, with this first one having top tier talent; but no championship stakes. Does that hurt the show? 



Castle Attack is a two day event, with this first one having top tier talent; but no championship stakes. Does that hurt the show?

Kazuchika Okada finally gets his hands on EVIL, Jay White gets his “get right match” against Ishii after the last month of issues, and just generally a lot of feud building. The obvious thread is all of the CHAOS versus Bullet Club going on, but I don’t think any of us are excited for Tanga Loa and YOSHI-HASHI.

We also have The United Empire kicking things off to help give Great O-Khan more momentum going into his match against Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Even if the card seems a little flat, maybe we get surprised?


  • The United Empire (Will Ospreay, Jeff Cobb & Great O-Khan) vs TenCozy (Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima) & Hiroshi Tanahashi: Ospreay wins via Oscutter @10:22 – * ½
  • Tanga Loa w/Jado vs YOSHI-HASHI: Loa wins via Ape Shit @12:58 – (-*)
  • Tama Tonga vs Hirooki Goto: Goto wins via GTR @6:39 – ** ¼
  • KOPW 2021 Trophy: YTR Strap Match: Toru Yano (c) vs Chase Owens: Yano retains @12:50 – ** ½
  • Jay White vs Tomohiro Ishii: White wins via Blade Runner @25:42 – ****
  • Kazuchika Okada vs EVIL w/Dick Togo: Okada wins via Rainmaker @28:11 – *** ¼



The United Empire (Will Ospreay, Jeff Cobb & Great O-Khan) vs TenCozy (Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima) & Hiroshi Tanahashi

So we saw a lot of dynamics that we’ve grown to expect. Tenzan struggles to not use the Mongolian Chops, O-Khan continues to prove himself a credible enough threat to Tanahashi, but this was a sloppy match. Between an early awkward exchange that made it seem like O-Khan didn’t know how to sell Kojima’s flurry, Ospreay slipped on the rope when he was coming in toward the end; even though he kinda saved it, it was obviously screwed up.

Interactions were clumsy, the match never got exciting and really just did what these kind of matches usually do, but not even as well as most Young Lions.

Tanga Loa w/Jado vs YOSHI-HASHI

Welp, this match was straight garbage. The sad thing about this match was that Loa did a pretty solid job at trying to vocally antagonize HASHI and keep things interesting, but HASHI was in slow motion. HASHI would visibly confirm things too much, his moves were bad, kept trying to rally the crowd but they didn’t respond; so there were a ton of times he waited a beat to see if the crowd would ever come alive, and they never really did.

Tanga Loa was his usual self with better verbal interactions. He kept trying to get HASHI to fight and prove what he had instead of cursing, but HASHI just fell into the waste of space mannerisms he was known for 99% of his career. He should go back to Loose Explosion on his tights, because he is the drizzling shits.

So Tama comes out to distract Hashi allowing for Loa to turn the situation and hit Ape Shit. Bullet Club beatdown ensues, Goto runs out, clears out Loa…and the referee decides to just start the match since Goto and Tama were supposed to wrestle anyway!

Tama Tonga vs Hirooki Goto

A quick start is stifled by the malaise that is known as Castle Attack so far. Tama dumps out Goto, Goto starts reviewing his life choices and why he’s here today, and then spends enough time on the outside to build a bird house before Jado eventually limps over and hits him with a kendo stick shot. Like…why? Goto saw it coming. Stevie Wonder saw it coming. The terrible decisions of YOSHI-HASHI have polluted Goto’s mind as well!

When things get back into the ring, at least Tama and Goto are good wrestlers. Tama hits the Tongan Twist and Veleno, but a missed Stinger Splash and countered Gun Stun gave Goto some space. Tama tried for Gun Stun again, but he got caught, Goto throws him on his shoulders Ushigoroshi style, but drops him into the GTR and lands it! So a surprising GTR gives Goto a victory from the jaws of defeat, and at least the in-ring action was serviceable enough to get the highest rating of the show so far.

I really hope the back half blows my socks off, because this is sad so far.

KOPW 2021 Trophy: YTR Strap Match: Toru Yano (c) vs Chase Owens

Now the gimmick here is instead of touch the 4 corner pads, you have to remove the 4 corner pads. So it seems like the person to remove the last pad, will be the winner.

We get a mostly expected Yano gimmick match. He made small references to his earlier gimmick of being a cheating, violent, always disqualified heel; when he started whipping Chase early and being more aggressive than we usually see. But Chase was clever using the outside to a great advantage. Yano was forced to go after Chase because Chase was going to take the pads off from outside, and then used Yano’s momentum against him by ramming him into posts and barricades.

The last pad was solid comedy where both took turns knocking the other out, too far from the last pad. So we had some goofy “drag the dead body” spots. Chase nearly had things won until Yano came to, pulled him close for Oni Koroshi! Yano makes it to the corner, takes it off and the God of all KOPW continues!

Jay White vs Tomohiro Ishii

Ishii has had White’s number lately, and just added to the broken status of his mental health after the Wrestle Kingdom loss. Within the first minute or so, Jay looked to have tweaked his hamstring, and that added an interesting layer to his early attack. But much like the strategic genius that he is, he lays Ishii over the barricade, and Ishii starts selling a rib injury.

Everything in this match mattered, the leg and ribs came back to play into aspects of the finishing sequence. Ishii was slow transitioning between some of his power moves since he was hampered with the rib injury, and Jay got caught a bit more than usual because his quickness was taken away.

A huge Avalanche Brainbuster after a Jumping Headbutt nearly gave Ishii the win, but a slow cover as he wanted the high stack, kept Jay alive. They fight back and forth, then we get a great counter wrestling sequence to finish the match. Ishii slips suplexes and Blade Runners, Jay slips the Brainbuster and eats a strike. It was up, down, back and forth, just hard to call until Jay finally slips a hold and catches Ishii with Blade Runner for the win!

THANK GOD we got a match worth watching! Great pacing, solid story, this is something to watch.

Kazuchika Okada vs EVIL w/Dick Togo

Ugh, okay so we know what we get with EVIL any more right? Okada tried to eliminate Dick Togo early when he hit Double DDTs on the ramp, but then the trek back to the ring was awkward. Okada bringing EVIL back to the ring, was a microcosm of the match, where it was just very slowly paced, inactive and not a good idea.

Part of the point in this match was for Okada to finally get closure on EVIL beating him during last year’s New Japan Cup; but he wanted to drag out the old aggressive EVIL. EVIL fired up late, and the crowd responded excitedly expecting something good, but it was short lived. Plus, we have Okada being a complete moron. He was shoved into Red Shoes, fights off Dick and lays EVIL out and goes for the stupid Money Clip. He goes for a submission after he was driven into the referee. This is a gap in logic so embarrassing, just so Dick could interfere again with the garrote.

All the garrote did was possibly foreshadow when Okada Tombstoned Dick, and then had a moment where he considered using the weapon. This is either a throw away for Okada to continue to be the Golden Boy, or it’s a hint that darker things are on the horizon for Okada.

Either way, Fire/Thunder Driver lead to the Rainmaker again, and we’re finally at a point where Okada is beating people with the move that started it all! No more Money Clip! It looks bad and it’s just sad.


Overall Score: 4.25/10

At least we got one match really worth watching out of this show. Jay White versus Tomohiro Ishii is truly the only thing to watch from this whole show.

I don’t know how some people didn’t find the YOSHI-HASHI embarrassing, but it completely was. The opener was sloppy to the point of uselessness. Tama and Goto was just flat given how the story was being told. Then we’ve got the gimmicky goofball match being a highlight before the semi-main and main events. I’ve seen more salient card structure and match booking from Dragon Gate during the waning days of ANTIAS.

Tomorrow has to be better because if it’s worse, then I think 2015 TNA would be happy to know they aren’t the bottom of the barrel anymore. This show was so embarrassing I think I’m just gonna end the article with the hockey coach from Letterkenny:


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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (2/26/21)

It’s a Retro Premier grudge match!



Coverage 205 2021

Is 205 Live still Tony Nese’s show?

Tony Nese helped Ariya Daivari beat August Grey last 205 Live, but now has to put up or shut up! Will the Premier Athlete make RetroAG get with the times?


  • Ever-Rise VS Curt Stallion & Mansoor; Stallion & Mansoor win.
  • Tony Nese w/ Ariya Daivari VS August Grey w/ Jake Atlas; Grey wins.


Ever-Rise VS Curt Stallion & Mansoor!

Don’t misunderstand, the truce and friendship of #BollyRise is still strong! But for taking on the Lonestar and still undefeated Star of Saudi Arabia, it’s time to go with what’s been proven to work! Will the classic combo of Matt Marthel & Chase Parker end Mansoor’s growing undefeated streak?

The teams sort out and Stallion starts with Marthel. Fans rally for Stallion but there is an Ever-Rise Rules section. Stallion and Marthel tie up, break up, and Marthel shouts at “Cowboy Curt” to bring it! They tie up again, Marthel puts Stallion on ropes, and “Clean break, no problem!” Stallion smirks as he and Marthel circle. Stallion gets a headlock, Marthel powers out and the two ram shoulders! Marthel shoves Stallion but Stallion ROCKS Marthel! Stallion hits a headlock takedown, grinds Marthel down, and gives the trash talk back as Marthel tries to kip out. Marthel powers up, powers out, but Stallion ducks and doges to CLOBBER Marthel! Cover, ONE, but Stallion has a facelock!

Mansoor tags in, takes the hand-off and wrenches Marthel to an armlock. Marthel powers up, whips Mansoor away, then drop toeholds Mansoor to a chinlock. Tag to Parker but Mansoor gets away. Mansoor and Parker reset, circle, and tie up. Parker snapmares but Mansoor rolls right to his feet. Fans rally, they tie up again, and go around. Parker gets a headlock, Mansoor powers up but Parker keeps hold of the hold. Mansoor keeps trying but Praker grinds the hold harder. Mansoor powers up a third time to atomic drop! Mansoor hits the headlock takeover now and he grinds Parker down! Marthel shouts, Parker headscissors but Mansoor kips out to headlock takeover again!

Parker endures the grind, pushes with forearms, then gets up. Stallion tags in, he mugs Parker and headlocks to hit a takeover of his own. Parker pushes Stallion’s face with forearms, fights his way up, and powers out, only for Stallion to duck and CLOBBER Parker with a back elbow! Cover, TWO! Stallion clamps onto Parker’s arm, wrenches, tags Mansoor in and Mansoor gets a facelock. Mansoor snap suplexes, covers, TWO! Mansoor clamps onto Parker with a chinbar and armlock. Fans rally, Parker fights up, pulls hair and stomps Mansoor’s foot! Tag to Marthel, Ever-Rise tries a double keylock but Mansoor stays up! Mansoor flips through to DOUBLE ARM-DRAG!

Mansoor atomic drops Marthel! Parker flies in but into an atomic drop! Stallion tags in, double dropkicks send Ever-Rise out! Fans fire up with Mansoor and Stallion, and the Bollywood Boyz run out to cool things off! They say they can still do this as Bolly-Rise! Parker goes back in, Samir & Suni keep Marthel calm, but Stallion gets Parker with a waistlock slam! Stallion facelocks, Mansoor tags in, and they mug Parker. Mansoor headlocks, grinds Parker, but Parker throws hands to get a headlock of his own. Mansoor powers out, drops, Parker hurdles but Mansoor hurdles! Marthel tags in, Parker fakes Mansoor out, and Marthel POWERBOMBS Mansoor down!

Mansoor is dazed, Marthel stomps away on him at the ropes. Marthel drags Mansoor up to bump off buckles and stomp away! The ref counts, Marthel gets mad as he lets off, and Marthel throws hands on Mansoor. Tag to Parker, they wrench Mansoor’s arms for a double shoulder tackle, and double fist drops! Parker covers, TWO! Parker drags Mansoor up while the Singhs coach them through. Parker throws hands to keep Mansoor down, but Mansoor avoids the elbow drop! And the second one! Mansoor ROCKS Parker with an uppercut, slingshots up and over but Marthel tags in! Mansoor completes the sunset flip but Marthel stomps him down! Cover, TWO!

Marthel drags Mansoor up, bumps him off buckles and throws forearms. Mansoor hits back on Ever-Rise! Mansoor hurries for his corner but Marthel trips him up BOOYAH ELBOW FLOPS as Mansoor moves! Hot tag to Stallion! Stallion shoves Marthel out, fires off on Parker and CHOPS him! Stallion sends Parker into Marthel, rolls Parker up, TWO! BASEMENT DROPKCIK! Stallion DIVES onto the Bollywood Boyz! Then he goes up, FALLING SPALSH onto Parker’s knees! Marthel tags in, but runs into a cradle! TWO!! Tag to Mansoor and he goes up to leap! Marthel gets under, comes back but Mansoor elbows him! Mansoor tries the Bulldog but Parker saves Marthel from it!

Marthel tags Parker, Ever-Rise brings Mansoor up and they give him a SWEET TASTE! But Stallion RUNNING HEADBUTTS Marthel! But Parker BOOTS Stallion! The Bollywood Boyz want Parker to use the clapboard but the ref sees it! Mansoor rolls Parker up, O’Conner roll AND BRIDGE! Mansoor and Stallion win!

Winners: Mansoor & Curt Stallion, by pinfall

The Saudi Arabian Star’s streak continues! Ever-Rise blames Bollywood for that one but the Singhs defend they were just trying to help! Is Bolly-Rise doomed to fail?


Tony Nese VS August Grey!

August Grey helps Jake Atlas get one over on Daivari Dinero, so the Premier Athlete helps Daivari get the gold chains back. Then Nese helps again so Daivari could clobber Grey into next week. Of course, last week is now this week, and Nese looks to send August into the Fall! Will the purple ‘n’ orange still belong to the OG? Or will it soon be Retro AG’s?

But surprise! If Nese has Daivari, Grey can have Atlas ringside! Will the muscle of El Monte keep the Persian Lion from stacking the deck in Nese’s favor? The bell rings, Nese and Grey circle, and they tie up. Grey wrenches an arm, clamps onto the shoulder, but Nese rolls and trips Grey up. Nese gets a leg, ties it up with the other, and has a seated figure four deathlock. Nese adds a chinlock but Grey fights free of that. Grey pops free of the leg lock and clamps onto Nese’s arm again. Nese fights up, puts Grey in a corner, but the ref counts. Nese lets off but RAMS into Grey! The ref reprimands but Nese ROCKS Grey with a right!

Nese CHOPS Grey to another corner, then throws a forearm! “I’m the Premier Athlete!” Fans boo, but Grey puts Nese in the corner to stomp away! Grey ROCKS Nese, fans cheer, but Nese reverses the whip, only for Grey to RANA and CLOBBER Nese! Nese gets around, but Grey counter punches him already! Grey throws more haymakers, keeps Nese up and whips him to the corner hard! Grey then scoops Nese to SIDEWALK SLAM Nese! Cover, TWO! Daivari swipes at Grey but Atlas storms over. The ref tells them both to cool off, Grey goes out to have Atlas back down. Grey tells Daivari he’ll get his. Nese runs over but Grey dodges the baseball slide to ROCK him!

Grey grabs Nese and glares at Daivari. “You having a good time?!” Grey puts Nese in, tells Daivari to watch him beat Nese with a smile on his face. But Daivari keeps distracting Grey, and Nese hits a BULLDOG HOTSHOT! Nese then goes up and PREMIER TRIANGLES! Cover, TWO! Nese clamps onto Grey with a neck wrench and Daivari talks trash. Fans boo while Nese clubs and toys with Grey. Nese drags Grey up, CHOPS him, and Daivari is the only one cheering as Nese brings Grey out to CHOP him off his feet! Nese flexes, fans boo, and Atlas coaches Grey. Nese pulls Grey against ropes to then KICK him in the chest!

Grey sputters, swipes at Daivari, but Nese drags him up. Grey blocks a buckle bump to give a buckle bump! Grey counter punches Nese, goes up and walks the tightrope for a CROSSBODY! Fans fire up as Grey runs in to CHOP Nese in the corner! Grey whips corner to corner, Nese reverses to slide and pump handle scoop, for a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Nese grows frustrated but he puts on the body scissors! Nese squeezes, Grey fights and pries at the hold, and Grey is free! Nese hurries after Grey to get a rear bearhug! Grey elbows Nese over and over, is free again, and ROCK Nese with haymakers and CHOPS! Nese back kicks, knee lifts and whips, but Grey returns to LARIAT!

Grey starts to rally, and he whips Nese to ropes. Nese kicks, but runs into a JAWBRAEKER, to a NECKBREAKER! Fans fire up as Grey hits the back suplex with a little extra! Cover, TWO! Atlas and Grey are both a bit surprised, but Grey drags Nese to a drop zone. Grey climbs up top and Atlas fires up, but Daivari RAMS Atlas into steel steps! The ref reprimands Daivari but Nese SHORYUKENS Grey! Nese throws Grey off the top, goes up top himself, and leaps for a 450 only to flop! Grey gets Nese in, Daivari distracts again! Nese throws Grey out hard, but Atlas trips and DECKS Daivari! Nese FLIES to take out Atlas! But Grey DIVES to do the same to Nese!

Grey puts Nese in, fans fire up, and Grey chicken wings Nese! He turns Nese, runs up the corner, and hits the SO MUCH PRETTIER!! Cover, Grey wins!!

Winner: August Grey, by pinfall

Retro takes us back, and he takes down a former Cruiserweight Champion!! But things aren’t over between the OG and AG, will there be more in this series to come?

My Thoughts:

A very fun episode, but certainly more exciting in the main event. That is how it should be, but it was a bit easy to see that Ever-Rise was losing. For one, that’s the story going on with them and Bollywood Boyz, though I did like that it was the Bollywood Boyz overdoing the help that cost Ever-Rise. The other reason was Mansoor is still building an undefeated streak, and he might not lose until it’s finally his turn to challenge for a Cruiserweight Championship. And I say “a” because obviously there’s still the issue of Escobar VS Devlin for one true Cruiserweight Champion, which may not happen for a long time. Grey VS Nese was very good, even with Daivari still getting involved, because at least Atlas was around to counter him in the end. I’m still seeing a tag team blow-off before they all move on to something else.

My Score: 8.1/10

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