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Mitchell’s Women of Wrestling Results & Report! (10/19/19)

The hunter has become the hunted!



WoW Season 2

What is the fallout of a ferocious fight?

Tessa Blanchard keeps ducking The Beast and Jungle Grrrl, leaving them to fight each other! Will either one come out the #1 PREDATOR to the WOW World Championship?



  • WOW Tag Team Championship Series Rematch: Lana Star & The Lioness VS Grits ‘n’ Glam; Grits ‘n’ Glam win and advance in the series.
  • Princess Aussie VS Fury w/ the Psycho Sisters; Fury wins.
  • WOW Tag Team Championship Series: Fire & Adrenaline VS The Dagger & The Temptress; Fire & Adrenaline win and advance in the series.
  • Nikki Krampus w/ Sophia Lopez VS The Beast; The Beast wins.


Previously on Women of Wrestling…

Tessa Blanchard took the WOW World Championship, and put a target on her back. The biggest and the baddest in the WOW locker room continue to hunt her down. The Born Legend has been in cahoots with Sophia Lopez to keep challengers other than either Jungle Grrrl and The Beast coming. With both true #1 contenders blocked, tensions run high and shots went low. The Diamond beat the Pearl, but JG got in Beast’s face. The bathroom brawl was perhaps the most intense in WOW history! But now, something’s got to give. Will either predator finally make prey of Tessa in a title match?


Welcome BACK to WOW!

The Fabulous One, Lana Star, leads the way out to the ring for The Lioness. No more Pride, just fortune and fame. Lana sets the record straight by giving Amber O’Neal a huge opportunity by making her into the Beverly Hills Babe, and showing her the lifestyle the fans could only wish of having. But when presented with opportunity, Amber failed miserably, just like the fans would. So like any good producer, Lana recast and got a “more stylish and aspiring talent.” Hence, the Lioness. A quadruple threat of rapper, singer, dancer and wrestler. “She is the in-ring Beyonce!” And one more thing: Lana clearly never wanted to be tagged in during the match. That Second Amendment armbar was illegal, and their team was robbed!

But speaking of the redneck wrestlers, here come #GritzNGlam! Fans are again mixed, not liking Jessie Jones but okay with Amber. Jessie tells Lana that talk is cheap, and so is her plastic surgeon! “So I reckon if you want your face rearranged for free,” Amber will oblige. Fans do want to see that! And with the argument Lana makes, David McLane declares this a WOW Tag Team Championship Series REMATCH!

WOW Tag Team Championship Series Rematch: Lana Star & The Lioness VS Grits ‘n’ Glam!

The bell rings and Lioness starts with the Bullet Babe! They tie up, Lioness waistlocks but Amber elbows out to a waistlock. Lioness tries to switch but Amber catches her to a hammerlock. Lioness spins through to top armlock, but Amber powers her to the corner. Tag to Jessie and she rams her shoulders in. Jessie wrenches, but Lioness flips through to reverse the wrench! Jessie wrenches back and throws Lioness down, but Lioness kips up. Jessie throws her down again, so Lioness just kips up again, and repeat! Jessie keeps Lioness down by standing on her hair, then drags her up. Jessie whips but Lioness dodges to headscissor! Lioness walks into a throat chop! Tag to Amber, and Amber stomps Lioness. Amber tosses Lioness to Lana and dares her to tag in. Lana again refuses! Why be cleared to compete if you’re not going to?

Amber runs at Lioness but gets rolled up! TWO, but Lioness whips. Jessie gets a cheap shot in and Amber clobbers Lioness. Amber rams her shoulder into Lioness, then grinds a boot in. Tag to Jessie, and Jessie hammerlocks. Jessie rams Lioness’ shoulder into buckles, then yanks hard on that arm. Jessie hammerlocks to ram Lioness into another buckle! Jessie rams shoulders into Lioness’ shoulder again and again, grinning as she does. Then she whips to run Lioness over with elbows! And drops a leg, brother! Jessie mockingly claps hands with Lioness but Lioness rolls her up! TWO, and now fans rally for Jessie?! Jessie SLAPS Lioness then tags in Amber. Grits ‘n’ Glam mug Lioness, and then Amber snapmares Lioness for kicks! Amber full nelsons and leans on Lioness, rolling her over to a rear mount. Amber traps one arm then the other for Cattle Mutilation! Lioness endures so Amber shifts to an inverted armbar! Lioness crawls and reaches since Lana isn’t living a finger, and gets the ropebreak!

Amber keeps on Lioness with stomps! Amber headlocks and brings Lioness to Lana. Lana still refuses! So Amber clotheslines Lioness in the corner. Lana coaches Lioness rather than helps, so Jessie tags in. Jessie drags Lioness but Lioness fights back. But she whiffs on the enziguri! Jessie has the figure four on the legs and pulls on the arms! Jessie’s Queen Angelito doesn’t do it so she stomps Lioness down. And Jessie keeps Lioness from tagging Lana to whip. But double clotheslines take them both out! Lioness gets up, spinning roundhouse takes Jessie down! And now Lana tags in to cover, TWO! Tag to Amber!! Finally some retribution! Lana begs for mercy, but Amber just gives her fast hands! Amber rains down rights, and Jessie trips up Lioness! Lana is all alone now as Amber hits her with the FACEBUSTER! Cover, Grits ‘n’ Glam win again!

Winners: Grits ‘n’ Glam, Amber O’Neal pinning; officially advance to the next round

Lana can’t make excuses now! She tagged in on her own and then lost the match again! Will that help solidify Jessie and Amber as top contenders for the Women of Wrestling Tag Team Championships?


WOW look closely at Princess Aussie.

She came to WOW representing the strength that love and togetherness is unbreakable. Princess used a bundle of sticks as that symbol of determination. She went on a winning streak, specifically against Siren and Holidead. But it would be a tag team encounter that turned things around. The Voodoo Doll and her sinister sidekick would abduct Princess Aussie, and burn the symbol of her strength! Tonight, the fate of Princess Aussie is revealed!


Princess Aussie VS Fury w/ the Psycho Sisters!

The Girl from Down Under doesn’t seem all that affected by what Siren and Holidead did, but she is without her signature bamboo sticks. Is there something below the surface we’re not seeing yet?

The bell rings and Princess circles with Fury. Razor and Mesmeriah lurk as Fury and Princess tie up. Princess gets the waistlock but Fury bucks her off. Fury runs in but Princess dodges and runs to corners. She baits Fury in and then arm-drags her away! And again! Princess has the armlock but Fury works her way up. Fury slips through and throws Princess down by her hair! Fury stomps Princess while Mesmeriah laughs. Fury drags Princess up to throw her into the corner. She talks with the ref, and that allows the Psycho Sisters to get their cheap shots in! Princess swipes back at them but Fury runs in to knee her low. Fury fixes Princess’ hair before she CHOPS her chest! Fury brings Princess out but Princess fights back with forearms! Fury throws one and ROCKS Princess in return. Fury screams and back hands Princess in the head! Fury mule kicks, misses the buzzsaw, but screams as she hits a knee trigger! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up for Princess Aussie but Fury keeps her cool. Fury drags Princess up and puts her in a corner to choke! The ref counts but Fury lets up at 4. Fury brings Princess to another corner for buckle bumps! Fury smirks as she CHOPS Princess again. Fury whips, Princess goes up and over and kicks to a snapmare! Neck snap and then basement dropkick! Princess covers, TWO! Princess keeps Fury in the drop zone, but the Psycho Sisters spring into action! Razor anchors Princess while Mesmeriah distracts the ref! Princess kicks Razor away, but leaps into Fury’s arms! Fury hits a BIG slam, then covers, TWO! Fury drags Princess around and stomps her. Fury laces the legs and puts on a crossface! Fury’s modified STF grinds Princess down, but Princess endures! Princess manages to fight free, but Fury swats her back down.

Fury drags Princess up and throws another BIG right! And another! Fury whips, but Princess comes back, double clotheslines wipe them both out! The ref starts a standing count as both women stir. Fury and Princess crawl for opposite corners, but the count passes 5! Fury and Aussie stand at 8! Aussie dodges to kick low, and fire off haymakers! She shoves Fury to a corner, runs side to side, BIG forearm smash! Fans fire up with Princess Aussie as she clotheslines Fury! Kick, snapmare and sliding lariat! Cover, TWO! Princess is frustrated, but she heads up top! The Psycho Sisters creep closer again, but Princess boots Fury into a tornado DDT! Cover, TWO!! Fury survives and Princess is losing her cool! Princess and Fury both rise and fans are thunderous. Fury catches Princess’ clothesline, manages to hammerlock the other arm, and drops Princess with the Downward Spiral! Cover, TWO!!

Fans are thunderous again for Princess Aussie as Fury tries to stabilize herself. Fury drags Princess up, whips her to the ropes, but Princess slips around to hit an inverted DDT! Cover, TWO!! Princess is losing her cool, but the fans hope they “Fight Forever!” But Razor grabs at Princess while the ref checks on Fury! The Sisters mug Princess! But Princess fights back! Only to walk into Fury’s underhooks! Butterfly lift, the “Flight of Fury!” Cover, Fury wins!!

Winner: Fury, by pinfall

The fans boo and the Psycho Sisters attack! But wait! Here come Holidead and Siren! A truly dark convergence, but the Sisters choose to leave this for the Tag Team Series. Holidead and Siren flank Princess Aussie, but they don’t touch her. Princess slips away, unsure why they’re so obsessed with her. Will their intentions be made clear? Or must Princess discover the truth on her own?


A chance meeting gives way to a new team.

Fire and Adrenaline realized that since neither had a tag team partner, this was the perfect opportunity for them both to try something new. Fire beat Fury but needed help against the Psycho Sisters. Adrenaline came to her rescue, and that was enough to make the alliance official. The fiery and fast young Women of Wrestling are now a unit, and are ready to blaze a trail to the WOW Tag Team Championships! Adrenaline lives true to her name, she lives life to the fullest. Fire builds to an inferno, but she knows she and Adrenaline are going to heat things up on every other team in WOW! Their tag debut comes up next!


WOW Tag Team Championship Series: Fire & Adrenaline VS The Dagger & The Temptress!

There’s all kinds of “hot” in this match. The two young Superheroes were getting on hot streaks as singles competitors, but the Vengeful Vixens have been teaming for much longer. Will excitement or experience be what advances in the tournament?

The teams sort out and Fire starts with Temptress. Fire is fired up, as are the fans, but Temptress stays back. She wants to tag out but Dagger refuses! Fire dropkicks Temptress and rolls her up, TWO! Fire keeps firing off on Temptress but Temptress reverses the whip. Fire kicks Temptress away, then leaps, but into Temptress’ arms. But Fire fights out and dropkicks Temptress down! Cover, TWO! Fire tags in Adrenaline, who brings Temptress over for buckle bumps. Adrenaline whips Fire in and she forearms Temptress down! Adrenaline runs in for a basement dropkick! Fire adds her own! Adrenaline covers, TWO! Fans stay hype for Adrenaline as she brings Temptress up to whip. Temptress reverses again but Adrenaline dodges to headscissor! Then Adrenaline runs corner to corner, hops up, and monkey flips Temptress across the way! She keeps moving, but Temptress blocks that monkey flip to put Adrenaline on the top rope.

Adrenaline boots Temptress away, but plays up the energy too much. Temptress yanks her down and covers, TWO! Temptress stomps Adrenaline down then tags in Dagger. The Vixens stomp but the ref has to keep Fire from running in. Dagger drags Adrenaline up to club her back down. Dagger drags Adrenaline up to scoop and slam, then cover, TWO! Fans cheer for Adrenaline as she stands up, and she catches Dagger with an arm-drag! Dagger fights her way up, and pulls hair to put Adrenaline in a corner. Dagger rams shoulders into Adrenaline, then chokes her! The ref reprimands her but Dagger whips. Adrenaline reverses, but Dagger boots back hard! Dagger drops an elbow, then covers, TWO! Dagger keeps on Adrenaline but fans rally up. Tag to Temptress and the Vixens double suplex! Cover, TWO!

Temptress keeps between Fire and Adrenaline, and she scoops to hit a backbreaker! Temptress bends Adrenaline back as far as she can! Fans rally but Temptress covers, TWO! Temptress grows frustrated but she drags Adrenaline up to club her down. She keeps clubbing Adrenaline, then whips. Adrenaline slips around to a crucifix! Cover, TWO! Temptress clotheslines Adrenaline then rains down angry rights! The ref reprimands Temptress but she drag Adrenaline up to choke against ropes! She lets up at 4 and tags in Dagger. The Vixens yank Adrenaline off the ropes, then Dagger enziguris Adrenaline down! Dagger taunts Fire as she puts Adrenaline in a camel clutch. Fire and Adrenaline reach for each other, and fans rally up for them both! Dagger slams Adrenaline down, then drags her away by her legs. Dagger blows a kiss to Fire before she catapults Adrenaline right into the Vixen corner! Fire wants at Dagger but the ref keeps her back, allowing Temptress to get cheap shots in!

Dagger runs at Adrenaline for a back elbow. Tag to Temptress, and she snapmares Adrenaline to a half surfboard. Fans rally up again and Fire is chomping at the bit. Adrenaline builds up power and gets to her feet, to crisscross arm-drag Temptress away! Temptress gets up but Adrenaline wheelbarrows her to a stunner! Down goes Temptress! Adrenaline crawls for her corner, but so does Temptress! Hot tags to Dagger and Fire! Fire rallies on Dagger like a house of fire! Fire hits Temptress, too, then snapmares Dagger for a SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! But Fire won’t stop there, tag back to Adrenaline. Adrenaline climbs and leaps for a crossbody! Cover, but Temptress breaks it! Fire These Presses and throws fast hands! She and Temptress tumble out of the ring and brawl. Adrenaline baits Dagger in to a sunset flip, but Dagger sits on it! But Dagger holds ropes! TWO, and Adrenaline catches Dagger! Fire fights off Temptress and helps Adrenaline hit SLICED BREAD! Cover, Fire dropkicks Temptress, Adrenaline and Fire win!!

Winners: Fire & Adrenaline, Adrenaline pinning; advance in the series

It was fast and furious, and the new team on the block wins! Shaul Guerrero has an in-ring interview with them, and congratulates them on taking their first win ever! This is their dream, all they ever wanted! “It’s LIT in here!” Adrenaline and Fire plan on going all the way to the finals and taking those titles! Will they have the fuel to burn a path to glory?


What is Tessa Blanchard’s next move?

She continues to find ways around facing Jungle Grrrl and/or The Beast in a WOW World Championship match, but The Beast does have an official #1 contender’s contract. All Tessa has to do is sign it, but it has yet to be confirmed if she has. Tessa has the contract, and meets with Sophia Lopez behind closed doors. Is there some other workaround courtesy of the self-proclaimed greatest attorney in the world? Or is she all out of cards to play?


Nikki Krampus w/ Sophia Lopez VS The Beast!

The Norwegian Nightmare is still part of Team Sophia, but also seems to be another pawn in Tessa’s game. Will the biggest and the baddest still be called that after facing the beast of the north?

The bell rings and fans are strongly behind The Beast. Beast and Krampus tie up and go around the ropes. They keep pushing each other back, but Beast puts Krampus in a corner. Beast lets up but Krampus shouts she is not afraid. But then she runs into Beast’s SPEAR! But Beast isn’t satisfied, she drags Krampus up to throw furious forearms. Krampus gives them back, but Beast tosses Krampus away! Krampus stands and boots Beast back, then clubs her on the back. But the Beast just gets up with anger in her eyes. They collide and neither falls. Beast dares her to try again, so Krampus runs. They collide a second time, but still neither falls. Beast even seems to enjoy this! They both run, and Beast runs Krampus over! Fans fire up as the Beast shows she is certainly the strongest!

Beast drags Krampus up but Krampus fights back with body shots and headbutts. Krampus manages to rock The Beast, and she rams shoulders into her at the corner! Krampus chokes Beast with a boot but the ref reprimands her. Krampus lets up, but comes back with forearms and stomps. Krampus runs corner to corner for a BIG splash! She goes again, for a second splash! Krampus goes for a third, but Beast SPEARS her again! Cover, Beast wins!!

Winner: The Beast, by pinfall

Yep, she is still the baddest! But she also speaks to David McLane. “I want Tessa Blanchard. If she’s got the guts to face me.” Well here she comes! Tessa is here and she stares Beast down from ringside. But then Tessa talks trash and stays right where she is. Because Jungle Grrrl SMACKS Beast from behind with a chair! Tessa mocks Beast’s pain as JG lays Beast out with chair shot after chair shot! Did Tessa and Jungle Grrrl plan this?! Is there no end to Tessa’s treachery?



My Thoughts:

A pretty solid episode right here, with quite a lot going on. It was pretty hilarious how Lana Star used excuses and loopholes to get another chance in the tag team tournament. But also, it was pretty great to see her be a cowardly Heel again to get her comeuppance. This match seemed to help fans turn around on Jessie Jones, since she was more about shutting up a stuck-up snob than talking down from a political perspective. Grits ‘n’ Glam are still in the tournament, and I wonder if Lioness will consider dumping Lana instead of being dumped. Then while it was clear the meet-up of Fire and Adrenaline was recorded much later, they had a good match with The Vengeful Vixens. I wonder if the Vixens will stick to their team name and go after them outside of a match. The Princess Aussie story takes a less than dramatic twist. I was hoping something had already happened to her and she would show that darkness against Fury, but perhaps not yet. Holidead and Siren appearing does save her from the Psycho Sisters, but it isn’t clear if they’ll start to affect how Aussie acts.

I wish we got more of that bathroom brawl from Jungle Grrrl and The Beast, but that in itself would’ve taken up a match slot. The main event was a good flip to what Tessa has been doing. Instead of Tessa putting up a new contender for herself, she had Sophia set up Krampus VS Beast to see if Krampus could soften up Beast. But Beast is becoming the hero of this story, and she isn’t going to be beat that easily. It was a pretty good match of powerhouses, but of course Tessa and Jungle Grrrl had to have the last laughs. Surely McLane will use his authority to force Tessa’s hand, since this makes three times Tessa has avoided Beast. WOW hasn’t really explored all the stipulations there are in pro-wrestling, maybe they’ll try something to take away Tessa’s advantages. A Steel Cage is a classic way of seemingly stopping interference only to escalate things. Plus, I’d love to see what a WOW branded cage looks like.

My Score: 8.5/10

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