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Mitchell’s Women of Wrestling Results & Report! (10/5/19)

Time to wrestle on the wild side!



WoW Season 2

The animals are unleashed tonight!

Given what went down between them last episode, it was only natural that The Beast and Jungle Grrrl would want to rip each other apart tonight!



  • Fury w/ The Psycho Sisters VS Fire; Fire wins.
  • Siren w/ Holidead VS Chantilly Chella w/ Sassy Massy; Siren wins.
  • WOW Tag Team Championship Series: Lana Star & The Lioness VS Jessie Jones & Amber O’Neal; Jones & O’Neal win and advance in the series.
  • The Beast VS Jungle Grrrl; No Contest.


Previously on WOW.

Despite the beef between them, two of the biggest and the baddest in WOW ended up working together. Jungle Grrrl and The Beast would not let the Monsters of Madness have their way. But when these wild ones went to war, Havok and Hazard threw the match to get away in one piece. And still angry, Jungle Grrrl went after The Beast with a chair! What happens now as the WOW food chain is still in flux?


Welcome back to Women of Wrestling!

David McLane has Jungle Grrrl come to the ring. JG takes the mic and says, “For 18 years, I have been the queen of this ring!” The most dedicated, the most athletic and yet while other companies have had “jello matches,” what was JG doing? Jumping off 25 foot ladders! While those girls in the back were playing in their playpens, JG was doing the unexpected and elevating the sport! JG gets up at dawn, trains her body and mind, and while everyone sits on the couch, “eating your French fries and playing on your phones,” she’s already finished her day before they’ve had a cup of coffee. Fans start to turn on JG as she turns on them. JG has proven herself enough times, and she calls out the big bad Beast to prove herself! The Beast obliges, and SPEARS JG down! Beast rains down rights and bounces JG off the mat! Referees hurry to pull JG and Beast apart, and McLane makes the main event! Jungle Grrrl VS The Beast in a grudge match!


Fury w/ The Psycho Sisters VS Fire!

One of the most dangerous teams in WOW have already advanced in the Tag Team Championship series, but the hero of Hotlanta will prove she’s still on fire in the singles division. Will Fury make it through the fire and the flames to keep the sinister Psycho Sisters’ streak going?

Fire and Fury circle with the bell and they tie up. Fury headlocks and throws Fire down, but Fire headscissors. Fury pops out and the two circle again. Fury knees Fire low and headlocks, but Fire powers out. Fury runs her over with a shoulder and the Sisters cheer. The fans boo and things speed up. Fury counters the hip toss to a bridging cover, TWO! Fire sweeps to cover, TWO! Fury sweeps to cover, TWO! The two stand down but the fans cheer. Fire and Fury circle and tie up. Fire headlocks but Fury fights out. Fury runs Fire over again! The Sisters are loving this as Fury runs, but Fire gets up to hurdle and dropkick Fury down! Fans fire up with Fire as she runs corner to corner at Fury, big clothesline in the corner! And then a hip attack! A boot wash! Cover, TWO! Razor is angry but Fire has the fans rallying. The ref checks on Fury as Fire climbs, but Razor and Mesmeriah trip her up! Fury yanks Fire down by her hair!

Fans boo as Fury drags Fire up to club her down and CHOP her back! Fury bumps Fire off buckles, then distracts the ref so that Razor and Mesmeriah can attack Fire in the corner! Fury drags Fire up to snap suplex! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Fury is annoyed as she drags Fire up. Fire fires forearms back, but Fury kicks low to buzzsaw. Fire dodges, only to get Fury’s knee! Cover, but another ropebreak saves Fire. Fury drags her away from the ropes to cover, TWO! Fury drags Fire around to a chinlock and pulls Fire back. Fire powers up as the fans rally. Fire elbows out and runs, to tilt-o-whirl, into a backbreaker from Fury! Cover, TWO! Fury grows furious as fans still cheer Fire. Fire is on the ropes but Fury drags Fire up into a corner. Fury bumps her off buckles then chokes her on the ropes! The ref counts but Fury whips, only for Fury to dropkick outta nowhere!

Both women are down but the fans rally up. Fury and Fire get space, Fire rallies with furious forearms! Fire wrenches, snapmares and SUPERKICKS Fury down! Cover, TWO!! Fire grows frustrated but she fires up with the fans again. Fire drags Fury up and tries to suplex, but Fury cradle counters! TWO, and the two back off. Fury pops Fire up for a spinebuster! Cover, TWO! Fire survives and Fury is snarling. Fury drags Fire up, to a fireman’s carry. Fire fights out and shoves Fury to kick the legs out. BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO!! Fury survives and the Sisters are relieved. Fire climbs up top but Fury CHOPS her down! Fury climbs up and SUPERPLEXES Fire down fast! But Fury can’t make the cover between Fire rolling away and Fury’s own impact. But Fury crawls to find Fire and cover, TWO!! Fans are thunderous for Fire, “This is Awesome!”

Fury and Fire sit up and start throwing forearms. Fury roars and CHOPS Fire! Fire wobbles, Fury suplexes, but Fire fights out, fisherman swinging neckbreaker! Bridging cover, Fire wins!!

Winner: Fire, by pinfall

Talk about a Barn Burner! That’s the name of the winning move, but there’s no time to celebrate as Razor and Mesmeriah attack! They clobber and stomp Fire out, but here comes ADRENALINE! She scares the Psycho Sisters off, and helps Fire stand tall. Fire and Adrenaline are fast friends, and now, they’ll make it official. They’re in the WOW Tag Team Championship Series! And they promise to make those titles hot! Will these two underdogs be the ones holding the gold at the end of it all?


Holidead and Siren prepare.

“A ghost has said the throne will wait. The darkness has spoken, and the cards have been played.” Princess Aussie has been chosen for this, and the path has been opened. Princess will see in time. The sticks of hope give no power, no strength. For it is the Voodoo Doll that holds the key. Sticks that Princess has bound, she will soon see what Siren has found. What cannot be broken can still be burned, a lesson which you will soon learn. “Touch the fire that burns inside, and the power will touch you and come alive!” Princess’ sticks are gone, but remember this, for it is a must. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust! Siren laughs as Princess Aussie has lost her hope. What more will Princess lose between the ropes?


Siren w/ Holidead VS Chantilly Chella!

The Voodoo Doll is accompanied by the strange and deranged Holidead, but the party girl ain’t going in this alone. She makes sure to fetch her own back-up in Sassy Massy! Now it’ll definitely be a good time, but will it be a great time with a win for Chella?

The bell rings and Chella circles with Siren. Fans rally as Chella dodges and puts up V for peace. Siren grabs the hand but Chella uses that to get a waistlock. Siren bucks Chella off but Chella arm-drags her down! Then dropkicks her into a corner! Fans fire up as Chella runs in, but Siren puts her on the apron. Chella hits back with a haymaker, but Holidead trips her up! Sassy Massy runs Holidead off and Chella gets to her feet. Chella gets in but Siren stomps her down. Siren drags Chella to butterfly suplex! Chella gets to a corner but Siren runs in with a sliding elbow! Siren drags Chella to a cover, TWO! Siren clubs Chella at the ropes then whips, but Chella dodges and crossbodies! Cover, TWO! Siren gets right up to stomp Chella back down!

Fans rally up with party time “Ooo ooo!” but Siren puts Chella on the ropes to pull those arms. Holidead gets another cheap shot in! Fans rally for Chella as she fights back. Chella runs, wheelbarrows, but Siren makes it a facebuster! Cover, TWO! Siren grabs the legs to lace them up, then she gets the arms for a Queen Angelito Surfboard, and STOMP! Holidead laughs but fans still rally with “Ooo ooo!” Siren steps on Chella to go the corner. Vader Bomb FLOPS as Chella dodges! Fans rally again and Chella gets up. Siren kicks back to underhook but Chella fights out to kick away on the legs! Mule kick then front kick, but the roundhouse is blocked so Chella sweeps! Chelal runs, basement Meteora! Cover, TWO!

Both women get to opposite corners, and Chella runs in corner to corner for a shining wizard! She rolls Siren and Siren wobbles. Chella hops up, missile dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Siren survives and Chella is frustrated. Chella waits for Siren to stand again, but the corner is denied. Siren kicks low then Northern Lights! Cover, TWO!! Now Siren is annoyed, but she drags Chella up by her purple hair. Chella ROUNDHOUSES back! CUTTER! Holidead distracts but Sassy trips her now! The two on the outside argue, but Siren dodges a buzzsaw to headbutt, scoop Michinoku Driver! Cover, Siren wins!!

Winner: Siren, by pinfall

The “Voodoo Driver” was like the last nail in, well, a voodoo doll! “Yet another person has burned in the fires of the darkside! Who will be next in line for our path of destruction!?” A powerful warning from the Voodoo Doll and her deranged sidekick. Will these two make it all the way to the end of the Tag Team Championship Series?


“There is power in dreams.”

And one woman that understands that power is Lana Star. The once great champion of WOW, the Fabulous looks for foils to reflect her greatness. Santana Garrett, Amber O’Neal, both great stars in their own right, but not enough for “The Star.” With a call to Sophia Lopez, Lana set in motion events that would bring her, or at least her proxy, to the title. Amber O’Neal was seduced by stardom to betray Santana and became “The Beverly Hills Babe.” Amber was made over inside and out thanks to Lana, but the plan failed. Lana “fired” Amber to raise a new fabulous female protege, in the young and promising Lioness. Will this year’s model be what brings Lana back to the top?


WOW Tag Team Championship Series: Lana Star & The Lioness VS Jessie Jones & Amber O’Neal!

Which is more shocking? That the Princess of the Pride would sell out? Or that the Bardstown Baroness would actually be a good friend? Perhaps what will be more shocking is one of these two teams making it all the way to the end! Who takes that first step towards glory here tonight?

Lana makes sure to make her protege’s introduction herself, promising Lioness will become a bigger star then Beyonce and Kim Kardashian combined! But while Lioness may be the new hot thing, Amber is going old school as the Bullet Babe! Lioness starts against Jessie at the bell and tie up. Jessie headlocks but Lioness spins out to headlock and takeover. Jessie pulls hair to get a cover, ONE, so Jessie headscissors out. Lioness kicks and pops out, and the two go again. Jessie clobbers Lioness to a corner but misses the second time. Tag to Amber and now she gets to show Lana how she stacks up. But Lioness dodges to dropkick Amber down! But Amber gets in Lana’s face! Lana backs off and Amber turns around for Lioness to headlock her. Amber fights out but Lioness spins her around. Amber pokes Lioness in the eyes! Amber wrenches Lioness to tag Jessie.

The Country Girls clobber Lioness, and Jessie wrenches to a wristlock. Jessie headlocks but Lioness headlocks back. Jessie pulls hair but the referee reprimands her as she powers out. Jessie argues back, so the ref misses seeing Amber pull Lioness’ hair! Amber throws Lioness down then tags in. Amber drags Lioness up and whips her to the corner, daring Lana to tag in! Lana leaves Lioness hanging, she wants none of Amber! Amber drags Lioness to another corner and chokes her with a boot. Lioness reverses with the whip but gets caught into the hanging headscissors! The Queen City Stretch lasts until 4, and then Amber brings Lioness to a corner. Jessie tags in and Jessie wrenches Lioness around. Jessie rams shoulders into Lioness over and over, then wrenches to another whip. Jessie body checks Lioness down! And now she works on the armbar! Lana runs in to get Jessie’s attention, Lioness rolls Jessie up! TWO, and Jessie clobbers Lioness back down.

Jessie whips Lana into the Country Corner, and Amber goes after Lioness’ hair again! Lioness kicks Amber away, and then gets around Jessie. Lioness drags Jessie down with a waistlock but Jessie makes it a cover. Lana pokes Jessie and Lioness is up. But Jessie runs Lana off to then drag Lioness away again. Amber tags in and drags Lioness up for big forearms! Amber whips, Lioness dodges, double clotheslines take them both out! Lioness hurries over but Lana pretends not to see anything. Jessie tags in, and knocks Lioness into Lana! That’s a tag! Lana has no choice but to put up or shut up! Jessie drags Lana in, for the Second Amendment Armbar! Lana taps, the Country Girls win!!

Winners: Amber O’Neal & Jessie Jones, Jones by submission; advance in the series

Fans aren’t happy it’s Jessie, but have to at least be happy Amber gets revenge on Lana. Jessie talks to Lana and “Brittney Spears” should’ve worked harder in the ring than in the dance studio. These two are going to be the next WOW Tag Team Champions, and it doesn’t matter you say, because “Grits ‘n’ Glam” will Make Wrasslin’ Great Again!


The Beast VS Jungle Grrrl!

The biggest and the baddest is why the Queen of the Splash is now the meanest and the maddest! This was a long time coming, and there can only be one alpha in WOW! Will Jungle Grrrl prove why she’s still the best? Or will she learn that there’s no animal as dangerous as The Beast?

The bell barely rings before Beast SPEARS JG!! The Beast grins as she drags JG up to whip and hip toss down hard! JG bails out but Beast watches her closely. The ref tries to keep Beast back while JG composes herself. The fans rally for Beast but that only angers JG more. JG gets up and shoulders in, then drags Beast out to bounce off the apron. But the Beast blocks to bounce JG! JG runs into the ring but stomps as Beast gets in. JG CHOPS, then whips, and powerslams! Cover, ONE!! Beast is up but JG powers her to a corner. JG stomps a mudhole but The Beast stays up, so JG chokes her with a foot. JG whips corner to corner but Beast reverses to then LARIAT! Fans are loving the dominance as Beast drags JG up. JG CHOPS back! Beast CHOPS JG! The CHOPS fly, then JG kicks and rakes the eyes. JG rams his shoulders in, then goes to suplex. Beast blocks, body shots, and turns things around to hoist JG up top.

Beast clubs JG then climbs up to join her. JG hits back with a headbutt, then leaps for a dropkick! Cover, ONE!! Another quick escape but JG drags Beast up to ram knees in. JG backs Beast to a corner and whips. Beast blocks by holding onto the ropes. Beast then bumps JG off the buckles! JG is reeling but Beast is seething. Beast bumps JG off buckles, but JG blocks! JG elbows back, but Beast clubs and turns JG around. BIG Suplex throws JG across the way! Beast covers, ONE!! JG shows her own toughness, but Beast won’t let up. Beast drags JG up to club her down. Beast aims from the opposite way, runs in, but gets the post! JG drags her out to swing her into the post! And again! The ref reprimands JG but she hops back into the ring. JG yanks on the bad arm against ropes! And again! JG enjoys hurting that arm as she headbutts it. Belly2Belly suplex! Cover, TWO!

Beast is wincing, but JG drops a headbutt! JG stomps Beast down then rams her into the mat! JG rains down rights but Beast powers out with her left arm! JG SPEARS BEAST! But Beast pushes her off the cover. JG drags Beast up to ram in knees, then suplexes, JUNGLE ARROW! But JG isn’t done, she climbs up top. Beast springs up to fight back again! Beast hoists JG up to TOSS across the way! Fans are thunderous as Beast aims. Beast glares as she runs in, but JG dodges! The ref takes the spear! JG German Suplexes, but there’s no one to count! JG would have won!! But here comes Tessa Blanchard! And with that briefcase full of cash, Tessa SMASHES JG! Tessa tells Beast, “You’re welcome.” With no more TV time, this has to end here! What comes of Tessa finally “returning the favor?”



My Thoughts:

A pretty fun episode, but another case where the main event seems just slightly secondary. I thought this week was meant to be Mesmeriah’s in-ring debut but perhaps not. Fire VS Fury was a good match, and it was great for Fire to get a win almost out of nowhere. Fire’s team-up with Adrenaline also comes out of nowhere, but sounds like they might end up being fed to one of the other, more likely teams. Siren’s promo does a lot to foreshadow the story for Princess Aussie, and she gets a good win against Chantilly Chella. Pretty sure the party girls and the darkside duo meet in the Tag Team Series, perhaps with Siren and Holidead using Princess as an ace in the hole.

We got a pretty fun match out of Lana & Lioness VS “Grits ‘n’ Glam,” but the fans sure treated like everyone but Lioness as the Heel. A lot of Jessie’s attitude was still Heel, and of course Lana is the Heel, and Amber was certainly willing to play by Heel tactics, but between the two, I would think Jessie and Amber were the Faces. Who knows what side of fence they land on, but they might be a big contender for the titles. Jungle Grrrl’s Heel Turn went pretty smoothly, she went with the classic “insult the fans.” Her match with Beast was basically all the action of a longer main event but with the pace that they knew there was only 10 minutes or less. The No Contest does keep everyone strong, and Tessa made a surprise appearance to clock Jungle Grrrl, so that was an upside of it all. Hopefully we do get another episode where the main event is treated as such, with either the WOW Tag Team Series or the WOW World Championship getting a good chunk of the time.

My Score: 8.2/10

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