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NEW 205 Live Coverage


Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (10/11/19)

TGI 205!

Fridays are fast and furious!

After a shocking betrayal, THE Brian Kendrick is once again enemies with Akira Tozawa! Will we see a revival of their ruthless aggression from the past?



  • Drew Gulak & Tony Nese VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch; Lorcan & Burch win.
  • Ariya Daivari VS Chris Bey; Daivari wins.
  • No Disqualifications: THE Brian Kendrick VS Akira Tozawa; Kendrick wins.


The Cruiserweight Landscape has changed!!

For those who watched NXT this week, you know that Drew Gulak defended the now NXT Cruiserweight Championship against Lio Rush in a fast, furious and fantastic match! But being that the name of the title has changed, it was inevitable that the name on the title would change, too! Lio Rush would survive everything the Law of 205 Live through at him, and would be the change that was coming! The Cruiserweight Championship is now in NXT with Lio Rush, but where does the Cruiserweight Division go from here?


Drew Gulak & Tony Nese VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch!

With all these changes in the WWE top to bottom, there is one thing that remains the same: the resolve to win for these four men. There is still a lot to settle between the Philly Stretcher, Premier Athlete and the One Two Combination. The Cruiserweight Championship is still a championship, will either of these men make their mark towards that title?

The teams sort out and Gulak and Nese mock the One Two high-five. But Vegas is loving “One Two! Woop Woop!” Gulak still hates chants as he circles with Oney. They tie up and they go around, and Gulak gets Oney to his corner. Tag to Nese and Nese takes Oney in a headlock and takeover. He makes it a cover, TWO as Oney gets up. Oney pries his way out the back and then headlocks Nese. Nese powers out but Oney runs him over! Oney tags Burch and they double whip Nese to double shoulder tackle! Cover, TWO, and Burch keeps on Nese with European Uppercuts. Tag to Oney, and they double whip again, but Nese ducks a chop, only to get an atomic drop, and another chop! Then the One Two combine, assisted powerbomb but it becomes Nese’s double takedown! Nese gets up, goes Matrix to dodge Burch’s attack, then mule kicks.

Oney runs into a kick, Nese fires more kicks on Burch then sweeps Oney’s legs to cover. ONE, but Nese gets Oney up and over to the corner. Tag to Gulak, and Gulak stomps Oney hard! Gulak headbutts Oney to ropes, then slaps him around. Gulak drags Oney up for a fast scoop slam and cover, TWO! Gulak taunts Burch before tagging Nese back in. Gulak scoop slams Oney, Nese hits the triangle moonsault! Cover, TWO! Oney toughs it out but Nese is on him with a back suplex. Oney slips out and tags Burch! Burch runs in to throw hands on Nese! Burch spins Nese for EuroUppers and a corner clotheslines! Quick enziguri and a hop up, missile dropkick! Burch kips up and Vegas fires up. Gulak runs in but bails out, merely a distraction so Nese can drop toehold Burch into ropes! Nese drags Burch up, tags in Gulak, and the #PremierPunishers mug Burch. Gulak CHOPS Burch then throws big shots in the corner. Snapmare to cover, TWO!

Gulak keeps on Burch with a chinlock, and even traps an arm. Burch fights his way up, but Gulak knees low. Gulak bumps Burch on buckles, tag to Nese! Nese throws hands on Burch but Burch throws hands back. Burch backs Nese down and knees low, then sunset flips. Nese slips out to Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO! Nese is on Burch with a partial camel clutch. Burch endures being bent back, and bites at Nese’s fingers! Nese clobbers Burch down, then drags him over. Tag to Gulak, Nese holds Burch down for Gulak’s running elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Gulak clamps onto an arm and wrenches from elbow to wrist. Burch endures more as the fans rally up. Gulak steps over and tags in Nese. Nese kicks Burch down then is on Burch at the ropes to choke him! The ref counts and Nese lets up at 4, then brings Burch over.

Tag to Gulak, and Gulak whips Burch into the corner hard! Gulak drags Burch up and wrenches to whip him in again, but Burch goes down and under to tag in Oney! Oney blasts Gulak with EuroUppers! Gulak falls out and Oney slingshots onto him! Oney hits Nese away! Oney FLIES onto Gulak! Oney gets in, dodges Nese and BLASTS him with a EuroUpper! Nese and Gulak regroup but Oney climbs, to CANNONBALL! Oney bowls them both over! Oney puts Nese in but Gulak follows. Oney has targets in both corners, and starts firing up! Fans fire up with him, and the Fury of 205 Live hits Gulak with an uppercut! And one for Nese! Another for Gulak! Another for Nese! Gulak swings but misses, DDT! Nese runs in, Oney Half ‘n’ Half suplexes him onto Gulak! Cover, TWO!!

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Oney won’t slow down, he has Gulak on the ropes. Tag to Burch, and the One Two run in at Gulak. Burch clotheslines, German Suplex! Gulak pops up, Oney helps Burch get him up, assisted powerbomb! Burch jackknife covers, TWO!! Gulak survives but the One Two has more to try. The fans rally with them as Burch Electric Chair lifts Gulak. Oney climbs, but Nese saves Gulak! Burch runs at Nese, Nese leaps over to SHORYUKEN Oney! Nese dodges Burch and Gulak dropkicks him into Oney! Gulak then scoop DRIVERS Burch! Cover, but Oney leaps to break it with a flying headbutt! All four men are down but Vegas builds to a rally. Nese tags in, Gulak scoop slams Burch, Nese 450 splashes! Cover, TWO!! Burch survives and Nese staggers up.

Nese tags Gulak, they double suplex but Oney saves Burch! Oney CHOPS Nese, Burch brawls with Gulak! Nese CHOPS back, and fists start flying! Things speed up and Vegas fires up with it! Oney CHOPS Nese, Burch HEADBUTTS! They do the same to Gulak! EuroUpper blasts Gulak down! BritAm combines, draping DDT! Cover, the One Two win again!

Winners: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch, Burch pinning

That’s two times for the One Two, and they have pinned each man once! Is this the end of the rivalry for these four? Or will there be one more down the road?


205 Live gets ready for the Swerve.

Isaiah Scott has the confidence to be a breakout star, and has evolved to be just this good. “The Future” is coming, what will the future be for NXT, 205 Live and the rest of the WWE?


205 Live shares video from WWE’s YouTube.

Drew Gulak was interviewed after losing the Cruiserweight Championship, and he wasn’t actually disappointed. Gulak says the Cruiserweight Division is the most competitive in the entire industry. Lio Rush returned, stepped up and won, so Gulak has to respect that. Change is the rule, Gulak is still the Law.

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Lio meanwhile felt like “a little kid again,” living the dream of being a champion in the WWE. A lot happened to lead to this moment, but this moment makes it all worth it. The Man of the Hour tweeted his gratitude to Gulak, and has an open offer for a rematch any time. Will will see that rematch? Will we see Rush return to 205 Live in the future?


Ariya Daivari is here!

“Las Vegas, a man like Daivari Dinero loves Sin City!” The Strip, the casinos and all the attention. But the best part is that Daivari can come and go, while “disgusting, pathetic loser trash” like the fans are stuck having to live here. But tonight, Daivari will beat one “local jabroni” and then go to the craps table, triple his money, and leave Vegas for good!

Ariya Daivari VS Chris Bey!

The Privileged Persian Lion wants to depart as soon as possible, but will Vegas’ “Dashing” hometown hero send him packing with a loss?

The bell rings and fans cheer “Bey! Bey! Bey!” Bey and Daivari circle and Daivari dodges to jab. Daivari also bobs ‘n’ weaves to then punch and stomp Bey into the ropes and down on the mat! Daivari drags Bey up to whip but Bey reverses. Daivari grabs ropes and Bey runs in, but Daivari dumps Bey outside hard! Fans boo Daivari while Bey gets up, but Daivari dropkicks Bey back down! Daivari swaggers about as he soaks up the heat. Daivari drags Bey up to throw into steel steps! The ref counts but Daivari puts Bey in at 4.

Daivari watches Bey get to a corner as fans cheer for “BEY! BEY!” Daivari corner clotheslines, then hoists Bey up for Iconoclasm! The cross-arm suplex sends Bey flying, and Daivari lounges on the top rope. Daivari stalks Bey and toys with him. Bey haymakers back! Daivari wobbles as Bey keeps throwing southpaw shots! Bey whips, Daivari reverses, Bey kicks back! Bey swings into a BIG urenage! Daivari grits his teeth as he drags Bey back up. Hammerlock, LION’S LARIAT! Cover, Daivari wins!

Winner: Ariya Daivari, by pinfall

Vegas boos but Daivari has his hand raised all the same. Will the Persian Lion climb up to challenge the new champion?

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Lucha House Party is going to SmackDown!

Fourth round picks for night one, Lince Dorado, Kalisto and Gran Metalik are graduating from 205 Live!


No Disqualifications: THE Brian Kendrick VS Akira Tozawa!

The Man with a Plan says he is going to cure the Cruiserweight Division of its weakness, even if that means betraying a man who had become his friend. Now what’s old is new again, and we get another match between Kendrick and the Stamina Monster, with no rules but to win! But will things still go the same way as the past: with Tozawa dropping a super senton for the win?

The bell rings and the two stare down while fans duel. Kendrick then trips Tozawa but Tozawa hits him back in the eye! Tozawa clubs away but Kendrick flounders out of the ring. Tozawa allows Kendrick to come back, but Kendrick fetches a kendo stick first! Tozawa hurries out to get himself a kendo stick, too! Fans like where this is going as Tozawa gets back in the ring. Tozawa dares Kendrick to get in, so Kendrick does, but Tozawa stomps Kendrick’s stick down! Tozawa SMACKS away with his! Fans fire up with Tozawa as he drags Kendrick up for CHOPS! Kendrick is stinging, but he falls for the feint and JAB! Tozawa stomps Kendrick around and grinds his foot into Kendrick’s throat! Tozawa lets up on Kendrick to drag him up in a facelock. Kendrick fights back with body shots, then throws elbows. Kendrick runs, into a huricanrana!

Kendrick bails out and Tozawa builds speed, but Kendrick intercepts with a CHAIR! Kendrick tossed the chair into Tozawa’s path and now Tozawa crashes down! Kendrick drags Tozawa up to throw into steel steps! Tozawa writhes while fans rally up. Kendrick drags Tozawa up to throw into the other steel steps! Vegas says, “We Want Tables!” and tries to power Tozawa up with the “AH! AH! AH!” But Kendrick kicks Tozawa then throws him into steel steps again. Kendrick puts Tozawa in the ring, brings that chair in with him, and brings Tozawa over to DDT Tozawa on the chair! Cover, TWO!! Tozawa survives and Kendrick is growing angrier. Kendrick has the kendo stick to SMACK Tozawa now! And again! Vegas still wants tables, but Kendrick brings out duct tape.

Kendrick uses the tape to bind Tozawa’s hands to the top rope! Tozawa is now trapped, and Kendrick SMACKS away! Kendrick makes Tozawa suffer! “You want to give up!? HUH!?” Tozawa is defiant but Kendrick has more to use. Kendrick brings out a stack of chairs! Kendrick sits one chair up, then another. Fans want tables, but Kendrick shouts back that he doesn’t care. Kendrick sets the chairs up in a square, and then uses a kendo stick to choke Tozawa! Tozawa starts to fade, but Kendrick lets up just enough. Kendrick rips the tape off the hands and stomps Tozawa down. He drags Tozawa over to his chair square, and has the cravat. Sliced Bread denied, and Tozawa slams Kendrick on the chairs! Tozawa goes out, looks under the ring, and finds… not what he was looking for. Tozawa makes a chair pile instead, and then goes to the other side of the ring. Wait, he’s bringing in more chairs! The chair pile is growing!

Tozawa boots Kendrick in the face, then brings him over, but Kendrick resists! Kendrick turns things around but now Tozawa resists. Tozawa spins it around again, but Kendrick resists the suplex. They keep fighting, going around and around,¬†Tozawa suplexes¬†Kendrick¬†on the chair pile!! But it was still a bit double-edged, as is the nature of such a situation. Both men writhe as welts form, and they both go to the bottom ropes. Vegas insists on “TABLES! TABLES!” and Tozawa finally finds one! But Kendrick throws another chair at Tozawa’s face! Kendrick SMACKS away on Tozawa with a kendo stick again! And then grinds the end into Tozawa’s throat! Kendrick drags Tozawa up but Tozawa fights back. Tozawa hits the rolling roundhouse! And as Vegas wishes, Tozawa sets up the table!

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Tozawa drags Kendrick up to JAB him onto the table. Tozawa makes sure Kendrick is in position, and then he climbs up top. Deja vu, TOKYO TOWER SENTON THROUGH THE TABLE!! Both men are wrecked but they’re on the outside, so they can’t finish this. Fans want “One More Time!” as they see Tozawa rise. Tozawa crawls to find Kendrick, put him in the ring, and then stack chairs on him! This can’t be… It is! Tozawa climbs up top and Vegas fires up! But who is that attacking Tozawa?! That’s Mike Kanellis! Kanellis returns to 205 Live to take out all his rage on Tozawa! Kanellis kendo stick SMACKS Tozawa around! Then he puts a chair on Tozawa’s chest to hammer it in with the kendo stick! Kanellis drags Tozawa up, Twisted Love! He drags Kendrick over and onto Tozawa for the cover, Kendrick wins!

Winner: THE Brian Kendrick, by pinfall

What was the reason for all this? Is Kanellis on Kendrick’s side now, even after the history between all three of them? Kanellis does offer a handshake, and Kendrick takes it. They smile and hug it out, it seems the alliance is real! “We got this,” Kanellis says. “We don’t even need to be drafted!” What does this mean for 205 Live and the Cruiserweight Division as a whole?



My Thoughts:

What a great 205 Live! And what’s better is that it happened at all! Last week had a cancellation that was barely registered having happened even before SmackDown started. That was understandable as actual forethought from WWE given the stinker ending for SmackDown that week. But this week, we get back to some of what was promised and it was some great stuff. Obviously things are still unsure for this show, with the title being officially the “NXT” Cruiserweight Championship now, and a major act from their roster being drafted in Lucha House Party going to SmackDown. This will surely be a week to week situation, but I and the Chairshot will stick with it as long as it lasts!

For the action tonight, we’re getting a good rivalry out of Lorcan & Burch VS Nese & Gulak. Depending on how Raw’s part of the Draft goes and how 205 Live’s existence goes, who knows if these teams continue feuding, or they head for tag titles somewhere between Raw, SmackDown and even NXT. Lio Rush offered a rematch to Drew Gulak, so maybe come TakeOver: WarGames III, we get an amazing second match for them both that perhaps Rush still wins. Ariya beats a local wrestler since his story with Lucha House Party was ended by the Draft, who knows what’s next for him. But wow what a great No DQ match from Kendrick and Tozawa several years after their original one. Vegas came alive during this match, but were perhaps too insistent on the table. Granted, they got what they wanted, that table spot was pretty great, but when as live audience, fans need to calm down sometimes and let things play out first. Kanellis joining up with Kendrick is an interesting twist, I bet Gallagher joins up with Tozawa to face them down the line.

My Score: 8.4/10

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