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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (10/18/19)

What is the 205 Landscape like after the Draft?



NEW 205 Live Coverage

What is the new pecking order on the purple brand?

No more Drew Gulak, no more Humberto Carrillo, no more Akira Tozawa or even Lucha House Party. Who is now the top of the mountain on 205 Live?



  • Jack Gallagher VS THE Brian Kendrick; Kendrick wins.
  • The Singh Brothers VS Justin Alexander & Justin Moore; The Singh Brothers win.
  • Triple Threat: Ariya Daivari VS Tony Nese VS Oney Lorcan; Nese wins.


Drake Maverick is STILL 205 Live General Manager!

205 Live lost some bright, shining stars to both SmackDown and Raw, such as Drew Gulak, Humberto Carrillo, Akira Tozawa and all three members of Lucha House Party through the draft. Maverick himself is officially a superstar for SmackDown and congratulates his fellow Cruiserweights for landing those big deals, and thanks them for having been part of 205 Live’s success. In work with NXT GM William Regal, the Cruiserweights from Full Sail can also be on 205 Live! That of course includes NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Lio Rush! The entire Division keeps the “next man up” mentality as we roll on to this new era in the Purple Brand’s legacy!


Jack Gallagher VS THE Brian Kendrick!

The Extraordinary Gentleman is still 205 Live all the way as he returns to settle things with the Man with the Plan. Kendrick attacked him with that kendo stick as much as he did Akira Tozawa. So with the Stamina Monster solidly on Raw and Mondays, can Gallagher avenge them both here tonight?

But before any bell or even getting in the ring, Kendrick and Gallagher brawl on the ramp! Gallagher gets the edge with furious clubbing forearms! Gallagher rams Kendrick into the LED apron, then uppercuts him against the barriers! Gallagher keeps throwing uppercuts around the way, then whips Kendrick into barriers! Fans fire up with the furious Gentleman Jack as he gets space. Gallagher runs in to ROCK Kendrick with that Gentleman’s Dropkick! Kendrick crawls but Gallagher leaves him behind for just a moment. Gallagher then goes to fetch Kendrick, but Kendirck SMACKS him with a kendo stick!! It isn’t illegal since the match didn’t start yet! Kendrick furiously takes off his jacket to throw Gallagher into the ring, but the ref keeps Kendrick back to check on Gallagher. Gallagher wants this to happen, the bell rings, and Kendrick RAMS Gallagher into the corner!

Kendrick knees then butterfly suplexes Gallagher down! Cover, TWO! Kendrick kicks Gallagher while he’s down then paces about like a shark. Kendrick kicks Gallagher more, then drags Gallagher up by his hair. Gallagher throws body shots back but Kendrick elbows him down. Kendrick whips Gallagher hard into buckles! Gallagher writhes as he hits the mat, but Kendrick takes his time. Kendrick whips Gallagher hard into the other corner! Kendrick taunts the “tough guy” as he whips him hard a third time! Cover, TWO! Kendrick grows annoyed but he keeps on Gallagher with a seated stretch. Kendrick elbows away on the ribs but Gallagher endures. Fans rally up as Kendrick keeps punching and grinding and digging into Gallagher’s side. Kendrick taunts Gallagher as he digs knuckles into the side. Gallagher endures more, and fights his way up. Gallagher snapmares Kendrick off, then counter punches!

Gallagher throws EuroUppers but Kendrick knees low. Kendrick runs in but is tossed out! Gallagher aims and runs, to slide but he misses. He still finds Kendrick to ram him into barriers! And then drop him with a back suplex! Gallagher seethes as he catches his breath. The ref counts and both men slowly get up. They get in at 7, but Gallagher climbs up top! Gallagher leaps for a missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Kendrick survives but Gallagher won’t stop. Gallagher runs corner to corner, but Kendrick dodges the dropkick! Kendrick kicks low but is denied Sliced Bread. But he SUPERKICKS and then throws Gallagher down, Captain’s Hook!! Gallagher endures, reaches, crawls, but Kendrick rolls him away from ropes! Gallagher still endures, and then powers up to roll Kendrick! TWO, and Gallagher headbutts!

Kendrick flops to a corner, GENTLEMAN’S DROPKICK! Cover, but Kendrick gets the ropebreak with a leg! Gallagher can’t believe his miscalculation! Gallagher tries again in the middle of the ring, TWO!! Kendrick survives thanks to savvy and spacing, but Gallagher doesn’t lose his cool. Instead, Gallagher finds that kendo stick! Fans like where this is going as Gallagher considers what to do with that stick. Gallagher brings it into the ring with him, aims at Kendrick, but the ref warns him not to use it. Kendrick shouts for the ref to do something, but then Kendrick hanks Gallagher into buckles! SLICED BREAD! Cover, Kendrick wins!!

Winner: THE Brian Kendrick, by pinfall

Kendrick used Gallagher’s own anger against him! The Man with a Plan survives with a smirk, but will he be able to hold off retribution forever?


205 Live, get ready for Angel Garza!

The third-generation superstar has already made himself known on NXT and 205 Live, but with the new deal between those brands, he’ll surely shine even brighter as he looks for his Breakout opportunity.


The Singh Brothers VS Justin Alexander & Justin Morris!

The #1 overall draft picks for the Bollywood Draft are back, feeling great that the billions of WWE fans in India honored them with that, well, honor. But will the spotlight still shine on them against “Justin Squared?”

The teams sort out, and Sami starts against Alexander. The bell rings, and Samir circles with Alexander, and they tie up. Samir headlocks, Alexander powers out, but Samir runs him over! Samir starts the Bollywood dancing, and Alexander gives him a thumbs up. They tie up again, Alexander powers out of another headlock, and then mocks the Bollywood dancing! Samir runs into an arm-drag! Indy cheers for their own as Alexander grinds Samir’s arm. Samir gets up but Alexander headlocks. Samir fights out and runs Alexander over! Samir taunts Moore then stomps away on Alexander in the Bollywood corner.

Tag to Sunil, and the Bollywood Boys roll film for ax handles! Sunil CHOPS Alexander, then snapmares into a chinlock. Alexander endures the grind, and fans rally up for him. Alexander gets up and fights back with body shots. He CHOPS Sunil but Sunil knees low. Sunil back suplexes but Alexander slips out, tag to Moore! Moore rallies on the Bollywood Boys! He kicks away a back drop, but runs into a spinning heel kick! Sunil doesn’t cover, he drags Moore up to tag in Samir. The Bollywood Boys mug Moore, then SUPERKICK Russian Sweep! Alexander runs in to get DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! The Bollywood Boys combine, backbreaker and Bolly bolly ELBOW DROP! The Bollywood Blast hits, the Singh Brothers win!

Winners: The Singh Brothers, Samir pinning

Cut, that’s a wrap! The Singh Brothers are back, but will they be back on top as the greatest tag team in the Cruiserweight Division?


205 Live looks back at Lio Rush’s rise to the top.

A stronger, faster, wiser, better Man of the Hour is now the Cruiserweight Champion. That makes him the greatest Cruiserweight in the world right now, and he wants to prove that when he returns to 205 Live next week!


Triple Threat: Ariya Daivari VS Tony Nese VS Oney Lorcan!

With Drew Gulak and Humberto Carrillo cleared out of the way by the WWE Draft, there is a power vacuum left when it comes to contenders! Will the Persian Lion pounce? Will the Premier Athlete ascend? Or will the Fury of 205 Live blaze a trail to another chance?

The bell rings and Indy is already rallying for Oney. Oney, Nese and Daivari approach, but Nese and Daivari go after Oney together! They kick and stomp Oney down, and then Daivari lounges while Nese stomps and rains down lefts. Nese wants Daivari to pull his weight, so Daivari rains down rights and Nese gets to lounge. Daivari says Nese needs to still help, too. Nese takes his turn and Daivari lounges. Indy boos but Nese and Daivari soak up the heat. Nese and Daivari work together to whip Oney, but Oney dodges and double clotheslines them both! Oney clotheslines Nese out of the ring then throws Daivari out to join him! Fans fire up with Oney, as he lounges! But then Oney is ready for either of his opponents to return.

Daivari and Nese talk it over, and they flank Oney. Nese sneaks up but gets a CHOP! And another CHOP! And then Oney whips Nese to hit a kitchen sink knee. Daivari rolls Oney, ONE, and Daivari retreats. Nese turns Oney around but Oney kicks and punches back. Oney whips but Nese reverses, only to get a EuroUpper! Daivari rolls Oney, TWO! Daivari runs away but Oney pursues! They end up back in the ring, Nese stomps Oney as he enters! Nese drags Oney up and CHOPS him to a corner. Nese whips ONey corner to corner, but Oney reverses. Nese stops himself, elbows back, then moonsaults. Oney gets under but Nese Matrix to knee and sweep! But Daivari rolls Nese! TWO, and Nese is mad, but Daivari retreats again. Oney glares at Daivari as he comes around the way. Daivari runs but into the ring, where Nese waits. Now Daivari finds himself on the wrong end of a 2v1, and gets big forearms from all sides!

Daivari ducks and Nese ROCKS Oney! Daivari CHOPS Nese, then bumps him on buckles. Fans boo as Daivari whips, but Nese sends Daivari into Oney’s uppercut! Oney dodges Nese then blasts him with another EuroUpper! Fans rally as Oney builds speed, but Oney runs into Nese’s kick! Nese fires himself up and Indy boos, but Nese puts Oney in. Nese drops a leg then covers, ONE! Nese keeps Oney down with a grinding chinlock, and smothers Oney into the mat. Fans rally up for Oney as he endures. Nese clubs away on Oney with big forearms, then holds tight on that chinlock again. Oney fights his way up as Indy rallies. Nese wrangles Oney down and covers, TWO, but the chinlock is back on! Oney refuses to quit and fans keep rallying for him. Oney feeds off that energy to get up, and he throws body shots, then a jawbreaker! Oney is free, and he half nelsons!

But Daivari full nelsons Oney, and spins him to a reverse DDT! Cover, TWO! Daivari is frustrated but he keeps on Oney. Daivari CHOPS Oney to a corner then throws big haymakers! He stomps away until Oney is on the apron. Daivari drags Oney back up and whips him corner to corner, but Oney reverses. Oney runs in but into a boot! Daivari hops up, leaps, but into an uppercut! But Nese returns to clobber Oney from behind! Nese soaks up the heat as he whips Oney. Oney sunset flips but Nese rolls through to back kick! Cover, TWO! Oney still lives so Nese rains down left hands! Nese again soaks up the heat and flexes, but the fans boo and jeer. Nese drags Oney up, but he sees Daivari return. Daivari wants a truce, but fans boo. Daivari tells the fans to shut up, then he stomps Oney. Nese stomps Oney with him, but the fans boo and jeer again. Daivari shouts back at them while Nese stomps Oney over and over.

Daivari and Nese work together again to double suplex Oney, and hold him there! They let all that blood rush to Oney’s head, then drop him! Daivari and Nese high-five, but then Daivari clubs Nese on the back! The Persian Lion is more like a snake! Daivari hammers away on Nese, but he runs into Oney’s elbow! Daivari tries again, but gets another elbow. Oney is in Nese’s corner, and baits Daivari into running into Nese! Nese flops out of the ring and fans rally up. Oney hops up and leaps at Daivari, CANNONBALL! Oney keeps moving, going up top again. Another CANNONBALL! Oney sees Nese return and elbows him off the apron. Nese and Daivari are together, Oney FLIES! The fans rally with the Fury! Oney wants to go again, and he climbs up top once more. Oney CANNONBALLS to wipe both Daivari and Nese out!

Oney gets them both in, and he fires himself up. Indy is with Oney as he starts throwing back elbows! One for Daivari, one for Nese! Another for Daivari, an other for Nese! Then DOUBLE BLOCKBUSTER! Cover on Daivari, TWO!! Cover on Nese, TWO!! Oney won’t slow down, he watches Nese rise. Fans rally for Oney as he half nelsons. Nese elbows out and running hotshots Oney down! TRIANGLE MOONSAULT! Cover, but Daivari breaks it! Daivari drags Nese up but Nese back kicks, knee lifts and sweeps, but Daivari hops over, URENAGE! Cover, TWO!! Nese survives and Daivari is furious! All three men are down but going to different spots. Daivari hoists Nese up top, and then SUPERKICKS Oney as he runs in! ICONOCLASM! Nese lands on Oney, so Daivari pins Oney! TWO!!

Daivari drags Nese up and hammerlocks, but Nese dodges! Oney gets Daivary with HALF ‘N’ HALF! Daivari rolls out of the ring, so Oney suplexes Nese, but Nese lands o his feet! Double stomps! Nese climbs up but has to kick Daivari away first. Nese then FLIES out onto Nese! The Fosbury Flop hits and Nese goes aback to the corner! 450 FLOPS! HALF ‘N’ HALF! Cover, but Daivari breaks it again!! Fans boo as Daivari celebrates keeping this match going. Daivari throws Oney out then focuses on Nese. Daivari drags Nese to a drop zone then climbs up top. Fans boo, but Nese SHORYUKENS! Nese climbs up to join Daivari, but Daivari resists the superplex. Oney shoves Nese down and Nese hits the apron hard! Oney has Daivari now, SUPERPLEX! But Nese is back!? Jackknife roll-through, PREMIER BUSTER! Cover, Nese wins!!

Winner: Tony Nese, by pinfall

The Fury and the Lion fall to the Muscle of 205 Live! He then snatches the headset from Aiden English to personally “congratulate” Lio Rush on his return. He wants Rush to enjoy it while it lasts, because Nese is coming back for what’s his! Will Nese get another chance at the Cruiserweight Championship and join the rare Two-Time club?



My Thoughts:

What a great return to form for 205 Live! The Draft may have changed things, but with the Cruiserweight Division’s main avenue of action now under Triple H’s purview, it’s good to know there is a plan in place. We already had great crossover of Cruiserweight superstars from NXT and NXT UK, so now that it’s officially a thing, this will be great for them as the touring branch of Triple H’s creative. We’re already getting hype packages for Angel Garza, who we’ve seen already, so it’s good that he’ll get his chance for more now that cousin Humberto Carrillo is on Raw. However, it seems Mike Kanellis may very well and truly be on his way out after asking for his release. The Kendrick VS Gallagher story couldn’t even mention him by name, he was the “controversial fashion” they mentioned in Kendrick winning against Tozawa. But at least we’ll still have Gallagher here to feud with Kendrick, that should be good stuff for both of them.

The Singh Brothers have a good return against Justin & Justin, but I wonder who they’ll feud with next. Perhaps they’ll benefit most from having Cruiserweights from NXT join in, as there could be Cruiserweight class tag teams waiting for an opportunity. Perhaps the crossover can go two ways and we see the Singhs go to NXT for a chance at those tag titles some day. And of course, the main event was really great. Nese, Daivari and Oney are all hard hitters and fast movers, so all three in one match is already great on paper. It worked for the Heels to do typical Heel things like working together only for one to betray the other, and of course Daivari was going to be the opportunist. But with two Heels and Lio Rush being the Face now, of course it was going to be one of them winning in the end. Nese is a good choice, and I expect him to confront Lio when he returns to the show next week. Lio VS Gulak was a great clash of styles, while Nese might have the speed to just keep up with Lio to show him speed isn’t everything. I just hope 205 Live’s 4th year is its best.

My Score: 8.4/10

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