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NEW 205 Live Coverage


Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (10/25/19)

205 Live, prepare to #FeelTheRush!

The Man of the Hour makes his return!

Lio Rush returns to the fastest hour in wrestling to make it even faster! Who will step up to the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion first?



  • Lio Rush VS Oney Lorcan; Rush wins.
  • Raul Mendoza VS Tony Nese; Mendoza wins.
  • Ariya Daivari VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott; Swerve wins.


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back Lio Rush!

The NXT Cruiserweight Champion opens the hour, because he is still the Man of the Hour! Lio knows he has a target on his back from both 205 Live and NXT, but he welcomes it all. Tony Nese won big last week, Angel Garza won big on Wednesday, but first up, is the Fury!

Lio Rush VS Oney Lorcan!

Will the Living Piece of Gold keep the shine going against the double tough Boston Brawler?

The bell rings and Lorcan rallies up Kansas City. Lio isn’t sure what to make of Lorcan powering up, but Lorcan wants a test of strength. Lio is up for that, and they tie up with knuckle locks. Lorcan powers Lio down to his knees, but Lio fights his way back up. Lorcan goes harder on those knuckle locks, but Lio stands up. Lorcan trips him to a cover, ONE and Lio is up. Lio handsprings, cartwheels and gets Lorcan with a fireman’s carry takedown! Lio is on Lorcan’s arm but Lorcan knees free. Lorcan headlocks but Lio powers out, only to get run over! Cover, ONE, but Lorcan kicks Lio low. Lorcan gets a headlock takeover but Lio prevents a cover. Lorcan grinds Lio down to that cover, ONE. Fans rally up slowly for Lio and Lio is on his feet.

Lio powers out and redirects to dodge and handspring to mule kick and enziguri! Kansas City fires up as Lio covers, ONE! Lorcan gets to a corner but Lio runs in, into an elbow! Lorcan hops up but Lio gets under the blockbuster! Lio kicks but Lorcan blocks and flips Lio back. Lio dodges but gets hit with the kitchen sink knee! Cover, TWO but Lorcan is right on Lio with body scissors. Lio endures the squeeze and fans rally up. Lio works on the hold but Lorcan grinds in a forearm. Lorcan turns Lio over to a cover, ONE! Lio still works on the hold but Lorcan squeezes tight. Lorcan turns him over to the cover again, ONE! Lio still works on the hold, but Lorcan rolls him again! Lio slips out to roll Lorcan, TWO! Lorcan runs in but is sent out! Lio runs to handspring kick Lorcan down! And then DIVES! The Lowpe wipes Lorcan out!

Lio gets Lorcan back in, then goes up top. Lio leaps but bails out of his splash, only to turn around into the BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Lio lives and Lorcan is livid! Lorcan lost to Lio once, that’s why Lio is champion now. Lorcan powers up and Kansas City rallies behind him. The Fury builds and he waistlocks, Half ‘n’ Half escaped! Lio goes to kick but Lorcan blocks to uppercut! Lorcan hoists Lio up top, and climbs up behind him, wanting that half nelson! Fans rally up as Lio fights Lorcan off. Lio sends Lorcan down, then leaps, but Lorcan blocks! Lorcan brings Lio up, but Lio slips out to DDT! Both men are down and a standing count begins.

Fans rally up as Lio and Lorcan stir. The count reaches 5 before Lio and Lorcan stand. They start throwing hands, and Lorcan has his guard up as LIo fires off. Lorcan grabs Lio, whips, but Lio springboards to huricanrana! Lio rallies and whips but Lorcan reverses, only for Lio to handspring back elbow! Lorcan flounders to a corner, Lio runs in for a low headbutt! Lio keeps going, bottom rope springboard, the Come Up stunner! Lorcan is in a drop zone, Lio goes up top! Lio aims, FINAL HOUR! Cover, Lio wins!

Winner: Lio Rush, by pinfall

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He came to collect, and collect he did! Lio wins against Lorcan again, but more importantly, he wins his return to 205 Live! Will the Cruiserweight Champion continue this comeback now that he’s doing double duty?

But wait, Tony Nese enters to interrupt the celebration. The Premier Athlete “applauds” Lio’s win as he heads for the ring. The two come face to face, but they keep it civil as Nese grabs a mic. “Wow, Lio Rush! Welcome back to 205 Live!” Nese feels he speaks for everyone when he says they truly missed him. Now, Lio just beat Lorcan, and it was impressive. But did Lio pay attention last week? Nese beat Lorcan AND Daivari at the same time. That’s why Nese is the Premier Athlete. But Lio, Nese will do him a favor, and let Lio sit ringside again to watch “what a real champion looks like.” Nese is up next, will he show Lio how it’s done?


Raul Mendoza VS Tony Nese!

The champion does join commentary as the Premier Athlete looks to impress. But will it be the NXT crossover Cruiserweight that impresses? Or will Nese make sure Mendoza stays below the Mendoza line?

The bell rings and Nese ties up with Mendoza for the first time ever. They break, but Nese wants everyone to see him flex the biceps. Lio talks trash on the abs as Nese and Mendoza tie up. Mendoza gets the arm, wrenches and wristlocks, but Nese spins through to reverse the wrench. Nese wrenches the wrist hard but Mendoza rolls and handsprings to wrench back again. Nese headlocks and Mendoza powers out, only to get run over. But he kips right up! Lio likes that, but Nese kicks. Mendoza blocks then whips but Nese reverses. Things speed up, Nese whips again, but Mendoza goes up and over. Nese also moonsaults over, but then waistlocks. Mendoza standing switches, Nese elbows out, but Mendoza springboards to arm-drag! Fans fire up as Mendoza runs in. Nese puts him up top, but Mendoza springboards and huricanranas! It wasn’t the prettiest, but it still sends Nese out!

Mendoza fires himself up and builds speed to FLY! Direct hit takes Nese out and Kansas City cheers Mendoza on! Mendoza drags Nese up and puts him in to then climb up top. Lio likes what he sees, but then Nese bails out. Lio says Nese is getting tired, and Mendoza wrecks Nese with a dropkick! Lio says Nese needs to focus. Nese runs into BLAST Mendoza with a back elbow! Cover, TWO! Nese rains down angry left hands but lets up to shout, “I’m the Premier Athlete!” Fans boo and jeer while Nese has Mendoza in a corner. Nese snapmares Mendoza out to drop a leg and cover, TWO! Nese keeps on Mendoza with a chinlock and makes sure Lio sees it. “Watch and learn, champ.” Mendoza endures while Lio sees Angel Garza tweeting about being champion. Lio says Garza needs to study and watch, not talk.

Nese throws Mendoza back down and grinds Mendoza down with the chinlock. Mendoza endures, but Nese cranks back! Nese grins at Lio but Mendoza moves around. Mendoza fights up and out with right hands, but runs into a back drop! He sunset flips through but Nese slips out to mule KICK! Cover, TWO!! Nese stomps Mendoza around and drags him back up for a neck wrench. Lio ignores Nese shouting at him, but he does see the hold. Mendoza endures as Nese shifts back to the chinlock. Mendoza fights up again, but Nese knees low. Nese takes Mendoza by the hair for the running hotshot! That much does impress Lio, but the flexing isn’t needed. Nese triangle moonsaults, but FLOPS! Lio shouts, “What did I say?” Both Nese and Mendoza are down and a standing count begins. The count passes 5 but Mendoza is up first. Nese slowly follows at 7, and the two stand at 8.

Nese runs in but into Mendoza’s elbow! And then a kick! Mendoza throws counter punches and a CHOP! Mendoza rallies with clotheslines and a dropkick! Mendoza fires up to whip Nese corner to corner. Nese reverses, Mendoza slips out and springboards in, missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Nese lives but Mendoza won’t let up. Mendoza drags Nese up and suplexes, but Nese slips out. Nese pump handles and lifts but Mendoza slips out to kick back! Swinging suplex! Basement lionsault! Cover, TWO!! Nese shocks Mendoza but he won’t stop there. Mendoza puts Nese in a drop zone and climbs up. Kansas City and Lio like what they see, but Mendoza has to bail out of his Phoenix splash. Superkick blocked! Nese powers Mendoza up to a torture rack, but Mendoza fights out! German Suplex, but Nese lands on his feet to then double stomp Mendoza! Cover, TWO!! Mendoza lives and Lio is impressed by both men.

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Lio wants opponents who are hungry, and these two are hungry. Nese sits Mendoza up to SLAP him! Nese taunts Mendoza, then throws a big left. And another! Mendoza fires rights back! Mendoza runs but into a BIG left! Nese suplexes, but Mendoza slips out, only to be shoved to the apron. Nese sweeps the legs and Mendoza crashes on the apron! Nese runs, PREMIER FOSBURY! Lio did like that. Nese puts Mendoza in then talks trash. Lio wants Nese to focus on his match. Nese returns to Mendoza but Lio holds the belt up. Nese shurgs him off but gets caught with a roll-up! Mendoza WINS!!

Winner: Raul Mendoza, by pinfall

Lio proved his point, and is frankly embarrassed for Nese. Nese is furious with Lio and Mendoza just got a win! What does this mean for the contender’s list?


The Singh Brothers speak.

Samir and Sunil celebrate still having the WWE 24/7 Championship in Bollywood! What a week! Samir is so proud of his brother getting their first WWE title, but certainly not the last. They need to be incognito, so anyone who wants this title has to go on a Bollywood scavenger hunt! Will the Singhs make it past the weekend with the gold?


THE Brian Kendrick visits commentary.

The Man with a Plan barges in and stands on the table. “It used to be you had to earn the right to call yourself a ‘professional wrestler.’ You couldn’t just get a WWE contract and call yourself a professional wrestler. The way you became a professional wrestler is other people who EARNED that right to be called a professional wrestler told you that you are a professional wrestler.” And you SURE AS HELL couldn’t just throw your bags into the locker room. What you would have to do, there was a ceremony to it all.” You go in, shake hands, look people in the eyes, introduce yourself as “Hi, my name is…” And if you cared at all about the art of pro-wrestling, you’d say, “Sir, I’m sorry to bother you, but if you had the chance, would you please watch my match and critique me and help me become a wrestler?”

Fans get bored of this lecture, but Kendrick says fans are just consumers, not wrestlers! So to become a wrestler, you would ask the veterans, like Kendrick himself, “Sir, did you watch the match? Are there any pointers? How can I become a wrestler and thus become a professional wrestler?” But then Kendrick is in the back, and there’s damn near nobody left. All anyone wants to do instead of learning from veterans, is look up their names on social media! “They’re selfish, egotistical,” and worst of all- Fans chant, “Shut up! Shut up!” Well if they were listening, the fans are NOT professional wrestlers! They will never understand what it takes! Kendrick is not a wrestler, he is a PRO-Wrestler! Drake Maverick is the worst of all! The 205 Live GM is still chasing after that damn 24/7 Championship to hopefully win back his wife’s love and respect. Kendrick says he’ll be here tonight, next week and every week until he gets the response he wants! What does Kendrick want? Will he get it?

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Ariya Daivari VS Isaiah “Swerve” Scott!

One of the pillars of 205 Live is not particularly happy that his brand is being infused and invaded by new faces from NXT. He gave an open challenge of sorts on Twitter, and it was Swerve who answered! Will 205 Live become Swerve’s House? Or is this still the domain of #DaivariDinero?

The bell rings and Daivari circles with Swerve. “This is Swerve’s house. huh?” Daivari kicks low then bumps Swerve off buckles. Daivari whips corner to corner but Swerve goes up and over to roll and Eddy Gordo to the headscissors! Daivari misses and Swerve fires off to dropkick Daivari out! Swerve builds speed to fake Daivari out and handspring, to a rolling sobat! Swerve goes, “Oops, did I do that?” Swerve drags Daivari up and in then covers, TWO! Daivari slowly rises but Swerve is on him, only to get a throat chop! Daivari whips Swerve out of the ring, then goes out after him, to throw him into steel steps! Fans boo as Daivari throws Swerve hard into barriers! Daivari drags Swerve up into the ring and then throws him into buckles! The ref reprimands Daivari but Daivari dusts off his hands. Fans boo and jeer but Daivari tells them to shut up.

Daivari looms over Swerve and brings him up for more buckle bumps. Daivari throws haymakers then whips corner to corner. Swerve boots back then hurries up top! He punches Daivari away, but Daivari returns for a SUPER Belly2Belly! Cover, TWO! Daivari is frustrated as Swerve survives. Swerve gets to the apron and to the floor but Daivair pursues. Swerve throws a body shot and a haymaker, but Daivari kicks back. Daivari throws Swerve back in, but gets caught with the cartwheel splash! Swerve grits his teeth and fires up. Fans rally with Swerve as he and Daivari stand. Swerve counter punches and CHOPS and forearms. Daivari reels Swerve in but Swerve frees himself to DECK Daivari! Daivari flounders to a corner and Swerve runs in, to hit a BIG uppercut! Swerve rolls Daivari to drop an elbow to the shoulders!

Kansas City fires up with Swerve but Daivari puts him on the apron. Daivari swings, misses, and Swerve hits a BIG German Suplex! Somersault COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!! The Persian Lion lives and frustrates Swerve! Swerve keeps his cool as he drags Daivari up. Swerve half nelsons but Daivari powers him to the corner. Swerve holds on but Daivari rams him into buckles again. Daivari snapmares, catches Swerve, URENAGE! Cover, TWO!! Swerve survives and Daivari can’t believe it! Daivari talks trash to Swerve, “This is MY house!” Daivari drags Swerve up but Swerve CHOPS back! And again! And again! Swerve whips, Daivari reverses, but Swerve kicks back! Swerve runs, into a rolling elbow! Daivari runs into a back hand, Swerve steps into a SUPERKICK! Daivari has Swerve, hammerlock, but Swerve ducks to back drop! Daivari sunset flips, but gets the HEADSHOT! Cover, Swerve wins!!

Winner: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, by pinfall

That calf kick is a killer! And Swerve just won big on his return to 205 Live! Will Fridays become #TGIS: Thank God It’s Swerve?


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My Thoughts:

A pretty good 205 Live right here. It isn’t a go-home since the Cruiserweights seem mostly excluded from Crown Jewel now that they’re under the NXT umbrella. Which is fine, actually, they don’t have to worry about stories to plug it. And along with integration with NXT, it seems all stories are being seen as connected since there is the one title to fight for. The Rush VS Lorcan rematch was great, maybe just below their first time around. Rush wins again as the champion, but Lorcan continues to be a great worker to make everyone look better. Nese showing up to get at Lio was great, Nese is a better Heel than a Face. Nese VS Mendoza with Lio on commentary, so good. It was pretty brilliant for Lio to cost Nese with that distraction, and Mendoza gets himself a great win. This helps bring the contender’s list into question, and that’s great for intrigue with this division since there needs to be more buzz.

Was THE Brian Kendrick fusing his original shtick of demanding respect with the real-life issues of Seth Rollins talking about, “You fans aren’t professionals, you wouldn’t get it and shouldn’t” stuff? Kendrick did a great job with his promo either way, and I love that he said “professional wrestler” here more than WWE does in a year. I personally do wish WWE didn’t harp so much on this being “sports entertainment” and everyone is a “superstar,” even if that is a Vince McMahon decree. HHH being mostly in charge of 205 Live now, if this is him giving the green light, I love it because HHH understands the subtle details like this way better. I expected someone to come out and shut Kendrick up, but perhaps with no Mike Kanellis to be his new pal and he finished things off with Jack Gallagher for now, the new rival comes around after Crown Jewel.

Then we got a great main event out of Swerve and Daivari, even though it didn’t quite feel it. Kansas City was very active in SmackDown so maybe they weren’t able to get as hyped for this great match. Swerve does great in the ring, he will gain traction given the camera time, and I’m sure he’ll be a pivotal part of this new phase for the show. Lio is eager for challengers, I would love Rush VS Swerve as one of a string of defenses for the new champion, along with Garza, Nese and just about anyone who counts as a Cruiserweight. Impressing in the ring is what did it for Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander and Buddy Murphy, it apparently did enough for WWE to put Akira Tozawa and Humberto Carrillo on Raw and Drew Gulak on SmackDown, so it will work again for Lio Rush on both NXT and here.

My Score: 8.3/10


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