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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (10/16/19)

The Blackheart is back in action!



NEW NXT Coverage

A night of returns and rematches!

Back from injury and ready to reclaim “Goldie” for his own, Tommaso Ciampa looks to make an example out of the arrogant Angel Garza!



  • Tommaso Ciampa VS Angel Garza; Ciampa wins.
  • Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS Imperium; Imperium wins.
  • Io Shirai VS Kayden Carter; Shirai wins.
  • NXT North American Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Keith Lee VS Dominik Dijakovic; No Contest due to interference; both Lee and Dijakovic will challenge Roderick Strong next week.
  • Matt Riddle VS Bronson Reed; Riddle wins.
  • Tegan Nox VS Taynara Conti; Nox wins.
  • Boa VS Killian Dain; Dain wins.
  • Pete Dunne VS Damien Priest; Priest wins.


Last week’s NXT was wild!

A new NXT Cruiserweight Champion was crowned! The Undisputed Era is being pursued on all sides! And Goldie… “Daddy’s home.” Just what more could go down this week?!


Tommaso Ciampa VS Angel Garza!

The wait is over! The Blackheart of NXT is back in action, and if he has his way, Garza won’t survive! Will this be little more than a message sent to the Undisputed Era’s leader, Adam Cole?

The bell rings and fans chant, “Ciampa’s gonna kill~ you!” Garza runs in, but Ciampa puts him in a corner and yanks him out with a headlock. Garza powers out but Ciampa runs him over! Things speed up, Ciampa throws Garza tor opes but Garza dodges and rolls off the back. Ciampa dodges, but so does Garza. Garza then stops to offer a handshake. Ciampa kicks it away but gets an enziguri for it! Ciampa gets out of the ring but Garza builds speed, only for Ciampa to use his baseball slide against him! Ciampa then rams Garza into barriers and then onto steel steps! Ciampa gives himself a pat on the back and fans cheer! Garza gets to the ring but Ciampa is on him. Garza and Ciampa throw hands, Ciampa whips but Garza reverses. Garza gets caught in underhooks but he powers Ciampa to the corner. Garza runs into a back elbow, but he trips Ciampa up to dropkick the legs out! Garza has Ciampa down and dropkicks him out of the ring!

Ciampa gets up but Garza builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit wipes Ciampa out to the ramp! Garza puts Ciampa in fast, then climbs up top, to leap and missile dropkick! Fans duel as Garza rips those pants away! And throws them at Ciampa! Ciampa DECKS Garza for it! Ciampa stomps a mudhole into Garza’s grinning face, and gives him a running knee wash! Garza is dazed as he bails out of the ring. Ciampa takes Garza’s torn away pants and stomps them out! And then gives the tights a devastating knee! He puts the pants in the underhooks, to throw them at Garza! Garza gets in, Willow’s Bell draping DDT! Cover, Ciampa wins!!

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa, by pinfall

No one will survive, and no thing as Ciampa beats up both Garza and his tearaway tights. Will Ciampa tear Goldie away from Adam Cole in the very near future?

But speaking of, here comes the Undisputed Era! Roderick Strong is even sending a message to Velveteen Dream with those sunglasses. The Era heads for the ring, but Ciampa is again armed with a chair and his camouflage clutch! The Era flanks the ring, but Cole has Kyle O’Reilly give something to commentary. A USB drive? The Era want us to take a look at what’s on the drive tonight. With that, the Era actually leaves without so much as a word to Ciampa. What are the boys #DrapedInGold trying to play at?


The USB drive had a video on it!

The NXT production crew checked it and has approved it, now the whole world gets to see it. It starts with O’Reilly pretending this is a breaking news update from the Era. Adam Cole says an example needs to be made. He is “sick and tired” of the Era not being taken seriously, and Roderick Strong made The Velveteen Dream pay for his mistake of embarrassing him! “There are consequences for your actions!” And as for Finn Balor and Ciampa, COle warns them both not to get in the way or this happens to them. They let Dream “sleep,” and then Strong breaks the three-eye glasses! O’Reilly closes with, “Dream Over.” But what will NXT GM William Regal have to say about this?


Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS Imperium!

The crossover continues as the One Two combo of the BritAm Brawlers takes on Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel. The Ax Man, Alexander Wolfe, will be by his comrades’ side, will he be an x-factor tonight?

The teams sort out and we begin with Burch and Aichner as fans already chant, “ONE TWO!” The two circle with the bell and tie up. Aichner headlocks and holds on as Burch goes to power out. Burch pries his way out and gets a hammerlock. Aichner slips around and hammerlocks to toss Burch! Burch comes back and headlocks Aichner, but Aichner powers out. Burch runs Aichner over and tags in Oney. They double whip and double shoulder Aichner down! Oney stands Aichner to CHOP! Tag to Burch, and another double whip, but Aichner dodges to elbow and BOOT! Aichner puts Burch in the corner and tags Barthel. Barthel bumps Burch on buckles to whip corner to corner. Burch reverses but runs into a boot. Barthel hops up, and leaps into a headbutt! Burch clotheslines and enziguris to then hop up and leap, missile dropkick! And a kip-up! Fans fire up but Aichner tags in.

Burch rallies on Imperium but Barthel rams him into buckles. Barthel hangs Burch upside down, Imperium meets with double dropkicks! Imperium poses and soak up the heat while NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and Barthel bends Burch back with his chinbar. Burch fights up, jawbreakers free, and spins Barthel for a JAB! Tag to Oney! Full Sail fires up as Oney rallies on Aichner with European Uppercuts! Oney aims as Aichner bails out, slingshot pescado! Barthel hurries over but Oney just blasts him onto Aichner! Tag to Burch and Oney FLIES Onto Imperium! He feeds Aichner in and Burch clotheslines! German Suplex, to tag team powerbomb! Jackknife bridge, TWO!! Burch didn’t quite keep his balance there, but he brings Aichner to Oney. Oney tags and the One Two work together. But Barthel saves Aichner only to be thrown out. Barthel drags Burch out and Aichner CHOPS Oney! Oney CHOPS back! They have a CHOP fight!

Aichner CHOPS, kicks, uppercuts, but misses the clothesline! Tag to Barthel but Oney blasts him out! Aichner waistlocks but Oney standing switches, back suplex but Aichner escapes. Aichner is in a corner but Oney hits a back elbow! And then goes corner to corner, but misses! Barthel hits an uppercut, feed to Aichner’s BRAIN BUSTER! Barthel hits Burch then DIVES! Aichner triangle springboard moonsaults! Cover, TWO!! Fans duel, “One Two!” “NEIN!” as the two men crawl. Aichner stands and drags Oney up, but Oney breaks free to CHOP! And CHOP! Oney scoops, Aichner escapes to tag Barthel. Oney just CHOPS away on them both! The Fury fires up, but runs into a SPINEBUSTER! Penalty Kick! Imperium EuroBomb!! Cover, Imperium wins!!

Winners: Imperium, Barthel pinning

The takeover of both NXT UK and USA continues! With Aichner and Barthel in the tag team division on both brands, will they soon hold both tag titles?


NXT looks closer at Johnny Gargano.

Johnny Wrestling had humble beginnings as just a boy with a dream. But he came to NXT, formed DIY, and even became enemies with his closest friend. “I will do whatever it takes to finally have my moment.” The first ever Triple Crown Champion in NXT history, Gargano is #NXT4Life! Will Gargano live the dream forever?


Backstage interview with Johnny Gargano.

But given his history with Tommaso Ciampa, what are his thoughts at his return tonight? They’ve had their ups, their downs, but Gargano won’t know what to say about how he feels, until he sees Ciampa for himself. Will the Rebel Heart and Blackheart be friends or foes in this new phase of their NXT legacies?


Io Shirai VS Kayden Carter!

The Evil Genius continues her descent into madness as she rises back up in the ranks. Will she be able to find sadistic satisfaction against “The Perfect Storm”?

The bell rings and Kayden rushes Shirai to trip her up. Things then speed up, and Kayden cartwheels over Shirai. Shirai shows she can handspring, too, then she whips Kayden, and handsprings through Kayden’s huricanrana! Shirai runs Kayden over and covers but Kayden Matrix escapes to cover, TWO! The two speed demons stand off, but they suddenly go again. Kayden catches Shirai in a waistlock and rolls her up, TWO, but Kayden quickly springboards and dropkicks Shirai down! Shirai bails out but Kayden is on the apron, only to get caught and tripped up! Shirai puts Kayden in as fans duel. Shirai springboards and missile dropkicks Kayden back! Cover, TWO! Shirai keeps her cool as she drags Kayden up by her hair. Shirai whips but Kadyen slips around to crucifix to sunset, but Shirai breaks free. Shirai misses her stomp, Kayden sweeps the legs then kicks from the mat!

Shirai and Kayden slowly rise, and Kayden runs in, springboard wheelbarrow victory roll, to mule kick! Cover, TWO! Kayden keeps focus as she drags Shirai up. Shirai shoves her away but Kayden forearms and wheelbarrows again. Shirai blocks to a German Suplex! Shirai steps on Kayden to then climb, for her Descent Into Darkness! Cover, Shirai wins!

Winner: Io Shirai, by pinfall

Her signature moonsault is still her ace card, and she’s rolling towards the top! But Shirai isn’t done, she snatches up a mic to speak.

“Not Rhea. Not Bianca. Shayna, it’s ME!” But then Rhea Ripley appears! The Mosh Pit Kid heard her name, and isn’t just going to stay put hearing someone talk. Rhea stands with Shirai in the ring, and they stare down. Rhea snatches Shirai’s mic to say, “last week, Bianca decided to run her mouth. And next week, I get to put her back in her place. But Io, if you ever spit my name out of your mouth again, then I have no problem shutting you up, too!” Fans want to see that right here and now, but Shirai talks trash in Japanese as she takes her leave. It seems that the Queen of Spades again has a handful of hunters after her gold, but who comes out as her #1 contender?


Breakout superstar, Boa, speaks.

It is mostly in Mandarin, but clearly after what Killian Dain did to him last week, Boa wants the Northern Ireland Nightmare to man up and try that face to face! Boa is raring for a fight, but will he get the Beast of Belfast fair and square?


Cathy Kelly interviews William Regal.

She and the NXT GM are on the NXT balcony to discuss a medical update on Velveteen Dream, and whether or not this jeopardizes next week’s North American Championship rematch. Regal says that Dream is unfortunately not able to compete, and not for some time after “the absolutely brutal beating by the Undisputed Era.” But Strong will still defend that title, against the winner of Lee VS Dijakovic!! As if the forth match between those titans wasn’t big enough, now it’s for a truly golden opportunity!


NXT North American Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Keith Lee VS Dominik Dijakovic!

Roderick Strong may regret what he did to Dream tonight! Because one way or another, he faces a man that is both incredibly strong, physically intimidating and unbelievably agile! Will Strong #BaskInHisGlory or #FeastHisEyes in next week’s title match?

The bell rings and fans sing for Lee. Lee and Dijakovic stare down again, but Dijakovic draws the line and dares Lee to cross it. Fans chant “Keith Lee! Woop woop!” Lee and Dijakovic back up, to then run at each other! They ram shoulders but neither falls. They go again, another collision! Then another, and Dijakvoic headlocks. Lee powers out, they collide and Lee staggers back, only to rebound and ram Dijakovic again! Dijakovic kneels, and Lee has his arm! Lee clamps on a knuckle lock, and then lifts Dijakovic with one arm! He lets Dijakovic down, and fans sing again. Dijakovic reaches for ropes, but swings into a whip. Things speed up and Lee leap frogs to then run Dijakovic over! Lee drops a splash on the bad arm! Cover, ONE, but Lee keeps his cool.

Lee looms over Dijakovic and brings him up. Lee wrenches the bad arm and then wristlocks, but Dijakovic gets a ropebreak. Lee lets up but gets a sucker BOOT! Dijakovic throws big elbows and knees, then hits a big LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Lee is rocked and Dijakovic grins as we go picture in picture.

Dijakovic gets up first and clubs Lee on his back. Dijakovic hits Lee with big forearm shots, then CHOPS! Lee powers up to Grizzly Magnum CHOP! Lee throws knees and then facelocks Dijakovic, to suplex! But Dijakovic fights free to rock Lee with a right! Dijakovic throws back elbows and clubbing forearms to then reel Lee in. Even with a bad arm, Dijakovic says, “Time to Fly!” He suplex TOSSES Lee! Cover, TWO! Lee is tough as ever, and Dijakovic looms over him. Dijakovic rams Lee with knees, then pulls back on a chinbar. Lee stands up but Dijakovic wrangles him back down. Lee endures and slowly fights his way up as fans rally. Dijakovic elbows Lee on the back then boot shim in the head, and Lee staggers to ropes. Dijakovic keeps on him with clubbing forearms, and then big haymakers. Lee comes back with a spinning left hand! Dijakovic knees low then kicks Lee’s legs out! Back to the chinlock and knee!

Lee endures all over again, but fans rally up. Lee gets up, and NXT returns to single picture as Dijakovic clubs him again. But Lee just powers up! Dijakovic keeps throwing forearms but Lee just swats them away! Lee blocks the kick and then has Dijakovic open with big body shots! Dijakovic is in a corner as Lee rocks him! Lee fires up and corner splashes, to then TOSS Dijakovic across the way! Lee throws a BIG left! Fans love it as Lee runs to POUNCE Dijakovic to a corner! Cover, TWO!! Dijakovic survives but Lee doesn’t grow frustrated. Lee drags Dijakovic up, wants a bomb, but Dijakovic slips out only to be scooped up! Dijakovic slips out the back while choking Lee, CHOKE SLAM BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Lee still lives but Dijakovic gets to his feet. “This is Awesome!” as Dijakovic stalks Lee to a corner.

Dijakovic stands Lee up and hoists him to the top rope. That alone takes a lot, but Dijakovic clubs Lee more! Dijakovic climbs up to join Lee now, but Lee resists! Lee headbutts Dijakovic and hits a GRIZZLY MAGNUM! Dijakovic drops to the mat, and Lee adjusts, for a SUPER SPLASH on the arm! Dijakovic is clutching that arm in pain, but Lee has him, for a pop-up, SPIRIT BOMB!! But Dijakovic flops out of the ring!! Lee was so close to finishing this. The ref checks on Dijakovic but he’s okay to continue, somehow. Lee goes out to fetch Dijakovic, drags him up and puts him in the ring. Lee looms over Dijakovic as fans build to a new rally. Lee has Dijakovic up, and on his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. But Dijakovic fights out! Lee ROCKS Dijakovic again! Then runs, into the CYCLONE BOOT! Cover, TWO!! Dijakovic can’t believe it!

Fans are loving “Both These Guys!” for a fourth instant classic. Dijakovic forearms but Lee throws a body shot. Dijakovic forearms again, but Lee hits one of his own! Dijakovic throws an elbow but Lee throws more body shots. Dijakovic slips through to mule kick, front kick and back elbow! Dijakovic wants to make Lee fly again, but Lee lifts him! Dijakovic knees back, but Lee keeps him up! And even after a second knee! Lee powers Dijakovic up and over for the suplex! Cover, TWO!! Dijakovic keeps himself in this, but Lee keeps his focus. Fans build back to a rally as Lee drags Dijakovic to a drop zone. Lee starts to smile as he climbs up. But Dijakovic rises and hurries after Lee, and SUPERKICKS him! Dijakovic wants the torture rack, but his bad arm can’t pull Lee back off the corner. So instead, Dijakovic Electric Chairs Lee! For Lee to POISON-RANA!?! Cover, TWO?!? How is either man human?!

Lee has Dijakovic on the ropes quick and hops up top. Lee brings Dijakovic over, up, but Dijakovic fights back with elbows. Dijakovic adjusts, climbs up higher, but Lee blocks the Steiner! Lee brings Dijakovic back up but Dijakovic fights back again. But here comes Roderick Strong to attack them both with the title belt!!

No Contest

Strong feels that HE is the winner now, because neither man gets the win! But Regal comes back out to address this! “Very, very, clever, Roderick Strong. But not clever enough, sunshine!” Because now, Strong will defend his NXT North American Championship against both!! Strong has only gotten himself into a Triple Threat!!


Matt Riddle VS Bronson Reed!

Bro…! Look who is back in action! With so much going on with NXT right now, will the Original Bro find himself fighting for some gold again? Or will #Aussiezilla have his Breakout moment here tonight?

The bell rings and fans are strongly behind “Bro! Bro!” Riddle and Bronson dap, but then Riddle CHOPS! Reed blocks the kick to give a mule kick, front kick and CHOP of his own, and all very fast! Reed waistlocks to German Suplex, but Riddle lands on his feet for a knee trigger! Riddle gives Reed Bro Kicks in the corner, then runs side to side for a forearm smash! And another! Reed blocks the Brosploder but runs into one anyway! Penalty Kick! Cover, TWO! Riddle keeps his focus as he drops the Broton, on knees! Reed scoop slams and drops a senton of his own! Aussie Strong Style is rolling and he stalks Riddle to ropes. Reed drags Riddle up but Riddle blocks and fires off palm strikes! Riddle boots but Reed returns, only to get a Pele! Riddle kips up and fireman’s carries Reed, to a Bro To Sleep! But that’s not all, POWERBOMB, to FINAL FLASH! Cover, TWO!? Reed is tough, but Riddle won’t let up.

Riddle goes to the corner and climbs, for a FLOATING BRO! But it’s made into a powerbomb! Cover, TWO!! Riddle survives Reed’s counter, but Reed brings down the straps! Reed drags Riddle up, suplexes, but Riddle slips out, to the sleeper hold! Riddle is a backpack, but Reed fires up, only for Riddle to put out the flame with elbows. Reed throws Riddle off, but Riddle dodges as Reed runs in. Riddle goes up and over, only to get caught! Riddle has Reed in position, BRO DEREK! Cover, Riddle wins!

Winner: Matt Riddle, by pinfall

Reed was ready to go, but the Bro is back on track! And to show there is still respect, they fist bump again! Will Riddle make this big rebound victory the first of many?


NXT looks at the EST.

Bianca Belair has come very close to beating Shayna Baszler, but she doesn’t appreciate new girls thinking they can jump the line. “The strongest, the fastest, the toughest, the roughest, the quickest, the greatest, the best,” THAT is the EST. Rhea has to step up and test herself. If she thinks she’s getting ahead of Bianca, you’ll have to be better than all that. It’ll be fun for Bianca, but it’ll be a nightmare for Rhea. The match-up of the baddest happens next week!


BREAKING NEWS: Kushida is out with injury!

A wrist injury was re-aggravated, and the hairline fracture will be keeping him out for about a month. But will the Time Splitter be able to make good on that downtime to plan his comeback?


Tegan Nox VS Taynara Conti!

She’s already made herself known on NXT UK, but now NXT USA will see what the girl with the Shiniest Wizard is all about! Will she shine bright against the legit Brazilian black-belt?

The bell rings and Tegan circles with Taynara. They tie up, Tegan throws Taynara and Taynara gets mad. But Taynara walks right into a roll-up, TWO! Tegan arm-drags Taynara around, then spins her for another. Taynara is getting mad, but she gets caught for a sweep! And a dropkick! Tegan hurries to cover, TWO! Tegan says it was close, then waistlocks. Taynara switches but Tegan bucks her off. Taynara BOOTS Tegan out of the ring! Taynara taunts Tegan as she fetches her into the ring. Tegan gets to a corner but Taynara grabs at the legs. Tegan holds ropes but Taynara kicks the arms away! Cover, TWO! Taynara cools off and whips but Tegan reverses, only for Taynara to forearm and hit judo arm-drags! Taynara whips Tegan to a corner, then hits double knees! And a monkey flip, to a mounted cover, TWO!

Taynara starts losing her cool as she drags Tegan up. Taynara taunts more but Tegan headbutts! Fans rally as Tegan starts a rally of her own! Leaping uppercut, then a choke slam! Tegan shoves Taynara to a corner, and hits a big EuroUpper! Then a corner cannonball! Taynara flounders up but Tegan climbs, BIG crossbody! Tegan runs at Taynara, SHINIEST WIZARD! Cover, Tegan wins!

Winner: Tegan Nox, by pinfall

And the Cardiff kid gets a win for Team Kick! Will she be able to turn things around both here and in NXT UK to add some gold to that shine?

Ringside interview with Tegan Nox.

Cathy and the fans congratulate Tegan, and Dakota Kai joins in the celebration. This moment for Tegan is interrupted but Shayna Baszler and her Horsewomen. Shayna has always been bullying Dakota, now she seems to aim for the same with Tegan. “Let me guess,” Shayna says. Tegan wants to throw her name into the hat of challengers? Is that really a good idea? Just ask Dakota what happens getting int he ring with Shayna. But to be honest, Tegan is running out of limbs. Tegan wants Shayna to put up or shut up! Well Tegan hasn’t earned a shot, so this’ll have to wait until she does something worth talking about. Is Shayna only inviting more trouble by getting in the faces of Team Kick?


Finn Balor has a message.

“When your life comes to a crossroads, the only way to find the path to take is to revisit the ones you’ve walked before.” You need to look back on how you got to where you are. “Did your footsteps leave the world in a better place? Or did your missteps leave the world covered in darkness?” Egos, mistakes, and errors. Finn Balor’s future will be his past. What does this mean for the landscape of NXT?


Boa VS Killian Dain!

The Beijing Baller gets what he wants in facing the Beast of Belfast! But will he come to regret it?

The bell rings and Boa runs to boot Dain! Dain stays up so Boa fires forearms and kicks! He keeps on Dain against the ropes with kicks but the ref backs him off. Boa jukes the ref to dropkick Dain! Fans are fired up behind Boa as he kicks Dain out of the ring. Boa hurries after Dain, but gets the DIVIDE! Dain body checks Boa off his feet, and now he puts Boa into the ring. Dain drops big elbows on Boa’s bad ribs, then puts Boa in a corner. Dain stomps a mudhole into Boa but the ref pulls him off. Dain drags Boa up to whip corner to corner hard! Boa hits buckles then the mat, Dain covers, TWO! Boa somehow powers out but Dain drags him up. Fans rally behind Boa and Boa throws body shots, only to get a big knee into the ribs. Dain suplexes Boa fat and hard, then covers, TWO! Dain might have gone easy on Boa there.

Dain keeps on Boa with a chinbar, and grinds a knee into Boa’s ribs. Boa endures but fans rally up for him, and Boa fights up to throw body shots! Boa backs Dain down with forearms! Boa runs, but into a LARIAT! Dain grimaces as he drags Boa up to the fireman’s carry, and the Wasteland slam! To a senton! And a VADER BOMB! Then another! Dain steps on Boa to then hit a THIRD! Boa flounders and crawls, but Dain drags him back in a camel clutch variant! He thrashes Boa around, Boa is just barely able to tap! Dain wins!

Winner: Killian Dain, by submission

The ref has to pull Dain off Boa, but the damage is done. Will Dain do the same to ever man that gets in his way?


Pete Dunne VS Damien Priest!

The Bruiserweight became the Archer of Infamy’s new target simply because he is a big target. Dain barely left before Dunne came out and takes offense to the interruption. But Dunne takes that accusing finger and SNAPS it! Dain is furious, but Dunne just shrugs. Will Dunne make it through one towering opponent only to find another waiting? Or will Priest #LiveForever off of Dunne’s legacy?

NXT returns once more as Priest makes his entrance. The bell rings and fans are dueling already as the two stare down. Priest smirks but Dunne scowls as the two circle. They tie up, Priest wristlocks fast to a wrench, but Dunne rolls and handsprings to then headlock back. Priest powers out and hits Dunne with a leaping back elbow! Priest smirks again but Dunne gets up to kick away on his leg. Priest kicks Dunne down, then wrenches to go after the shoulder. Dunne powers out and things speed up. Dunne hurdles then ducks under to lariat! But Priest stays up! So Dunne goes after the fingers! He brings Priest to his knees, and puts the arm on the mat, to STOMP! Priest gets to the apron but Dunne has that arm again to hammerlock it again, for a Penalty Kick! Priest runs around the corner but Dunne is after him again! Dunne bends those fingers but Priest pulls hair. Priest can’t prevent Dunne putting the arm on the steps, for a STOMP!

Fans fire up as both men continue around the outside. A ring count climbs but Dunne puts Priest in at 4. Priest bails out to the apron, and Dunne follows, only to be caught into a choke grip! But Dunne breaks free with a heavy right forearm! Priest staggers back but BOOTS Dunne down! Dunne hits the apron and floor hard, but Priest drags him up into the ring for a BIG right of his own! The referee checks on Dunne while NXT goes picture in picture.

Dunne is alright, so Priest keeps on him. Priest has Dunne up but Dunne stomps Priest’s feet! Priest ROCKS Dunne with an uppercut, then with another right! Priest stomps a mudhole into Dunne but the ref backs him off. Priest smirks again as he drags Dunne up for a corner to corner whip. Dunne elbows back, but then walks into another boot! Priest hits another back elbow! Dunne falls down but Priest toys with him now. Priest drags Dunne up by his hair, even as the ref reprimands him. Dunne hops on for a hoverboard body scissor! Priest stays up but Dunne is after his arm! Priest powers out for a Falcon Arrow! Cover, TWO!! Priest keeps on Dunne by dragging him into an arm surfboard. Dunne endures as Priest pulls and grinds. They stand, Priest knees low and then suplexes. Dunne knees out once, then again, but Priest clubs him over and over. Priest tries again, but Dunne gives him an X-Plex!

Both men are down but Priest flounders up. Dunne slowly rises while Priest bails out to the apron. Dunne hurries over but gets a roundhouse! Priest hops up, Dunne throws forearms! Dunne climbs up to join Priest as fans chant for “Both These Guys!” HALF HATCH SUPERPLEX! Both men are down again as fans chant for “NXT! NXT!” Dunne and Priest slowly rise, and Dunne throws kicks. Priest swings but misses, Dunne clubs and CHOPS away! Priest shoves, Dunne dodges the elbow. Dunne fires off fast hands, but Priest blocks the whip! Dunne goes up and over to enziguri! Priest flounders, Dunne hops up, missile dropkick takes out the legs! Dunne reels Priest in but Priest elbows out. Priest swings but misses, rebound German Suplex! Stomp to the hands, buzzsaw to the head! Priest bails out again, but Dunne climbs up, to MOONSAULT! Direct hit! Fans chant “MAMMA MIA!” for that one!

Dunne drags Priest up and in and then goes back to the top rope. But Priest runs over, only for Dunne to sucker him in. Dunne roundhouses then kicks the bad hand! Dunne comes in, has Priest on his shoulders, POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Priest still lives and fans chant for “NXT! NXT!” again. Dunne has Priest’s hands, and fires off Danielson stomps! But Priest gives them back from the mat! But Priest gets caught into a flying armbar takedown!! Priest holds off the armbreaker, but Dunne makes it a triangle hold. Priest pushes to make it a cover, and uses his long legs to get leverage on the ropes! Cover, TWO, ROUNDHOUSE! Dunne is dazed, Priest throws him into a post! Priest drags Dunne out to gut wrench to a Canadian rack, CRUCIFIX BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Full Sail is loving this!

Priest stands while Dunne bails out. Priest grins and draws his bow. Priest fires, to FLY! Direct hit off his springboard senton! Full Sail loses their minds off that one, Priest puts Dunne in, and Priest grins as he stalks Dunne. Priest drags Dunne up, sleeper suplex, but Dunne lands on his feet to buzzsaw! Dunne hops up but gets a cyclone roundhouse! Priest climbs, SUPER STEINER! Dunne pops up but into the choke grip. SOUTH OF HEAVEN CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO!? Dunne lives and Priest can’t believe it! But Full Sail knows, “This is Awesome!” Priest rises and drags Dunne up again. He throws a big forearm, but Dunne CHOPS back! Priest DECKS Dunne, but Dunne still CHOPS! They brawl as they stand, and Dunne gets an edge as he CHOPS away! Priest knees back from all sides! They’re fast and furious, Dunne ROCKS Priest, to get a LARIAT from Priest!

Priest vows to end this, dragon sleeper, but no Reckoning! Pump handle, BITTER- NO, ear clap! Roundhouse, SOUTH- enziguri! DISCUS KICK! Springboard, into a forearm! Both men are down and Full Sail is thunderous!!  Dunne stands up and heads to a corner. Fans hope they “Fight Forever!” but this has to end somehow. Dunne moonsaults, onto knees! Priest drags Dunne back up, wants a powerbomb, but Dunne has the fingers! Priest gets ropes and the ref calls for the break, but then Priest clamps onto Dunne’s throat! they end up in a corner with the ref, and Priest gets away with a low blow!! Dragon sleeper, RECKONING!! Cover, Priest wins!!

Winner: Damien Priest, by pinfall

The undefeated streak continues, and Priest has added Dunne to his resume! Will Priest truly #LiveForever after taking down the longest reigning NXT United Kingdom Champion?



My Thoughts:

A great episode for NXT right here! In a sense, the only filler match was Riddle VS Reed, which was great for being so quick. Riddle gets a big win but Reed looks strong in the loss, so Riddle is staying strong while things are still pretty fluid as far as title contention goes. Ciampa VS Garza was a pretty fun and also pretty fast, and of course Ciampa wins because it’s Ciampa. NXT does a good job of adjusting to Dream’s real injury, as the Undisputed Era “attack” him, and then use it to threaten the clear NXT Championship contenders, Ciampa and Balor. Finn has a good promo for himself, and I wonder if some of this implies restoring The Demon to its former glory. It was also a great adjustment to make Lee VS Dijakovic IV a contender’s match, and an even crazier move for Strong to interfere and get himself into a Triple Threat. However, this could make it easier for Strong now, since there are No Disqualifications, and Strong can use the two titans against each other.

The Women’s Championship scene is really heating up, perhaps the hottest it’s been. With Shayna having held the belt for so long, it actually makes a little sense if she ends up having another multi-woman match. Rhea VS Bianca next week could determine some details for who faces Shayna, but it would be pretty awesome if Shayna had to face the winner of that, as well as Shirai and Team Kick in any number of stipulations. A ladder match would be pretty great, I don’t recall ever having an NXT Women’s Championship ladder match, especially with a high flyer like Shirai in the mix. That or an elimination match, so that Shayna has no choice but to go all through her opponents to prove she’s the best champion today. It needs to be something big for WarGames since Survivor Series weekend will be a four day stretch of SmackDown, WarGames, the PPV and Raw.

Lorcan & Burch VS Imperium was a great tag team match, but it is a shame now that Kushida is out with injury that we might not get Imperium VS Team Kushida at WarGames III. Maybe someone steps up to be in Kushida’s role, unless he can make a quick recovery. Dain VS Boa was somewhat filler, but it helped bridge us to Dain having issues with Dunne. Dunne VS Priest was incredible! A match worthy of at least title contention somewhere. But Priest going low to lead to this win will surely bring about a rematch. There could be something building so that Priest and Dain work together, but who knows.

My Score: 8.9/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (2/7/23)




NXT White 'n' Gold Era

Bayley has a Toxic return to NXT!

Vengeance Day is done, and Roxanne Perez is STILL NXT Women’s Champion. But DING DONG, HELLO~! Bayley is back to talk with the losers, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne!


  • Zoey Stark VS Sol Ruca; Stark wins.
  • Dabba-Kato VS Dante Chen; Kato wins.
  • Isla Dawn w/ Alba Fyre VS Tatum Paxley; Dawn wins.
  • Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS JD McDonagh; Hayes wins.
  • Lyra Valkyria VS Valentina Feroz w/ Wendy Choo; Lyra wins.
  • Odyssey Jones VS Channing Lorenzo w/ Tony D’Angelo; Lorenzo wins.
  • Chase U VS Pretty Deadly; Pretty Deadly wins.


Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams head to the ring.

Fans are torn as the man who won 2-0 over Apollo Crews and his hype man get the mics. Trick has the music cut, and says, “Reporting to you live, the greatest duo alive, Trick Melo Gang has finally arrived. Coming through your television sets like only we can, Vengeance Day will go down as the day Carmelo Hayes turned Apollo Crews, the vision seer, into Stevie Wonder!” Melo adds, “Alright, Trick, let me hear one of my catchphrases real quick. Melo is…” No, not that one. Oh, alright. Then let’s go with, “Melo IS-” Wait, c’mon! Oh, right, right. Melo IN TWO! He did it! He spoke things to existence, he was on the logo when he shot that shot and Melo Don’t Miss!

Melo said he’d get two straight and what’d he do? Clean sweep! Let’s talk about it! Apollo had the right vision, juts with the wrong one. Now the whole NXT Universe is shook! Melo is everything he says that he is! He is the one! He is HIM. Talk your talk, dawg! History doesn’t lie. Melo did what he said he’d do, beat everyone he said he’d beat. But there is one more man that needs to be put on a T-shirt, and there’s only one event that can hold the both of them. This is destiny. That man is… JD McDonagh? The Irish Ace walks out and fans boo as he tells Melo, “I’m sitting back there, my ears must be deceiving me. It sounded like you were about to challenge for the NXT title, right? Not just me?”

JD gets it. Melo is like most people in this crowd, he’s from the entitled generation. Melo is flashy, wants everyone to think he’s the coolest. But JD is here to tell Melo that he is the coolest. But in the ring, he’s not fit to hold JD’s jockstrap. And Melo loves saying he’s The A Champ, but Melo is not ready for the big title, or to be the face of NXT. Melo says this is the UK bar-setter trying to come off the bench to face Melo. Melo thought he beat everyone there is to beat, but he apparently left a survivor. JD is jealous, he hates Melo cuz he ain’t Melo. JD says Melo can count his entrances and shirts, but JD is counting body parts!

JD says Melo is about being VIP, the clubs, private rooms. JD is about sending people to the emergency room. So get your buddy to dial 911 now and tell them Melo’s coming. Melo says they can go back and forth all night, or they can see who’s about it and run the game. Fans like the sound of that! JD steps to Melo, and JD says, “Game on.” Fans of both men are ready to see this one! Will Melo be the one to trump the Irish Ace? Or will the Necessary Evil change Melo’s destiny?


Kiana James meets up with Fallon Henley.

Kiana says, “Hey, champ,” but Fallon tells her to save it. Fallon saw the match footage and Kiana cheated! Uh, Fallon didn’t see that, and neither did the ref. So what is Fallon gonna do? Give the titles back? They won! For the first time in their lives, they’re champions! Yeah, and that’s great, but they should give Kayden & Katana a rematch. Kiana says they can talk about that. Well, what’s not up for discussion is Kiana needs to tell Jensen about “Zack” or Fallon will. Fallon keeps going back to that! It was no one! Oh, okay. Then Fallon will go tell Jensen. Fallon wait! SURPRISE~! It’s a surprise party for the new tag champs!

Will Fallon be able to tell Jensen the drama now? Or will she wait for a better time?


NXT shares Grayson Waller interrupting HBK’s media call.

The 21st Century Success Story was NOT happy about his loss, but he wanted to know from Shawn Michaels himself why he isn’t “the guy.” Is it not the gear? Is it the fact the others are big fans of HBK’s? Does Waller have to do the HBK pose? Take a picture of him and HBK together? A-Train escorted Waller out but Waller kept wanting to talk. Will HBK give Waller his answer tonight? Will Waller like what he hears?


Zoey Stark VS Sol Ruca!

The Hunter is the number one suspect in the whodunnit that is the attack on Nikkita Lyons. The Sol Surfer is just as convinced as anyone that Stark did it, will Stark fight to defend her innocence? Or will she be guilty as charged?

NXT returns and Stark makes her entrance. The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, and Stark knees low! Sol wrenches an arm but Stark wrenches back to YANK the arm! Fans taunt Stark with “OH~ Zoey is Angry~!” Stark tells them to shut up, whips Sol to a corner, but Sol goes up and over to handspring then arm-drag! Sol holds onto the arm but Stark fights up. Stark pulls hair, powers out, but Sol runs her over! Things keep moving, Stark hip tosses but Sol handsprings through to hit a FACEBUSTER! Sol kips up, then clotheslines Stark out of the ring! Stark staggers up, Sol runs in but the boot is deflected! Sol does the splits on the apron!

Sol BOOTS Stark from the apron, then drags her up to put her back in. Sol hurries in to whip but Stark blocks. The ref calls the ropebreak but Stark sucker punches Sol! Stark whips Sol hard into a corner, then back again! Stark snapmares and runs to SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Stark clamps onto Sol with a chinlock and stretches her back. Stark CLUBS Sol with a crossface forearm, but fans rally up for Sol. Sol fights up, snapmares, but Stark holds on with a cravat. Sol throws body shots but Stark KNEES Sol! Stark ROCKS Sol, snapmares, but Sol handsprings through! Sol gest around, tilt-o-whirl sunset flip! TWO!!

Sol stands, into a LARIAT from Stark! Cover, TWO!! Sol survives but Stark pushes her around. Stark ROCKS Sol with forearms, but fans rally up again. Sol throws body shots and forearms but Stark ROCKS her again. Stark whips Sol to a corner, runs in, but only gets buckles! Sol ducks ‘n’ dodges to rally with shoulder tackles! Fans fire up and Sol DROPKICKS Stark down! Stark goes to a corner, Sol runs in and handsprings to SPLASH! Sol scoops but Stark grabs ropes! Stark elbows free, SUPERKICKS Sol and Sol flops to the apron! Sol shoulders back in, and again, then springboards to FLYING SPLASH onto knees!!

Stark says she’s too smart for Sol! She then RAMS Sol into the corner, drags her back out, and Z 360!! Cover, Stark wins!

Winner: Zoey Stark, by pinfall

That was definitely a wipeout for Sol. Stark is on top, and she beats Sol down for questioning her! She RAMS Sol into buckles again! Sol falls and flounders but Stark grins. Stark taunts Sol, drags her back up, and RAMS- NO, Sol blocks that to hit SOL SNATCHER!! Fans fire up as Sol makes Stark wipeout! Will Sols till prove Stark had something to do with Lyons being attacked?


NXT checks in with the championship celebration.

Briggs is happy to see Gina, but wonders why Jensen brought her along. Kiana says Jensen is the sweetest guy ever. Well Jensen wanted to make it special for her first title reign. Plus, Kiana is special to him. Fallon says there’s something Kiana wants to tell Jensen. Kiana tells Fallon that she just did. She thanked Jensen for the party. And Briggs, too. Briggs says she’s never thanked him. Wait, Pretty Deadly walk through the crowd, telling people to move aside. Not hard to do, Elton Prince & Kit Wilson are a mess… Like they haven’t slept in days. BECAUSE THEY HAVEN’T! They haven’t slept since Vengeance Day!

Briggs has the boys hold their horses. Do they want a drink? No, they want tag titles! Does anyone have them? But of course not! They were so close…! And then they spot “YOU!” Chase U, that is. Andre & Duke are why Pretty Deadly aren’t Tag Team Champions! What’re they talking about? It was every team for themselves. And honestly, Andre could say the same thing back to these two a-holes! Chase U could’ve won in Andre’s hometown! So it doesn’t matter how tired Pretty Deadly is, Andre’s pissed off! Thea, what’s in Andre’s drink? Water. But tonight, Pretty Deadly gets the sh*t kicked outta them! BY Andre Chase University!

Everyone’s fired up for that, will Pretty Deadly be on the receiving end of a Teachable Moment?


Dabba-Kato VS Dante Chen!

Once an ally of Apollo Crews, the big, bad commander betrayed Apollo after he lost that Best 2 Out of 3 Falls! Will the Singapore Warrior survive his encounter with killer Kato?

The bell rings and fans rally for Chen. Chen and Kato tie up, but Kato choke grips! And THROWS Chen down! Kato hauls Chen up, puts him in a corner, and CHOPS him! Chen sputters and staggers, but Kato puts him in another corner to RAM his shoulder in! And again! And again! Kato lets off at the ref’s count of 4, but then Chen throws a forearm! Kato RAMS Chen, picks him up, and TOSSES him into the air! Chen crashes hard, Kato talks trash on him. Chan throws body shots, but Kato HEADBUTTS Chen down! Kato storms up to drag Chen up on the apron, and TOSSES him back into the ring!

Kato snarls and fans boo, but Kato runs corner to corner. Chen BOOTS Kato, Kato comes back but Chen dodges! Chen fires off fast hands, fans fire up, but Kato shoves Chen away. Chen comes back to clothesline! And UPPERCUT! And clothesline again! Chen keeps moving, and he BOOTS Kato! Kato drops to a knee and fans fire up! Chen powers up to DOUBLE CHOP! And then runs, into a CHOP from Kato!! Fans are going nuts and Kato has a wild look in his eyes! TWO HAND BOMB!! Cover, Kato wins!

Winner: Dabba-Kato, by pinfall

Chen put up a fight, but it wasn’t enough! Will Kato prove he doesn’t need anyone to be on top? An interviewer meets Kato at the ramp and asks Kato why he came back to attack Apollo. Kato says Apollo knows what he did, and that’s why Kato dropped his ass! But then, what did Apollo do?


Diamond Mine is with Ivy Nile in the medical center.

Julius Creed apologizes for knocking her off the apron last week. Ivy says it’s okay, she knows it was an accident. Brutus says they need to get back at Indus Sher, and especially Jinder Mahal. Julius agrees. Tatum Paxley asks if Ivy is okay. Yes, Ivy will be find by the weekend. But then in walks Isla Dawn & Alba Fyre. Isla says that for such a tight knit group, they’re letting someone very mysterious get awfully close. What’s she going on about? Well, Isla wants to know why Tatum was lurking in the parking lot a couple weeks ago. Isla says Tatum walks between rain drops. She’s not a part of Diamond Mine! She’s a lone wolf, and her target was Lyons.

Tatum says she didn’t attack Lyons. She was doing film study with the Creeds and then trained with Ivy. She needed some air, Lyons was done when she arrived. Isla says an innocent person would’ve just said, “No.” Isla laughs, she and Fyre walk away, and Brutus says to Tatum that if she did it, she could just say so. But she didn’t! Ivy believes Tatum. But doth Tatum protest too much? Or are these just mind games from the Wicked Witch? We’ll have to wait and see, because their match happens after the break!


Backstage interview with Roxanne Perez.

McKenzie Mitchell asks the NXT Women’s Champion how it feels to have won her first defense. Roxie says she is relieved. She put a lot of pressure on herself to win. It was her first defense, they were on the road, it was a big stage, she could NOT let Toxic Attraction reclaim the title. She’s just excited to see what’s next. That brings McKenzie to her next question, except she’s cut off by Kayden Carter & Katana Chance. “It must be nice walking in and out of Charlotte with a championship.” “Yeah, we got screwed.” Roxie says she saw that, and is sorry about that. But KC Squared will win those belts back, they’re too good not to.

Are they? Does Roxie even know if they’ll get their rematch? Is the top champion gonna make sure that happens? What’s their problem? Their problem is that they got cheated and no one is talking about it! Not that Roxie understands, she doesn’t have friends here. Uh, wow, she has no friends now? Yeah, cuz being in a tag team takes commitment. Uh, she knows, she was tag team champion once. Yeah, and how’d that work out? Y’know what? Roxie can make a call and show them she does have friends. They’ll see about that. KC Squared head out, Roxie takes out her phone. Who will the Prodigy call to take on the bitter Katana & Kayden?


Isla Dawn w/ Alba Fyre VS Tatum Paxley!

NXT returns as Tatum makes her entrance. The bell rings and the two tie up. Isla pushes Tatum to ropes but Tatum turns things around. Isla shoves Tatum away, they tie up again and Isla wrenches to an ELBOW BREAKER! Isla wristlocks, Tatum rolls and cartwheels to wrench and WRING Isla out! Tatum runs, handsprings over Isla to then CLOBBER her with an elbow! Cover, TWO! Isla flounders and Tatum talks trash with Fyre. Tatum goes back to Isla but Isla kicks Tatum’s leg out! Tatum gets a knee on the way down, then Isla brings her up. Tatum breaks free, blocks a kick, but Isla blocks the roll-up! Isla turns around to drop a leg!

Isla drags Tatum up, fireman’s carries, and FLAPJACK HOTSHOTS her! Isla throws Tatum down by her hair, then runs in to METEORA! Cover, TWO! Tatum hangs tough but Isla pushes her around. Isla steps on Tatum, stalks her to ropes and brings her up. Isla pulls hair, the ref reprimands but Tatum throws body shots. Tatum hits a JAWBREAKER, Isla storms up but into an elbow! Tatum rolls Isla up, TWO! Isla ROCKS Tatum, then swings again. Tatum throws hands, forearms, and body shots! Tatum whips and ELBOWS Isla again! Fans fire up as Tatum rallies, and ENZIGURIS Isla! Isla goes to a corner and Tatum runs in, into a BOOT!

Isla runs but Tatum dodges to kick low. Tatum reels Isla in, GUT WRENCH SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Tatum goes to a corner, goes up, and leaps, but Isla gets clear! Tatum crashes ‘n’ burns, Isla drags her up for the CALL OF THE SPIRITS! Cover, Isla wins!

Winner: Isla Dawn, by pinfall

Fyre stands with the Unholy Enchantress, and they loom over Tatum. But out rushes Ivy, with a steel chain! Ivy runs off Isla & Fyre, will the Diamond Mine be united against this unholy alliance?


Someone rolls up to NXT in style.

They step out of the Mercedes-Benz, but we don’t see their face! Who is this that has just arrived?


Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS JD McDonagh!

While the former North American Champion won handedly in the Best 2 Out of 3 Falls, it is true that it wasn’t an official #1 contender’s match. Will the Irish Ace prove there is some doubt to Melo’s claim? Or will Melo stand and deliver on the road to WrestleMania?

The bell rings and fans rally and duel as the two circle. They tie up, JD pushes Melo back then wrenches an arm. Melo rolls, handsprings, wrenches back and WRINGS JD out, but JD handsprings through! JD says he can do what Melo does, but Melo headlocks, JD hip tosses, Melo handsprings through and has a cording hold! Melo is showing he can do what JD does, too! But then JD hits low, gets a leg up to flip up and over, and he wrenches to NORTHERN LIGHTS, but Melo handsprings through!? Fans fire up for that, and the two reset. Melo “dribbles,” but JD “kicks” the ball away! Fans boo and the two tie up again.

Melo headlocks, JD powers out but Melo runs him over! Things keep going, JD hurdles and Melo flips over! JD kips up, kicks low and CHOPS! JD whips, Melo hits buckles hard, and JD CHOPS again! JD whips Melo corner to corner, runs in, but Melo tosses him up and HOTSHOTS in one go! Melo PLANCHAS to wipe JD out! Fans fire up with Melo and he puts JD back in the ring. Cover, TWO! Trick tells Melo, “Stop playing with your food.” Melo stands JD up to CHOP him! Melo throws hands on JD in the corner, lets off as the ref counts, and JD kicks low. JD kicks again, CLUBS Melo, then whips him to ropes for a FLAPJACK.

Fans fire up while Melo grits his teeth. JD stomps Melo down, drops elbows, then rains down fists. JD lets off but Melo grabs at a foot. JD stomps that hand away! Melo staggers up, JD brings him around, BIG back suplex! Fans are torn but most boo JD and cheer Melo. JD stands Melo up, Melo stops the suplex, but JD gets him up to hang him out to dry! Melo writhes, those ribs still bothering him from Saturday! Cover, TWO! JD argues the count but the ref says it was fair, and NXT goes picture in picture.

Melo winces and clutches his ribs, but JD stalks him to a corner. JD stomps Melo, digs his boot into the ribs, but the ref counts. JD lets off, Melo drags himself up, but JD is on him again. JD POSTS Melo! Melo flops to the apron, JD goes out the side and drags Melo closer to the post. JD bends Melo against the post! Trick can only freak out as Melo suffers! JD lets go at the ref’s count of 4, and he tells Trick to back off. JD gets in the ring, but Melo throws hands! JD clinches but Melo elbows free! Melo backslides, TWO!! JD escapes, Melo BOOTS him! Melo runs, but into the URENAGE! STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!!

Melo is still in this but he’s also still clutching his ribs. JD keeps cool and drags Melo back up. JD ELBOWS Melo in the shoulder, then warps on a chinlock! Melo endures and fights up as fans rally. JD CLUBS Melo, bumps him off buckles, then CHOPS! Melo headlock JD in the ropes! The ref counts, JD CHOPS! Melo turns things around to CHOP back! And CHOP again! But JD boots, only for Melo to block! Melo puts JD in the ropes but JD slips out! JD swings but Melo avoids his leg sweep, to SUPERKICK JD to the floor! Melo then PLANCHAS, into a GUTBUSTER!! JD gets the better of Melo and grins, but Trick coaches Melo up.

JD puts Melo in the ring and then drops an ax handle! JD stands on Melo’s face, scrapes his sole on Melo’s forehead, then argues with the ref. JD stalks Melo, and he clamps on for a ground cobra twist! NXT returns to single picture as Melo endures the stretch. Fans are rallying and dueling again, Melo grabs at JD’s hair but the ref reprimands. JD keeps on the pressure but Melo punches free! JD throws body shots, whips Melo hard into buckles, and mocks Melo’s pain. JD storms up, whips Melo again, but Melo reverses and now JD hits buckles! Melo back drops JD away! Fans rally and duel as Melo grimaces.

JD and Melo stand, JD clamps on but Melo scoops to SLAM JD down! Melo winces, but he storms up again. JD kangaroo kicks, then scoops, but Melo makes it a cradle! TWO and JD has the cradle! TWO and Melo has it! TWO and JD has it again! TWO!! Both men are up, STANDING SPANISH FLY from the Irish Ace! Cover, TWO!! Melo survives and Trick can breath easy again. Fans are fired up for “NXT! NXT!” Melo and JD rise, Melo pie faces JD away. JD comes back to cravat, snapmare, and DOUBLE STOMP the ribs! JD goes up a corner, but Melo stands to GAMANGIRI! Fans fire up and Melo positions JD in the ropes, to ENZIGURI!

Melo runs, springboards, FADE AWAY! Both men are down but Trick talks trash on JD. JD and Melo rise as the fans rally up. Melo ROCKS JD, JD ROCKS Melo! Melo BOOTS and fires off! JD and Melo brawl, ‘This is Awesome!” as Melo fires off a flurry! Melo whips, JD reverses, Melo springboards to FLYING LARIAT! And then a suplex, CUTTER! Cover, TWO! JD survives but Trick is hyped up as Melo has momentum. Melo drags JD up, JD breaks free to clinch, URE- NO, arm-drag! Melo blocks a boot but JD powers through. Melo tilt-o-whirls to the FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO, but into the CROSSFACE! JD endures, scrambles over, ROPEBREAK!

Melo holds on until the ref counts 4. Trick is frustrated but Melo keeps focus. Melo and JD rise as fans rally again. JD mule kicks, but Melo trips him! Jackknife bridge, TWO as JD powers up! JD spins Melo around, gets him up but Melo sips out! JD ROCKS Melo with the jab! LIGER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Melo survives and Trick is relieved but JD is too tired to be upset. Fans rally up again, JD stalks Melo and grabs the arm. Melo holds ropes to deny the ripcord, then he kicks JD away. JD yanks Melo but Melo lands on his feet! CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! JD survives but Melo hurries to a corner! Melo winces, but he still climbs!

JD anchors a foot! Melo kicks JD, drags him up and around, but JD HEADBUTTS!! Both men fall and fans go wild! Wait, ILJA DRAGUNOV IS HERE?!? Was he the one who arrived a moment ago?! Trick hurries to intercept, but he gets a TORPEDO MOSCOW!! JD hurries to ripcord, but Melo makes it a victory roll! MELO WINS!!

Winner: Carmelo Hayes, by pinfall

And now Melo stares down with the Czar! Dragunov lunges, but after JD! Dragunov rains down furious forearms on the Irish Ace, the man who injured him! “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!!” But JD bails! Dragunov chases JD up into the crowd!! They go to the back while Melo has a good laugh. The Czar wants after the Irish Ace, will the Necessary Evil be exterminated? As for Melo, does he have a clear path to the NXT Championship for Stand & Deliver?


Tiffany Stratton finishes her make-up.

But Thea Hail is also there, talking about Chase U taking on Pretty Deadly. But also, Thea saw Tiffany’s TikTok video about Chase U. Oh, good. She’s one of Tiffany’s followers? She appreciates it. Thea has a question: Why does Tiffany not like Chase U? It’s fun, the people there are nice, and the colors red and black are good. The classes are a little hard, but- O M G Thea just realized she forgot to turn in her Road to WrestleMania essay! Uh, then just go. WAIT! It’s due tomorrow, she has time. Okay, then just relax. Stop breathing Tiffany’s air! Tiffany also stops Thea from starting up again, it’s Tiffany’s turn to talk.

Tiffany says Chase U is tacky, cringe, and annoying. No one likes Chase U and no one wants to go there. Ever. Thea remembers what Professor Shelby told her about anger, and to breathe three times. Thea does her deep breathing, but then Tiffany talks. Thea tells TIFFANY to stop! All “blondie” cares about are herself, her things, and her everything about her. All Thea cares about is Chase U! They open their arms to everyone! It doesn’t matter your background, your size, your shape or anything like that! If Tiffany’s not done with that, Thea has two words for ya! Chase U? NOPE! SUCK IT!! But then AVA RAINE SMOTHERS THEA AND KIDNAPS HER!!!

Tiffany doesn’t even notice, she’s too busy looking at herself! But what does The Schism have planned for Chase U’s top recruit?!


NXT checks in with the championship celebration again.

Everyone’s having a good time, and Fallon says this is really awesome. The boys didn’t have to do this. Briggs knows they didn’t have to, but they wanted to. Listen, Jensen, Fallon needs to talk with him about something. Oh, good! Jensen has something to talk with Fallon about, too. Oh, okay. They each say the other can go first, but someone has to go first. Briggs says Jensen should just go. Okay, okay. Since next week is Valentine’s Day, Jensen’s taking Kiana out on a date! No way! Briggs is pumped for Jensen! Jensen’s pumped, too! Fallon’s a champion, Jensen met the love of his life, and here she is! So, what was Fallon gonna say?

Uh… Just, all of this, thanks you guys. Yeah, raise a cup to the ladies! WOOOOO~! Jensen and Kiana are continuing the relationship, will Fallon just let it be what it is? Or will she spill the secret before Jensen and Kiana go all the way?


Lyra Valkyria VS Valentina Feroz w/ Wendy Choo!

The Morrigan wanted revenge on Cora Jade, but it seems the Generation of Jade doesn’t back up its talk with action. So instead, Lyra gets the Brazilian with the burning spirit! Will Feroz prove to everyone, including Elektra Lopez, that she can do things the right way and still win? Or will Lyra still be flying high?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Lyra throws Feroz down and has a wristlock. Feroz stands up, back drops Lyra, and has the wristlock back. Lyra kips up, hip tosses Feroz, and covers, TWO! Lyra facelocks to keep Feroz down but Feroz throws body shots. Lyra whips Feroz to a corner, Feroz goes up and around to roll Lyra up, TWO! A close call and Feroz fires up! SAYANAGI! SAYANAGI! Wendy fires up with Feroz, but Lyra also shouts! Lyra SOBATS, KICKS, HEADBUTTS and AX KICKS! Lyra whips, Feroz ducks ‘n’ dodges, but the crossbody is caught! Only for Feroz to make it a SUBMISSION!

Lyra powers up, to NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Lyra clamps onto Feroz, Feroz resists, but Lyra throws down elbows! Wait, here comes Lopez. Lyra has Feroz in a motorcycle stretch but Feroz fights up. They go around, Feroz flips and handsprings to arm-drag but Lyra handsprings through. Feroz rushes in, Lyra sidesteps but Feroz headlocks. Lyra powers out, things speed up and Lyra hurdles but Feroz RANAS! Fans fire up and Feroz storms up to ROCK Lyra! Feroz whips, Lyra reverses and the two COLLIDE! Both women fall over and Lopez slides the brass knuckles to Feroz!

Wendy asks Lopez why she’s even here! And she tells Feroz that she doesn’t need those! But Feroz still puts them on! Fans duel. Feroz thinks about it, but Lyra ENZIGURIS! And HEEL KICKS! Cover, Lyra wins!

Winner: Lyra Valkyria, by pinfall

Lopez is disappointed, but this was her fault! If La Madrina just let Feroz do things her way, she would’ve been able to focus! Will Lopez learn to mind her own business? As for Lyra, will she find Cora soon enough so they can settle things once and for all?


Wes Lee shares his Vengeance Day story.

On Friday, he arrived in Charlotte, North Carolina. He’s taking it all in, is a little nervous, but this is what he lives for. He and his wife, Erica, meet up at the hotel, and she says the title gave him the confidence boost. She knows he deserves the title, and knows he’ll keep it because he doesn’t give up. Wes vowed that on Saturday, everyone will see that the North American Championship lives and stays on the #WesSide. Erica got emotional as she wished him luck and saw him off. She knows how hard he’s worked, and that he’s gonna kill it. She wants him to understand the impact he has on people, so she wants to see him succeed.

All the ups and downs, sacrifices and risks, have culminated in this moment, the biggest moment of his life, and he is ready for it. He and Dijak had a battle, and Wes kept his vow to succeed in overcoming the obstacle. Wes got congratulated by HBK, and Wes says he busts his ass every day he’s out in the ring. Wes will go around, through or over anyone in his way.

Backstage interview with Wes Lee.

McKenzie says that after watching his vlog diary, how is he feeling about Vengeance Day weekend? Wes says it was dope! But did you see Dijak’s finger? Ouch! But then Tony D’Angelo & Channing Lorenzo walk in. The Don asks everyone if, in that vlog diary, he happened to mention Tony. Stacks says no, we did not. Did we see Stacks? No, we did not. Wes, you reaped the benefits of their issues with Dijak so they want to be compensated. Uh, Wes never asked them for help, nor did he need it. But if they want compensation, Wes is gonna hold an Open Challenge next week. Maybe one of these two will have the cannolis to answer it.

Tony says he and Stacks have business to take care of. They leave, but will one of them take Wes up on that challenge?


Tyler Bate speaks.

“Grayson Waller. At Vengeance Day, you lost. You came up short, and trust me, I know how it feels, I’ve been there. But we all deal with losing from time to time, and we have to learn to take these on the chin. And that is something you couldn’t do. And instead, you chose to behave like an ungrateful child and you disrespected Shawn Michaels. And that’s not on! Myself and many others would not be here today if it were not for Shawn Michaels. And right now, you’re suspended. But next week, your suspension is over. So Grayson, you wanna disrespect someone? How’s about next week, you try and disrespect me?” Will the 21st Century Success Story be humbled by the Big Strong Boi?


Odyssey Jones VS ???

Sound the alarm! The Odyssey of Odyssey continues, but will this next chapter be a happy one? Or will the hero of this story run into hardships?

NXT returns, and Stacks makes his entrance. Is this the big bad behemoth Stacks claims he’ll take down to prove he’s a worthy Underboss? The bell rings and fans rally for Jones. He and Stacks circle, Stacks rushes in to go for a leg, but Jones throws him away. Stacks and Jones circle again, Jones corners Stacks but Stacks kicks low. Stacks wrenches but Jones headlocks. Stacks pulls hair but Jones grinds the hold. Stacks throws body shots but Jones shoves Stacks. They RAM shoulders, Stacks RAMS Jones again, then headbutts low! Stacks keeps RAMMING into Jones, but then Jones CLOBBERS Stacks!

Fans fire up for Jones while Tony is upset. Stacks goes to a corner, Jones stands Stacks up and throws body shots and DOUBLE CHOPS! Jones TOSSES Stacks across the way! Stacks flounders, Tony talks trash on Jones, but Jones storms up on Stacks. Jones RAMS into Stacks, Stacks staggers away, and Jones grins as he brings Stacks up. Jones scoops, Stacks slips free and kicks low! Stacks runs but is sent into another corner! Stacks bounces off buckles, Tony coaches Stacks but Jones puts Stacks up top. Jones CLUBS away on Stacks, then POLISH HAMMERS Stacks down! Fans fire up with Jones while Stacks goes to the apron.

Tony tells Stacks he asked for this so he has to win! Stacks shoulders into Jones, then HOTSHOT NECKBREAKERS! Jones staggers, Stacks runs to CLOBBER Jones onto the ropes! Stacks CLUBS away on Jones, lets off as the re counts, and Stacks says it’s HIS time now. Stacks pie faces Jones, slingshots and LEG DROPS! Stacks almost wipes himself out! Tony talks trash, Stacks stalks Jones, and Stacks throws hands. Stacks clamps onto the neck wrench but Jones endures. Fans rally, Jones fights up, and he pries free! Jones elbows but Stacks clamps on with a chinlock. Jones throws more hands, then CLOBBERS Stacks!

Jones CLOBBERS Stacks again, whips him and scoops him, SIDEWALK SLAM! Fans fire up and Jones runs, ROLLING SENTON! Stacks sputters and crawls around, and fans rally for Jones. Jones back body blocks in a corner, Stacks flops out of the ring, and Jones goes out after him. Jones runs in to CLOBBER Stacks again! Jones puts Stacks in the ring, slides in, but Stacks hurries to DDT! Jones is dazed and Tony fires up! Stacks snarls, runs, and SLIDING FOREARMS! Stacks fires himself up, wants Jones to get up again, and Stacks runs in, KNEE DROP!! Cover, STACKS WINS!

Winner: Channing Lorenzo, by pinfall

Fans boo but the Underboss just won big! Will Tony’s right hand man soon be getting his hands on gold?


Indus Sher speaks.

Jinder Mahal says Veer and Sanga, “two international icons, united by one desire, finally earned the respect they are after.” Veer says they told the world what was going to happen but no one believed them, “until they witnessed the devastation of the Creed Brothers.” Sanga says, “Julius, Brutus, don’t be ashamed. You lost before the bell even rang.” Jinder says, “An entire region of this planet rejoiced in celebration. Now these two men expected to be treated the same here as they are back home: deservedly so, larger than life superstars!” Veer says Indus Sher now moves on to accomplish bigger goals. The Creeds have little value now.

Seeing the landscape, there is no tag team that can beat them! Their NXT takeover has begun. Phase one is complete. Phase two begins and ends with the three of them draped in gold! Will the Modern Day Maharaja lead his brothers in arms to have their hands raised at Stand & Deliver?


Chase U heads to gorilla.

They have their match to worry about, but they’re also worried because they don’t know where Thea went. Andre is sure she was headed to Shake Shack, and Duke says it’s probably fine, Thea is an adult and can handle herself. But will they be able to focus on their own concerns against Kit & Elton? That match is next, after the break.


NXT catches up with Roxanne Perez in the parking lot.

They ask her if she has a tag team partner for next week’s match. She does, actually. And next week, KC Squared will be facing Roxie and Meiko Satomura! The Final Boss is returning to NXT! Will she help the Prodigy put Kayden & Katana in their place?


Chase U VS Pretty Deadly!

NXT returns as Kit & Elton make their entrance. But they’re still in the same disheveled state as they were earlier tonight. They can’t even put energy into their pose. Will they even have energy to have this match?

The teams sort out, and Duke starts against Elton. They circle, tie up, and Duke headlocks. Elton powers out but Duke runs him over! Elton flounders while fans rally for Duke. Elton CHOPS, but Duke doesn’t even flinch. Duke puts Elton in a corner and CHOPS! Fans taunt them as “Pretty Sleepy!” Duke bumps Elton off buckles and heh goes flying! Duke CLUBS and ROCKS Elton, then DECKS Elton right out of the ring! Duke isn’t even into this because it’s not much of a fight. Elton hurries into the ring, tags Kit, but Duke wrenches to RAM shoulders. Tag to Chase, Chase U whips, drop toeholds and drops an elbow! Cover, TWO!

Chase body scissors to a clutch, TWO! Chase rolls Kit again, TWO! ROLLING CLUTCH! Fans cheer as they go around and around, cover, TWO! Kit says, “What’s the point?! What’s the bloody point?!” Chase drags Kit up but Kit shoves him away. Kit wants to leave but Chase is on him at the ropes! Chase ROCKS Kit, Kit yoyos into another forearm! And another! And another! Elton protests but Chase kicks him low! Chase bumps Elton off Kit’s boots, they both fall out of the ring! Chase says THAT is a teachable moment! Pretty Deadly is frustrated, Kit tags Elton in and they go after Chase together! Kit anchors a foot, but Chase deflects Elton’s boot!

Chase CLUBS Kit, ducks Elton, and Elton almost hits Kit! But Kit sends Elton’s hand into Chase! And they’re suddenly back?! Tag to Kit, he and Elton stomp, “YES BOY~!” and LEG DROP SPLASH COMBO! Cover, ONE!! Kit drags Chase up, reels him in, suplexes but Chase slips free! Tag to Duke! Duke CLOBBERS Kit, ELBOWS him, then scoops to SLAM! Fans rally for Duke and he kicks Kit, CLUBS him, and stomps him! Duke mocks the Pretty Deadly fingers, then dodges Kit to scoop and SIDEWALK SLAM! Fans fire up with Duke and he runs in, only for Elton to dump him out! Fans boo but Duke sends Elton into the apron.

But Kit CLOBBERS Duke into the steel steps! “YES BOY!” Pretty Deadly has energy again as NXT goes picture in picture.

Chase checks on Duke but Kit drags Duke up. Kit puts Duke in the ring, kicks him to the corner, and tags in Elton. Pretty Deadly stomps Duke, Elton throws hands then more stomps. The ref counts, Elton lets off to tag Kit back in. Pretty Deadly drags Duke up to double suplex! Kit covers, ONE!! Kit snarls and he stomps Duke back down. Kit throws body shots, tags Elton, and Pretty Deadly mugs Duke more. Elton brings Duke around to CLUB him down. But Duke throws body shots in return, only for Elton to CLUB him down again. Elton drags Duke for a SPLASH, then he clamps on a chinlock.

Duke endures as Elton stretches him back. The fans rally, especially the Chase U student section. Duke fights up, but Elton throws him down by his hair! Elton pushes Duke to a cover, TWO! NXT returns to single picture as Elton keeps Duke from Chase. Duke throws body shots, fans rally up, but Elton runs to CLOBBER Duke from behind! Elton fixes his hair and grins but Duke crawls for Chase. Elton drags him away, the fans rally up as Chase stomps the steps. Duke crawls, boots Elton away, hot tags to Kit and Chase! Chase rallies on Pretty Deadly with big haymakers! Atomic drop for Elton! Atomic drop for Kit!

Chase DECKS Kit! Elton leaps in but into a body shot! Chase steps through on Elton’s legs, but Kit runs in so Chase trips him up. Chase steps through to try Kit now, but Elton runs in! BACK DROP, into the FIGURE FOUR! Fans fire up as Kit endures! Elton runs in, but Chase avoids the splash! Chase CHOPS Elton, Kit whips him away, but Chase catches them both, DDT COMPLETE SHOT COMBO! Cover on Kit, TWO! Fans fire up with Chase and he drags Kit up. Kit swings, but into an URE- NO, arm-drag! Kit KANGAROO KICKS, tags Elton, and Elton scoops Chase! SNAKE EYES! “YES BOY!” DRY MARTINI! Cover, Duke breaks it!

Duke JABS away on Kit! Flip, flop and “U~!” ELBOW! SENTON! Duke keeps moving and he clotheslines Kit out hard! But Elton dumps Duke out! Chase brings Elton in, RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Fans fire up, time to spell it it! C! H! A! S! E! U! What’s that spell?! CHASE U! But THEA appears? she’s covered in smile faces! The Schism had her but let her go? And in the distraction, Kit rolls Chase up! Chase covers, TWO!! Chase ROCKS Kit, whips, but Elton tags, SPILT MILK!!! Cover, Pretty Deadly win!

Winners: Pretty Deadly, by pinfall

Duke didn’t realize Chase was in trouble because he was checking on Thea! What did The Schism do to scare Thea like that? What will Chase U to teach The Schism a lesson?

As for Pretty Deadly, they spot Gallus up in the perch. Mark Coffey & Wolfgang nod and applaud, will we see NXT UK revisited in Hollywood?


Drew Gulak talks with Hank Walker backstage.

Hank asks Gulak if he got that email with all his sketches for ring gear ideas. Yes, Gulak did. What’d he think? Gulak looked them over, and he was pretty impressed. Really? Wow! That fires Hank up! Hank’s feeling like taking Wes up on that Open Challenge now. Nice! But Charlie Dempsey walks over to say that it doesn’t matter what Hank wears in the ring, it matters what he does. Does Gulak really think Hank is ready for Wes Lee? Gulak says Hank is ready for a rematch with Dempsey. Fine. Just make sure he doesn’t take shortcuts like Gulak does. The Son of the Gentleman Villain is calling Gulak out, but will he tear Hank apart to prove his point?


DING DONG, HELLO~, it’s Bayley!

Bayley walks in through the door, arm in a sling, and welcomes us to a special NXT edition of Ding Dong, Hello. Now, we must all be wondering how she made it here after what “that idiot” Becky Lynch and Lita did to her and her girls on Raw last night. It’s because she’s the ULTRA Role Model, she loves NXT, and she loves her two guests tonight. Last Saturday, Bayley watched Vengeance Day, and she saw the NXT Women’s Championship slip through the fingers of these two ladies. She brings out “two of my absolute favorites,” Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne, Toxic Attraction!

Gigi & Jacy walk out, making their team entrance despite the tension and dysfunction from Saturday. They both frown at each other for a moment before going down the ramp and to the ring. Jacy insists she go up the steps first and Gigi rolls her eyes. They ring the doorbell then walk in through Bayley’s door, and Bayley says they’re total pros! That’s why she got them the nice seats. They each take an armchair and Bayley notices the tension. “So let’s just get right to it, guys. What happened on Saturday?” Jacy says that’s a great question. What happened Saturday, Gigi? Oh, why don’t you tell her, Jacy?!

Jacy would love to! Gigi screwed Jacy out of the title! Um, Roxie beat Jacy, not Gigi. So Jacy cost Gigi! Get it right. What? Saturday, Gigi was supposed to be behind Jacy. Gigi was not being a team player. They were supposed to be a team! they held hands, and then Gigi slipped away. Oh, look, another excuse! Saturday, it was sink or swim. If Gigi won, Jacy would’ve sunk into obscurity and we all know it! Jacy says she doesn’t need Gigi, she’s a star all on her own! Fans are a bit torn on that, but Jacy says Gigi’s gear “looked like a hobo who banged a Chucky doll.” Bayley is laughing at that one.

Gigi is surprised Jacy even noticed when Jacy was staring up at the lights. That’s the Jacy Jayne Position. Whoa, whoa, guys, it’s getting feisty. Bayley says we’re all getting a bit uncomfortable. This might be a natural split, but before they even think about splitting up, have they ever thought what they’d do if that did happen? Have they thought through what they’d be as individuals? Gigi hasn’t, actually. But sky’s the limit for her! Jacy says she’ll go straight to the top, obviously! Right, rather vague answers.

But if you wanna get to the top, isn’t it easier, quicker and better if you did that with a ride-or-die? With someone who knows you inside and out? Someone who will do anything for you? That has the same goals as you? Wow, Toxic Attraction has been Gigi’s life for almost three years now. And she’s alienated herself from everyone else in the locker room. Everyone hates her… If everyone hates Gigi, then what the hell do they feel about Jacy? Jacy’s called people “munchkins, idiots, disgusting, sickening.” It goes on and on! Bayley would know better than anyone that there is strength in numbers. Look at Damage CTRL! They’re on top of the world right now!

Bayley says yes they are! And Toxic Attraction should really think on that. Gigi says that at the end of the day, NXT is a shark tank. She needs someone she can trust, who will have her back. Someone that’s been through the wringer with her. Jacy won’t lie. When she gets mad, she cuts real deep, aims for the jugular. She can sit her and say she’ll change, but we know that’s not happening. Why even lie? But in all honesty, no matter what happens, Gigi will always be Jacy’s sister. Gigi feels the same! Bayley likes that. Jacy says that they have two options: go their separate ways and see what happens; or they can have one more run.

Gigi says, “One more run at the NXT Women’s Tag titles?” Or… They look at Bayley. No offense, Bayley, but maybe they want DMG CTRL’s WWE Women’s Tag titles! Bayley has them hold on here! Don’t get excited, ya idiots! We’re focusing on the now! These two feel a lot better, thanks to Bayley. So let’s all bring it back and hug it out. Right? C’mon. Jacy & Gigi do hug it out and everyone cheers! Beautiful. Bayley says, “Ladies and gentlemen, the happy couple, Toxic Attraction!” Gigi & Jacy raise each other’s hands, and then Jacy SUPERKICKS Gigi?!?! Jacy says it’s never been about “us,” it’s always been about her!

Jacy RAMS Gigi into Bayley’s door! And BOOTS her through it!! Fans boo as Jacy just did Gigi like Shawn Michaels did Marty Jannetty! Is this the beginning of a new and even more toxic chapter for Jacy?

My Thoughts:

A great episode to follow Vengeance Day and pivot to Stand & Deliver. For one, good of them to plug Waller getting in HBK’s face and his kayfabe suspension being why he wasn’t here. Tyler Bate had a good promo calling Waller out, and they’re going to have an awesome match. Trick Melo Gang had a good promo to open and celebrate the win, but JD McDonagh sticking his nose into things was a good surprise. Melo VS JD was an awesome match, and I like that Dragunov is back. And of course he goes after JD to settle their score. A grudge match between them for Stand & Deliver would be awesome stuff.

Great stuff from Kiana and Fallon throughout the night. The surprise party was a great, very “pro-wrestling meets sitcom” reason Fallon can’t tell Jensen what’s really going on, even though that is still very much her misunderstanding of what she heard, which is also very sitcom. I am also glad to know they’re going to do a Valentine’s Day segment with this story, and that will be the make or break moment for this team. I also appreciate that Fallon being the Face, she wants to give KC Squared a rematch. But wow, Kayden & Katana get cheated out of titles and suddenly they’re bitter Heels. Roxie & Satomura are definitely going to beat those two.

I also like the party setting up the tag match main event of Chase U VS Pretty Deadly. I loved Bum Ass Pretty Deadly, but it also makes sense that this phase didn’t last long. Great integration of stories with The Schism kidnapping Thea to start a story with Chase U and costing them the match. Pretty Deadly VS Gallus is going to be a great story towards Stand & Deliver, and with HBK at the helm, they will surely reference everything from NXT UK and give us an incredible tag title match. And of course, Indus Sher is implying they’re going after titles. I suppose Veer & Sanga could get into the tag title story, but I feel like they’ll be waiting for Pretty Deadly VS Gallus to resolve.

Sol VS Stark was a really good match, and a really good showing for Sol, but I had a feeling Stark would win again. Stark also showed us a great way for her to get to her finisher with sending Sol into the corner face first. Good promo from Diamond Mine with Isla & Fyre, and I like that Isla tied this into the whodunnit with Lyons. I also found it oddly amusing that Brutus was okay if she did do it. Good match from Tatum VS Isla but of course Isla won. Pretty sure we’ll get Ivy & Tatum VS Isla & Fyre, which Isla & Fyre will win to get going in the Women’s Tag Division and closer to the titles. And decent match from Lyra VS Feroz but it was of course just a vehicle to push Feroz’s story with Lopez forward.

Of course Dabba-Kato wins in a squash, but poor Dante Chen. Before he got hurt, he was looking to be a big part of NXT’s plans. But now that he’s back, he’s just the guy getting fed to other superstars NXT has big plans for. Kato being vague about why he turned on Apollo is fine, they have time to figure out what’s really going on here. Kato VS Apollo is definitely coming, and they could do some great storytelling on top of great action. Good, quick promo from Hank, Gulak and Dempsey. I was hoping we were going to see some of Hank’s ideas for ring gear, but I guess we’ll see what he’s got next week in the rematch with Dempsey.

Good stuff from Wes Lee, but of course Tony D & Stacks act like he owes them. The Open Challenge next week is going to be great no matter who answers it, but I wonder if Stacks is going to step up. Stacks literally won big over Odyssey Jones, but I don’t see him beating Wes. Personally, I’m hoping we see Dragon Lee (or whatever his WWE name will be) show up in time for Stand & Deliver to have an epic match with Wes. Though if that were to happen, I feel like Dragon Lee would have to win so as not to hurt his run. Maybe NXT waits to debut Dragon Lee at Stand & Deliver so that he can call out whoever is champion.

And of course, awesome stuff out of Ding Dong, Hello. Bayley was a great host, and I like that she was doing her best to keep Toxic Attraction together as a duo. That moment where they teased Face Toxic Attraction going after DMG CTRL was great, because that made the turn even more effective. Jacy is definitely the better Heel in how she’s better at being arrogant and boisterous in her promos, and it makes sense for Gigi to be the Face. Gigi is definitely the one fans liked the most, even when Mandy was around. The feud can go either way but this is going to be some great stuff.

My Score: 8.8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (2/7/23)

Konosuke Takeshita gets Dark!



The future of wrestling could be defined in the Dark!

Konosuke Takeshita is going strong in AEW, but he takes on MLW’s EJ Nduka! Will Konosuke still be The Future? Or will The Judge bring down the law?


  • Blake Christian VS Serpentico w/ Spanish Announce Project; Blake wins.
  • Rush w/ Jose the Assistant VS Aiden Park; Rush wins.
  • Kiera Hogan VS Megan Meyers; Kiera wins.
  • Dalton Castle w/ The Boys VS Dante Casanova; Castle wins.
  • Slim J w/ The Trustbusters VS Mascara Dorada; Dorada wins.
  • The Outrunners VS Logan Cruz & Tyshaun Perez; The Outrunners win.
  • Baliyan Akki VS Rico Gonzalez; Akki wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS EJ Nduka; Takeshita wins.


Another pretty good line-up, but the highlight is of course Konosuke VS Nduka. Both are great, having been champions outside of AEW. In fact, Nduka will be featured on tonight’s debut edition of MLW Underground on the Reelz channel. Nduka is challenging Alex Hammerstone for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship in a Last Man Standing match. Between AEW Dark on YouTube and the MLW television debut, Nduka is going to get noticed by a lot of wrestling fans, and he very well could be the new MLW Champion the next time he’s in AEW.

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